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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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donald trump. a day ahead of super tuesday. trump is not the only one stopping in virginia yesterday rub i don't was at roanoke college and talked about why people should not vote for trump. he got a cheer but a comment seems to shocked those who were there. >> the guy is 6-2 his habits are the someone who is 5-2. you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> had to out trump, trump. you know trump will always interrupt everybody. this is the way you can fight at this. everyone is talking about trump now people are talking about him a bit. >> patti: we will have a crew
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stick with us for updates. >> super today is almost here. 11 states up for grabs and they are throwing the punches. how are they positioning themselves in the fight. here is the latest with stephanie. >> reporter: they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. on this day the fate of parties decided and how we got here is anything but typical. donald trump taking insults from all sides. >> he doesn't sweat because he pores are clogged from the spray tan he used. >> if we nominate trump and hilary wins we lost this country. >> trump got support from new jersey governor chris crist and he a first senate endorse am from alabama senate jeff sessions trump is leading in
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spent the weekend answering questions an endorsement he may not fromkkkexmember david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i don't know anything about him. clinton has more delegates and momentum than bernie sanders after the south carolina primary and sanders knows it. saying on, this week >> we got decimated. texas, georgia and virginia stand as the biggest opportunity for clinton to dominate among after can american voters and test sanders strife among hispanics. this could be the end for some. front runs are are expected to separate themselves. in alexander, virginia stephanie, abc news. >> melissa: good monday morning
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if you are getting ready to head out it is not a shabby start. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. clear skies in lynchburg. 47 now. 50 in danville. 56 in roanoke. 51 in broom nil. 47 in hot springs. you will want a jacket as you are headed out the door. this is a cool start. have the sun glasses on stand by. we will see increasing sun across the heart of virginia. school day forecast is good. 46 diagnose. 60 by lunch and highs arounded 65 this afternoon. now. as we look at the next three days back in the 60's for tuesday rain tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the lower 50s. they are taking a tumble. patty? >> patti: thank you, melissa we learned there will be a press conference today on the officer involved shoot nothing roanoke.
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placed on administrative leave. suspect died at the hospital. the man's name was not released. witnesses say he saw the man walk withing a bandana on his face and waiving a gun. he called police. police shot suspect. it is standard profittocol to place police officeros leave during the investigation. >> hired and fired in an hour. a transgender woman says she was offered a job in richmond when the manager saw her license identified her as male. the manager let her go. we have that story. reportkfc under fire for allegedly hiring and fired a transgender woman. >> he was like you got the job i will start you at 7.50 an hour t. is yours. start training on the computer tomorrow. 11:00-4
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>> she said she was elated. i went to my boyfriend anded i have a job i'm an active member of so assignment >> in minutes a call from the manager. >> he was like. my supervisor and i we have a problem onnior license it says sam. that you are >>. i'm transgender. >> reason for rescinding the job offer. >> we can't hire you we don't know the bathroom you can use. >> manager said it was an interview and never offered georgia a job. >> patti: georgia said the manager told her if she changes her gender to female they will reconsider her for the position. colleagues say they reached out to them several times and have not heard back. so many people are trying to get back on feet following
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many of you helped by donating to gleaming for the world. on saturday there were 2 collection spots one at wal-mart and wal-mart. they were collecting personal care items and other necessity necessities. if you would like to donate we have a link at >> local churches are stepping up to provide items. seven hills church of christ are offering free splice. that includes food. clothes. water. cleaning supplies and more. pick them uppal 191 police tower from 8:00-8:00 until supplies run out. volunteers helped the people in waverly. they say a mass text went to chufrps and groups to help and hundreds respondod saturday.
