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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and we will have more allergy issues coming in this week, and it's 5:00 a.m., and we will get back to the roads this morning. how are we looking? >> so far so good, and getting folks prepared for maintenance in northwest charlotte, and it will be happening daily between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. through the 11th, and that's going to close old plank road on either side of chapman street, and it will not affect a lot of folks. look out, and it starts at 9:00 a.m. today. if you're headed inbound on 16, 47 miles an hour on the burkshires. we are not seeing any big accidents to slow things down. in union county right now, troopers are investigating a deadly crash. we made a map to show you exactly where it happened. it's on ridge roader in indian
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a 22-year-old charlotte woman died in a single car crash around 11:15 last night. she lost control, overcorrected, and hit a tree. speed is a factor in the crash. troopers have not released the victim's name pending notification of her family. i also have new details of the amtrak train that crashed into a car on the tracks in west mecklenburg county last night. we first told you about the crash at marshal acres drive 30 minutes ago. the train was headed to new york from new orleans when the crash happened around 1:30 this morning. police say no one was inside of the car. they believe it may have been stolen. you just saw there police had to bring in a crane to move the car. the train was delayed by nearly 2.5 hours. no one was hurt. the road reopened around 3:30 this morning. channel 9 is following stories
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today two local towns will vote on resolutions to send a message to cms. they want to keep neighborhood schools intact. joe, this is regarding the student assignment plan? >> yeah, cornelius, davis, and huntersville are taking a stance on the students attending schools in their neighborhood after the charlotte mecklenburg schools averaged a controversial assignment plan that some worry students will be forced to go to a different school because of it. thousands of parents took a survey districtwide to weigh in on several options, and since the survey was launched two towns in southern mecklenburg county have discussed leaving cms. the mayors have each formed task forces to gauge interest, and they will vote in the coming weeks to possibly split from the district.
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to be approved by the general assembly in raleigh. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. tonight parents can give cms feedback on the budget for next year. cms expects $27 million in new costs next for salary increases and other things. the meeting will start at 6:00 until 7:00 off nation's ford road. sound on channel 9 to follow both meetings today following the student assignment plan. we will bring you complete coverage online on republican front runner, donald trump will be in concord vying for votes, and trump won in two more states over the weekend, bringing his total number of caucus wins to 12. angela hong is live where
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in the next few hours. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate, donald trump is not going to speak until noon, but the doors will open in a few hours. in a poll from last month, 28% of the people in north carolina said they would vote for donald trump. compared to 19% for cruz and 16% for rubio. after picking up kentucky and louisiana over the weekend, the republican front runner told voters he would be a unifier with the best chance to beat hillary clinton. this weekend trump also elaborated on his foreign policies and stance on torture, saying he would strengthen laws to allow water boarding. >> you're not going to win if we are soft and they have no rules. i want to stay within the laws and do all of that, but i think we have to increase the
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the laws are not working, obviously. >> tickets to today's rally, they are free and available on donald trump's website. donald trump will make another visit to north carolina on wednesday, and he has a stop in fayetteville. reporting live, angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we have new early voting numbers for mecklenburg county. the board of elections reports 14,000 people have filled out ballots since early voting started last thursday. saturday is the last day to register before the primary which is next tuesday. michigan's primary poll numbers are in. 57% among likely voters for hillary clinton. 40% for sanders, and for the republicans, trump leads with 41%. ted cruz is in second with 22%. bernie sanders won maine's primary yesterday but the fiery
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during the debate last night made bigger headlines. president obama will meet for an update on reform. >> hillary clinton said she voted to save the auto industry. >> well, if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your fans destroyed the economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me i'm talking. i say let the billionaires themselves bail out wall street it shouldn't be the middle class of this country. >> reporter: former president clinton will be in charlotte this afternoon to speak for his wife. he will also speak in raleigh and greensboro before he comes here. complete coverage starting at 5:00 on eyewitness news. today a teen is due back in court on charges he made a bomb threat and had child porn.
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january when a teacher said he claimed to have a gun and planned to join isis. they later found child porn images on his phone, and they took several electronics and knives for his home. police are trying to figure out if a series of shootings are connected. quintonio porter was arrested on sunday and charged with attempted murder. he was driving friday afternoon and opened fire on people, and a passenger in his car, jerius harding died in the gunfight. porter was shot in the leg and is in jail without bond. >> in the hours leading into that shooting, police responded to shots fired into three homes. police have not released suspect information. tomorrow the men's acc basketball tournament will kick off in washington, dc, with unc as the number one seed.
