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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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taylor, a few minor problems out there. >> we have a stalled vehicle to the southwest. it could be on south trion. just up from 485, approaching arrow wood road. drive time technology is not showing any big issues. 26 minute ride from lake wylie, and you have to get to uptown charlotte. it's quiet for the interstates, but we are dealing with the wet roadways, and this is at 5, northbound, not seeing any big issues, just check in with your county headed your, no accidents or slow downs. i'm in the breaking news center, following two stories in our area. in pineville, an electrical fire caused heavy damage to this home overnight. it was just before 1:00 this morning. investigators said an extension cord that was used as permanent wiring in the home caused the fire.
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charred and part of the war is gone. thankfully everyone made it out safely. fire crews had to rescue some of the family pets. in york county, someone hit and killed a man walking along a busy highway. it was yesterday evening on u.s. 21 on marine drive, and it was south of rock hill. troopers identified the driver as willie small. he was not hurt. we are asking for more information including the victim's name and if any charges will be filed. >> more breaking news just ahead on daybreak. i will be back in the breaking news center to break down the results from supertuesday. a story we are following for your day ahead. today a leader will push to meet the cmpd chief about this video here that shows an officer punching a hit-and-run suspect. joe bruno is live outside of the cmpd headquarters, and the
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>> cmpd has not released any information about the officer. he's being investigated for excessive use of force. a viewer sent the video to channel 9, and it was taken by a neighbor inside of the apartments in matthews. in the video you can see seven cmpd officers and a highway patrol trooper surrounding the hit-and-run suspect malcolm elliott. you can see one officer hit the suspect several times. elliott was involved in a hit- and-run on village lake drive, and cmpd was assisting highway patrol in the chase, and officers found the suspect's blue mazda and elliott ran and resisted when they tried to put him in handcuffs. despite the resistance, community advocates say it concerns them. >> why it escalated to the use of force, punching a person seven, eight, nine times, why that was needed. >> reporter: and we reached out to several city council members
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wait until after the investigation to comment. reporting live at cmpd headquarters, joe bruno. >> joe, thank you. you can count on channel 9 to follow the story throughout the day, bringing you developments as soon as we learn them on air and online on students are mourning the death of a 15-year-old classmate killed in a crash. evan shea was in the backseat of this car here when the driver ran off the road here at windy drove and hit a tree yesterday morning. shortly after friends visited the crash scene leaving flowers and a cross with messages of love to shea. >> i see my son, and it was my son's best friend. >> it breaks my heart. >> two other westmex students were in the car and injured along with the driver. the driver was speeding and
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have been filed. new details about the triple homicide in gaston county. our partners with the gaston gazette say this woman will be charged with the death of two other people who she found neck ached with her home. crystal gambino murdered all three of the victims? >> reporter: that's right, one of the victims was drug outside of the house, and also inside, they found giovanni gambino and geoffry gilliland inside. it's believed the three met online and were engaged in sexual activities online. she picked up her 9-year-old daughter from school and
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channel 9 was at the house all day yesterday as investigators collected evidence, and we were there as crystal gambino was in court for the first time after confessing to the murders. her husband was a well-known political consultant, recently working for albert gillroy. the allegations are shocking to those who knew giovanni. >> he was a personal friend of mine. i don't know what to think about that. it certainly does not change my opinion or my high regard for gio. >> reporter: we have been told the gambinos had a history of domestic problems. crystal is due back in court on the 21st.
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results from last night. donald trump and hillary clinton are one step closer to becoming the party's nomination. each got big wins here in the south and in new england. >> thank you all so much! what a super tuesday! >> the super tuesday results look increasingly likely that the november election will be a matchup of hillary clinton and donald trump. >> i'm going to go after one person, and that's hillary clinton. >> clinton marching forward on a clear path to her party's nomination, keeping one eye on her democratic competitor, bernie sanders after he won minnesota. with a commanding lead in the delegate count, clinton is taking on trump. >> america never stopped being great. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz won texas, oklahoma, and alaska, and rubio won his first state, minnesota,
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nomination will stretch on. but the night commanded trump. he was more gracious than in the recent days. >> i want to congratulate ted on his win in texas. he worked hard. it was a tough night for marco rubio, but he worked hard. >> cruz wants voters to think of this as a two-man race. >> the race remains divided and donald's path to the nomination is much more likely. >> none of the candidates have indicated they will be dropping out of the race. you can find the results from super tuesday on our website. look for the story on the top of attorneys fighting the new north carolina congressional district map are telling judges it is still racially bias. here's the new map. the map makers did not consider racial demographics at all.
