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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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eisenhauer and natalie keepers made to kill nicole lovell. >> dawn jefferies was there. she joins us live in the studio. prosecutors said this was a plan weeks in the making. >> prosecutors described keepers as meeting someone she never met. keepers parents were in court ready to bail her out and painting a different picture of her daughter. keepers' father said they were a very close family consisting of him, his wife, natalie's twin sister and brother, that they were a close strong christian family and even called her a wonderful role model for their siblings. they stressed education over chores.
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he told the court natalie keepers wanted to follow in his footsteps and be an areospace engineer. the keepers offered to pay for home electronic monitoring to get their daughter out of jail instead of isolation. keepers said his daughter has never been in trouble before and the pom time anyone ever called was to say how she was excelling in school. lindsey? >> thank you, dawn. law enforcement officials are calling the social media app kick messenger dangerous. if a-- it allows people to message one on one or in a group chat. they can stay anonymous by identifying themselves only by
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since the lovell murder, kik has created an updated gie.d the age rating has been raised. they said kik cooperated to combat child predators anywhere in the world either on provision of a court order ore emergency situations such as this one that this has features that allow users to block or report unwanted contact. meanwhile, a large crowd gathered to say their final good-byes to nicole lovell. >> family and friends paid their respects to coley. our thoughts continue to be with the lovell at this time. >> for complete coverage visit our website, the ceo and president of
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the river city to become a safer city. he writes while crime is down, there have been stabbing victims in the emergency room during the six months he has lived her. a double shooting on monday night left dr. ran golf neil recovering. neil said he was shot several times as he was walking home in the 200 block of mt. vernon avenue. the two asked for money before he took off. larson says he's calling on city leaders, business owners and anyone who wants to be part of it to gather at 6:00 tomorrow night for a prayer and a neighborhood walk. the united states, department of agriculture estimated 50 million americans are food insecure.
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up with feeding america southwest virginia. they distribute food to nearly 400 partner agencies. bethany teague kicks off coverage and is joining us live from the kroger in blacksburg. >> reporter: they have about pan hour or so left to dhow name of the organizers say the response has been overwhelming. there's about 2300 pounds of food sitting in the feeding america southwest virginia truck. the donations are important, especially when you consider the fact just here in montgomery county alone, almost 15% of the population is considered food insecure. that equals more than 14,000 individuals. allan crockett was one of those people and he knows exactly what it's like to benefit from one of these food drives. >> you have to decide what you want to get if you want to pay for your medicine or put gas in
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about the food. >> reporter: allan now need. he says there are so many more people out there who are hungry than most folks realize. that's why he's encouraging everyone to come on out and do their part. 13% of the population in southwest virginia does not know where their next meal will come from. >> 1 in 5 are food insecure. items donated in today's event will go to feeding america southwest southwest virginia. they will serve 143,000 people every month. >> lindsey and i went on a shopping spree. >> we had a great time picking
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crowing earl has pre-- kroger has prepackaged boxes. jonathan kegges is out there now. it sounds like a busy time. >> reporter: it is loud. i'm holding one of those prepackaged boxes. they make this easy to come out and do your shopping. it will run go $10. you can drop s it -- drop it in the bin. they have been selling like hot cakes so to speak, a very easy way to pick up and help donate to the cause. i'm now joined by the ceo. you've seen first hand these boxes go. >> this is the second stack of boxes and this was really nice. seeing people coming into the doors, there have been little
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about it, what do we need. it's exciting to have our wsls family here. >> reporter: you heard it there from pamela, the ceo. it can't get better than this. please come out and help the cause. reporting live from the kroger in bonsack, jonathan kegges, wsls10. >> all right. thanks, pam. thanks, jonathan. the food drive continues until 7:00. >> we collected 20,000 pounds last year.
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look at the krog governor terry mcauliffe
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virginia tech came to the capitol for labor day. the resolution was passed by both the house and the senate. >> have all these wonderful hokies around me. what a neat day. >> class act as always. the coach retired at the and of the last football season after 29 years. >> all right. well martinsville has the highest food insecurity rate of any city feeding america southwest southwest virginia serves. that's why hour wsls10 cares food drive is set up inside. we go to the kroger in martinsville. has it been busy there? >> reporter: yeah, it has been. people have been coming through
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of course, that is exactly what we want to see. we've filled up several feeding america food boxes. they estimate about 3100 are food insecure meaning they don't know where their next meal will come from. that's about 23% of the population here in martinsville. one martinsville resident i spoke to said she is glad to see everyone donating. >> definitely, definitely. there's no jobs. i think it's great that people are giving. that's a good thing. >> reporter: now we will be here until 7:30 tonight. if you haven't come out and said hello, do so. it's going to a good cause. so come on out and donate food if you haven't. in martinsville, reporting for wsls10.
