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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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get here with the rain chance. a few minor problems out there this morning. the latest from mark. >> reporter: one of the trouble spots is south tryon. about the 3100 block, an accident between clanton and remount. 77 in the area looking good, in fact from the state line we are moving freely this morning. lots of room actually. 77 northbound heading from carowinds boulevard. northbound all the way to south charlotte, no issues there. as these issues start to come in we are always updating them in realtime. on twitter. a jewelry store burglary at huntersville, we brought you the first live pictures from the scene in the last 30 minute of the since then eyewitness news reporter angela hong arrived on the scene. tell us what you have learned there. >> reporter: john i just
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learned from firefighters that this building is safe enough to go inside. you can see behind me police are collecting evidence the glass on the door completely broken through. this happened around 5:00 this morning. police told us a van actually backed into this tink jewelry store, broke the glass and got inside to steal some of the jewelry. again you can see police rather actively investigating collecting evidence right now. parts of the brick and building have fallen off and again, the glass door completely smashed. we don't know how much the thieves were able to get from inside the store. police are looking at surveillance video right now to see what clues it could give them and they don't have any suspect descriptions yet. we are working to get more information about this case and
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update as soon as we have more information. angela hong channel 9 eyewitness news. town leaders are not interested in busing students miles away to other schools. >> cms continues to formulate a plan to address diversity and academic performance. davidson leaders will vote today on a resolution saying they want students guaranteed a spot at school within their own neighborhoods. they'll join huntersville and cornelius to present the resolution before the school board meeting to be. cm. leaders say they are very early in the student assignment process. overall they hope to break up concentrations of poverty. town leaders told us their main concerns are lack of stability and predictability. >> i think what should dictate where your kids go to school is where you live.
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think one option and have it be the best. >> parents expressed concerns about students being bused to schools that are farther away. last night the cornelius board of commissioners voted on a similar resolution. that vote was unanimous. last week we told you the town of matthews and mint hill went as far as discussing breaking away from the school district. cms who want to get their kids in a magnet school can apply online. families ranked their top choices for schools and students are admitted based on a random number lottery. this is to fill vacant seats in magnet programs like science and technology. we have a link that explains how magnet placement works and which programs have vacancies. just look for that information on our website at north carolina lieutenant
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involved in the battle over charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance. the law takes effect april 1 and awould aallow people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. >> probably what he is doing is putting a marker down for when he runs for the nomination for governor. >> three fifths of lawmakers would have to agree approximate to the special session before it would happen. the governor has said a special session is not mess. davidson's board of commissioners will decide whether to support the connect nc bond. it is on the ballot this march and would deliver $2 billion, mostly for construction on college campuses and other projects. critics say future generations would be forced to pay massive
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a man shot and killed a man at a northwest charlotte complex. demichael adams turned himself in. he shot dallas stowe inside an apartment on park fairfax drive early monday morning. someone drove stowe to carolina's medical center, where he later died. the suspect and victim knew each other. prosecutors say two men accused of an armed robbery at gastonia mall may be linked to other crimes. reginald tate and jared jefferies are accused of robbing bath and body works workers in january. jefferies is accused of leading officers on a high speed chase. our partners at the gaston ga set report a judge refused to lower his bond yesterday. prosecutors have not said what other crimes the suspects may be connected to.
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confirmed new cases of the pumps. there are a total of 15 confirmed cases, four in mecklenburg county, two in iredell. nine probable cases between the two counties. channel 9 confirmed two cases were linked to employees at lowes corporate headquarters. and two students at unc charlotte were diagnosed with the pumps. lowes and unc chave chave taken -- unc have taken steps to keep their areas safe. last week we reported the fifth case of zika virus was confirmed in north carolina. a woman in wake county recently traveled out of the country and contracted the virus. the risk for locally transmitted cases in the u.s. is minimal.
