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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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officials investigate eight cases of the mumps. the mecklenburg and iredale cases are confirmed and connected. the remaining six are still being looked into. health officials believe they are all either coworkers or acquaintances. now residents fear there will be more. >> just so many people and so many different places. >> health officials believe someone got the virus while passing through an airport. that concerns people like shelly, she worries about her children. >> even though they are vaccinated, that would make me nervous. >> according to abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. richard beaser pointed out vaccinations, which are not 100% effective wear off over time, meaning the protection fades. as you are getting into the later teen years, many diseases you start to see them come back again. >> channel 9 reached out to health officials in each of the three counties, all releasing
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the ageover gender about the eight cases. right now, it's best to make sure you and your child have received two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. >> when you hear about outbreaks, it's a wakeup call. now the doctor pointed out most people make a full recovery. contact your physicians if you feel like you are starting to develop symptoms, which we're told are similar to the flu. reporting live in east charlotte, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, alexa. channel 9 first told you about the confirmed mumps cases yesterday and we have been staying on top of every development since then. you can find all of our coverage on our website at breaking news that we're following in the last hour, the white house announced that president obama will visit cuba next month. no further details were released. the announcement comes one day
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flights between the two countries. the u.s. restored relations with cuba last year. we're learning some new information tonight on a high speed chase through two counties we first brought to you as breaking news last night at 11:00. troopers now say it started when they tried to stop a speeding car in monroe, but the driver kept going. the chase ended on independence boulevard where officers used stop sticks, but the driver got out and ran. troopers traced the car back to a woman who said the suspect borrowed her car. they are still trying to track that person down. >> tomorrow morning, leaders will be holding another community meeting talking about student assignment. it's a decision that would impact where thousands of charlotte mecklenburg county schools attend class. last night, channel 9 was there as hundreds of people packed into this matthews church to voice their concerns about possible redistricting. charlotte mecklenburg schools encouraging parents to take an online survey about
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the deadline to complete that survey is monday. tomorrow, a former mecklenburg county school nursing supervisor against her ex-husband will be sentenced. davis was found guilty last summer of orchestrating a murder for hire scheme. the men she thought were hit men turned out to be undercover police officers. davis was in a custody battle with her ex-husband. she faces up to 40 years in prison. tomorrow morning, duke energy is set to release its fourth quarter and 2015 year end earnings. the charlotte based company missed analyst estimates estimates four out of the last five quarters. third quarter earnings were down $300,000 compared to 2014. second quarter earnings dipped 11%. duke says despite the slump, its operations in north carolina are strong. the energy giant is expected to announce those earnings at 7:00 and we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it on eyewitness news this morning.
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charlotte highway were shut down after a crash on i-485. it happened just before 7:00 tonight. look at this. we saw the crash from our d.o.t. camera at steel creek road. emergency crews surrounded one vehicle there. and authorities shut down at least two lanes. medic says one person suffered minor injuries. channel 9 learned the nearly 170 people are going to be layed off or permanently let go at a business in shelby. williams electric company right off e dixon boulevard plans to cut 168 positions. the company is an electrical contractor that designs and maintains control systems for government and commercial users. tomorrow morning, channel 9 will be in raleigh for an emergency session that could impact who represents you in congress. >> eyewitness news reporter, brown explains what it could
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>> reporter: erica, state lawmakers have until friday to redraw those congressional district lines. that's after a federal court ruled them unconstitutional. now the primary here in north carolina is scheduled for march 15 and voters i spoke with tonight tell me they fear the decision may be rushed. >> what a difference a day makes. >> it's more organized. you can look at it and there's less around. >> it's clear and it's concrete. >> this afternoon, state lawmakers unveiled this map which proposes big changes for local congressional districts. and it could have major implications for the upcoming primary. >> whether or not the elections will be canceled, postponed, whether or not filing will be reopened. >> why weren't we given more notice about the changes? i like the changes, it's more clear and not questionable, but it's very close to the time. >> the proposed changes come after a three judge panel ruled two districts were racially biased and therefore, unconstitutional.
