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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we're still 32 in charlotte, soy concerns here. northward, i-77, iredell county, highway 321 north of lincolnton, highway 70 between hickory and morganton, you're going to find still some light rain left over, temps near freezing an take caution on those slick roads. we had so many problems overnight last night still and some of that is still lingering this morning. i'll show you the futurecast coming up, how quickly we dry out today and when everybody can get those numbers to begin to warm up enough to get those roads tho thaw out. at 5:01, though, lets let's get straight over to mark. >>reporter: we have some lingering issues, a new issue as well that we're still learning about. dave ferraday is heading up to burke county. highway 70 completely blocked in both directions at bailey street. this is west of glen alpine and west of morganton. we're told that half of morganton right now is without power because of this accident scene. so in the meantime if you plan a trip in the area up towards i- 40, that's what you'll have to use as the alternate route around the closure on highway
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other issue that is we're following include 77 northbound near amity hill we had an accident, now in the median. we're on the scene of this accident as well gathering more information northbound at 36 miles per hour, so still a little slow. so 21 heading up through troutman up through statesville should be used. 85 southbound we have the inside left lane blocked with an accident involving a tractor- trailer just south of highway 152 from china grove. very minimal impact expected with this accident at this time. lots of room still to move around. and then in east shaferlt we have this. this is a roadway that's blocked because of standing water. this happening at hawthorne lane just north of central avenue. in the meantime you'll have to avoid this intersection just north of it, use the plaza as john. we have some breaking news right now. all lanes are 77 just opened back up after freezing rain caused several crashes in both >> yeah. trapping hundreds of drivers for at least five hours overnight. right now eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live
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explain the steps that troopers had to take to get that traffic moving again. joe. >>reporter: one of the reasons it took so long for cars to get moving again is because troopers and deputies had to go car to car basically and knock on windows to wake people up. some truckers even went to their sleepers to take a nap. now they were all sitting and sleeping in this massive traffic buildup. officials shut down i-77 in both directions north of statesville around 9:50. several crashes on i-77 near mile marker 50. overnight crews were able to clear the wreck, but eight miles worth of residual delays remain. most people were stuck in traffic for five hours. and that includes eyewitness news reporter elsa gillis and her photographer joey williams. they even got stuck in the backups. the crash cleared at 2:40. they didn't make it through until an hour later. we spoke with one woman stuck in traffic who was just trying to take her daughter home from
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>> it doesn't happen that often. we've been living up here, it's been, what, six years? it was six years in december. we've never seen this, never. >>reporter: of course this all started last night during the evening commute when temperatures did fall below freezing. and coming up in 30 minutes the other major problems we saw across the area. reporting live in huntersville, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you. in the last 30 minutes we have seen a huge jump in cancellations at charlotte douglas. last half hour we told you there were about a dozen. we just checked anl right now there are 71 -- and right now there are 71 delayed arriving or canceled flights. there are also delay or canceled departing flights. you'll definitely want to check with your airline before going to the airport today. we will keep you updated throughout "daybreak" as things change there. we're also keeping an eye on power outages across our area. right now more than 1,800 people don't have power in caldwell county.
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catawba county and 536 duke energy customers don't have power in burke county. plus officials say half of morganton is without power after a crash that mark just told you about. there are only a handful in mecklenberg county right now, down from 203 when we checked at 4:30. count on channel 9 to continue monitoring outages and conditions at the airport throughout the morning. we will also continue to update our website, new for "daybreak," investigators have potentially dangerous levels of lead in drinking water in two york county communities. our news partners at the herald got the water test result from carolina water service yesterday. the study showed homes in the river hills and foxwood subdivisions in lake wiley and fort mill had high levels of lead january 27th. officials think the lead came off pipes serving the subdivisions and the amount was up to four times above safe federal levels. followup tests since then show the lead levels did fall back below safe limits.