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mooresville can learn more about local republican candidates running for office. people can meet the commission candidates during a forum at the charles mack citizen center. there are three seats up for grabs. new this morning, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he will not be running for president this election season. bloomberg was considering an independent bid for the presidency last month, but in an op ed he says it is clear to me if i enter the race i could not win. donald trump said he would beat bloomberg in an election. a large tree that fell on to train tracks during heavy rain caused a commuter train to derail. look at this video here. this happened in alameda county 45 miles east of san francisco. crews had to get passengers out from the front car which plunged into a creek. >> i just prayed everyone was
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it is scary it is still scary. but you know, somebody was watching over us tonight. everybody got out. >> reporter: nine people were injured. the ntsb is investigating. it is not clear how long that section of track will be shut down. if you bought an ebook from apple in the last four years you could be getting money back. the tech giant lost a long legal battle with the government. apple is accused of working with publishers to raise prices of the ebook. $400million will be going back to computers. security researchchesser found malicious software on apple computers for the first time. the ransom wear was found friday.
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coin if then to retrieve their files. here's meteorologist keith monday. >> a pattern change is coming in this week. yesterday was the :est day we'll see for quite some time. high clouds keep streaming@in and will blanket out the sunshine. all the rain to the west, not going to get here anytime soon. so the 70s returning for today. a look ahead to the timeline for some of us, actually getting closer to 80 degrees before the time is done. mark taylor? >> reporter: we have one accident we are monitoring in gaston county. we are flowing freely for the interstates out of the university area, 74 out of matthews. 85 northbound coming in toward the belmont abby and mt. holly
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highway patrol is still en route. drive time technology showing the accident scene moving at 63 miles per hour and if we start to see first responders blocking lanes, we could see some slowdowns. right now the average speed is 63 miles per hour, coming in from 321 heading toward uptown charlotte. crews will close down this rural chesterfield road again today after this horrific crash involving a van and a logging truck. >> this is one of the worst accidents i have seen. ems crews in one north carolina town are reviewing procedures after a patient stole an ambulance and crashed into a tree. how the patient was able to get behind the wheel. a north carolina police officer says he has developed a new way to keep drivers safe
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channel 9 is staying on top of breaking news in huntersville. you can see police on the scene of a jewelry store burglary at birkdale commons.
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right through the front doors, no glass left there. within the past 5 minutes officers said they are following a strong lead in this case, but they can't tell us what it is. investigators are reviewing surveillance video right now. we are asking how long those burglars were in the store, what they took, how much they took, and if they have a vehicle description. you can see some employees in there also trying to clean up at this point. angela hong is getting details right now and is going to bring us a live report in 15 minutes. the highway patrol is deciding whether to charge a driver who hit and killed a man on i-485. alistair wynn had stopped to help a driver when he was hit and killed sunday morning. his sister is not surprised he would help a stranger. >> that is just something my brother would do he was just
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available to people the best way he knew how. >> he did step out into the road. a former deputy in south carolina created an app now awaiting federal approval. a couple from texas traveled to south carolina yesterday to slow support. their son died when a suspect crashed into him during a police chase earlier this year. >> right now we are just still numb by it. and are doing anything and everything we can to help make sure this doesn't happen to another family. >> the former deputy says it will allow police to send out a push to people within a certain radius of a chase and tell them to drive with caution. a funeral will be held friday for former first lady nancy reagan.
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wednesday at the ron reagan presidential librairie. reagan passed away -- library. reagan passed away sunday. with her loss coming during a divided time in the republican party some channeled her advice for the candidates. >> i think she would say clean it up. clean it up and do what it is you are supposed to do. say no to the things you are supposed to say no to and stand for what's right. >> in a statement yesterday president obama called the former first lady gracious and charming and a woman of comfort and strength. government investigators will start release being new details on their investigation into wrongdoing of v.a. hospitals nationwide. the inspector general has said it found evidence of wrongdoing at 51 different v.a. hospitals and clinics. but specific information about what happened and where it happened has not been released
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divorces are working to protect the identities of sources and patient information. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we are already starting off pretty decent out there. >> more wild weather than we have seen, a few clouds in place should set the stage for nice skies. 52 charlotte, salisbury at 50. a good stretch around the metro. some folks much cooler, 36 at boone. jefferson at 50. a big jump in the numbs is working its way in. we are back in the 50s by 9:00. near 70 already at noon. the high yesterday was only at 68. i say only because we are already going to be there by lunch time today with highs in the mid-70s. well above average for this
