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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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however we will see clouds not just this morning but throughout the entire afternoon. for your commute today by 7:00 cloudy skies low 60s as we head towards the evening it's going to be warmer but we are also going to keep the threat for a few isolated showers. this won't be really until after the evening drive. i'll take you through the latest future cast that just came in and the timeline of when you could see more rain in your neighborhood. that's all coming up ahead. first weather and traffic every ten minutes with mark. >> so far so good in south charlotte heading up from carowinds boulevard looking now 77 northbound certainly picking up but on this friday morning at 6:00 not following any big issues. just checked in with highway patrol. green conditions 85, 485 west charlotte, 77 and 85 both free and clear. if you are coming up from rock hill this morning northbound
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901 dade is about 6 minutes and heading up from the state line stephanie? >> i'm in the breaking news center as police investigate the 6th shooting in charlotte this week searching for the gunman who shot and car jacked a security guard about three hours ago. joe? >> in the past 30 minutes police cleared the scene here e on roseland avenue. police were investigating around this house where they help. if you check out this video we shot earlier the victim was found nearby and we were there as police loaded him into the ambulance to take him to the hospital. the victim was a security officer and was driving when the suspect flagged him down. when he stopped the suspect car jacked him and shot him twice. the victim is going to be okay but he was shot in the arm and leg.
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markers on turner avenue between roslyn avenue but it's still unclear where the shooting actually took place and they are still looking for the suspect's car a silver toy ka corolla and there is no description of the suspect at this time. joe bruno eyewitness news. >> thank you joe. yesterday someone shot and killed michael jefferies junior on parker's circle in east charlotte. family members say he was stepping in to help his mother while she was arguing with her boyfriend. police have not said whether anyone will be charged. local activists are calling for an end to the violence. >> we have flowers, candles, we don't have solutions. we need solutions. >> six people were hurt in four shootings across charlotte tuesday. police have not arrested anyone some parents have more
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getting a first look at the student assignment survey. majority of people say it's important for their child to go to school close to home. tina terry is live in uptown to explain what the districts will be doing with this information. tina? >> yeah they are going through this report right here which summarizes the survey results. after that they will use the information inside to help form a student assignment plan. 27,000 people responded to the survey. we broke down some of those results for you. 80% of parents said the staff at the school is most important to them. 75% said school environment, 67% said location. and how close schools were to home. last night parents and others at the meeting said they still don't know what will happen. >> next step and that's the thing they are unsure what's going to happen. >> and superintendant ann clark encouraged leaders to add more
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order to fast track a decision. coming up in 30 minutes we tell you how local towns who send their students to cms are responding to all of this and the i am applicableations a decision like this could have. >> we posted the full results to take a look at the survey at inside the story right on our home page. tomorrow parents in rock hill can learn more about school choice. parents who attend can sign up to tour the choice programs like language immersion and accelerated studies. the district will host the fair from 10 to noon. people will be without water for another two hours or so. charlotte water says a contractor hit a pipe here at steel chase drive and sandy porter road early this morning. crews are quickly trying to repair that pipe and handing
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might need it. family and friends will gather to remember two managers killed outside a mcdonalds. shot inside the parking lot of the restaurant on highway 321. a former boyfriend is charged in the murders. a vigil will begin at 7 tonight at mountain grove baptist church. what caused this damage on a house in honey wood avenue and brookeshire boulevard around 11: 00 last night. a neighbor said a loud noise woke her up. >> i heard a big boom and looked out my blinds and next thing i know i see the mama and son try taking hurry up and push the car up out of the house. >> there was a man inside the house but no one was hurt. today federal judges will hear arguments from both sides about north carolina's new congressional map. the judge's ruled the old districts unconstitutional
