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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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could, praying all the way. >> i was hoping in my heart that it wasn't true. >> reporter: but it was? >> it was true. >> reporter: what was so painfully true is a young man who was like a nephew was laying dead in the parking lot. several family members tell us that police was here earlier in the morning saying there was trouble between the young man's mother and her boyfriend and the woman's son stepped in to help her. >> they're my own. and when there are problems like that, your children will show up. >> reporter: police are saying that the shooting was not random and wasn't typical for the community where residents told us they're stunned. >> never seen something like this especially in this area, you know. >> reporter: police have not released the names of the victims or said whether they have anyone in custody in the shootings here. but it stunned the community and city, and it's only the 6th homicide in 2016.
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shootings, people are asking questions about the violence. more on that coming up at 6:00. for now, reporting live in east charlotte, mark becker, channel 9, eyewitness news. thank you, mark, and we sent out a breaking news alert as soon as we learned about the shooting. sign up for the alerts on our website. another major story, new details after deputies found an albemarle could you be -- couple couple burying a body. they are questioning the story that this was a case of self defense. eyewitness news reporter dave faherty talked with investigators and the witness would led them to the scene. >> reporter: erica, that witness is telling me where the body was found was at one time an old police training ground. that witness was a former deputy. when he spotted the couple's
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>> i guess it's the old cop in me. >> reporter: we ask we not show his face or hughes use his name but this sheriff's deputy may have solved the murder. >> it didn't seem right. iltd have called if --i would have called if it was an old farm truck in there because years and years of passing that location never seen a vehicle in there. >> reporter: that led deputies the arrest of toni hearne and limsey lentz. deputies say that the couple got their car stuck on the property after dumping the body and likely didn't know that the house used to be used for swat training. yesterday, hearne told me that he killed his uncle in self defense. you are not a killer, then? >> no, sir. i never wanted to kill him.
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knife and he was choking me and i was choking him. >> reporter: the should haves looked for evidence that he may have been choked. >> we looked thoroughly and everything was normally. >> reporter: today, they looked for the victim's home looking for evidence that he was killed there. neighbors are in shock over what happened. >> he didn't bother nobody. he was a quiet man. >> reporter: and just within the last 30 minutes, we found out that police did find evidence inside the home in albemarle. i'm told by sheriffs deputies that they are waiting for the autopsy results tomorrow morning. i'm dave faherty, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> you can find all of our coverage including the interview with the suspect and video of the crime scene on our website. turning to vote 2016 coverage, another presidential contender is in the tar heel state today. >> hillary clinton is the third
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week to stop in north carolina, proving this is a must get state for the primaries. allison latos breaks down her message. >> reporter: scott and erica, she is expected to speak in about 20 minutes. we have live pictures of the event where you can see there is a crowd filling this auditorium, and they have sign that is read fighting for us. supporters started lining up outside as early as 11:00. her appearances on the heels of her husband and former president bill clinton's events on tuesday. some people heading into the event said her backgrounds is why they're standing behind her. >> the most experienced candidate we've had at least in my lifetime. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump's rallies are getting the attention of law enforcement. cell phone video yesterday
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supporters sucker punched a protester being escorted out by deputies. the 78-year-old trump supporter has been charged in the case. north carolina's primary is also on tuesday and a new poll shows who residents will likely vote for next week. out of 500 likely democratic voters, 57% said they would vote for clinton while 28% went with sanders. on the republican side, 32% were in favor of donald trump and 26% went with ted cruz. tomorrow, it will be clinton's rival bernie sandsers rallying for votes in raleigh at noon. the vermont senator is expected to talk about college affordability, immigration reform and the economy. the event is tree and open to the public until the venue is full. we have continuing coverage of the major election with new developments at, on
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you a new, a robber went into a popular plaza midwood restaurant and held a gun to the owner's head. the workers were taking out the trash after midnight and the gunman followed them back inside and the suspect went into the office and demanded carb and got away with some money. the restaurant's owner said that they are happy that the manager knew how to handle the situation so no one was hurt. >> we talk about this with our team, front and have and be ready for it. >> the manager was able to hit a silent panic but the -- button, but the robber got away and is still on the loose. a man accused of breaking into firefighters's vehicles and stealing guns is facing a new charge. sheriffs investigators say that johnny bing broke into a firefighteracy vehicle and stole a gun last month. he is charged with several
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fire departments including charlotte fire. police say that they tracked bing through a receipt left at one of the fire stations. a judge has set a bonds hearing for a man accused of robbing and kidnapping a pizza delivery driver. we brought this as breaking news yesterday. brayon rhodes was taken to jail and appointed a public defender. he was one of two people who kidnapped a papa john's delivery driver last month from the cherry neighborhood and made the victim withdraw cash from an atm. tonight, we're asking police if they plan to file charges after a driver hit a woman crossing a north charlotte street. police say that kameka collins ran in front of the car last night wearing dark-colored clothing and was not in the crosswalk.
