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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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trump is leading in most states and he is said to have more big wins tomorrow. on the democratic side, hillary clinton had more delicates and or momentum than bernie sanders after her victory this weekend in south carolina. tomorrow, millions of voters will head to the polls putting hundreds of delicates up for grabs in the race for president. stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: super tuesday is tomorrow and this could be it. 595 delicates up for grabs for the republicans and 1015 for democrats in 12 states including right here in virginia. when all is said and done, the front runners could be on their way to becoming the nominees in both parties, or not. it will provide a strong argument. the rhetoric has intensified, especially among republicans in recent days. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's
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the mafia. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. [laughter]. you can't trust them. >> reporter: after losing iowa, donald trump has seen his numbers in the polls keep growing as he appears unbeatable. a day before super tuesday, trump went on nbc rushing to clear up his views about the kkk and the former grand wizard david duke who recently endorsed him. >> ideas about david duke and i disavowed him a day before at a major news conference. >> reporter: trump poll number still unfazed. in a new poll out today, trump banks a new high with his widest lead yet, 49 percent of republican voters thing they back him up. the candidates relentless rallying in as many states as they can. three of the top candidates making stops in virginia. clinton.
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>> reporter: right here in virginia, donald trump and hillary clinton lead in the polls. that seems to be the case in many states voting tomorrow. stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. yesterday, marco rubio spoke in front of a packed house at roanoke college telling the crowd while they should vote for him tomorrow. he also talked about why people should not vote for trump. much of rubio's mocking got big cheers from the crowd, but at least one comments seem to shock the crowd.>> he's taller than me. he is like 6 foot 2. i don't understand why his hands of the size of someone who is 5 foot 2. have you seen his hands? there like this. you know what they say about men with small hands. [laughter]. you can't trust them. >> you have to out truck trump. trump is always going to interrupt everybody and everyone is going to pay
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at least, now people are talking about him a little bit. >> anchor: we have a crew right there for trump's speech. just into our newsroom, we're hearing reports someone fell off a bridge in lynchburg this morning at the mountain road. few details available right now, but the road was closed off their and police and emergency vehicles were surrounded the area. we are told the road is open again now. we're waiting to get more information from lynchburg police and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. we're going to head over to melissa le fevere. we had a wild week of weather last week, but we are getting off to a calm start right now. >> melissa: that is right. we are winding down the month of february and getting ready
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hard to believe it's going to be mild out there. a beautiful view from our tower cam. nothing but sunshine and blue skies. we have seen increasing sunshine. temperatures warming back in the 60s. 62 in lynchburg. 68 in danville. 60 in roanoke. 65 in brookneal. 65 in blacksburg. 46 in hot springs. it is a bit breezy. we will see the same story tomorrow. we'll take a look at the full forecast coming up. new at noon, roanoke county police have released new details about friday's officer involved shooting that left one man dead. in a press conference this morning, the suspect was identified as 18-year-old keyontray deshaun spencer. he was a student at the high school. he died the hospital after being shot by the police at the intersection of electric road in brambleton where he was seen branding a gun. that turned out to be a bb gun that looked similar to a nine millimeter.
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were deployed in the incident, but they are still try to figure out if they actually hit the subject, or missed him completely. police are investigating that right now. right now, the officers are on administrative leave during the ongoing investigation. now to the shooting that left one police officer dead and two injured in prince william county. the suspect faces a judge today accused of opening fire on police and his own family. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: ronald hamilton arraigned twice this morning on two murder charges. he's held without bond. >> i want to be clear.we have officers involved in a shooting? >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> reporter: according to authorities, the three officer shot were responding to a 9-1-1 call reporting domestic abuse in prince william county, virginia. officer ashley guindon did not survive. she was killed in the line of duty on her first patrol saturday.
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passed, we were not expecting it at all. >> a young woman goes out to do her job and this kind of thing happens. it's sad. >> reporter: as a community mourns, new details emerge about the 28-year-old rookie officer. we are told she spent six years as the marine corps reservists and her passion for public service dates back to 2011 when she interned with the police department. >> she did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she still wanted to do this job. you cannot get out of her blood. >> reporter: her accused killer, and army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon, charged with murdering his wife found dead inside their home. his 11-year-old son was also home, but not hurt. the two other offices are expected to recover. as for the suspect, he is due back in court april 19 and facing first-degree and capital murder charges making him eligible for the death penalty if convicted.