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look how high we go above average. all week long in the 70s for wednesday and thursday. i high clouds will be the only thing that will keep us from seeing 80 degrees. as we head toward the weekend, a smidge of a cooldown but not much of one. the rain chance is not going to be here for several more days. more of the moisture coming back. in the next half hour the moisture sister in the air, not a range chance. here's the weather maker thursday morning at the mississippi river. thursday afternoon most of that rain is lifting north. we have several more days of dry weather to enjoy. at least into thursday we stay dry. even friday that rain chance does not come up until
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saturday morning, so it will be scattered showers saturday, i don't see big thunderstorms coming in and it won't rain all day saturday. we are several days out. some of the timing will change with this and we'll give you more updates through this week. temperatures are skyrocketing. mid to upper 70s. these aren't record highs though, that would be in the 80s, it is very warm for this time of year. rain chance likely in sunday morning. don't forget we set the clocks ahead this time of the year, we spring forward and the reminder of course to change batteries in the smoke detectors. 6:20, back out on the roads. mark? >> reporter: a couple of issues we are monitoring. one of the new problems just coming in, sounds like it is on the ramp from east john street to the outer loop of i-485. it was just called out so emergency responders are heading there. at this time i'm in the seeing
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watch that one for you. 85 from gaston county this morning an accident between the belmont abby and mt. holly exits. no big slowdowns here. again we'll watch this one and in gaston county. gastonia northbound near new hope road no delays here. further south from cleveland county and shelby north into kings mountain and into gastonia still rolling right along. stephanie? troopers are investigating this deadly crash between a van and a logging truck. >> we hate it for the families. because it is just, this could happen to anyone. >> ahead at 6:30 the conditions crews found when they arrived at the scene that made the investigation even more difficult. police in raleigh arrested a man they say targeted nc state university students. ahead the mistake some of the
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vulnerable. next this morning, the call medics were responding to that they say is becoming more common. and we are checking wall street futures for your tuesday.
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6:25. this is a live look from our hd charlotte cam. a lot of sunshine today is going to feel warm out there as well. our forecast from meteorologist keith monday ahead in minutes. today the mccaddenville mayor will announce his resignation. mayor ferrall beau can nan is stepping down because of his health. council will approve a replacement. look at this damage after a patient stole an ambulance and crashed it in someone's yard. paramedics in mcdowell county were responding to a call about a psychiatric patient sunday when they say the woman jumped into the ambulance and took off. she drove about 2 miles before crashing into a fence and a tree. the homeowner said other people
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>> driving and pointing and slowing. we came home from lunch and there was people walking around in our yard. you can still see ambulance parts laying around here. >> the district attorney is deciding whether the driver will face charges. emergency services is reviewing policies to make sure this doesn't happen again. it is now quick tore check your luggage at charlotte- douglas airport. american airlines has kiosks where you can print your luggage tag yourself instead of waiting if an employee to do it. the airlines said it will allow agents to have more time, focusing on customers who have other questions. gift cards are a popular option for presents but some retailers are making it harder to get them. next the restrictions some are putting on purchases and the reason for the change. dry sky out there and a buffalo picture. i'll show you how much more of a mugginess feel in the air
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week. i'm angela hong.
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it's breaking news in huntersville right now. thieves are on the run after a mash and grab at a huntersville jewelry store. look at the doors smashed out at birkdale village as police are investigating. just ahead, the new information we just got from police about a lead in this case. and in just a few hours, republican candidate ted cruz will be in kannapolis. where the candidates stand in the final days. back at the scene of this deadly crash involving a logging truck. the clean up that has yet to be done and the reason neighbors say this area is especially dangerous. good tuesday morning to you, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul at 6:30. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9. >> nice, bright picture taking shape this morning of that approaching sunrise. this is more of a hazy scene than we saw yesterday. by the end of the week even more haze is going to be building back in. we'll have the futurecast
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will be building in through the week. first most of us around 50. 52 at the university area. monroe 47. but in comparing this to yesterday morning,ia a much warmer start to the day today. here's your timeline do lunch outside today. that was around our high yesterday. today's high mid-70s, well above average for this time of the year. i'll show you how much higher we climb for the rest of the week. back over to mark taylor into the traffic center. >> reporter: i'm watching a couple of things closely this morning keith. an accident in matthews reported on the ramp from east john street getting onto the outer loop of i-485. still not seeing a big deli. but we are watching that one and also one on 85. gaston county northbound is reported between the belmont abby exit and the mt. holly exit. 26 and 27. northbound still flowing freely this morning.
