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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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poles will be open today until 7:00 you need a photo id to vote. >> patti: 13 states will vote for a nominee and it come in the middle of a wild race to the white house. >> whitney: some early voting states are their oath down the field ss. we're joined by stephanie robin. >> reporter: it is super tuesday and voters can cast a ballot starting at 6:00 this morning in alexander, virginia here the doors opened a view minutes ago. once poles close we could see nominees for both parties. >> super tuesday is here the big of the voting day of the year leading to the general election. voters in states and u.s. territory will go to the poles today with 1610 delegates at state. they are holding rallies trying
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party's nomination. i will not compromise a way. >> reporter: ted cruz hope to win in texas. talking religious liberty and the supreme court nomination. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. rubio's insults against trump subsiding. a truck ral nevirginia tension. >> get him out. >> a large group of student protesters marched out and a 44 photographer time thrown to the ground by the secret service agent. gi don't think america ever stopped being great we need to make america hole. >> reporter: hilary hope to keep her lead over bernie sanders. it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >> reporter: a fundraising e mail from clinton looks at her
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late poles showing 49% of republican supporters would support a president trump. >> reporter: in virginia many voters are expected to turn out today more than the last time both primaries held both parties held presidential prierps. abc news, alexander, virginia. >> melissa: immediate morning and happy match 50 t. is clear outer there as we check out the doppler radar. clear skies. light wind of winds are calm and temperatures they are in the 30s. 34 now in lynchburg. 33 in danville. 35 in roanoke. 30 in blacksburg. 43 in hot springs. what do you and your family need? the jacket or coat. dress in layers with temperatures in the 30s.
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near know 70. have the sun glasses on stand by we will see sun to start. sun and he cool. we are in the low 60s by lunchtime. highs upper 60s around 68. we will see increasing clouds and rain will return later on tonight over night. and then blind the front temperatures back in the 40s. we will look at the forecast coming up. patty? back to you. pam pat thank you. a local principal facing charges for allegedly harassing his wife. he pushed her during an argument. when police arrived the officer saw a knot where she said she hit her head during a fall. they charged him with assault and battery on a family member. >> whitney: a middle school student in legal hot water sent threats on instagram in the form
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>> kids are getting death threats. >> she said she block the the post. the news spread through the school system and an all right went home to parents. >> basically they said there was an incident at middle school and they upon handling. >> the swaugz has been hand over to the common wealth attorney the school did not say if they taking action. >> governor vetoed legislation that thought to allow home schooled student to participate in public school sports. it would disrupt the level playing field. veto similar legislation last year. home school families visited to urge him to sign it there year. >> whitney: senate will consider
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notify parents if their children read a book with sexually explicit content. the american library association believes via valleyed be the 50 state to pass a law like that. >> patti: we are learning about a uva student held behind bars in north cree a. he heeb there since early january. >> whitney: we are seeing video of the student confessing his severe crimes what are those crimes? bob explains. report report american student marched in to a government arranged press conference. 21 year old university of virginia student is accused by north korea of committing what they call, a hostile act after he tried steeling a political banner from the hotel where he is staying. >> i'm begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness.
