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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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temperatures in ariette center. they just update -- our weather center. they just updated it. 6 # machine row and -- 62 in monroe and 52 in boone. that's a sign of things to come. patchy fog yet again this morning not going to be widespread issue but that will start to lift by 8:00. 9:00 and temperatures will continue to climb as we go throughout the afternoon. the difference between yesterday and today though is we will see more clouds but we'll stick make it into the upper 70s. a little breeze from the southwest. i'll show you if the warmer weather will stick around coming up in the next half hour. tonight we will find out the results from charlotte- mecklenburg school's survey about student assignment. >> the districted and policemanned about -- asked familied about diversity and bus routes. the district is considering making changes to student assignment to create more diversity. but hasn't decided if it will involve busing students to different schools.
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will address resolutions from huntersville and cornelius and davidson. they want cms to keep students in neighborhood schools and meanwhile leaders in matthews and hint hill are -- mint hill are considering creating their own district. private toll projects arkoses the country. this comes after a texas company in charge of the similar project filed for bankruptcy. widen i-77 is concerned the same thing could happen here and worry it would cause taxpayers. the income dot says taxpayers will not be on the hook. it's at 7:00 tonight and open to anyone at cornelius town hall. the income dot says it will have a report to the governor in the coming weeks about what the transportation secretary learned during a meeting with txdot. on monday, he questioned them about the cintra toll road that went bankrupt outside of austin. the breaking news center right now. police near pittsburgh are
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overnight shooting that left five people dead and three injured. the victims were in a backyard party last night when police say two people started shooting and it happened in a nearby alley. police have not released a motive or said if they have any suspects at this point. channel # is following the story in burg -- story in pittsburgh and wpxi will be updating you as new information comes in. overnight police and state investigators went adds the albemarle home looking for clues after a man and woman tried to bury a body 85 miles away. channel 9 was in alexander county when the suspects admitted to the crime. >> we was just -- we brought him up here. i just trying to hide him. i didn't know what to do. >> police say the suspect tony hearne lived with the victim who's his uncle in albemarle. channel 9 went to their homes where neighbors told us they loved tiko and called him the dance machine. >> i a lot of times in the
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radio on his porch and people would come by and blow their horn or either you know go on the sidewalk and dance with him. >> police say the big question now is how and where the murder unfolded. we're asking if they got any new leads inside the albemarle home. tony and the other suspect linsey lentz are charged with murder and will face a judge on monday. right now no one is charged in a crash that killed a woman crossing a north charlotte street. police say kameka collins was wearing dark clothing when she tried to run across the road near rutgers avenue last night. she was not at the crosswalk and police say the driver tried to avoid collins but hit her with the bumper. i spoke to a witness -- we spoke to a witness. >> that's really, really scary you know. that situation, no good for anybody. >> police say the driver was not speeding or under the influence. tonight the republican presidential candidates will debate for the last time before north carolina's primary. >> they'll face each other in florida which is senator
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latest polls show him 20 points behind donald trump there. trump is also leading the polls in north carolina. he held a rally in fayetteville last night. >> do you pledge that on tuesday, you will go and we will make america great again? and you will vote for donald trump. huh? >> yesterday, trump's top competitor ted cruz picked up an endorsement from carly fiorina a prior candidate. ahead at 5:00 a.m. their differing stance on a controversial immigration issue. one of the key demographics is college students. several college groups are holding voter registration drives and debate watch parties. a group from davidson even promised to protest all of donald trump's rallies in our area. >> the bible says love thy
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love the neighbor unless they are jewish or from mexico. >> a recent poll show republicans are split between trump and ted cruz and found democratic millennials strongly backed bernie sanders. before you cast your vote next week, read all about every candidate and where they stand on issues. go to and we also are posting information on the social media pages. there are just some of the guns right here the tsa sag agents have found at the charlotte douglas airport over the last few months. >> allergy season is here, thousands are feeling it. >> this is really unfortunately just the beginning for allergy sufferers. >> at 4:45 the reason it may get worse this week and the four hours you should avoid going outside. >> i hear that but first researchers determined the best time to sell your house.
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up where you will up if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone.