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lawmakers redrew the lines but the naacp say they are still unfair and want the judges to draw the line instead. the judges will make a decision next week. this is a complicated election process because candidates are running to represent a completely different group of people than they were before. yesterday alma adams announced she will run for the same district even though it now only includes mecklenburg county and plans to move here and run against malcolm graham in the democratic primary. >> you'd have to get to know knew people. that's always--know new people. that's always a challenge. >> alma adams does not listen in charlotte. how can you represent the people if you do not know them. >> candidates can campaign in the correct cities. senator lindsay graham from south carolina is warning
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precedent by vowing to allow president obama to appoint a new supreme court justice but understands it's necessary. he warns if republicans don't win the white house and hilary clinton becomes president. >> i'm telling everybody on my side she's going to pick somebody more liberal than president obama is going to send over in a few days. >> graham said if that happens he would vote for that person if they are qualified. he said the president deserves the right to pick a judge. today there will be a funeral at the ronald reagan presidential library in sunny valley california for nancy reagan. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon. thousands of people paid their respects earlier this week but private. their two children are expected to speak. a bill against drug abuse in charlotte will move to the u.s. house. only one senator voted against
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programs to prevent abuse. some democrats are upset the programs. they can use money that was previously approved or get more money next year. the government is holding a contest to encourage developers to create a mobile app for patients hooked on opiods and award $30,000 in prizes for womenning app prototypes. developers have until the end of may to submit the app tonight's 20/20 special will location on the epidemic and learning the impact on the rich, poor, young and old. watch right here on channel 9 tonight at 10 followed by eyewitness news at 11. channel 9 has lettered high- tech spy drones were used for carolina in 2015.
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where the drones were used in south carolina. fema called for the drones to help document the historic flooding to show how bad the damage was. the federal government awarded several counties a total of $157 million for the recovery efforts but law makers say action like this could lead to trouble. >> a lot of what's at stake here is not what's happening right now but where this is going to go in the future. >> the investigation by the department of defense inspector general found drones were used less than 20 times in 2006 but some of those non military missions are blacked out in this document here still top secret. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's meteorologist vicky graf with the temperatures right now out the door. >> it is a warm start to the day. already in the low 60s to upper 50s, 60 degrees in boone. you don't have to worry about the layers early on today and we are going to stay warmer again throughout the afternoon. taking you through today's planner by 9:00 upper 60s
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the afternoon. might be a little bit windy early on but winds will back down after lunch time. highs for today close to 80 degrees but you notice by around 5:00 maybe a few sprinkles. we do have the threat for a few showers but the best collapse for that will be after your evening drive. and so by this evening we are going to keep a slight chance for showers up until around 10:00. if you have plans this evening our hour by hour forecast tonight coming up in the next 15 minutes. weather and traffic every ten minutes with the morning drive with mark. >> too early for big delays for folks heading south as we watch the traffic volume continue to build out of cornelius heading towards sam fur at 63 miles per hour. closer towards the town at 62 miles per hour and 71 so if you are coming out of the university area we haven't seen any big problems. in fact once you make your way
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and 77 no brake reports here. i'll tell you exactly where this stalled vehicle is and if it's causing back ups next. john? >> every day eyewitness news is looking into issues that effect you and your family. tonight a 9:investigates one our prime time special tonight at 8 right here on channel 9. an armed robbery at a mid wood restaurant. the robber's technique to sneak inside after the restaurant closed. one hard ship after another for a local family that traveled across the country to give their mother a chance to live. >> the way they just took care of lauren and took care of me
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been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is calledvaleant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing andwe're going to make sure it is stopped.
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it's 6:14 two international companies are bringing new jobs to cleveland county and are investing $5.5 billion. >> expanding in shelby and hiring another 80 employees. unique text the chinese text company plans to create 120 jobs in shelby as well.
