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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 1, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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would otherwise because this angry presidential race makes people feel more glum and less sure of the future. don't take it from me on a day when the averages got hit. [ sell, sell, sell ] with the s&p sinking 8.1%. tou down 123. you heard it from warren buffett and the ceo of general electric. warren buffett says it is obscuring the greatness. it is an election year and candidates can't stop speaking about the country's problem which only they can solve. as a result of the negative drum beat many americans believe their children will not live as well as they do. that's dead wrong. those born today are the
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at least in terms of your weekend reading time it goes deep into politics. surprising for me. again, quoting him about the current business environment, what's unique in this cycle is the difficult relationship between business and government. the worst i have ever seen, end quote. wow. he goes on to write technology productivity and globalization have been driving forces during my business career. in business if you don't lead these changes you get fired. in politics if you don't fight them you can't get elected. immelt says most government policile is anti-growth, end quote. these perpetual roadblocks perpetuate a cycle of slow growth, poor job creation, populism, low productivity, poor policy and more slow growth, end quote. wow. i can quibble with globalization. it hurt a lot of working people
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i'm not going to quibble with the caustic nature of the political backdrop that makes doing business more difficult and makes us less willing to pay up for the stocks of any business, no matter how good it is. lowers the price to earnings multiple. think about it. these aren't idle charges. warren buffett says the leaders don't lead and we are doing poorly as a nation. immelt has been in business all his life. he makes a point of not singling out either party saying. we see this in stocks. it's clear people are paying les for stock. the toxic nature of it. which industries, let's take the drug companies. i see biotechs and major pharmaceuticals trading down. part of that comes from a belief the drug companies, the politicians portrayed them as
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they are always a step away from a subpoena. it certainly is true we have seen bad actors, notably martin skreli who bragged about price gouging. geez. the vast majority of drug companies are good citizens. i'm not pollelyanna. there are bad guys but come on. i'm not asking they be celebrated by politicians. we can recognize there has to be a reason why american drug companies are better than the drug companies in the world. in part we have had a history of governments supporting innovation and regarding them as the crown jewels of the economy. now they are demonized on a daily basis. take today. horizon pharmaceuticals. they have a patient assistance program they have talked about. steers some patients to drugs they think are worth taking. today they have received a subpoena from the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york.
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i wish horizon disclosed this perhaps there is legitimate wrongdoing. to the larger point raised i have to wonder if there was another way to handle it. seems everyone in government wants to take a vocal, visible shot at industry. no more let's sit down and talk sure drugs in this country cost a lot. they need to to get a good enough return so companies have incentive to invent new drugs. i think health care is too expensive. from an investing point of view, owning a drug stock is a nightmare. because of a fear the politicians will demonize all of them. not just the few who deserve it. how about infrastructure. that's a good one to look at. how about the business and infrastructure breeds? everyone who has gone anywhere any major city, the roads, bridges and tunnels are a mess. big infrastructure spending is
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it used to be front and center. read up on president eisenhower. his commitment to building the interstate highway system. it didn't exist before thim. the most recent biographers make it clear he thought the government's job was to promote the business of america and push it away to create good solid jobs. the idea that government could sit down with business in a meaningful way seems fanciful to me. you know anyone who talks with corporate executives from either party will be hammered by some other candidate from being owned by the corporations. this is incredible. how did this happen? then there is the oil industry. it's been steadily creating jobs for years. i hate fossil fuels, we all do. we're stuck with them now. the oil industry is on troep the ropes. that's obvious to everybody. in order to rebuild the
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the united states called on a $10 tax on every barrel of oil, a surcharge paid by the oil companies. what the heck? with low prices for oil the average oil company is breaking even or losing money every day. marathon was a major. they filed a deal at $7. why? to raise cash to weather it. not able to pay $10 a barrel to the government and get what it need s to stay in business. i understand the tax carter called for. i said it was wrong headed but at least then the companies had profits let alone windfall profits. what kind of cynical thinking spawned an idea that these prices wipe out the independent oil companies and our own energy ims. the republicans make me feel gloomy as they constantly beat the drum about how terrible things are. even as 4.9% unemployment is
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we are the strongest country in the world when it comes to growth. i will include china. it doesn't take a weather man to tell you which way the economic wind blows in the people's republic. i'm not trying to rant against either political party. the backdrop politics creates makes people too uncertain to invest. if they are far back who would have bothered. it's a toxic atmosphere that makes you want to risk nothing for fear you will lose everything. i believe the fears will be unfounded. not many people have the staying power of warren buffett. when you're that rich you can be patient. most don't have the luxury. i'm urging you not to hide from or cower from an opportunity. in the face of political environment that does terrify people. it may obscure opportunities but doesn't eliminate them. if you read the rest of g.e.'s
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the new environment with self-help to make you money. his sunny optimism is based on facts. many of which he reads in his letter, not fiction. here is the bottom line. the sum total of the political backdrop makes us want to pay less for the future. we misprofits to the company who is see through political fear mongering. i'm not suggesting we whistle past the graveyard. it's not a graveyard. the politicians made it feel like one. david in new york. david. >> caller: long time. ett. >> all right. jack moore is the research director for my charitable trust. follow along all the action owners we have written and cut the position back. we felt we should keep a little bit. we need some exposure to oil for the charitable trust.
