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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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branches or entire trees -- the owner of marks tree and stump removal says his phone has been ringing off the hook non-stop since earlier this morning. mark booth says it's hard labor, but someone's got to it. nat - chainsaw clean up crews are building up a fallen trees. nat - 14:01:59 "we've take it out of peoples living rooms before." the mixture of snow and ice weighing on branches -- is causing tree limbs to to split. that's lead to an influx of calls to clean up the mess, which means business for mark's tree and stump removal. "i'm getting ready to go look at some in salem. and, it's really a lot of trees and they're big in diameter...could be up to 20 inches to 5 foot in diameter sometimes." it's not a job for everyone -- it's lifting heavy branches and requires hours on end in the
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booth says before crews get chopping, first he appraises the damage. "going to their homes it can vary from anywhere from damage. "going to their homes it can vary from anywhere from 15 to forty-five minutes." it all depends on the damage. once booth gets a quote...which can run up to one-thousand- dollars, crews come out to to work. "we had big branches fall and you just have to get out and get it into small pieces where you can manage it. and get it into piles where you can manage the piles." booth says crews are dealing with scattered tree limbs and some even weighing on homes. it's a clean up process that can take several hours. many clean up crews have been out since 8 this morning. booth says in total, he appraised nearly 20 homes...was able to clear half that and will continue working into the evening and will resume work tomorrow. in roanoke, christina craig,
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the better business bureau urges you use caution before hiring someone to clean up your storm damage. the group says .. scammers often come out looking to take advantage of homeowners needing help. the b-b-b offers some tips... be wary of people who show up unsolicited offering help. shop around for contractors and get everything in writing. don't pay for everything up front-- just a deposit. about 150 danville utilities customers are without power tonight. crews in the river city spent the day replacing downed power poles and power lines. their goal is to have power restored to all customers by midnight. earlier today .. a tree brought down three poles and several sets of lines on kennon drive. while about 750 community members were impacted by outages .. utility workers say they are glad this storm wasn't as bad as the one that hit this time last year .. when 25-hundred people lost power.
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technician "we knew that the ice was coming in and we were hoping we would be okay, but that wasn't the case. we've this one." we're told the highest concentration of outages happened around five this morning .. when around 500 people lost power due to a problem at the piney forest substation. meanwhile... dominion power is reporting hundreds of outages in both botetourt and alleghany counties. more than 100 customers are still waiting for power restortation in campbell county. power crews in salem have also been busy today. city spokesperson .. mike stevens .. tells us there are fewer than 100 outages tonight. at one point today .. salem was reporting as many as two- thousand without power. wsls 10's alan auglis continues our team coverage now. he joins us now live along tinker creek in roanoke. alan -- not only are we seeing downed trees .. but there's also concern for rising water as well ..
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and as you can see behind me, tinker creek has been on the rise. river levels will be on the rise but most will stay below flood stage at this point. the exception is the dan river at south boston and roanoke river at randolph where flooding will occur over the next several days. the heavy freezing rain added weight to the limbs and power lines last night causing a lot of damage. there are still thousands of people in the dark this evening and appalachian power continues to work hard on restoring it as soon as possible. back here live a lot of standing water will re freeze in spots tonight so that will be an issue for tomorrow morning commute. reporting live from roanoke
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we're following two traffic accidents in botetourt county. v-dot is reporting a tractor trailer accident is causing an eight-mile back-up on interstate 81. that's at mile marker 155. you can see the slow down from this v-dot traffic camera at mile marker 150. the north right shoulder is closed. meanwhile .. v- dot is reporting a separate crash in that area as well. floyd county leaders are also keeping their eyes on flooding potential as snow begins to melt. the snow itself did minimal damage. police responded to
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we're told there have not been any reports of downed trees in the roadways. flooding has been an issue for the community during the last few months .. so leaders are preparing the best they can over the next several days. sheriff brian craig, floyd county: "with the flooding event that we had this past summer, flooding is always a concern, especially with the snow, the slush, the sleet that's covering the roads, where is this water going to go?" many secondary roads throughout the county remained slushy during the day today. even when we're not on-air .. you can find your latest weather information -- including radar and future forecasts on our "storm team ten weather app." and .. for a full list of closings and delays .. don't forget to tune in at five tomorrow morning for virginia today. breaking away from our storm clean-up coverage to bring you some other top stories of the day. a former bedford police officer facing child pornography charges will be allowed out of jail .. following a
