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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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weather center 9. some folks have a little bit of mist but we are starting to clear up a little bit. >> yeah, the overall picture, much more clear than what it was last night. that's for sure. if you were watching us at 1 1:00, steve was tracking a decent amount of rainfall but you have to zoom in to find anything left over. just a few sprinkles working their way east of uptown charlotte now, out of the university area and near the plaza, just very light sprinkles left in place. this is drying out quickly. and it may take a while to get the clouds to move out today. the morning drive, you will find a few damp spots on the road early. by 9:00, expecting the clouds to begin to break up. in starting out in the mid- to upper 30s. and in the mountains, still some left over flurries but additional accumulation looks slim to none. how much warmer weather is coming back in for the weekend plans, that's coming up. a few minor incidents early this friday morning. >> yeah, ash county, on a two-
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and we are monitoring a couple issues including one in uptown that was reported just a couple minutes ago, at 4th at caldwell. now the volume is still very, very light. we will watch this one. and one that was an earlier hit- and-run accident on statesville avenue. we were seeing minor delays but for now, stick with statesville. and the interstates are rolling right along. 58 southbound at 64 miles per hour from the university area to uptown. and 11 minutes. some damp roadways but no accidents. i'm in the breaking news center this morning. in the last 10 minute, we got new information about an overnight burglary in northwest charlotte. we want to give you a live look at the scene. this is bell haven boulevard and valley dale road. we told you about 30 minutes ago someone broke into this rite-aid pharmacy. police are on the scene and they are telling us that the
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front glass doors get into the building. there are car parts scatter add cross the ground but the car is no longer there. police say the burglar stole some things before leaving but they have not said what yet. you can see glass also on the ground from the angle we just showed you. they say a burglar alarm tipped them off to the crime. officers told us they are looking at what they call good surveillance video right now. we are asking them for the video as well as a description of the driver. a major story for your day ahead. in just a few hour, north carolina transportation leaders will meet. channel 9 plans to press for answers about the future of the i-77 toll project. we are live to explain why the project could move forward, joe, even if the contract is canceled? >> reporter: yeah, charlotte transportation leaders are still in favor of using tolls
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even if that means the state's turnpike authority has to run the future toll lane on i-77. the chair of the board that voted for the project, jim taylor, told channel 9 toll lanes are still coming. he says who is building them is up to the state but the board still thinks toll lanes are the best way to manage traffic. toll opponents have been protesting since before the contract was signed and to many, it came as no surprise that the company in austin, texas filed for bankruptcy. the company has called on them to review legal and financial options with the project. town officials are hoping the well. >> it appears to be the business model of centra to eventually bankrupt the facilities after a certain amount of time. >> reporter: and the state's turnpike authority is already planning on running toll projects in the region including i-74 and i-485. in 30 minute, the steps
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the impact it could all have on the governor's re-election campaign. channel 9 eye news witness. >> thank you. count on channel 9 to have a crew inside the meeting. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is standing behind the city's non-discrimination ordinance. she says reversing it could hurt charlotte's bottom line. there was a special session called yesterday. she said she was shocked the session. >> i hope they'll turn their attention to those things we know are impacting all of us and impacting our future. >> she said charlotte's job growth and tourism could both suffer if it is reversed. she named cities like atlanta and columbia as to competitors where there are similar ordinances already in place. we found there are rules
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atlanta and myrtle beach also protect the lgbt community in public accommodations. overnight, we learned there's enough support for lawmakers to reconvene and consider striking down the ordinance. moore said he received requests from more than three-fifths of the 120 members to hold a special session. 30 senators are needed for it to happen and the next regular session is april 5th. the ordinance is set to go into effect april 1st. channel 9 is continuing to follow stories for your day ahead. the mayor of matthews is organizing a meeting today to discuss splitting from charlotte schools. we are live outside the government center in uptown. this comes amid concerns over the district student assignment plan. >> reporter: that's right. and we have extensively covered some of the concerns over student assignment, especially when it comes to busing. today's meeting with the
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same time an online survey is being circulated. the only question on the suffer variation should the mayor explore the -- on the survey is should the mayor explore the possibility of splitting from the district? we spoke with the mayor who says he is considering it but also wants to hear what cms's final student assignment plan would be. he says, so far no one from cms said that students would be bussed all over the county but some resident dents say they like the idea -- residents say they like the idea of splitting from cms. >> i think it's a wonderful idea. i don't know that it will ever fly because of the politics. >> reporter: now if the towns want to leave cms, they'll need to have legislative approval first. and another than that issue, cms is also tapping the issue of violence in schools. in the next 30 minute, i will break down the new numbers that shows crime is up.