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is a deal that's problematic with williams and ete. it's not something i'm pushing hard. i don't push any fossil fuels hard these days. i think they are no longer as investable as they were. anne marie in new york, please. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: do you think popeyes or yum can do with technology what paneras, starbucks or domino's did? >> that's a good question. panera is doing amazing things with social media. starbucks is doing all kinds of things with media. i think popeyes, i don't think they have taken their eye off the ball, but they have been dealing with severe price competition from the burger companies. i have to tell you, i think if you stick with the group you will do fine. it is well -- way too beaten down. look at chipotle. how many people gave up on that
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thanks to the political backdrop investors want to pay less for stocks than they normally would. take from it the oracle of omaha. that causes you to miss an opportunity. on "mad money" responsibility the stock market is well off its lows. tonight i'm tackling the techs to see where the averages are headed next. in 2015 it was down 53%. what happened? i'll tell you what's behind the monumental riesz and fall and if it will rise again. war buffett's big four. are they the right big four for you? don't miss my take. and stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. now the stock market has rebounded from its lows over the past month. it's time to get a read on where the averages could be headed next. tonight we are going off the
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who's been dead right of late. the brilliant technician who runs the fibanaci website. get her assessment of the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. while the market has gotten less volatile and crazy of late we know things could go haywire at any moment. right? we know that. in an environment where emotions are running high the charts could make a good touch stone. fund mentals are all over the place. last time we checked in was january 26. s&p 500 was higher. she said the rally wouldn't have staying power. after it ran out of steam she predicted the average would go lower. sure enough the s&p made a peak on february 1. after the next ten days trading it plunged down 110 points and still one more brutal sell-off. the real low for the market came on february 11 when the s&p 500
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there was a tweet that same day telling people to watch for a tradeable low. we have to find out how she made the call. look at the weekly chart of the s&p 500. on february 11, you can see when everything turned around and the key benchmark started roaring higher borode n didn't know for sure the market would bottom but there were signals suggesting we were close to a possible low. what signals? the whole meth dolging is based on ratios discovered by the god father of mathematics. these ratios show up everywhere in the world from trees to flowers to snail shells and in important points in the stock market, in the charts. i can't explain it. but there is no denying it. boroden looks at size of the
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ratios like 50%, 61.8% or 100%. to spot levels or periods of time where a given stock or index might be more likely to change the trajectory. go here and there. that's what you are looking for is a change in trajectory. on february 11 when the s&p bottomed, there was a confluence of time cycles suggesting we were approaching a crucial low. that's why she told people to watch for a rebound. when you look at the s&p big decline from may of 2015 through august of 2015, so you go back here, it lasted for 14 weeks. then the market roared higher. we were also down for 14 weeks. this is symmetry. from the highs back in november. that's the most straightforward example. it's not just the s&p 500 made a new low and came back. no. borode n believes this represents a pivotal low that changes the whole feel of the market.