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season acc champs on saturday by beating duke. it's the first regular season championship since 2012. roy williams spoke about their strengths going into this week's tournament. >> i told them it's been done before and i tried to give our kids confidence. i knew one team that could come in here great on senior night and play great, and it was us. >> north carolina will start the quarter final action on thursday, playing the winner of pitt and syracuse. nc state plays tomorrow, and wednesday. keith monday is in severe weather center 9, and we have fantastic temperatures. >> reporter: just a bit cool out there early this morning, but it's not going to last long as we look ahead to the nice, clear picture this morning from the speedway camera. no fog issues out there, and there may be a touch of frost to start the day today.
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high clouds building in for tennessee, and that's the deep south, and that will be the theme for this week. the high cloud cover building in for the week ahead, and rain- free skies are going to be with us as we get much warmer headed through the week, rolling into the next several days, and by the end of the week, i will show you how high the numbers will climb and how close to 80 degrees we may end up. we will see the alternate routes we may need on the start of this day. >> the only big issue we are following a stalled vehicle on honeywood avenue, and it's just off 85. not having a huge impact, and traffic is light through the area. if you're headed out in the next few minutes, use caution, and 85 north from gastonia, looking good. and 19 minutes, and 67 miles an hour. no issues there out of cleveland county, and now we do have weakened construction that started on friday, and it's still going on. we will get you caught up on that. that's 3rd street, and it's
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a man hit and killed on i- 485 trying to help a stranded driver. ahead at 5:45, the other act of kindness the victim just carried out moments before the crash. a story that has gained national attention, a north carolina teacher forced to resign after a student shared naked pictures of her. thousands of people are remembering the life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan, next, the special gift one local man just received from reagan next week, and the
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taking a good monday morning. your time is 5:14. we are starting off in the 30s and the low 40s across the area, and we are expecting a big warmup come later today. a couple of clouds in the sky, and a beautiful day ahead. we will check in with
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a local man who worked for nancy reagan while she was first lady, just received a thank you letter for her last week. >> he now works for the billy graham association, and he has been sending her flowers for the last decade, to which she would always send a note back. he is finding comfort in his faith that nancy reagan is once again by her husband's side. >> i pray she is right beside him now because that love affair deserves to be in heaven. >> he was the project development leader under the first lady. they worked together on several projects including just say no. billy graham said he was privileged to know them for 50 years and greatly valued their friendship and is saddened by the news of nancy ice passing. she will be greatly missed and i look forward to being reunited some day in the future
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several people opened up to channel 9 about how important nancy reagan was to her husband. >> there was no one he counted on more or trusted more or depended on more than his beloved wise nancy. >> the love they showed for one another, the support that nancy gave to president reagan and vice versa, it's really a role model. >> we have much more on the former first lady's life and legacy on and you can find it on our home page. our partners at the statesville report report that matt mccall made the decision to step down after new congressional maps were approved. iredale used to be in district 9 until the judges ruled it was
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lines were based on race. the changes forced the primary to be delayed until june so they can have time to campaign in new districts. york county may consider freezing home building in the fastest growing areas it would ban houses in fort mill and bethel. the council is not expected to make a decision tonight. people living near the old knight stadium will get to speak out about the concerns of overcrowding because of developments there. cato fashion company wants to turn it into a mix of offices, residents, shops, and businesses. it's envisioned to be another valentine-like development. the hearing will be at 6:00 at the government office.
