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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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everyone. a second case of mumps charlotte. when the student contracted the virus and what the university is saying about the threat to other students. local businesses are now waiting to the find out how the bankruptcy of a texas company will affect i-77 toll lanes. >> we feel like it does leave us on the hook. >> the steps they are now taking to renew the fight against the project. good friday morning to you. >> thank you for joining us. we're going to have those stories for you in a moment. but first, we have a look at today's conditions. it felt a little cooler outside this morning.
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but the rain is gone. the rain from last night has moved out. it's just going the take a while to get things to dry out this morning. the rain is off to the east but still gray and a little mist and cloud cover here in charlotte. and light snow up into the mountains and we expect some slick travel up there. but all the road cam, roads just look wet with temperatures close to freezing still. obviously some slick patches will be found. mid- to upper 30s in charlotte and it's going to take a long stretch to get the clouds out of here. it may be midday before we get back into some sunshine. for the rest of the day ahead, sunshine returning, again, it may take a while. highs returning to mid-50s. decent warm-up today. and the weekend, i'll have the numbers for the weekend plans in a moment. >> thank you. we are in the breaking news center following an overnight
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we want to give you a live look at the scene. we've got -- we can tell you that police are at a rite-aid pharmacy. you can see extensive damage to the front door, right there in the picture. our crew is at the scene asking police for a description of the burglar and if there's surveillance video of the scene and how that damage happened. we will bring you more information just as soon as we get it. business owners along i-77 are taking action. >> yeah, a texas company connected to the company filed for bankruptcy over toll lanes there. and now local groups are printing signs and fliers that they'll distribute throughout the area. they want to send a message to the governor. >> the cheapest day to stop
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the next cheapest day is tomorrow. >> transportation secretary will travel to texas on monday to talk with the company about the company's bankruptcy. >> even if the state cuts tie, the toll lanes could still come to our area. the reason the planning organization believes toll lanes are the still the best way to manage traffic. today the mayor of matthews will hold a closed door strategy meeting to talk about the possibility of splitting away from cms. last month, they were considering the move because of cms's student assignment survey. the mayor says he will also bring up the idea during the board of commissioners meeting this month. meanwhile, charlotte schools are taking the first steps toward finding a new superintendent. the school board created a three-person committee to find a search forum. the board member will chair it. she told us that they'll skip
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>> we are more than happy to hear from anybody that wants to share but i don't think we need to spend the taxpayer dollars to reengage and ask the same questions we have asked for the last 10 years. >> a former member is serving as a consultant for the search. unc charlotte officials say they have confirmed a second case of mumps on the campus. test results received wednesday show it was positive. the university says the student has been in isolation and is no longer showing symptoms and there's no risk to other students. several of the cases link back to lowes corporate headquarters. two weeks ago, officials said two employees tested positive for the virus. the total number of confirmed or probable cases in north carolina stands at 15. new this morning, health officials say super germs hospital infections.
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infection mrsa and five other bacteria. the centers for disease control is warning doctors and hospitals to be more careful about how they predescribe antibiotics. a rock hill inmate who walked away from a release center more than a month ago is back in jail awaiting extradition. he was captured in georgia on wednesday. once returned to south carolina, he will be charged with escape and other crimes. deputies believe he broke into a school and pulled a gun hours after he left the prerelease center. friends and family will say their final good-byes to a couple killed in a tragic they died sunday night. investigators say a pickup truck crashed into their home, hit a propane tank and caused an explosion. injuries. starting today at 2:00, family will receive friends.
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they'll be laid to rest afterward in the church cemetery. south carolina lawmakers canceled a meeting to discuss a meal legalizing medical marijuana. the committee says they expect the bill will be controversial and wants to clarify a few issues first. one concern is what liability a company could face if a worker uses marijuana. if you're in the market for a new car, you can expect to borrow more than ever before. the option some buyers are considering to keep from running up more debt. we first told you wednesday about this controversial sign at a local restaurant telling people to pull up their pants and hang up their phones. the response the owner says he is getting since we first aired the story. a mother of two murdered outside her workplace. next this morning, the family
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bada autopsy results show the man a raleigh police officer shot on monday was hit four times. >> the report says he was shot in the right chest, left forearm, right upper arm and right shoulder but it does not say if she was shot while
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witnesses said the 24-year-old was running away when the officer shot him in the back but there's no video of what happened. the state bureau of investigation has been talking to witnesses. the district attorney says the medical examiner is still looking into how and where the bullets entered the body. >> we will continue to do everything we can to talk to people within the community and we might have seen what happened -- within the community that might have seen what happened. and most importantly, there will be forensic evidence at the end of the day. >> the north carolina state crime lab is trying to expedite the analysis of evidence which could shed more light on what happened. a man is charged with murder after police say he shot his exgirl friend and another man in hickory. both victims were managers at the mcdonald's. family members say they dated for years and had two children together but the relationship fell apart.