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let's take a zoomed out look. this is the version of the market on a weekly chart. gives you a better indication of the longer term here. when the s&p bottomed 18 days ago boroden spotted a confluence of seven different cycles that came due february 5 through february 19. the index changes its trajectory big time. that's what happened. what does it mean? the s&p 500 intraday low at 1,810 on february 11 is now the critical level. 1810. some said 1812. but it'sle 1810. the daily charts are far from perfect. there is a strong case to be made for a real substantialle rally on our hands. remember, never afraid to call down. what needs to happen for the fib queen to turn bullish? look all the the s&p 500 daily chart. the s&p cleared one major
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when it rallied beyond shorter term cycles to make a new high but there is a more important hurdle. you can see recent ral lis lasted from eight to ten days. i'm sorry. 8 to 11 trading days. that's off of a new low. why? as of last friday the s&p was up for ten trading days since the bottom on february 11. so far this rally is similar to all the others that petered out. if today's downturn continues perhaps we have run out of steam already. if the s&p 500 chugs higher tomorrow that means we have had a run lasting 12 days. more than any other missouri and she's saying, look, we are looking at a more serious rally. one that could take us to new highs. versus the peak in may. this is the most bullish i have heard her. that's my judgment, not hers. in short, if we can rallily tomorrow and for a few todays
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has a more positive backdrop. if today's decline continues we could sneak back to the same ugly pattern you can see it. down up, down up. doesn't work, go back there. what about her view of the s&p. borode n says when you look at the nas daily you see similar patterns. in terms of the timing cycles, the important low was coming somewhere between february 11 and february 14. in fact, the nasdaq 100 bottomed prior to that, february 8. beyond that there could be more upside jeers as the nasdaq 100 sees rebounding from -- look. she does a twist here. a reverse head and shoulders pattern. that's one of the most reliable chart patterns out there. i wanted nasdaq because everyone is so focused on fang. it's not jim cramer's fang. these aren't stocks i'm saying
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put it together. things are starting to look up. even if the s&p and nasdaq pull back in the near future from the current ceilings of resistance, watch weakness for a potential buying opportunity. what could invalidate that thesis? if the s&p breaks down below 1810. then all bets are off. that's the most -- if you want to know from the fed point of view friday employment number, from a tech point of view 1810. here's the bottom line. this is a difficult market to interpret. you need to take things from one key technical point to the next. the chart as interpreted by her suggests things are looking up for the s&p 50 oh and more importantly the nasdaq 100 looking really good. they nailed the low last time around so she stands out among
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wouldn't that be something? we hold 1810 and go up like that. much more "mad" ahead. unlike gambling, investing doesn't have to be a roll of the dice. tonight wynn resorts to see if it's time to cash in on your investment. work day is change ing the business of doing business. the company is moving lower and the stock is under pressure. i have the ceo fresh off the report. over the weekend warren buffett held a master class in invest ing. i'm going over the highlights. stick with day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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how can you tell the difference between a story and a total head fake. that's the story ever since the market stopped being in free fall. it started trend ing higher a few weeks ago. we have been looking at the rise and fall of once red hot growth stocks that you love to see if it has what it takes to rise from the grave. tonight i have another one for you. she was so spectacular for so long, wynn resorts. they have major expo sure to
3:25 am
used to enfuego until they were cracking down on corruption. you can see that in wynn. it roared from less than $20 in march of 2009 up to $242 at its peak. hallelujah >> almost two years ago. in fact from late july 2012 through march of 2014 wynn guay you a 170% gain. since then, sadly, it's been all downhill. [ house of pain ] >> once maca u-turned down wynn's stock got taken to the wood shed, plunging down to 148 by the end of 2014 and plummeting by a staggering 53% in 2015 to close last year. just $69. >> the wasn't the end. 2016 was brutal. the stock hitting multi year
3:26 am
down roughly 80% from its 2014 highs. wynn appears to have gotten its groove back. the stock shot up to 82 and change as of today. up 65% from the january lows. that beg it is question. is this turn around for real or was it an over sold bounce? to understand where wynn is now you have to understand how the company got here. in short you need to know the story of the rise and fall and potential rise again of wynn resorts. this stock roared higher for years thanks to the terrific first mover exposure. first casino opened in 2004 and spent the next decade growing like crazy. this is the only place in china where gambling the legal. this is an incredible play, a mecca on the increasing
3:27 am
chinese middle class. wibry sorts owns one of six gambling licenses in the entirety of macau making it less competitive than las vegas where the strip is end to end casinos. for years you couldn't go wrong by invest ing in macau. when las vegas started coming back from the great recession that provided another boost. this is a story of great management. steve wynn is a legend in the casino business. long time, one of my idols for being a tough american businessman. however, even the best ceos can't save you when the business is obliterated by forces beyond control including wynn's. which brings me to the fall of wynn resorts. it peaked in 2014 at the time macau guaying revenues began to decelerate.