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are guaranteed to elect african american candidates, you are by necessity drawing districts that will elect very extreme right wing white candidates. is that a fair tradeoff? >> the two districts in question, the first and the 12th, which run along i-85 from charlotte to greensboro. the proposed updated map would create a separate district for charlotte. >> even things up, that's dediscriminating. it's disappointing. >> reporter: right now, a lot of the impact falls on district 12 in congresswoman, alma adams. she said she will also wait to see what happens with this, she will continue to do her job representing the people of north carolina congressional district 12. reporting live in uptown, dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and we will have eyewitness news reporter, jim bradley there in raleigh for you tomorrow. watch eyewitness news tomorrow
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of this emergency session. >> a filibuster to stop south carolina senators from voting on a roads bill could continue for days. senator tom davis took to the floor for hours tonight. he does not support the bill that could raise taxes by more than $700 million for road and bridgework. it would also cut income taxes by about $400 million. new developments tonight, police executed a search warrant on a charlotte business after some ipads were stolen from several area schools. police said that their investigation led them to players wireless. it's a phone repair shop. and that's where they say they found one of those stolen ipads. tonight, taja jamal is facing several charges, including possession of stolen property. alert shoppers and neighbors helped catch a man who police say kidnapped and raped a woman in rock hill. police say antonio wiley attacked a woman yesterday near a busy shopping center off
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they say that shoppers saw him force the woman into his car and beat her. witnesses say they heard her scream for help. police were able to track wiley back to an apartment where they arrested him. >> tonight, federal agents want to know if this man suspected of robbing banks in charlotte is an infamous armed robber known as the move quick bandit. lewis is charged with robbing two banks last week, one on mallard creek road, the other in valentine. his picture looks similar to the security images of a suspect in 11 bank robberies in tennessee and kentucky. he does face a felony robbery charge in tennessee, but it is unclear if he is connected to all of those cases. new at 11:00, the crisis over lead levels in the water in flint, michigan, has many people concerned about their own utilities. but charlotte city leaders want you to know our water is safe.
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charlotte water officials say it is high quality, frequently monitored, and at low risk because lead pipes are not common in charlotte. just yesterday, we found out new testing found lead in the drinking water in york county. carolina water services found lead in the fox wood subdivision in fort mill, and the river hills area in lake wiley. officials think it came off of pipes that serve 3500 customers. all the levels are back to normal now. company officials want people to run their water for about 30 seconds before they drink it as a precaution. officials want to point out those levels are nowhere near the ones in flint, michigan, where the water is undrinkable. new tonight, we learned people who live there are paying the highest water rates in the entire country. there's a new study found that flint residents pay more than $850 a year for their water service. that's nearly double the national average.
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to flint to help pay for water bills will be on the house floor this week. >> all charges have been dropped against a man accused of shooting a one-year-old girl in chapel hill on christmas day. davis was charged with attempted first-degree murder and assault. but the charges were never upgraded. days later. con fliblghting evidence led to the charges being dropped. authorities have charged ramone and pierre moore with first- degree murder in the case. the fire marshal's office says a space heater is what caused a fire at this barn that killed nine animals in northwest charlotte. we first reported the fire as breaking news on daybreak. the owner says he used the heater to keep them warm, but it got knocked over. two horses, one dog, and six puppies died. firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to the chicken coop. and in just the last three hours, fire officials put out
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they tell us a water heater caused the fire on smithfield lane. the home did have smoke damage and the red cross is helping that family tonight. we are cooling quickly tonight. i have our future cast doing two things. first, show you how cold it will be when you get up, also whether it will be facing the low clouds and fog like we did today. >> plus, new twist in the race for the white house. just days before south carolina's primaries.
