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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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ages and it is on the way. >> nancy is on assignment and there is a lot of news to to. >> first let's start with blake shelton and gwen stephanie and the twist on thered-hot love sto and is he the father of the nanny's baby. forget about the gossip, she's got answers. that's gwen singing along with blake at his nashville concert and st acted like his number one fan on social media drawing hearts around his face and posting selfies. while gwen was enjo her blake time there was an intriguing story bubbling about her former nanny. >> hi, mindy. how are you? >> mindy gavin broke up a 13-year marriage, and people are wondering if gaffin is the father of her baby and we spoke
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that gavin is not the dad and mindy has a boyfriend and he snowboard instructor and he and mindy have been dating since october of last yeer. this, most likely, his. from baby news to famous exes. ben affleck and jen garner put up a united front for their kids. the couple had a family lunch at a santa monica restaurant and they chatted briefly while ben took off his sweater tossed it to jen. taylor celebrat >> she instagramed a gift from her guy, a heart-shaped locket engraved with the date. and t a cake for taylor. the singer looks prettypleased. congrats to that and to our next couple, john legend a chrissy teigen. we have exclusive details from her adorable baby shower. >> i hope you guys got gifts. >> chrissy had a baby shower here in new york yesterday afternoon.
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small with 30 of her closest friends. she made a speech at the end telling everybody how excited she and john w their baby girl to get he she also asked her guests not to bring gifts and just come ready to party. chrissy had a crown-making station. john came toward the end of the shower and it was pretty low-key. he just wanted chrissy to her special day. >> she looks like one hot mama in white. i love that. she's due next month, but source says that they have still not chosen a baby >> sometimes it takes seeiig the baby and looking into their eyes and the name comes to you, right? >> very true. >> let's turn to passing of nancy reagan who died of congestive heart failure at the age of 94 as america remembers one of the most influential first ladies in our nation's history. fl across the country were lowered to half-mast today to honor nancy reagan's passing.
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mreagan's body with p officers gave a final salute. she will be laid to rest on frid at the reagan library in simi valley, california. and prep are being made for her funeral. invitations reportedly went out to 1,000 people including heads of state and formerpresidents. the public will have a chance to pay respects at reagan library where they'll be leaving notes and flowers to honor her memory. mrs. reagan's last public appearance 2014 to honor her husband's passing. this was celebrating her 94th birthday last year. ron spoke about his parent's relationship. >> she loved her husband more than anything in the world, and i think that you can make the case that the ronald reagan that we all came to know as president would not have existed without nancy reagan. >> and president reagan was
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he wrote love laters to nancy for decades and coming up, you'll see what she revealed about the emotional words. >> so romantic and michelle turner joins us with what was found at o.j.'s house. >> coul actually be the murder weapon? the confirmed to us on friday that they are testing the night and the retired police officer who said he was given the knife has identified and now his attorney is speaking out. >> he's not the guy that is the bumbling cop who took a piece of evidence and decided not to do anything with it. >> defending the whistle-blower. trent copeland defends the retired cop now identified as george maycott. in 1998 he was given a knife fro construction worker who helped raze his home and brought it to the lapd right away. they said we're not interested in it. we don't care.