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accident we had earlier about 4 minutes old on south tryon. never did spot any big delays where the accident scene happened. i-77 clear of slowdowns heading northbound between that stretch. tonight republican presidential candidate ted cruz will be in kannapolis drumming up support ahead of next we can's primary. joe bruno is live outside central baptist church where tonight's rally will be held. joe? >> reporter: senator ted cruz is trying to emerge as the alternative to donald trump as they both court north carolina voters. the texas senator will be speaking here today at the central baptist church in kannapolis. this is coming after front runner donald trump visited concord yesterday. according to the poll, trump leads cruz 28-19. marco rubio is in third with 16 points.
6:32 am
his first since the past june. he spoke in mississippi about donald trump and how he intends to take over the lead. >> it is easy to talk about making america great. but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> reporter: and right now governor kasich and marco rubio haven't announced any upcoming stops in north carolina. donald trump will be back in the state on wednesday. joe bruno. a serial burglar is back behind bars after he broke into three homes where students were sleeping of the one home two young women were asleep when one woke up and saw mark williams standing over her. at another house down the street, one student went downstairs and found williams looking for something and ran when he saw him. he realized the door was unlocked. >> the reason ours wasn't
6:33 am
the road at a friend's house and we usually don't lock it when people are down the street but that is definitely going to change now. >> williams was just released in november from his fourth stint in prison, serving six years for habitual burglary. this morning we are working to find out if the grand jury will indict a stanley woman accused of killing her husband and two other people. crystal gambino shot and killed her husband, giovanni along with jeffrey sanchez last month. she caught her husband with another woman. today crews will shut down a road for hazmat clean up after a deadly crash. chopper 9 sky zoom flew over the scene, where a van caught
6:34 am
both drivers, mike davis and jackie black lock jr., died. the area is called dead man's -- blaylock jr., died. the area is called dead man's curve. channel 9 asked the d.o.t. for crash statistics in that area but we have not heard back yet. highway safety association. more than 2300 pedestrians were killed in the first six months of 2015. that is up from around 2200 during the same time in 2014. many factors are con ticketing to this spike, including an increase in travel and a growing use of cell -- contributing to this spike, including an increase in travel and a gross use of cell phones on and off the roads. in south carolina, 42
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first six months of 2014, 55 were killed during the same time last year. the supreme court has ordered alabama to recognize the adoption one same sex couple was granted in georgia. when the parents split five years ago, the biological mother denied her partner access to the children. the case went to court and in september the alabama supreme court ruled georgia mistakenly granted the nonbirth mother joint custody. the latest supreme court decision reverses that decision, giving both parents shared custody. experts say north carolina has made similar threats in the past, but tension are his especially high right now, because last week the united nations imposed tough every affects on north korea. the country says it defied
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its -- tougher sanctions on north korea. the country says it defied international sanctions. angela hong, police have a good lead in this burglary case? >> reporter: john yes. they are following a good lead right now. they wouldn't elaborate, but that is what we know. also in the last 30 minutes we found out police have finished collecting evidence from tink's jewelry store. you can see the glass from one of the doors is completely smashed through. the brick is also falling off on part of the building. employees did an inventory of some of the merchandise to figure out what was exactly stolen. we are told this happened around 4:49 this morning. somebody used a van to smash through this store and grab some of the merchandise. i was told also, upstairs, you could see there are some apartments here.
6:37 am
don't have any witnesses. they don't have anybody that woke up but every alarm in the building did go off when the van smashed through the store. right now they are looking through surveillance video to see what clues could lead him to a suspect in this case. we are trying to talk to the owners of the store to see if they are going to be able to open up, but we are not sure yet. a van smashed through this building and stole some of the jewelry inside. we'll bring you another live update in the next 15 minutes. angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. governors mccrory and haley are concerned about changes to the new national guard. certain national guard military technicians who currently report to governors will move to civilian positions under federal command. mccrory and haley said that would delay their ability to quickly deploy thousands of military personnel during a
6:38 am
>> the concern is, you don't have as many men and women ready and able to respond on a moment's notice. >> they signed a letter outlining their concerns. the senate is working to potentially reverse the changes. you may soon have a tough time buying a gift card from your favorite store. >> some dumps now require to you show id before buying a card. others are even putting limits on the amount of money you can load onto the card. because in october a new law made merchants liable for fraud if they did not upgrade their checkout systems to accept credit cards with embedded chips, which are more secure. stop what you are doing. you have to check out this amazing video that you are going to be telling your friends about. a police officer in illinois it happened a driver for drunk driving after seeing that 15- foot tree stuck in the grill of their car.