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and the impact rt, developing tonight, there's a new developing poll that shows ted cruz is leading the pack for the first time. the new nbc news wall street journal poll shows cruz is backed by 28%. donald trump close behind with 26% and marco rubio currently in third with 17% of the vote. now rubio joined cruz and ben carson in a town hall in greenville, south carolina, tonight. it wrapped up in the past 15 minutes. each of them facing a variety of questions and trying to
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them apart from the others. >> i can guarantee you i had more 2:00 a.m. phone calls, life and death decisions. >> i can look at that field of candidates running today and tell you without any hesitation that no one running as a republican has shown better judgment or has more experience on national security or on foreign policy than i do. >> we won among conservatives, but we also won among evangelicals. we won among reagan democrats and young people. >> tonight, south carolina governor, nikki hailey, put her support behind marco rubio. ahead of this saturday's primary. >> we say that every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. help me welcome the next president of the united states.
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>> hailey will be on the campaign trail with rubio through saturday. meantime on the democratic side, hillary clinton right now has a lead in south carolina with 58% of the vote. bernie sanders 37%. the south carolina democratic primary is next saturday, february 27. and channel 9 is staying on top of every major development in the 2016 race to the white house, get our complete coverage by going to our website and following us on social media. >> on friday, the president and first lady will visit the supreme court to pay their respects to the late justice. the white house says vice president biden and joe biden will attend his funeral on saturday at the national basilica in d.c. the president will not. scalia passed away on saturday. he was 79 years old. right now, there's a battle in washington over his vacancy. republicans have said the
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they want the next president to do it. president obama said he has every intention of nominating a replacement in due time. house lawmakers in mississippi have voted to allow churches there to designate members to undergo firearms training and carry guns. the bill sponsor says this measure is in response to last year's deadly church shooting inside emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina. the charlotte mecklenburg police department hosted a number of church security seminars here in charlotte after that shooting last summer. law enforcement agencies in lancaster county, gastonia, concord, and moorsville taught church goers how to respond in an active shooter situation. new tonight at 11:00, charlotte water says there's been an overflow of waste water. 2,000 gallons spilled into the creek. stewart creek is part of the river watershed.
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of grease and tree roots is what caused the overflow. >> crews will break ground on a new football field at west charlotte high school. the $2.1 million project is being funded in part by the nfl grass roots field grant. the carolina panthers are pitching in $200,000. the new synthetic field will be ready for the next football season. chief meteorologist is over in severe weather center 9. we finally saw the sun today and i hope that will continue tomorrow. >> looks like it will, allison, first chill overnight tonight. temperatures a handful degrees cooler than we were last night at this time. if you think about it, not a big surprise. we had the cloud, the rain, and the snow. tonight, at least the high country, skies are clear. with clear skies, we have that blanket of cloud cover to hold temperatures up. different story up across the high country. nothing falling from the sky. avery county, we are seeing left over low clouds. latest future cast does not suggest we'll see the same
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which was a lot of low clouds and patches of fog from i-40 north. nothing like we saw during the day today. temperatures overnight tonight, should manage to bottom out at or below freezing in many communities. 30, 31, same for hickory. 31 monroe. lancaster should get down to freezing. mid 20s as you hit the high country. wake up forecast, coats, gloves, you'll need it. below freezing for early risers, mid 30s by the end of the morning drive. we should see plenty of sunshine. sunshine the rule tomorrow. steady northwest wind. may make it feel cooler, but it's a dry air mass. that means everyone, including our friends in the high country get to enjoy sunshine tomorrow. let's check out neighborhood forecasts. talking about temperatures starting at around freezing, by lunchtime, closing in on 50. highs in the mid 50s. hickory, afternoon temperatures manage to climb into the lower to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon after that pretty chilly start. and down toward monroe,
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the mid to upper 50s tomorrow afternoon. tons of sunshine after that relatively cool start. weekend. what would you like to see? this? we go from the 50s tomorrow and friday, which aren't bad for this time of year, to the mid 60s on saturday and sunday. better yet, no chance for rain. that waits until next week, which means we get to enjoy a decent stretch of weather. nothing says spring like baseball unc starts up this weekend. a home series, you want to catch baseball, great time out there. temperatures will be rising through the 60s and of course, down the coast, nascar gets underway. the great american race at daytona beach. great racing weather, temperatures on sunday for the race will be in the mid 70s. looks like a great stretch. five-day forecast, we keep the sun around, a gradual increase over the weekend. as i said, the rain, that will wait until next week, and latest indications are, we'll see a fair amount of it monday night through wednesday. let's enjoy the sun.
