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they'll get a little rest and also they'll be able to focus on positive things that could happen." at this point the commonwealth's attorney isn't releasing any actual details of that plea agreement until matthew appears in court on wednesday. i did have a chance to speak with gil on the phone earlier and in person here at this fundraiser. she says she needs time to reflect on the case, but if it all ends wednesday, she says it would family. in roanoke, rob manch, wsls 10. new details tonight in an officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. investigators say .. 18-year-old "kionte spencer" died after he was shot twice by police friday night near the intersection of brambleton avenue and electric road. officers say .. they believed he was carrying a handgun .. but it was a b-b-pistol air gun. wsls10's christina craig follows up. roanoke county's police chief told us the incident leading up to friday night's shooting happened within
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center received a call from a citizen reporting a black male with a bandana around his face was waving a gun and pointing it at cars." taking a look at these pictures from patrol car video... it shows kionte spencer holding what turned out to be a bb gun in his right hand. officers ordered spencer to drop the weapon. he refused and that's when two officers deployed their tasers. when that failed, shots were fired striking spencer in the collarbone and hip. "i don't know at this point if this was a situation that could have been quote "de- escalated". this was a deadly force encounter despite the fact that we know know that this handgun was an air gun." after the news conference we spoke with spencer's brother carl. he says they were close and talked about four times a week. they even spoke the day of the shooting. "that's what makes it so crazy. and, that's another reason why i came here, because this is not sitting right with me. i'll never be able to get over him until i find out what happened." spencer says his brother lived in an independent living program along garst mill road -- near where the shooting took place. prior to that, his brother says
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foster care and was later moved to the group home. carl adds his brother was a junior at hidden valley high school, and had also attended northside high school. we reached out to roanoke county schools for comment. they couldn't say much at this time, but mentioned spencer was not in class last week. we know at least half a dozen officers are now on administrative leave. an internal investigation is underway to make sure protocol was followed. donald trump took several jabs against other candidates and the media today at radford university. thousands waited in line early this morning to hear the republican presidential candidate speak. wsls 10's ananda rochita attended the rally. she's kicking off our team coverage now live. ananda ... what is trump's message for college students? trump said he wants to bring jobs back to america. he says too many students who excel aren't getting jobs.
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from china and mexico and even said he wants to get apple states. military and better healthcare. not obamacare which he refers to as a horror show. another topic that got a lot of attention was a border wall with mexico. trump wants to build a wall called the trump wall and compared it to the great wall of china. he didn't hesitate to take a jab at the other contestants. he called ted cruz, lion ted, and said marco rubio is a quote "lightweight robot." we talked to a student on why he wanted to hear trump speak today. will coffey/student: "his message is strength and strength is what america needs right now. that's why we have the huge crowd and 11,000 people outside waiting." trump also talked about the media. media. he considers only 10 percent outstanding and wants to change laws so journalists who report inaccuracies can get sued. trump is also making another stop in georgia tonight and will
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super tuesday. in radford ananda rochita wsls 10. trump's visit to radford university has been met with controversy ever since it was announced last week. today, the tension was too much for many to handle. wsls 10's bethany teague continues our team coverage .. live from radford university. bethany, what was the atmosphere like? people from all political sides showed up today for the donald trump rally. hundreds lined the streets outside. there were trump supporters, protestors, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and ted cruz supporters. but things quickly turned chaotic inside. nats of people kicked out donald trump took the stage in front of a capacity crowd at radford university. about 30 minutes into his speech, things went off script. nats kicked out michael marmol ru student
