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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> reporter: she told us how she fought off that attacker. good tuesday morning to you i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. first, keith monday is with us, it is unbelievable. >> reporter: yes these unbelievable temperatures are going with us through the weekend and beyond. a handful of 30s out there but for most of us, it is 40s and 50s to start out. 50 to start in charlotte and concord to 52. lincolnton 37, 38 in albermarle. bein is 34. we are going to warm up quickly as the numbers jump up into the mid 70s this afternoon. we'll show the timeline on our futurecast. the rain chance is still holding off until the weekend plans. stephanie? >> reporter: davidson town leaders will join us in sending a message to cms leaders that
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busing students miles away to other schools. >> the davidson board of commissioners will vote today on a resolution declaring they want every student to be guaranteed a for the in a school within their own neighborhoods. the meeting is at town hall today at 4:00. they'll join huntersville and cornelius. last night the huntersville mayor and council members voted unanimous husbandly in favor of a similar resolution. cms says they are early in the student assignment process. overall they hope to reduce crowding. town leaders told us their main concerns are lack of stability and predictability. >> i think primarily what should dictate where your kids go to school is where you live. that is kind of how it was when i grew up. not four options really. i think you should have one option and have it about the best option.
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about students being bus far away. last night the vote was unanimous, 5-0. last week we told you the town of matthews in mint hill went as far as discussing break ago way from the school district. cms parents looking to get their kids in a magnet school can apply online for the second lottery period. families rank their top choices for schools and students are admitted based on a random number lottery. the second lottery is to fill seats in science and technology. applications will be accepted online through june 6th. we have a link that explains police are trying to figure out who attacked a pregnant charlotte woman at a west charlotte bus stop. olivia ono showed us stitches attack.
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>> he came up and was like i'm waiting for the bus just like you. he smacked me on the butt to distract me and grabbed my purse. >> she managed to wrestle the purse back from his hands, but he started kicking her in the face. she went to the doctor and found out her baby, who is due soon, is okay. breaking news overnight. look at this video here. deputies in california say a large tree that fell on train tracks during heavy rain caused a commuter train to derail. it happened in alameda county, about 45 miles east of san francisco. crews had to work quickly to get passengers out from the front car. nine people were injured. today the race for president rolls on with primaries or caucuses in hawaii, idaho, michigan.
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and john kasich are vying for second place in michigan behind donald trump. >> if i'm elected president we will repeal obamacare, stop the irs, stop the amnesty and see millions of new jobs being created, wages going up for everybody. young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job opportunities. >> cruz will appear at a rally at central baptist church in kannapolis at 5:00 this evening. trump was in concord yesterday and greeted a crowd of thousands. every several minutes he had to stop while protesters interrupted, meanwhile his supporters roared as he talked about some of his main platforms. the highway patrol is waiting for blood tests to come
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charge a driver who hit and killed a man on i-485. alistair wynn had stopped to help a woman with a flat tire when a driver committed killed him. his sister is not surprised he would try to help a stranger. >> that is just something that my brother would do. he was just always trying to make himself available to people the best way he knew how. >> troopers say he did step out into the road. they do not believe alcohol employed a factor. north carolina's lieutenant governor is asking lawmakers to come back early. governor mccrory has said lawmakers can wait until the regular session begins next month. critics are upset with the ordinance that allows people to use which bathroom they choose regardless of gender. >> he is running for reelection this time around, but probably
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marker down for when he runs for the nomination for governor. >> reporter: the north carolina house speaker wants lawmakers to come back early but he needs a three fifths majority to do that. as if steph curry needs another way to stand out in the nba, he has done it anyway. at 4:55 the record he set last night that helped his team win their 45th straight home game. another way to save you time on your next flight on american airlines. the procedure you will no longer have to wait for someone to do for you.
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every day, for life. 4:40 right now. a man will be in court today accused of killing someone at a northwest charlotte apartment complex. investigators say michael adams turned himself in for his involuntary manslaughter charge yesterday. he shot and killed dallas stowe in an apartment off freedom drive yesterday morning. someone drove stowe to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. new this morning a new smartphone app could alert you if there is a police chase nearby.
