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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 11, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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>> oh! a gray and gloomy storm off the atlantic coast of france. 86 mile-per-hour winds. lots of heavy waves about 15 feet high. people, of course, now want to go out and see this storm. they want to get closer to mother nature thrashing the coastline. this guy here in his 50s decided he was going to get a little bit closer with his camera. so he walks down there. he's being recorded by his friend up closer to the shore. he stands there for awhile getting all the pictures and video that he wants and he starts walking back towards the camera. but just as he does that, two other people start walking down closer to the waves. those folks in their 70s. >> oh, no. >> no, no, no. >> doesn't look that bad at first but then it turns nearly deadly. the man swept out in the water. his wife now chasing after him as she gets battered by waves. now these two are fighting for
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>> oh, no. >> it's escalated so quickly. >> now, the guy in the yellow jacket just doesn't seem to know what to do here in this situation. both those folks get knocked down. the water begins to retreat and it looks like here's now a moment to hopefully rescue these two. >> but the waves are coming so quickly. i mean, that is a serious judgment call. >> oh, good, they're out of the water. >> go, go, go. >> the guy goes to his aid and grabs them both. before he can get this couple to their feet and to safety, they yet again get pummelled by waves. the last wave takes all three of them and sweeps them towards the shoreline. that wasn't the end of it. many people -- and i'm surprised you haven't asked yet. why not the guy behind the camera? reports say that man was disabled and wasn't able to go out and lend a hand. thankfully after the video cuts here, another man out for a walk with his family saw what's
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and rescued all three of them. the woman, however, was in the water for about ten minutes. she was unconscious. two elderly people had to be air lifted to the hospital. road rage. put it away in your back pocket. you don't need it. it always leads to stuff like this. watch this small volkswagen comes into that frame. the driver behind it didn't agree with it. watch what happens here. >> what's your problem? >> keep going, right? >> people cannot let it go though. >> nope. that driver does not let it go. but karma gets them quick. >> oh! you suck! >> that's what you get. >> yeah. the driver of the suv swerves to intimidate the driver in the other car and immediately sends himself right over to the shoulder. and it looks like maybe even crashing into the guardrail. >> i'm not sure this is the appropriate response for this, but -- >> it is.
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>> you can't feel bad because the other motorist was moving out of the way. fine, dude. i'm out of your way. see you later. have a good day. in australia where this motorcyclist is on the road, it looks like it's been raining. this rider swerving through traffic trying to get going. >> oh! oh! >> but as he does that, he comes up on a turn, takes it too wide and ends up crashing into the vehicle right in the other lane. >> riding beyond his skill level for sure. on wet roads. come on, brother. >> you fool. >> yeah, there are certain rules on a motorcycle you cannot cheat. you can't get away with. and this was for sure one of them. fortunately the rider was wearing all the gear and has a good sense of humor at least decided to actually share this video so that other people could learn from his mistakes. you don't see anything on
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to warn you it is big, it is black, and it has hands. otherwise known as petty palps. >> oh, yeah. >> that's also a very big spider. >> look at that thing. it's kind of part spider part crab. >> yeah. that's brutal. >> those can puncture your skin. but these are not poisonous to humans. >> but if it pokes the skin, is that a bite? >> no. it's a puncture. this little creature is a whip spider. the person with this here is a breeder and as you can see, there was a lot of handling here because, you know, they play with it all the time. >> that explains why this person is not afraid and running out of the room screaming. what. >> what do we use to get this if it comes for us? >> sweep it up in your hand and put knit a cage and breed it. this person is alive and well
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>> what does it breed with? humans? >> hopefully other spiders. >> that thing looks like video games. >> you just panic. >> i'd like to point out that ollie didn't say anything the first few minutes of this conversation. because he was just freaked out. >> that's good because now we're going to bring one in. >> whoa! >> prank. hey, everybody. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you'll these wednesday's buzzword, but at least 18 years old, and be a legal u.s. resident. stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. kite boarding, it's a good sport. when it goes good, it's very good. when it goes bad, it gets painful.