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in front of a market to prepare food for everyone. as the residents at evergreen try to rebuild the volunteers have been a god send. folks giving back say it is doing the right thing you never know when the shoe will be on the right foot. an degreea was there to hear story says. >> they need help. it doesn't matter whether it is appomattox. lexington or tim buck tu. we have to take care of our own. >> i know if it happened me i would appreciate this help. >> in evergreen 35 years ago we lost a house to a fire on christmas day. and the community object really step indeed and helped us out and it is time to pay back and
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it is devastating the loss they suffered. between the structure and the family member. we need to stick together and take care of our own. so far unbelievable. life changing. >> good thing to see the community pull together and help one another. >> and as you have seen there are stories of unity and recovery and survival. to follow our coverage visit, you can check out our facebook page and make sure you like us while you are dollar. on good morning virginia, the footed you eat can affect more than your waste 39 can imfact on your brain power. details in health check.
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warm for this time. 56 in roanoke. 47 in lynchburg. we will warm up in the 60s
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>> melissa: happy leap day. we have a pleas cant forecast for the heart of virginia. here is a snapshot of what you can expect. a few mountain showers this morning. over all increasing sun. mostly sunny for monday with highs in the 60s. quick check of satellite and radar t. is quiet east of i-81 we are seeing the showers from western virginia into the mountain areas along the blue ridge of showers will stay to the west and tell be light in nature. temperatures above the freezing mark. 47 in lynchburg. 56 in roanoke. 52 in blacksburg. 37 in martinsville.
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wind are concern for today. they will five-15 miles per hour. sustained out of the southwest 14 miles per hour now in lynchburg. 15 in roanoke. 13 in black burg. mostly sunny, dry and breezy today. we will see temperatures steady about 47 through 8. near 60 by lunch and the highs in the mid 60s this afternoon. two cold fronts the first showers ahead of it. it will push off the east coast throughout the day. not greatly impacting our area. there is that front. low pressure moves to the north and eastment high pressure will briefly build in over night tonight. next cold front, tell be stronger, looks to approach as we head tuesday-wednesday. so what are we looking at? a mountain shower this morning. increasing sun today. dry through tuesday evening. then rain later tuesday night and early wednesday morning.
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increasing sun. no weather worries today. mostly clear over night tonight. dry for today morning commute. clouds increase, you see that front about 8:00-10:00 hour. rain could be heavy. quickly pushes through. dry bid with afternoon. temperatures this afternoon, look at this. the 60s. 65 in lynchburg. 62 in lexington. 68 in danville. 65 in roanoke. 61 in the new river valley. mostly clear, cool and dry with light winds. temperatures in the upper 30s. quick check of the next 7 for super tuesday. good. mild weather. 65, remember rain roll in late tuesday to early wednesday morning and headed thursday into friday. got another disturbance that will impact us. we am watch the temperatures. could see a winter mix. we will keep you updated. get a check of your weather photo of
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elaine sent this inform here we snow again now. not going to so that later this week. but as you are out enjoying february beginning of march. send the photos to here is tech bytes. >> in tech bytes a change to apple. >> company will unveil new products march 21st a week later than expected. >> new i phone and minioishgs phone will be unveiled. a new smart phone. get samsung's latest phones in real gold. a uk company selling them in 24kgold. rose gold a platinum plated the price is $2400. twitter history at last night's oscars. leonardo di caprio win 440,000 tweets per minute.
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255,000 tweets per minute.
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>> have a great day >> reporter: as we age our brains can be less sharpful the good news we can imfruf our chance of maintaining a hasn'ty brain by add ging smart foods like blueberries upon blueberries may be effective in improving or delaying short term memory loss. broccoli a source of vitamin circumstance enhance cognitive function and improve brain power. fish, linked to a brain boost.
