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tv   WSLS 10 at 11  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the line of duty. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the man accused of murdering hannah graham and morgan harrington is expected to sign a plea agreement, avoiding a trial for both cases. jesse matthew, junior will be in albemarle circuit court wednesday. meanwhile, harrington's family... along with several others in the community... are feeling relief tonight that the case may finally be closed this week. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch is here with us tonight. rob - you spoke with gil harrington today, how did she react? i caught up with her at a fundraiser today for her organization help save the next girl. she was doing today what she's been doing since her daughter was killed more than 6 years ago: working to try and make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. gil says she needs to reflect on the case before going in front of a camera. but speaking with her on the phone monday, she says a quick ending to the case would be a relief for her family. jill harrington, morgan harrington's
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best outcome. it's the most logical endpoint. to go through two state trials for an accused who already has three life sentences to serve seems to me to be a big use of resources and money that is unnecessary, and for us personally, it would be compassionate." compassionate, because her family doesn't want to have to endure a drawn-out trial. that's something the family of alexis murphy, who was killed in 20- 13, was forced to go through. trina murphy, alexis murphy's aunt: 00:02:56 "one of the things that i have been in continuous prayer about is that they did not have to sit through a trial. the six days of alexis's trial were horrific. it was definitely up there on the mark of the worst days of my life. when you have to sit there and listen to every minute detail about the last few minutes of your child's life, or your neice's life, it's not
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be." with the hope of a quick ending in sight, members of harrington's organization help save the next girl say they're excited to hopefully spend all of their efforts in moving forward. 1:25-1:28 bruce bryan, help save the next girl: 13:19:12 "can you imagine how much energy has gone into this case that we're going to hear about, and all the work and effort that has gone into getting to where they are on wednesday? well now, a lot of that, i think hopefully they'll get a little rest and also they'll be able to focus on positive things that could happen." harrington agrees, saying through the difficulties of this case, the result is a safer place to live. 00:01:46 "the winners in this is the community at large, because the community is safer now that a violent sexual predator has been removed, and for that we are very pleased." the commonwealth's attorney's office says it won't be releasing any details about that plea agreement before matthew appears in albemarle ciruit court on wednesday. matthew is currently scheduled to go to trial for
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harrington's murder in october. in studio, rob manch w-s-l-s 10. roanoke county police identify the victim of friday night's officer involved shooting. police say.. 18- year-old kionte spencer died after being shot twice by police. spencer was holding what we now know was a b-b gun. officers say they ordered spencer to drop his weapon... when he refused... they tased him. after that failed... shots were fired. we spoke with spencer's brother who says they were close and talked just about every other day. carl spencer, subject's brother - "that's what makes it so crazy. and, that's another reason why i came here, because this is not sitting right with me. i'll never be able to get over him until i find out what happened." the roanoke county police department is conducting an internal investigation to make sure protocol was followed. the president of the n-double-a-
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news conference will be held tomorrow at 4 p-m in the parking lot of the cave spring corners kroger. new tonight at 11... the northern virginia sky was lit up with red and blue flashing lights as the body of a fallen police officer was moved from the funeral home to the chapel. dozens of police cruisers and motorcycles lined the route as officer ashley guindon's body was moved to hylton memorial chapel in woodbridge. officer guindon was shot and killed saturday night while responding to a domestic dispute. it was her first field shift with the prince william county police department after being sworn in on friday. ken johnson/merrim ack hs principal "to see a young person, go off and commit a life to public service, to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable." butted to "kim mulhern/childh ood friend i always remember ashley as being such a kind person, so brave; cared for everybody. i mean she was so
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army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is charged with capital murder in the death of guindon ... and his wife. he is in jail without bond. funeral services for officer guindon will be held tomorrow also new ... a new york federal judge rules investigators can not force apple to unlock an i- phone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the government requested apple to break the phone's security code... so it could access contact information of other suspected drug dealers. the judge ruled the f-b-i cannot make apple provide access to data against its will. the computer company is currently being pressured by federal investigators to break into 13 i- phones across the country... that includes the i-phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. ahead of super tuesday.. republican presidential hopeful donald trump makes a stop in southwest virginia. during today's rally at radford university... trump discussed a number of issues. he talked about bringing jobs back from china and mexico... and
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he said... if elected he plans to build a border wall with mexico and compared it to the great wall of china. donald trump - "i'm gonna make my wall higher than china's wall ... we're gonna make it big. we're gonna make it so beautiful. and they're gonna name it the trump wall and i want it to be real good looking." many who attended today's rally say they believe trump would be a good president. will coffey/student - his message is strength and strength is what america needs right now. that's why we have the huge crowd and 11,000 people outside waiting trump also attacked the media... saying he only considers 10 percent outstanding. while many in radford were excited to see trump today.. others did not greet him with open arms. the tension boiled over minutes into his speech at the dedmon center. it started when one protester inside began raising his voice.