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he's having a great time apparently in 2013. everything's going great. surfing along. the kite up there, the wind is blowing. ooh. ends up in the water. but no, no, no. that's not the crash. thing is that was him stopping because he got so close to the land. but then an updraft comes up. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. ooh! >> oh. >> oh! >> how do you stop that? >> it's the worst. it starts in the rocks and the big rocks then the bushes. the only thing he doesn't hit is like a cactus or something. >> maybe that's why it took him three years to post it because he's finally healed from all the those bruises. >> if you've ever skinned your knee, this is a skinned knee times 25. >> 40. >> yes. could he have just let go? >> no.
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it's to prevent the kite from falling off. there's nothing you can do. the worst part is wearing shorts as well. it's just, you know what? >> best part is he's wearing a helmet. firefighters need to get to a scene -- >> but they can't. >> oh. >> why their rescue operation requires some heavy lifting. and -- >> a new movie explores the horror we all face. >> why does furniture make noises at night? >> the funny spoof that will shake you up. now you can create your own tour of italy at olive garden, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden.
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these videos prove that sometimes you got to do what you got to do. these firefighters in moscow are trying to get to a building that has smoke coming from it but they can't. >> oh, no. >> they just did this to get through? >> some of the alley ways are pretty narrow. >> these firefighters have to move several cars to get to their destination. word is that the apartment complex is not very extensive but the parking there is. the people who live there park on the street and this is what happens. >> that fire truck could have run over that car if it wanted to. these guys not only doing a good job, but conscientious too. >> in the u.s., we have the fire hydrant rules and the emergency lanes. not sure what the rules are here. but there's several cars here that these firefighters and folks on the street are having to push out of the way so they can get their trucks through. the crews were smart about it.
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into the building to start to try to diffuse the situation. the truck, on the other hand, does make it through after they spend all of this time trying to push these cars out of the way. those cars were cited. the owners got a fine. >> yeah. everything about this just seems so wrong. but this next juken video is oh so right. >> what are they doing? >> they have the tiniest dolly in the world trying to move this couch. that's why it's so funny. it's something out of three stooges. except there's only two of them. the third is filming. why don't you help instead of laughing? >> this is way too good. i do want to remind you all there was a couch moving episode on the show not too long ago when something questionable also happened. it was a woman. >> yeah.
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don't judge! it gets a little bit harder for these guys. then this happened. >> no. no. >> yes. in a world where things go bump in the night -- >> for my whole life, i've been hearing noises. i thought they were only in my head. but now i know the noises are in the house. >> a new movie explores the horror we all face. >> can anybody please tell me why does furniture make noises at night? >> and why not? because why? why? why? why does furniture make weird noises at night? >> because the temperature changes. >> ghosts. >> oh, ghosts. >> why does furniture make
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it's even on yahoo answers. what are you trying to tell me, chair? listen. >> it's my phone. relax. >> this is so funny. >> yeah. >> a way to blow nothing out of proportion. >> there's something wrong with this chair. it's making noises! >> well, this is just a funny fake trailer put together called noisy furniture. it just goes down the whole spooky horror movie. the tension builds. it's like it's been directed by m. night shyamalan-adingdong.
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cats don't need to be rescued when they're up in a tree. >> wait until you see the twist in this story next "right this minute." and the debate is in. should you or shouldn't you? >> go all in on the first day? >> no. >> why this hot topic has everyone divided. >> i'm going to be quiet because my momma watches this show. plus we'll reveal the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. yeah yeah here we go, go, go these are my dogs dusty and cooper. i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. i am the butler.
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i give you the drone. this thing is strong enough to pull a human adult on a snow board. >> ooh. >> this is amazing. it looks like nothing more than two sticks put together with some motors and off he goes. >> what you got to do is mount the controls on that bar as well. then it's completely -- i got a feel like whoever is in the chase vehicle is flying it for them. >> all you've got to do is program that thing to do loops on that area. this is the area the drone works in, take the controls out of it. >> that car was following behind and had video. the drone, i went to the website to figure out how much it will cost you. it doesn't say because it is not for sale yet. if you sign up for their news letter, they will send you more information as it becomes available. >> it's like kite boarding but don't need the wind. >> and a handy hobbyist could build one himself.