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late they are morning, we will get the u.s. jobs report for february and experts don't expect a change in the unemployment rate. economist expect 200,000 jobs were added last month which is in line with the survey this week. that survey shows u.s. companies added 214,000 jobs. experts also think the unemployment rate will stay unchanged at 4.9%. the wall street journal reports unemployment applications rose last week but the number is still low enough that it looks like employers are still expanding the. new report is due out at 8:30 this morning. we will bring it to you as soon as it comes out on eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. a unc economist says you don't have to worry about another recession but expect to pay more for gas. he said yesterday despite recent report, the economy is doing fine. he pointed out the nation is close to full employment and wage growth is significant but
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see in the next few months is higher gas prices. >> we will see that rise by 15%. put that number together, it's probably a $2-gallon gas by the summertime or maybe a little over that. >> he said because it's an election year, we might not see the federal reserve raise interest rates any time soon. today republican ben carson is expected to formally announce he is suspending his presidential campaign. more exchanges and attacks between the leading gop candidates during another debate last night. carson was not there but the others were, front runner donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich, they all had strong words for each other and trump and rubio fought over rubio's reference to the size of trump's hands. >> he referred to my hand, they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> so if there's anyone who deserves to be attacked that way, it's been donald trump for the way he's treated people in
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>> i think the american people understand that yelling and you a tough guy. >> more states will hold weekend. north carolina. in day one of voting, more than 41 people cast the ballot and more than 600 sent absentee ballots by mail. in gas on the county, they believe some people have switched parties to vote for donald trump. since january, just under 400 democrats have changed parties. we have continuing coverage of vote 2016 on and on our twitter and facebook pages. 5:09 now. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we're going to clear up and it's going to be decent day. >> yeah, we're going to get there. you can still make out the tops of the buildings in uptown. that mist is drying up. in the mountain, the
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with the numbers still warming back up nicely this afternoon. we're still seeing numbers this morning in the mountains around 25. and you may find a few slick spots in the mountains this morning. most areas though, especially the big roads, looking okay this morning. we will talk more about the warm-up ahead for the weekend and next week in a moment. and now let's get back to mark tracking the problems on the roads this morning. we had an accident just before 5:00 this morning in uptown charlotte that we are monitoring. a couple cars on east 4th at caldwell street but the volume is still very light. not a huge delay. and also watching the interstates as traffic moves southbound on i-77. this is just north of the i-85 interchange over towards the freeway. northbound, heading up, no big issues there as well. and we had some damp roadways earlier, notice coming in early this morning. but really things are beginning to dry out and not seeing any big problems for the
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a father behind bars accused of stabbing his 2-year- old son and the child's mother. >> that's my own father. you know, i wouldn't want him back on the streets. >> ahead on daybreak at 5:45, the help family members say they never received from dss that could have helped prevent the crime months ago. thousands will head to the beach for spring break but experts warn it could be another record year for shark attacks. the three factors drawing sharks closer to the coast. a possible motive for murder. two years after the crime, next
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taking we are following breaking news in northwest charlotte where police are looking for the driver who crashed into this rite-aid and stole items from inside. you can see where the doors are hanging from where the car crashed into the building. these are live pictures from the scene. we are asking police for a description of the car and also the driver but again, they're also trying to find out what that person took from that store. no word on what that could be but they do have surveillance video that they are looking at
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information, we will be sure to bring it to you right here. ashton avery county schools on a two-hour delay. channel 9 got the search warrants connected to an elderly woman's murder in south charlotte two years ago. >> they suggest a possible motive for why police think her son killed her. last week, police charged her son with her murder. the warrant reveals he was the beneficiary of his mother's life insurance policy but other relatives didn't even know she had a policy. and it shows he put together a list of her assets and how they would be distributed among relatives. a legal expert says the warrant raises questions. >> of whether the son got the mother to get a life insurance policy for his benefit and not let anyone else know about that. >> the warrant also says police knew right away this was not a burglary that turned into a murder. officers said there were not