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brain and heart health try eating two servings weekly. whole grains, a diet high in whole grains cuts the risk of heart disease and reduce cholesterol it could enhance blood flow offering a way to fire up brain cells. nuts are source of vitamin e linked to less cognitive decline as you age and chocolate. dark chocolate contains caffeine which can enhance foods. for today's health minute. >> patti: a look at the most viewed stories. i fourth teen died four months after involved in a car accident. many of you are logging on to read about how rub i don't held a rally. and a crash in rock
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log on to you3 dave intv good morning virginia, time for sports. it was an instant classic for the men's odac title in salem on sunday. lynchburg going for their first title since '79 - randolph..their first ever. the wildcats jason eddie tries to seal it here with the long three! it's a 5 point game with 1:15 left! hornets down two with 4 seconds left, zach burnett hits two crucial free throws, and we go to overtime! in the extra period, odac player of the year alex graves hits the turnaround fadeaway to tie it at 58. next possession, graves puts the roof down on
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hornets lead by one late - last chance for randolph goes off the iron! the hornets win the odac, 62-60 in ot, in a classic battle. graves with 9 points and 11 rebounds named tournament mvp, lynchburg moves on to the ncaa d3 tournament for the first time in 37 years! 3 dave the lynchburg women with a chance to take home the title sunday against guilford. senior chaney forbush gets it going here, drilling a three. forbush with 14 points, 8 rebounds. sophomore caroline naumann knocked down big shots late in the half to draw the hornets within one at the break. lynchburg opens up a double digits lead in the second. guilford closed to within 6, but sophomore olivia defrancesco delivered a 3-point dagger as the shot clock expired just over two minutes to play. lynchburg wins its first-ever odac women's title, beating guilford 62-55. naumann takes home tournament mvp honors. 3 dave nascar in atlanta for the quiktrip 500. 3 laps left, jimmie johnson in the lead, but ryan newman blows a tire out..just the second caution of the day, and we head to overtime! on the restart, johnson leading,
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with great jumps to make a run at it. jimmie johnson holds them off, getting his 76th career cup victory..that ties him with dale earnhardt for 7th that will do it for sports. have a great monday. >> melissa: hope you are having a great monday it is 6:26. dry and quiet for most us. seeing the shower activity cross into virginia. all ahead of the first cold front that will cross us later on today. now we will be dry for most of us. not seeing rain outside of the mountains. temperatures in the skikt60s. 65 in lynchburg. 65 in amhurst and loving ston. the south side warmy. 67 in martins very much 68 in danville and 69 in south boston. we will seat low 60s in blacksburg. 65 in roanoke.
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any cloud cover we'll increase sun later on today. a little bit of unsettled weather in two waves. another cold front tuesday-wednesday. tuesday night and wednesday 60% chance of rain the first part of wchdz thursday-friday another disturbance. we will watch those temperatures to see. if weee a winter mix. rain will come tuesday into wednesday. most totals a quarter of an inch nohalf an inch. not expecting flooding concerns. thursday night to friday temperatures around freezing. could see the winter mix with rain on friday. that's what is going on in weather. patty? >> patti: coming up, today the man suspected of killing a rookie cop in virginia will be in court. a community grieves the officer.
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job. plus, story of the mother who
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during last week's storm. >> patti: the man charge indeed a murder in madison height system going on triumph marshall killed free there the man in her home and injured her son allen. a judge denied a complaint naemotional filed. a judge's decision not to grant him a new lawyer and requested a change of venue and diverse jury which was denied. the man suspend of shooting and killing a police officer in virginia on her first day on the job is due in court. officer ashley police cruiser stands as a memorial with a wreath on the hood. two other recovers were injured the suspect is an army staff sergeant. gloria reports. >> reporter: the police department and the tight knit community devastated by a
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prince william county officer ashley kill indeed the line of duty a day after being sworn in. >> when you came when entered her she passed it we were not expect at this time. >> authorities say the new officer on her first street patrol responding to a 911 call reporting domestic abuse. >> i want to be clear do we have officers involved in a shooting. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> it was in this quiet up scale neighborhood that rookie cop and two others approached that front door. almost immediately the suspect confronted them. opening fire and they all went down. >> i saw the officer laying there. holding his leg. neighbors heard throw shots. police identifying the suspect as army staff sergeant ronald hamilton assigned to the pentagon. investigators saying hamilton's
6:32 am
his 11 year old son was home but not hurt. >> two other officers are expected to recover. >> patti: ronald hamilton will face two murder charges he will likely seek the death penalty. stay with us for updateos this case. >> melissa: good monday and happy leap day. it is 6:32 a check of pinpoint radar. seeing the shower activity move to the heart of virginia. light showers now pushing across the state board. most of us will stay dry the sun is coming up you daylight. 47 in lynchburg. 50 in danville. 56 in roanoke. 52 in blacksburg. 46 in hot springs what do you need? go ahead and grab the jacket a cool start.