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to run their water for about 30 seconds before drinking it. a major story we will be covering for you ahead. >> tonight cms parents in south charlotte will have the chance to voice their opinions on the district's idea to shift thousands of students to different schools. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live outside the government center in uptown. angela, the reassignment plan would also impact communities across the county. >>reporter: that's right, stephanie. that's because student reassignment means that thousands of student kos go tol different schools and student reassignment is a controversial plan to make schools more diverse and academically successful. now, some people believe that shaking up the schools would make them more equal, but dozens of parents filled a cms board meeting last week, holding sign that is read keep neighborhood schools. thousands have also signed a petition to keep students in schools near where they live. the one met coalition supports diverse schools and method that
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they posted videos from people who support the idea of busing. one video features two women who are cms graduates and participated in busing. they say the experience of going to schools outside of their neighborhoods exposed them to more cultures, religions and ethnicities. >> those experiences were not only the building blocks of who i have become intellectually, but who i am now as a person who embraces and accepts all people. >>reporter: there's one week left for parents to fill out the students' reassignment survey. also tonight's meeting will be hell at carmel baptist church and it starts at 6:30. reporting live in uptown, angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, angela. 5:07. the battle to become the nation's next president is brewing in south carolina with now just four days left until the republican primary. all six republican hopefuls will hold campaign events in the palmetto state today.
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state, meeting with voters at planned rallies and town hall event from buford to greenville. former texas governor rick perry who dropped out of the presidential race in september will be on the campaign trail with ted cruz today. they'll hold a joint rally in colombia this afternoon. last night former president george w. bush stumped for his brother for the first time. he spoke 0 to a packed crowd in north charleston, ensuring that jeb bush can do the job he held for two consecutive four-year terms. >> the presidency is a serious job that requires sound judgment and good whys. and there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and the character to be a great one. >> while bush aims to rally support just days before the primary, other republican candidates are also making last minute attempts. ted cruz has 10,000 volunteers making phone calls statewide. donald trump has two rallies planned today and two more later this week, and both john
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channel 9 spoke with a winthrop university professor who says we can expect to see the candidates in south carolina for most of the week. >> we also expect to be seeing more marco rubio, senator rubio, again, who did sort of >> they tell us this primary will be important for many of the candidates to see who will capture the evangelical vote and how well bush will do. the republican primary is this saturday. the democratic primary is next saturday, february 27th. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is predicting president obama will nominate someone. the senate has already confirmed. reports the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the president has said he will make a nomination and when he does, he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty and vote on it. >> these are responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party, they are about our democracy.
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a radical five-justice liberal majority. >> republican leaders say the vacancy should be filled by president obama's successor. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9, keeping a close eye on temperatures, especially in our northern counties this morning. >> yeah. just wet here in charlotte. we're actually closer to 40 degrees, so i don't see any travel issues other than the wet roads here in the city and that rain isenning, but just to our north, once you break out into iredell county, lincolnton and catawba counties, the temperature drops below freezing. that's that pink shading and the estimate of the cold air, still hanging on theer this morning, and even westbound where it's drying out this morning from shelby northbound through morganton and lenoir, it's still wet and still icy from what fell last night and we're seeing more reports of more problems coming into those areas up to the north. so if you're in those vicinities, i-40 corridor especially take caution this morning. it's still going to be very icy. we are thawing things out, gaining a lot of sunshine. i'll show you that in the futurecast coming up and how
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5:10. let's get out on the roads this morning. mark has the updates on the breaking news. >>reporter: yeah. most of the issues that we're monitoring this morning north of charlotte, including including we are -- one we're heading to, dave up there now. i-70 completely blocked, an accident that took out some power lines. half of morganton without power in this recognize wreck. i-40 is your best bet around it for right now. we're working to gather some accident. and we have an accident now that's in the median. we're looking at some residual backups on 77 northbound hing up towards troutman and statesville, near amity hill, back, though. so some good news there. back in charlotte we're also we've got hawthorne lane blocked because of standing water. this is happening right now on hawthorne just north of central avenue. you're actually going to use the plaza as an alternate route around that. john. >> channel 9 uncovered claims that this man recruited people
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for a business that didn't exist. ahead at 5:45, what he told us about the allegations and the accusation he's making against federal agents who raided his house. there's new hope for the family of murdered u.n. nc- chapel hill student page hedgepet five years after her death. new at 5:30, new clues analysts heard on voice mail on the night of the murder that could solve the case. first a story, you won't want to miss this this morning, a local woman brought to her knees after learning that she won $1 million. [ cheers ]
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a lot of closings and delays this morning. those are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. about 80 right now, and we're just learning that iredell statesville schools has been added to that list. you can take a look for yourself at a woman will make her first court appearance today, accused of stealing thousands of dollars in valuables from a matthews retirement community. >> shaun provost is facing several counts of larceny and breaking and entering. matthews police say she running a cleaning service and stole close to $10,000 worth of jewelry from residents at plantation estates. new developments, a north
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to trial in april, accused of shooting and killing a teen in 2014. channel 9 has told you a grand jury indicted southport officer byron vasi with voluntary manslaughter in the death of keith vital. now we've learned the judge has granted the defense's motion for a bench trial. that means the judge will hear the case instead of a 12-member jury. vsssi's lawyers argued there was too much media publicity surrounding the case to allow for an impartial jury. the shooting happened in 2014 in brunswick county after the family called for help, saying the 18-year-old was having a schizophrenic episode. officer ssi's attorney says he was stabbing another officer with a screwdriver when vase shot and killed him. new for daybreak boeing plans plans to donate to allen university in colombia.