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they say the valuable items were left behind along with bilogical evidence linking him to the crime. they say the only things missing were a comforter, pillow, a sheet and a lamp. one of two suspects in a shooting is due in court today. he is charged with firing a weapon into an occupied dwelling and drug charges. he and a second suspect were released from jail overnight on bond. police say the two hit two cars on south boulevard wednesday afternoon. no one was hurt. he is facing a drug charge. he made his first court appearance yesterday. new this morning, city employees will be getting a pay raise in two weeks. the city council signed off on a 3% raise this week. members said they wanted to make up for a long period of no raises during the recession. it takes effect march 19th and will show up in april 8th paychecks. soccer star brandy chastain announced plans to donate her
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when she played in college, she suffered two concussions. so far, cte, a brain disease, linked to concussions has only been found in male athletes. new detail, all of the rain we have gotten over the past several weeks will likely give you more problems this allergy season. the increased amount of rain is expected to bring about more mold and pollen. doctors also say even though allergy season usually wraps up around june, it could go longer this year. they encourage you to keep your air conditioner on, limit your pet's outside time and don't dry your clothes outside where pollen can hang on them. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> yeah, still looking at a damp morning out there. and still some snow falling up in boone. you can see in the light, just a very fine, few little flurries here. king street looks great. in boone, temperature freezing
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we have ash and avery county schools on a two-hour delay so maybe slick travel in the mountains still. but a clear scan. we have one last batch of light rainout of the foothills over the last two to three hours and that's about it. the last batch of that now passing through the south side and mint hill. that's it. so it's pretty much done. some of the mist may linger for a while this morning. low clouds still in place. by 9:00, futurecast still shows that clearing up. and by midday, clouds and sunshine mix. mountain snow will be done. and about 2 to 3 inches lower elevations and higher ridge tops have more than that. the clear sky will extend, not just through the afternoon but into the weekend as we warm up nicely. 38 in charlotte now. near freezing again for the mountains and the higher ridges are into the 20s so watch out for icy travel in spots. cloudy, misty, early, back in full sunshine this afternoon as
5:19 am
55 for the high. a bit warmer than yesterday where we did not get out of the 40s. and the warming trend will continue into into the weekend. the numbers back in the upper 50s tomorrow. 60 on sunday. and more clouds into the picture on saturday. and by saturday night, maybe sprinkles that come in, no big rain expected during the day at all to stay dry. but i would say maybe into the late overnight hours saturday night, maybe a sprinkle or two. i will show you that coming up in the next half hour. the five-day forecast, the weekend right around the corner, warming up, back to 60 sunday. and how about 70 for tuesday of next week. as a matter of fact, we may see several days toward the end of next week where we sit at least around 70 or above. our time is approaching 5:20. let's get back out to the region this morning. yeah, checking conditions in east charlotte with the traffic flow still light. quiet on independence through uptown charlotte. and mentioning some damp roadways.
5:20 am
as well off the freeway and taking the 277 loop. we're accident-free. and early morning crash, none of them are causing big delaysful right now, we want to check the -- delays. right now, we want to check the drive times. out of union county inbound, no delays. 44 miles per hour from 601 to 45 into matthew, 12 minute ride. not bad. out of matthews on 485 on tinner loop, towards providence from east john street, 68 miles per hour. that takes about five minutes. we checked with the town of boone overnight and there's still a boil water advisory in effect this morning. the town says a water main broke yesterday morning increasing the risk of bacteria getting into the water. the water is back on but there's no word yet how long the advisory will stay in effect. people should plan to boil their water for one minute before using it. channel 9 learns charlotte schools are seeing more crime and violence. >> just think you have to deal with the problem and not put a
5:21 am
>> in 10 minutes, the strategy the district is pushing to keep kids in school and out of trouble. you just can't do stuff like that. >> families concerned after police busted a massive drug scheme right across the street from an elementary school. the potent drug they uncovered and details on the cross country operation investigators
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good friday morning. take a look, we are starting to sort of be able to see the skyline here. this is if the charlotte cam. a lot of the mist. and we have some clouds, all hanging around this morning. but it is going to clear. we will get an update on when coming up in a bit. investigators home they stopped a cross country drug ring that they say operated near a clover elementary school. and only eyewitness news got details of the operation. agents got a tip and showed up at an apartment on highway 274 wednesday night across from the elementary school. inside they say they found marijuana and hash oil.
