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the base went on lockdown earlier in the day... after someone reported hearing three shots go off in the basement. rooms were then checked one by one... and personnel were lead out of the facility with their hands in the air. while the shooting may not have actually happened... the navy says... it's good to be prepared. capt curt jones, naval base san diego "i'd like to emphasize that we take all reports like this very seriously. we do a lot of training to help people recognize what they're supposed to the in the event of an active shooter." during the lockdown... the medical center posted on its facebook page... saying -quote- "all occupants are advised to run, hide or fight." in cleveland... six police officers have been fired... and others have been reprimanded for their actions following a high-speed chase. the chase ended in a shooting... which killed two unarmed people. in addition to the firings... six other officers have been suspended and another officer involved in the shooting has retired. all of the officers have been cited for joining the chase and leaving the city without permission. several were also cited for
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a woman charged in connection with the murder of a roanoke man looks to take a plea. brea ann belcher was in court today for a jury trial... but the case has been continued. she'll be back in court february 16-th... and is expected to enter a guilty plea. belcher's charged with being an accessory after the fact... relating to geoffrey ndwiga's murder. ndiwga's body was found at the rodeway inn last june. the future of montgomery county circuit court clerk erica williams remains in question tonight. a petition to have her recalled began to circulate about two weeks ago. the movement started when williams failed to reappoint four deputy clerks shortly after her re-election. wsls 10's bethany teague found out how the board of supervisors could get involved. nats the local governing body has no responsibility or liability for the actions of a constitutional officer circuit court clerk erica williams is once again at the
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of supervisors. but as the board found out from county attorney marty mcmahon.. it has little to no authority over her actions. :24-:27 chris tuck, board of supervisors, chair - constitutional officers do have the right to discharge their employees any way they want. james willis started a petition to have williams recalled after she did not reappoint four out of nine deputy clerks. :37-:40 james willis, petition organizer - the people that we elect to hold office should be held accountable. if the petition reaches around 19 hundred signatures.. or ten percent of those who voted in the last election.. it would be up to a circuit court judge or jury to decide williams' fate. but citizens are now calling on the board to take a different kind of action against her. nats you do have some financial purse strings. state law requires that williams be paid a minimum of roughly 120 thousand dollars. the county is currently giving her an additional 21 thousand 700 dollars in supplemental pay.. based on her eight years
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james willis, petition organizer - that does some amount of oversight that probably no one realized was there. many are asking the board to take that money away. others business. nats it seems like a witch hunt against erica williams in particular. board members say they need time to digest the information they received from mcmahon. they will then decide whether to discuss the issue at a future meeting. in wsls 10. members clear up what they say has been misinformation about their involvement in the petition. they also address rumors about possible punishment for voters who sign the petition. botetourt county has joined several other localities around the state opposing the proposed closure of catawba hospital. the board of supervisors unanimously voted to pass a resolution affirming that position... arguing it could harm the county. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch is live at the meeting tonight with details...