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tried to avoid her and he was not speeding and not drinking. collins was killed much. all new, dozens of passengers at the airport are rebooked after a mechanical problem resulted in an emergency landing. the united flight wassed headed to chicago when there was a the wings. the plane landed safely and the plane. in less than two weeks, votessers in lancaster county will decide on whether to spends $2 mill on new schools. growth at indian land is driving the need. greg suskin, you spoke with people who are for this and some against it. >> reporter: i did, and just like fort nell, indian land is growing faster than they can keep up. part of this is to deal with
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it seems like there is a new rooftop in ippedzian -- indian land every day. >> the bond has to pass to give the schools the money they need for a quality education. >> reporter: clark is more concerned about what is going to in local schools than her taxes. >> we need relief. the schools are crowded. >> reporter: she supports the bonds issue that would build an elementary school and high school in indian land and boost safety by replacing doors and adding key card entrance for security and money for technology upgrades and new athletic fields. the district will expand parking and improve drop-off pick up areas where serious accidents have happened and dot same at seven other schools and
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$100000 home and $120 on a $200,000 home. and that's not a concern for this couple. >> who cares? it's for the kids. >> it's cheap now. >> reporter: but it matters to don who is on a fixed income. >> they are quick to throw the $200 million here and there, but it's -- on a fixed budget, we didn't get a raise in social security this year. >> reporter: now, there is a meeting to talk about the issue at indian land elementary school starting at 7:00, and that is being put on by the group that supports the bond referendum. tonight, we are learning more about the funeral service for first lady nancy reagan. >> she planned out everything. a love letter from ronald reagan will be read and
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tom brokaw following two days of visitation. >> it was peaceful, serene, and you just wanted to stay there. >> what an amazing, amazing time. it was sad, mixed emotions. but i'm happy to come. >> more than a thousand people have been invited to the funeral tomorrow including first lady michelle alabama and former period george w. bush. this charlotte family traveled across the country for a life-saving surgery only to find out that they had no place to stay and were out, thousands of dollars. >> when you see something wrong, you pretty much want to go after them. >> the kindness of stranger that is helped them get through tragedy. >> clouds setting up a beautiful sunset and the big story, incredible warmth. 78 in most of the metro area. when cooler air will arrive and we'll talk about rain as well.
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fight ey want to state leaders are meeting to talk about stopping charlotte's controversial lgbt ordnance. >> jenna deery learned that they want to take action fast before it takes effect from three weeks. jenna? >> reporter: i was told, erica, it could be two weeks despite the governor urging them to wait until they are scheduled to be back in raleigh at the end of next month and right
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legislative ammunition to shoot down the city's decision. >> and i think we will have something to move on real quick. >> all those in favor, raise your hand. >> reporter: the charlotte city council approved a controversial ordnance to ban discrimination against the lgbt community in various places including what bathroom they choose to use. the ordnance goes into effect april 1 and legislative opponents are feverishly working to stop it before then. >> we have a number of legal opinions about whether we need to act in advance or not. >> reporter: the speaker said that could mean a special session call inside two weeks in there is enough supported support to do it. >> we need to be thoughtful and deliberate and right now, it's getting the research and
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>> reporter: they want legislation ready so when they do return, action can be swift. >> what we will do is invalidate it. the general assembly has the in inherent authority for when a city goes astray. >> reporter: a special session could cost $42,000 a day. and they could take a look at the legal fees. the city has not said yet if that's a road they plan to take. jenna deery, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> you can take a look at our cost coverage going to wsoct including what the full ordinance would mean. firefighters in charlotte had to chase down a garbage truck because the trash in the back was on fire.