5:25 am
highfield and justin lowndes who lived at the apartment. neighbors are stunned. >> yeah, just bad influence on the kids that live around here. that's not right. you need to think about other people in this community. you just can't do stuff like that. >> police found more than 500 doses of hash oil which is three to four times more potent than smoking marijuana. the flu is reaching its peak in south carolina for the season and so far, it's not as bad as last year. the state announced yesterday another person died from the flu last week, bringing the tote toll 13 since the season started in october. 156 people died between september 2014 and august 2015. in north carolina, another person died this past week bringing the total to four. we are working on new stories for our next half hour of daybreak. the three ingredients in the water off the north carolina coast that experts say could cause another record year for shark attacks.
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we will look at the weekend and see how the northern storm f it brings more clouds or sprinkles our direction. the future of these toll lanes is in jeopardy after the company building them declared bankruptcy on a similar project.
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it's gotta be d's. financial issues surrounding the company behind the i-77 toll lane project have reignited opponents' push to stop the project. the big plans they have this week to get the message to the governor. channel 9 dug through pages and pages of a new report that shows crime is up in cms schools but short-term suspensions are down. the strategy the district is using to keep students in school and out of trouble. good morning to you. >> let's get a check on your first forecast. the rain, mostly moving out across the area? >> yeah, the mist is still hanging in there. the clouds still blanketing the uptown skyline.
5:30 am
tops of the buildings but we will improve through the day today. a much more quiet scan. not picking up any rain another than the mist. still flurries up into the mountains, but overall, still wrapping up. 38 for the university area. and same at charlotte douglas and mint hill. so a cool, damp start to the day today but we will see sunshine returning this afternoon. temperatures still cool for this time of the year at 5 but warmer than yesterday. and we are going to see a significant jump in the numbers through next week. we will talk about some 70s returning in a moment. let's get you back on the roads this morning with mark taylor watching the drive times out there and checking on 77. yeah, looking near uptown this morning where the traffic volume is still very light. right now it's early, 5:30, southbound towards west boulevard, some damp roadways we're still noting this morning. so just be -- still this morning so just be careful.
5:31 am
we had an accident scene from earlier. doesn't look like it's causing big delays but something we continue to watch, 4th through caldwell so use caution in the area. moving at green conditions this morning. on the outer loop at 56 miles per hour coming from wilkins boulevard over towards 16 and independence boulevard. and on the freeway from 77 and 85, moving just as well at 59 miles per hour. i'm in the breaking news center now. we are asking police for a copy of surveillance video that shows a driver smashing into this northwest charlotte rite- aid overnight and taking things from the store. you are looking at live pictures right here. you can see several police cars on the scene and investigators walking through the store but you can see the door hanging off from where that driver smashed through that building. police are trying to finish picking up the car parts that were actually left behind after the crash. that is evidence that should help them identify the car involved in this.