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he was shot at ame church in charleston. boeing said yesterday that money will go to renovating chapel auditorium at that school. when you think about what people in their 20s drink, kegs and cocktails probably come to mind burks new numbers this morning show millennials drink almost half of all the wine in the united states. usa today published this information from the nonprofit wine market council. it says millennials drink an average of two cases per person last year. for people younger than 30, 2/3 of the wine drinkers are women. nielsen research shows the average cost of a bottle of wine was less than $8 last year, but the study found almost one in five millennials paid more than $20 for a bottle. a mecklenberg county woman just won $1 million in the lottery, an she plans to use the money to help her fight against breast cancer. [ cheers ]
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gina store was literally floored and shocked at winning the north carolina education lottery's one million second chance prize. short was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. you can see her husband lynn in the video helped her to her feet. she credited him with supporting her through surgery and treatments. short chose the lump sum which after federal and state taxes will leave her with more than $415,000. >> after going through all of that, what an up and a down there and it's really going to help her out. >> that is the reaction that's priceless that really makes your day. >> yeah. and those are the people you hope win the lottery. >> right. >> those are the people you're rooting for. >> and we are definitely rooting for her to keep beating cancer. >> absolutely. you can join the thousands of people who have already liked an shared and commented on this story here on our wsoctv facebook page. just like our page. >> i love the reaction. >> look for the story and you can see that reaction once again. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. a reaction we don't like see
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reacting to these icy rose out there. it's been tough. >> and even though things are warming and the precip is moving out, we're still going to keep the residual problems for a good chunk of our early morning here. most of the moisture has moved out of charlotte right now. just a little bit of light rain north of the city here. as you head up to i-77, the croft community, even highland creek still seeing rain. same story up around huntersville. as you move northbound through cornelius and davidson here, it's all rain. nothing icy up here in the northern part of mecklenberg county, but the further north you go, there's still pockets of cold air lingering here, especially between stoney point on highway 90 down through statesville here, northern part of iredell county, working into eastern alexander. even eastern catawba county, you're still seeing those temperatures that are cold enough to get just a little light glaze to form. now, the back edge of that rain is moving through charlotte as we speak. it should wrap up in statesville around 5:42, concord around frfer:53. salisbury closer to around after 6:00. here's the issue, though, as you travel north out of
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no problems. once you cross into iredell county, it's 32, over into mooresville, lincolnton, you're now at 33. newton, you're still at 32. so most neighborhoods into catawba, into iredell, of course back into burke county are still at freezing this morning, and you're still going to find icy travel conditions. i'd give this until at least 7:00 up there before numbers start to warm back up. we will be back in the lower 40s by 9:00. we may already be in the mid- 40s by 9:00. drying up, the sky will clear quickly as we head throughout the day, lots of sunshine and low 50s thanks to a west wind coming back in. it's going to be a beautiful day, close to 60. now, the clouds will start start to return late. that's a sign of a quick-moving system that will bring a quick chance at rain tonight. see the clearing conditions rolling into the afternoon. the mountains stay pretty cloudy through the day and then the clouds roll back in through throok and some light rain comes in after 7:00. some of that will be some light mountain snow, although only the highest ridgetops are expected to see any real
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looks like an inch or so. but we'll get a quick burst of rain tonight. coming up in the next half hour we'll show you on the futurecast just how quickly we'll start to dry things out again into tomorrow morning. so our five-day forecast, the weekend always in view, we dry things out through the day today, and we are warming up and staying there for the rest of the week, at least mid- to upper 50s through thursday and friday, tons of sunshine and the weekend preview looks great. still mid- to upper 60s are expected. some high clouds will be around, but the next weather maker will likely hold off until next week, so we have got a fantastic weekend looks to be ahead of us. not fantastic on the roads this morning. everybody has wet roads to deal with, some still icy rose. let's get a breakdown now from mark. >>reporter: yeah. up in burke county is where we're concentrating our efforts now as we've got an accident causing big problems for folks just west of glen alpine. we've got highway 70 blocked at bailey street. this is also west of morganton where we're told half of morganton is without power. it took out some power lines, they're blocking the roadway.