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environment we are in working lower taxes less regular burdens. we are doing what we can. >> expanding to $320,000 to help with the expansion. several local agencies are getting extra help navigating crime victims through the legal system. our partners at the harold report funding through the victims of crime act will add 80 victim advocates to law enforcement and non profit agencies statewide more than a dozen in york chester and lancaster counties. south carolina will receive $29 million to pay for those positions. police are investigating a string of crimes in a clover neighborhood. there were four burglaries two break ins and a stolen car in flying eagle estates in one month after nine hit mailboxes and signs in the subdivision. a student hit by a car
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improving but has several surgeries ahead of him. he hasn't been back to school since he was nearly killed two weeks ago. he was hurt after he pushed a girl out of the car's path. he was terrified but would do it all over again to save his classmate. >> everyone knows he's a hero and that inspires people. >> students are now selling t- shirts to help pay for gonzalez's medical bills. police are searching for the driver responsible. total strangers are going above and beyond to help a local father and two sons days after his wife died during surgery. his wife died from complications at the mayo clinic in phoenix. a birth defect left her with 40% lung capacity. the family travels to arizona for the procedure even paying $7,000 to rent a house there but when they arrived the landlord backed out and kept the money.
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firefighter with a home for rent let them stay for free. >> the way they just took care of lauren and took care of me and the entire family, their out pouring was awesome. >> during surgery lauren's heart suddenly stopped and doctors could not revive her. he wants to raise awareness about his wife's condition a deformity of the ribs and hopes to arrive back to their home in charlotte this weekend. new research suggests choosing to under go a double mastectomy does not appear to a longer survival. researchers found women with breast cancer are choosing that procedure at a higher rate going from 4% in 2002 to 13% in 2012. researchers found neither survivor overall nor survival from best cancer is better compared to less extreme options. at least five people have
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across the south including oklahoma, texas and louisiana. more than 20-inches of rain has already fallen in the hardest hit areas while a state of emergency has been declared across northern louisiana. 3,000 homes were under manditory evacuation while 9,000 people are without power. time now 6:18. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's vicky graf in severe weather center 9. it's friday a lot of people want to know how this weekend is looking. >> we are going to see a threat for showers from the same storm system across the deep south. we are not going to see the same thing around here. we are starting the day off with clouds moving through. a beautiful start to the day from our hd charlotte towercam area. sunrise at 6:39 this morning but upper 50s to low 60s leave the winter coat behind you don't need it today. by 9:00 upper 60s. the difference compared to
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stay cloudy and will stick around throughout the entire day. yesterday we were warmed into the upper 70s with sunshine. today we'll see that again but still with clouds. by 4: 00, 79 degrees well above average breezy from time to time. your neighborhood forecast for mint hill mostly cloudy by lunch time 74 degrees and by 5:00 upper 70s still really just a nice end to the work week but we need the rain. it's heading this way this weekend. dry right now on live doppler 9. we do have patchy clouds in place but still keeping an eye on the same storm system off to the south that's going bring moisture this way heading into the weekend. for today mainly a dry start to the charlotte area. a few sprinkles in the mountains towards lunch time. i'll have your hour by hour forecast for boone in the next half hour where the best chance for rain will be today. as the kids are heading home from school today still dry in charlotte but then by 5:00 this
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cast a few sprinkles and through the e again we will keep the threat for possibly a few isolated showers few and far between. most will stay dry. for your evening forecast by 7:00 low 70s by 9:00 upper 60s. you might want to leave the rain gear at home but keep an eye to the skies. download the wsoc t.v. weather app to track the rain as well. saturday a better chance of rain early on in the day and through the afternoon maybe a few sprinkles but not as much rain tomorrow compared to sunday. don't forget we set our clocks forward and hour before we go to bed say night and temperatures warming up through next week. weather and traffic every ten minutes looking at the morning drive with mark. >> following a stalled vehicle in east charlotte on wt harris. the traffic picking up and not seeing any big traffic slow downs in the area. something to look out for if you are heading out. the sun is rising and traffic