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new map and draw better boundaries, and the new map is supposed to be used in the congressional primary scheduled for june 7th. state attorneys have until objections. raleigh city leaders are asking for a peaceful response to the shooting of a suspect. >> one of your officers shot now. >> last night demonstrators marched in front of the wake county courthouse to protest the killing of akiel denkins. the police officer was trying to serve a drug warrant, and there was a gun found near denkins's body. >> we are not going to sit back silently while our people are being shot down as they are running or while they are unarmed.
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to figure out if the officer saw denkins with a gun and felt threatened before the shooting. right now the officer is on administrative leave. right now channel 9 will get a look at some of carowin's attractions, and we will also get to see the carolina harbor water park. not too much longer. if you want to learn more about the 3d digital attraction, you can see the tour today at 5:00. weather and traffic every 10 minutes, and here's keith monday in severe weather center 9. yesterday would have been a perfect day to go. >> it's a nice spring preview, but the day like that, it will be awhile before we see it again. it was very clear out there down.
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and look at the color changes as you go northbound, and we drop into the 30s for most of the mountains, but here in avery county, well below freezing, and it is 20 at beach mountain, and anything out there could be icy this morning, and now it's below to the freezing point. we will talk about the chill lasting not just through today, but the next couple of days, and the time is 5:11. what are we seeing? >> the bridge replacement. polk street still closed. it's a heads up and reminder checking on the conditions through the area. obviously the alternate route is needed for the carolina place parkway. we will check on 85 coming in from gaston county coming up next. 5:11 now. video you will only see here. ahead at 5:45, the reason the
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motorcycle rider, and what they found when they caught up to him. this south carolina teacher is out after job after a student accessed her phone and found nude pictures. at 5:30, the reason the district is holding the teacher responsible. a judge convicted this
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it's almost a quarter after five. a judge found this woman guilty of squatting in a large home. >> we were there live when ninti el-bey took to the stand. she was representing her stand. the judge pressed for what right she had to be to the home? >> i have superior knowledge on a lot of things. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the judge never got the proof he was looking for. she was found guilty of six of the seven charges that stemmed from her arrest at this home at the piper glen neighborhood. she can avoid prison time if
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not returning to that home. we checked overnight, and a man accused of using a knife to rob two gastonia stores is today. stephen wilson's bond was set at $100,000 this video shows him robbing the express mart on saturday night, and he also robbed the family dollar on sunday night. both stores caught clear images of the suspect on surveillance. the man accused of murdering to college students in virginia is expected to plead guilty today. jesse matthews jr. is charged in the deaths of hannah graham and morgan harrington. graham was a university of virginia student who disappeared in september 2014 while harrington was a virginia tech student who disappeared after a concert in 2009.
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the agency made a mistake after finding an iphone left behind by one of the san bernardino shooters. the misstep made it hard for the fbi to access the information they are now seeking. they testified before a house judiciary community. apple is refusing to agree to help. the fbi says that i not take advantage of the access. >> hackers could reek havoc on our personal safety, and it would set a dangerous intrusion for the government and the safety of its citizens. >> the agency wants apple to create a program to allow it to guess as many pass codes as possible so they do not erase the data, but apple argues the
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to. these 150 fort bragg soldiers are now back home with their loved ones. >> the soldiers were in iraq for 9 months, and families crowded in at hope air base in fayetteville with posters and big smiles on their faces as the heroes marched in yesterday afternoon. >> we are just going to spend him. >> it sounds like he has already got his marching orders? >> yes! >> the paratroopers helped to train assist iraq forces in their fight against terrorists. >> 284 days waiting to kiss my daddy, yeah. >> gets me every time. it's 5:18 and weather and traffic every 10 minute, let's go to keith monday on this severe weather center 9. >> all the clouds are moving
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sliver of cloud cover moving along. we will see and enjoy plenty of sunshine today, and we are still at 50 in charlotte this number will go down before the morning is done. we will likely settle well down into the 40s for the morning is finished. mid-40sto hickory and statesville, and watch for icy travel as you head up in elevation. the 20s already, and you may have slick roads out there the winds are still strong in the mountains, gusting strong this morning, and the winds will subside into this evening. much more calm into the night tonight, and a high wind warning for arabland. the wind speeds were strong last night, and they are starting to subside occupy there -- subside up there. midday hours, 51, and the last 2 days in a row, we were mid- to upper 60s by lunchtime, noticeable change, and more of a jacket and sunglasses ready to go today. plenty of sun at 53, and well
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of the year. the next weather maker taking shape tomorrow afternoon out to the west. the similar time line, less intense, and we will not see the severe weather to west like we saw before the storm came through last night. decent showers rolling in, the light rain will pick up, and a steadier rain tomorrow night, and there will be snow in the mountains. i don't believe it will stretch that far into the foothills, and you may see a few flakes, but the next half an hour, not expecting much to add up. early friday morning for you and the rain is still here. by 7:00 a.m. t moved out, and we are expecting a repeat of a dry pattern for the morning drive, and on friday, the 5-day forecast, the weekend always in view. the low 50s for now, and again for tomorrow, the cloudy skies building in. rain chance late in the day. all dry for friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures on a slow increase. back near 60 for the weekend plans.