6:39 am
wrong side of the road was well. police charged her with dwi. officers hope the video will discourage others from drinking and driving. >> just go to and look for the picture on our water cooler section. >> really? a tree? >> not just a little limb, the whole tree. >> weather and traffic every 10 minutes. i'm glad we had the video because no one would believe it. >> that is true. here's keith monday. it is hard to believe the weather we are seeing this week. >> reporter: spectacular. locking at a lot of spring weather. some chill to work through. we are 50 in charlotte. the warm surge from the south, even 70 down in new orleans though. that is where the warm stuff is pushing our way through the rest of the week. a sliver of cold air between morganton and granite falls.
6:40 am
you jump in the upper 40s already in banner elk. ahead the timeline for the much bigger warm up. 20 minutes until 7:00. mark taylor any bigger problems showing up? >> right on schedule. watching slowdowns form up north on 77 south through cornelius. wanting to get folks caught up on construction that is supposed to get underway here. moorehead street heading down to one lane. scheduled to start at 7:00 a.m. and last through may 18th. also mcdowell street down to one lane in both directions. we are expecting this to impact your drive in and out. take kennelworth or lexington avenue. people who live near a
6:41 am
patients could soon get answers
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bee (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the call al environmental testing for possible links to a rare eye cancer could begin this spring at a local high school. >> officials in huntersville have been pressing for testing to be allowed at hopewell high
6:44 am
of eye cancer have been diagnosed in that area over the last two years. with the help of the police department cms and environmental leaders, testing is coming. >> it is in the community's best interest for us to do testing. >> reporter: cms will be footing the bill. the health department is helping the school system pick up a testing lab and decide what substances to look out for. you can read our past coverage at look in the story that is on our home page. tonight republican presidential candidate ted cruz will be in kannapolis as all eyes turn to north carolina. with the primary one week away, more candidates are making their push for votes here. donald trump rallied in concord. if you are interested in attending cruz's rally tonight it will be at central baptist church on moose road in
6:45 am
north carolina's lieutenant governor wants lawmakers to come back early to fight part of charlotte's new nondiscrimination law. lieutenant governor dan forest wants to repeal the bathroom ordinance before it takes effect april 1. it would allow people it use the bathroom of their choice based on the gender they identify it. >> so he is running for reelection this time around, but probably what he is doing is putting a marker down for when he runs for the nomination for governor. >> reporter: governor mccrory disagrees with forest. he said a vote can wait until lawmakers come back on april 25th. three fifths of lawmakers would need to agree to return early for the special session to be called. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here's meteorologist keith monday. >> reporter: watching the sun
6:46 am
a nice view here, high clouds up above. you see the horizon up above. the numbers over the next few hours will start to slowly go up. and then jump up quickly. 50, at the speedway 52. a breeze and high clouds kept temperatures much warmer. albemarle up to 40 now, still cool in the mountains in boone at 356789 watch the numbers soar on our futurecast. upper 60s already midday. that was the high yesterday. we are already at that mark by lunch time. mid-70s east of the mountains today. into the 60s today. very warm this time of year. high clouds spilling on through. we'll hit the 60s for today and likely stay in the 60s for the mountains. we are thawing things out big
6:47 am
across the metro and points south, 70 at lunch time in monroe. your neighborhood will be in the mid-70s, around 75 for your afternoon. dry out there still. humidity levels not coming up and not going to get humid later this week. a sign of change, yellow on the map. the dry end of our humidity scale. a sign that we'll see more haze out there, more cloud cover as we head to the end of the week and eventually a rain chance. so tomorrow we are back in the mid to upper 77. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. these numbers are kin to more of what we would see in may as opposed to march. the short-term has us very mild, we may have a few sporadic days where we see numbers cool back down once again.
