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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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roads this mark taylor to see if there's any alternate route throughout. >> smooth sailing for the interstates, keith. >> we are headed southbound out of cornelius. >> that's headed in at 71 miles an hour. if you're taking off in the next few minutes, no issues there south out of iredale county. looking good university area to uptown. 10 minute ride. 67miles an hour through the lower connector, and if you want to get updated on the drive time, construction projects any timer you can. we are in the breaking news center following a homicide investigation right now in northwest charlotte this is off park-fairfax drive. officers were called here at 3:30, but they couldn't show find victim. the person later showed up at
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we want to zoom in to show you which apartment investigators are in going through evidence right now, and we also know they are at the apartment complex looking for additional witnesses and talking to people right now, and that's the apartment they are inside right now that you are seeing on your screen. detectives have not released any information about the victim at this point. as soon as we get those details, we will bring them to you on air and online on crews spent hours removing a car from a train that it hit in west mecklenburg county. its after the the crossing of old dove road and marshall acres drive. no one was in the car when the train hit it. the driver says he reported it stolen. crews had to bring in heavy equipment to remove the car from the track, and amtrak said the train was going from new orleans to new york.
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following for your day ahead. tonight town leaders in huntersville and cornelius will be talking about the controversial student assignment survey. joe bruno tells us the towns are standing with the parents. >> reporter: towns have been outraged at the student assignment plan, even though details have not been announced yet, and this week, leaders in cornelius, huntersville, and davidson will vote to support students in neighborhood schools. many parents are worried that students will be forced to go to a different cool. results will dictate how cms dictates the issue, and i don't believe ifs have not said if bus willing be part of the plan.
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minute hill -- mint hill are not waiting to act. any move will have to be approved by the general assembly. he's by far the most controversial presidential candidate, and today donald trump will be in our area. >> the doors will open in less than 3 hours, and angela hong is there. >> reporter: donald trump is set to speak at noon and the doors here will open around 9:00, but we have been talking to people who have been waiting since 3:00 a.m., and you can see beyond me that people are lined up outside of the events center. the north carolina primary is next tuesday, and polls show donald trump is leading the state, and from the poll last month, 28% of republicans said they would vote for donald trump compared to 19% for cruz and 16% from rubio. after picking up kentucky and louisiana over the weekend, trump said he would be a unifier and the best chance to beat the democrats in november.
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his stance on torture saying he would strengthen the laws to allow water boarding. a large crowd is expected for today's rally. >> i am 71 years old, and i world. i night never get to do this ever again. >> reporter: now tickets to today's rally, they are free, but you just need to reserve website. angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> channel 9 will bring you live coverage from trump's rally starting at noon, and you can watch eyewitness news starting at 5:00 for reaction and complete breakdown of his speech. one of trump's challengers, marco rubio has opened a campaign office in cover kneel -- cornelius.
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openinger is knownnies. 14,000 early voting ballots have been cast including absentee ballots. early voting ends march 12th. former first lady nancy reagan died yesterday at the age of 94 from congestive heart failure. she will be buried a the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband, president ronald reagan who died in 2004. mrs. reagan was well known for her antidrug program that she reduced to the simple phrase, just say no. after news of mrs. reagan's passing her stepson michael tweeted saying nancy is where she always wanted to be, with her ronnie, and now she is at peace. governor mccroy said nancy reagan was an uncommon
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it's a sad day for our nation. governor haley said she inspired us with strength and grace, and we can all take comfort that she is with her sweet ronnie once again. today we expect to get an update on the spread of mumps in the area. last week we said unc charlotte mumps. one student lived offcampus, and the other remained in isolation until the person was no longer symptomatic. right now the total number of confirmed or probable cases in the area stands at 15. a lincolnton man accused of driving an officer with his car will be before a judge. larry boyd was stopped and police officers saw what appeared to be crack cocaine on the center console. he rolled up his window,
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the officer was able to get out. boyd took off, and he was stopped when his car broke down. paul warner was arrested in january when a teacher at his high school said he claimed to have a bomb and planned to join isis, and they said they later found child porn images on his phone, and they took several electronics and knives for his home. one of charlotte's most high profile missing person cases is being thrust back into the spotlight. crime watch daily will feature the disappearance of kyle fleischmann. he disappeared after a night out with friends in 2007ment he has not -- 2007. he has not been seen since. >> there was video we were able to gather from the manager of the saloon showing kyle speaking to a young lady and then two guys looking at the video, it looked like they were in some type of a possible