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wsls 10's ananda rochita explains the conditions of brian mcalexander's bond. ananda rochita/bedford "former bedford police officer brian mcalexander is expected to be out on bond after attorneys reached an agreement this afternoon. i have the bond order which lists some of the conditions." as part of the 20-thousand dollar bond .... mcalexander will not be allowed to leave the commonwealth, he has to attend all court hearings on this case, he's not allowed to have any access or use the internet, and live with his mother in collinsville. in addition, he'll stay at his mother's home to care for her and can leave one day a week for necessities and attend religious services. the attorney general's office was brought in as the special prosecutor since the bedford county commonwealth's attorney works closely with local law enforcement. wes nance/assistant commonwealth's attorney 0:48 -0:56 "we work very closely with them with the investigative state of
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so when there is a member of the law enforcement that's charged or accused of a crime our office has to remove itself from consideration." ananda rochita/bedford "mcalexander is expected to have an attorney advisement hearing this friday. in bedford ananda rochita wsls 10." one of the suspects charged in connection to the disappearance of the lyon sisters pleads no contest to a perjury charge. leslie engleking entered the plea in bedford county circuit court this morning. during the hearing ... commonwealth's attorney "randy krantz" said ... engleking testified twice and made false statements to protect his sister ... patricia welch. she's also charged with perjury in the case. katherine and sheila lyon went missing from a maryland mall 40-years ago. eventually brought to bedford county. engleking is scheduled to be sentenced on june 7-th. a business "built in the blue ridge" credits its drive to keep people employed for its success. how sayre enterprises has grown in its nearly three- decades in
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a rockbridge county company got its start with one product that helped make military uniforms more comfortable. nearly 30-years later, sayre enterprises continues inventing products to improve quality of life. wsls 10's patrick mckee tells us what's next for the company. patrick mckee/wsls :00- :08 the product catalog for sayre enterprises continues to expand, now with five different product lines that are built in the blue ridge. sayre enterprises got its start when founder scott sayre was in the military. part of his uniform wasn't functional, so he invented the boot blouser.
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that the soldiers used to wrap around the bottom of their pants to keep their pants inside of their boots all day long. it was much more comfortable that what we used to wear which was an elastic band with metal rings." they've sold seven million over the last three decades. the boot blouser's success helped sayre develop new product lines. scott sayre/sayre enterprises :43-:47 we figured out early on, that in order to keep people employed, we had to think of new products and get new customers. the drive to keep people employed lead the company into outdoor wear, outdoor gear, tactical accessories and reflective wear. our reflective line has grown a lot. i invented the machine that laminates reflective tape into elastic. if you see the soldiers on tv running with reflective belts, most all of those come from our factory. as the business has grown, so has its facilities. the main production factory is in buena vista with the company's headquarters in the old natural bridge high school. the company lets people come into part of the old school to have a little fun on
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continues to expand into new lines and it's giving back to the community as well. it took this old gym and turned it into a roller skating rink, where you'll see kids on fridays, saturdays and sundays. it's not just kids in the community having fun. sayre's work force of about 100 employees enjoys working together, to make quality products for a company that cares about them. paula hubbard/sayre enterprises 1:45-1:51 we work for people who care about their employees. i have to say that they actually care. they provide a good job for us, a good place to work. all, while looking for the next big idea. if you see something, especially if you see people using tape for something, you have to figure theres a better way to do it. for some of their products, they have partnered with their neighbors to get their creations out to the masses. with built in the blue ridge, patrick mckee wsls 10. ...coming up in your storm team
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after yesterday's snow and ice and last night's ice and rain, it was nice to see the sun return on tuesday. however, we will still be dealing with the ramifications of the last storm, as there numerous power outages due to downed trees and powerlines. also, we will be monitoring the river levels over the next couple of days because of all the precipitation that fell. a weak clipper system will impact the region tonight bringing some light precipitation with it. we will start to see some light snow
