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on a wet and gloomy wednesday in franklin county you can easily spot drivers throwing trash off of route 2- 20. nats "i come through here every day and throw garbage." jessie cook lives in ferrum. he says this is one of the main sites to throw garbage away. he was devastated to learn a baby was discarded in a garbage dumpster. jessie cook/ferrum resident "i was shocked this morning when i seen it on the news. but to sad i can't imagine somebody would do that, especially to a baby," rocky mount police are looking into the case. calling it a suspicious death. investigators say carilion roanoke memorial hospital police told officers in rocky mount about a suspicious admission early tuesday afternoon. hospital staff say 24 year old katherine dellis had recently given birth but she denied it happened. nats of rain in neighborhood police got a search warrant for dellis home in the 100 block of ann sink drive where they say there was evidence dellis delivered a baby. detectives say family members told them another relative threw away some bed linens at the dumpster site where an infant's body was
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town leaders were shocked when they heard the news. matthew hankins/assistan t town manager "that's about the most rotten thing you can hear, it's not something you want to hear in particular associated with your town it's an unfortunate circumstance and its shaken a lot of people hear in the community," nats leaving people in the community outraged an incident like this happened in their backyard. danielle corso/neighbor "when jesus comes and rids the earth of wickedness, people like that will not exist anymore," on cam detectives say the investigation is ongoing. as of now, no charges have been filed -- but that could change once the autopsy has been completed. in franklin county duke carter wsls 10. happening right now in blacksburg... the community is coming together
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family and friends are paying their respects at mccoy funeral home. this .. as court documents reveal new information about the case. lawyers for natalie keepers -- one of the virginia tech students police say was involved in her stabbing death -- filed paperwork to request bond. a hearing has been set for 11 tomorrow morning. keepers is charged with accessory before the fact to first-degree murder ... accessory after the fact and improper disposal of a body. david eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder. both are being held in the new river valley regional jail without bond. us now in studio. dawn -- police have not connected the three via social media ... but the case has sparked a .. there has been a lot of talk about the role social media may have played in this case. to be clear-- police have not only that nicole lovell and david before her death. but this case has gotten people
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safety and has moms across our area taking action. nat: on computer charise greer and natasha rodgers are moms on a mission. natasha rodgers/mom on mission 20.15.35 i went in out of parental curiosity and i was immediately shocked by what i saw. the two came across reports of social media sites for teens following the death of 13- year-old nicole lovell. they were disgusted by what they saw... and drawn to do something about it. including tracking down the them know. bunch of stay out of our business it's none of your business but i was inundated no idea their kids were on such sites... others thought they monitored their kids' online activity well. sgt. steve anders with bedford county sheriff's office southern virginia crimes against children task force warns any form of social media has danger or risk. anyone can create a group or page.. or b to be anyone. charise greer/mom on a mission 20.24.40 you have to make it
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parents like these and investigators like anders say parents have to be proactive but also know even with filters and parental controls... nothing is foolproof. nat: charise and natsha weren't the only ones reporting facebook pages like "teen datingand flirting" to have it brought down... but users caught on and were on the move to a new page. natasha 20.19.51 "click on this site we're moving. so basically it's cat and mouse." anders says it's like opening your front door to allow predators in. 20.22.18 "20 years ago predators had to search for their victims. they had to get in their cars go to the parks go to the mall integrate themselves into families but technology the double was sword that it is has allowed victims to just walk right into the predators hands." sgt. anders says look up parental controls on whatever device you give your child and know it's features and how to control them. it's important to tell your kids you're not invading their privacy...