3:28 am
for 2014 just 24%. 24% growth sounds terrific. here's the way the stock market works. it's all about making relevant judgments and a slow down from 40% growth to 24% growth is down right ugly. [ booing ] >> what went wrong? at the same time the chinese economy was slowing the communist party decided to crack down on corruption in a major way. before the crack down china's political elite liked to go on free junkets to macau paid for by their rich buddies. that was the corruption. once it was clear the communist party saw this we saw a massive decline in vip guests across macau. wynn got hit hard. as 2014 continued the news from mac, au got worse. softening the china housing market and the stock market
3:29 am
wynn stock spent the rest of the year getting hammered. 2015 turned out to be even worse. chinese stock market was going like this and it inflected a. year ago the new york times reported gaming revenues fell by 49% in february of last year. that's just rid use. in march macau was down 49%. those turn out to be preshent. the company delivered a guy gan tick top and bottom line miss. it was a rough conference call to listen to. they cited to cloutd the environment. they slashed the dividend down to 50 cents a share. it was a brutal moment. for the rest of 2016 wynn got hammered despite blips higherer. that's how the stock ended the year down 53%. it made sense.
3:30 am
consistent double digit growth to shrinkage, of course the stock will be crushed. >> when the company reported on february 11 they managed to deliver a monster 27 cent earnings beat off a basis, one of the best of the year. steve wynn talked about seeing stabilization of macau on the conference call. wynn will be opening the second report in june. the company said las vegas is, quote, terrific. wynn resorts is one of the best performers. best! it was one of the wost. what do we do now? do i wish i had recommend ed wynn to you 30 points ago, of course. does that mean you missed the missouri? i think not. we are finally seeing a turn
3:31 am
of hideous numbers. the business looks better going forward. but wynn is back to the point it's now at 19 times next year's earnings estimates. the multiple could be lower if wynn can pull off a turn around and deliver higher than expected earnings. the stock rallied in two weeks. if you buy here you are chasinging. and we don't chase on "mad money." we have seen wynn resorts rise and fall based on strength and waengness in macau. i think wynn stock is headed higher not lower. you have to be smart about this which is why i suggest waiting for the next big market wide pull back. not a casino but a market wide using it to buy wynn into weakness. i will remind you. it's unwise to bet against steve
3:32 am
forward. remember to wait for a better entry point before you pull the trigger. the man and the casino have their mojo back. another downtown from the fed. wynn. what a great place to be. [ buy, buy, buy ] >> jacob in north carolina. jacob. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thanks forring is me on the show. >> i'm thrilled you're here. what's going on? >> caller: i'm calling on disney. the house of mouse raised ticket prices. where do you think the stock is headed? >> i hope we get a series of announcements similar to that which shows you that this endless doting on espn is a mistake. it sends you off the scent. i like the stock of disney for the long term. let me be like warren buffett for a second. he's a long termer. i'm urging the long term view.
3:33 am
p.t. >> caller: hey, jim. how about a pinnacle national park boo-yah to you. >> exactly what i was thinking. what's happening? >> caller: first, i want to thank you and your awesome staff for all you do for my future. you are the best on tv. >> thank you! that means something, staff. listen. they're listening. thank you. >> caller: my question about carnival cruise lines. zika has been in and out of the news to varying degrees. we have volatility. oil picking up. for me it's a play on the baby boomer retirement. what's the near and long-term take on ccl? >> i have been itching to do a story. it got away from me. it bounced from 40 to 47. hope to be able to drill down on carnival when arnold donald had a great quarter. i missed the bottom. i wanted to pull it. if it pulls in don't be surprised to hear good things about it on the show. win for the wynn. this is only going higher.
3:34 am
we missed the bottom. i apologize. i should have pulled the trigger. i believe in steve wynn. it was such a tough window. much more "mad money" ahead. from payroll to staffing, work day keeps the office running. all run on the cloud. could the earnings after the close mean there is more work to do? and things are cut throat on the campaign trail. one of america's most legendary investors is speaking out. find out what he said and where i stand ahead. of course your calls rapid fire in tonight's special edition of the lightning round. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more.