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grandson called prior to the crime. >> and he cried for two days. but he didn't say he was going to kill. he told us he was going to go kill himself. and he said his grandson called him after the shooting and confessed to the crime. americans are borrowing more money for longer periods of time to pay for new cars. the way some are choosing to the off-set the financial burden. if you want to eat in this charlotte restaurant, you have to take off your hoodie and not come in smelling like pot. the reaction from other restaurant owners and the actions some plan to take. avery county schools are
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good morning to you. a live look from the speedway cam. of course, some of us saw some rain overnight. and now it's very quiet. temperature right now in the 30s for some of us. we're going to look ahead and see what the forecast is going to be for the weekend in severe weather center 9. today these two men will face a judge charged with trying to rob an east charlotte 7-eleven. >> we brought you the first live pictures from the scene from our breaking news center yesterday morning. channel 9 had the only crew there as police took them into
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the third suspect is only 13 years old. >> it's not good. neighborhood. not good for anybody, especially that age. >> the suspects took money and some cigars but dropped most of them on the way out. cmpd used k-9s to track the suspects to a nearby car. today a man will face a judge after police say he shot northwest charlotte. we brought you the shooting as breaking news tuesday morning separate crime scenes. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. they say he shot the victim. she was found about a mile and a half away. channel 9 obtained new search warrants on a high school student charged with making a false bomb threat and sexual exploitation of a minor. detectives searched his cellphone back in january while he was at school. they say he gave them
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after he made a bomb threat and claimed that he tried to join isis. officers say they found images and videos of children engaged in sexual activity. the search warrant also states that he admitted to trading the videos and pictures with people online. those images led detectives to search his home and computer where detectives say they found another explicit video. he will be back in court next week. congressional democrats are calling for a vote on a supreme court nominee before the end of president barack obama's term. republican leaders still say they won't consider a nominee to replace antonin scalia until after the presidential election. one congressman is demanding hearings. >> they let ambition and partisan politics take the reigns of our democracy. that is not right. that is not fair. and that is not just. >> the president is expected to name a nominee in the next week.
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are divided on when to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. 58% say they would like to see the president make nomination. 41% say they would prefer a vacancy. broken down by party, 82% of democrats want the president to make the choice compared to 29% of republicans. the owners of a northeast charlotte restaurant say they have gotten several calls from people supporting their signs. we told you about the signs outside the japanese restaurant wednesday. they read, take your hoodie down, pull up your pant, finish your phone conversations and marijuana smell not allowed. the owners says some other businesses are considering putting up similar signs. >> they're 100% behind the sign. great response. we're getting calls from people we don't know. they're saying, you're doing the right thing. >> north carolina restaurant officials say they do not know
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the state with similar signs but say since it's a private business, they have a right to post them. last night's rain has cleared up and you have a clear but cool morning ahead. let's check for what is going to be to appear to be a nice weekend. >> yeah, a great stretch of weather on the way. you can see some of the mist showing up here, just on the north side of uptown, unc charlotte area and back. all of this is drifting to the southeast, pretty quickly. midwood here at 4:56. union county 5:30. drifting south, it will probably fall apart quickly. but a few spots of mist left over. and flurries left in the mountains but that is winding down fast. the futurecast in the next few hour, the snow ends in the high country. and sky clears by late morning and by midday, more sunshine. and should be a pleasant rest of the day today and the rest of the weekend for that matter as warmer temperatures will
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not terribly cold but just damp and chilly. 38 charlotte. the mountains are near freezing. because of snow accumulation overnight. and not going to see the main roads cause problems this morning but secondary roads for sure, at least a little slick spot or two starting to move back in. the numbers warm up well throughout the day. and a cool start, near 50 by lunchtime. and high in the mid-50s in charlotte, around 55. even up north in hickory, back in the sunshine today. 40 into the mountains. but the trend continue to be on the upswing into the weekend. late tomorrow, clouds will start to roll in through saturday. and may even get a sprinkle tomorrow night. i will show you that at 5:00 a.m. sunday, full sunshine and 60. and another 10-degree jump toward the end of our weekend and toward next week. warmer weather is returning. stay on top of the improving conditions on our wsoctv