5:32 am
looking at surveillance video of the crime. we are asking them for the surveillance video as well as descriptions of the car and the driver. again, this happened at bell haven boulevard and valley dale road. and you can see they are inside the building and you can see glass at the bomb bottom where the car smashed through the building. we are working to find out what items they stole. as soon as we get that information, we will bring it to you right here. local businesses have a new plan to stop the i-77 toll lane to the governor. we told you 30 minutes ago, leaders say the project will still move despite financial issues connected to the contracted company. we are live along i-77 to explain the next steps joe -- >> reporter: yeah, toll opponents say they no longer feel like the underdog and instead, the odds are in their favor that the toll lane contract will be canceled. and this has been the goal of
5:33 am
channel 9 got a firsthand look at this sign and flier that the group made and plans to print 15,000 copies. the group is going to post them from the same route as the controversial project. this renewed sense of urgency stretches from charlotte to raleigh. lawmakers like the representative told channel 9 this turns the political heat on the governor. and yesterday, for the first time, he signaled the contract may be coming to an end. >> i have instructed my team to review every option available at this point in time. >> reporter: the pressure is on the governor, not only is he facing a primary challenger who is running on an anti-toll platform but the main candidate on the democratic side, the attorney general cooper, he not only said he was for this contract being canceled, he also has launched an investigation into tickets-77 mobility partners. reporting live, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. channel 9 has been investigating the toll project
5:34 am
you can find -- the tolls project for years. public safety leaders now have a new plan to keep community members safe. this comes after more than half the town police force walked off the job when leaders reinstated the police chief. city leaders have named the county sheriff the interim police chief and layed out a 30- day plan. for now, brown will report to the sheriff. he told us that he has three deputies and one officer ready to cover each shift and right now, he is trying to get some of the officers to consider coming back. >> we're working with them to help save, you know, to be honest with you, save their career. i think a lot of those decisions the other night were made in the heat of the moment. >> the chief was off the job for four months during a criminal investigation. so far, both town council and brooks declined to comment on why he was being investigated.
5:35 am
fighting to get federal funding back for local police. we told you the justice department suspended a program a allow -- allowing them to keep some money seized from drug busts. it urges the doj to resume the program. for months, local departments have said losing this federal money means they can't buy critical equipment to help fight crime. the sheriff's department said the bill to fight crime will fall on taxpayers. and now some agencies are pushing for a state law that would allow them to get the money back. channel 9 learned short- term suspensions are down at cms schools but crime and violence are still increasing. we are live outside the government center to explain the strategy that schools are using to address these issues. >> reporter: well, we went through the new report which addresses crime and punishment in classrooms and in north
5:36 am
here in charlotte though, charlotte school, the number of crime reports rose by 14% but short-term suspensions, 10 days or fewer, were down by 1%. and long-term suspicions, more than 11 day, tripled, up to 318%. a large number of the suspensions last year were african-american. the slight drop in short-term suspension reflects on an ongoing strategy to keep more in schools. it's a strategy that many people support. >> just think you have to deal with the problem and not put a band-aid on it or just dismiss it and put them out of school and leave them at home where they are more prone to crime. >> reporter: according to the report, drop-out rates were down to 1,000 last school year. four years ago, that number was at 1400. now we did reach out to cms school board members but they declined to comment saying they had not seen the report yet.
5:37 am
busy tackling the issue of student assignment. in the next 30 minute, i will tell you about the efforts some are making to gauge the interest in splitting away from reporting live, channel 9 >> thank you. you can see the full reports for your child's school district on we posted the links inside the story on our home page. hickory police are celebrating the second lowest 1995. there were just over 2100 crimes in 2015. violent crimes stayed about the same. the police department saw an increase in theft. hickory police say they have noticed an overall trend of lower crime since 2008. new for daybreak, researchers at east carolina university say 2016 could be another historic year for shark attacks because of a spike in ocean temperatures off the coast and a lack of substantial rain in north carolina. that means fewer rivers are diluting the salt water.
5:38 am
and they also like food. researchers say there's an abundance of fish drawing sharks closer to shore. last summer saw more than a carolina coasts. officials say a second student has come down with the mumps. last week. the university says the student has been in isolation and is no longer showing symptoms. that brings the total number of confirmed or probable cases across north carolina to 15. next week, u.s. senators are expected to vote on the plan to stop the nationwide crisis. it authorizes programs to prevent prescription drug and heroin abuse. and it would give first responders greater access to drugs that reverse overdoses. >> it can right now such an urgent problem and there's so many people in my home state and around the country who need the help and need it now. >> earlier this week, senate democrats lost in an effort to
5:39 am
fight but they say they won't block the bill because of a fight over funding. the carolina's panthers newest franchise player is talking about his deal and the loss of veteran defensive end charles johnson. the panthers released johnson yesterday. he says the team lost a leader. tuesday the team put the franchise tag on norman and assured they would pay him almost $14 million for year. still, he says he's got some work to do to prove his worth for a new contract. >> it's great to be wanted. but at the same time, knowing that some things got to be done in order to get past just wanting for one year. >> as far as charles johnson, a league source told espn he could be resigned in free agency. john's 63.5 sacks ranked second all-time for the franchise and a sack in each of the play-off
5:40 am
fumble in the super bowl. releasing johnson frees up $11 million in the salary cap. yeah, still damp here in town but look ago head to warm enough condition new york city icy travel problems -- conditions, no icy travel problems. in the mountain, the snow has wrapped up. wet roads in the lower elevations. watch out for dry, icy patches. and looking ahead to maybe slick spots here to start out the day today but thankfully not getting reports of anything that's widespread. as we get ready for the weekend, warming back up and into the sunshine today. and the 70s may not be that far off again as we look at a spring preview come for the middle to end of next week. let's get you back out on the damp roads this morning. mark taylor watching the traffic cameras. yeah, 77, we want to look south heading towards lake norman, south of davidson and traffic volume all looking good this morning.
