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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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by 6:00, we get rain to roll through the region. ahead, we'll extend the time line of the future cast through the night and how long it lasts, how much mountain snow will add up and if we can get the rain to get out of here as we get ready for the early morning commute on your friday. >> you can track the storm at your fingertips on wsoc-tv's weather app. the future of the controversy i-77 toll lanes are in jeopardy. a group with ties to the construction company filed for bankruptcy. the state d.o.t. will head to texas to get answers. jenna deery explains how a project there could impact our i-77 project. >> reporter: i've got a copy of the bankruptcy filing that's prompted the governor to order ncdot to investigate the contract the state has gotten
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it's a subsidiary of centra. they've failed for bankruptcy on a project to build a lane from austin to san antonio. we learned ncdot secretary nick tennison is heading to austin monday to meet with texas dot to review legal and financial options with i-77 mobility partners business model and current contract with the state of north carolina. i-77 mobility partners is a sister subsidiary of the texas company facing financial trouble. we've also reported another centra subsidiary in indiana filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after taking control of a toll road there. this all leaves us asking what happens to the project that would run from here in uptown all the way up to mooresville on i-77, and will the state cancel the contract? many community leaders and drivers have not liked from the beginning. i'm working on getting those answers today. jenna deery, channel 9 eyewitness news. now we've covered the
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you can see the previous efforts to stop the plan and why leaders pushed ahead with it. search for that coverage at cms leaders are talking about the search for the next superintendent. the board of education is mapping out a time line for the san jose process. current superintendent anne clark will hold that position through june of next year. the board voted to extend her contract last month. they said they needed a full year to find her replacement. days after police arrested a man in the murder of his new details about the suspect and the night of the crime. police say erwin feldman murdered his mother at her home in south charlotte back in 2014. search warrants we leased this morning reveal a comforter, a pillow, flat sheet, and lamp were all taken from the scene of the night of the crime. the documents also reveal more about their relationship and a possible motive. we're breaking all that down for you today at 5:00 on eyewitness news.
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investigators for more information after a mother and her toddler were stabbed in caldwell county. investigators believe it started from a domestic incident at a home on fair way acres drive south of lenoir. they arrested one man. the toddler was air lifted to the hospital. investigators say another child may have also been hurt. in the past few hours, police identified the driver in this crash that killed a west meck high school student they say austin lock is in critical condition after tuesday's crash on windy grove road in west mecklenburg county. 15-year-old heaven shay was in the backseat and died. two other passengers and west meck students were injured. charges are pending. in the past few hours a man charged in this deadly shooting outside of a mcdonald's in hickory faced a judge. eyewitness news reporter dave faherty first broke the news of this shooting last night and has learned new details on a possible motive. the court appearance lasted
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in all this, eric young didn't say a word, didn't show any emotion as he appeared before that judge. take a look at this video, the 22-year-old is charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. he's accused of killing rochelle and shooting cody watts in the parking lot of the mcdonald's in hickory. they both worked as managers as the fast food restaurant and were living when young pulled in striking watt's pickup truck. watts was shot in the truck. lale in the parking lot nearby. >> it shows that nowhere is safe. keep on your tows and pay attention to your surroundings. >> we learned from police this morning they've recovered what they believe is possibly the murder weapon in this case. yunt is locked up at the catawba county detention center without bond this midday. dave faherty channel 9 eyewitness news.
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walked away from a rock hill facility has been caught in georgia. zachary reeves escaped in late january. hours later he broke into a school and stole a gun. yesterday officers say they caught him south of atlanta. he'll be extradited back to south carolina to face escape and other charges. today the state is expected to release the latest numbers on mumps cased in the area. there are 14 probable and confirmed cases total now. that includes three confirmed in mecklenburg county. and two in iredell. mumps is a mild virus. but it's hard to prevent the spread because it can take 25 days for the symptoms to appear. count on channel 9 to bring you the latest numbers as soon as they're released. lawyers for governor pat mccrory's reelection campaign argue that they didn't break any laws when the governor appeared in an online ad. the ad supported the 2 billion- dollar connect nc bond on the ballot. governor pat mccrory is also on the ballot.
