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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> and i'm scott wickersham. one witnesses's action helped police with the arrest. >> reporter: yeah, anyone here knows this chick-fil-a is almost always busy and that makes this so alarming as he was carjacked in the drive through lane. at this chick-fil-a, the breakfast crowd was packed, and the word a carjacking was the last thing that teresa hall expected to hear. >> you can't just come out and get something to eat. >> reporter: police say that robert ramirez walked up to the drive through and pulled the woman out of her car. but the carjacking was stopped almost as soon as it started because another customer got out and took action, getting in the front seat and yanking the carjacker back out.
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i would not have had the strength to do that. >> reporter: we talked with that man. >> i think about that now, that was a pretty crazy thing to do. didn't know who this guy was. >> reporter: we found that robert ramirez was charged at least eight times and released on jail. many say that the drive-through stake -- attack is a wake up call. >> you hope there is a good samaritan that helps you out. >> reporter: that good samaritan was punched a couple of times with the suspect, and the suspect, robert ramirez, is charged with attempted kidnapping and assault. live in cotswold, i'm jim bradley. a $400 million plan to fix the crumbling roads is on the
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the state gave the final approval. the bill takes money from the general fund instead of the gas tax, but opponents call it a phony, do-nothing bill. a group fighting the toll lanes on i-77 will release a report explaining why toll plains won't work. widen i-77 said it was analyzing private toll projects across the country. supporters say that the lanes will relieve traffic but widen i-77 claims it will hurt the local economy. the meeting came after a company connected filed for bankruptcy in texas last month. tonight's town hall style meeting starts at 7:00 at the cornelius town hall. police are investigating a drive-by the shooting where someone shot into a home in the belmont neighborhood with a 1- year-old child inside.
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channel 9 the bullet holes. they were on the porch when someone pulled up and started firing off shots. police have not arrested any shooters. and a string of crimes all in one neighborhood. the investigators were called to the flying eagle estates subdivision on faulkner road after two break ins last month, and someone stole a car. police recovered the vehicle nearby after it hit nine mailboxes and different signs. tonight, commissioners could discuss a controversial plan to pull out of the charlotte-mecklenburg school district. >> channel 9 has been following the case for weeks now. all new tonight, reporter tina terry found out what it would take to make this happen and the headaches that could come with it. >> reporter: the board of commissioners will meet here at the town hall in about an hour and i'm told they could talk
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one leader told me it's too early for her to consider that. >> i was really surprised. >> reporter: this was mint hill commissioner's reaction when she was told that they were looking to pull away and avoid possible negative impacts of cms assignment. but ross told me it's premature without hearing cms' plan and she is concerned it could split taxpayers. >> i don't think we could have a quality school system without a tremendous tax increase. >> reporter: talks are already in motion. lawmakers in mint hill and matthews have already contacted them, and leaders say it would be a massive undertaking. >> this would be a multi-step process of legislative pieces that would have to occur to
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>> reporter: but they say it's possible. one senator points to the success of mooresville's graded school system and the stellar performance warranting a visit from the president. >> it's a successful example and actually, they are the poster child for success. so it can be done and it can be done well. >> reporter: he is open to the idea but wants local leaders to consider the impact of taking tax dollars from cps. the representative said she would like to see a meetingly with stakeholders, cms and others before moving forward. tina terry, channel 9news. >> matthews' town counsel could vote on a resolution monday. also tonight, the charlotte- mecklenburg school board is
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assignment review asking the public about busing, magnets, and diversity. we have more information on the chicken pox outbreak with the number of confirmed cases. three students contracted chicken pox in indian trail and 15 students were quarantined and kept away from schools. a letter was sent to parents to notify them about the outbreak. questions about how three young missing children in south carolina ended up in a closet at an abandoned trailer. the kids, 2, 3, and 4 were not visibly injured. they vanished from the yard of a home in charlotte yesterday and police searched through the night but they were not found until this morning. in about 30 minutes, a group of raleigh community
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recommendation for reforming the police department there. this was scheduled before a man was shot and killed last month. this is to have set a more accountable police force. it would require a body camera on police and more anti-bias police training. meanwhile, some are telling lawmakers not to require body cameras in the state. the state sheriff's objection told lawmakers they are expensive and departments should decide themselves if they want to use them. some groups are looking to wait until the technology evolves. cmpd does use them and the chief said it helped out in this investigation, showing the officers taking down a suspect. it was troubling but the body camera footage showed them that the punches were within the law. and a controversy over a charlotte city councilwoman's intern. we told you yesterday that