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on a tour with a group that specializes to travel in north cree a. his family who had no contact with him said, we will not know about his condition until we have a chance to speak with him. past detainees recanted statements. until he is home we will not know if that was the case here. abc news, beijing. >> patti: we are learning that rick snyder knew something was wrong with flint's water as far as october 2014 according to e mails from his aids. aids discussed switches the water supply from the flint river to lake herron it is dated six months after flint used itself own river for drinking water. found elevated levels of lead that causes neurological
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they're look to why the city did not treat the water required by federal law. snyder spokesman said they were concerns before aids knew about the lead problems. >> patti: helping the american red cross recognize heros nowan drew for his good a mayor tan award a member of the seven hills jeep club when the snow storm made driving difficult he encouraged his club to give free rides to nurses they gave 675 rides driving 7,000 miles in 48 hours. >> my mother was a nurse and worked in emergency rooms and we worried about her getting to work and a cousin, also. and first they started volunteers to take them and let them know i was part of a jeep
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facebook page and kind of went from there. >> patti: the celebration of hero's breakfast is tuesday match 15th. for tickets follow the link to wset or contact the blue ridge chapter of american red across. >> whitney: such a nice thing. still to come the good news vaccines have been effective. bad news there are some things you need to lock out for concerning the flu and your children. details in today's health check. >> patti: outside we are staffing chilly. 30s. 35 in roanoke and 34 in lynchburg. 33 in gan danville we'll warm up
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approaching 70 in some areas. >> melissa: it is super tuesday and the first day of meet logical spring, happy spring if you are a meteorologist and want to observe temperature we have spring-like weather on the way. a warm up in the 30s and the 60s today. tell be breezy. winds out of the south at
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the temperatures upper 60s near 70. we are dry through the evening hours. if you are getting ready to head out now, clear skies across the heart of virginia. nothing to worry about. 34 in lynchburg. 35 in roanoke. 30 now in blacksburg. 25 in martinsville. 33 in danville. compared to 24 hours ordinary care 13 degrees cooler in lynchburg. 17 in danville 20 degrees in roanoke and blacksburg. have no fear. we will warm up. wind are light out there now. they will pick up throughout the day and over night. we have a wind advisory in affect from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. tomorrow to west of i 81. seat gusts over 30 miles per hour. so for today other thanning yesterday we talked about increasing sun. today it is increasing cloud cover. 40 degrees by eight:00.
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headed to the afternoon. dry, upper 60s near 70. clouds roll in ahead of our next frontal and low pressure system. you see it on salthite and radar. we have a chance for weather a slight risk there that is the yellow for southeast and the tennessee and ohio valley. nothing for us this front approaches us later over night. we could see heavy rain at times over all no severe weather for us. it is out of here by the time we will wake up tomorrow morning. increasing clouds today. rain arrive tonight. could see a shoe showers tomorrow morning and we are dry. want to time it out on future fast. clouds roll nothing tonight. even 11:00 you see some steady rain across the area. may see a line 1:00-3:00 a.m. temperature is out by 5:00 amand sun returns cooler weather
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enjoy the 60s this afternoon. 68 in lynchburg. 64 in lexington. 70 in@a villa. 67 in roanoke. temperatures well above the freezing mark low 40s for us. we we are watching the next disturbance. hovering around freezing. could see a winter mix. enjoy the 60s for the start of march. that's weather. get a lookament the weather photo of the day. johnson in a photo of a sunrise. have you the weather photos send them to that's what is going on in weather. whitney? >> whitney: about an hour from lynchburg is a hidden gem. jewel of the blue ridge. for 50 years smith mountain lake welcomed thousands of visitors and those dieded never to leave and make the rural community their home. their love for the area is why
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thrive. the farm fresh milk and ice cream company second degree says its success to the community and local custody mers and vickie gardener. its rich culture and bond with business owners began 50 years ago. >> people here realize the value of shopping local. shopping local you are dealing with your neighbors. and so again, that personalized business interaction, community interaction worked well. >> whitney: homestead creamery is working on tripling the size of its plant after expanding to 10 states they hope to have a new plant by the end of this year. it takes place next monday match 7th and the 50th anniversary. >> patti: new this morning proof growing.