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>> reporter: 85 rolling along. checking conditions this morning from the gaston county commuters this is what we are dealing with. light traffic flow this morning. we are clear and dealing with the damp roadways. take it easy if you're headed out. the drive time technology, picking up on about a 20 minute ride, coming in from 321 in gastonia headed north to uptown charlotte. that's 61 miles an hour for the average speed, and south of i- 77. 65miles an hour, about 12 minutes. john? video you will only see on channel 9 capturing the moment a motorcycle rider lost control while trying to outrun police. >> i'm glad they showed up and showed a little muscle. ahead at 5:45 the reason the rider gave us when we asked why he ran. charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance is
5:21 am
state's gubernatorial race. the reason that roy cooper says challenging the law sun necessary. a law that makes it illegal to dance on sunday? it may sound like something from the plot of foot loose,
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in n the it's 5:44. this is the story you have to hear. new this morning, south carolina legislators are seeking to repeal old laws including banning work on sundays and get this, it's illegal to challenge anyone to a sword or gunfight, apparently. the house judiciary bill announced a bill to repeal 11 state lawings including it's illegal for couple the who are not married to live together, and another bans dancing on sunday, and one is against juveniles playing pinball. >> what if you want to dance on sunday. the dow is down 30 points and the nasdaq is down 2 points. the market soared yesterday, start. the rise in oil prices is a big reason for the spike on wall street, and oil is now at $34 a barrel, and that's a 30%
5:25 am
when it was $26 a barrel it comes after saudi arabia, russia, and other oil producers agreed to a tentative deal to freeze output. a south carolina high school teacher forced to resign after a student shared naked pictures of the teacher. >> he took pictures off my phone and sent them from his phone. >> next and new at 5:30, the reason the teacher says she took the pictures and how students are trying to get her job back. the rain from overnight, clearing, and we will talk about a longer period of a chill that will remain behind. lawmakers in raleigh say they are ready to fight charlotte's new controversial discrimination ordinance.