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always has a gazillion different answers. >> sex on the first day, is that cool? >> should you or should you not go all in on the first date? >> i'm going to be quiet because my momma watches this show. >> fortunately mine doesn't speak english. >> do tell. >> put this video together and asked the question. the answers are so varied. >> i am for having sex on the first date. >> the values of attaining a relationship, i am against sex on the first date. >> i'm pro freedom and sex on the first date. >> i am against having sex on the first date. >> if you are feeling it, i'm for it. >> no, no. >> so many different factors. the kind of night you had, the kind of person you're with, if there is that connection. it just seems right or not. you know? i don't think there's a set rule. >> i think it's interesting how
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first date to sex on the first date. >> here are the arguments. >> i think first dates in general are very proformative. if you feel comfortable enough with that person to have sex with them, go for it. >> i like just building up that excitement for it. >> why build walls for yourself? you're on a date, things with going well, and you engage in healthy, normal sex. >> great sex isn't just about having a physical connection. it's about intimacy and real knowledge of the other person, of their personality. >> you're in control of whether you do or not so at the end of the day you do have your power. it doesn't make you easy. >> i am of the opinion if you go for it guy or girl first night, you're really not in it for the long-term. you're just looking for some activity, some action. >> well, i say like this. you do you. just be safe doing you. >> and be a grownup about it. have mutual respect for the
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzzword, be at least 18 years old, and be a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to and enter the buzzword. >> are you ready for today's buzzword? >> it's evolution. >> get over to and enter the buzzword evolution. e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n. >> and one day later this week, it is bonus giveaway day. that means we'll also be giving away a flat screen tv. so tune in and good luck, everybody. she's pranking her parents with a new tattoo. >> leave me alone. >> it looks good. >> now they start to pump it a little bit. >> uh-oh. it's infected. >> see how her fake ink makes
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>> this video from the key west race week is pretty incredible because these are not tois. these are real boats in the water. it's just the way they have the drone up in the air shooting them that makes it look like you're looking at kids playing with a bunch of boats in the water. >> it's interesting because they're not even using a tilt shift or anything. it just looks -- because i guess they're such tiny boat. >> i asked one of our editors, this isn't tilt shift? no. it's just the way the drones are
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>> how do they get a drone shot with such solid time lapse? that's what this is. i'm kind of surprised. >> yeah. i think part of what sells it as well is the fact it is sped up so they don't quite move in a way you expect. so feels like you're playing with toys. >> there are real people hanging on there. you realize that arm moved. or somebody's trying to move the sail. so it's really cool to look at. it makes you want to get out there and sail. >> i can't believe they haven't crashed into each other. with rachel here, a life hack youtuber. she pranked her parents and said she was pregnant. and yeah. i was like, girl, that is not funny. >> no, that's not funny at all. >> how old is she? if she's 35, then it's different if she was, like, 21. >> she's 23-year-old. >> i'm going to tell them i got a tattoo. we're going to put this right there on my neck.
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tramp stamp. >> so she gets a sticker, applies to it her neck, pops it around the butterfly to make it look real. then applies a little bandage. >> they don't bandage them up. >> no. you put clean film over them. >> it doesn't matter. the parents don't know any better. >> don't you like it? >> no, i don't. >> why not? >> i don't like tattoos. >> you're the one who told me i should get one. >> i never said that! >> mom seems to be painting which means she's an artist. >> mom doesn't have to like it though. you're 23. >> mom, i heard jesus had a tattoo. >> pretty sure jesus didn't have a tattoo, boo. >> i can always get it lasered off if i don't like it. >> that costs thousands of dollars. >> look at dad. >> it looks good. >> how do you know what it looks like? you can't even see it. you need two mirrors. >> it looks as good as your hat, dad.
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>> i'm finished with you. i'll tell you what i'll pay for. new locks as soon as you get the hell out of here. >> getting told. >> that's old school. my house, my rules. get out. >> i think mom will have the same reaction. >> dad, go like this. >> we're not even religious. we're not even that jewish. only slightly jewish. all right, folks. hope you caught that buzzword.
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