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the disappearance and killing of 13-year-old nicole lovell. we're bringing you team coverage ... from the latest information in the case to how the community is coping with her loss. plus ... roanoke county police are on the scene of a deadly train crash ... involving a tractor trailer. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the two suspects charged in connection with the killing of 13- year-old nicole lovell make their first appearances in court. tonight ... we're hearing from nicole's father exclusively ... for the first time ... since hearing the news of his daughter's death. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abduction in this case. he's received a court- appointed lawyer. meanwhile ... 19- year-old natalie keepers hired a lawyer. she's charged with improper disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. wsls ten's dawn jefferies has been following this story closely ... and brings us the very latest. dawn ... was nicole's father at
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a friend of nicole lovell's father told me what happened to the 13-year-old is something you see on the news and nothing you can describe when it hits home. that's part of the reason nicole's father came here to the courthouse today. david lovell tells me he's doing about as good as can be expected. he came here with his wife terri and a friend this morning. no one can imagine how he'd respond if in their shoes... but for david lovell... he wanted to come to see the two people accused of killing his daughter... he came wanting answers. 10.38.12 david lovell/nicole's father "these two individuals took my daughter from this planet and i want to know why and i want all the information i can get."
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natalie keepers will be back in court march 28th. in christiansburg, dawn jefferies wsls 10. meanwhile .. the search for evidence in the police investigation of nicole's killing continues today. a lake on virginia tech's campus for the second day in a row ... while a criminal investigations unit is stationed in the jefferson national forest using surveying tools to collect evidence. the police activity along with the fallout following the blacksburg community heartbroken tonight. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch spoke to people there who knew lovell. rob - how are people who were close to her dealing with this
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we're here on virginia tech's campus tonight where police have spent the day searching for clues in this pond here behind me. but as you said all of this investigative activity is a constant remider to passers by of a crime that is tearing this community apart. i stopped by auburn baptist church in riner today, where lovell's family have been members for the past 5 years. lovell's youth pastor josh blankenship says she rode the bus to be at sunday school there every weekend. many people there just learned yesterday of lovell's death, and he says the reaction is unanimous. josh blankenship, youth pastor: 02:48:44 "just shock, disbelief, and uncomfortable right now. i mean this is home for not only this church, but for a lot of people around here, and nobody wants to see stuff like this anywhere and so a lot of hearts that are
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meanwhile, police are continuing this investigation, and the facts continue to multiply. in addition to the lake, state police investigated a site in the jefferson national forest today off of craig creek road they referred to as a crime scene. aside from lovell's church, we learned earlier the school blacksburg middle school where lovell attended is taking measures to help students cope. guidance counselors there held special hours after school today to consult kids there. in blacksburg, rob manch, w-s- l-s 10. since nicole lovell was first reported missing ... there have been a number of developments. here's a recap of information since her disappearance. nicole was last seen at her home ... in the lantern ridge area of blacksburg last wednesday. virginia state police issued an endangered child alert. law enforcement ... the f-b-i and members of the virginia tech cadets looked for her on land and by air for four days. on saturday ... blacksburg police charged 18-year-old
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eisenhauer ... with the abduction and disappearance of nicole. at 4 p-m saturday ... state police found nicole's remains on route 89 in surry county, north carolina ... just over the state line. on sunday ... blacksburg police made a second arrest. 19-year-old natalie keepers is charged with improper disposal of a dead body ... and accessory after the fact. both eisenhauer and keepers are now being held without bond. this is a developing story we'll continue to follow throughout the evening and online. when we're not on the air ... you can head to our website ... wsls dot com ... to find today's coverage ... along with the latest information in this case. and be sure to join us for wsls ten at 7 ... and 11 for any new details. in other news tonight ... developing now ... roanoke county police are trying to figure out what lead to a deadly train crash ... involving a tractor trailer. it happened just before noon today. wsls ten's brie jackson is live at the scene ...