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how he has a great relationship with the mexicans. he's employed 10,000 mexicans, and then i shouted "illegally!" that's when trump stopped and instructed security to escort radford student mike marmol out of the rally. michael marmol ru student i got kicked out. i got manhandled out. i mean they literally come up to you and manhandle you out of there and pulled me. then, the flood gates opened. nats kicked out dozens of protesters were forced out as trump stopped multiple times during his speech to address the disruption. others became outraged and voluntarily left in solidarity with those kicked out. shadjah hunt ru student 46-50 he should've allowed everyone the right to say what they had to say. even more decided to leave early after they heard what trump had to say. emily jimenez ru student 57-1:00 hearing him talk about the wall, and having my dad coming here from ecuador, it just hearing that made me want to cry and throw up. for them, walking out ending up being an unplanned protest. shadjah hunt ru student i try to actually listen, but i feel
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versus telling what he's going to do for this country. emotions ran high for those forced outside. while protesters were instructed before the rally not to be disruptive, they are not apologizing for their actions. michael marmol ru student you're basically being suppressed from saying what you want to say. i mean i just said "illegally" and i got manhandled out. the rally was completely full inside. when protestors were kicked out, trump instructed security to let more people in to replace them. live in radford bethany teague wsls 10. today is roanoke city police chief chris perkins' last day with the department. he announced his plans to retire back in december. perkins first joined the police force in 19-92 and rose to the rank of chief .. where he has spent the past five years serving the community. wsls 10's brie jackson followed chief perkins as he patrolled today and has more on
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after nearly 24 years of service...chris perkins took part in his final line-up with the roanoke city police department. here..the chief and other officers receive their assignments and head out the door. nats for perkins it's back to where his career started... district 4. known for being being a fast officer, he recalls his early days of chasing criminals. sot of chris perkins 21-28 21:19:43 captain charles ran down these hills here. we started a foot pursuit, we started from that building and he broke both his forearms in the middle of melrose following and i'm think gosh, we walked up on a group with crack and a gun. on this day, the chief partners with larry gunter jr. he's been with the department for nearly two and a half years. gunther says it's an honor to patrol with the retiring chief who helped make these neighborhoods safer. nats of door knocking for dmi in his 5 years as chief, he used initiatives such as the drug market intervention program or d- m-i to lower crime rates. sot of chris perkins
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culture change for the police department. yes we need to work drugs, yes we need to take the violent offenders to prison but no we don't have to arrest everybody by changing the culture of the rkins became known for improving relations between officers and the community. while overall crime is down...categori es of crimes like murders went up. he hopes the community continues to work together to solve the problem. 21:29:52 we have to reach people in those communities that want to be part of the change. its scary its fearful but you have to think every time something has gotten better someone has taken that step into the change someone's life for the better it's that dedication that helped him climbed the ranks from a rookie to chief. as he walks the beat for the last time before heading into retirement, perkins leaves memories and a legacy of helping the community behind. perkins says he plans to go fishing with his dad and take at least a month off. deputy chief tim jones has been named acting chief. a business "built in the blue ridge" changes the way you see your surroundings.
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rocky mount's "ply gem windows"
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a vehicle fire is causing some delays on interstate 81 in roanoke county. this v-dot traffic camera shows a live look at the slow down near mile marker 145. the north left lane .. shoulder .. and right lane are closed right now. franklin county's largest employer brings a view of the
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many homes on the east coast have windows "built in the blue ridge." wsls 10's patrick mckee gives us a rare inside look at ply gem windows. for over 75 years, ply gem keeps the cold out of our homes and the heat in. "so these are insulated glass units. you have two panes of glass on each side. you have a spacer system and it does a variety of different things. it holds the heat in, the cold out and the uv rays, it keeps them from penetrating to the interior of the house." as the housing market in america continues to expand, so does the company. art steinhafel/ply gem windows president29-34 "we're continuing to expand this operation. it's in a key growth area for us. it gives us access to the northeast and the southeast for distribution of our products." patrick mckee/wsls 10 37-41 the process of making the windows takes less than a week. then they bring them here and ship them out. they will fill up 34 tractor trailers every day with windows to ship to customers.