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botetourt joins roanoke county and delegate joseph yost in opposing catawba's closure. the mental health hospital currently houses more than 80 patients with the capacity for 110. and supervisors say the demand for those beds is on the rise. supervisors pointed out, in 20-15, catawba saw a 41 percent increase in patients. now, on the other hand, the hospital has an expensive 21 million dollar annual budget. but the county is arguing its budget will be affected if the hospital closes because of how far away patients will need to be transported to receive help. ronald sprinkle, botetourt county sheriff 00:02:05 "we're transporting mental people all over the state of virginia at this point. as far away as northern virginia down in the norfolk area, which cuts into our
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being open. i can only see that being greater if we close catawba hospital." the state has not offered to compensate those transportation costs. supervisors say if catawba closes, the nearest similar facility would be western state hospital in staunton, around 100 miles away. this issue is going to be argued in the general assembly. as i mentioned earlier, delegate joseph yost opposes the move and has a bill in place to keep the hospital open. that's expected to be heard early next month. in botetourt county, rob manch, wsls 10. roanoke county announces what projects it plans to invest in over the next 10 years. the budget committee announced by far the biggest and most immediate expenditure will cover the renovation of cave spring high school. that will cost the county about 30 million dollars. in addition, the county plans to
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other projects they need over that 10 year period. christopher bever, office of management and budget 20:24:51 "that 55 million dollars are funding sources which will fund future projects to be determined for the schools that will be informed by those studies that they're completing." other proposed improvement projects this year include a 12 million dollar renovation of the county's public service center and around 2 million to build infrastructure for an explore park. a group of republican lawmakers here in virginia introduces legislation to protect religious freedom. the group... lead by senator charles carrico of galax... held a news conference to go over the bills. the bills would allow ministers and other groups to refuse to participate in same-sex weddings... based on their religious convictions. the legislation also allows religious organizations to deny services for a wedding if it violates their religious beliefs. they also protect organizations from being discriminated against by state and local governments for their beliefs. critics say the bills are
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more than a license to discriminate. g-o-p members in the house also released their plans for education reform today. the republican delegates say this year... they will push for more choice and flexibility in education... and encourage early childhood education. the lawmakers say they also hope to reform the standards of learning... and put parents and teachers back in charge of education. while politicians talk about education ... a local education leader talks about politics at the highest level. jerry falwell junior announced his endorsement of g-o-p presidential candidate donald trump today. falwell says trump is a successful man whom he believes can lead the country to greatness. according to a news release from trump's campaign ... falwell's support is personal... and is not associated with liberty univeristy. the move comes one week after trump gave the university's convocation address. consecutive snow days have forced many families indoors. to help keep everyone sane and tempers in check, roanoke county's green ridge recreation
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the program is called "snow day camp." it works just like summer camp. kindergarten through fifth graders who's working parents need day care can play, swim and do guided classroom activities. scott ramsburg, information manager with roanoke county parks: "a change of location can really bring up the spirits when you're trapped inside for a while. we found a lot of families coming here to the green ridge recreation center warming up in the indoor pool. we got a hot tub and we got games for the kids." so far, the center has about 40 kids enrolled in the program. if you would like to find out more information, head to our website ... wsls dot com. if you're waiting for roads to clear up ... you're in luck. the sun came out today and helped crews clean up the snow. in danville... public works employees aren't only relying on the sun. this morning... they were out grinding up snow and using a conveyer belt system to shoot it into a dump truck... to then
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crews will be back at it tomorrow removing any snow that they didn't get today. road conditions continue to improve as crews work to clear roads. as of now... there are no major accidents in our area. while things are clearing up here... some areas on the east coast have yet to even see a snow plow. some streets in pennsylvania are still completely covered in inches of snow... causing local leaders to apologize. the same can be said for parts of washington d-c. the director of homeland security and emergency management is now asking area residents to help with clean -up efforts... as kids head back to school. back here in southwest virginia ... wsls 10 is partnering with an organization that worked to keep families fed during the storm to bring you our annual 10 cares food drive. feeding america south-west virginia is a first responder during disaster efforts... the non profit worked with the american red cross during the winter whiteout to provide food for local families. while the feeding america makes
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... it says now it's crucial to return the favor. 23:05:16 - 23:05:19pamela irvine, ceo, feeding american swva "we almost deplete our inventory during the holiday season." butt to:23:05:30 - 23:05:36 "we're challenged to find adequate food supplies and so this is extremely important." an opportunity to give back is coming up. thursday... february 4-th... w-s-l-s ten is holding the ten cares food drive... to benefit feeding america south-west virginia. we'll be at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg collecting food from 6 a-m to 7 p- m. a potentially deadly virus spreads to the commonwealth. the latest on the first confirmed case of zika in virginia ... tonight
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this is a live look from our airport skycam. tonight: scattered showers with a few wet
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colder air moves in behind a cold front. lows drop into the upper 20s n&w to upper 30s for southside. wednesday: morning clouds give way to some sunny breaks by the afternoon. highs around 40. wednesday night: partly cloudy and cold with temperatures back into the low to mid 20s. black ice is once again likely. thursday: sunshine and clouds, milder with highs in the mid 40s. friday: mostly sunny and comfortable. the high 44. saturday: a warm up begins as high pressure slides off the coast. look for sunshine with highs in the mid 50s. sunday: partly sunny and very warm with a high around 60. monday: a cold front to our
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chance for a few showers. warm with highs in the low 60s. tuesday: a mix of sun and clouds and still mild with a high of 56. dawn tonight: scattered showers with a few wet snowflakes possible in the new river valley late as colder air moves in behind a cold front. lows drop into the upper 20s n&w to upper 30s for southside. wednesday: morning clouds give way to some sunny breaks by the afternoon. highs around 40. wednesday night: partly cloudy and cold with temperatures back into the low to mid 20s. black ice is once again likely.