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a south carolina teacher forced to resign after racy photos meant for her husband ended up being passed around. the way she says the student
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phone and the push to get her job back. >> charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance has become an issue in the race for governor. the reason roy cooper does not believe the state should take any action to stop it. good wednesday morning to you. i'm liz foster. >> and i'm john paul. avery and watonga county schools are on a 2-hour delay this morning because of black ice. >> the temperatures are starting to drop up there much more quickly, and with the wet roads from last night, the results will be icy for sure. we have a weigh wind warning here, and the winds are gusting over 45 miles an hour at times, and still breezy elsewhere as you get further east into the metro s not as strong, and 15 to 20 miles an hour from time to time. the metro, warm still south from matthew to valentine, and 46 for mountain island lake, and the 40s are starting to
5:30 am
much cooler out the door for this morning, compared to yesterday, but throughout the day today, not going to warm up, a lot of sunshine all day long, and only the low 50s, and then just barely above 50 for most neighborhoods today. the wind will relax as the day goes on, but the chill is here to stay for awhile. we will see how much more of a warmup is coming back in as we wind our way to the detailed plans. now over to mark taylor monitoring independence. >> traffic drying out, and you can look at the roadways here, and folks are just fine, headed inbound. this is before 277 this morning. looking good out to the skyline this morning. the outbound commute, much lighter for matthews and union county, and coming in from monroe, no big slowdowns there, inbound to matthews and indian trail. we are checking the drive
5:31 am
minutes, green conditions on u.s. 74, and 14 minutes, and the average speed is 15 miles an hour. 485 on the inner loop, 65 miles an hour in just 6 minutes, john? >> charlotte's controversial antidiscrimination ordinance is now making its way to the governor's race. >> the democratic candidate, roy cooper is now speaking out against pat mccroy and trying to stop it. joe, cooper believes lawmakers should focus on other issues. is that right? >> reporter: cooper says law enforcement should be discussing things like teacher pay instead of focusing on something that the charlotte city council has passed. i took the comments to tim moore, and he said the general assembly is absolutely going to discuss the lawmakers, but
5:32 am
with the ordinance as well. the antidiscrimination ordinance will not allow businesses to refuse services based on someone's sexual identity. the ordinance allows you to use the gender of the bathroom you identify with. right now moore says six lawmakers are working in raleigh to come up with legislation that would put a ban on that part of the law. >> we don't want to see this spread from charlotte all around the state. >> reporter: we reached out to governor mccroy's office, and he said cooper is failing the families across north carolina. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. the governor of south carolina rejected a bill forcing students to use a bill
5:33 am
he said the best decisions were left to local school officials, and channel 9 has followed every step in the discrimination following the nondiscrimination ordinance in charlotte. coverage including the governor's full statements on the issue on look for the story on our home page. this morning we are asking police if they have arrested the suspects in the shooting investigations that stretches a charlotte. this was video from yesterday morning on daybreak. a woman was shot in the head on greers grove road, and nearby someone fired shots at a man while he was in his car. and then there was a shooting on capshill road. neighbors in the area says too many innocent families are put in danger. >> shootings always happening with our kids around, and it's just crazy.
5:34 am
they are working to get warrants for the suspects involved here, but they would not release their names saying it could jeopardize the investigation. court documents show a man accused of killing the owner a charlotte greenhouse confessed to the crime. a judge denied kevin dejesus bond, and he has been placed on immigration hold because his legal status is in question. police say he killed jesse campbell back in january. he worked with campbell at the greenhouse in southend. several suspects in the death of a lake wylie couple could be united this month. court records filed yesterday found four suspects who took plea deals could be sentenced soon. five others are still awaiting trial. 5:35, new this morning a
5:35 am
carolina has now resigned after she says one of her students leaked a risque photo of her. lee ann says the student went through her photo and took the photos. she took photos for her husband for valentine's day showing her partially nude. she says the student found her phone during a class change. >> he knows right and wrong, and he had the ultimate decision to take pictures of my pictures and had the ultimate decision to send them out. >> she says the school district is holding her responsible saying she made her phone accessible. students started an online petition in hopes of getting arthur her job back. authorities are investigating and will decide if charges will be filed against the student. new this morning, a federal report says the education department conducted a flawed review of whether student loan
5:36 am
loans to the military personnel. and it also faulted them for releasing inaccurate information to the public, and the justice department accused one company of charging excessive interest rates to service members. under federal law that active military members can receive a cap of 6% on certain loans. 5:37 now. a matthew's jersey mike's can reopen after dozens of teachers got sick. covenant school had been closed for 2 days. the teachers became sick after jersey mike's catered a lunch on friday. neighbors say duke energy
5:37 am