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we will see increasing sunshine. throughout the day. quick check of the school day forecast. looking good. temperatures around 46 as the children head to school. 65 by the time they are headed home. morning clouds give way to afternoon sun. enjoy the 60s today. 65 on the way for your tuesday and then cooler weather wednesday, thursday and friday and the weekend. only a high of 51 wednesday. 48 on thursday. patty? >> patti: this morning a sad update on a teen who was seriously injury indeed a car crash four months ago. ivy's family says she died e mermother postedive has been in the hospital contracted an infection and taken off life support. teen passed saturday night. in october ivy and her cousin suffered injuries after the car they were in crashed on vista drive in forrest. the driver of the car 18 year
6:34 am
larceny and driving while intoxicated. >> police spent their weekend sponding to two crashes. one of them fatal. a single vehicle accident on i- i-81 left traffic backed autopsy. on saturday afternoon a car ran off the road and hit trees. both the people in the vehicle were trapped and later flown to the hospital. the trooper responding also worked a faith accident on route 60 early saturday morning. police have not released the name of that victim. we'll bring you information when we get it. danville police need help to find a man assaulted and robbed a woman. happened friday night in the 100 block of wesley drive. woman said a man approach the her and hit her in the upper body. the man picked up the phone and ran off. woman was not hurt. if you have information you are
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>> it is five days since the tornado ripped through the county. volunteers on saturday lending a hand with clean up and debris removal and the residents move forward saying they want to show strong. hear other numbers on saturday the grop mercy chef meals. 189 volunteers visited 186 hopes and workers put tarps on 19 roofs. we have an update on debris collection the county began pick up yesterday and will continue throughout the week. v-dot will pick up yard and tree limbs and extending hours with volunteers on site ready to help. now the story of lost and found in appomattox is warming
6:36 am
her deceased son's ashes got the news she had been waiting on. a friend of the family found her three month old son's ashos old evergreen road in what was a mobile home. on friday we told you that piece of the wine 52 earn were found but no ashes. they never gave up and her faith in the search was reward. >> he was my first born son. and to have known that he was there means the world. what i had hoped he was there. i had a hope that i would find him. >> and we did. >> she wants to thank the thousands who reached out to her online and the volunteers who searched for hours to give her that special moment. >> following thetory tornado we have seen stories of recovery of lost items and accounts of survival.
6:37 am
visit you can check out our abc 13 facebook page. >> still to come today's friend's and families gather for the fun ral of a man who was kill indeed a tornado. how the community is healing. outside this morning 50s and 40s. 56 roanoke. 47 lynchburg. 50 in danville.
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tell cool off this i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> melissa: quick snapshot of today's weather. monday will be mild.