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milder with highs in the mid 40s. friday: mostly sunny and comfortable. the high 44. saturday: a warm up begins as high pressure slides off the coast. look for sunshine with highs in the mid 50s. sunday: partly sunny and very warm with a high around 60. monday: a cold front to our north and west brings the chance for a few showers. warm with highs in the low 60s. tuesday: a mix of sun and clouds and still mild with a high of 56. dawn i'm dawn jefferies here in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo the halifax county sheriff's office is looking into an accidental shooting. we have new details and a message police are sharing as a result of the shooting. on cam
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as the world health organization warns a deadly united states... a virignia resident tests positive for the disease. the virginia department of health says the resident recently traveled from a country where there is currently a zika virus outbreak. the mosquito borne virus can cause health issues for adults... but the consequences are more severe for pregnant women. the virus has been linked to micro-cephaly... which can be deadly for babies. the c-d-c has issued a travel
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heading into areas impacted by the outbreak. despite virignia's confirmed case... health leaders say the chances of catching zika here and now... are unlikely. elizabeth schiffman / epidemiologist, mn health dept.:46 - :55 "the likelihood of someone getting bitten, coming back here, getting bitten by a mosquito and then that mosquito biting someone else, but it's more likely to happen somewhere like in florida." the w-h-o says the mosquito borne virus is spreading rapidly... in part due to the fact that there's little population immunity. more and more children are growing up without learning how to write in cursive. now... a senate bill hopes to bring it back. details in tonight's education
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if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. across the country... several new bills targeting education are making their way through the legislature. in south carolina... one bill aims to protect teachers and students... by letting educators bring guns on campus. and in washington... one lawmaker wants to make learning cursive mandatory. w-s-l-s ten's jenna zibton has more in tonight's education matters. jenna the new bill would create "school protection officers," who would be teachers, administrators or any other school employees who would be allowed to carry guns or pepper spray at school. vo the school employees would volunteer for the additional responsibilities and would have to go through a new two-week training program at the criminal justice academy. school employees who
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would be allowed to carry their guns at school, as long as they keep them concealed or locked in a school firearm safe. the representative sponsoring the bill says schools are gun-free zones now, and that makes them a target... he says if someone intent on shooting up a school knew that any teacher or other school employee might be armed, schools wouldn't be targets. as you can imagine... it's a controversial proposal. jenna at many schools.. writing in cursive has become a thing of the past. but a new bill in washington state would make learning cursive a mandatory part of the curriculum. vo the senate bill would include cursive in the list of subjects included in the common curriculum. cursive would be added in as part of language arts. sot francesca taylor: "i don't think a hand written thank you note is going anywhere, anytime soon. there's nothing more genuine than a hand written note. with technology and apps we have a lot of ways to type a note but handwritten, handwriting is still important." cont vo
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washington... and across the country are not required to teach cursive. jenna zibton, wsls 10. if you have an education matters story idea for jenna... let her know! give her a call... send her an
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