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tv   Eyewitness News Midday Weekend  ABC  February 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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eyewitness news, its happens again, firefighters vehicles broken into while they were sleeping. live in huntersville what the thieves are looking for. and voters are at the polls, why today's vote may be the most important for the trailing candidates. even with clouds we'll warm into the low 60s, i am tracking a front for showers which neighborhoods have the . pretty unnerving, and unsettling and pretty sad. it's happennened again another fire department hit by thieves this time in
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good afternoon thank you for joining us. this makes 9 different fire stations hit right now in just the last few weeks, terry is live where she just talked to frustrating and angry firefighters, tina. yeah, that latest theft took place right here in this parking lot as firefighters were in the the building sleeping when they woke up and came outside the windows on all of their personal vehicles were broken and their cars had been tossed through. they are looking for money, cell phones and or expensive items, they believe this case may be connected to several other cases that we've told you about at fire stations in the area. they wake up at moment's notice when they are on a call.
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a fire station number 1 in cornelius had this happen to them last night as well. so police are actively investigating these cases. firefighters believe they all may be connected we'll bring you much more on this developing tomorrow tonight live in huntersville, channel 9 eyewitness news. two charlotte stations were just targeted yesterday morning. fire investigators think someone may scanners to target the department while they were responding to a call it is unclear if all of these cases are connected. right now south carolinans are at the poll voting these are live pictures where they have been steady all morning long, who they think should be the republican presidential nominee. and it is close for donald trump and ted cruz, right now
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republican primary voters while cruz is pretty close with 23%. florida senator marco rubio is third, while jeb bush has 13%. dr. karen kadrowski says it is no surprise how much campaigning has been done here, south carolina is critical for republicans with only one exception, every winner of the state since 1980 has gone onto become the party's nominee. while donald trump is expected to win today, this primary may mean more for the other remaybing candidates. we are looking who is in a race for second, who is in a race for third. the candidates are spread out across south carolina this midday, jeb bush is in greenville where ben carson is as well. ted cruz and marco rubio both in columbia and donald trump will be in spartanburg. channel 9 will be there as well you can count on channel 9 for
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primary we'll have complete results tonight on eyewitness news at 10 and 11:00. next saturday will be the democrat's turn, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are vying for votes autowest, today is the democrat caucuses in nevada. a cnn poll show the gap is narrowing hillary clinton is up 48%, bernie sanders polling at 42%. the funeral service for supreme court justice antonin scalia is underway, these are pictures inside the shrine in washington d.c. about 4,000 people are said to be in attendance there right now including vice president joe biden scalia died last weekend at a ranch in texas. president obama will read through extensive packets of
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including details, records and experience the secretary says white house lawyers prepared the information packets. today students and the uncc men's basketball team are mourning the loss of one of their own. 19-year-old austin rainy died in a car crash late thursday night in northern virginia. school officials say he was headed to washington d.c. with friends when the vehicle that he was in was hit by a tractor trailer. the other people in that car are okay, rain nebraska was a student manager of the men's basketball team. today investigators will remove part of a plane that crashed in marshville killing the pilot. we first reported the crash at breaking news thursday night at 11:00. investigators say jim cook crashed into the woods off of new salem road he was headed to
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-- they'll figure out what caused that plane to crash. the links train will not run because of the construction on the blue line. the link's blue line will only operate between the archdale station and seventh street station there is no train service today or tomorrow from the i-485 south boulevard station and arrow wood station. each will have signs pointing you to the nearest bus stop. looking outside clouds we've had all morning sticking around, it is getting warmer out there. our meteorologist has an up date on this spring-like saturday for us. this weekend is going to be a preview for spring, we are under cloudy skies right now look at these temperatures around where we should see our afternoon highs upper 50s, 59 in rockingham, 54 in statesville, 51 in jefferson. as we go throughout the day, it is going to stay cloudy even a slight chance for some showers. i am tracking some unsettled weather right now on live doppler 9 most of this is not