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and check the current conditions as we warm up. the five-day forecast through the weekend looks beautiful. little cloudy tomorrow afternoon late in the day but overall, great into early next week. and sunshine and 70 degrees back into tuesday. >> looks like a great weekend to make plans. >> yes, outdoor activities ready to go. >> thank you. a local economist says people here in north carolina don't need to worry about another recession. the one downfall he says will have thest impact on -- have budget. the alternative option some people are choosing to avoid long-term payments and high interest. cam, traffic moving pretty
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you so far in this the hickory record daily report that the fbi is getting into the investigation into the firing of a town administrator. he worked for the town for nearly 14 years. last month, we got a copy of a letter accusing him of possibly forcing the town alderman's signature in order to get paid hundreds of hours of sick time. nothing wrong. today supporters of the plan to remove questions about felony convictions will rally in charlotte.
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gives felons a fair chance of starting over. county leaders will consider the change in two weeks. today nasa will talk about the completion of astronaut scott kelly's nearly year in space. afterward, kelly will share his perspective on the mission and answer questions about his time at the international space station. new this morning, more americans are leasing cars than ever before. usa today reports a third of new car and truck transactions in the last quarter of 2015 were leases. that is up nearly 30% in four years. part of the reason is the new car loans average a record $30,000 a year. loans are also being spread out over longer periods of time leaving many buyers owing more than their cars are worth before it's paid off. on the down side, people who lease vehicles end up with no equity or vehicle at the end of the term. people in south carolina complained more about car
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the state department of consumer affairs says it received nearly 4,000 complaints in 2015. that resulted in more than $1 million being given back to customers in the form of credit, refunds and adjustments. utilities and debt collection were also high on the list of consumer complaints. let's get a check on your traffic with mark taylor. >> right now, the traffic flow light in south charlotte. 77 at woodlawn road for the northbound commute. no accidents here. we had an earlier wreck, we will see if that's causing delays in a minute. for now, just the damp roadways. for the most part, we are drying out. yeah, steadier rain has moved along. still kind of misty. you can see the few showers off the foothills here toward charlotte but they are drying up as they arrive. another than a light raindrop, the activity is winding down. clouds though, it will take a while.
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you how even though a few clouds may come in at time, overall, a quiet weekend is expected. >> thank you. jennifer roberts speaking out against state officials over their opposition to the city's controversial non- discrimination ordinance. the way she says the city will suffer if lawmakers repeal the ordinance. and we are following breaking news in northwest charlotte. ahead at 5:00, the new
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the in just a few hour, channel 9 will push state transportation for answers about the future of the i-77 toll lane project. the reason some say even if the contract are canceled, the toll lanes are inevitable. several local towns are taking big steps towards split away from charlotte schools. the special meeting happening today and the one question dozens of parents are being asked. good morning. >> a heads up for parents this morning, today avery county schools are on a two-hour delay. let's get a check on the
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weather center 9. some folks have a little bit of mist but we are starting to clear up a little bit. >> yeah, the overall picture, much more clear than what it was last night. that's for sure. if you were watching us at 1 1:00, steve was tracking a decent amount of rainfall but you have to zoom in to find anything left over. just a few sprinkles working their way east of uptown charlotte now, out of the university area and near the plaza, just very light sprinkles left in place. this is drying out quickly. and it may take a while to get the clouds to move out today. the morning drive, you will find a few damp spots on the road early. by 9:00, expecting the clouds to begin to break up. in starting out in the mid- to upper 30s. and in the mountains, still some left over flurries but additional accumulation looks slim to none. how much warmer weather is coming back in for the weekend plans, that's coming up. a few minor incidents early this friday morning. >> yeah, ash county, on a two-


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