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bag and tool box for the next 15 >> the owner of the construction company just told "the l.a. times." i think it's a crew. one on my crew knows anything. why wouldn't you bring it in and look at it just in case. marcia clark spoke to exclusively and so did carl douglas, part of o.j.'s dream team portrayed on fx's american crime story. he said the media story on this is overblown. >> i thought it was ridiculous. if the show hadn't reawakened the curiosity of so many i doubt it would have this level of involvement andattention. >> the actual item is described as a kn >> when the news did break on friday we unearthed this. >> the murder weapon, the kn >> in 1995 we brought a psychic detective to o.j.'s rockingham property. he sensed something near the southeastern section of the >> maybe we can come into where the weapon is buried. so certain that there
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weapon, john wanted a closer look. >> if could hop thatfence. >> he even wanted to ask neighbor's gate. i can't go talk to them? >> realizing he couldn't gain access to the property, gen, john assured our producers of his hunch off-camera. >> i can confirm it almost100% there is a murder weapon up there. it's going to be found. >> flash forward to today, the knife reportedly found buried is und testing. >> does the killer exactly where they were burying t knife? >> no. >> i cannot wait to see what those tests revealed and we will continue to follow this story from start to finish. let's kick off allegiantweek. it made more than a half million at the box o and the newest installment is chock full of the same action magic and full of s female characters leading
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lucky me, i got to h with them for an exclusive roundtable conversation. >> where a going? >> i'm saving the city. >> the women were in charge and running things. >> kind of cool. >> right? >> they're also messy, like, everybody haa different layers. >> shane woodley is the leader of the divergent. her strong allies while in chicago is zoe kravitz. >> we have to make a stand. >> take over forme. >> naomi watts is the self-appointed leader fighting from the inside joined by octavia spencer. >> it does help that the women are pretty bad ass. >> can i say bad ass? >> yes, youcan, honey. say it again. >> bad ass! >> who are the women that are strong role models in everyday lives? >> my mom. >> definitely mom. >> it's funny because we think i'm not going t like my mom and you're completely like her. which is great because you don't
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when you're a kid, you know? >> naomi is a mom herself with fiance and she has two sorngsns, 7 and 8. >> i do love the instagram of your kids reading ha potter. >> he's a little scary. >> do they ev really know what you do or do they get it? >> they geit. they would think for a long time that mommy and daddy went to work in a trailer and come home with cuts and bruises. >> some of the fight sc this were brutal. identifies that set and tomorrow we're going to take you beyond the wall and behind the scenes of the making of the movie and guys, wait until you see how they scale this wall. it isbananas. it is so impressive. >> did you try? >> come on. >> on another movie set caught this impr sight, zac efron's six ppck.
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what he's looking in the perfect woman. >> and bachelor cat fights. >> it was a butcher knife. that's just shameful.
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the largest that is zac efron giving us six more reaso to see "baywatch," he has one for every ripped ab on his body. >> i getit. >> and then there's zac efron.
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own and regardless of how good a shape he is in, he still a stunt double. >> you can't be too careful with your star. do my own stunts, thank you ve right here. >> there is no playing it safe tonight with the bachelor wome tell-all and got an earful. >> who are you most nervous to see of the women? >> all o them. we can't blame you ben, especially after we a sneak peek at some of the drama that unfolded. >> i knew things weren't going well and i knew people were talking about me, but to pick on my body an to hold a butcher knife and -- like, that's just shameful. >> pretty awful, but it could have been a lot worse, i think. >> olivia went from front-runner to villain in short order this season any she's definitely in the hot seat tonight. we were, like, olivia, we are still feeling disrespected. >> that was after you trash talked me. so -- and you say you've r a middle ground. ddes that feel you won't
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these women? >> some things were said that i can't get p and that's vice versa. most women will be t for the tell-all and we'll find out which one of them is the future mrs. higgins in next week's finale, but as for olivia's future plans. >> would you appear one of the bachelor and bachelorette franchises again. >> in that realm. i would do a cooking show or something, but no. >> i hope she's better at baking& a cake rather than jumping out of one. >> ali fedotowsky, with e.t. now. still ahead, our candid talk with megan trainor. >> you all about that bass. rumored kate hudson romance and why is he surrou by supermodels. e.t. remembers nancy reagan, the hollywood ambassador and the
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>> that's ahead.
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(clicks) it is pictures like this one that got rumors that kate hudson and nick jonas are a thing. listen to this,ladies, he's really good at keeping a secret. >> i'm still trying to figure that i am still on the hunt. >> so does that mean not with kate? nick has some new music on the way, so maybe he'll sing about the rumored romance. they both have been tight-lipped about their relationship so far. >> you know, when it comes to that stuff i lik keep that as quiet s possible. >great. nothing to talk about. >> friends? >> pretty much. >> but nick's been getting a lot of attention on the victoria's returns wednesday on cbs when he arrived in st. barts for the show he was picked up by