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. the powerful few. attorney general roy cooper is laying out his plan for north carolina schools if elected governor. >> he wants to raise teacher
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college free and bring back a child care tax credit. he wants to not raise taxes and governor pat mccrory's campaign says cooper was far from specific. today governor mccrory will make an economic development announcement in shelby. he'll speak at the la grand center at 10:30 this morning. his office has not given any idea what announcement will be. channel 9 will be there and we'll have all the details on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. it's that time of year when a lot of people start thinking about selling their home and they might be on to something here. according to the "washington post" the site zillow analyzed the sales of more than 20 million single family homes over the past seven years. the company found that homes listed from may 1st to the 15th sell around 18.5 days faster and for 1% more than the average listing. you may remember we told you last week action 9 found in the past three months the number of homes for sale in our area has gone down steadily each week
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frankly, prices are 7% higher than this time last year is agents say there are two things you can do to get a jump on the competition, start early and get prequalified. the price you pay for rent in an apartment in charlotte is going up. now tied with houston, texas as the 21st most expensive city to rent in. the average price for a one bedroom, $990 right now. that's up 6.5% from a year ago. san francisco tops the list when it comes to rent. a charlotte man will travel to california today to pay his respects to former first lady nancy reagan. >> she was the lady who gave me a chance. >> the way he says she changed the entire course of her life. >> a chester county corrections officer is on the wrong side of the law accused of having inappropriate contact with an inmate. the piece of evidence that tipped investigators off. >> it's feeling morer like spring with temperatures --
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havertys. 4:45 now. a chester detention officer is off the job accused of having sexual contact with an inmate she was supposed to be supervizzing. >> deputies say -- witness statements and video and other recordings led to dominiece white's arrest. they would not say what the video showed or say if it happened more than once.
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courthouse called the charges disappointing. >> i just think that is terrible -- like people supposed to look up to her you know. >> i think it's bad to be a leader in the community who are opposite to do that. >> her boyfriend told channel 9 the allegations are not true. the federal panel that sets the sentencing policy is weighing changes to a program that permits an early prison release for certain elderly and sick inmates. federal prison officials have said inmates 50 and older are the fastest growing demographic. the panel is expected to review the guidelines again next week. a man accused of hitting and killing a woman in south end is now charged with murder. a grand jury indicted gregory wheeling jr. with second degree murder in kelly putnam's death. he was previously charged with felony death by vehicle. investigators say speed and alcohol were factors in january's crash. putnam worked at max's speed shop. the restaurant will dead late
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patio to her on wednesday night. a charlotte man will travel to california. ken burn worked with her in the '80s and kept in touch ever since. he was a former drug addict and says mrs. reagan gave him chance. he helped with her drug awareness program called just say no. he always got a thank you note in return for sending flowers to her. >> looking at the letters, i -- i'm saddened by that. for also a sense of peace that there was always a friend and it just happened to be nancy reagan. >> she died sunday at age 94. burn received an invitation to tomorrow's private funeral. she will lay in repose for a second day today and the public can pay their respects at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> new research is taking aim at one of the most commonly used standards for assessing health. scientists at the university of manitoba told the "washington post" body mass index or bmi which measures a person's
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does not give a true picture of health. they also say it doesn't provide the best method of determining risk factors like heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. some health experts recommend a new standard that takes into account total body composition, fat, muscle and bone. a story we'll be following this morning, state health officials will release the latest on any new cases of mumps in the state. earlier this week, officials reported no new cases. the most recent report shows there's a total of 15 confirmed and probable cases. many of you probably noticed, spring allergy season is here. i sure have. channel 9 meteorologists say your allergies may actually get worse this week, oh boy. that's because the wind will pick up and blow those allergens around. they advise showering at the end of the day to watch that pollen off and to pay attention to what time you go outside. >> try to run in the evening. early morning 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
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the highest. >> the foundation ranked charlotte 30th in the nation for worst communities for spring allergy sufferers. >> it is warm outside already this morning. in the 60s. meteorologist vicki graf has the forecast for the day in severe weather center 9. good morning. >> the spring-like warmth today is not going to help those suffering from allergies either. and as stephanie just mentioned look at the temperatures this morning. it's already a warm start. 60 degrees in charlotte. 61 in concord. 59 in salisbury. and 53 in boone. this is where we should see our afternoon hayes this time of -- highs this time of year. this is going to be the springboard for what will be another warmer day ahead. by 9:00 63-degrees and might even see some patchy fog yet again but the best chance for that is right around 7:00, 8:00 and it won't last very long. then at lunchtime again staying 72 degrees. you will notice more high clouds filtering through throughout the afternoon. but that's not going to stop us from warming into the upper 70s.
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77 degrees here in the charlotte area. well above average. also staying a little bit windy today. wind coming from the southwest anywhere from 5 to about 15 miles per hour. the neighborhood forecast for statesville starting the day off with some patchy fog. not going to be a problem after 9:00 though. as we head towards midday, 71 degrees. a good afternoon to enjoy your lunch break outdoors. as we head to 5:00, still some high clouds overhead. around 73 degrees. so really just another picture- perfect spring-like day. right now on live early warning doppler 9, we are dry, but we have some clouds already if place. in place -- in place, and still watching this system. this has had very little movement from the past 24 hours and it continues to bring some very heavy rain across parts of texas, louisiana, arkansas, this is going to bring up to about a foot more of rain through the end of the week across portions of the deep south. that eventually is going to head our way. for tomorrow more clouds and then in the evening, a few showers possible.