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sunday, get outside. >> we earned it. >> thanks, steve. and an 11-year-old flight delayed and diverted. the ways her mother says she was left in the dark after she paid hundreds to have her child cared for on the plane. >> plus, an emotional and confusing day in court. the clerical mistake that put a suspect in front of the judge
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he channel 9 learned a paperwork error put a suspect in court before he had been told he was facing a murder charge. we were there when james made his first appearance in court in newton. police say that he shot his girlfriend on monday, but he didn't know that she had died until just minutes before he arrived in court today. the paperwork error was corrected. >> new at 11:00, a federal grant is helping make housing more affordable. the nation is receiving more than 1.5 million from the federal government. the department of housing and urban development announced the grant today. each year, the government distributes money under the indian housing block grant program. a sort of coming home today
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woman to hold the job as a u.s. army surgeon general. lieutenant general visited fort bragg today. where she used to be a commander. lieutenant general west applauded the er expansion and mother baby unit renovations. >> that's an inspiration, hopefully to others who have humble beginnings to know they can go as far as they desire if they work hard at it. >> and she was the first female
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highest ranking woman to steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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ever only once before has duke played unc on michael jordan's birthday. on mj's day of birth, seems relevant as the heels host the blue devils on basketball's version of president's day. the start so tough for duke, matt jones comes on the foot of bryce johnson. he is down in pain. meanwhile, feeds johnson for the dunk. he had a game high 29, but jones hurts his ankle, would not return. duke has a lot of things going for them. depth ain't one. under 5 to play. grayson working inside, gets the bucket to go. the free throw would pull the devils within one. not two minutes later, luke with a hand in his face, rises, knocks down the three pointer, duke in front for the first time since mid way through the
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ensuing position, they get the lead right back. off the offensive rebound. kennedy meeks inside. the product puts carolina back on top by one. a pair of grayson allen free throws will put allen back on top. now last chance for the heels. they don't call it timeout, so barry has to make some magic. his shot blocked by derek thorton. the blue devils escape with a 74-73 win. their fourth straight victory in the series. newest hornet wasn't on the practice court today. join practice tomorrow morning, what will the veteran guard bring to the hornets? courtney doesn't have the length michael gillcrest. he is, according to the head coach, a glue guy, a veteran. someone with unlimited time to fill the role he is supposed to fill. he's not a replacement friend, but he does make the hornets better. >> he's a smart, reliable professional player.
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guy like that, you know, you do it. and then you just work things out. >> sorry about your heels. >> yeah. that's okay. >> it was exciting. >> it was. >> down to one point. >> thank you, phil. an 11-year-old flight to charlotte delayed and diverted. how the mother says the airline
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a local mother says american airlines lied to her about her daughter's where abouts. >> karin paid an extra $300 to make sure the airline took care of her 11-year-old daughter, maggie. when maggie's flight was diverted to columbia, she says the airline never contacted her and she reached out to them. when she did, she says the airline told her maggie was inside the airport, but minutes later she talked to her daughter, who was still on the plane. american airlines says it only
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changes once passengers are off the plane.
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a last look at our five- a last look at our five cool tonight, but nice tomorrow. >> and we warm up from there, how about the weekend. we'll see some clouds, but highs in the mid to upper 60s. >> can't beat that. thanks, steve. >> get the latest overnight
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on daybreak at 4:30 a.m. >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, megan fox, from "gotham", ben mckenzie, and music from chris stapleton, with cleto and the cletones, and now, like last time, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody.
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i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. los angeles. possible future home of the 2024 summer games. the olympics -- do people outside of l.a. know that? do people inside l.a. know that? the olympic city picked post to host the olympics but the people of boston said, no, thank is. we can barely find parking spots as it is. they withdrew their bid. and then like a pathetic former lover -- like the successful orthodontist who marries the winner of the state beauty pageant eight years after she gets dumped by the bachelor," we stepped in and said, we're interested, now hoping the olympics will select us. we have a logo. the l.a. olympic committee


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