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as we saw when sales forcele reported the cloud companies cannot rally and they can rally big with strong numbers which brings me to work day, the cloud based provider of software for human capital management called acm. payroll and work that gives companies what they need to automate many back office functions allowing them to save money by laying off workers ohher streamlining hr to make it more valuable for the enterprise. work day posts strong numbers. that didn't prevent them from getting clobbered as they gotten
3:38 am
stock down 24% year to date. work day reported after the close today reporting a loss of 1 cent per share while they expected a five cent loss. up 43% year to date. the guidance seems light. let's talk to the cofounder of work day to learn more about the prospects. welcome back to "mad money." >> good to be with you, jim. >> you have billings up. revenue. these are better than people thought would happen. is this because of large new contracts? is that how you did it? >> we had a great fourth quarter across the board. it was strong with large companies, strong in europe. it was strong with the new financial products. we sold 40 new additional financial customers. it was really a strong quarter across the board.
3:39 am
we saw the highest win rates we have seen for eight quarters. >> for instance you mentioned industry leaders continue to select workday. bank of america. inconceivable they didn't have human capital management in there. that has to be something you took from somebody else. i can't believe they were doing it by hand. >> that was a replacement. i believe that was oracle. every large customer that we win is replacing it either an sap oregon racklele legacy software. now we are replacing some of the cloud applications, too. >> they were saying, listen, they have not really lost a lot of head to head to you. when i see bank of america it makes me think, who are you going to want to win? ohio state, one of the largest universities in the country, earlier i was hearing people say, listen, they have brown, a small school. to get ohio state is a big school.
3:40 am
something they didn't have. >> i think we have entered a new phase and the honeymoon for sap and/or racklele is over. you can market and sell that you deliver cloud products but we are all judged by getting customers in production and having the customers get value out of the software. the ohio state university and arizona state university both did their homework and came to the conclusion that work day could meet their needs and get them el into production which is something both of or large competitors struggle with. >> for brown there was no unified view of the campus resources and they had manual processes. is that the case for the ohio state university and arizona state? >> that's the case for almost all the companies we go into. they have some legacy software in place. we bring a better set of automation tools and importantly build analytics into the core
3:41 am
they also get better business intel jns and analysis out of the system as well. all at a lower cost going forward. >> you mentioned to me that company a company buys another company or a business you work for is acquired it is good for you. i know one was ivago. is that an opportunity for you? a merger, acquisition is an opportunity for us. both hp and ebay split. in both cases, they used workday for both companies that were split apart. any time there is a change -- >> paypal is a fast growing company. >> yes. >> i want to ask you about bank of america. when you get the financial customers it means it doesn't stop at hr. are you able to integrate the things you do out of bank of
3:42 am
morgan stanley. >> we are able to start out with hr and payroll and expand over time. in the case of bank of america, they went live in december. at this point, i think they are happy. i have talked with the ceo who is a fantastic ceo. and their chief administrative officer. if we do a good job for them we have a chance to earn more business down the road. that comes from our focus on customer success. we get kpers live. we get them el into production. they like what they see from us. they have the opportunity to buy more products down the road. >> okay. i want to ask about guidance. some people say there were people with a higher guidance in this. what i earn ed from marc benioff is you have a core business, subscription business that makes it so we shouldn't necessarily
3:43 am
the guidance point might be obscure in this case versus the street seeing one. you may not be that much of a miss off that. >> if you look at the full year 2017 guidance we took guidance up across the board from a rev perspective. the numbers which is a derivative of the base business is all over the map. we could have done a better job guiding wall street as to the seasonalle ti of the been. we put something in the report to give people more understanding of the seasonality. it was a strong guide for the year. that's what we are focused on. >> that's important. >> we took billings guidance up which is the primary metric. >> good. i didn't want people fooled by that. my understanding is it is good guidance.
3:44 am
people look at the losses and say, wait a second. why do you like work day. i'm looking at you for on oh flow which is bigger than what i was looking for. correct view? it's a once in a decade land grab. we are adding customers in a profitable way. if our hcm business was stand alone it is at a 10% operating margin. why not go after the financials marketplace and go after it with the same energy we have with hr. we are running two large product development initiatives at the same time. this leads to a profitable company and we are confident it become it is margin we planned for when we started it. >> i want to congratulate you. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, jim.
