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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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avenue. there were three people inside the home. all people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police got a call from lee street. a family told me they grabbed their children and hit the floor when bullets started flying in that community. one woman told us what it was like inside that house. >> all of a sudden we heard shots. and they hod to be close range. -- say in had to be close range. shooting. >> i just checked with police. they have no suspected in any of these cases and very little to go on. they're asking for the community's help to find out who did this. greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> right now the skies are clearing up in charlotte after the over night rain. there's a great picture there. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 tracking the warm up into the weekend. >> it's actually warming up very well out there today as the clouds have thinned out. you can see a few puffy clouds bubbling up. and we'll see a few more throughout the day today.
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less cloud cover. a few flurries at the highest ridge stops but any accumulating snow and travel issues behind us. mid 30s in boone and jefferson. but charlotte, 52 degrees all ready. warming up very nicely. a few more degrees for the rest of the afternoon. pushing 55. we may add a few more degrees to this. 57 or so in the city before the day is done. and warmer weather is on the way for the weekend. i'll show you that warm up and also on the future cast data into tomorrow night, more clouds may arrive. i'll let you know if any wet weather sneaks in with it as we head into late saturday plans. in the past few minutes, transportation leaders wrapped up a meeting in charlotte talking about the future of roads in the state. it comes as the controversy grows over the i-77 toll roads amide financial concerns. local leaders tell channel 9 tolls are still the best option to manage traffic but that does not mean centra has to run the project. they say failed projects in texas and indiana with ties to
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>> it appears to be the business model of centra to essentially bankrupt these infrastructure facilities after a certain amount of time. >> leaders are calling on governor pat mccrory to cancel the contract with centra. they say even though construction is under way the fight is far from over. transportation secretary nick tennison who is here in charlotte at the transportation summit. he's been ordered by the governor to go to texas on monday to see how the bankruptcy there may impact the i-77 toll contract. we'll have more on what he and other state transportation of canceling the toll deal here coming up on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. breaking at noon, duke energy is facing more violations for coal ash. north carolina environmental regulators say duke let coal ash waste water leek at multiple plants, including one in our area.
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scientific data and could add more violations. it impacts 12 facilities. including the allen, buck, and marshal steam stations. duke has 30 days to respond to the violations. we're hearing from leaders in the northern mecklenburg county towns because a controversy. the mayors of matthews and mint hill met to talk about breaking away from the district. angela hong is in cornelius where leaders are preparing to join the fight. >> reporter: next week davidson, cornelius, and hunter son boards will discuss or vote on resolutions regarding cms student assignment. the cornelius town manager told me they want to take an official stance saying they support neighborhood schools. channel 9 extensively reported that towns in southern mecklenburg county like matthews and mint hill are discussing the possibility of breaking away from cms. the mayors of both towns met last night and decided to form
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citizen's interests. both towns will be voting on resolutions in the upcoming weeks supporting neighborhood schools and asking the north carolina general assembly to allow them to form their own districts. meanwhile, towns in north mecklenburg county are starting the conversation about what they will do. we spoke with people in cornelius today who saw both sides of the issue. >> the kids go somewhere far, they don't like the people they're around. >> unfortunately, neighborhood schools are often not inclusive. and that's the issue. >> even if cms keeps neighborhood schools in tact. they may ask the legislature to allow them to break away from the district. he says the district has gotten too big. reporting in cornelius, angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. less than an hour a man shot and killed by a raleigh rest. an autopsy report shows akil was shot in his chest, forearm,
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it doesn't say if he was shot while facing the officer or away from him. a police report says he ran from the officer and the two struggled before he saw him reach for a gun in his waistband. witnesses said he was running away from the officers. >> we will continue to do everything we can to talk to people within the community who might have seen what happened and also most importantly, any time you haven a investigation like this, there will be forensic evidence at the end of the day. and we have to wait for that to be analyzed. >> their trying to expedite the evidence analysis. some community members says they don't trust the autopsy findings because it varies so drastically from witness accounts. americans are getting back to work at the fastest rate in 16 years. eyewitness news reporter jacqueline fell is in washington with more on the better than expected jobs reports. >> here's something to celebrate. 1.5million americans in the job
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that means this winter, a lot more people got back to work. this month's job report shows job growth was solid and the unemployment rate held at its lowest level since february 2008. the american labor force rose by an impressive 555,000 people in february. employers added more than 240,000 jobs, beating expectations as the labor market maintains strong growth despite global economic turbulence, there's some bad news, wages fell. while wages are still higher than they were a year ago, this reverses a trend we've seen since january. in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9 eyewitness news. the obama administration hailed a report saying it shows the labor market continues to improve. and investors seem to be agreeing as stocks steadily climb today. right now the dow is up 72 points. the nasdaq is up 23 points. new at noon, a man in catawba
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stop. mark is charged with 16 counts private premise. sheriff deputies say he exposed himself while standing inside of newton. deputies say they started their investigation after receiving teen student. candidates still attacking each other after a fiery debate last night. >> they are angry at him. dogcatcher. >> the jabs they are trading and the defense donald trump is now playing. then the fight over charlotte's trans gender ordinance growing. the reason the city's mayor says getting rid of it would hurt charlotte's bottom line. picturesque day out there with a lot of sunshine. a few fair weather clouds.