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boulevard and police got it to pull over on charlotte town and look at the mess. they had to dump the garbage out of the truck, hosed it down. a statesville man died in a motorcycle crash in concord. the driver of a jeep turned in front of his motorcycle. our partners at the independent tribune said they don't believe that alcohol, drugs, or speeding were factors. they are still investigating and could still file charges. a big system is brings severe weather to the south. >> there is a state of emergency in louisiana where floodwaters have surrounded homes and three people have been killed. they are using high-water vehicles to get people out of neighbors that are blocked by
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part of the problem. erica, the huge storm is moving slowly towards the carolinas carolinas and it will mean huge amounts of rain. this shows you how dangerous it can be to drive through the floodwater, you can see the driver here who sank into deeper water. and other drivers have waded out to rescue her, and thankfully, you don't expect this kind of rain here. for more on this, let's chend send it to steve udelson. the leading edge is only about 300 miles away, and typically, that would not take a long time to get to us. mother nature has put up her version of a stonewall over the carolinas, and it will be a while before we see the rain. ahead it, no lack of warmth.
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england, unbelievable warmth. increasing low clouds in the mountains and a couple of showers may try and hit the high country tonight. charlotte, nothing but warmth. lower 70s at 7:00 and upper 60s at 9:00 and lows tonight at 60, 61 degrees. that's significant. that's our average high for this time of year. that's how warm this is. and even in the mountains, readings in the 50s. we'll keep an eye on the cold front that will make a run at us in the afternoon. more clouds than in the past few days and watch this band of showers develop in the mountains and foothills about as far south as i-40 tomorrow. for charlotte, mid-60s early on and patches of low clouds and fog and mid-70s by lunchtime and again in the upper 70s
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morgan ton, may be a late-day shower and monroe, highs close to 80 with a 20% chance of a shower. see the showers from i-40 north tomorrow night and if you have outdoor plans, you may need to keep that in mind, and in charlotte overnight into saturday, don't worry. the weekend will be a wash out with more clouds especially on saturday and middle 60s. but on sunday, the temperatures warm a bit and again, more scattered showers mainly during the afternoon. so saturday morning and sunday afternoon, those are the best rain chances. between the two, boy, do we have preventsy -- plenty of warmth. mid-60son saturday, and don't forget to spring forward on saturday night and how about this? look at the end of the 5-day forecast, tuesday, 80 degrees. winter may be done. >> wow. i would say she's toast. >> groundhog may have been right. >> thank you, steve. ahead, a woman nearly carjack in the drive through of a busy chick-fil-a.
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you can't just come up and get you something to eat without somebody trying to get your car from you. >> how one customer helped to stop it all and helped police make an arrest. >> one local town could move forward to pull away from cms, the headaches it could create and the guarantee that one
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>> and fallout involving a if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sananrs. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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the powerful few. (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the call al happening right now, hillary clinton is now on the stage at her campaign event in durham, north carolina. people started lining upstarting at 11:00 this hear her speak and she'll probably be up in the next few moments. we'll bring you her message to voters as it comes in. a military non-profit is under investigation for allegedly lie alleged -- lying about using military funds. >> the skwells foundation is
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killed in chatanooga, tennessee last july. the foundation said it started questioning how the founder, john simpson, was spend being $135,000 $135 -- spending the $135,000 ,000 it gave the non- profit. simpson and the charity are being investigated. simpson said that allegations of him misappropriating $135,000 are false and he never exaggerated his service in the marines. it was almost 2 years ago, that a union county family got help to watch their son graduate from boot camp. they could not accord the trip to south carolina and told the
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the next day, they had knowledge -- lodging and fuel to get down to their son's graduation. look for the story on our home page. a family's tragedy took a turn for the worse thousands of miles from their home. >> took care of lauren, you know, and took care of me and the entire family. >> how total strangers are helping the family get through it. then from taxes to education, the headaches that could come for the towns trying to break away from cms. >> an odd and brazen crime at the middle of the drive through
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another customer by the time i got there, he was just sitting in the driver's seat. all new tonight, a customer saves a woman nearly carjacked in a chick-fil-a. >> he was a hero. >> all of this happened at 10:00 yesterday when the restaurant was packed.
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>> and i'm scott wickersham. one witnesses's action helped police with the arrest. >> reporter: yeah, anyone here knows this chick-fil-a is almost always busy and that makes this so alarming as he was carjacked in the drive through lane. at this chick-fil-a, the breakfast crowd was packed, and the word a carjacking was the last thing that teresa hall expected to hear. >> you can't just come out and get something to eat. >> reporter: police say that robert ramirez walked up to the drive through and pulled the woman out of her car. but the carjacking was stopped almost as soon as it started because another customer got out and took action, getting in the front seat and yanking the carjacker back out.


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