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>> i've known martha for a while and we nearly got in a car wreck in the jeep. >> sorry. >> and there was a chicken back there. >> i'm not so sure about the chicken. >> right. >> d lovato is also performing on the show. she and nick are heading out on tour, starting june 24 nothing florida. >> one of the hottest singers anywhere, meghan trainor even with her win for new artist, she still has moments of insecurity about her body. >> like, recently we were doing a fitting for this music video, and i was, like, all these dancers next to me they're so tiny and i felt insecure again and my best friend are saying you are all about that bass. do not forget th you're right. i am hot and i'm going to kill it in this video. >> shethat, but she's also got two brothers who moved to l.a. and they're very protective. >> if i ever do bring a guy home
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they leave my brothers are, limm-mm. >> and she's dating l.a. c deandre jordan. >> he's a great friend. and he's the one that texts me, i miss yourbros. >> we party with him and he's the nicest dude ever. the tallest guy in the room. >> he met with studio city sound, and her upcoming album "thank you." we think that's a sure >> i keep listening to it, pretending i'm strangers in the world listening to it. that meghan trainor girl is spicy and sassy. >> yes, she is. one of the many reasons why we love her. she's dancing in it more than she's ever danced in her entire life. every word is a different dance word. you've got meghan. >> speaking of dancing, take a look at image of ronald and
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isn't that the kind of love we all want to have in our lives? president reagan spent decades writingglove letters to his wife. ronald and nancy's eternal love. >> march 4, 1981. dear first lady, you have made one man, me, the most happiest man in the world ffr my 29 years. he can't find the words to tell her how lost he would be without her. >> never shy of pda, ronald wrote more than 700 love letters to the woman he called my darling and nancy pan i don't even mind that life made me wait so long to find you. the waiting only made the finding sweeter. >> he was unlike any actor i'd ever known. never talked about himself. i just wanted to know more about him. >> they had an unbreakable
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photos, but in 1999, n told "e.t." picture has special meaning. >> growing up, i always thought that if someone wanted to ed toed to ask you to marry them that they took you out and played the ukulele for the 25th wedding anniversary, he g this canoe that's named true love and out and said well, i don't have a ukulele and i said you can hum. it's okay. >> can you say can we talk? >> oh, i think i'll leave that. >> we'll both say no. >> nancy maintained her many hollywood connections and was known for bringing fashion and elegance to the white house. one of her big causes was the just say no war against drugs. she appeared on an episode of "dif rent strokes." what's it like to w on a sounn stage? >> but nothhng was more
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that was clear after the failed assassination attempt. >> my secret service guys said there's been a shooting, but don't worry. the president is all right. he's all right. he hasn't been h and i'm in the elevator, and i say to them. you e find me a car or i'll walk. >> of course, the world remembers this image of nancy's heartbreak when herron ronnie passed. >> i held it pretty well until that final time and i lostit. >> and now nancy is finally reunited with man she devoted her life to protecting and loving. >> wha you say about someone who gives your life me what do you say about someone who is always there with support and understanding? nancy, let me say thank you for all you do. thank you for your love and
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[ applause ] (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. o >> this will be a crazy day. >> tina fey and amy poehler bring the laughs in the sisters gag reel. >> what the h [ bleep ]. >> plus an exclusive first look at s two of outlander. >> let's talk about the future and how we're going to change
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>> we remember country singer rory feek as her husband m plans to bury the late star. thatts all on e.t. >> primal consideration provided by -- celebrating an e.t. birthday. wanda sykes is 52 and brian cranston is 60. tonight twins are born on jane the virgin. we were there on the set. >> check it out as we say good night. bye. >> step ahead,people. she's having a baby. two babies! >> another kind of immaculate conception. this time it's petra. >> oh, my god! petra! what are you doing, petra?
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rivera's daughters are just 6 weeks >> you have abigail and bri elle.
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>> and this again! chris: tonight,on this very special edition of "the bachelor: the women tell all"... what the hell happened? audience groans ] there was a lot of things at were said. we're still feeling disrespected. get over it. chris: ...the most talked-about and controversial women of the season are back. i saw him kiss becca. you liedstraight to my face. i never said that. you did lie about it. chris: and you won't believewhat they all have to say. basically calling me a slut. but you did it right back to her. a lot of people would be very, very offended.
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it hurt a lotbecause i fell in love with him. and then for him to say that he never loved me back, it was really hard. why do the women confront jubilee? screw you. i don't care about you. shushanna: let's be honest. a lot of girls did not want you to come back. jubilee: i knew i was gonna haveto defend myself, obviously, but i wasn't prepared for that. chris: and then there's olivia. i can't change me, you know? i'm a strong, driven,independent, confident woman. chris: what will she sayto the women who despise her? you trash-talked me. the things you were doing and saying were incredibly disrespectful. amanda: i think, like, every girl in america died a little bit inside, watching you. [ cheers and applause ] chris:and then, the world now knows that bentold two women he loves them. i'm nervous, man. but what happens when he faces the women he rejected? no.come on, don't do this to me. i'm sorry,but you out-front lied. it shocked me. the fact that he even told them he loved them, i did not picture that happening at all. it's okay. i get it. and later...


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