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have to take i-40 as that alternate route. dave ferraday heading that way. more information soon. we learned of a new issue in maiden this morning, a jackknifed tractor-trailer south d avenue is closed at ramsor road. this is just south of town. you're going to use salem church road over towards south main avenue to get around that road closure. back in charlotte, we've got a flooded roadway. this is off to the east on hawthorne lane just north of central avenue. we've got police blocking the roadway because of the flooded road. so use the plaza as the alternate route around that closure. and checking conditions as keith had mentioned, most of the rain has stopped for the most part, but we've got those wet roadways. 77 in south charlotte near planted road, no big issues for the interstates here in charlotte. stephanie. after federal agents raided a house in huntersville, channel 9 uncovered a federal lawsuit accusing the homeowner of fraud. >> the only person who has proven to do something illegal
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>> ahead at 5:45, the way investigators say he got hundreds of thousands of dollars in fake loans. thousands of north carolinians in danger of losing their healthcare coverage. at 5:30, the controversial decision blue cross blue shield is considering that will leave many with no other option.
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for your tuesday 5:25. our first live potomacs of i-77 at exit 45 in statesville. you can see that truck is flipped. this is not in the middle of the road, so it's not impacting the road traffic at this point. but as you can see that truck is flipped upside down. we've been having a lot of issues with spotty ice in some areas. traffic team 9's mark taylor is keeping an eye on the situation. he'll have an update in just a few minutes and we'll have an update from meteorologist keith monday where we're still seeing some trouble spots this morning. today u.s. airline also start bidding for routes to cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. >> u.s. and cuba are expected to formally sign an agreement today to resume those flights sometime soon. the country restored relations last year. airlines have 15 days to apply to the department of transportation for those cuba routes. new evidence could provide
5:24 am
old murder case of unc-chapel hill student paige hedgepet. new at 5:30, what investigators say they heard on a mysterious voice mail she left on the night she died. freezing temperatures just tot north side of the metro. how long this will be a problem as we head through our morning. >>reporter: hundreds of thousands of people in north carolina could lose their health insurance. i'm angela hong live in uptown. the reason that blue cross blue
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under the affordable care (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answ we are following breaking news this morning. drivers stranded for hours overnight on i-77 northbound in the statesville area. they are finally back on the road. the multiple crash that is kept troopers busy and the areas experiencing problems right now. >> we are using charlotte's most powerful radar to track rain as it moves through the area. when those showers will finally move out and the areas still seeing some slick roads right now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. it's been a tough morning so far.