5:41 am
issues and that includes up in the mountain counties where things are a little worse but right now, no problems. good news there. and that includes 85. we wanted to take you further north up that way. the volume here still light southbound into charlotte. and checked in with highway patrol earlier in gas on the county and cleveland counties north and over belmont, no issues towards the county line as well. car buyers are borrowing more money for longer term loans than ever before. all new and ahead at 6:20, the problem it's creating for the people who can least afford it. hoodies down, pants up. we showed you this con traffic lights verbal sign first and now thousands are commenting on social media. the unexpected impact on the restaurant. a family torn after police say their father stabbed his 2- year-old son and the child's mother. >> i love my daddy but i want to hate him. i'm so confused.
5:42 am
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street in boone where they have had flurries. there are still a few flakes right now. your time is now 5:44. avery county schools will be closed. ash county is on a two-hour delay. a caldwell county man is being held on $1 million bond after investigators say he stabbed his 2-year-old son and the boy's mother. >> william pitts is charged with two counts of attempted murder in wednesday night's crime. his daughter told us she called social services earlier this year over concerns of substance abuse. relatives say they made two visits to his home but never drug tested him. >> they only visit twice and that was it. they didn't do no drug test or nothing. and all that could have been prevented from one drug test. >> dss told us under north carolina law it cannot confirm or deny an investigation took place.
5:46 am
his mother are in the hospital but only say they are doing okay. sunday friends and family will gather for a visitation for a high school student killed in a crash this week. police say austin lock was driving on windy grove road when he lost control and crashed into the woods tuesday morning. his passenger, a 15-year-old died. charges are pending against lock. he is in critical condition at the hospital. the family will hold a visitation for her sunday at forest lawn funeral home. a funeral is on monday but it is not open the to the public. in lieu of flower, the family is asking for donations to help pay for the funeral. a charlotte charter school will be able to expand for students over the next few years. they currently serve grades four through eight. they'll expand to grades k-12. the elementary school will open this fall with the first class
5:47 am
add one grade level each year. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we will see some improvement in the weather. it's going to take some time and still see snow on the ground in the mountains. >> yeah, about 3 to 4 inches. there's the view as they zoom around. there's still some flakes falling. the road looks wet here but temperatures are below freezing so be on the lookout for the slick travel for this morning. again, the event wrapping up and done with. we are 38 in charlotte. 34 statesville. we are still misty out there this morning. it's still a little bit on the damp side but as the day progresses here, we will start to warm things. and back into sunshine late -- things. and getting back into sunshine late morning and midday. by noon, that's a big improvement from yesterday. we didn't even see 50 degrees yesterday afternoon. even up north, maybe a few low to mid-50s between hickory,
5:48 am
struggle but you will get back with some sun later. everybody else should get a nice amount of sunshine as the day goes on. i will pin point that time line at 6:00. at least around 51. if the sun can get in earlier, it will push the temperature up a further bit. down in chester, back in the mid-50s, staying dry for the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend looks pleasant as the temperatures warm back up. the one thing to watch this weekend, the disturbance out of the upper midwest will throw more clouds our way late in the day saturday. and that may bring sprinkles into charlotte after 9:00 saturday night. and then push through in the overnight hours for saturday. so no big rain at all but just may find a few little sprinkles working your way in the overnight hours saturday night. by sunday, we are back in the full sunshine. the five-day forecast, the weekend right around the
5:49 am
and the warmer weather into next week, 72 tuesday. and may see numbers going up more by wednesday and thursday of next week. another spring preview starts to work its way back in. >> for the folks looking for >> yeah, it's back. -- there it is. >> yeah, it's back. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. and here's mark taylor. what is it looking like mark? >> the traffic is beginning to the interstates. gas on the county this morning on 58 where the traffic is rolling along near the mall northbound. in fact, coming in from cleveland county into kings mountain this morning, you are in good shape. a lot of room to move around this morning. drive times right now, at the 19 minute mark, even with damp roadways from belmont this morning at 66 miles per hour. and coming in from 16, too early for those slow downs towards 58 and the uptown area. 48 miles per hour. that's less than 15 minutes.