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with bond committees. progress nc action says that it appears his campaign worked with the bond committee on the ad. in january, we told you they filed a complaint asking the state to investigate. four people are behind bars, including a 15-year-old after trying to rob this busy 7/11. the big mistake they made that led to their capture. a new attack on donald trump, the people in his party calling him a phony. and the response to trump we're all ready seeing at north carolina poles. you can see the clouds have really begun to move in quickly. only 44 degrees. i'm tracking a warm up into the
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we have to get passed the we have to get passed t stocks are lower this midday. take a look. investors are waiting for tomorrow's jobs report. the dow is down 60. the nasdaq down 20. in the past few hours early voting sites opened across north carolina. you can see in this video here, a steady stream of voters all ready casting ballots. this is in gaston county. there are several state offices on the ballot. but many voters told us they can't wait to vote for presidential candidate donald trump. >> i am for donald trump. i don't mind telling you. i believe what he said. >> elections officials believe that some democratics have switched party affiliations so they could vote for trump. today at 5:00, we're digging into the number of voters changing parties in time to vote in the primaries. a former republican presidential nominee spoke out bashing trump. as megan hughes reports, mitt
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hours ahead of a key debate. >> reporter: today the 2012 nominee mitt romney making his case in donald trump in salt lake city. he says donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public for suckers. this morning on good morning america trump taking on romney and the gop establishment. >> millions of people are joining the republican party because of me, and you know what, the republican establishments probably going to give it back and go back to the old days of mitt romney who couldn't win. >> senator ted cruz saying there are too many candidates to beat trump. >> if we're going to beat donald trump, the field can't remain fractured. >> senator marco rubio staying in after winning one state out of fifteen. the field is narrowing dr. ben
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campaign on wednesday announcing there's no political path forward. on the democratic side, hillary clinton still celebrating a big super tuesday at a star studded fundraiser last night. >> what a great night. >> the email investigation continues to haunt her campaign. today reports the clinton aid who established her private server has been granted immunity by the fbi. >> republicans will faceoff today in detroit. and donald trump will have to confront fox moderator megan kelly who he sparred with in the past. a 15-year-old and three suspects accused of robbing a convenient store at gunpoint this morning. what they tried to get away with and the trail they left that led police right to them. new details about the day a raleigh police officer shot and killed a suspect.
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within hoursceived these four suspects here, including a 15-year-old are in custody today accused of robbing a southeast charlotte convenient store at gunpoint. we brought you breaking news on daybreak. joe bruno spoke to customers who were surprised about this crime in a quiet area. >> reporter: it wasn't a clean robbery. the manager of this 7/11 told me when the suspects tried to get away they left behind a trail of cigars and police say
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to their capture. it happened around 4:00 a.m. on the corner of monroe and sharon amity roads. police say two people entered the store and demand cash at gunpoint. and two friends waited in the get away car. the manager tells me two people stole $160 from the register and philly cigars but as they tried to escape, they dropped most of what they took. we spoke with police and spotted them with an envelope full of evidence. police say they didn't make it far. a police dog was able to track the four suspects less than a half mile away on mandarin boulevard. our cameras were rolling as police took the suspects into custody. their identities haven't been released yet. but we're blurring their faces. we're told one of them is only 15 years old. people we spoke with are shocked to hear someone so young would be involved in this.
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they don't have no guidance no more. parents are not in their lives no more and everything like that. >> no one was hurt in the robbery. and we're continuing to ask police what charges the four suspects will face. reporting live in east charlotte, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. new at noon, raleigh police say someone threatened their department the day an officer shot and killed a suspect. a search warrant shows an unknown gmail account sent an email to a raleigh police officer on monday. police called it a threat against the lives of officers. but they would not say exactly what the threat was. it comes as a city investigates the deadly shooting. officer dc twitty says he shot akil in self defense while trying to arrest him. his mother says the officer shot him in the back. they're calling on the medical examiner to release the autopsy report. >> as soon as we have information that we know can be validated, we will be releasing information.
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plan to conduct their own investigation. denkins funeral is tomorrow. in 1991, a witness recorded video of l.a. police beating rodney king. he led officers on a high-speed chase. officers were acquitted. that set off riots in 92. 53 people died. we got a little bit of sun out there now. that's not going to last much longer. meteorologist keith monday is here. we're seeing schools closing early. and the mountains maybe getting ahead of the snow chance this afternoon. this is why they're letting out early the clouds all ready filtering in. still thin for the time being. the sun's coming through. but there are brighter white clouds to the west. that's the thicker cloud cover that will be here in the next hour. we're not going to warm up much more from where we are now. we're at 50 this afternoon. we're still at 44. what a difference the last couple days.