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weekend as our next best chance for rain. a slight chance for showers saturday but we're looking at sunday as the better of the two days for seeing some rain. if you have outdoor plans just take the wsoc weather app with you so you can track the showers and temperatures wills in the mid 70s. i just somehowed the hour by hour forecast for this afternoon and the next half hour, i'll break down your planner for the evening. but it's going to be a warm afternoon ahead. >> and that rain this weekend, at least the potential might help with some of these allergies. >> might help a little bit just not going to see a lot. >> all right thanks. defensive end charles johnson is officially a panther once again. ahead 59 listen 30 the one thing -- at 5:30, the one thing someone said to johnson that convinced him to take a huge pay cut to stay in carolina. >> they decided not take action on the antidiscrimination
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steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. the next few weeks are going to be a lot busier at charlotte douglas airport as people head out for spring break and officials are worried that could mean more guns at check points. >> they've already seen a lot too. so far this year 13 have been found in carry-on bags, get this, all of them were loaded. that put charlotte on pace to be the third highest in the country when it comes to guns found. the tsa is trying to get the message out to plan ahead and
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bring with you. >> check your bags. every bag that you have the little pockets the day before you go in there to make sure there's nothing prohibited there. >> now not only can someone be arrested for trying to bring a gun through one of the check points they can also face several penalties from the -- civil penalties from the tsa up to $11,000. new this morning the federal government is proposing to restore millions in fines year against airlines that bring travelers here to the u.s. without current passports and visas. "usa today" reports customs and border protection wants to overhaul a regulation to allow it to fine airlines $4,300 for each traveler without proper documentation. those fines could toe total nearly $2 million and airlines fought the fines in federal court in the past. asheville city council won't take any action on the antidiscrimination ordinance that addresses transgender bathroom use. officials say they have a lot of calls since charlotte passed it ordinance.
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vell doesn't need a new ordinance because the city already has protections in place for lgbt people. we are asking when a water main break in connolly springs will be fixed. construction crews cut a water main on rowny road last night. cutting water to neighbors. they say repairs will be finished sometime this morning. lot of folks about to head out on the roads now and let's check in with traffic team 9's mark taylor. first lye in up -- live in uptown charlotte. trade street where the volume is light. good news, heading southbound to the john belk and northbound to the brookshire freeway, and north out of york county incident-free as well. vicki? it's already warm start to the day. so -- that's a sign of things to come. we are going to warm up very quickly as we go throughout the afternoon. close to 77 degrees today. 78 tomorrow. the record should stay safe but then tracking rain in the weekend and that will cool us down into the low 70s. still warmer than average though. >> all right. >> thanks vicki.
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member under fire for using a charlotte fire union leader as her intern. at 5:25, the letter that prompted an investigation and the strong words claire felon had for her critics. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes and eyewitness news daybreak 5:00 a.m.
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aonian accused of trying to bury his uncle's body confessed to channel 9. >> i just trying to hide him. i didn't know what to do. >> the reason the suspect says he was acting in self-defense and the mishap that led to his arrest. a jury will be following for your day ahead. the major steps the cms board members will take ant to create more diversity in schools and improve students success. >> good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. meteorologist vicki graf is in severe weather center 9. the temperatures right now unbelieve this will morning. >> that's right stephanie. you don't have to worry about the jacket this morning as you head outside. it's 58 right now in charlotte. 61 in concord. 55 in rock hill and 60 monroe. 53 in boone. normally this is where we
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and that's a sign of things to come yet again today. for the morning commute we could be dealing with some patchy fog as we head towards 6:00, 7:00. i don't expect it to be a very widespread issue. and that will already start to lift by 8:00, 9:00. but again it's going to be a mostly cloudy start to the day. -- mild start to the day and temperatures will be warming up quickly through the afternoon. again, highs close to around 77 degrees. what you'll notice though is we are going to see more clouds building in as we go throughout the day. still not going hold the temperatures back from warming up though. i'll show you when we will see the warmth that will lead to eventual rain through the weekend. that's all coming up ahead. first we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a look at the manage drive with morning. -- morning drive with mark. uptown again near the john belk freeway and heading out we're dry and we're clear and not much happening for folks here's the ramp getting on the 77. not much happening there or actually on the interstate. so good news heading out in the next couple of minutes. right now we're checking the -- flows this morning. coming in 77, still looking good. not seeing any big delays on 85.
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zone. u.s. 74 out of matthews also free and clear. but as things pick up of course we'll update you here on channel 9 and as it happens on twitter, follow me@traffic team 9. expected to be a very busy night for cms board remembers discussing -- members discussing sever topics -- several topics. >> tina terry is live outside the government center in uptown and tina members will get a first look at the survey results tonight. >> reporter: yeah, stephanie, more than 19,000 families filled out that survey and the results will help leaders here make some very important decisions in the weeks ahead. now this survey asked questions about school diversity, school choice, and bus routes. leaders are considering changing student assignment to create more diversity. a lot of parents will be watching to' if that will involve busing students to different schools. also you'll remember this week


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