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coming in from matthews a 17 minute ride about 40 miles per hour heading up from the brookeshire and closer to the briar creek near the over pass the traffic is moderate to heavy and brake lights as folks make their way around the bend through the freeway section at this time. john? >> state leaders are rushing to stop a new charlotte non discrimination ordinance before it starts. the action they are taking to speed up the process and how much this could cost tax payers. >> families struggling to afford diapers will soon get relief. the collaboration to help pay for the program and the
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the there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place
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to a nation where every child can not only dream of goingto college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will bea birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americawhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timefor rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carriesso much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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6:24 now. on march 22 voters in lancaster county will decide whether to spend $200 million at new schools and improvements of others. >> the bond will build a
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18 capacity high school. it would boost by replacing the doors and adding key cards. it would raise taxes $60 a year on a $100,000 home. trying to hold more accountable after a clemson student's death during a pledge activity. they force any violations for alcohol drugs and hazing public on the commission of higher education's website. his family claims he died during a predawn run during a hazing incident in 2014. clemson university denies those claims. the white house is trying to make diapers more affordable for low income families by offering a program to cut diaper costs by 25%. the white house says one in three families has trouble affording diapers for their babies. online retailer and
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white house to offer quicker shipping to low income families. the program will launch at the end of next month. services like uber and lyft will not hurt car sales despite the growing popularity. the study from kelly blue book found that ride sharing alternatives are mainly used as substitutes for taxi. estimating by 2021, 35 million people will share access to 206,000 vehicles but only about 6 million will be in north america. neighbors on edge and a suspect on the loose after a popular charlotte restaurant robbery. >> we eat here all the time. we have children. >> the manager's quick action to help police even with a gunpointed at his head. >> after days of dry weather i'm tracking rain on the way. i'll show you if mother nature
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plans over the weekend. towns threatening to pull towns threaten (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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growing talks of splitting up the charlotte mecklenburg school district. the example mint hill leaders could learn from and how it could cost you. the sun is rising over charlotte that is pretty but we are tracking rain for the weekend. we'll talk about how it will impact your plans. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. vicky graf is in severe weather center 9 with a look at your forecast. we've had a gorgeous sunrise every morning. >> i've been filling in so weather. afternoon. it's a warm start already. teeratures just updated. boone. as soon as you step outside we do have clouds hanging over head and those will stick today. by 7:00 mid 60s. maybe even patchy fog in the
6:31 am
close to 80 degrees here in charlotte. now changes are on the way. maybe even a slight chance for some showers today but a better chance for rain into the weekend. i'll take you through the latest future cast i just got in to show you when the rain will arrive and how long it will stick around. let's get a look at the morning drive with mark. >> a couple of new that came into the traffic center the last ten minutes that i'm monitoring. one reported on old statesville ramp to the outer loop of 485 minor delays here and freedom and allegheny none of these reporting any serious injuries just fender benders. checking out conditions as the traffic continues to build heading northbound up towards the billy graham parkway but from 485 and arrowood road no big slow downs at 631 out of york county. >> police searching for the gunman who shot and car jacked
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the shooter flagged down the victim driving around 3: 00 this morning. then they say he shot that victim in the arm and leg. the victim walked to roslyn avenue for help and is expected to survive. police believe the shooter is in a silver toyota corro la. a top assignment survey whether students can go to schools close to their homes including towns like matthews and mint hill to consider district. tina terry is live in uptown to take. >> state and local leaders told me they do have concerns about the talks to pull away from cms. last month we told you the mayor of matthews and leaders in mint hill expressed an interest in the idea. they want to avoid possible
6:33 am