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>> we hinted that the last week that we would see a big stretch of warm weather it may not be for just this week. we may see a couple of weeks coming in, believe it or not. 42 for charlotte. and also, there are neighborhoods that are still cold this morning, and this will be the coldest morning we will have for the rest of the week by far, and plenty of sunshine rolling in as the day starts out. 47 by 9:00, and we will warm things up, fast, near 60 already as you head out for lunch today. you be shedding your heavier jackets for this morning. won't need much of a jacket this afternoon. temperatures going just above average. the number will keep climbing as the rest of the week rolls back on, and the beautiful blue sky and sunshine will be with us to start out the next few days, and we will get more high clouds later this week, but no chance of rain whatsoever. we are completely dry across the board, and every neighborhood has a zero chance of rain as we head through this week, and now by the weekend,
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at 5:30, i will show you how the rain chance will start to step up a little by by the weekend's plans, but it's too early to talk about the threat. no rain concerns, no cold concerns, and it's an issue. now to the warmer days, the tree pollen will shoot up quickly, especially by the time we get to the middle to end of march. it's on for pollen season, so go. mild air coming in from the week. 75 on wednesday, and close to 80 by thursday and friday, and the high clouds will come in, probably keeping us out of the 80s, and anyway you look at it, it will be a beautiful week ahead with the dry skies holding on, and the 5-day forecast with the weekend always in view, 10-degree jump from today to tomorrow, and more importantly the nighttime numbers, 40s at night to 50s by
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and we are dry and mild for the rest of the week and this weekend looks great. one thing to remember, other than the rain chance obviously saturday, we will have a dry day on sunday and set the clocks ahead to spring forward. daylight saving time begins late sunday night. you can get the latest check of the forecast any time with our wsoctv weather app. you can download it free from our app store and goggle play. you can get the latest conditions as we stay mild all week long. it's 5:20. let's head out on the roads with mark. 3rd street was closed completely, and this is 3rd street and church street. the 200 block was completely closed, and there's still cones are restrictions in the area, but it looks like right now you are able to get through. and of course traffic is light
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something we will continue to watch as we watch the flows as well. using technology from wilkinson boulevard. headed over to providence road, coming in on independence boulevard from 277, you're at 50 miles an hour, and we are accident free. no issues to report to the northwest other than a stalled vehicle no huge impact. stephanie? >> 20 minutes after 5:00, a story we are following for your day ahead. the major step ncdot leaders will take today to push for changes in the toll project. the action you can take today to help the families of two mcdonald's workers killed in the parking lot. the dow jones is down 53
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points. right now it's 5:24, giving you a live look from the lake norman camera. you will want a jacket as
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you will be able to get rid of it later today. wait until you see the forecast for the rest of the week. that's ahead with keith monday on day break. mcdonald's restaurants in our area will be raising money to support the family of two managers shot and killed in the hickory mcdonald's parking lot. 1 dollar from every big mac value meal will go to the families. eric yant is accused of killing his girlfriend and a coworker. the two had dated for years, and they had children together, but the relationship recently was deteriorating. state health officials announced a total of 15 confirmed or probable cases of mumps across north carolina, and two were at unc charlotte.
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numbers for you starting at 5 on eyewitness news. >> channel 9 learns new details of a south carolina student shared nude pictures of his teacher online in just a few minutes, the charges the student is now facing after school officials originally blamed the teacher. >> spring-like week ahead, and i will be using future casto show you when the next chance of rain will come in as well. the head of the nc dot is
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a major story we are following for your day ahead, the action ahead that the ncdo it will take after finding out a company connected to the i-77 toll project went bankrupt. a local 4th grader had a gun inside of school all day. the two ways the school will work to bring unity to the
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i'm stephanie maxwell. good morning. >> and i'm brittany johnson. first, keith monday is in severe weather center 9. lovely day ahead. >> reporter: cool out there this morning. when the sun comes up, we will see that going with us all day long, and out there now, you probably want the jackets, but most neighborhoods are well down into the 30s, and 33 also up in harrisburg, and for some reason the airport thermometer is showing a lot warmer weather bouncing back up. 65 for the high today, and we will warm up quickly, and you won't need to have the jackets all week long. i will show you the clouds and how quickly it will roll along. you will see the chance of rain with it as well.
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>> 77 down near the state line coming in from york county, and the traffic volume is picking up a bit, but light enough you are not seeing any slowdowns or brake lights. headed north to the south end of charlotte's uptown, if you are taking off, we just checked in with highway patrol for york county. checking the drive times, green conditions northbound up to carrollwind boulevard. it's up to the state line, and 45's inner loop out of valentine over to johnson and i- 77. that's 7 minute with the average speed there of 66 miles an hour. stephanie? >> i'm in the breaking news center. within the last 10 minutes police said they are investigating a homicide at park fairfax drive or freedom drive at 2:45 this morning. but police could not find a victim. shortly after that someone drove the victim to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, and
5:31 am
witnesses right now to try to identify a suspect, and channel 9 has a crew on the way to the scene. we will give you an update as soon as we get more information. a major story for your day ahead. ncdot leaders will push for answers after a company connect to the i-77 toll lane project filed for bankruptcy. joe bruno is live, and the governor ordered this trip? >> yeah, the head of the ncdo it will fly down to austin today to discuss why the texas project failed and decide the likely hood of that happening with the i-77 project. channel 9 reported on the controversy of the i-77 toll lanes for years. it's currently being built from charlotte to mooresville. a similar company filed for bankruptcy last week.