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and more in tech bytes. hi, a battle over ononline videos. snap chat. ceo says users watch 8 million videos a day that is the same views as facebook and its 5 times larger than it was a year ago. >> high heck the new that goes from 0-62 in two and a half seconds. >> it debuts today rat the geneva motor show with the price of 2.6 million dollars. lost me. and the umbrella that keeps you dry it will tell you when it will rain. >> it is called the automaticumbrella. it can send you a reminder of locations if you lose the umbrel a. >> remember the umbrel a. those
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>> have a great day >> patti: flu vaccine is working better this season. this season it is 60% effective. . if you get the shot you rules the rescue of seeing the doctor because of the flu by 60%. with the low are chances of contracting the virus. children have died this year from the flu. what to look for if your child gets sick in health check. >> reporter: healthy children can die from the flu. there are signs to determine if your child's flu is beginning to take a dead low turn. difficult breathing is a red flag. your child's chest should move smoothly inhaling and echailing. blue fingernail bedinglyies are a signful worried about a stiff neck could be meningitis a complication of the flu. if your child feels better then sick again that could spell
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might have set in. this might be the most important sign if your child just is not acting like herself. take that seriously. trust your gut and get your child to medical care. for health minute. i'man drew spencer. >> patti: a look at the most viewed news stories. the governor vetoed a bill allowed home school students to participate in sports at public schools. a principal for doug boston arrested for an alleged domestic assault and the uva student
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to 3 keydets played their regular season home finale last night, hosting southern conference leader chattanooga. the keydets had won three of their last five coming in. first half, fred iruafemi with the monster block, one of seven from him, keydets down just one at the half. late second, qj peterson launches the rainbow three! he scored 11 straight down the stretch to draw vmi within one. last chance shot for peterson falls short. he had 21. but the keydets fall 67-65, mocs clinch the socon title, the keydets face samford friday at 5 in round one of the socon tournament. 3 dennis the virginia
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fourth in this week's ap poll. kansas returns to number one with michigan state up to second. carolina is now 8th. virginia plays at clemson tonight at 7, the cavs look to improve on a 4-and-6 road record. tony bennett, cavs 22-6, 11-5 in acc - "do what we do and do it well, that's it. you know i talked about it before the carolina game, do the simple things well for us and simple doesn't mean the's not easy but it's just the clear things that make us effective."3 3 cavs senior guard malcolm brogdon earned acc player of the week honors. he averaged 27 points, nearly five rebounds and two steals in games against miami and north carolina. 3 senior night in chapel hill, the tar heels bounced back from saturday's loss at uva to beat syracuse. marcus paige great pass to isaiah hicks for the dunk! syracuse rallied, but the hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hills win 75-70. that is what is going on in sports.
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check of the super tuesday forecast. morning temperatures are in the 30s. we will see a nice warm up through the morning horse. 40 by 8:00 and low 60s by lunch. nothing but sun for the first part of the day. clouds will increase. good news if you are headed out to the poles. weather is dry. basically through this evening. highs today above where we should be this time. year. 68 in lynchburg. 70 in appomattox. 68 in bedford. 73 for danville. 71 in brooknil. 72 in charlotte courthouse and 70 in smith mountain lake. 64 in the blacksburg area. 67 in roanoke and 65 in thin castle. winds have been light but they will pick up and be out of the south five-15 miles per hour. of course, we said that we would have the chance for rain, returning later on this evening
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and low pressure system to the west. front will across over night bring us that chance for rain. from 8:00 p.m. tonight to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a check of rain, you see tuesday morning looking good. over night tonight a 70% chance. showersling other for the first part of wednesday early in the morning. then sun returned with. dry through thursday morning. pat and he whitney? >> patti: thank you. coming up in the next half-hour of good morning virginia. today's super tuesday vote on the heals of a 10th trump rally. what lead to that altercation.
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reported they did not get the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in,
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us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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exclusive, >> get them out.