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>> reporter: search teams scoured the area for weeks but never found a sign of fleischmann or made any arrests. you watch this crime watch daily tonight on 64. it will feature investigations with officers and his parents as they continue to search. perdue farms is recalling 4500 pounds of chicken nuggets that may have been contaminated with plastic. food safety officials say the product in question is the 8- ounce box, 18-piece package of the applegate chicken nuggets with the best before date of september 27, 2016. there's been no reports of illnesses. time now, 6:09. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here's keith monday with a really nice forecast. >> a lot of sunshine out there yesterday, and the temperatures pleasant. around 60, and we will be warmer today. look at the high clouds streaming in from the west. it will be a big rainmaker to
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it's not going to get here during the workweek, but what it will do, spread more clouds our way. it will not hamper the warmup too much. we are warm over the next few days. rain holding off for now. we will show you if the record highs will be set this week with the big surge of warm spring-like air is working its way back into the carolinas. now over to mark taylor to see if our quiet morning is now the case. >> going down to the east now to union county, inbound from monroe. 46miles an hour, and it's very nice. is making its way up from indian trail. too early for slow downs, and 73 miles an hour from matthews around east john tree to providence road on 16. if you're coming in on 16 in the next few minutes drive time technology showing that will take about 15 minutes. stephanie? >> terrifying moments for a
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learned two men broke into her home and attacked her daughter. >> i was horrified. >> ahead at 6:30, the disturbing text messages she received and the first thing she noticed when she opened her garage. >> lawyers for accused beau bergdahl want to speak to donald trump. the impact they say his comments could have on the trial. a tow truck driver will face charges after a dispute with the man whose car he just booted.
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calling for. time now, almost 6:14, and we have breaking news. we just found this out. in the last 5 minutes a plane carrying nascar drivers made an emergency landing in memphis. we do know that kasey kahne, dale earnhardt jr., and jimmie johnson were on the plane it made an emergency landing after someone noticed smoke in the cabin. we are getting this information from wmctv that the plane
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motorsports, carrying the team members home from the nascar race yesterday. we know that no one was injured or breathed in too much smoke, and we just checked all the twitter accounts for all drivers we just mentioned, and you can see a picture right here of the plane that made the emergency landing, but again, we checked the twitter accounts for all of those drivers we mentioned, and no one has made any mention of it at this point, and we are going to keep an eye on the situation and try to get more information and more pictures and video from affiliates out of memphis, but again, the plane carrying nascar team members coming from vegas to charlotte had to make an emergency landing in memphis. keep it right here on day break. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes here. a tow truck driver accused of shooting a man moments after he booted the man's truck will face a judge today. the shooting was hard morning at an apartment complex in south charlotte.
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altercation on this cell phone video. we zoomed in closer, and you can see the man who was shot running away. the victim is expected to survive. neighbors say parking is a problem in the neighborhood, and they want to see more spots made available along with increased screening for tow truck drivers. mcdonald's in our area will be raising money to support the families of two managers killed in the parking lot. one dollar of every big mac value menu will go to the families. family members say the suspect and one of the victims dated for years and had two children together, but recently the relationship fell apart. a somber show of support for a virginia police officer
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in this video from the funeral procession in massachusetts, you can see hundreds of officers turn out to honor ashley guindon. she was responding to a domestic violence call last weekend when she was shot. her suspected killer also shot two other officers and killed his wife before surrenders. ronald hamilton is facing capital murder and other charges. a meteorologist says he has found a way to predict tornadoes two or three weeks in advance. victor sergeney says there's a link between changing atmospheric weather patterns, and he predicted 10 out of 15 tornadoes last year. normally there's 10 across the u.s. each week, but this week he expects 22 with high chances in the southeast. but thankfully no threat for storms right now in the
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we have weather and traffic every 10 minute the. >> here's keith monday in severe weather center 9 once we get past this morning. >> nice and quiet this morning. it's a nice shot from the lake norman camera of the uptown skyline. a little bit of light fog on the warning, but we are looking ahead to a lot of sunshine coming forward. temperatures are chilly. 32 for rockhill, and same for statesville at the freeze point. 29 in boone. we will shake off the chill throughout the day. 47 by 9, and 59 at noon. as you head out to lunch today, you will not'd the heavier jacket no jacket required this morning. 69degrees, and believe it or not, that's the coolest day we will see for the rest of this week, and a much more significant jump, and the temperatures will be rolling in, and with that, the tree
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upward, and last friday there was the maple, elm, and cedar working its way up. we expect that to jump to a high category this week and next week as the warmer temperatures keep coming in or the trees keep budding, and you're going to see dry skies, and that will lead to a lot more pollen p coming in. dry skies for the week. not a chance of rain in sight for right now, and ahead after 6:30, we will talk about the chance of rain well to the west and how quickly it will develop as we work our way to the upcoming weekend, but for now, the storm threat is out of here. the only threat again, it will be the allergens working through with the tree pollen. the temperatures going upward, and the cold pocket of air lingering today. pushing back this week. more mild air returns, 75 on wednesday, and closer to 80 by thursday and friday, and a big jump in the temperatures later this week. high temperatures building up before the weekend rain chance will likely keep us out of the 80s.
