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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 8, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EST

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nanny that will bring tears to your eyes. and an eye-watering video up for debate. >> mack dradle, you know the game. >> play along and see if you can spot the truth. this person doesn't just have a name to score 300 points if you are a scrabble, he has a lot of skill as an acrobat. as you can see in this clip where he's balancing on a pile of chairs on a mountain. but there's another video where he is not alone. in fact, he has another acrobat with him, 27-year-old penny. penny is an acrobat and record-breaking swimmer from the paralympics. she has extremely brittle bones. in fact, in her life she's broken over 200. >> wow.
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>> but inspired as she was as many of us are by his video, she contacted him on facebook and said, i want in. and he invited her along. now he's walking up, as you can see, with penny on his back. because penny wants to do acrobatics on the top of this mountain and he's only too happy to help. they've got the matching acrobat outfits. the sort of lycra. >> and now they are both out there balancing on some edge. >> very carefully he dangles her over the edge. >> wow! as afraid of heights as i am, i think it is so cool because it proves it doesn't matter what your flight in life is, you can do whatever you want to set your mind to. >> it is incredible and
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there's nothing more rewarding than being able to rescue our animals. but i saw two videos of two very special rescue moments. this first one, you see that there's a little puppy who has fallen in this sewer drain. but you see that these guys are unlatching the cover. and one of them actual climbs down there to get the puppy out. this was to reunite the puppy with its mommy who is still feeding them. and this guy's little sibling is over here, too. it would be nice if it were the smart guys from l.a. in a helicopter. >> repelling only four feet. this next guy in louisiana had to pull himself in a basket onto this tree because apparently the neighbors heard a cat in distress and couldn't figure out where it was coming from until days later when they figured out it was in the tree.
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>> this guy has got to be the sweetest, kindest cat rescuer i have ever seen in my life. and look, the way he's talking to this cat actually calms the cat down. >> he's hypnotized this cat. he comes all the way over to it. this was the easiest cat rescue we have seen. >> he takes extra food and puts it into the crate he's taken up into the tree with him. before we know it, the cat is the in the crate, they lower him down. >> that's the most miraculous part of the video. you can't get a cat in one of those things ever. >> the guy did it in a tree. just grabbed him by the scruff -- >> that's why he's so good at what he does. one of the neighbors in the area decided to take in the cat. here you see the cat being released where it's probably going to make a home. >> yeah, you're so glad to be down. these guys out with a quick speed through the desert trying to simulate race conditions.
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full roll cage inside, it is super cool. when they get up to this point here, they are cracking through the desert here, getting up some speed. >> oh, oh, oh! oh, no! oh! >> he is responding to his mom. >> on facebook he said the jeep was feeling awesome but the passenger rear slipped over a berm and it turned sideways. >> we still have to explain it to our moms. this guy pat is about to lose traction on his back tire, starts to slip, loses his balance. pat is in a bit of a pickle. >> oh! >> what are you doing with this
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you hate these videos! >> the way pat landed, broke his right leg. >> that was nasty. your legs could never do that. this video we have seen before but this video shows volunteers rushing into the raging waters to rescue six crew members on this boat. >> that's not nice. >> that's rough. >> that's terrible. >> i'm nauseated already. >> the conditions of the water aren't the worst part of that record. that ship is on fire. and so the folks at the rnli have partnered with the coast guard search and rescue because they need their help. this aerial view shows them dropping a line and they are going to pull three of these crew members up. >> gosh, with that boat just
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>> luckily, they got them to the hospital because the crew members suffered from smoke inhalation. the other three stayed on the boat and were able to get the boat back to safety. >> people stayed on the burning boat in rough seas like that? >> well, they were able to contain the fire and were able to get the ship back to safety. this could have gotten worse if hillsboro fire and rescue wouldn't have been able to help. see that boat? it capsized. the thing is a neighbor saw this man and tried to help but his boat also malfunctioned. that's when the rescuers inflated their own boat and came out to help. as you see, they were successful in bringing both to safety. >> that's a pretty nifty design for a rescue raft. >> a banana boat with a hole in it, you're just going to climb in yourself. >> struggle lifting somebody into the boat. >> in both stories, all ends
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this is one of the most stunningly beautiful countries. and this guy from jordan travel is doing exactly what you think he's doing. he took a three-week trip to new zealand with him, his gopro and selfie stick. you can see as he wanders around some of the most stunning natural beauty you can find on earth. >> wow. >> it looks like "lord of the rings" because they actually shot "lord of the rings" here. he's traveling through mountainous areas, he's in the works on beaches, in cable cars, just wandering around enjoying it. i'm so jealous. >> yeah, i think we are all jealous. my mouth is just -- >> how much do you think the three-week trip cost? >> $1500. >> i'm going with $500. >> not bad. >> geesh, maybe 12. >> $12? actually, he says that this trip
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u.s. >> that is completely possible. you just have to go without the fancy stuff most people think you have to have when you travel. >> honestly, it's a combination of the two. he's gone out to invest in the experiences instead of the luxury of it. and these memories will just survive forever. it's stunning, it's beautiful and you should do it as well. ever heard the term deep pockets? >> yeah, rich people. >> this guy is not one of them but he has deep pockets. his pockets are deep enough to fit shoes all the way down inside of them. >> oh, wow! >> this couple here was out and about in the market when the attendant noticed they weren't buying anything but coming in and out of the spots, they were stealing. his female accomplice did a little shoplifting. >> are those some shoes in your pants or are you happy to see me? >> they weren't happy when the cops showed up.