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the southern nrv and mountain empire during the mid- evening hours. as the storm progresses east towards southside, the light snow showers could changeover to rain showers. some flurries are possible across southside, but the light accumulations should stay just west of you into the nrv and mountain empire. these locations could see up to 1" 0-1" of snow. all this is gone by daybreak wednesday. tonight: turning mostly cloudy with sct. light snow/rain showers possible, especially south of highway 460. lows in the upper 20s and lower 30s. please be aware of the potential
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wednesday: increasing sunshine, a little breezy with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. we look to stay dry for the latter part of the work week. thursday will be mainly sunny with highs in the middle 40s. friday may see a little more cloud cover.we'll call it partly sunny. temperatures will rise into the upper 40s. the weekend will see the mercury skyrocket! we will climb into the low-to-mid 60s.enjoy it, as it will not last long. we will start the weekend dry under a mix of sun and clouds, but sunday clouds will thicken and we will have the chance for just a few showers. monday will be mostly cloudy with passing showers possible. it will stay warm with
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team to consider.. in countdown to nascar. and clearly a team to march madness
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coach:".....i liked what i saw on the second half from everybody that was a real nice second half for us that ball in the second half how we moved it and shared it you know i don't know if nc state at all wore down or not but we tried to just have a level of patients and toughness offense of lee and then and really fight defensively there was much more fight defensively." after being tied at the 31 all. uva---pulled away from nc state in commanding fashion.. for a 20 point win 73-53.. 7th ranked uva is now off until next week..when they take on a ranked miami team next monday in south florida. but for now..they are 21-5 10-4 and have won 18 straight on
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we haven't heard much from them lately... but with the new...downforce packages becoming the norm..the roush fenway fords may return to the spotlight.. in this edition..of countdown to nascar. jack roush....the cat in the hat---is hoping to return his team to past glory---after what some are of the worst seasons ever for roush fenway... in 2015.. roush was shut out of victory lane in the sprint cup series... and all three of its drivers failed to make the chase... but veteran greg biffle knows how to win races...and at 46..understands when opportunity is knocking--- greg biffle/roush- fenway racing:"'s going to be a great season for us we were trending in the right direction at the end of 2015 so we know with these changes certainly were going to continue like ricky mention the lowdown force for 2016 that was to two of our best races races in the cup in the cup series trevor ricky and myself all three of us ran very good at kentucky in darlington so we
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package for 2016 and we think that that's going to be good for us." jack roush/nascar team owner".....i never felt more excitement as i walk to the shop as i monitor the meetings i don't have many meetings anymore in the organization but i monitor all that i can and i never felt more enthusiasm to get speed in the cars as they come off the truck to raise for wins at the individual events to compete for championships and to build the creek careers of everyone involved." in d-c.. the redskins--are busy muddying the water this offseason.. as contract talks have broken off between them.. and their starting quarterback kirk cousins--may be a candidate for a franchise teams have until march designate that.. washington is expressing a desire to lock up cousins long term..but only on their terms..and the two sides are reportedly not a deal.. cousins is coming off his best
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to just 11 inteceptions in leading the redskins to the division title... westvirginia at texas.. hof game is colts vs packers.. and heat's chris bosh is reportedly treating a blood clot in his leg..which may keep him out of action.. minnesota women down one to iowa..closing seconds.. rachel the buzzer...good. kobe...setn banham a message..after this.. twitter.. ithink..and told her..she had mamba blood... cut it out. nbc nightly news is next. and don't forget join us back here is next. and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our
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breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop
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a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 1,000miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%. how people are going around their insurance companies and saving big money. and the fur is flying. the competition is fierce and we're behind the scenes as the best on four legs compete for best in show. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. as he laid out the ground today for a major battle with senate republicans over a supreme court


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