6:40 am
mountain showers. increasing sun across the heart of virginia and temperatures warming up in the 60s again in afternoon. quick check of satellite. quiet east of i-81. we are seeing the shower activity cross to virginia. now it will stay toward the mountains and could see light showers. don't be surprised if you do. over all, dry for most of us and we see rain will taper off by the morning. temperatures 47 in lynchburg. 56 in roanoke. 52 in blacksburg. 42 in martinsville. 50 in danville. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. will warm up to the 60s. it will be a mild day. tell be breezy. sustained wind 14 miles per hour in lynchburg. 13 in farmville. 15 in roanoke. wind out of the southwest five-15 miles per hour. your day cast 47 by the 8:00
6:41 am
60 by lunchtime and 65 this afternoon. well above where we should be for this time of year. all of that shower activity ahead of the first cold front that will cross the east coast. light and dry frontal. not expecting impact to our area. want to time it out. cold front moves through. high pressure will build in over night tonight. we are looking good. sunny today and clear through the over night. clouds do begin to increase tuesday ahead of the next cold front tell be stronger. it is set to roll in 8:00 tomorrow and early wednesday morning we will see the rain moving through. could be heavy at times. showers will linger the first part offed with. will be dry bid with afternoon. how much rainfall are looking at? an inch. 3 quarters of an inch in
6:42 am
close to a quarter of an inch in martinsville. quarter of an inch in roanoke. light in nature. not expecting flooding concerns as we have been dry the past couple of days. 65 in lynchburg. 62 in lecting ton. 68 in danville. 65 in roanoke. mostly clear and cool with lows in the upper 30s. now we have that first cold front that will move through. super tuesday dry. and we will watch rain coming tuesday and early wednesday and thursday night to friday. next one will move through. you notice the low around 31. we'll watch to see if we could sea winter mix that is what is going on in weather. patty? >> patti: all right. thank you. today as the evergreen community continuous rebuilding following the tornado. a church is mourning its own.
6:43 am
i said inned with's storm. every deteriorate green methodist opened doors to grieve and he feel member sang and prayed and the pastor spoke about coming together in tragedy. >> now we can take it home with us. and try to use it to bring our lives together be each other. >> patti: fun ral is today at 11. burial will follow in. >> mental health services as residents deal with the devastation and loss. today a crisis clinic will be set up at app matomattox community center. they're based on availability to pay and circumstances will be taken into account. member who is want to meet don't need an appointment. if you or someone you know are
6:44 am
call horizon after hours line. in dayton, ohio the suspect in the shooting of a pastor is expect indeed court. reverend schooler was gunned down in his church yesterday. police say the suspect is his younger brother who was arrested. sources say young are skeerl has a history of violence. an autopsies on the pastor is scheduled for today. >> bradford university is getting a visit from trump a day ahead of super tuesday. now trump is leading in most states and set to have more big wince tomorrow. on the democratic side. clinton who has more delegates than bernie after her victory in south carolina. virginia, georgia and texas stand the biggest opportunity for clinton to dominate against african-american voters. be sure to stick with abc 13 for updates as we follow the results.
6:45 am
you are looking at a small crowd that gathered outside of the new zach fourth for the official opening. fest hundred guests get a free item each week for a year. restaurant is on forrest. it is the second location. other is on wood ferri road. headquarters are in georgia. thankful 3 warm temperatures for the folks waiting outside.
6:47 am
we have the best >> patti: you can teach an old dog new tricks four shelter dog the rescued were trained as ball dogs for the brazil open. job to retrieve the balls at a
6:48 am
back to the players. didn't like the giving back as much as getting the ball. a shelter hopes to raise awareness with the ball dog initiative. yesterday dog freed aa took place in an award's ceremony. >> there was a commercial that the williams sisters was involved where they had a dog come out at the australian open. >> melissa: i could not concentrate. i would want to play with the dog. they would be like, ball, i would be like, dog. >> melissa: today looking good. 60s. it looks like we will see rain but tell not hit our area. a few showers over the mountains. out to the west a spotty shower as you look at your satellite and radar with current attaches. above the freezing mark. anything that falls will be rain. confined to the mountains the majority of us dry. we have the frontal that will
6:49 am
dry frontal. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. you willment a jacket. we have 60s not guilty forecast again. get out and enjoy it. 65 this afternoon in lynchburg. 66 in appomattox. 66 in alta vista increasing sun. scent in green light na. 68 in danville. in western virginia 61 in black burg. 65 in roanoke. and 68 in rocky mount. tell be sun and he breezy. wind out of the southwest five-15 miles per hour. want to show you what we're looking at the cold front touchdown high pressure briefly build in over night. next cold frant takes form tell across tuesday-wednesday. a stronger cold front. shower early this morning. increasing sun, dry. we are dry for to start on today and rain arrives tuesday night intoed with.