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in the area came out and they were not happy. >> oh, they are protecting the local business. right? >> they were dumb enough to be smart about it until they got caught. can you grab the faucet? it's leaking. bummer. this guy's got his girl trying to locate a leak in the bathroom. there's some water dripping and he was like, check under the sink, please. just tell me if you see it or if i'm crazy. he gets his girl down there peeking around under the sink, she's not seeing anything. there is a problem in the shower but it's not a leak, it's a squeak. >> look at the shower,s the the shower is covered in it. >> that's cute. >> that's super adorable. i saw the dog in the background the whole time. i really was concerned about their problem in plumbing. >> it is their dog.
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>> oh, my goodness. oh, my gosh. >> she was so focused on helping this is so sweet. >> and the puppy is sitting there like, hey, notice me, notice me. i'm right here. i'm really cute. >> a brilliant move to put the puppy in the shower in case there are any incidents. you can just wash it right down. i think she likes the dog. >> i think so so, too. pulling a gross prank in the drive-through. >> you're nasty. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, a prankster borrows an undercover cop car. >> so he can pull over his buddy. >> wow! >> see how things get hilarious when the fake traffic stop gets started.
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he's managed to borrow an undercover cop car to pull over his buddy. >> wow! >> that is gangster. >> roll your windows down. >> i've always wanted to do that. roll up behind with a cherry -- >> and you see the childish glee on his face. it's exactly the childish glee you see on this guy's face. >> you push buttons -- >> they do have buttons, it's a serious thing. >> exit the vehicle, please. hands in the air where i can see them. >> opening the door and has to have his hands up at the same time. and the strange orders continue. >> but the guy in the police car has a very distinct voice and accent. if you're his buddy, don't you immediately go -- ah, no. >> you wouldn't exactly test the
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>> turn back forward, please. come back forward? >> wait, wait, wait, i don't know what to do! >> sir,it yourput your hands -- okay, thank you. >> i would be so mad. he doesn't know why he was pulled over in the first place and now he has to exit the car with his hands up in the air? >> he finally realizes -- >> i'm going to kill you. >> that is not funny. that is not funny at all! >> yeah, it is. >> poor guy. >> honestly, if i had a buddy with a police car, i would pull you guys over as well. >> i would hear your voice and know it was you. >> i would put a sub in the car. look at that. >> this is jared sternmin in new zealand with i believe his great-grandmother who is 93 years old. she's one of his best friends, he says. he loves hanging out with her,
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so he gives her a little bit of joy by taking her on a little dance. they are dancing to "seven years" by lucas graham. right? he starts playing this song, this recording gets them. watch what happens, she gives him a big old hug. >> that's just about the sweetest thing i have ever seen. >> i know! then he gets back up and they actually start dancing ever so slowly. look at his face. you can tell that he's genuinely loving this moment dancing with his nana. >> this is so cool. and grandma, too, just to have the company and to get up and move around. it's great for her, too. >> look at her face. she's got a big old smile that
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>> her parents are so special. it shows you how special grandparents really are. >> they are. it makes me miss my grandpa. >> what a sweet young man. >> right? eventually she gets tired, he gives her her walker. now as he turns the camera off, he says they are going to go grab some breakfast. >> cute. mack dradle is back to breakdown real or fake videos. this time we have a car stunt to flip for. the all too perfect trick shot -- >> there we go. and -- the guy who gave a hot facial a try.
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>> see am guys are doing what. >> this is how you make two eggs in the workplace. >> folks are over at the red neck to show us how. and all you need is a ziploc bag and all the stuff you want to put in an omelet. eggs, ham. take the ingredients to work and when you bring it to work, add in the eggs, squish it up real good, that's to make it scrambled, pop it in the microwave for a minute or so and there you have it. >> all right. how long does it take in the microwave? because this can go real wrong real quick. >> it looks pretty reasonable.
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for about a minute which, hey, easy-peasy. >> this is not too far from how you get a breakfast on a plane. >> or a fast food joint. >> there you have it. >> i'll give this a try. >> omelet right up. oh, man. when you're trying to smile but have to sneeze -- three big choices we have to make today because it's monday and we have to decide if they are real or fake with mack draidle. what is up, mack? >> three choices. >> real or fake? >> three videos, come on, i know what you're talking about. you know the name mack dradle, real or fake. where you can get real or get the fake out of here. roll the clips.
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>> oh, not this again. >> oh. the jumping over the ferrari. made famous by, kobe bryant. >> and other film crews are there. it looks set up. it was a par core jump. i was watching the shadow, it seems real to me. >> i'm going real, too. we know there's some really capable athletic people out there. kobe didn't do it but that doesn't mean it's not possible. >> i'm going fake. >> i'm going with real. i think he's that talented. >> you're right. there's a lot of history in this stunt online but this one apparently is real. it was an expert ben jenkin. a stunt he did for a commercial. i can show you that in normal speed. he really does it. it's definitely real. video number two. >> wrong way! there we go. >> yeah, i think this is real,
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times they did it it went in the wrong way so they did it again. totally real. >> real. >> i'm going with the crowd to say real. >> this is definitely real. you know, this guy is playing with guns. video number three. >> um -- okay? i don't know what to say. >> i'm with you. i mean, like the idea of shotgun shells, okay? but this one? >> it's real because of the reaction. at one point you go -- >> i know it's really simply for the fact that guys are that stupid. >> how do you think this happened? was it like it hit his hand first and he was like, i can just take that all to the face and make a video for it? >> how bizarre. we are all agreeing it is real, right? >> but stupid. >> you guys are right. this is definitely real.
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as the video, he gets further away because he can't take the burns anymore. it's real. >> thank you, mack, for making the three big choices this monday. >> i'm glad you guys made the right choice. >> more content at rightthisminut there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone.
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