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scrutiny for using a fire department employee as an intern. jenna deery has more. >> reporter: allison, city leaders are coming down hard on fallon's arrangement and even councilmembers are chiming in, asking if she can be censured. this started on friday after councilwoman claire fallon asked internal marty puckett to forward a letter through e- mail. puckett is the vice president of the firefighters' union. both puckett and fallon have been critical, and in the letter, puckett calls for the fire chief to leave. the response to the letter calling for a meeting to see if the council can censure fallon citing, quote, the constant
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and the city of charlotte. they called for puckett to stop working with fallon calling his behavior unacceptable and the city gave me a could you please of the charter saying that the mayor and council cannot direct the work of a city employee. puckett has been warned that he can lose his job if he does not cut ties with fallon. fallon believes that city leaders are trying to bully her. live in uptown, jenna deery, eyewitness news. and in gaston county, two commissioners will likely step down because of a dispute among board members. if some board members get their
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be fired dowrn fire -- during tonight's meeting. they say graham has been key to helping the under developed community. >> i will still have my reputation. >> the remaining board members would have to appoint replacements. and a fund set up for the two young sons of the woman killed in a crash. their mother, kandace helms, was killed tuesday morning. the peyton and mason helms fund is in lincolnton. over the next few months, people in york can share their thoughts on what roads need the most improvement.
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coming up for the 4th ground of pennies for progress, the 1- cent sales tax project to fix the roads. an all-out brawl captured on video in a charlotte restaurant while families were eating. the backlashing after the restaurant fired the employee involved. and we are talking about pollen count that is literally quadrupled overnight. i'll tell you when the rain will wash it out. >> god has a plan, and it's not what we want or what we understand.
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midst of in if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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the powerful few. c1 . we're staying on top of hillary clinton's really underway in durham. the democratic frontrunner in the last five minutes started speaking. her first topic, education and jobs. >> i'm running for president to knock down every barrier that stands in your way to get ahead and stay ahead.
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the crowd she is focus on infrastructure and renewable energy. we'll monitor her talking points over it is next hour. a charlotte neighborhood is going above and beyond to welcome hone a -- home a father and two sons. >> his wife died after traveling cross country after a life-saving surgery. erica bryant has more. >> reporter: maurin dobbins was just 33 years old and it was supposed to be a new beginning for the family but it was an exhausting ordeal, but they met many angels along the way. >> she was the most unselfish person i ever in the.
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wife died after a surgery that was supposed to save her. >> she better off than we are. she is not in pain. >> reporter: he spoke to us by phone. >> god has a plan and sometimes, it instant r isn't -- isn't what we want. >> reporter: a birth defect gave her just 40% lung capacity. so she could barely breathe. they traveled for the procedure and rented $7,000. when they arrived, the landlord backed out and kept the money. desperate, they put out the word on social media and a local firefighter with a home for rent let them stay for free. >> it doesn't stop at the fire station. that's who you are. you see someone who was wronged, you pretty much want to go after them. >> reporter: the whole fire station adopted them. >> the way that they took care of lauren and took care of me and the entire family, the
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>> reporter: in recovery from surgery, lauren's heart suddenly stopped and doctors couldn't revive her. tyler made the decision to letler go. >> somehow, i don't know how i got through the experience of not being by her side. but she will always be with me. >> reporter: lauren was suffering from a deformity of the ribs that causes the crest -- chest to sink in. tyler will be returning without his wife and medical bills of $150,000. but the charlotte area neighbors here are all ready to help him and the boys with everything they need. >> erica, thank you. you can leave your messages for this family on our facebook page. just like our page and look at
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today, the senate overwhelmingly approved the bill to compat drug a because in charleston. only one senator voted against it. it authorized programs for prescription drugs and abuse but it didn't pay for the programs which upset democrats. yet another gorgeous sunset. steve has more on another mild day. scott, that's been the big story, the sunshine and warmth. this is the satellite and the way the early warning doppler 9 sees all the clouds. we won't see the rain this evening, plenty of warmth. 79 in concord and 80 in monroe. many areas will approach 80.