5:32 am
leaders have been warned for years, and they said the failure of the company in texas is no surprise. despite extreme backlash from lake norman residents, the governor has refused to cancel the contract, but the governor said last week every option is now on the table. the head of the ncdot said he doesn't think there's a basis for canceling the contract because the project in texas failed. he will be in texas for 4 hours today, flying back this afternoon, and he will release an official report in the coming weeks. reporting live in cornelius, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> count on us to follow the story throughout the day as state dot leaders arrive in texas. we will have complete coverage at 5:00. time now, 5:33. the pageland police chief will immediate with the town's administrator. last week more than half of the
5:33 am
off the job after town leaders reinstated larry brown. brown was off the job for 4 months during a s.l.e.d. investigation. jay brooks has been made the interim chief, and right now chief brown is working under brooks. a student is facing charges for sharing naked pictures of his teacher. authorities in union county say the teen got ahold of his teacher's cell phone, found a nude picture and posted it online. lee ann arthur was patrolling the halls when the 16-year-old took the photos that were meant for her husband. the teen has been charged with a computer crime, and he's awaiting a hearing in family court. arthur has since quit her job. schools across the nation are looking to keep teachers charged with sexual misconduct from move school to school. the school suspects sexual
5:34 am
teacher out, but the teacher can get a job in another school. now states are required to address the potential risk. this morning an elementary school will have a communal prayer after a 4th grader brought a gun to class. we told you friday the student had the gun inside of mount pleasant elementary school all day. students were evacuated, but no one was hurt. thankfully. counselors will be available at the school today. two lincoln county men will be in court today. todd anderson was caught with a quarter mound of marijuana and the other man had methamphetamine. the conditions at the las vegas speedway were not ideal yesterday. rain and wind gusts up to 50
5:35 am
the track at times, and one of crew member got pummeled. brad kaselowski makes the pass to take the checkered flag. his last win was last march. >> i thought for sure the 48 would drive by me. it finally started to take off with 25 to. go i was able to get to 2nd and then i saw his car falling off, and gosh, thank you so much! oh, it's just such a good feeling to be back at victory lane. it's been way too long. >> they came close to sweeping the weekend which dominate the series with kyle busch, but joey logano finished second with jimny johnson right behind him. officials said north
5:36 am
spike when washington speaks what they call annual defensive springtime war games. the u.s. state department is closely monitoring the situation. in january north korea claimed to have successfully launched a hydrogen bomb and in february it tested missile technology that could reach the u.s. most say it's unlikely they have a missile capable of reaching u.s. shores and less likely that it could be armed with a nuclear warhead. religious persecution refers to the torture, abuse, and imprisonment of someone based solely on their religious beliefs, such as the imprisonment of a pastor in iran. the event starts at 11:00 a.m. at forest hill church on park hill road.
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preparedness week in north carolina. the governor declared this week as a time to get ready for severe storm season. schools and government billions will have tornado drills on wednesday to practice their emergency plans. mccroy says everyone should have emergency supplies in their homes and evacuation plans in place. whether and traffic every 10 minutes, and here's keith monday. we will see a lot of sunshine this week. >> dry conditions, and no risk of severe weather, and no risk of rain for that matter. the warmer temperatures across the south and west, and they are working their way in. 60 in st. louis, and that warmth to the west is due to the fact they are seeing a lot of rain this week, and the middle of the country, going to get soaked, and we will be dry. see the cool pocket of air still lingering? 45 in atlanta, and one more sign today. look at that. beach mountain, more than 40 degrees, and higher elevations are already warmer, and lower elevations are at or below
5:38 am
pattern, the middle layers of the atmosphere are warming up, and big sign we will seat warmup through -- see the warmup through the day today. i will have the newest futurecasto show how the rain chance, for now, should be staying well out to the west as the week rolls on. well out to i-85. mark taylor, how are we looking? >> the traffic volume, right now light to moderate, and for folks headed over to the mall at gastonia this morning, 5:38, no issues finish cleveland county. and you're looking great shelby to gastonia, headed out to bellmont, and it's still too early for any of those delays, and the 19-minute mark. 60miles an hour out of gastonia, and if you're coming down from mountain island lake, it's about a 14 minute ride headed to uptown with the average speed here of 14 miles an hour.