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fire and rescue crews were on the scene this afternoon looking to piece together what caused this deadly crash. the crash happened near the spring hollow reservoir access road. neighbor says trains come through here daily. now roanoke county police, norfolk southern police and other agencies are trying to figure out what went wrong. so far no word of the identity of the people involved. aep confirmed the accident involved two of their employees. i'm told one was killed the other remains in the hospital. here's what rescue crews said about the patient condition
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brian clingenpeel / roanoke county fire & rescue - transported another patient to the hospital. it was as about as bad as you could get. multiple body systems that were involved in the trauma. officials say there is a crossing in the area. they say a norfolk southern freight train was headed westbound when the crash happened. the commercial truck involved caught fire when it was hit. jury selection began today for alleged gang members in the murder trial of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick. the trial is held in roanoke after a judge declared a mistrial when investigators discovered one of the defendants got a hold of a list of potential jurors and shared it. wsls 10's ananda rochita joins us live in the studio.. ananda ... how is the jury selection different this time? all potential jurors are anonymous and referred to a number based on questionnaires they answered. 483 questionnaires
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one of jury selection. all six suspects are charged on a total of 34 violations and believed to be associated with a gang that's a faction of the bloods. four suspects are charged with the murder of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick while the other two are accused of being the gang's ring leaders in a racketeering conspiracy. some of the alleged crimes include assault, burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder. one of the defendant's lawyers talked to us this evening. fred heblick/lawyer "it moved along reasonably well and there were no obstacles so based on what happen today i would expect the case to remain on schedule." cameras are not allowed in federal court so i want to describe to you what i saw in the courtroom. all six defendants had their handcuffs taken off and were able to take notes with a pen. they were also wearing regular semi-business casual clothes. tomorrow ... there will be a
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and opening statements are likely to happen tomorrow morning. in the studio ananda rochita wsls 10. roanoke city police chief chris perkins gives his final annual crime report before he retires. police report the force responded to more shootings is year before. wsls10's christina craig breaks down the numbers. the roanoke city police chief is calling it a win for the city as overall crime is trending downwards. nat since 2014, property crimes have decreased by almost 400 cases. however, violent crimes including murder, rape and robbery have remained the same. "property crime is our problem. property crime is driven by some of the drug activity. let's talk about violence, let's talk about danger, i'll show you roanoke per thousand has a better violent crime rate than a lot of cities in our area, in our state, and in
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although some violent crime numbers didn't change, the number of malicious shootings -- which fall underneath the umbrella of violent crimes -- have increased. in 2014, police investigated 34 shootings.. one was deadly. this past year, there were 37 shootings... 8 people were killed in those. despite those numbers, chief perkins says it's still a record low. "when you start looking at the factors that go into it, even though it's level it's still at record lows, it's still at a 48- year low. you have to go back to 1967 to find a lower number in the city of roanoke." chief perkins says it's all about policing. technology ranging from license plate readers... body cameras, use of data analysis and de- escalation training all play a factor. and, have helped decreased the percent.