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as this event starts in the high country. temperatures for most will be still above freezing. but late this afternoon into this evening, the numbers up there will fall and you'll see that snow up there accumulate. the rain chance increases into the evening hours. a few light showers around for the drive home. a better chance into the night. we fall back through the low 40s through 11:00. here's the time line, the future cast, activity farther west. it looks like the bulk of the rain and the mountain snow holds off until 6:00 and 7:00 on in. you'll have a few showers around. the afternoon. most may not need them until later on tonight. this will last in waves through the over night hours through about midnight and there after the moisture moves out fast. by 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow morning. the rain's gone. 8:00. the mountain snow all ready beginning to wind down. so it's a quick event. i'd say a quarter inch of rain or less for most neighborhoods. the mountain snow will add up
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a winter weather advisory up here for tonight. three inches or more in the higher elevations of avery county at ski resort level. that will lead to travel issues late tonight for sure. and even the mountain areas in burke and caldwell county. a little light coating on the grass. but i don't anticipate travel issues outside of the mountains. we'll be there tomorrow morning at 4:30 to let you know what to expect. we clear out. the weekend looking great. upper 60s saturday. the latest computer model coming in saturday afternoon. saturday night. but that's long gone by sunday. still in the 60s. still full of sunshine. the outlook for next week has all the eastern half of the country in the outlook for well above average temperatures. we could be going well back into the low 70s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. if you enjoyed the weather we had earlier this week when we saw a spring preview, it's on
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before you head out, check out the interactive radar with our wsoc-tv weather app. your five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, it's a quick rain chance over night tonight. long gone early tomorrow morning. it may take a while for clouds to move out as we head through the day on friday. more sunshine through the weekend. especially sunday. we see the warm up rolling into next week, 65 monday. 70 will be back before you know it next week. >> after the rain tonight we have a nice dry stretch again. channel 9 showed you this sign telling customers hoodies, sagging, and marijuana smells aren't allowed. the calls that the owner has been inundated with and why behind it. the fight between apple and the fbi is about to get bigger the companies that are about to join the fight are protecting the future of your data.
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winning numbers from the north winumbers from the north wi breaking now in west mecklenburg county. there's been a crash. it's slowing down traffic. take a look, live reports. first responders are on the scene here. this is the ramp from 485 to 85. that's exit 30. one lane is shut downright now. maybe even two. cars are slowly moving past it. but they are moving past it. crews are out there. they're directing traffic. we have calls in asking exactly what caused this. you can count on channel 9. we'll bring you updates immediately on air and online new at noon, today a number of giant tech companies will join apple's fight to protect
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they're refusing to help the fbi hack into a phone used by a terrorist. jacqueline fell has been following the developments in the debate. >> google, facebook, and twitter, social media companies that hold a lot of our personal information are expected to file paper work in apple's defense today in federal court. apple is refusing to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters despite a court order to do so. the aclu was the first major organization to line up behind apple with a court filing yesterday. the civil liberties group called the case unlawful and unconstitutional and says that it would undermine the public's right to privacy. just this week, here on capitol hill, apple said helping the fbi break into this phone would make everyones phone less safe. >> the fbi has asked the court to order us to give them something that we don't have to create an operating system that
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the reason it doesn't exist is because it would be too dangerous. >> fbi director james says apple has it all wrong. he told lawmakers all the fbi wants to do is remove a setting that would erase the phone if ten wrong pass codes are entered. in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9 eyewitness news. last month was one of the biggest ever for gun background checks in the united states. the fbi ran 2.6 million checks. the third biggest month on record. the record was in december at 3.3 million checks. the agency conducts the checks every time someone tries to buy a gun from a federally licensed dealer. students in south carolina could require children to stay in a child safety seat for longer. bill would keep kids in rear facing seats until they're two. and in forward facing seats until the age of eight instead
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until they're 13 instead of six. a columbia pediatrician told lawmakers keeping kids in the backseat until 13 reduces the risk of injury by 70%. but critics say it's crazy to have someone in the back until two years before they get a driver's permit. we're going to see clouds moving in throughout the afternoon. >> sunshine saying so long here. the rain will be moving in by the evening drive. it won't be that heavy. but it picks up into the night tonight. a chance for rain showers through the over night hours. we'll barely get close to 50 today. steve will have the updated time line on when the rain rolls in on live early warning doppler 9 and how we'll see a bigger warm up coming our way next week. thanks for making channel 9 your choice for news this midday.
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