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million square foot facility by more than 1,200 employees in a family atmosphere. brute bernard/ply gem windows 56-101 "it's fantastic. the camaraderie of the employees is just fantastic. they take care of the people that work here." taking care of associates by developing their talents, allowing them to take on greater responsibilities. coretta williams/ply gem windows109-113 i started off on the floor, then i became a coordinator, then shortly i became a lead after that. it's not just the employees it takes care of. the company also works to make the community it calls home a better place. "the community has given to us. we view it as part of our stewardship to give back. 3116 we do a bunch of things with habitat for humanity. we have a new home for goods program which we're partnering with allan jackson and habitat. we'll supply product to build over 300 homes over the next two years." ply gem has partnered with wsls 10 over past two year
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the holidays project. with built in the blue ridge, patrick mckee, wsls 10. ...coming up in your storm team
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"yay storm team 10!! a big thank you to saint paul's episcopal church in salem. i enjoyed coming out and speaking at the m-and-m women's guild. we enjoyed a very nice weekend and that beautiful outdoor weather continued into monday. temperatures were again into the 60s under lots of sunshine. things will start to
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tonight: mostly clear and chilly with lows in the mid-to-upper 30s. tuesday: morning sun gives way to more afternoon clouds with a few showers late in the mountains. still warm with winds increasing.hig hs in the low- to-mid 60s. tuesday night more specifically, probably tuesday evening will be our best chance for showers and storms as another powerful cold front will cross our region. there could be a couple of strong-to- severe storms that accompany this disturbance tuesday evening, with damaging wind looking to be the main threat. some heavy rain is possible too. most of the rain is gone
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ugh i cannot rule a stray leftover shower or two. wednesday will then see increasing sunshine, but it will be breezy with highs in the lower 50s. however, temperatures will probably fall into the 40s by around lunch-time. thursday will again begin dry, but by afternoon, we will have the chance for scattered rain showers. those rain showers could changeover to some snow thursday night, before ending friday morning. it is too early to speculate as to how much snow may fall, but it appears a light accumulation is certainly possible. by midday friday, the sun should be back out. highs on both thursday and friday will top out in the
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the upcoming weekend does not look too bad. saturday could see a few showers under partly sunny skies. while on sunday we look dry at this point under a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will slowly go up this weekend, reaching the mid-to-upper 40s on saturday and near 50 on sunday. we should well into the 50s by next monday under mostly sunny skies. we had a milestone win at speedway sunday.. and we'll talk march....basketba ll...madness...
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atlanta:"....chaff had the flag and all that that was awesome when your competitors and peers recognize your father like that so i knew this day was coming but but i i didn't know until i got out of the car so i'm glad he's going to win on that went on that and tie that record i'm certainly glad that i got to run second today. jimmie johnson/ties dale sr with 76 wins:" know there's been a big void in my mind about
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chance to race against him and literally a handful of months away from having that opportunity so to tie him today myself personally gives me a little something a little bit of attachment to the great deal earnhardt so something i'm very proud of win number 76 in atlanta...means a whole lot more than most..for jimmie johnson.. because it ties him..with the intimidator..nasca r legend dale earnhardt--- johnson honored running his victory lap..holding up three fingers... for earnhardt's 3 car.. johnson trails only richard petty and dale sr for championships...t he two legends..have seven....johnson is one back with six. regular season a-c-c champs..second..t hird.. i'm not sure if it will matter or not. virginia..when they crank it up.. is the stuff of march--not madness.. but--- memories.. ranked 4th this week at 22-6, behind kansas, michigan state and villanova... what we really need to be paying attention to..
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toughness...the fact that they committed just 8 turnovers--again st north carolina.. and some guy named malcolm brogdon. that...and a basketball torture chamber they call j-p-j in charlottesville.. and you've got the recipe...for those march memories.. tony bennett/uva head coach:".....i got to give the crowd an assist the atmosphere was unbelievable just it just grabbed a sob it got us going and i got guys we talked about defend and fight defend and fight we knew we have to do that ." i'm not sure we would've won that game but our vans without our fans and all the support we had i saw people camping out yesterday i jbj like they do at duke i mean the culture at uva the basketball culture has change so much and we wouldn't be where we are without our fans." ia tech's win on sunday evening at wake forest was clearly not as high important for the program. the hokies...move to 8-8 in acc action..and will not have to play in the first round of the acc tournament..for the first time in six seasons.. they've worse then the ten seed..
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here's the top ten...keeping in mind...louisville is banned from is 9th.. georgia tech is 10th at 7-9... florida state, nc state wake forest and bc..will have to play round one games on tuesday in dc. nbc nightly news is next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel
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secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is ennightly news with lester holt. good evening. from our election headquarters on the eve of super tuesday, one of the biggest days yet in the presidential contest, in an election season filled with lead-shaking moments, spray tans. the kkk and ear piece malfunctions are abeing mott topics driving the conversation about the republican race. outside of texas, donald trump seems poised to score some very big wins in tomorrow's primary contest despite some conflicting and curious answers to a question that's left him exposed over very sensitive racial


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