clean up the coal ash. residents pack in to the meeting in dallas and said they are worried about their drinking water. in rockingham county, residents spoke out about the concerns they have 2 years after 39,000-tons of cool ash spilled into the dan river. duke plans to close all coal ash ponds in the state using a ranking system. the pond in eaton is considered high risk. cleanup has started, but some want the department of environmental quality to do even more. soil. >> the coal ash pond will be closed by 2019. the 6,000 tons of coal ash are shoveled out of the pond every week. the governor's office respond to the cleanup by pointing the finger at the attorney general, and the statement that reads in part, "the administration is fixing
5:38 am
and past state officials ignored for decades." we have a safety recall to tell you about. whole foods issued a recall for maytag raw milk blue cheese because of a listeria outbreak. the listeria was found in two batches in iowa, but it was distributed nationwide there will be a price look number with 223308 and sell by states of march 21st. so far no illnesses have been reported. here's a live look now from king street in boone, and you can see the cars are going through, and it is chilly up there. now we know that watoga and avery county schools are on a 2- hour delay because of black ice. weather and traffic every 10 minutes, and we start with keith monday. keith, are you expecting the chilly weather anywhere else? >> the high country only and a few spots here. we will likely not see
5:39 am
most in avery county. you're well below freezing. 27 in beach mountain, and you have boone, and the windchill will keep you near freezing. i don't see widespread travel issues, but avery county, secondary roads, be cautious for the slick spots. high in the 50s in charlotte today, and the chill is here. we will talk about the rain that is returning tomorrow evening and how the mountain snow chances will be coming along with that as well. let's get you back out to the roads here locally watching the interstates. >> 85 rolling right along, and we checked in with the mountain county the, and the, and -- counties, and we have not heard of any issues. back here in charlotte, you can see we are dealing with damp roadways, and drive time technology, not showing any slow downs. towards uptown charlotte, and
5:40 am
least at 66 miles an hour. statesville road, headed out to huntersville from sunset road, 35 miles an hour is the average speed there. liz? >> while you slept, scott kelly returned to earth after spending 340 days in space, and ahead at 6:15, the test he had to perform as soon as he emerged from the capsule, and the aggressive schedule ahead. video you will only see on channel 9 showing a motorcycle rider trying to outrun police on a winding caldwell county road. >> next this morning, the real reason police say he tried to get away. this is the time of the year when storms bring power outages and in fact we just saw some in the area last week. now we are learning some of the outage areas are getting more attention from duke energy after they found some of the most frequent trouble spots were slipping through the cracks. the new way they are figuring out which neighborhoods go dark the most often, and how they plan to with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99,
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we are back, and it's 5:45 right now. a live look, interesting shot here from the lake norman camera, and you can see the stars in the skies, cooling
5:44 am
warmer than that about an hour ago, and the temperature is dropping this morning. we will be talking to keith monday in a moment. and the watauga county schools and avery county schools are on a 2 hour delay. there's black ice out there this morning. only channel 9 was there when this motorcycle rider was taken into custody following a high speed chase caught on camera. >> chuckie sumlin sped away. he told our cameras he only sped off because he was scared. >> he scared me. he drawed his gun on me. >> police said he had 4-ounces of marijuana on him and believe that's the reason he ran.
5:45 am
marijuana, he's charged with felony possession of marijuana. land has been cleared at u.s. 601 concord avenue in monroe. crews are working to clear 30 acres of land there the facility is expected to open in fall of 2017 it will house the division of social services and public health and human services administration. weather and traffic every 10 minutes, and here's keith monday in the severe weather center 9 with what we are dealing with right now. >> beautiful morning out there. the sky has cleared, and ain't from overnight, long gone to the east. you may find a few flurries in the mountains, but no accumulation today. tomorrow night through friday, maybe a different story up there. 50 at charlotte, and the 40s before the morning is done, and it's 44 in statesville, and the mountains are getting into hickory, and watch out for the
5:46 am
we may stay in the 40s all morning long, and we will be barely close to 50 again by lunchtime. just getting into the 50s from charlotte south, low to mid- 50s, and northbound, much, much colder, and any chance for a flurry in the mountains, winding down for the day, and you will see the temperatures not warming up much as all. above freezing slightly into the afternoon. there may be enough cold air around to make it for a decent snow event for the mountains. farther south, cooler to waynsboro today. only a 20-degree difference for many of the neighborhoods. cooler. tomorrow afternoon, the rain is beginning to pick up in charlotte, and there's the mountain snow. you may see a few snow flakes falling through tomorrow night, and it's not going to add up to anything there, but it will into the mountains. rain steadiest into midnight, and one last batch through the
5:47 am
morning, and that will clear out for friday afternoon. 1-3inches possible for the mountains, and the future cast will try to spread snow into the foothills, and even if we do see this, it will be a light coating, and things will remain on the grass, not expecting significant accumulation. our weekend is looking great. warming back up, close to 60 for saturday and sunday with a nice, sunny weekend ahead of us. the 5-day forecast with the weekend always in view, quick rain chance coming in tomorrow night, and it's long gone early friday, and sunny and dry for the weekend. a couple of clouds around from time to time, but a pleasant weekend is expected. stay on top of the weather changes headed through the week, and look at the current conditions with our wsoc tv app, and track the rain chance with the interactive radar. definitely a good tool for anybody in your neighborhood. you want to know if there's wet roads that could lead to black ice. >> and a little bit of travel here this morning.