6:48 am
springing forward this weekend. daylight savings time begins sunday at 2:00 a.m. we lose the hour of sleep but we gain the weather through the weekend. dry skies through the week. more clouds building up. mid to upper 70s through friday. no big, big downpours. scattered rains saturday into sunday morning. 70s this weekend, there will be dry time, that is just the next best chance of rain coming our way. >> allergy sufferers will like to see the rain though. >> pollen counts on the trees are going to start to go up. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> the traffic volume is building. we are picking up on delays, as we head toward rush hour. no big issues for 77, 85 or independence. we have an accident on east john street near the ramp to 485-6789 -- to 485. if you are heading in on u.s.
6:49 am
monroe, between 601 and 485, still in good shape. 13 minutes, 42 miles per hour is that average speed. over in gaston county, we have been monitoring 85 northbound. we are starting to see a few minor delays now. this accident should happen between the belmont abby and the mt. holly exit. the dow is falling back almost 100 points. the nasdaq is down 32. breaking news in california overnight. part of this train flipped into a creek while carrying hundreds of passengers. the first sign that something
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
process to get to safety. process to get to saprocess to get to sa police are investigating a burglary at a jewelry store. we have been bringing you the first live pictures since the
6:53 am
let's get to eyewitness news reporter angela hong who asked police about birkdale security officers who routine patrol this area. >> reporter: john we have new information about that. i learned from a police officer at the scene there is a security guard that drives around birkdale village but there is a lot of ground to cover. they did not see this smash and grab happen. employees are here cleaning up some of the broken glass outside of tink's jewelry store. police believe someone used a van to back into the glass doors, then ran inside and grabbed merchandise. they were in and out quickly. employees did an inventory to see what was exactly taken and police are looking for clues, using the surveillance footage here at the store. police don't know how many people were exactly involved in this crime but they are following a good lee. -- lead. we are trying to get more
6:54 am
and the suspects in the case. reporting live in huntersville angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking news overnight from california. people had to be rescued when a train derailed and plunged into a creek. a tree fell on the track and that caused the train to derail. passengers say the tracks were almost silent right before the crash. passengers had to walk two miles to catch a shuttle. 9 people were hurt, four seriously. "good morning america" will have more on this, plus passenger reaction coming up here right after eyewitness news daybreak. happening today, north carolina state officials will be in charlotte to talk about building a state monument to african-american achievement. serious talks started after last summer's charleston state shooting. public hearings are being held to figure out what shape the monument should take. that hearing is at the harvey center today on south tryon street at 6:30.
6:55 am
weather and traffic every 10 minutes. traffic team 9's mark taylor has a look at the roads. mark? ic. >> reporter: we have been monitoring the wreck in gaston county on 85 northbound. between belmont abby and the mt. holly exits, 26 and 27. and we are starting to see some of those delays start to form because of the accident scene. i would jump on 74 and use that as an alternate route. also more information on an accident in matthews on east john street near the outer loop of 485. involving a motorcycle. just the one motorcycle involved. one person was transported with serious injuries to cmc. this has wrapped up, not seeing any big delays. keith? a warmer day this morning. this afternoon on the way home, plenty of sunshine, high clouds, even warmer than yesterday. back in the mid-70s for highs this afternoon. still in the low 70s heading into this evening, so picture
6:56 am
70s all week long and probably through the weekend. maybe a bit wet at times this weekend, but still looking ahead it a great stretch as we head through this week. >> just getting warmer and warmer and warmer. keith thanks. your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. anyone us there now as police in hunters -- join us there now as police in huntersville track down a burglar from a smash and grab
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huntersvvxy\]_bdegjknpqtuwz good morning, america. breaking overnight, a train full of passengers derails out west striking a tree and plunging into the water below. more than 200 on board scrambling to escape. rescue workers smashing windows of of. up for grab, voters in four states heading to the polls. >> i hope you'll vote for me. >> an overfull crowd greets donald trump. hillary clinton pledges to do
7:00 am
>> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. >> donald trump joins us live. bombshell admission. tennis superstar maria sharapova coming clean revealing the secret go a drug test that could rock her career. what the five-time grand slam winner is saying now. i out a twist guess who battling it out with ginger zee in "dancing with the stars." wait till you see what's coming next. >> 10. >> 10. >> 10. >> the full "dancing with the stars" cast here live for their first interview only on "gma." and good morning, america. it's a big morning here on "good morning america." who here is ready for the "dancing with the stars" cast reseal? >> now we saw them all morning long upstairs. wait till you see them here.


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