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have that student kicked out. dozens more followed suit and were escorted out as well. the crowd was instructed not to be disruptive inside ... but many feel they have a right to have their voices heard no matter what. radford university student michael marmol was the first to be thrown out after yelling out trump hired illegal immigrants. michael marmol, ru student - "in retrospect, it's terrifying, but i'm just trying to enjoy it practically because this is a once in a lifetime situation. you've never seen america the way that it is right now and people acting the way that they are." trump claims there were 11- thousand people in attendance today. that number has not been verified. the controversy surrounding trump's visit didn't just involve students... a photographer covering the event says he was knocked to the ground by a secret service agent. time magazine photographer chris morris says ... he stepped 18 inches outside the media pen
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his hands around his neck. morris was escorted out of the rally. a representative with trump's campaign says .. they're aware of the incident but don't have all the details. the secret service says.. it's investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. republican presidential candidate doctor ben carson also made a stop here in the commonwealth today. he stopped by regent university in virginia beach.. where he talked about immigration ... and health care reform. ben carson, republican presidential candidate - we spend almost twice as much per capita on healthcare as many other nations that have much better access and we do. we have plenty of money to take care of it we just don't use it the right way meanwhile -- democrat hillary clinton stopped in fairfax and in norfolk. she blasted the republican presidential candidates' tone and behavior.. saying americans want a different path. she also alluded to donald trump when claiming she's looking forward to a potential fall debate with the free-wheeling businessman. hillary clinton / d presidential candidate
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those debates because at some point you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. tomorrow .. virginians will choose who will represent each political party in the race for the white house voters in roanoke will see a change this year... as this is the first election a new voter precinct realignment is in effect. the city of roanoke was made up of 32 precincts. that's been changed to 21 precincts... including seven new voting locations. the change is all in an effort to even out the precincts and cut down on the time voters spend waiting in line at the polls. meanwhile -- in appomattox.. due to the damage at central baptist church following last weeks tornado.. the voting location for the "chap precinct" will be moved to friendship baptist church. our super tuesday coverage begins tomorrow morning starting at five a-m on virginia today. we will bring you around the clock coverage on air and online throughout the day and evening. and... make sure to tune in
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governor terry mcaulife vetoes legislation aimed at allowing home-schooled students to participate in public-school sports. the governor says the measure would disrupt the level playing field of public school sports competitions. the so-called tebow bill is named for tim tebow-- the former n-f-l quarterback who was home schooled and allowed to play football for his local high school meanwhile -- governor mcauliffe awards the town of boones mill a 600- thousand dollar redevelopment grant to build a new economy. the money will be used to renovate a factory building on the former north american homes property. the factory closed in 2007.. removing the town's largest employer. the grant will also focus the restoration of the historic train depot. bedford county and lynchburg were also awarded money through the industrial revitalization funds. after nearly 24 years of service.. roanoke city police chief chris perkins' completes his
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perkins returned to the area where his career started... district four .. the northwest part of the city. known for being a fast officer, he recalls his early days of chasing criminals. over the past five years as chief ... perkins has helped make these neighborhoods safer. he's used initiatives such as the drug market intervention program or d-m-i to lower crime rates... and became known for improving relationships between officers and people in the community. chief chris perkins 21:29:52 we have to reach people in those communities that want to be part of the change. its scary its fearful but you have to think eveytime something has gotten better someone has taken that step into the change someones life for the better perkins says he plans to go fishing with his dad.... and take at least a month off. deputy chief tim jones has been named acting chief. a henry county man is lucky to be alive after his mobile home exploded in flames over the weekend. we hear from the neighbor who
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and a reminder .. the 10 cares blood drive is coming up on wednesday ... march ninth. the event will be held at the american red cross donor center on church avenue in
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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tonight... after one of his neighbors rescued him after his mobile home exploded in flames. the fire marshal's office says william meredith lit a cigarette while on home oxygen over the weekend ... causing his mobile home to explode in flames. when neighbor timothy bryant arrived... meredith was on fire laying on his front porch, halfway out of his front door. timothy bryant/saved neighbor/phone r "i ran up onto his small porch and picked him up and threw him in my car...i
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i was just making sure i got him and he was out of the fire." meredith received third degree burns to much of his body, but his family says he is doing good. we enjoyed a very nice weekend and that beautiful outdoor weather continued into monday. temperatures were again into the 60s under lots of sunshine. things will start to change for us again soon though. tonight: mostly clear and chilly with lows in the mid-to-upper 30s. tuesday: morning sun gives way to more afternoon clouds with a few showers late in the mountains. still warm with winds increasing.hig hs in the low- to-mid 60s.
