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dinosaurs are making a comeback to southwest virginia ... the new project underway ... to increase tourism in rockbridge county. plus ... after a number of layoffs in pulaski ... town leaders look to bring more businesses to the downtown area. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls ten at 5:30 ... i'm dawn jefferies. and i'm john carlin. the below freezing temperatures are a concern this evening ... as parts of southwest virginia could get down to the teens. that's not taking into consideration the wind chill ... which could make it feel like single-digits outside. storm team ten chief meteorologist jeff haniewich joins us now ... jeff ... a bitter cold night out there ... with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv.
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15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain and/or snow showers. a approves a bill that would allow
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electric chair as a backup in inmate executions. supporters have been using the impending execution of a convicted murderer to make their case ... the state claims it doesn't have enough of the lethal injection drug needed to carry out executions. the commonwealth is one of eight states to allow electrocutions but inmates can choose between a lethal injection or the electric chair. the bill now heads to the senate. a danville community college student is now charged in connection with yesterday's reported armed robbery near campus. police say 18 year-old jov hall called police yesterday around 12-30 p-m ... claiming he was robbed at gunpoint near kemper road and south main street as he was leaving campus. hall is charged with one count of giving false reports to law enforcement...wh ich is a misdemeanor. the dinosaur kingdom in natural bridge is making a comeback after a devastating fire closed it in 20-12.
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behind this project ... is putting a unique twist on the park -- creating an attraction he says is unlike any other. wsls 10's ananda rochita has more on the kingdom's resurrection and how it could attract more visitors to rockbridge county. welcome to mark cline's studio. nat sound from drilling where dinosaurs come to life. mark cline/dinosaur kingdom ii 0:09 - 0:15 23:00:18 dinosaur kingdom one went up in flames and dinosaur kingdom two is back from extinction. 2012 after a major fire. mark cline ... the creator ... talked to us after it happened a few years ago and the flames. nat sound from the home video getting ready to open dinosaur kingdom two in mid june with a very unique theme. mark 23:02:15 in this world stonewall jackson doesn't die his death is fake and he's here to help the south as the
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dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the south 23:02:23 about thirty dinosaurs will roam the new park that's five times larger than the original. ananda rochita/rockbri dge county 0:55 "this is the entrance to dinosaur kingdom two. you'll walk through the entrance and go through a "time tunnel" which takes you back to 1864." cline makes sculptures displayed around the globe and his work gets a lot of attention. lexington and rockbridge area tourism's director of marketing says it'll give this area a needed boost. patty williams/lexingt on and rockbridge area tourism 1:20 - 1:30 00:06:49 i think the perception is that people think it's too far away but it's really only thirteen miles and it's not far at all. it's a beautiful drive down route 11. nat sound, 23:11:17 what goes through your mind when you build these dinosaurs? i pick some of the ones that are the most popular and who hasn't heard of a triceratops or a stegosaurus? cline is making thirty dinosaurs for his new kingdom
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of people to enjoy something out of this world. in rockbridge county ananda rochita wsls 10. leaders in the town of pulaski are looking to bring in more businesses to help revitalize downtown. organizers say they are hosting "launch something pulaski." it's a competition where people in the town of pulaski can compete to win grant money to start a small business. organizers say ... so far about 20 people have submitted applications. they're hoping this could bring in more foot traffic into downtown. eric bucey/ceo of beans and rice organization "i'm excited about the opportunity to spur investment, to encourage people to take a risk to encourage volunteers, donors, people to get involved to take action so as the community we can come together and build around the center of our town." the grants come from the virginia department of housing's community business launch program. roanoke fire and e-m-s is showing the community how to prepare in the event of an emergency.
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get an emergency kit and have a plan. emergency management suggests creating a kit with items like personal hygiene products, medicine, food, pet supplies and tools. they say if nothing else ... have a flashlight and extra batteries on hand. marci stone, emergency management coordinator: "in a large scale disaster they may be handling the disaster themselves at the impact zone and my not be able to respond to you for period of time. we say 72-hours knowing that there's a potential you may have to be resilient for 10, 12 hours." city leaders also recommend having a safe meeting point for you and your family in case you're separated. the ferguson city council approves a settlement with the department of justice ... to correct issues brought to light ... following a federal investigation into the deadly shooting of michael brown. d-o-j investigators found unconstitutional and discriminatory practices across the police force and municipal court system. 18-year-old brown was shot and killed by officer darren
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before the vote ... the council made several changes to the new mandate ... james knowles / ferguson mayor - "in the spirit of this very large and expansive, arguably one of the most expansive decrees they have ever issued that we are going to be still complying with the vast majority of that which they laid out." the d-o-j now must approve the changes ... when finalized ... the new mandate could cost the city as much as 10-million dollars over the next 3 years. two maryland deputies are dead following shootings at a shopping center. the harford county sheriff's office says a deputy was called to a panera bread for a report of a disturbance and was shot when he got there. a second deputy caught up to the suspect and shots were fired again. the suspect was killed. the two deputies were taken to a hospital where both later died. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... your drive should be a quick one today ... there are no accidents or delays to report at this time.