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learned iredell statesville schools will be closed today. officials there plan to operate a normal schedule but are expected to announce at any moment if that will change. we will let you know when and if that happens. we can tell you cms is open today. let's get a look at that forecast. meteorologist keith monday is with us now in severe weather center 9, but this is going to be short-lived when it comes to the weather situation. >> it's going to thaw out as the morning goes on, but it may be until after 7:00 until most areas up north do get back to the freezing point. we're all clear in charlotte. we're clear with the rain moving out and our temperatures are well above freezing, all the way around the metro, gas tonia, charlotte, huntersville, concord, we're all well above freezing, obviously all points south and we're starting to dry out. roads are still wet, though. further to the north there's still a lot of slippery travel, really once you cross over into iredell county, temps go below freezing at mooresville and stays freezing all the way up into statesville, same for hickory, back to the west in morganton. while the wet weather is drying
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are still below freezing. 32 at mooresville and newton. 33 at lincolnton, so seeing improvements in lincoln county, but all areas north are looking at some very slick travel this morning, even though the wet weather is winding down, that freezing rain threat is diminishing. what's left behind is still going to ice over. now, these numbers will warm up to above freezing. but, again, it may take at least another hour and a half to two hours before we can get to that point. we'll show you that here on futurecast in a few moments and talk about the much more significant warmup that's heading our way as we head toward the upcoming weekend. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. of course traffic becoming the primary issue this morning with all those problems up north and multiple problems at that. mark. >>reporter: yeah, iredell county seems to be one of the big trouble spots that we were monitoring yesterday. and this morning is no different. this is one of the accident that is we're monitoring. luckily it's out of the travel lanes, but it's an overturned truck 77 northbound near amity hill, for folks heading up towards troutman and statesville. the good news is we're not seeing any big delays any longer. just use caution if you're traveling specifically north up towards i-40. now, we are following big problems up towards morganton
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alpine this. is highway 70. it's closed right now at bailey street because of an accident that took out some power lines. we're en route to this accident scene. you'll 73 to avoid it by using highway 40 in both directions because it is closed in both directions. now, we're also dealing with an issue over in maiden where we've got a jackknifed tractor- trailer. this has south d avenue blocked at ramsor road just south of town. so use salem church road over towards south main avenue as the alternate route. other than that it's quiet here in charlotte, no big issues other than an accident we just got a word on, mcdoul with possible injuries. we'll talk about that next. stephanie. 5:33. we just looked at union county's twitter. they are operating on a two- hour delay this morning. all those delays and cancellations running fe bottom of your screen. you can you can also find them on our website. now, as you head out the door to go to work this morning, you will want to take a easy on those roads as all of that rain we received overnight has created some pretty dangerous conditions. >> troopers have responded to dozens of crashes so far ever
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mix fell yes. right now eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live along i-77 in the huntersville area. so how are the interstates looking where you are? >>reporter: right now they're okay. drivers taking it easy as they enter the interstate here. but yesterday the slick and wet roads caused several crashes. some people forced to wait in traffic for more than five hours. on i-40 several jackknifed tractor-trailers, at one point troopers were working nine wrecks in a two-mile stretch. but there were no injuries. as you can see, though, it was a major mess. the crashes continued on highway 321. a viewer sent us these photos of a wicked wi truck that overspill near maiden. you can see the beer and kegs spilled on the highway. further south on 321 in gas tonia, a chain of wrecks. a driver struck a car and then an ambulance flipped while
5:32 am
but the biggest delays came on i-77 where overnight crews reopened the highway near statesville. but some drivers were forced to wait five hours in traffic. >> i have two dogs home and they have all four paws crossed. we took them out before we left. >>reporter: and coming up in 30 minutes the unusual thing troopers had to do to get traffic moving again on i-77. reporting live in huntersville, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> all right, joe. 5:35 right now. we're keeping an eye on the power outages across the area. here is the map. we want to show you a few areas. right now more than 700 people are without power in the caldwell county area. that is down from just 30 minutes ago, though. there are 653 outages in catawba county. that has gone up from 288. and 565 duke energy customers do not have any power in burke county. plus officials say half of morganton is without power after a crash. reporter dave ferraday is on
5:33 am