state lawmakers said it would be a massive under taking and wants to make sure the decision doesn't hurt cms schools by taking away tax dollars and tina ross says she's concerned tax payers. >> i don't think that we could have a quality school system increase. schools. >> and if this happens it would take a long time to plan both mint hill and matthews are forming a task force to look into this. matthews town council could vote as early as monday night. reporting live from uptown tina terry channel 9 eyewitness news. >> tina thank you. a report says startling new numbers on students assaulting school staff in the charlotte mecklenburg districts. there were more than 250 assaults on school personnel last year compared to wake county the only district bigger
6:34 am
the number is up from last year where there were 216 assaults at cms. we put that report for other districts on our website click on news under our latest links section. police are looking for a suspect that robbed the mid wood smoke house at gunpoint. it happened just after midnight neighborhood. the restaurant's owner tells us a dishwasher went to take out the trash and a robber followed him back inside. the thief confronted a manager who was sitting in his office. >> they put a gun to his head and asked for the money from the safe and were in and out in like 15 or 20 seconds. >> the manager hit the silent panic button before handing over the cash. police arrived within minutes. investigators have not released the description of the suspect. the number of crashes in
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compared to the same timeframe in 2014. new numbers released tuesday show pedestrian deaths went from 42 during the first six months of 2014 to 55 in the same months of 2015. the highway patrol says most of the pedestrian deaths happen when people walk with their backs to on coming vehicles. happening today a charlotte budget committee will discuss the impact of a plan to eliminate trash pick up would have on renters. city leaders say it's an opportunity for the city to save money by turning services over to contractors but residents feel it will force them to pay more fees on top of taxes. the information gathered during the meeting will be presented to city council leaders at a later date. count on channel 9 to bring the details starting at 5. lawmakers could declare a special session in two weeks to discuss the non discrimination ordinance.
6:36 am
need enough support between the house and senate to do thank you a senate work group met yesterday for the first time to start preparing. delivering it. right now it's getting all of the research and background work done first. >> a special session would cost $42,000 every day and if city officials were to challenge whatever the state does in court there could be legal fees involved as well. charlotte city council approved the ordinance in late february banning discrimination against the lgbt community in various places including what bathroom they choose to use. lawmakers want to stop the ordinance before it takes effect on april 1. tomorrow is before tuesday's presidential primary. nearly 40,000 people in mecklenburg county have already voted much the republican candidates faced each other in a debate in florida and were mostly civil to each other.
6:37 am
it's not presidential to say things without thinking about consequences. trump has been criticized for saying "islam hates us." >> you can say what you want and be politically correct if you want. i don't want to be so politically correct. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> trump's supporter is charged with punching a protestor in the face. there's an internal place investigation as to why the suspect was not arrested at the rally. the protestor said it was a double standard. hosting at the dragway in concord on sunday. democratic candidates hilary clinton and bernie sanders will be part of a nationally televised town hall that night. channel 9 has complete coverage of the candidates head of election day. see it at members of the take it down
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letter to the naacp to withdraw the support for the medal of honor bowl until the confederate flag is removed from the campus. they lifted the ban on predetermined events in south carolina after the confederate flag was removed from the state house last summer. they have not received a response on this. this all following the emmanuel ame church shooting last june. there were pictures of dylan rooff with a flag. he filled nine people at a black church and faces hate charges in addition to murder charges. working to fix the way rape kits are processed but the carolinas are not among the states claiming tens of thousands of kits go untested every year. lawmakers introduced 50 bills to make testing more consistent and set aside more funding.
6:39 am
rape kit back log. the group joyful heart foundation found the agency collected 2700 kits since 2004 and only 35 351 of those are still open. increasing criticism for airport staffing levels during the busy spring travel season. we told you atlanta's airport publicly called out the agency last month for long lines at tsa. u.s.a. today says some of the nation's other top airports are now joining that fight including seattle and chicago. congress says count the number of uniform screeners for budget reasons. on monday the head of tsa met with officials in atlanta about the growing lines at security check points. the agency has stepped up training and screening procedures but short staffed.
