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tv   WSLS 10 at 11  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:10pm EST

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good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. a major employer announces job cuts in the hill city. genworth financial is laying off about 200-employees in lynchburg. it's a move by the company to restructure and sell part of its business. this is related to the company's decision to suspend life insurance and fixed annuity sales. wsls ten's duke carter joins us in studio. duke -- how do businesses in the area feel about the job loss? many businesses in the area are sad to hear there were 200 jobs cuts from one of the largest employers in the lynchburg area. they're hoping lynchburg will attract more companies that will replace the jobs. nats of music in downtown lynchburg downtown lynchburg is getting a lot of foot traffic on a friday night. nats full its that foot traffic that helps small mom and pop businesses like cheesy-rider food truck. "we like it, it's fun," but what isn't fun --- learning
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of the largest employers in the hill city is laying off 200 employees. elizabeth russell/managin g partner cheesy rider food truck "i'm saddened to hear that news, i know that genworth employs a lot of people in lynchburg," employs a lot of people who spend money in downtown lynchburg. its that reason why folks with the lynchburg regional alliance are hoping those employees find new jobs. they say those who lost their jobs come as far away as altavista and that's why they're reaching out to other businesses in the community, to keep the spending money local. leaders in the business alliance are hoping lynchburg can bounce back and add more jobs in the future. megan lucas/ceo lynchburg regional business alliance "sad, my reaction is that it's unfortunate we really don't want to see one of our local companies transition and make these sorts of decisions we saddened by it," nats of cars driving by but despite the 200 jobs being cut --- city leaders say they aren't too worried. lynchburg's mayor michael gillette says leaders with genworth informed him thursday of the job cuts .. but say they are committed to staying in lynchburg. gillette is hopeful once the
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it will hire back some of the employees. mayor michael gillette/lynchb urg "we have sympathy for the folks who are going to be in a little bit of turmoil here, this is not going to harm lynchburg in any deep way, its not as though the survival of lynchburg industries is at stake here but there's no question that 200 jobs is a lot of jobs," nats of downtown a lot of jobs that hopefully will return at some point. russell "i hope the economy continues to prosper and that downtown continues to grow and provides business opportunities," the employees with genworth financial have been notified today and most will get 2 months of paid layoff notice. the mayor says the city of lynchburg is working with the economic development office to figure how to expand or attract new business to the area so people can find other jobs. in studio duke carter wsls ten. a fourth person is wanted in connection to a string of gang- related activity in lynchburg. police say .. a grand jury indicted 26-year- old skylar
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investigators say .. those charges are linked to the arrests of stephen spinner .. eric payne .. and christopher thomas for gang and gun-related charges on august 18-th, 20- 15. investigators are asking anyone with information about lewis' whereabouts to call the lynchburg police department or crime stoppers people in danville are hopeful their coming together tonight will help begin to reduce violent crime in the city. the rally was organized as a result of a double shooting monday night near the intersection of mount vernon avenue and virginia avenue. community members gathered outside danville regional medical center and heard from several community leaders. afterwards, the group walked down the streets near the hospital in solidarity. wsls 10's colter anstaett reports. "crime is not just a big city problem anymore. violence has swept across our country, large and small communities." dozens gathered outside danville regional medical center tonight with
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the community to come together to try to bring an end to violent crime in the city. "and, all of god's people said 'amen, amen.'" there was a prayer for peace. the city's police chief offered a call to action. "the community has to stand up and has to say 'no more.'" the gathering was organized by the hospital after one its own, 49 year old dr. randolph neal, was shot several times just after 7 p-m monday in the 200 block of mt. vernon avenue while walking home from a meeting at the hospital. a resident who lives in the area came out to see what was going on and was also shot. after hearing from community leaders and family of one of the victims tonight, everyone walked down the streets near the hospital to symbolize the community's commitment towards ending violence. "this walk right here sets the standard for where danville will go in the future." the second shooting victim was treated and released shortly after the shooting. dr. neal remains hospitalized,
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lilly. "in less than a week, thanks to the kindness so many have shown i have gone from terrified to even be in danville to feeling completely safe here and not wanting to be anywhere else." they can spread by continuing to come together to work towards ending the violence in their community. in danville, colter anstaett, wsls 10. the commonwealth is one step closer to enacting stronger gun laws. the senate passed two bills today.. that will strengthen the state's gun laws by taking guns away from domestic abusers... and expanding access to background checks at gun shows. governor terry mcauliffe praised the passage of the bills... saying they're the first meaningful steps forward on gun safety legislation in the state in more than 20 years. mcauliffe also added... he looks forward to working with the general assembly to finalize the agreement. police in northern virginia are looking for a woman who has been missing for two days. 22-year-old sarah waye was last seen in fairfax wednesday afternoon. she was driving a black 2009 toyota
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police say the girl has been treated for mental health conditions and her family is concerned for her welfare. she's been entered into the national crime information center as a missing person. anyone with information is asked to call police. almost 500 local soldiers in the virginia national guard are preparing for a year long deployment in the middle east. the lynchburg based national guard, made up of men and women from across the area will deploy to qatar in may. they will provide security detail and will relieve another winchester based national guard unit who will return home from their year long deployment. specialist douglas harris / army national guard "it's a good feeling. i know that i am actually doing something, being a part of something that is bigger than myself is a great, great feeling." in march - the 116-th regiment will travel to fort pickett for training. they will complete their training at fort bliss texas.
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seek out accounts that might promote terrorist activity. the company has suspended more than 125- thousand accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts in the last eight months. the company says those suspended accounts were mainly linked to isis. social media has increasingly become a tool for recruitment and radicalization used by isis and its supporters. a bill that would require school divisions to put cameras in special education classrooms.. is getting a lot of attention. if the general assembly passes the bill -- cameras would be installed if a parent or school board employee requested them. however this bill is getting mixed reaction. according to specifics of the bill.... the recordings would be released to certain people like a parent following a documented incident. the special education director for rockbridge county public schools says her big concern is confidentiality. meanwhile... some parents say cameras will help if an incident happened.
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"if you don't have a child who can come home and give their side of the story ... they don't have a voice and that can be their voice." we reached out to the person who filed the bill .... senator rosalyn dance... but she has not gotten back with us. meanwhile this bill isn't farfetched... a similar bill passed in texas last year. in the town of pulaski.. there are no licensed child care options for kids under two. but now with the help of a federal grant.. parents will soon have their first opportunity for licensed child care. the y-m-c-a is less than two weeks away from launching its early head start center. it will be free of charge for families who qualify. the early head start center will serve newborns to 36 months. currently.. the only licensed child care in the town begins at age two. david moore / smart beginnings nrv it can be very expensive to run a quality infant and toddler program, and it's out of the working families, so this helps a center that wants to provide it be the community. the center is hosting an open house february 11-th from six to
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the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in the last eight years. the labor department says u-s employers added more than 150-thousand jobs in january.. bringing the national unemployment rate to 4-point-9 percent. average hourly wages have also gone up 2-and-a- half percent over the last year. president barack obama says although the latest jobs report was good.. there is still more work to be done. president barack obama there is still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy. last month -- more than 75- thousand jobs were cut.. which is far more than usual.. even for a time when layoffs typically increase due to seasonal jobs ending. the biggest game in football is just two days away. more than a million fans are expected in the bay area to


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