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are well above average, and a quick note this weekend on sunday morning at 2:00 a.m., we set the clocks forward as daylight saving time starts up. the weekend always in view. jumping 60s to 70s for today and tomorrow, closer to 80 by the time we head thursday into friday. the numbers are really going upwards. next rain chance is saturday. could see a good round of showers, and a couple of thunderstorms, and mostly just a rain event coming through. next sunday, we lose an hour of sleep, but we gain a lot of sunshine as we come back in. our time is 6:20. we will head over to mark. >> down in south carolina right now, looking out to gold hill road. the traffic is starting to pick up. folks merging on to the interstate here, headed north, and that's going to be a big slowdown. we will watch things closely, and on the other end of 77 from lake norman to north lake to uptown, 67 miles an hour, and no slow downs there, and 85 to the university area, looking good, and that's a 10 minute
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hour, and a couple of issues in the last 2 minutes. a stalled vehicle in cornelius. that will be up next. a charlotte man is remembering the reagan family after the death of former first lady nancy reagan. the small detail he created in devotion. raleigh teen attacked inside of her own home. how she was able to reach out to her best friend. lawyers for beau bergdahl say he can't get a fair trial. next, the comments his lawyers say donald trump made that make him a witness.
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6:24 right now. beau bergdahl's attorneys want to speak to donald trump about his case. >> donald trump called him a traitor and said he should have been executed. bergdahl is awaiting charges because he left his post before he was captured. now attorneys want a deposition from trump or call him as a witness. >> he made himself a witness. mr.trump's comments in addition to being defamatory raises serious questions if my client can get a fair trial. josh norman says he doesn't mind on waiting on the team to draw up a long-term deal in the future. the team used the franchise tag to sign a 1-year deal worth more than $13 million. over the weekend norman said he proved how much he is worth.
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i want a respectable number to where it dictates the outcome of what i put out on the field. it's the league, man, and it's fun, and it's my job. it's my profession, and i want to be the best at it, and so far i have been doing that. >> the panthers have until july 15th to sign norman long-term. one of norman's role models, peyton manning will announce his retirement today, one month after beating the panthers in the super bowl. many speculated it would be manning's last game. norman, cam newton, and others showed their appreciation for manning after the game. many grew up watching manning who played for 18 seasons, and today also marks 4 years since the indianapolis colts dropped manning. a north carolina mother learned through text messages intruders tied up her daughter and left her naked. the way the teen was able to
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the reason her mom was able to get home so quickly. it's quiet for now, but we will show you how quickly a rain chance could be building back in later this week. and a renewed push to stop construction of these lanes
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answer the call alread we are staying on top of breaking news in memphis. this plane is headed for charlotte, and it was forced to make an emergency landing. the problem they notice in the cabin for diverting the flight. >> this morning the ncdot secretary is in texas, preparing to meet with officials there to talk about their toll roads. the way a texas company's bankruptcy could impact the plans for i-77. >> thank you for joining us. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm brittany johnson. -- brittney johnson. we have the forecast ahead. this is looking back to
6:30 am
silhouettes to the uptown skyline, and it's cold. the temperatures are near or below freezing for many neighborhoods. reporting 36 at charlotte, douglas, and the chill is in place for now. light frost on the windows, and as we head our way through this week it will be by far the coldest morning, and every morning here after, much, much warmer, and we are back into the upper 50s to near 60 by lunchtime today, near 60s for the highs, and this is the coolest afternoon we will enjoy this week, and warmer weather is coming back in. the rain chance, and it's off through the week, and the next storm system approaching by the week's end, and more clouds in our direction for sure. over to mark taylor for the traffic center, looking ahead to a few problems showing up out there. >> a minor accident on 77, and rock hill, northbound, it's not in any travel lanes. that's south carolina, 901, and