6:40 am
believes the iphone of the san shooter contains evidence of that attack. apple doesn't want any other access to phones. prosecutors say the government needs access to the phone but apple has refused citing privacy concerns for all of it's customers. later this month they will argue the case before a federal magistrate. >> here's vicky graf letting us know when we'll have our next chance for rain. >> turn your eyes to your t.v. screen for a moment if you can and take in this beautiful sunrise getting under way. the sun is now up. some high can clouds over head but a gorgeous view of reds oranges and yellows to start the day off. now as we go through our the day today another warm one upper 50s to low 60s. you don't need the winter coat. leave that at home going throughout the day warming close to 80 degrees in the charlotte area. the clouds will stick around throughout the day today but
6:41 am
they won't get here until after your evening drive. how long the rain stuck around coming up. first weather and traffic every ten minutes with mark. >> monitoring that south west charlotte on the scene getting this first picture of live pictures. sandy porter road right between halfway between arrow wood and south trion. it does have the out bound lane blocked at this time but traffic is able to get through in a turn lane. not seeing a huge delay and will continue to watch that. we do have an accident on freedom and allegheny. minor delays only. a fight caught on camera as families ate at a charlotte restaurant. >> it's going down at golden corral! . >> the changes the restaurant made to prevent this from happening again. and an election like no
6:42 am
congressional candidatat there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of goingto college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will bea birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americawhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timefor rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carriesso much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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i'm in the breaking news center right now time now 6:44 police searching for the gunman who shot a security guard and car jacked him this morning the 6th shooting this week. joe bruno has the latest. >> police are still trying to figure out where the victim was actually shot but they just
6:45 am
was looking for help here. the victim ended up on ferry road. we were there as he was loaded into the ambulance. it all happened around 3 in west charlotte and the victim is a security officer and was flagged down by the suspect. once the victim stopped he was shot twice and car jacked. right now police are searching for a silver toyota but there is no suspect description at this time and the victim is expected to be okay. he was shot in the arm and the leg. reporting live in west charlotte channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe thank you and this is the 6th shooting in charlotte just this week. yesterday someone shot and killed michael junior in east charlotte. jefferies was stepping in to help his mother while she arguing with her boyfriend. police have not said if anyone will be charged. officers have not made any
6:46 am
across charlotte on tuesday. cmpd responded to this crash right here. crews had to flip this car because it landed on it's roof. this happened between trion and graham streets around 2:20 this morning. the fire department told us when they arrived the driver wasn't there. we are asking police this morning if anyone was injured and what led up to that crash. cms leaders are now reviewing top concerns about student assignment. thousands of people filled out a survey. most want students to go to school near their homes. live in uptown to break down the other concerns people had. >> yeah leaders here at cms will use those survey results to help form a student assignment plan. now we broke down some of those survey results for you. 80% of parents said the staff at the school is most important to them. 75% said school environment and 67% said location.
6:47 am
now the superintendant last night called for extra meetings in order to fast track a decision. live in uptown tina terry channel 9 eyewitness news. >> tina thank you. today federal judges will hear arguments from both sides about north carolina's new congressional map. the old district unconstitutional last month saying they were based on race. lawmakers redrew the lines but the naacp says they are still unfair and want the judges to draw the lines instead. the judges will make a decision next week. the congressional primaries are delayed until june so the new lines can be sorted out and candidates can campaign in the correct cities. later this morning a mortgage company will open it's new headquarters in lancaster county creating more than 6 million jobs building the building on highway 160. governor nikki haley will be at today's ribbon cutting. ten minutes.
6:48 am
really pretty sunrise this morning. >> you've got to check this out for just a minute such a beautiful start to the day. the orange blow the sun is now up and we do have high clouds hanging over head that's going to be the trend throughout the afternoon but with the clouds in place it's a warmer start in the upper 50s to low 60s right now. don't need the winter layers. leave those at home and throughout the afternoon it's going to warm up age close to 80 degrees in charlotte. a little bit of a breeze coming in from the south west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. your neighborhood forecast for boone possibly patchy fog early on but again it's going to be a warm day. temperatures close to mid to upper 60s. we are going to keep the threat for some showers today in the mountains though. they will be few and far between. right now we are dry and have the clouds in place but we've been telling you about this storm system to the west all week long bringing flooding and south.