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job to protect you and make sure you're safe. in studio .. dawn jefferies -- wsls 10. just into the wsls 10 newsroom. the suspect in a bank robbery at the b-b-and-t branch in downtown roanoke is in custody. roanoke police say a suspect was arrested around 4:15 in the 100 block of henry street. no one was hurt. charges are pending. construction crews are on the site of a historic plantation in botetourt county tonight. they're getting ready to move two buildings that have sat on the property for more than two- hundred years to make way for new industrial development. but as wsls 10's rob manch explains .. some people in the county want to put a halt to the plans. nats to the horror of county residents danny kyle and lisa farmer, dirt was flying at the greenfield plantation wednesday. danny kyle, friends of greenfield: 11:14:29 "it's a lot of people that are very, very upset about this. it's not just a development, it's taking american history, and it's very upsetting
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buildings could also mean destroying unmarked graves on the site. lisa farmer, friends of greenfield: 11:28:43 "there are too many unaccounted for people that have to be buried somewhere." if any graves are destroyed, it could be a legal issue. the buildings originally housed slaves in the 17 hundreds, and decendent shirley lewis had an agreement with the county filed in circuit court monday. in it, they agreed the county would not quote "undertake any action that would disturb any graves within the areas identified." 11:24:04 "they're going to run right through people's family grave cemeteries. it's there, we know it is, and the bulldozer is going to go right through it." 11:49:56 "as you can see crews are already busy moving thousands of pounds of dirt from around the foundation of these historic structures. the plan is to literally pick up these 2 hundred year old buildings and move them to a location about a quarter of a mile away." do diligence to make sure no graves are in the way of the work.
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also attempted to do further review of the broader site, of the exiting site, in an attempt to find any unmarked graves, or confirm or deny the assertions." but farmer says the archaeologist hasn't begun any in-depth review. 11:30:14 "they can use ground- penetrating radar, which is another way of looking deep into the soil and seeing if there's anything down there, but they haven't started doing any of tomorrow. we'll be collecting food at kroger stores across southwest and central virginia to help fight hunger. how our efforts will make a difference for the 82-nd airborne christian
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hunger is an issue thregion face daily. that's why wsls 10 is teaming up again with feeding america southwest virginia for the 10 cares food drive. wsls 10's rachel lucas went to the 82-nd airborne christian
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it's one of the more than 400 partner organizations that receive donated food from feeding america. "can i have the slaw" for most who come here to the food pantry, these boxes of groceries will be the only meals they'll get each week. families only get one visit a week...and each day - more than one hundred people come through these lines. "people here they'll be feeding four or five people in their family. so if we see 150 people we are probably feeding five to six hundred people." "there is a lot of need." supervisor evelyn vest says people from all walks of life come here for a variety of reasons. "we are getting more and more new people all of the time.." although they feed more than five hundred people each week...the 82nd airborn christian food pantry is only one of more than 400 pantries across our region who see the same numbers. the need continues to grow. pastor frank broughman uses this pantry to help feed more than thirty people a week at his church - under the bridge
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he helps anyone who comes to the church for help. he met another woman in need this week. "when she came downstairs, i said young lady do you need any food, and she got to crying and said yes i'm on my last box of food in my freezer and i've got nothing left. so yes, i fixed her right up" that's only one of thousands that find themselves in need each day in our area...depending on these boxes to survive. and with the help of the community and feeding america, another person won't have to go hungry. in roanoke rachel lucas wsls 10. our 10 cares food drive will be held tomorrow from six a-m to seven p-m. we'll collect food at the kroger in bonsack ... cave spring ... lynchburg ...