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through the afternoon can't rule out a few stray showers west of the charlotte area. i am doing to keep the threat for unsettled weather other the next several days, i'll show you when you could see more downpours in your neighborhood. apple is still refusing to help create software to help gain access to the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists what they say happened to that phone after the shooting that has their hands tied. an outbreak of mumps in our area why health officials say
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diagnosis the virus and the diagnosi (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. . a mumps out break hit one of the area's largest employers state health officials confirmed two of the three
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are linked to lowes corporate headquarters in mor morrisville, 8 cases are considered probable, they include symptoms like fevers, chills headaches and body achethe an incubation is 4 days but the mumps could as take as 25 days. tell me everyone that you were around 20 days ago, you know, it is kind of a hard thing. health officials say the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated. the muchs vaccine has been around since the 60s even if you've gotten the vaccine there is still a chance you could get the virus, the cdc says the people who received two doses of the vaccine are 9 times less likely to get the mumps. we reached out to schools to see what they are doing to keep students virus free. officials told us the health department takes the lead and would then direct cms to
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students if necessary. cms tells channel 9 they have not received any communication, you can read more about our local cases head to you'll find the story on our home page. the federal government now demanding that apple unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. why your privacy could be at risk if they do. you are still about a month away from the official start to
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the memo with highs today in the memo with hi . today apple is still refusing to help the federal government gain access to the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists the battle has now moved into the political ring, abc has more what's becoming a fierce battle. in a new federal filing prosecutors slamming apple for publicly reputeuating the order for unlocking the iphone
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presidential candidate donald trump calling for a boycott until apple complies. boycott apple until they give that security number. i just thought. boycott apple. apple ceo tim cook says it won't create a back door because helping to unlock the device would mean circumventing several important feature and have the potential to unlock any iphone in anyone's position. i don't want a door i don't want a window i would like people to comply with court orders. executives saying they would try helping the feds but shortly after they found the phone sources tell abc news a health department employee reset the phone's apple id password removing the ability to access the phone remotely. now the only way into the phone, cracking the password. the catch? investigators only have 10 tries before the phone
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risk the feds they aren't willing to take when there are thousands of possible combinations. it is relatively easy to create the back door doesn't mean you should do it. apple acknowledges they have the ability to help but still rejecting the request saying it would put the privacy risk. that was eva reporting. the u.s. supreme court denied a stay in north carolina's redistricting case, the supreme court's decision means the new maps passed by the state legislature yesterday will be used in the primary election. it also upholds the state's legislatures decision to move the prime mare from march 15th to june 7th channel 9 was in raleigh which were made after a federal court ruled the old maps were racially bias and therefore unconstitutional.
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district 12 which is now a big chunk of mecklenburg county. >> this is going to create a lot of chaos and confusion. the primary date change onlyimpacts the congressional primary. the presidential primary will still take place on march 15th. >> read the full supreme court decision at, it is inside of this article on our home page. mecklenburg county residents have until monday to fill out the cms student assignment survey. cms told us more than 19,000 surveys had been filled out, the survey is open to everyone and asked questions about school diversity, choice and bus routes. there will be two discussions tomorrow about the student assignment process the public is invited to attend. the first is at johnson c smith university from 3:00 in the afternoon to 4:30, from 6:30 to 8:00 at the zion church in charlotte. we posted a link on our website
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inside of this story on our home page. feels like spring outside today, that has many people ready for baseball season. hundreds of people lined up outside of bb&t ballpark to get their hands on tickets to the charlotte knight's games. single game tickets went on sale and see right there people lined up as early as 4:30 this morning. friday night went out a lot, figure we try to get those. the knight's home opener is thursday april 14th. this weather does make you want to get outside makes you look forward to spring even measure. you know what else kickedded off was unc baseball. it is looking nice, cloudy skies, though, but it is going to be warmer spring-like temperatures mid-60s today, mid to upper 60s tomorrow. we'll keep the clouds around and that's what you can see her from our tower camera, not as much sunshine today but still not a bad afternoon to get out and enjoy that fresh air.