6:31 am
closer to town, we have an accident reported on freedom near moorehead, and enough room to move around with it, and this is not causing delays on any of the streets, and also a stalled vehicle up north, and it's right on the line there with cornelius and huntersville, and it's just north of sam ford road. no issues here or on the interstate, but it is heavy southbound. stephanie? >> i'm in the breaking news center now. a plane carrying dale earnhardt jr., jimmie johnson, and kasey kahne made an emergency landing overnight. smoke started to fill the cabin as they were on their way back to charlotte from a race in vegas. this is the plane here after it landed in memphis a few hours ago. we know that no one was hurt. crews are evaluating the plane right now for issues, and the drivers and other passengers were returned to charlotte on another plane, and right now
6:32 am
the drivers and also their teams to get more information about the emergency landing. we will update you as soon as we get more. this morning north carolina's secretary of transportation is in texas to talk to them about their toll loads after a company associated with the i-77 toll lanes filed for bankruptcy. joe bruno is live. >> reporter: governor mccroy ordered the head of the ncdot to fly to texas to discuss the future of the i-77 toll lane project which is years away from being ready. they are being built by the spanish company centra. critics say they will hurt the economy, doing nothing to solve the congestion issue and make it difficult for the state to widen the highway in the future. critics have also been outspoken about the company says cintra doesn't have a good
6:33 am
last week they declared bankruptcy on a similar project in austin, texas, but the head of the ncdot does not think that will mean the i-77 contract will be canceled. he will be flying back this afternoon and issue a report in the coming weeks. back in the breaking news center about information on a deadly crash last night in union county. we made map to show you where it happened. rich road near indian trail fairview road. a 22-year-old charlotte woman died in a single car crash around 11:15 last night, and they said she lost control of her car, overcorrected, and then the car hit a tree, and they said speed is a factor. her name has not been released pending notification of her family. there were heating exchanging last night between hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night, and tangled over flint's water crisis, wall street, and their voting records in the senate.
6:34 am
each other and accused one another of misrepresenting their records. each said they had the momentum to beat donald trump in the general election. >> the last anytime i checked -- the last time i checked, as of last night, donald trump received 3.6 million votes h is a good number, and there's only one candidate in either party who has more votes than him and that's me. [ applause ] >> sander verses trump does a lot better than clinton versus trump. >> sanders won maine's presidential caucus yesterday, but overall clinton leads in delegates. as the country mourning the loss of nancy reagan, those who knew her remember her with fond
6:35 am
who had sculpted both mr. and mrs. reagan. >> i placed his hand gently in the middle of his back, and i sculpted all that together so his hand and back are together, two figures standing there, but they are actually one. >> nancy reagan will be laid to rest alongside her beloved husband. former president jimmy carter said he no longer needs cancer treatment. he made the announcement during his sunday school lesson in georgia yesterday. doctors will continue to scan the 91-year-old to make sure the cancer does not return. he announced in august he was diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to his brain. police are investigating a home invasion after a mother found her teenage daughter naked and taped to a chair. the mother says she taken her younger children to the park not far from her house when she got a phone call from the
6:36 am
friend, and she said the friend received a face time call from her daughter with duct tape over her mouth, and then text messages started to come in that said i'm tied up in the closet. help. the mom who didn't want to show her face raced home. >> i'm scared. horrified. i mean they took her clothes, and she was in the closet, and nobody would have ever walked in on a child like that. >> the two men broke in through the back of the house. a crime analysis shows most felony arrests in hickory from january to february were theft related. our partners at the hickory report record report 140 arrests were made in the first 2 months with more than 47% related to theft. the drug arrests were a close second, and violent crimes, such as assault and murder were about 6% of arrests made, and the hickory police department provided reports for the analysis.