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all lives matter. >> whitney: that the the scene at trump's really. trump was interrupted by protesters many time. security had to take people out. >> patti: the second time trump was in our area at a local university. andy was there to see what he had to say and how people feel about his pol orlerizing views. >> building the wall a hundred percent jost that was a topic that got cheers at the trump rally. trump talked about china and of course something he is coming to be known for. mocking his competition especially rubio. he was soaking wet like he got out of a swimming pool with his clotheos and it was honestly a sad thing to see. >> that is why some of his supporters like him. >> it is time we have someone that is not a politician that is more business minded and will
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>> others like the science students disagree. >> hate speech and the rhetoric he is able to give to his supporters and for them to believe it is just mind-boggling. >> reporter: trump's speech went on for 15 minutes when an act another. >> are you from mexico. >> a few more and the tone of the rally changed. when the political science students were kicked out that was happening the focus shifted to them and then to this a photographer and a secret service agent getting in an altercation. >> patti: police arrested the photographer and later the photographer said they decided to detain him. secret service is investigating this incident. george mason university
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fairfax. the governors and senator introduced her. hello! >> patti: clinton shifted the residence. criticized health care and hateful rhetoric and gun control and took a shot at trump's speech on banning muslims and millions from the u.s. >> at some point you can't just say whatever pops in your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. people around the world actually lynne to what people running for president say. >> patti: clinton is spending super tuesday in florida that state hosts a contest on match
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>> melissa: good at this times worries. clear skies on radar. a dry start. and as everyone is out hopefully they have a jacket the 30s. 34 in lynchburg. 35 in roanoke. 30 in blacksburg. wind are calm out there now, very light. they will pick up throughout the day. we'll see wind oust south 5-20 miles per hour. what do you need? you want the jacket. it is a cool start. but dress in layers. temperatures in the 30s and back in the upper 60s near 70 this afternoon. and the sun glasses are a good idea. sun for most of the day. clouds will begin to increase ahead of our next cold front that arrives. the temperatures soar back to the 60s.
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we will time it out for you coming up. patty? >> patti: jesse could take a plea deal in the killings. robert tracy says mathule appear in court tomorrow. without the plea agreement he could faced the death penalty if convicted the 18 year old disappeared found dead in 2014. matthew face first degree murder charge in the death of herrington. the community will say goodbye to ashley beginedon. ahead of her fun ral law enforcement carried their fellow officer to the hilton memorial chapel. shot and killed this weekend responding to a domestic related shooting. >> [inaudible] and it hurts. >> patti: the shooter is ronald hamilton. investigators found his wife dead in the house. and their 11 year old son
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he had been sworn in the day before. hamilton assigned to the pentagon is held without bond. prosecutors will seek death penalty. two other officers were shot and expected to recover. >> patti: we know about an officer involved shoot nothing roanoke is that left a man dead. 18 year old chianti spence are ignored commands to drop a pistol. high school student died at the hospital. the pistol turned out to be a b. b. gun. and investigators say two stun guns were deployed. the officers are on on leave. >> whitney: officials are trying to figure out why throw,000 people never got a warning about the tornado before it hit. one person was killed last wednesday. now we don't know why those people did not receive the alerts. what we do know is lynchburg is prepared alert their residents according to emergency services
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lynchburg folks did not get alerted they were not in the tornado's path this is a crucial learning lesson. >> important that you go ahead and tooin sign up now rather than waiting until we are in the middle of a type of significant storm. to make sure you get that information and stay informed early on. >> whitney: spokesman for eaton said they are looking into the issue. for a response go to today the virginia department of housing and community development in lunch burg action group will be out there in appomattox. there to help with those affected by that tornado. the groups say they will help with identifying housing options with financial assistance. they will be at evergreen baptist church today.
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big money come to lynchburg and bedford. revitalization fund is awarding 1.9 million dollars to area development. lunch burg is set to receive 186 thousand dollars for the academy of music theatre and bedford 600 thousand dollar for the brewery development. provides gap financing for construction for economic develop. strategies mainly in distressed communities. the governor says the redevelopment is key when revitalizing historic areas. >> patti: the chamber is asking for money to start a tourism plan. leaders need 25 thousand dollar each from the city and count tow put the plan in action. south side attracts racing fans. local leaders say it is time to invest to keep them coming back. if approved they will apply for
6:39 am
the plan is to hire a part time. y employee to put up a website. >> whitney: two more candidates entered lynchburg city council race. the registrar's office said marry jane dollen will file as an independent in ward one. and the lynchburg republican party chosen christian du paul to run for the same seat. du paul has a financial consults business and serves at g. l. t. c. >> patti: still to come, it is super tuesday and folks are going out to vote. a look at the latest and how you stay on top of campaign surprise in looking ahead. >> whitney: you want the jacket as you leave. 35 in roanoke. 34 in lynchburg.