a newly-discovered voice mail could help investigators solve a unc murder case. >> more than three years ago someone beat page hedgepeth to death. a recording appears to record the moments leading up to the murder. "crime watch daily" was on tv 64. the investigator says you can hear faith saying a couple of names in the recording and pleading to be let go. >> i forwarded a lot of evidence. i think there may be some -- there may be some stuff in here that's going to solve the crime i think and that's my opinion. >> the analyst said there was also a man in the room and can be heard in the recording. you can hear more of that recording and what it means for the murder case tonight on "crime watch daily." the hourlong show is dedicated to the case. it starts at 8:00 on tv 64. today is hickory man accused of shooting a woman yesterday is expected to make his first court appearance. james thacker faces assault charges after police say he
5:34 am
stomach. it happened behind a home on 11th street northwest. she is expected to survive. officers say a domestic dispute led to the shooting. thousands of people across north carolina may be forced to find new health insurance next year. the state's largest insurer, blue cross, blue shield may not offer plans through the affordable care act after this year. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live in uptown for us to explain what would be impacted the most and what choices people will be left with. angela. >>reporter: well, john, this affects about 300,000 blue cross blue shield customers in north carolina and blue cross is also the only company that offers plans under aca in all 100 north carolina counties. now, channel 9 spoke with tom and patty mceldl wain of salisbury who got blue cross blue shield insurance under the affordable care act. they say other insurance companies wouldn't take them due to their pre-existing conditions and their lives
5:35 am
now they are worried what will happen after the company says that they are now losing money by offering the plans. in some counties blue cross is the only company that offers plans through aca. if you live in one of these counties, you can get a plan in another county and go further for your healthcare or go without insurance. >> not knowing is, you know, about anything is stressful. >> the concern in this county is if blue cross leaves, we'll have very few or no choices. >>reporter: now, if you don't have healthcare coverage, of course, you will be charged a fee, but what if you have no good options? the north carolina department of insurance is taking up that issue with federal health officials. reporting live in uptown, angela hong, eyewitness news. >> and we did post a link to blue cross blue shield's website on ours, as well as a link to find your representative's contact information. just look for the story on the home page on our latest news. today lawmakers in raleigh
5:36 am
trying to draw new voting district maps by friday. yesterday voters met across north carolina to talk about the maps that a judge ruled are racially biased and unconstitutional. this was a meeting at central piedmont community college. some worry if districts are changed, votes will be lost. >> ramifications are unprecedented process. the rules have been followed, it's not about partisan politics at that point. >> the friday deadline to redraw the districts only stands as supreme court chief justice john roberts decides court's ruling. roberts could make that afternoon. new this morning people can now carry concealed guns on shelby city property. our news partner at the shelby star reports the city council removed the ban on guns last night. that decision does not apply to the police department. a state law prevents people from carrying concealed weapons in law enforcement and a planned parenthood clinic in colorado is back open this morning almost three
5:37 am
three people and hurt nine others. >> the clinic reopened yesterday, but part of the building is still under repair. planned parenthood added security measures since the november attack. clinic leaders hope to completely reopen the building in a few months. and we are continueing to follow some breaking news this morning in statesville. take a look, live pictures right now from i-77. this is at exit 45. it created a lot of issues so far this morning. you can see that vehicle is flipped onto its top. we're going to be talking to mark taylor here in just a minute. he's going to tell us what this is doing to traffic in the area. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday, and you had warned us about the weather yesterday, and especially when you look out on what happened on the roads. you can tell it was a rough night. >> yeah. and still up to the north we're seeing the numbers that are still close enough to freezing the roads may look just wet. but anything that's not treated well enough is going to be icy. there's a big surge of warm air from the south coming in. we're already 38 in charlotte, so no issues in town. but once you get through the
5:38 am
people are below freezing. 32 in granite falls and hickory. just looked over new temperature data for hickory. it looks by between 6:00 and 7:00 we should start to jump up above freezing and start to climb up much more. so that's a good time line, between 7:00 and 8:00 for most neighborhoods up to the north. should be fine, but that's still a couple of hours away, so take caution this morning. ahead we'll talk about the timeline for another round of rain that's going to sneak in later tonight. we'll see if any mountain snow comes out of that as well. let's get you to the roads, 5:41, here's mark. >>reporter: backups from an earlier accident we told you about in china grove on i-85 southbound. you can see a fairly significant delay coming south of highway 152 outside of china grove. so use 29 or main street as an alternate route around that accident. and then other issues that we've been monitoring include one up towards maiden -- rather, towards catawba and burke county, highway 70 blocked at bailey street. if you are traveling through the area, highway 40 is going to be your best bet around that.
5:39 am
away from dave ferraday. also one up towards maiden closed at ramsor road. use church road to main street to get around. stephanie. hundreds of workers at two freightliner plants will lose their jobs. the way groups plan to help those affected. a huntersville man says a federal raid of his home in august was illegal. >> the government is coming in and seizing people's stuff.