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sure we stay with best practices and we are constantly evaluating those practices to the uniqueness of our city and how we implement things." perkins adds we can only be a local police chief is preparing to say "goodbye" to his facial hair ... for a good cause. the department's effort ... to raise
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changing his look ... for a good cause. it all started with a bet .... when a fellow officer asked what it would take for lieutenant jennings tardy to get rid of his mustache. lieutenant tardy has had a mustache for 36 years. in fact... his wife and children have never seen him without it before. tardy says if the police department can internally raise 2-thousand dollars for the american cancer society, his stache will meet the razor blade. lt. jennings tardy, roanoke city
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would imagine that the skin underneath probably will be a little bit pale... since it hasn't been exposed to direct sunlight in three and a half decades. i don't know, it's going to be different." tardy says he lost his father and grandfather to cancer and thought it would be a fun way to honor their memory. ...coming up in your storm team
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although we began the day with some sun, we did have more clouds and showers move through some areas in the afternoon. it was a warm day before the clouds came in as well, with temperatures climbing into the 60s. tonight: showers end with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. tuesday: cloudy with areas of drizzle.cooler with highs in the upper 40s. a pretty powerful cold front will impact the region on wednesday, bringing a better chance for showers, even a few
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with highs in the lower 60s. by wednesday night, we will dry things out. and behind the frontal boundary, we will turn cooler. thursday will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the lower 50s. friday will be mostly sunny and cooler still with highs in the middle 40s. the weekend is not looking bad at all. both saturday and sunday will see more sun than clouds and will be dry. temperatures will top out in the upper 40s on saturday and the lower 50s on sunday. early next week also looks dry but colder, with highs falling to near 40. next tuesday could be our next best chance to
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history is the college basketball poll... more clouds and showers move through some areas in the afternoon. it was a warm day before the clouds came in as well, with temperatures climbing into the 60s. tonight: showers end with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. tuesday: cloudy with areas of drizzle.cooler with highs in the upper 40s. a pretty powerful cold front will impact the region on wednesday, bringing a better chance history is the college basketball poll... and with signing day approaching...we break down..the
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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for the first time in more than eight not in the ap top 25 poll.. yu have to go back to the 2007- 2008 preseason poll to find a ranked in. duke is 15-6...and has lost four
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games with notre dame and syracuse. so the run of 167 consuective poll a run of 221 in a row from 1966 to 1980. here's your top ten. and it's an interesting mix... oklahoma begins its third week at number one. carolina..lurking ...and virginia at 9 after dispatching louisville. looming large on wednesday.. so we bring you..the first in a two part look--at virginia tech's recruiting class-- alyssa rae has the details-- i'm alyssa way here in blacksburg with jason stamm of and he is our virginia tech recruiting expert, with signing day on wednesday we want to talk about any new recruits coming to virginia tech and a lot of action here over the weekend. jason stamm: yeah they had a lot of guys visit, over 12
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week before, a couple four- star guys, a lot of guys that were committed elsewhere, looking at virginia tech so they've got a chance to flip a few guys who are committed to other schools currently. do you think this visit flipped anyone in particular that they are really wanting that they think they have in the bag at this point? jason: i don't think they have anyone in the bag but i really like tomon fox, a guy from collins hill a four-star defensive end who committed to north carolina, teammates with emmanuel belmar who's already committed to virginia tech, he committed last summer so couple of teammates they could get to be playing here alongside each other in the next couple years. alyssa: one of the commitments we want to talk about is jerod evans out of texas, the junior quarterback a lot of talk about him, you guys have him as a four-star, what do you think about him? jason: i love jerod evans. i really think he's the highest rated junior college quarterback coming out of the 2016 class i believe every bit of that. this is a guy who has a big-time arm but can also make plays with his feet he can really turn nothing into something a lot of times he's
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his feet and i think probably is going to have a leg up of being starting quarterback come this fall. alyssa: let's talk about some of the wide receivers, fuente was really pushing heavily towards wide receiver's how's he done so far? jason: they've got a chance to flip a four-star guy he's currently committed to florida, rick wells of raines high school down in jacksonville he would be a big- time flip, along with tomon fox who we've mentioned earlier jason stamm again,, talking about the hokies offensive recruiting, we will be back tomorrow with defense. in blacksburg, alyssa rae, wsls 10 sports. nfl will be moving to nbc for five games on thursday night in conjunction with the nfl network. broncos in a minorbus crash leaving practice...everyo ne at the hotel now..and a ok and the raiders..reporte dly have visited las vegas..and the nfl..has not ruled out the city.... three little words one big highlight. time to cut it out. off the coast of maui, tom dosland is attempting to drop in on this monster... and you can see the rest--- oh..nellie.. broken board...stiff neck... he did call it a day...but was back out surfing...the very next day. cut it out. nbc nightly news is next. and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our
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