5:48 am
10 minutes, and here's mark taylor. >> john, 77 out of davidson this morning, no issues this morning, other than the damp roadways, and you're seeing it here. southbound, headed down to lake norman this morning out of iredale community, and we have not spotted anything. at least at post speeds, so a nice, quiet morning. 77 here at 68 miles an hour. further south to hunters road at 67 miles an hour, and 85 commuters south out of concord, you're almost at 70 miles an hour. a south carolina sheriff's deputy fired for stealing from a domestic violence victim. ahead at 6:30, the surprise item he's accused of taking. the woman who is accused of shooting and killing her toad. the shocking details about the
5:49 am
victims may have been at the
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every day, for life. just into our news room, windon university is waiting to determine if students who got sick last week had norovirus, and in an e-mail to students and staff the school said additional students report to the health center with symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. students are encouraged to wash their hands and stay home if they are sick. last week they took additional steps to clean bathrooms, resident halls and other buildings. dozens of student at unc
5:53 am
new system president. >> yesterday marked margaret spelling's first day on the job. some students protested after leaving their classes. they claim she was elected in secret and her record shows she's more concerned with politics than the students. >> her policies will fail a bunch of students, and we have to do something about it right now. we can't tiptoe around it. >> previously spellings acknowledged the controversy and said she looks forward to moving past it. we have been following this for months now. you can see our past coverage by searching we are cooling down, and you called it. >> unfortunately we are going to see the nice warm spring- like days behind us, and the wind, breezy, and it's relaxing from what we dealt with last night. in boone, up to 40 miles an hour, and it will be breezy for the first half of the day
5:54 am
on the future time line at 6:00, more importantly, talking about the chill today. we will barely be above 50 degrees into this afternoon. the time at 5:55. let's head over to mark. >> near the john belk, looking south. the interstate is rolling along, and we will have damp roadways. looking good from the state line, and checking in from york county. as things come in, we will update them on twitter. neighbors are pushing for changes after this crash and explosion that killed two people. the specific safety feature the town's'sayor wants the state to install. scandalous details are
5:55 am
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5:57 am
5:58 am
triple homicide in gaston triple homicide in breaking overnight a pineville family escaped from their home as it caught on fire. the hazard investigators found inside that caused this damage. >> plus, new details overnight about a triple homicide in gaston county. the series of events that investigators said led to the shootings and the next step in the case today. thank you for joining us today. i'm john paul. >> and i'm liz foster. avery and watauga county schools are on a 2 hour delay right now because of black ice. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 tracking the cooldown. you may not notice that
5:59 am
we will not warm up like we have the last 2 days. breezy winds. 10-15miles an hour for most neighborhoods, and 40s for boone, and the winds in the mountains will be strong, at least through the first half of the day. 31 in boone, and we are not expecting widespread icy travel. in watauga county, watch out for the icy roads up there. plenty of sunshine with us today, and we will not warm much above the 49 as the gusty north winds stay with us. the time line ahead for the little bit of warmth we will see and the next rain chance for tomorrow night. first, it's 6:00 a.m., over to mark taylor to see what is happening here in south charlotte. >> reporter: we have a couple of issues we are monitoring including construction we have been monitoring since january.
6:00 am
and polk street lasting through november, and we are just checking in, making sure everything is on schedule. so far, so good, and you need the alternate route for folks headed up to pine that will be carolina street. polk street is where we were looking. dealing well with the interstates, 73 miles an hour. doing just fine headed to 77. i do have an accident in east charlotte, just came in we will liz? >> i'm in the breaking news center a family escaped their burning home in pineville. firefighters sent us these pictures, and you can see the charred ceiling and part of the wall is gone. this was the scene near lancaster highway, and investigators say the fire started because an extension cord was being used as permanent wiring. troopers say a driver hit and killed someone who was


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