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federal lawsuit channe good morning to you. almost 5:45. still following breaking news, i-77 at exit 45 in statesville, you can see that car -- that truck that is flipped on its top this morning. at this point it doesn't look like it's impacting traffic. as you can see cars still going by. but, again, we've been having a lot of issues on several roads, still seeing pockets of slick spots and that is causing trouble in our area. and of course we've had the heavy rain as well that's caused some problems as well. we're going to get an update from traffic team 9's mark taylor, find out where our troubled roads are at this point and check in with meteorologist keith monday to let us know when all of this is going to dry up. federal investigators think a huntersville man got thousands of dollars in fake
5:43 am
>> back in august federal agents stormed the home on cumberland crest drive. a federal lawsuit filed last week accuses the man who lives there, stanley barren of being involved with a conspiracy to get fraudulent auto loans. now attorneys think he ran bogus auto dealersers that recruited people for sales that didn't happen. he questions the validity of the government's search warrants last year, though. >> you're saying you did nothing snilg >> no, i'm not saying that at all. i'm saying that them even coming to my home and taking documents, the only person who has proven to do something illegal is the government. >> in one example, investigators say someone in their 80s applied for a loan for a car that was actually registered to someone in california, and they say barrens' company, five four auto listed an address on independence boulevard that's actually a separate auto dealer. barrens has not been charged with any federal crime. the slick conditions that
5:44 am
also led to big messes in western north carolina. crashes along interstate 26 in henderson county backed up traffic for miles. and look at this. this video of a trash truck that slid across the road, and it hit a tree there. d.o.t. workers and towing companies in the area say the freezing rain caught them off guard. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we still have some areas that are right at freezing and that's why we're having problems this morning >> yeah. even though we've seen the wet weather ease up, the temperatures just have not warmed up enough to the north to really allow things to thaw back out, and we may have at least another hour before that is the case. we're drying out in charlotte, maybe a few sprinkles left over out of huntersville towards cornelius and down to kannapolis, concord, i should say, and into harrisburg. to the west, another area of -- batch of light freezing rain is moving out of cleveland county. that stretches northbound around hickory and moving to maiden, conover, newton and
5:45 am
and all of these areas here to the north are still at freezing and we're still getting reports of some icy travel up here. even though the wet weather is zipping off to the east and what's left behind won't be around for long, the temperatures are very slow to warm back up. so we're seeing the rain easing up, the near freezing temperatures, though, are still up there and slick travel really once you get into iredell and catawba counties, all points northbound then still looking at those slick roads. 32 out into shelby, so still close to that point here as you work your way into cleveland county. as you can see, 32 towards statesville, hickory, mountains are in the upper 30s. better travel found mostly in the high country this morning. look to the southeast. there's a big push of warm air that will start to roll in as we head throughout the day today. this is going to take some time. so through 7:00 you can see areas north are still pretty close to that freezing point. between 7:00 and 8:00 it'll get better around hickory, around statesville, and then dramatic improvements by midday. 40s and 50s move back in quickly. we'll hit a high in the mid- to
5:46 am
we'll actually add a few degrees to that number here in town, likely pushing us closer to 60. a nice amount of sunshine will be in through the middle part of our day today, clouds return this afternoon, rain chances come in tonight, even some light mountain snows, but the mountain snow -- or i should say the snow will be confined to the mountains only late tonight. that may last through the overnight hours with spotty rain drops through the free dawn hours tomorrow. sky will begin to clear right around the same time tomorrow morning, so by 7:00 and 8:00 the sunshine will be back out once again. so it's a quick chance of rainfall and that's it, dry for the rest of the week and into the upcoming weekend as the temperatures start to go back up. mid- to upper 50s all the way through friday, we get a much bigger jump in the numbers as we head our way toward the upcoming weekend. so a real nice change temperature wise and looks like the rain chance may not be back after tonight until, well, early next week. so our five-day forecast, the weekend always in view, looks great here for the next couple of days, once we get through one last batch of wet weather again for tonight.