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today, jury selection began in the trial of a man charged with madison heights murder. prosecutors say edward marshall killed norma gene freeman inside her home last january and seriously injured her son alan. earlier this month, a judge denied a complaint marshall filed under the civil rights act. he cited a judge's decision not to grant him a new lawyer. he also requested a change of venue and a diverse jury. denied. stick with abc 13 for updates on marshall's trial. as evergreen continues its rebuilding process after last weeks tornado, a local church is the morning. keith harris died wednesday storm. despite serious damage to the church, united evergreen methodist open the door sunday and heal. member praying about coming together in the midst of
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>> now, we can take it home with us and try to use it to bring our lives together with each other. >> whitney: a funeral was held this morning. coming up, a mother desperate to help her sick child. a controversial medication and the law. we follow up with this young
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a yearnning coverage of bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. the question parents
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far would you go to help your child? two years ago, i introduced you to a little boy with a big day. his mother said her controversial medication has really improved his quality of life and doctors say it could help other children who are also suffering, but it is illegal to buy it in virginia. what can be done for other families who desperately want the same breakthrough without breaking the law? growing hope. this is caleb thomas. to most people, he looks like an average 13-year-old. this part of his life has robbed him of that normalcy. this is just one of the many seizures caleb has gone through every day for years. >> caleb has been through every medication on the list except for three. i don't know what the future holds. it's hard to say. >> whitney: when we first met
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of her rope's living in and out of the e.r. while trying to find her son a treatment that works. doctors continue to come up short giving caleb a list of meds, some with dangerous side effects. tracy found out about cbd derived from marijuana. >> i was raised that this was a drug, a bad thing. i really had to come full circle about. for caleb, to me, it was worth it. >> whitney: a pharmaceutical grade from the uk that does not get the user high and comes with fewer, gentler side effects. for caleb, it has worked wonders. tracy said it cut his weekly seizures in half. >> we saw changes within the first 30 days. he is more alert. he is more aware, attentive. >> whitney: doctor paul lyons led the study that provided caleb with the oil.>> i had parents that were desperate and i thought this was the right
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>> whitney: getting the study approved by the fda and dea wasn't easy. he said some of the results have been remarkable. >> children who came in in wheelchairs are walking. children who are not willful are now vocalizing and reaching for objects. what every parents want for their child is independent. what the small victories do is they move their children toward a greater level of independence. >> you're searching for something that just works. to find something to give some little bit of his life back is amazing. >> whitney: for other parents whose children are not in a study, the laws are still holding them back. last year, governor mcauliffe signed a bill into law allowing children and adults with epilepsy to have the oil in their possession, but the bill offered no way for parents and caretakers to obtain appeared
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illegally, or risk going out of state to get it and traveling back home. >> every month, we are faced with the decision of where we going to get our oil and do we defy federal law to do so, or do we ask someone else to defy's federal law to send it to us. >> whitney: these parents and their children stood together in richmond to support senate bill 701, which would allow the oil to be produced and distributed here in virginia eliminating the need to transport the medicine across state lines. >> we need those. we need it now. >> whitney: virginia senate agreed passing the bill 37-2. the bill now goes through the house for the parents are hopeful their children will have to suffer in silence much longer. >> we need to feel safe. we need to have options. we need to help our children and to do what's right for them. >> whitney: doctor lyon said after the state vote the next step is to reclassify marijuana
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be researched i was telling will this weekend last week we got into some really intense weather. this weekend was very calm, very mild. it's kind of the same today. >> melissa: cooler saturday, but 60s yesterday. it will be good today and tomorrow and then the temperatures have to go somewhere. they're going to go down. as we look at our lynchburg tower cam, we're seeing nothing but sunshine and blue skies out
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it is beautiful weather. as we go ahead and look at satellite and radar, we did have a cold front to push through the area early this morning. it continues to cross the commonwealth. pretty dry out there. we had a few showers early this morning. overall, we are seeing dry conditions. nothing showing up on pinpoint doppler radar. enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. temperatures already warming up.62 in lynchburg. 60 in roanoke. 56 in blacksburg. 64 in martinsville. 68 in danville. while it is mild, it is a bit breezy.these are sustained wind at 18 miles an hour. 16 in blacksburg and danville. seeing some gusts over 30 miles an hour. it is going to be a little bit breezy. as we head through the next couple days, another cold front approaching. the first was going to cross and then high pressure builds an overnight. turn your attention now to the west. we have another cold front that will be stronger. across his tuesday night into wednesday. tonight, mostly sunny and breezy.
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the clouds increased and rain arrives later into the evening. time it out, this is picking up tuesday afternoon about 12:00, so 24 hours from now. a look at the clouds roll in for the afternoon. it is a dry morning commute and then we begin to see the rain. a strong line of heavy rain. starting to see thunderstorms looking to push through around 9:00 or 10:00 hour. we could see the rain continue into the overnight hours. the good news is looking dry by wednesday morning. how much rain fall?generally under half an inch for the area. not expecting any flooding concerns. we have been dry the past couple of days. we could see close to half an inch when it is all said and done. temperatures in the mid-60s today. 65 in lynchburg. 75 in south boston and danville. 75 in roanoke. 60 in the new river valley. overnight, temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 30s. about 35 as you're waking up tomorrow morning. 36 in altavista. 38 in roanoke.
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so mostly clear, cool, and dry. super tuesday looking good. a 60 percent chance for rain tuesday night into early wednesday. wednesday, looking mostly cloudy. temperatures dropping. 51 wednesday. only 48 thursday. another disturbance that's going to cross thursday into friday. notice the overnight low thursday night into friday. temperatures right around the freezing mark. we could see a wintry mix of rain and snow. we will keep you updated in the coming days. looking ahead to next weekend. looking dry and cool. back to you. still to
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>> stacy: i'm stacy johnson. abc 13 closed captioning
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mast the oscars sides fair share of talked about moments, but here is an embarrassing mixup some may have missed. the website total beauty tweeted a picture of comedian
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it's caption read, we had no idea oprah was tatted and we love it. the la-based company had confused woopie with oprah winfrey. not a good mixup. oscars this year. >> melissa: i did watch. >> whitney: i don't blame you. get out and enjoy today. temperatures in the 60s.
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