6:37 am
the fire at a south carolina nuclear plant yesterday afternoon. look at the pictures we got from the scene. duke energy says a transformer caught on fire. duke had to issue an alert at the plant for the first time since 1991, and this is the second nuclear emergency classification of 4. duke ended the alert after 8:00 last night, and neighbors and employees were not impacted. an inspector with the nuclear regulatory commission is now looking into what caused the fire. today service members and their families can learn more about medical services in our area, and a nonprofit, veterans legal services project is teaming up with starbucks to host the events in mecklenburg and union counties, and service members can learn about disability compensation, survivor benefits, discharge upgrades and more from 1:00 to 3:00, and the events are at the starbucks at carolina's medical
6:38 am
concord, and sun valley at indian trail. the pageland police chief will meet with the town's administration. last week more than half of the police force walked off the job after leaders reinstated larry brown. brown was off the job for 4 months for a s.l.e.d. investigation. jay brooks was announced the interim chief, and right now, chief brown is working under brooks. more on what is a beautiful day leading into a beautiful week. >> reporter: the cold pocket of air that is still lingering this morning, the 30s, spilling down into the carolinas, but the warmup to the west. 40s, 50s, and even 60s, coming our direction through this week, and one of the signs we always look at to see how warm the atmosphere is starting to get, the higher elevations of the atmosphere. already in the 40s this morning. contrast that with the lower elevations off the mountains
6:39 am
when the layers of the atmosphere up above are starting to warm, that's good sign we will see a significant jump in the temperatures headed our way through this week. we will show you how high we will climb in a moment, and the rain chances while low through the week it may be returning through the upcoming weekend. time is 7 minutes to 7:00, and we will go over to mark to see the report and how it's headed. >> first responders headed over to the area of sharon and campbell drive. you can use central, but it doesn't last long. as traffic build for u.s. 74 look at this less than 15 minutes out of matthews around 485 to the john belk. good shape there. we are monitoring the wreck near uptown, and the traffic volume is light enough, no delays on either roadway this time. new this morning, neighbors have a chance to weigh in on
6:40 am
stadium property near fort mill tonight. cato fashion company owns the land at i-77 and gold hill road and wants to turn it into a mix of offices, retail shops, and residents, and it's envisioned to be another valentine-like development. some neighbors are concerned about an increase in traffic and overcrowded schools. the hearing will be at 6:00 tonight at the government office. a good samaritan hit and killed while helping a woman with a flat tire. the way he help the -- helped two others before his death, and the cause that investigators have ruled out. the time line for when community leaders will be voting for resolutions to
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withdraw from time now is almost 6:44. we are reaching out to hendrick motorsports after a lane
6:44 am
kahne, and earnhardt jr. were all on a plane that made an emergency landing. crews are evaluating the plane for issues. channel 9 has a way on the way to the concord airport, and with will update you as soon as we get more information. we are following breaking news in northwest charlotte a homicide. where it happened. we have live pictures for the scene, and several officers are on the scene, as you can see, and we know they were called to the area just before 3:00 this morning, but they didn't find a victim at that time. that person later showed up at c&c main and later died. detectives have not released any information about the victim. as soon as we get them we will bring them to you over on our sister station, tv 64. a story channel 9 will be
6:45 am
town leaders in cornelius and huntersville will be discussing a breaking away from cms. joe bruno is live to explain the next steps the towns are taking. joe? >> town leaders in cornelius, davidson, and huntersville will all vote this week whether or not to support students in neighborhood schools. it's coming after thousands of parents express the outrage over the district's student assignment program. mayors are discussing breaking up from the cms district and forming their own. mayors said they are gauging interest from the parents. cms has not announced any new districts, and it would have to be approved by the assembly. meanwhile tonight, families can weigh in on cms's operating
6:46 am
leaders are hosting a community engagement meeting at 6:00, and there will be four other meetings in the coming weeks. we are a little more than a week away from the north carolina primary, and today donald trump will be in the charlotte area at the event center in concord for a rally at noon. it's open to the public. tickets are free, but you have to request them on trump's campaign website. channel 9 will have a crew there and there's more on his pitch to voters coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> and here's keith monday in severe weather center 9. the sun will come up beautifully and stick around all day. >> it's a bright day a few thin clouds up above, and we will see more of those in order for later today. for now, bright ball of sunshine hopping over the horizon to begin the day. we need a warmup out there.