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we'll show you how quick (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer t charlotte's mayor is standing behind the city's non- discrimination ordinance. jennifer roberts says reversing it could hurt charlo bottom line. roberts said she was shocked lawmakers are still considering the session. >> i hope they'll turn their attention to those things that we know are impacking all of us and impacting our future. we checked and found in columbia as well as in
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protecting workers from discrimination based on. channel 9 will check with officials to find out when a boil water advisory will be lifted. a water main broke yesterday. it increases the risk of bacteria getting into the water. the town wants people to boil water for one minute before using it. donald trump now responding to attacks after last night's debate. the issue he says he's softening on. plus pushing to raise teacher pay.
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republicans are back on the campaign trail. they're also attacking each other after a spirited and sometimes ugly debate last night. donald trump is now playing defense. >> donald trump at a michigan rally this morning hits marco rubio ahead of the march 15th florida primary. in florida, they hate little marco rubio so much. he couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> today on good morning america rubio on the defensive for his part in the ugly war of words. >> he needs to get a taste of his own medicine. nothing i have ever said comes anything close to what donald trump says regularly on a daily and routine basis. >> perhaps one of the lowest moments in the campaign, trump's response to rubio last night.
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must be small, i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> fox moderator megan kelly pressed the front runner on trump university. now the subject of lawsuits. >> the rating from the bbb was a d minus. >> it was elevated to an a. released. >> on immigration ted cruz repeated mitt romney's assault early in the day. demanding trump release tapes of an off the record conversation with the new york times. >> release the tape. >> trump announced he was softening his position for special visas for high-tech workers. >> you change your tune on so many things that has some people saying what is his core? >> megan, i have a very strong core. >> shortly after the debate trump released a statement saying he was not softening his
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he would end it. no exceptions. megan hughes, abc news, washington. you can see the latest on and on social media. right now a water main break has cut water to nearly 40 homes in fort mill. the town sent out a picture. the street. crews are on the scene trying to fix the break. it's not clear when the water will be back on. a child sex offender is behind bars after deputies say he did not tell the sheriff's office he moved. buddy vickers was wanted in catawba county and arrested in gaston county. he was convicted of indecent liberties with a minor in 94. he's in jail on $50,000 bond. in taylorsville, police are trying to find the person who set the school district's maintenance truck on fire. you can see the damage from right here. police say a thief stole it from a bus garage. they found it burned in the community north of taylorsville.
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deputies charged the 17-year- old and accused him of threatening a high school. justin cassidy posted threats on instagram on tuesday. they say he admitted to it but said it was a hoax. it's a felony offense to falsely threaten mass violence on school property. raising teacher salaries is its top priority this year. the board created six total priorities it wants governor year. they want north carolina to be number one in the south for teacher salaries. it currently ranks eleventh of twelve. the state superintendent believes teachers could get a hefty raise because it's an election year. meteorologist keith monday is tracking nice weekend center 9. >> we're passed the adverse weather of this week. and really a quiet pattern will take shape over the next couple days. one bump in the road may come saturday night.