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winds are coming out, 9 miles per hour, just within the past hour or so, picked up on a few charlotte. there is still a potential for maybe a stray shower as they go throughout the afternoon over the next couple of days that's when we'll see more of the unsettled weather returning. temperatures on the warmer side upper 50s right now in charlotte 59 in albemarle, 57 in lancaster and 51 in jefferson. you don't have to worry about the winter layers today, we'll make it into the lower 60s well above average. still cloudy but not so bad, especially compared to last weekend when we struggled to make it out of the 30s. as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon today. future cast tries to bring an isolated shower mainly west of charlotte, rain chances will be few and far between and really the best chance will be in the mountains and the foothills. if you have plans in uptown this evening, it is looking good. mild, we'll keep the clouds around cooling off into the mid-50s by 9:00 and
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freezing mark so it is good to see that. now tomorrow, again a cloudy start to the day, going through the afternoon first we'll start to see rain approaching the mountains and the foothills, that's around midday and then as we head through the afternoon some showers could come close to the charlotte area again most will stay dry tomorrow. but tomorrow evening that's when we could see a few isolated showers over the next several days when we start to pump up the threat for rain, wednesday as the best chance here in the charlotte area. make sure to keep your rain gear handy, if you haven't already, download our free weather app so you can track the rain with the interactive radar. our threat tracker shows the main concerns by midweek will be heavy rain at times but a low threat for storms and we went have to worry about strong winds either, john will have more updates at 6:00 for any developments as we get new data in. as far as how much rain we could see by next wednesday night, we could see up an inch, maybe an inch and a half in
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at a deficit so far this year, we could use a little bit of rain and it looks like we'll be getting that by midweek. as we go through your five day forecast through this weekend cloudy but warmer mid to upper 60s. slight chance for showers mainly west of town but then by monday, tracking a better chance for some showers in the afternoon and heading towards tuesday and wednesday, that will really be the best chance for seeing rain this week and once the rainarrives it cools us back down to the mid-50s. might as well keep your umbrella with you. notice no wintery weather. 144 speakers are signedded up to give their opinions monday about a controversial ordnance that groups have battled for more than a year. we've been telling you about the ordnance that would ban discrimination against members of the lgbt community in various places including restrooms and public places and locker rooms it fails last year but groups think that they have
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speakers will be littled to only one minute to talk instead of the usual 3. after a confirmed case of zika virus in north carolina, health experts warn more cases
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the mes . new concerns state health officials confirmed the first case of the zika virus is in north carolina and they expect to see more cases. health officials did not identify the patient or where they live but officials did say the person recently traveled to a country where the virus is extremely active. researchers are studying a link between zika virus and serious birth defects. i don't think we need to be worried about what's going on here in north carolina at all. i think that the concern is what's happening in south and central america, the caribbean. brazil has been hit the hardest with the zika virus,
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states in the u.s. have reported the virus the cdc says the most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes that can last for several days. the most serious risk is the virus is possible link to birth defects. women who are pregnant or who plan to get pregnant are being warned to just stay out of high risk countries but the virus can also cause poral pour paralysis in adults caused by a certain kind of mosquito, how many of thosebitten actually get zika, it is estimated that 80% of people who do never know they have it. if you have questions about the zika virus click on we have several stories there to help you just search zika virus on the home page. travelers will no longer be screens for ebola, health officials had been checking passengers from west african countries at 5 hub airports since the 2014 outbreak.
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42,000 passengers to the u.s. were screened for ebola, that screening cost taxpayers $119 billion. wide receiver steve smith is back in charlotte. the foundation hosting its strikeout domestic violence bowling event which benefits victims and survives of domestic violence. we target our events based upon a family structure. we are involved with families, effecting families so we want to have a family atmosphere. according to the foundation 1 in 4 women will be impacted by domestic violence during their lifetime more than 15 million children are exposed to domestic violence each year in the u.s. taking a live look outside from our charlotte cam, check it out. you have a pretty nice view, a few clouds in the sky, mostly
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vicky graph has an . last weekend we were looking at the threat for winter weather, people were lined up outside for baseball tickets at 4:30 because it was just so warm outside. it is a great day to be outside, and we are going to keep the clouds around still a month out from spring, but it is going to feel like it today. we'll see highs in the lower 60s, a few showers possible west of the charlotte area. going through the afternoon nice we'll make it to around 63 degrees so you can see that's warmer than average low 60s is actually what we would see closer to march 20th which is the official start to spring, keep the umbrellas handy over the next several days we are tracking the potential for unsettled weather, really looking at tuesday and wednesday next week of the best rain chances and we could get heavy rain at times as of right now, though, the storm threat will stay low and temperatures will be warm
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wintery weather, that's good news there. already feels like spring. got that rain so a lot of people want to keep those umbrellas handy. be sure to tune into eyewitness news for the latest
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a one-year-old teeters on a high-rise ledge. >> absolutely heart stopping. >> the moment mom finally spots her. >> a guy leading skiers spots something and everybody stops. what's hiding in the snow that had him terrified? many have tried with painful results. >> no, just let the stairs win. >> see who finally dropped into skateboarding history. and targeting a nuisance on the road. you just want to do the same thing. >> a prank that's all in the same of safety. >> whoa, whoa. >> this video out of brazil is absolutely heart stopping. that's a 1-year-old baby girl teetering outside of a 3rd story building. >> oh, man.


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