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but we will warm up a memegood morning. it is super tuesday and the first day of meet spring. tell be driveway for today. we will see rain return we have a cold front approaching the rain window 8:00 p.m. this evening and earlied with morning. heavy rain at times most totals couple hundredth of an inch. if you are head outlooking good. clear skies and attaches in the 30s. got 20s. it is 34 in lynchburg.
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30 in blacksburg. 33 in danville and 26 in martinsville. 10 degrees cool never martinsville. 15 degrees cooler in lynchburg. 20 in blacksburg and roanoke. winds are calm they will pick up throughout the day. a wind advisory in affect 9:00 p.m. until 12:00 p.m. tomorrow for along west of i-80. some gusts over 30 miles per hour. clouds increase today. a nice warm up. 40 degrees by 8:00. low 60s by lunch. upper 60s and 70s out there well above where we should be. for this time of year. if you are headed out to vote. looking good no weather. this system low pressure and cold front will approach us later today. you have the threat for slight severe weather the yellow and
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for us the front arrives over night and heavy rain at times over all looking good for us. 7:00 we begin to see the rain chances increasing and rain moves into virginia. sun pushes through over night and instability to work with. it is out by 7:30 tomorrow morning. and high pressure built in. the story is 60's today. cooler for the rest of the work week. timing everything out on future cast. lots of sun and blue skies. rain roll in at 8:00. pushing through when most of us will be asleep. rain totals are light. and sunshine returns for wednesday. temperatures enjoy one more day of the 60s. 68 in lynchburg. 70 in alta vista. over night we will see that wet weather. temperatures well above the freezing mark to the low and mid 40's. the next seven the cold front today.
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friday and a winter mix. whitney? thank you. super tuesday is here and marks the biggest voting day of the year. voters will go to the poles with 1610 delegates at stake. horse before poles open candidates zig-zag across the country trying to nab the last minute votes to snag their party's nomination. i will not compromise away your religious liberties. >> don't think america ever stopped being great we need to make america whole. zoo now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >> reporter: in virginia voter turn out is expected to be as the donald would say, huge. much more than the last time. both parties held presidential
6:46 am
show. 49 percent republicans support a president trump. >> patti: get the updates tonight at wset tonight we will live stream a your voice your future super tuesday election special. there will be election results and live analysis from the panel of top political experts and live reporters at cam tain pain locations. include former virginia kong man and members of congress and others. >> a note this morning. since the tornado damage you need to vote at friendship bav baptist on woodlawn trail. for questions call the app mat ics ox voter registrar for information. >> skol kelly back on earth today after a year in space. keand he a russian cosnognaw studied the affect of space
6:47 am
sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kespent the most time in space of any american in history. >> what a journey. >> will feel weird. a long time. >> whitney: more ahead on good morning virginia a new york judge is siding with apple concerning the fbi's request to unlock a phone that could hold the answers to the san
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>> patti: a man >> melissa: good tuesday morning. if you are ready to head out you will encounter clear skies. calm winds and 30s. 34 in lynchburg. 33 in danville. 30 in blacksburg. for your super tuesday over all it is a super forecast. temperatures warming up to 40 by the 8:00 hour. low 60's by lunch.