5:50 am
picture of a major struggle moments before a raleigh police officer shot and killed a man. >> we have been asking all week long for a thorough investigation. >> ahead on daybreak at 6:30, the missing piece investigators say they need to close this case and provide answers for a community on edge. this sign criticizing sagging pants and hoodies is getting national attention since our story aired. the message other restaurant owners have for the owner. plus, taking new steps to break away from charlotte schools.
5:51 am
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bada ba ba troopers say a witness saved the lives of two men trapped in a burning car in north carolina. frank smith was on his way to work wednesday morning and saw a burning car on i-95. he pulled both men out right before the car burst into flames. he said he had to get them both out of the passenger's side and the passenger had a broken leg.
5:54 am
moments aafter that rescue. rescue. >> he wanted to thank me for birthday. he turned 20 yesterday. and i know i saved both of their lives and it feels good to be able to do something like that. >> troopers say the driver had fallen asleep and crashed into a box truck. new this morning, a study says south carolina is one of the worst states for women to live in. only louisiana ranked worse. it measured 15 things including poverty. north carolina ranked in the middle of the pack. and we are starting to get temperatures. >> yeah, still transitioning from the wet weather last night to the clear sky we will see this afternoon. the clouds are still in place but all the rain is gone. just a few little flakes in the mountains left over now, the cause of minor travel issues but nothing terribly widespread. and we will see the sunshine returning this afternoon. i will show you the timing in a moment. and look ago head to the warmer
5:55 am
through this weekend. we will see how high the numbers could climb for the weekend activities. hopefully outdoor activities. let's get you back on the roads. well, north of charlotte's uptown on statesville just below 85, we were seeing lingering delays but things beginning to clear out. for the most part, traffic is getting through without any big slow downs. mother of two shot and killed outside of her work. ahead on daybreak in just minute, the surprising call the suspect made to his grandfather moments after the shooting. leaders are meeting to discuss breaking away from charlotte schools over the issue of student assignment. the survey now being passed around in a nearby community to
5:56 am
es someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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breaking news in northwest charlotte. we want to give you live look at damage to a rite-aid after a burglar crashed a car into it to get inside ask steal. the evidence police are sorting through right now to track down a suspect. talks today could lead to a major shake-up in cms. the question leaders are asking parents as local towns consider splitting the school district. good morning. >> avery schools are closed today. ash county schools are on a two- hour delay. it's almost 6:00 now. and they're still dealing with problem roads up in the mountain counties.
6:00 am
the secondary roads having issues. the main roads are okay. you will find a flew flurries flying this morning. the sprinkles are about to finish here in charlotte as well. just a little bit of a fine mist still in place. near freezing in boone in jefferson. the salted roads working all right. but go up in elevation and you will get into the 20 assumed. these numbers will warm up through the later part of the day but still a damp morning out there. the roads are still wet. and they are drying out. 9:00, we should break into sunshine. and the upper 30s, back in the mid-50s with more sun this afternoon. i will have the time line for what your neighborhood breaks back into the sunshine in a moment. first up, 6:00 a.m., let's go back to mark taylor and see what traffic issues are arising. looking on i-77 in south charlotte, up from the state line, the traffic volume is picking up just a bit but not seeing big delays. in fact, just checked with highway patrol northbound into


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