3:45 am
understand. we care about re new growth and the revenue growth. we care about big customer wins and they got that, too. i like this work day quarter and what the projection is for the year. "mad money" is back after the break. now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it! head and shoulders. live flake free for life did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . ugh! heartburn!
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it is time. time for the lightning round on cramer's mad money. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." barbara in new york. barbara. >> caller: hi, jim. i could use good advice about bbby.
3:49 am
i prefer tjx. they have home goods which is molson canadianing. greg in south carolina, greg. >> caller: boo-yah, jim bo. >> boo-yah. >> caller: heft etsy. >> i think it was a good quarter. i don't understand while people aren't cheery. i was against them el for 20 points. david in oklahoma. david. >> the carlisle group. >> carlisle group. i don't like it as much as blackstone which is doing it. come on. blackstone is better. tim in illinois. tim. what do you think about usg corp. >> pass. how about home depot down two bucks. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade.... and created degree with motionsense.
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you never get tired of warren buffett's annualle reports because he tells you something. most say everything is great, highlighting businesses that are doing well. terrific pictures of smiling employees. warren buffett's are filled with meat even if the folksy method of delivery seems strange for a hard headed businessman. he gives away a ton of information for free and i think that's the case because he wants you to learn about business. if i were teaching a course in business the berkshire hathaway annual report would be in the syllabus. it is a clinic no one wants to part with. you can learn more than you have a right to. they could charge a fortune. fist things first i have been
3:53 am
why not? the stock of the greatest investor of our time. runs against the cramerica grain. he runs fabulous businesses from geico to the railroad energy value added chemicals and metal fabricatinging operations and a host of other too numerous to name. there's a complete acquisition we'll talk about next year at this time. he owns shares in great companies and some les er ones, too. with the cost basis that's to die for. ibm, wells fargo. he backed up all four managements with the statement that these four investments produce excellent business and a run by managers who are talented and shareholderer friendly. if you are looking for criticism of ibm and american ex press don't matter. warren buffett is fine with
3:54 am
he's on board. he's also happy with another under performer, bank of america. he has a huge stake in it. his fourth largest equity investment if you back out the instrument hi says. one he said he evals highly. he got a terrific deal when he saved bank of america with a gigantic investment during the great egs are. perhaps management gave him that break because it's a disapointing stock. it's a house of pain. take aways, first, the oracle of omaha confirmed something that's on a lot of minds. the elections create ed a negativing drum beat that cast a pal on americans' view of the future. i feel strongly about that after reading this letter. second -- under performler in 2014. with more capital and tighter focus it turned around. while warren buffett notes 2016 will be a down year for the railroad it made me feel the other rails have room to run.
3:55 am
they can do it themselves. it made me want to buy union pacific. they are all still having room for improvement and they can be taken over. third you feel great about aerospace. warren buffett is excited. it helps you understand why honeywell wants to team up with united technologies. made me want to go back to alcoa because they want to do acquisitions. when they break into two separate companies the engineered portion of the business will have $6 billionle in aerospace orders that dove taille with the parts. while he disagrees with the style of opportunities his brazilian partners seek going after les productive enterprises making them better i feel good about kraft hines. another year of investable take aways. what more could you possibly ask
3:56 am
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1.3 billion? wow. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. tonight is the night. good to be live right about now >> feels amazing. >> oh my gosh. >> i show you with your arm around leo. >> leo at last. but he had plenty of company when it came to first-time winners. i'm billy bush with so many behind-the-scene moments like leo's priceless words and the story behind this touching brie larson moment. and our surprise that shows actress --
4:00 am
him? >> hollywood races. >> did chris rock deliver? >> the talk right now is your dress. >> no question. the style satisfied. but there's only room for one at the top. >> i'm going to be controversial here, guys. >> plus, in a little selfie gone surreal. >> that's jacob dicaprio. >> whoa! >> the sixth time is the charm for leo. welcome to the special oscar edition of access hollywood. we have a complete break down. reaction it chris rock. surprise for brie larson you won't see anywhere else. >> and all access to the man of


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