5:39 am
this morning about a large fire at a south carolina nuclear plan yesterday afternoon, and look at these pictures that we received from the seed. duke energy says a transformer caught on fire at the nuclear plant in sin catastrophe. a newspaper in anderson reports duke had to issue alerts for the plant for the first time since 1991. this is the second nuclear emergency classification of 4. duke ended the alert after 8:00 last night. neighbors and employees were not impacted, and an inspector is now looking into what caused the fire. this morning the national highway traffic safety administration has opened an investigation into one of the nation's most popular vehicles, the ford f150 pickup. the investigation is to see if brake fluid is leaking from the master cylinders on the 2014 and 2015 pickup trucks.
5:40 am
will not stop the truck fast enough if the fluid is leaked. most experts say the federal reserve will raise interest rates this year, it was raised from record lows in december, making house and car loans slightly more expensive, and at the time they expected four rate hikes this year, but experts say they may back down because of signs of weakness in the global economy. attorneys for beau bergdahl, the army sergeant who deserted his post, they want donald trump to testify. the comments they say he made that could affect his chance for a fair trial. at 6:15, the long standing issue that led to a neighborhood incident, and the steps they want officials that take to prevent it from happening again. a driver hit and killed a
5:41 am
he was helping someone with a flat tire. next on daybreak the action the driver took immediately after
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ur john de time now, 5:44. a live picture from the hd charlotte camera. you can can see -- you can see the uptown skyline all lit up. it's going to get really nice today. a lot of sunshine, and we will see a lot of the sunshine for the rest of the week. the forecast from meteorologist keith monday is straight ahead. channel 9 is asking if the driver will face charges in a crash that killed a man who stopped to help a stranded driver. >> alastair tequin pulled over around 4:00 yesterday morning to help a woman with a flat tire. that's when the van hit and killed him. the driver of the van is cooperating.
5:45 am
a factor. he worked at club label and had drove two of his coworkers home before he was hit and killed. today d. o. t. crews will close a bridge after number of structural issues were found. it's on foils creek road between dallas and stanley. it's unclear when the bridge will reopen. to see that alternate route again or for other construction projects in our area, go to and click on the weather tab. >> we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes, and here's keith monday in the severe weather center. see the high clouds to the west, and those are going to roll in later this morning, and we are going to see an abundance of these this week. they are not big this morning, and just scattered showers around st. louis, but across the middle of the country,
5:46 am
will see big rain. we will see thatment cooing our -- we will see that coming our way in a few days. it's feeling more like low 30s in several neighborhoods. case in point here at 32. 29 up in lincolnton, and a mix of 20s and 30s, and even 40s in the mountains this morning. we are warming things up quickly throughout the day today. here's the time line. get ready for the temperatures near 60 already by lunchtime, and mid-60s for charlotte, and points southward, and almost close to 70 for a couple neighborhoods. up in boone after the chilly start, already back to the low 50s by lunchtime, and more clouds building in through the day, and you are dry, at least at 56, some areas closer to 60, ask rock hill and all points south, close to the 60s today by lunchtime, and more high clouds late in the afternoon, and the neighborhood is looking ahead to a nice, bright mild
5:47 am
66degrees, and you can see the 70s coming back in quickly throughout the rest of the week. it's 74 in charlotte, and closer to 80 by the time we head to the end of the week. more clouds will build in for the week ahead, and the rain chances are not going to be coming in any time soon, and the futurecast is quiet and clear tomorrow, but on wednesday, we will get more of the low clouds from the south and the southwest wind later this week. the rain is to the west, and it's all moving pretty much to the north, and a slow drift to the east, and we head through the day on wednesday and wednesday evening, and that rain will not get here until saturday, and it's a long way off before it works its way in, and as a result, it will see more of the tree pollen coming through, and temperatures will touch on this at 6:00, and the allergens are starting to work their way in with the weekend always in view, mid- to upper 70s later this week, and a big, big time warmup, and more high clouds, and we are dry.