6:50 am
where we should be to time year. yesterday we saw increasing sun, today will be the reverse. increasing cloud cover warm out there and still breezy for us. take you around the heart of virginia. 68 this afternoon in listen burg. 70 in appomattox. 68 in bedford. the south side 71. 70 in martinsville. 73 in south boston. even western virginia more cloud cover possible. we will see temperatures 64 in blacksburg. 67 in roanoke. 65 in thin castle. we have been talking about the rain arriving later tonight. pretty much good through 8:00 then the showers push through 70% chance of rain tonight. no severe storms and rainfall will be light. most of this will be out by the time you wake up tomorrow. looking at future cast totals a couple 10th.
6:51 am
is weather. whitney? >> whitney: thank you. a judge in new york says the u.s. justice cannot force apple to provide the fbi to unlock i phone dastasm the decision follows the judge's order requiring apple to create software to help u.s. hack the i phone of a shoot notoriety killing of 14 people in san bernardino, california. in octobers new york judge invited apple to challenge the government's use of a law to compel apple recover i phone data in criminal cases. lawyers stay apple opposed get information for dozens of i phones. >> patti: a man facing charges after accused of posing as a high school teen in harrisburg, pennsylvania. he appeared in court phase to
6:52 am
used documents to get to harrisburg high school under a different name. went to the school for four years and a straight a student. he explained his motive, yesterday. >> i want to have a better life. that's it. america you have a lot of opportunity. take this opportunity. because i didn't have the chance. you have a chance to succeed in this life you were born here. >> patti: charged with identity thereof. superiors corruption of minors and sexual assault. trump's stop did not come
6:53 am
the governor veetode a bill that what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300!
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get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere.
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trump paid a visit and the visit was not without controversy. >> get them out. you will hear it once. all lives matter. >> reporter: trump was interrupted by protesters several times. security took many out yesterday. one was detained it was not a student. security was taking political science students out and then an altercation with a time photograph and secret service agent the secret service is investigating the incident. >> jesse matthew could take a plea deal in the murders of graham and herring ton. robert tracy says mathule appear in court tomorrow. without the plea agreement he could have faced the death penalty if convicted.
6:56 am
found dead in the count ne2014. matthew faces first degree murder if the death of herring ton. >> patti: the govern offer vetoed legislation to allow home school students participate in public school sport its would disrupt public school sport competition. he vetoed similar legislation last year. home school families visited urge him to sign the legislation this year. >> reporter: looking for a beautiful day. starting cold we will get warm. >> whitney: would not believe march first. >> melissa: we will pay for it later this week enjoy the 60s. it is 32 now, clear skies out there. calm wind a cool morning. grab the jackets. dress in layers you can ditch the jacket. temperatures in the upper 60s. low 70s down to the south side.
6:57 am
cover later on this afternoon. and some rain will move in about 8:00 this evening. that rain windo from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and behind the cold front the rain. usual ares in cooler and dry are weather. temperatures upper 40s wednesday and thursday. looks like we could see a bit of a winter mix. stay studentsed. >> patti: 60s and winter mix. >> melissa: a bit everything. >> patti: we're back with more
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have a great day. good morning, america. millions of americans head to the polls on the biggest day of voting yet. >> now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. i'm going to take and take and take. >> donald trump looks unstoppable with 11 states up for grabs for each party. his rivals hitting him harder than ever. >> and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> one trump rally takes an ugly turn. a journalist roughed up. >> it matters what you say when you run for president and it really matters if you are president. >> and hillary clinton sets her
7:00 am
donald trump here exclusively live this morning as we kick off super tuesday. also this morning, erin andrews breaks down on the stand. her emotional testimony about the stalker who filmed her. >> the "anthem of the seas" races home again. the giant cruise ship that survived a severe storm turned back by a new one as passengers battle a norovirus outbreak. and the twister miracle. the woman locked out as a terrible tornado destroyed everything around her. wait until you hear how she survived. and good morning, america. welcome to super tuesday. a pivotal day in the race for president. you're looking live at a polling station in georgia right now, voters already lining up this morning and we've got live coverage streaming in all across the country. there you see all the campaigns in action right now.


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