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specifically, probably tuesday evening will be our best chance for showers and storms as another powerful cold front will cross our region. there could be a couple of strong-to- severe storms that accompany this disturbance tuesday evening, with damaging wind looking to be the main threat. some heavy rain is possible too. most of the rain is gone wednesday morning.altho ugh i cannot rule a stray leftover shower or two. wednesday will then see increasing sunshine, but it will be breezy with highs in the lower 50s. however, temperatures will probably fall into the 40s by around lunch-time. thursday will
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afternoon, we will have the chance for scattered rain showers. those rain showers could changeover to some snow thursday night, before ending friday morning. it is too early to speculate as to how much snow may fall, but it appears a light accumulation is certainly possible. by midday friday, the sun should be back out. highs on both thursday and friday will top out in the middle 40s. the upcoming weekend does not look too bad. saturday could see a few showers under partly sunny skies. while on sunday we look dry at this point under a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will slowly go up this weekend, reaching the mid-to-upper 40s on saturday and
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we should well into the 50s by next monday under mostly sunny skies. 3 degree guarantee
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year's totally rad roanoke - star city concert series. three rock-and- roll icons are set to perform in elmwood park. huey lewis and the news will kicks things off on the amphitheater stage april 20-th. tickets go on sale march first. blondie will perform may 12- th... and on august 20-th .. brian wilson of the beach boys will wrap up the series. tickets for those shows go on sale april first. you can buy them at the berglund center or online. we've posted a link on our website .. wsls dot-com. it was a special sunday...for the nascar boys in atlanta.. and march madness....approa ches..
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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vmi hosting chattanooga in southern conference action.. the q-j peterson..the william fleming product with the long 3.. mocs lead the keydets by just the half.. closing seconds.. t he lead...still chattanooga by one.. and it's q j.....again..trying
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but his long 3 falls short. a-j 21 points...but not the final bucket. the mocs clinch the socon title 67-65 meanwhile..the heels looking to bounce back from that gut shot...they took in charlottesville... back home tonight.. for senior night.. the 8th ranked tar heels...would have to stave off an upset ceremonies..were over.. jim bayheim's club...not an easy any means.. malll eh kyyyy richardson...for 3... the heels start to d up.. it's kennedy meeks...the deft theft...and he's the tin..for 2.. cuse..not going away.. michael..ben--uh jay....3...not friend...1 pt game. but carolina's got brice johnson..
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carolina...survive s.... 75-70 duke is all that's left..for the heels before the acc tournament. virginia added another their case to be a one-seed in the upcoming ncaa tournament this past weekend... ranked 4th this week at 22-6, behind kansas, michigan state and villanova... they took down north carolina...while the whole nation looked on.. what the nation witnessed...was great defense...ball security, and some guy named malcolm brogdon. that...and a home court advantage..that's second to none. tony bennett/uva head coach:".....i got to give the crowd an assist the atmosphere was unbelievable just it just grabbed a sob it got us going and i got guys we talked about defend and fight defend and fight we knew we have to do that ." i'm not sure we would've won that game but our vans without our fans and all the support we had i saw people camping out yesterday i jbj like they do at duke i mean the
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culture has change so much and we wouldn't be where we are without our fans." here's the top ten...keeping in mind...louisville is banned from postseason virginia tech is 9th..and they've clinched a first round bye in the tournament at 8-8.. georgia tech is 10th at 7-9... florida state, nc state wake forest and bc..will have to play round one games on tuesday the 9th in dc. win number 76 in atlanta...means a whole lot more than most..for jimmie johnson and his hendrick team. it ties him..with the intimidator..nasca r legend dale earnhardt-- and johnson's teammate...and son...dale jr, understood the magnitide of the event on sunday. dale earnhardt jr/2nd at atlanta:"....chaff had the flag and all that that was awesome when your competitors and peers recognize your father like that so i knew this day was coming but but i i didn't know until i got out of the car so i'm glad he's going to win on that went on that and tie that record i'm certainly glad
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jimmie johnson/ties dale sr with 76 wins:" know there's been a big void in my mind about not having a chance to race against him and literally a handful of months away from having that opportunity so to tie him today myself personally gives me a little something a little bit of attachment to the great deal earnhardt so something i'm very proud of jimmie's win--puts him in immediate contention for a 7th title.. johnson trails only richard petty and dale sr for championships...t he two legends..have seven....johnson is one back with six. johnson honored running his victory lap..holding up three fingers... for earnhardt's 3 car.. lite o the nite. we've been discussing court storming for some time.. vanderbilt upset kentucky saturday.. stormed thecourt..and now...they are out...100 thousand dollars... the sec fines schools that do this..first offense ..was 50 grand back in 2007... the fines are in place..for all
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tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve martin and edie brikell. martin freeman. musical guest, the cast of broadway's "bright star." and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 427. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey! you made it! you made it. thank you so much for coming.


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