5:47 am
to upper 50s, close to the 60- degree mark friday and in the 60s, if not close to 70 by sunday. >> that's a long break that is much deservedded. >> it is. we've had a long stretch of feel really nice. >> kind of nice to get back keith, thanks. weather and traffic every "daybreak." taylor. >>reporter: big issues up in burke county this morning. we got highway 70 blocked in both directions. crash that took out some power lines. we're told half the folks in morganton this morning without power because of the accident. we're minutes away. right now if you're traveling the area, happening west of glen allen and i-40. 85 southbound we had an earlier accident still causing delays. this was just south of highway 152 from china grove. you'll want to take 29 or even main street to get around the congestion that we're seeing. back in charlotte we do have an accident this. is causing some minor to
5:48 am
mcdowell up towards fourth street. so you can take mlk over to davidson as an alternate route. now i'm getting word of an accident object beattie's ford. it looks like it could cause some problems. we'll look at that and see if it's causing any delays and talk about alternate routes next. stephanie. millennials will play a larger role in this election cycle than ever before. all new at 6:30, the candidates getting the most support with voters under 30 and the party that could benefit the most. families who depend on jobs at this dime ler frightliner plant are on edge after learning hundreds of workers will lose their jobs in just week. and at 6:15, the impacts the [ inaudible ]
5:49 am
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great rates for great rides. t rates for great ride weather is playing a big role on things this morning >> yeah. it's the leftovers now. the wet weather has really moved out very quickly. we still have temperatures up north that are below freezing. that fog around statesville, for example, is freezing fog. so you're going to find very slick conditions. i've seen numerous reports on our facebook page up around
5:51 am
county, clermont into catawba county, still a sheet of ice up there this morning, so take caution. and mark taylor has been talking about all the problems we're still seeing out there for this morning. >>reporter: yeah, north of charlotte is where we're seeing most of the issues, including a couple of accident that is we're en route to and it includes this one on highway 70 which has blocked both directions just west of the glen alpine near bailey street. we've been talking about using highway 70 coming up at the 6:00 hour we'll be talking to dave ferraday, he's arriving on the scene and gathering more information as well. monitoring that wreck on i-85 southbound just south of china grove that's still causing delays. so you'll want to use highway stephanie. members of a south charlotte church packed a city council zoning meeting to show their support for plans to dplollish this iconic building. ahead at 6:30, the new plans church leaders have for the park. >>reporter: overnight crews cleared this wreck that left hundreds of drivers stranded for five hours. >> we've never seen this. >>reporter: the reason is took
5:52 am
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every daylow prices. breaking news, roads are closed, people are without power and flights are canceled. the winter storm is moving out right now, but still having a major impact across our area. we have team coverage showing you the biggest issues and bringing you alternate routes around those closures. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm stephanie maxwell >> i'm john paul. now, cms is on normal schedule today. we've got a list of other schools, though, that are close or delayed. that is now running at the
5:56 am
the list is growing. so you can see that at first let's get over to meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. he is tracking the lingering rain out there right now. >> yeah. the rain has ended, but the bigger problem now is the fact that the temperatures have been very slow to warm up. now, it's all clear in charlotte where our number is well above freezing here in town. but to the north we're still see ago lot of icy travel left over, that cold pocket of air slow to move out. much dryer now in and around charlotte other than a sprinkle or two, still wet roads, but everybody from gas tonia through charlotte, concord and albemarle are all above freezing an points south. no trols. cherryville up through lincolnton, clermont over toward conover and newton still very slippery travel all the way throughville, back west into morganton, still seeing and dealing with some very slick roads. report up in stoney point in alexander county on our facebook page, tell us what's happening in your neighborhood as well. it's a sheet of ice out there this morning as the temperatures get just on the north side of the metro start to fall near freezing.
5:57 am
is where that line kind of starts. so everywhere north of there through hickory, through statesville, taylorsville, obviously, all still near or below freezing. we're in the upper 30s in charlotte. so no travel issues other than the wet roads here in town. we'll talk about the timeline for the warmup. it does come in taw. it will get there. it's going to take, though, for a couple of hours for those northern counties to thaw back out. let's get back over to mark taylor now, monitoring a multitude of breaking news issues in the traffic up north. >>reporter: yeah. especially up towards glen alpine or gest wind gust of that. highway -- or just west of that. highway 70 closed at bailey street west of morganton. this is an accident that took out some power lines. we are told there are lots of outages. almost half of morganton is without power this morning. highwawa40 is your best bet around this in both directions. we've also been monitoring backups all morning long 85 out of china grove southbound. it wasn't a serious crash, but just south of highway 152, starting to see some delays in both directions. so 29 or even main street will be your best bet to get around
5:58 am
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