5:48 am
finally get here on saturday, but it should be short lived. sunday, sunshine back in place, and we set the clocks forward this week, again for late morning. 2:00a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m., and we do lose an hour of sleep as daylight saving time begins. stay on top of the weather pattern all week long, download the free wsoc weather app. >> i love the daylight at night, but we don't like loseing a bit of sleep. >> it's a precious, precious hour there. >> so tough. the next day, what time is it? >> we will make sure you stay on track. >> we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes, and mark taylor, what are you seeing out there? >> great conditions for the interstates, and secondary problems with no problems, but later today, road maintenance over northwest charlotte will close chapman.
5:49 am
that's maintenance happening daily, starting today through friday. 9:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and that's when the closure will take place, and chapman street is the actual alternate route around that, and that will affect a few of you folks. we mentioned green conditions for the interstates. 85 for gastonia, and 77 out of iredale. all are free and clear, and as stuff starts to pour into the traffic center later this morning, we will update you as they come in. brittany? as the country remembers former first lady nancy reagan, channel 9 spoke to a local artist tasked with sculpting her alongside her husband. >> she was warm and gracious as could be and elegant. >> reporter: the special detail on the sculpture that mrs. regan most appreciated it. a tow truck driver will
5:50 am
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a man's car and a man's car and (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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we are following breaking news in northwest charlotte where police are investigating a homicide. these are live pictures where our crew just arrived on the scene. investigators are taking pictures inside of this apartment complex on park fairfax drive off of freedom drive. they arrived there at 2:45 this morning. we are looking to find more details, and we know someone drove a victim to the hospital. the victim was pronounced dead, and we will bring you new developments as soon as they develop. turning to gas prices. the average gas price is 7 cents higher than it was 2 weeks ago, but it's 70 cents cheaper than what you were paying this time last year. the small price hike is because of growing demand and higher crude oil prices, and last week it was predicted we could see a 15% to 20% increase over the next few months. drivers here in charlotte are paying 1.68 right now, less
5:54 am
carolina at 1.73, and south carolina, their prices are much lower at 1.55. today service members and their family can get information about medical services in their area. mecklenburg and union county will hold meetings at local starbucks for veterans at these locations. we have a great warmup on the way, but not yet. its cold this morning, we will official be at 36. most neighborhood are actually feeling near freezing out there right now. i will show you the time line for the bigger warmup ahead at 6:00, and how we may see a rain chance later this week. 5:55, and back out to the roads
5:55 am
>> checking the conditions at rockhill. 77 at the area of cherry road this morning. no big issues. and if you're headed out, you're in clear shape, no accidents or stalled vehicles making your way northbound into charlotte. a north carolina mother came home and found her daughter naked and tied to a share. ahead in 30 mi someone's hacked all our technology. technology...
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in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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and a whole lot more. breaking news overnight, cmpd spent hours overnight removing a car from train tracks.
5:59 am
the car involved in the crash. the reason officers returned to this scene hours after the initial call for help. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm brittany johnson. >> and i'm stephanie maxwell. it's almost 6:00, and keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with a fantastic workweek forecast for us. >> it's fantastic. after the chill this morning, the numbers are near freezing or below. we are at 36 in charlotte, but many neighborhoods around the city, already falling back to near the freezing point, and it will be a cold start. a little bit of light frost on the windows this morning. bouncing back into the upper 40s by 9:00, and a lot of sunshine with us by the remainder of the day today. back into the 60s we go, and we could be well above what we saw for yesterday. the warmup in a moment, and how much warmer weather we are expecting to see. we may see the 80s believe it or not later this week.
6:00 am
roads this mark taylor to see if there's any alternate route throughout. >> smooth sailing for the interstates, keith. >> we are headed southbound out of cornelius. >> that's headed in at 71 miles an hour. if you're taking off in the next few minutes, no issues there south out of iredale county. looking good university area to uptown. 10 minute ride. 67miles an hour through the lower connector, and if you want to get updated on the drive time, construction projects any timer you can. we are in the breaking news center following a homicide investigation right now in northwest charlotte this is off park-fairfax drive. officers were called here at 3:30, but they couldn't show find victim. the person later showed up at


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