6:49 am
oar way through the weekend to bring us a chance for showers. to time it all out dry to start the day off but could see a few showers in the mountains through the afternoon and maybe a few sprinkles here in charlotte later this evening. if you have plans tonight keep an eye to the skies and take the weather app with you. i don't think everybody will see that rain. starting tomorrow morning off for the early risers a few showers won't last long and going through the afternoon another round of rain is possible but looking at sunday as the best chance for rain and as you can see on future cast it will stick around throughout the day. not going to be a wash out. rain fall amounts say low expecting less than an inch in the charlotte area and as of right now maybe a rumble of thunder but the severe weather threat will also stay low. so your weekend always in view for tomorrow a little cooler upper 60s still warm for this time of year. can't rule out a few showers but sunday is the best chance this weekend for that rain.
6:50 am
but you hate to see it in time for the weekend. as we head through the next several days the warmer air will stick around but before you go to bed saturday night we set our clocks forward and hour for daylight savings time. the rain clears out on monday and 80 degrees here in charlotte for tuesday so this warmth is here to stay and you can stay on top of the severe weather with our weather app. download it and use the interactive radar especially with your plans through out of the weekend available in the app store and google play. we've been telling you we need the rain and it will help with allergies. >> he needs it. >> a little help will be nice. breaking news in steel creek where 250 homes are without water. this is a live look at sandy porter road near steepel chase drive where charlotte water says a contractor hit a pipe. now. crews originally said it will be fixed in the next hour or so but it's going to be longer
6:51 am
they are handing out bottled water to anyone who might need it. mark taylor is monitoring this as well because it could have an impact on traffic. any issues so far? >> minor delays because the out bound lane is blocked but traffic is able to get through in the turn lanes. this is something we'll continue to watch in the steel creek area. it's actually on sandy porter right at english saddle lane halfway between arrowood road and south trion so don't take an alternate yet but we'll let you know if you need one later. coming down towards sam fur but just the merging lanes with an accident clearing up on freedom drive around allegheny street. checking wall street futures the dow up 188. the nasdaq up 47. families horrified to see this fight while they were eating at a local restaurant. the back lash the restaurant faces even after it fired the employee involved.
6:52 am
will be laid to rest today.
6:55 am
service and it's about 6:55. today former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest. >> at the presidential library in california. today's ceremony is private. reagan's two children and relatives all expected to attend and a letter from ronald reagan to nancy will be read by the former canadian prime minister. good morning america will be live this morning from the ronald reagan library. abc news will also have a special report for you starting at 2 this afternoon. cmpd is investigating after this massive fight broke out between two employees at the city. >> that company immediately fired both people involved and several customers agree. they told us they will think twice before coming back to eat there. we are still working to figure
6:56 am
charges. weather and traffic every ten minutes on day break. mark taylor just learned about a new wreck on south boulevard. >> that's right stephanie on south boulevard near wisteria. we are seeing delays specifically out bound but even inbound. old pineville will get you around that accident scene. and monitoring the pipe work at sandy porter between arrowood road and south trion. we are seeing a minor delay on t.v. 64 as well as a new wreck on up next. it's another cloudy and warm start to the day. for your afternoon. for your drive no problems but by the afternoon and evening warmer close to 80 degrees here in charlotte.
6:57 am
but a better chance for rain over the weekend. sunday is the day. keep an eye on the skies. >> vicky thanks. your local news continues on t.v. 64. >> join us there now as we monitor this repair work in steel creek that has shut off water to hundreds of homes. [ music
6:58 am
and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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7:00 am
prove this mge. prove this m good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last night's debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marco rubio and ted cruz still focused on the front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south. the national guard rescuing more than 3,000 families. a black hawk helicopter swooping in to save drivers as the mayor says this storm is worse than a hurricane.


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