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have a chance for a very light wintery mix tonight in spots but monday and tuesday looks more interesting.
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storm 10 forecast. you're looking at a live picture, beautiful sunset across the roanoke valley. we saw clouds east of roanoke with more sun in the mountains. the clouds rolled right back in tonight. you'll see temperatures will fall from the lower 40s at 8 into the mid to upper 30s at midnight and eventually into the upper 20s and lower 30s. what's going on here.
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we could have a light wintery mix, especially after midnight. we'll talk about that in one second but i do want to tell you that friday and saturday we'll be under the influence of this guy. anytime you have this big blue h, high pressure, you see sunshine and we'll see just that once we clear things out. as we head into saturday most of the day is mostly sunny. the first half of the day we'll see our fair share of sunshine. hour by hour, 11:00 we're dry. 2ham not so much. we'll have the chance for a few flurries and or light showers in the mountains with a light wintery mix, maybe a few rain showers across parts of halifax county. this is all very light. nothing will be heavy. nevertheless, areas that see sleet or snow showers, you could have just a few slick spots come tomorrow morning.
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will be a widespread event. 7 a.m. friday we're dry. by 9:00 we're sunny and that's where we'll statement of friday night mostly clear. thin as we head into saturday, a little more cloud cover. winds right now, not a huge factor. winds out of the northwest between 3 and 12 miles per hour pat this point but the winds will really strengthen into tomorrow and weaken into the day on saturday. temperatures 3345 in hot springs. 41 blocksburg. 4345 in -- 45 in roanoke. not only will we turn colder next week but the collapse for light snow monday and tuesday. tonight lows in the 20s and 30s with a wintery mix possible in spots. then tomorrow increasing
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half of the day. 3-degree guarantee is 45. your extended fast 50 saturday and sunday. are you cigd me -- kidding me. we're back up to 40 next thursday. 49. actual high 51. $10 in the pot and $30 raised for the open hands backpack. 87% of u.s. households had access to muff for for all the household members in 2014. >> we have an update on food collection efforts tonight. >> reporter: bins and carriages are starting to fill with food at the lynn muchburg kroger. this is what we like to see. blue ridge is trying to match
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the food banked as the fight for -- bank adds the fight for food is real. >> it's one of the surprises of our economic recovery. while things are starting to feel better for lots of people, there's still a group who struggle to make ends meet every day. it has become a sort of lifeline. >> if you would like to help, every little bit counts. you can donate a box of food or single items. if not there's a third option. you can donate money, right? >> reporter: that's correct. the food bank can do so much with a dollar. we cran do that because we have -- we can do that because we have leveraging power. we can do a lot more with funds. >> we'll be here until 7:00 tonight.
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i've been patient trying to play within the offense, trying not to force shots. when you work hard and get your skill working every day, things pay off. things come together. they always come together for me. >> he finished with 27 points last night one shy of his career high as uva won 61-47. top of the acc standing, a half back of louisville. the shocker of course, is duke tied for eighth. they are 16 and 6 overall.
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basketball is right around the corner. it also means the state's wrestling championship is closer. there's a standout who has extra motivation. >> there's a clear leader on the wrestling team. jer ri clark, his win was one of his many accolades but there's one accomplishment he hasn't reached, a state championship. >> he knows what it takes to get there. after being in the top four, this is your last chance. >> reporter: he has been building his wrestling resume since he was in the sixth grade when he started practicing with the team. they have a long list of state championships and he has extra motivation.
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i've been working for four years. that's all i've wanted. >> reporter: sense he took the title five years ago, the competition was on. >> i tell him i've won tournaments he hasn't won. he's won tournaments i haven't won. >> the longhand short of it, he want -- long and short of it, help wants to be like his brother. >> reporter: he listens to his brother's advice and hopes he can finish his career with the ultimate goal, state title. >> the women guess georgia tech.
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the spring cup season. magic and the thunder. time winding down. he's calm. he's cool. he's collected. you know he's got it. this is money for the win. literally with a half second left. some guy named stef curry --
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>> we'll see you back tonight, facing off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing tonight in their first one-on-one debate on msnbc. in a battle over who is more progressive. while marco rubio becomes a bigger target in new hampshire. taking the fifth.
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