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institute are one step closer to becoming cadets. the process behind climbing the ranks. but first ... here's a look at how some stocks of local interest
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with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv. and tonight looks to bitterly cold with wind chills 15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle
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feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain and/or snow showers. a coating-1" would be possible in the nrv and highlands, with maybe a dusting in spots as far east as roanoke. with highs in the middle 30s. the weekend does look dry. both days looks to see a mix of sun
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be very cold with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. early next week is looking more and more interesting. a storm system from the west will likely move overhead on monday, bringing about another wintry mix. it looks it will mainly be snow for areas along and west of the blue ridge.farther east, it looks like it will be more of a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain. accumulations do look likely at this point in most spots, but it is too early
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this one will likely have more of an impact than what we saw this week. the chance is there for this storm to linger
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we want to head back to your timesaver traffic system ... v-dot is reporting a backup on northbound i-81 in botetourt county. one lane is closed ... the back up is about 4 miles. the roanoke county school system looks to expand a new program. how it could enhance
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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see what spam can! do... at a program giving 8th graders access to computers. wsls 10's christina craig spoke to one middle school principal who says it could increase interactive learning in classrooms. nat - typing it's all hands on... using computers to edit papers, create powerpoints and research in the classroom. nat - "are you ready to submit yet." at first glance it may look like a computer lab, but it's english class. 15-25 "recently we've been doing a research project. so, where they may have been limited to computer research before or bound to books in the library, they're able to choose whatever topics they're interested in and then, just go on the internet and start doing some research." 8th grade teacher amanda waldron says having computers in the classroom allows for more interactive
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middle schoolers may be hitting their computers instead of the books. the school board is hoping to expand an 8th grade computer pilot program that would give laptop computers to all middle schoolers. 49-1:00 "by providing one-on-one to our students this has been able to bridge the gap and be a level playing field for all students -- to be able to give a student an assignment and know they all have access to the same materials." district leaders say having computers in the classroom also cultivates interactive learning. instead of booking the computer lab for a class and hoping it's availible, waldron tell us these laptops allow for more creativity for both students and teachers. "our options are endless. i like to use a website called no red ink where they can practice their grammar skills." 1:20-1:28 "computer programs like office 356 and blackboard not only allow teachers to communicate with students inside the classroom, but also at home." "now they're able to collaborate people across from them across the globe. so, this has really help our students with our 21st century skills."
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program come april, nearly 3- thousand computers would be needed and would cost the district up to half a million dollars. in roanoke county, christina craig, wsls10. v-m-i freshman ... who are referred to as "rats" ... are one step closer to officially becoming cadets. the 450 rats recently finished a 20 mile march and other activities within the post. the next step is a "rat breakout" which is an all day event. stewart macinnis/vmi "they've been engaged in a series of events since they got here in august and the 20 mile march is one of the culminating the culminating events now." v-m-i would not say when the rat breakout will happen but say it will likely happen soon. still ahead -- general motors is recalling thousands of trucks. what to look out for to keep you
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if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. more than 473- thousand g-m trucks are being recalled ... because of break pedal issues. the recall covers certain 2015 and 2016 chevrolet silverado h-d, g- m-c sierra h-d and chevrolet tahoe police vehicles.
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u-s and canada. no injuries or crashes have been reported. general motors says it will contact owners so a repair can be made. meanwhile .. volkswagen and audi are recalling 850- thousand vehicles because of air bag problems. volkswagen says the takata air bags on the drivers side could have defective inflators. the inflator may rupture causing metal fragments to pass through the air bag ... hurting or killing the driver. both companies say they don't know if any ruptures have happened. volkswagen and audi will notify owners when to take their cars in for repair. a local family is working to get a surprise visitor ... out of their backyard. the ongoing effort to get this
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christiansburg man found a surprise visitor in his backyard. a 10-pound bear cub has been in this tree since sunday. while the first concern is
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around .. it seems the baby is alone and has been for days. a state biologist is determining if the bear needs to be taken to a rehab facility or if it can survive on its own. university of sussex researchers find horses are able to differentiate between happy and angry human faces. scientists who showed photos of male faces to domestic horses found the animals responded "negatively" to the angry expressions. researchers say .. the experiment shows domestication may have taught horses to interpret and adapt to human behavior. amy smith, university of sussex researcher: "we saw in the looking behavior that whenever they saw the angry face they would look with their left eye preferentially. and this is because it's processed in the right side of the brain which is specialized for perceiving threats an environment." similar results have also been reported recently in dogs.
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dogs to be used as therapy animals .. a salt lake city veterans hospital handles things differently. charlie is a p-t- s-d therapy animal for some of our nation's heroes. the red kangaroo also takes trips to special education classes and hospice care facilities. charlie will soon be honored by the utah red cross for his service. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30. your 90 minutes of news continues right now. with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv.
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15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will nicole lovell's father: "keep an eye on your kids. i mean it's simple it's not that hard. keep an eye on their phones any type of social media they may be on." the father of nicole lovell sits down with talk show host doctor phil. the impact he says bullying had on his daughter. plus .. the fate of a pulaski county woman charged with child abuse and neglect lies in a judge's hands. a criminal justice expert weighs in on changes in the ashley white trial. and then .. david bowers, roanoke mayor: "that's important. it's going to
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roanoke as one of the premier
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