6:50 am
for super today. patty? >> patti: thank you. leonardo di caprio finally has an oscar. his win was not the only thing that had people talking. diversity the environment, sexual abuse were in the spotlight last night. david looks at the key moments and the other big winners. >> i'm here at academy awards. otherwise no one as the white people's choice awards. >> chris rock waisted no time addressing the oscar controversy delivering the most anticipated monologues ever. if a nominated host would not get this job. so y'all watch neil patrick harris nought. we were watching a parade of winners maximillian earned six oscars. >> for thousands of years we have been telling stories in the
6:51 am
whether a camp fire or a projector. some were expected like brae larson. >> the thing i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. some made history the third man ever to win back-to-back best directors. urged us to. liberate ourselves from all prejudice and tribal thinking and make sure that once and forever the quarter of the scheme bottom as irrelevant has the laelth of our -- >> some were long awaited. leonardo di caprio finally took an oscar and connected the film to his addvocacyadvocacy. >> move to the southern tip of the planet to find snow. climate change is real temperature is happening right now. >> show addressed the issue of sexual abuse with a stirring
6:52 am
[singing]. >> and spotlight the true story of the boston globe reporters who uncovered sexual abuse by catholic priests took screen play and best picture of the year >> made the film for all the journalists and the survivors who's courage and will to over come is really an inspiration. >> reporter: plenty to go around on oscar night. >> patti: still to come, the suspect in the death of a prince william police officer is due in court. and a candidate will make a stop in our area. a day after his nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight.
6:53 am
well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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top story. this morning the man charged with killing a woman in her home goes to trial. edward marshall killed freeman in january. earlier this month a judge denied a complaint filed by marshall. he cited a judge's decision not to grant him a new lawyer and requested a change of venue that was denied. stick with abc 13 for updates on marshall's trial. the man suspected of killing a police officer will be in court. police say ronald hamilton shot and killed ashley on the first day on the job. she and two other ss were responding to a call on saturday. he surrendered beaut the prosecute prosecutoreored the suspect killed his wife. the officer was rushed the hospital but died.
6:56 am
the injured officers are in the hospital but they should make full recovery. donald trump will number our area today. a day after his opponent was here. marco rubio spoke telling the crowd why they should vote for him. and why people should not vote for trump. rubio's mocking got cheers but a comment seemed to shock those who were thereful >> he is tall are than me. he is 6-2 which i don't understand why his handles other size of someone who is 5-2. they are like this. you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> patti: trump will speak today at noon the tickets are sold out. so we are back to the kind of few days of spring and winter.
6:57 am
everything going on in february and begin match. temperatures were in the 60s. back in the 60's today. clear skies now 46 in lynchburg. today over all most low sun and he breezy. you want a jacket to start with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 60, 65 in afternoon in lynchburg. 68 in danville. 61 in new river. 65 in roanoke. wind a bit breezy out of the southwest five-15 miles per hour. rain arrives tuesday night in early wednesday. then patty will watch thursday night to friday. temperatures around freezeings. could see wet weather. a bit of rain mixed with snow. we will keep you updated. no big snow drifts. that will do it for us we are
6:58 am
6:59 am
have a great monday. more from that location on "good morning america." good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance.
7:00 am
you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in alabama. facing fire from all sides after failing to condemn the kkk. >> not only is that wrong, it makes him unelectable. >> but can anything stop the front-runner's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and is hillary clinton on the verge of locking down the nomination? and we are taking you behind the scenes of hollywood's biggest night like only "gma" can from the red carpet to backstage. you won an oscar, brie. you won an oscar. >> i really can't believe it. >> we're one-on-one exclusively with the big winners. their first interview, seconds after taking home the gold.


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