6:47 am
in lincolnton, and boone, 28. we will shake off the chill very quickly. the 40s turning into the 50, if not close to 60 by lunchtime. you shed the layers quickly for today. topping out at 65, charlotte, points southward, mid-60s, and the mountains, not that far from 60 today. boone, the neighborhood forecast showing more clouds spilling in, around 56 degrees, and temperatures warm well above average for this time of the year. rock hill, temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer. mid-60s today. sunshine to start out. more clouds late, and as we head through later this week, more of the high clouds will be spilling back in. that may be the only thing keeping us out of the 80s this week. mid- to upper 70s tomorrow, starting tomorrow, thursday and friday, we are going to see a lot more cloud cover coming in this week as a big batch of rain fall develops out to the west, and all clear today, and we will be clear tomorrow as well, and we will see some of the low clouds from the south
6:48 am
see the moisture returning from the south, southeast, and the rain is still way to the west, and the other side of the mississippi, we are going to see flooding rains out there this week, and it's a very slow mover, and it will not get here until saturday. we have a long way to go to watch this, but eventually more high clouds from the weather maker after wednesday, and it will start to blanket out with more of the sunshine, and really, we are picking apart here, a very beautiful forecast as we head through the week. as you head through the week ahead, plan on the sunglasses for the most part. mid-70s tomorrow with the 5-day forecast. the nighttime numbers, back into the 40s and 50s. this weekend, we will track the rain chance for saturday. it's out of here on sunday. we lose an hour of sleep. daylight saving time on saturday night into sunday morning, and 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00, and we will set the clocks ahead. >> even our morning temperatures are nice with the forecast. >> yeah, the chill this morning will be nowhere to be found. even by tomorrow morning.
6:49 am
we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes on eyewitness news day break. mark taylor, what are you seeing out there. >> just got an update, brittner, and i just got this picture in. this is just north with first responders, and this is is a temporary block. i don't expect it to be closed much longer. northbound here, i would take central avenue, and you can hit independence boulevard over to eastway drive. up north, we are also dealing with an accident on harris boulevard, and not seeing any big delays here, but congestion has started to form on i-77 southbound from cornelius through sam ford road. we are right on schedule here. checking your wall street futures for monday. the dow is down 48.5, and the nasdaq is down more than 20 points. a charlotte man killed as he tried to help a driver with
6:50 am
next this morning, what the driver who hit him did right after the crash, and what troopers ruled out as a cause. the nation is mourning
6:51 am
just ahead a local man's just a local man's just we built our factories here
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proudly made 6:53. i'm in the breaking news center. within the last 5 minutes, hendrick motorsports sent us a statement that said there were not any drivers on the plane that made an emergency landing in memphis. abc news initially said three drivers were on the plane, but now hendrick motorsports said there were only team members on the plane. they did make an emergency landing in memphis. the team will arrive in concord on a different lane in about 15 minutes. channel 9 is asking if a driver will face charges after
6:54 am
he pulled over to help a woman with a flat tire. he was standing near the woman's car when the driver hit and killed him. the driver of the van is cooperating with the investigation. the nation is mourning first lady nancy reagan. she died at her los angeles home yesterday. funeral services are not scheduled yesterday, but she will be laid to rest at the reagan presidential library next to the late president reagan. the public can pay their respects before the funeral. a local man who worked for her received a thank you letter from her last week. ken baum has sent her flowers were the last decade and always gets a thank you note in return. he is finding comfort through his faith knowing nancy is now by her husband's side. good morning america will have coverage of her life and legacy. you can key it here on channel 9 in about 5 minutes.
6:55 am
after a number of structural issues were found. our partners report it's the bridge on hoyles creek road between dallas and stan i will. traffic will be detoured to old willis school road. mark taylor has a look at the issues. here this south sheraton driver. i would central over and then head north. this is ibm drive. only minor delays here, and closer to uptown, one wrapping up earlier from freedom drive around moore. keith? >> a cool morning out there. a lot of sunshine spilling in already. a mild afternoon for the drive
6:56 am
back up into the mid-60s today, and at least 5 degrees warmer what? week. the numbers jump into the 70s tomorrow. a very warm weak ahead. i don't see a rain chance coming ahead until the weekend. we may see the rain chance building by saturday, and that timing for the weekend plans, and it's monday. we will see how it pans out with the timing. and the high clouds coming in, and the warm temperatures are are spring-like. >> the sunshine is gorgeous out there this morning. >> nice day. >> love the sun, don't love the allergies. >> that will be worse over the
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
your local . good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side.
7:00 am
>> a crusader for causes close to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and face-off overnight. >> excuse me, i'm talking! >> if you're going talk, tell sanders. >> the democrats drawing a sharp divide as the gop looks to narrow the field. >> i want ted one-on-one. >> donald trump calling on marco rubio to drop out even as rubio scores a big primary win. a terrifying close call caught on camera. 13-year-old breaks free from a would-be kidnapper. peyton manning's big announcement. the superstar quarterback about to leave the game for good.


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