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roads in montgomery county. thanks to viewer zee terry for sending those to us. wednesday was a very wet day with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play
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temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 40s to near 50. both friday and saturday will be mostly sunny. temperatures will only reach the middle 40s on friday, but will climb into the low-to-mid 50s on saturday. super bowl sunday will be partly sunny with highs in the lower 50s. so, although all weekend long are dry, we will
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sunday in comparison to saturday. monday will also see a mix of sun and clouds and it will be cooler with highs in the low-to-mid 40s. tuesday will be mostly cloudy with snow showers possible. at this point, it looks like the majority of the snow will fall to the northeast, but this will need to be watched closely. if the moisture moves west by a bit, we will be dealing with more snow.but for now, we'll just say light accumulations are possible. it
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made.. and some say..championship s..are won...on this very day. we'll take a tour..of sw virginia on this national signing
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college coaches know all to well.. you can't get to cookin..without the right ingredients.. hence..we have national signing day... the hokies begin the fuente era....with a 21 man class of 2016 , which included a pair of jr college transfers.. and florida linebacker they were able to nab..late in the game.. justin fuente/hokies head coach:"fuente:s till we still will have a high priority on the state of virginia and i think you'll continue to see that throughout my tenure here i'm proud of the kids they decided to stay close to home and play virginia tech." meanwhile the cavs first class under new head coach bronco mendenhall holds plenty of promise.. and make no mistake...this is coach london's and large.. bronco mendenhall/uva head coach:" it's a great starting place is the way i would describe the majority of
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overwhelming majority coach london and his staff identified and committed and i was i was i was impressed as i went from home to home i didn't make it to every single home but the majority before official visit weekend but i was impressed by what coach london had done with the quality of the people meanwhile..coac h turner gil's flames are looking to get back to the next level..and that fbs playoff bracket.. he's says he's got a group coming in..that the university should be proud of turner gill/liberty head coach:"....i think the one thing that comes to gather here on this whole group that i talk to high school coaches and i talk to administrators tremendously competitive this kind of thing that comes to my mind again both on the field and off the football field you say well what do you mean by competitive again they want to compete they want to be the best they can be in the classroom." to the high school ranks..and northside's carlos boogie basham.. will take his considerable
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the 6-4 230 pound senior helped northside to another stellar season in one of the perennial power programs in the area.. and he's thankful..for the northside family support carlos basham/signs with wake forest:"...i mean were all close all the sports is close we have a good family a good fanbase they come out and support us to as many games as they can make it to it's a good base out there we love it i mean a little bit but it feels good to finally sign the papers and make it official." in forest...six star cavalier athletes were signing-- basketball player ashley evans to mary washington. taylor brown will play football at ferrum, ben a preferred walk on to uva. josh play football at liberty... sarah crider..girls soccer to lynchburg college.. and sam randolph-macon for lacrosse... for trent---this was what you call in recruiting..a developing situation.. ben trent/headed to uva:.....virginia came to me pretty late with a coaching change you know got in touch with me over christmas break and they called saying
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do a preferred walk on i've been around virginia my whole life it's something i knew a lot really comfortable with at gw danville..the eagles successful football program sends four to the next level.. tim glass to nc state, curtis cincinnati...donal d smith to hampton.. and maleek henderson--to north carolina central... it's a banner day for coach nick anderson and the eagles of gw.. nick anderson/gw danville coach:"'s just a huge honor and it makes a good outlook for a program these four guys have really worked hard throughout their high school career and they definitely deserve the scholarship that the receiving." star quarterback under coach alan fiddler.. q-shawn headed to the university charleston in west virginia.. the dual threat quarterback is ready to have an impact at the next level.. quishon calfee/patriots qb: "the coaches love me when i went up there he was a beautiful campus it was great scenery and everything and i could see
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for the next 4 to 5 years of my life." reached the schools' first ever state final.. and senior bradley lythgoe returned from a knee injury to help lead the way.. the speedster will head up the road to season.. bradley lythgoe/signs with vmi: i've been dreaming about this day since i was little vmi is a great institution great academics division i football and it's got great people to and that's one of the biggest parts about it ' ... at glenvar..the highlanders program sends two more---to the college ranks.. quentin alls and zachary deck..are both heading from coach kevin clifford's powerhouse 2a uva wise.. coach says he's got at least a half dozen more still finalizing plans... so stay tuned. we had the on our air back in the summer..but traveon redd of the state champion headed to wake as well. and lca 's matt a uva signee at linebacker. vmi signs 17 including 13 from va..
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also sends a star to the keydets.. nbc nightly news is next. and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our seven p-m
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when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50. papa john' tonight, fighting words. donald trump says ted cruz stole iowa,
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