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norman camera. we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine in the mountains. more sun builds in as the day goes on. mid 30s up there. close to 40 late in the day. at the highest ridge tops, you may find a few flurries flying. 52 charlotte to monroe. 54 in lancaster this afternoon. mid 50s for the rest of the day today. for uptown plans tonight, you'll head to the hornets game, temperatures cool off this evening, low 40s by 9:00. heading out and about late, the jackets obviously will be needed once again. tomorrow morning, we have the marathon in uptown. tomorrow morning. the weekend will be starting off a little on the cool side but we'll bounce back up pretty well into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures warming into the upper 50s. today. a few degrees warmer on sunday. it's not a huge spike in the numbers but a slow progression upward through the weekend that
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more clouds in the forecast for saturday afternoon. by saturday evening, a few sprinkles come in. no big rain chance, dry during the day, but saturday night, you may see a couple rain drops. here's the future cast data, saturday morning, it's way to the north. but see the clouds spilling in through saturday afternoon. becoming a little more over cast at times into saturday night. by late evening saturday, rain moves into the mowns, not snow, but a rain chance. and that may draw a few sprinkles in here around midnight saturday night. that's it. this will be long gone early sunday morning. back into full sunshine for the rest of the weekend. that's the bump in the road we'll watch as we head through the weekend. next week and maybe for the next week plus the outlook calls for a good chance for temperatures to run above average for the first part of march here. sure there maybe fluctuations but we're talking about numbers that could be close to 70 degrees as we head into early next week.
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stay on top of the weekend weather changes. the current conditions, the forecast, and our interactive fingertips. the five-day forecast, the weekend is right around the corner other than a few clouds and a sprinkle tomorrow night, it stays quiet through the weekend. more sunshine on sunday, that stretches into next week. 64 monday. 70 on tuesday. we have a couple days next week in the 70s. warmer weather is returning. >> on a monday and tuesday to get weather like that, we'll see a lot of people outside. >> it's nice to keep that going through the weekend. >> yeah. all right keith. thank you. a good samaritan saved two men from a burning car. >> he wanted to thank me for saving his life on his birthday. >> the lengths he went to to get them out even when the door wouldn't open. here's a look at the
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carolina education lottery. lina education lottery. troopers in north carolina say a good samaritan saved the lives of two men trapped in a burning car. the man saw the car near the cumberland county robison county line. the passenger was stuck with a broken leg and the witness couldn't get the driver out through the driver side. he pulled both men out before the car burst into flames. he wanted to thank me for saving his life on his birthday. he turned 20 yesterday. and d know i saved both their lives and it feels good to be able to do something like that. >> troopers say the driver fell
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no one was hurt after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in east charlotte chopper 9 sky zoom flew over the damage right across the street from albemarle road middle school. firefighters brought it under control in 20 minutes. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it. investigators hope they stopped a cross country drug ring they say operated near a clover elementary school. agents showed up at an apartment on highway 274 wednesday night across from crowders creek elementary. inside they say they found marijuana and the more potent hash oil. police arrested austin highfield and justin who live at the apartment agents also arrested adam harris after they saw him conduct a drug deal. carolina panthers star josh norman says he still has to prove his wort for a new contract. the team put the franchise tag on him on tuesday. assuring him $14 million over the next year. the team has until july 15th to reach a long-term deal.
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at the same time, knowing that something's got to be done to one year. >> he spoke about the teammate charles johnson who the team let go. norman says the panthers lost a leader. a source told espn he could be resigned in free agency. it frees up 11 million in the 2016 salary cap. crews are digging up old led pipes that connect water they targeted the neighborhoods with the highest number of children under six years old, senior citizens, and pregnant women. part of the city's efforts to end the contaminated water crisis. the united nations is getting involved in apple's fight against the fbi. the u.n. human rights chief says the u.s. risk unlocking a pandora's box if it forces apple to create software to hack its phone.
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encrypted phone used by the san bernardino shooter in december. the u.n. says this case could have dangerous implications on human rights, journalists, whistle blowers, and others. we have warm temperatures starting to move into this area. >> making big strides to day after the clouds yesterday in the 40s. we're seeing 50s all ready. it's all ready warmer than it was all day yesterday. a few fair weather clouds that aren't going to produce rain. as we stay dry through the afternoon. hit the roadways. get ready for evening plans. in the low 50s around 6:00. it'll get colder in the low to mid 30s if you're out late tonight. a jacket required for that. coming up at 5:00, steve's looking through the weekend to talk about the warmer weather, close to 60 degrees. but you may find sprinkles that sneak in saturday night. the real warm up is coming next week. >> that's what we want to see. all right keith.
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