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south carolina created the app. a company from texas showed their support yesterday. their son died when a suspect crashed into him during a police chase earlier this year. >> right now we are still numb by it. we are doing anything and everything we can to help make sure this doesn't happen to another family. >> reporter: the former deputy, who created the app, said it will allow police to send out a push to people within a certain radius of a chase. archaeologists think they found a wrecked confederate ship from the civil war off the coast of north carolina. this is a picture that remains of the ship near oak island. a team of divers will confirm the find and go determine which of three possible ships this could be. archaeologists say it has been decades since anyone found a new civil war wreck. gift cards are the new go- to item.
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to show the next time you want to buy one of those. but first investigators say this crash between a logging truck and van was one of the worst they have ever seen. the step crews will have to take today at the scene that could impact your drive.
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more cloud good morning to you. we are giving you a live picture from our speedway cam. it is very comfortable out there this morning. if you liked yesterday's weather, you'll really like today's forecast. more on that from meteorologist keith monday who will have it's head for us on daybreak. crews will shut down a road for several hours for hazmat clean up. >> a work van crossed into oncoming traffic yesterday and hit a logging truck head on. the van caught fire and the log truck spilled over. both drivers, mike davis and jackie blaylock jr. died. this tow truck driver accused of shooting a man in south charlotte is out of jail. jarvis simpson was in court yesterday. the victim ran off seconds after simpson opened fire at
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the victim said he called rescue tow in charlotte. north carolina does not have a will you preventing tow truck operators from having a gun. two men accused of an arm robbery at a gastonia mall may be linked to other crimes. reginald tate and jared jefferies are accused of robbing bath and body works workers in the mall in january. our partners at the gazette report a judge refused to lower his bond yesterday. prosecutors have not said what other crimes the suspects may be connected to. there is a warning out for employers to be extra careful with personal information like w-2s. the north carolina attorney general's office said there is a sudden rise in data breaches. it has counted 26 so far this year, compared to 8 all of last year. the a.g.'s office says several of the breaches this year involved employee payroll information. it told action 9 this is a newer twist on the crime.
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transportation secretary will share his findings with governor pat mccrory after a meeting with the texas d.o.t. about toll lanes. it was a subsidiary of centra, the same parent company, involved in the i-77 toll lanes. tennyson said he wanted to learn about the project and how it might have an impact on north carolina's project. >> it was a very good conversation. the opportunity to come down and meet with a number of people from the texas d.o.t. was a very valuable trip. >> he could not share any more, until he spoke to the governor. we'll be pressing for answers about his findings. centra is currently building the i-77 toll lanes that will stretch from charlotte to mooresville. lake norman residents say the company's failure in texas comes as no supplies. a group against the toll lanes
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cornelius town hall thursday. we have been following every development over the toll lanes for years. you can follow our continuing coverage at it is now quick tore check your luggage in at -- quicker to check your luggage in at charlotte-douglas airport. you can print your luggage tag yourself. the airline said it will allow agents to focus on customers with other questions. american airlines pilots say a quote toxic culture employees is returning. the pilot union said crew scheduling and payroll problems are resulting in a product that is inferior to delta. it says they are tired of apologizing to passengers. an american spokesperson says the airline is in the middle of a 5-year integration process that includes employee benefits and customer service products.