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if you are starting up the barbecue, watch the wind, gusty, 20 miles per hour and it has been very dry. mid-70s at 6:00 and lower 70s at 9:00. tomorrow morning, we'll be at the 60-degree mark and mid-50s in the high country. the bus stop forecast, incredibly warm, mid to late may, lower 60s at 6:00 a.m. and maybe a passing cloud, more cloud cover and a couple of showers in the mountains by lunchtime and a few showers as star -- far south.
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mid-70s by lunchtime and upper 70s tomorrow afternoon and that's when we will see more clouds and sun. the neighborhood forecast in hickory, a better chance for late-day showers and still, temperatures in the mid-70s, no complaints. salisbury, mid-70s and a 20% chance of an afternoon shower. again, showers even in charlotte tomorrow might and mainly points north into the mountains, and everything lifts to the north. through saturday, plenty of clouds on saturday, and if there is rain, it will be early on, but the chance of rain peaks on sunday as the cold front pushes through. i say cold front, but don't get too worried. we will warm up more if that's possible. i see temperatures approaching records with highs in the 80s. >> and we're springing forward but we're like summer. >> mother nature is a little
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tonight at 6:00, we're investigating how much duke energy is dropping rates and the difference it will make on your bill. >> an early birds dinner interrupted by an all-out brawl by two employees at a busy restaurant. y restaurant. there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks,
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and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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prove this warnings are constantly going out about protecting yourself from fraud. >> reporter: it was a sunday. ben said that someone broke into list wife's vehicle and
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>> got the whole purse, id, everything. >> reporter: the thief stole other people's ids and checks, too, and then rap an elaborate scheme, using the id to cash a check at the other end. >> very stressful, horrible. >> reporter: the results at one end, allison said that his wife lost 3,000 and at the other, it seemed like she was the criminal. >> it looked as though my wife had done this. >> reporter: allison talked to the bank and sort today out but not without stress. >> it looks like peer perpetrating the fraud. >> reporter: the allisons plan to take advantage of the security measures that their
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passwords on their account. >> so resist the temptation to have keep your id and checks together. jason put more information on how to avoid becoming a victim on thieves are stealing more tax returns in the carolinas, and a federal trade commission report reports from 2014 to 2015 there was a nearly 100% jump in identity complaints to tax and wage fraud. nationwide, nearly half a million complaints last year
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the dow lost 5 poin the dow lost 5 po duke energy wants to give customers a big break on their bills. new tonight, eyewitness news investigates what's behind the plan to slash prices at a rate we haven't seen in years. if approved, every duke customer could see their electric bill drop $3 a month. i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm scott wickersham. we crunched the numbers to find out how much money you'll save. >> reporter: duke energy made the announcement, energy prices going down 3% across the board. they say it's the trend in energy prices. it may sound strange but the company doesn't make any profit
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when the prices go down, the savings are passed on to the consumer. natural gas is at a record low. >> we sit down with the north carolina utilities commission. >> reporter: the costs have been falling for years but not by this much. in 2015 2015 it dropped about 33 accepts but this september, it will drop $3.76. >> i think that's substantial. you know, that's about 3%, so i think customers appreciate anything that we can do. >> reporter: that savings will last until january 1 and go back up slightly for energy programs for a net savings of $3.11. >> that's a whole lot. >> reporter: but some are worried that it won't last. >> they may lower the rates right now but if they jack them back up three months from now,


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