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you to pay with cash and show your id if you want to buy a gift card. other stores are selling gift cards in smaller denominations and limiting repeat purchases. because of new rules that make stores liable for fraud. criminals are known to pay for gift cards with stolen credit card data. the warm up continues today. meteorologist keith monday has your forecast in severe weather center 9. keith? >> reporter: it is a big change from yesterday morning when many of us were close to or below freezing. 34 up in boone, the coldest spot on the map. 52 in concord. charlotte, monroe, 50. there are a couple of 30s around the metro but we are going to warm things up fast through the day. here's your timeline for the day ahead. 70 degrees by lunch time. yesterday's high of 68 will likely occur around midday
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we'll touch the low to mid-70s, mid to upper 70s through lancaster. more high clouds will be the trend through the week. we'll keep our numbers well above average. average high of 60 through this week. we are going to stay well before it look how much above the number we stay. we are going to be at least 10 to almost 15 degrees above average. speaking of the rain chance -t holds off for quite awhile here. -- it holds off for while awhile here. morning clouds, they thin out for the afternoon. back into more sunshine on wednesday. here's the weather maker bringing huge rains across the south, up into the midwest. notice the low clouds, they disappear thursday afternoon. the bigger rain threat is going
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it is going to take at the very earliest overnight saturday morning before it arrives. a mix of clouds and sunshine before we get to the rain chance. highs closer to 80 on thursday. getting ready for the weekend. the temperatures are very mild low to mid 70s. the rain chance is kind of coming and going. better shot probably saturday. i don't see a washout either day. that timing boy the rest of the week looks great. >> we are spoiled for this week we really are. this school psychologist is charged with assaulting a 14- year-old student. ahead at 5:00 a.m., shock when they heard what happened.
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running j nc state head coach mark godfrey says today's game is a start of a new season with a chance at the tournament i can't starts with the tournament, and it is up to us. it's been a tough year, we get it. we can rewrite the story.
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team all acc by the coaches. he averaged 23 points per game topping 30 points eight times this season. it was a banner night for steph curry. not only descore 41 points last night to lead the team to a victory, but curry became the first player in the nba history to make 300 three pointers in a season. the team set an nba record of 45 regular season home wins. >> they need to move the three point line because of him. he can make them from half court. easily. a lot of people about to head out on the roads. let's check in with traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> reporter: a good quiet start. 85 new hope road not much happening here. we are getting reports of an accident in huntersville. we'll see if there are any problems coming up next. keith? another quiet start to our day. you don't need as much of a jacket this morning. more high clouds build in.
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but no rain falling from the clouds. the rain chances are going to build up more as we head toward the upcoming weekend. we get to enjoy a great stretch of weather. coming up at 5:00 a.m. we'll talk about how close to 80 we'll be for the next couple of days. a family of a gastonia man killed in this crash with a logging truck has hired an attorney. the evidence they say proves the speed limit where the crash happened is way too high. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. eyewitness news daybreak 5:00 a.m.
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is nex steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks)
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maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. right now a local middle school psychologist is facing charges, accused of assaulting a 14-year-old student. only channel 9 spoke with the teen's father. the shocking call he says he received from the school, and the reason he had heard about the teacher before. a third town in north mecklenburg county aims to send a strong message to cms today about its student assignment plan. the guarantee they want for
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joining us, i'm john paul. >> and i'm stephanie maxwell. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 to show us some great temperatures for our tuesday. >> stepping out the door, not nearly as cold as yesterday morning. sure there are cold spots, 34 boone, 38 albemarle. but most of us are in the 40s and 50s. 54 in concord. still 50 here in charlotte. so our morning drive is smooth sailing, and we will be warming things up quickly through the day today as temperatures jump into the mid-50s already by 9:00 and we could be closer to 70 already by noon today. a few high clouds building in like yesterday, but temperatures stay very mild and well above average for this time of the year. i'll show you how the temperatures keep climbing and we'll track the next rain chance opportunity coming our way. first up, 5:00 a.m., let's head
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reported in the last 10 minutes in huntersville this morning keith. it was reported off sam furr road right now. something we are watching, in fact we are going to head to the accident scene and let you know if it is causing any big problems for now. we'll watch the interstates as they roll right along this morning. 77 southbound from mooresville around 150 heading south down into sam furr road, 71 miles per hour. that is a 9-minute trip. it is quiet now with the exception of the one accident we just mentioned and we'll continue to update you on twitter. john? channel 9 is following stories for your day ahead. another mecklenburg county will vote tonight on the cms student assignment plan. >> leaders want every student guaranteed a spot within their own neighborhood school. angela hong, two other towns


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