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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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about the man killed in the appomattox was the search team. he was in a field. this as families see what's left of their homes. danner but they are getting some help digging through the rubble... football cleanup sot we have the very latest on the devastation in appomattox. 3 3 mark we now know just how big that tornado was that touched down in appomattox county.danner this is the damage it left behind late yesterday afternoon. the national weather service says the deadly twister had peak wind speeds with an e-f 3 intensity -- that's between 136 and 165 miles per hour. they say it started on berry lane and took a 13 mile track northeast. and it was
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this is only the third tornado to touch down in appomattox county since they started keeping track in 1950. and while there are dozens without a home... the county administrator says they are getting help taking care of those in need. susan adams, appomattox county administrator - "the one thing about appomattox county is that it is a very friendly community and the churches have done a tremendous job or providing housing that any of the dislocated people have needed."danner tight you can help too. there are several locations to dropp off donations. we have those for you at 3 3 mark tight one man was killed in appomattox in this storm. 78 year old edward harris was found in a field. katie brooke has more on him tonight live from appomattox. katie liveu mark, i'm told by friends at the evergreen baptist church today that harris lived here all his life -- he was a farmer, and had a
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community. sheriff letterman tells me harris lived here off twin tunnels lane in a mobile home. rescue workers found him 300 yards from his house last night around 10 p.m. they say he was in a hayfield, covered in hay. search and rescue teams just finished up their mission -- and confirm every person is accounted for now here in appomattox. state police say 20 homes were destroyed by this tornado. and at least 100 structures had damage in the 8- through evergreen and redhouse. katie liveu harris's wife was one of the 7 injured, according to state police. five of those 7 have been treated and released. the two others suffered from serious injuries and are still hospitalized. i spoke to some of the harris family today, but they didn't wish to comment about the
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certainly with them during this time. live in evergreen, katie brooke, abc-13 news. 3 3 3 danner tight the national guard also came to our area tonight. annie andersen is live in appomattox. you spoke to them today. what did they tell you?annie satlive part of the job of the national guard is to keep us safe here at home, and they said that's what their doing today, although not in the way they generally do. the national guard flew in from richmond to take county and state officials out to survey the damage... with all of the debris and trees down, they said it's easy to miss things when they check from the ground, but the helicopter gives them a better perspective. i asked if they are looking for houses with damage, but they said they're actually looking for things from those houses that when not in the right setting and be really dangerous. (staff sgt william hatch, army national guard)"when the wind starts blowing like this, you have no idea where things are going to land. and something as dangerous as a propane tank, absolutely you don't want somebody to just walk across that. (:10)annie satlive because the governor
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the national guard is able to come in and help as needed. the governor spent the day touring the areas hit by yesterday's tornados. we'll hear from him tonight at 6. live in appomattox, annie andersen, abc 13 news. 3 3 3 mark tight rustburg high school students are on the ground in appomattox helping out. students are collecting money, food, and clothing over the next few days and will distribute it themselves -- according to the school nurse. they went after school to evergreen because their basketball coach and p-e teacher live there.. and were affected. 3 mark tight members of the appomatox high school football team were also out today to help. suri crowe caught up with them. suri -- this is really about helping the community heal.suri satlive mark, when their coach put out the call to help many of these young men were already asking what could they do. they aren't just teammates on the field - as you're about to see. 3
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this church."this may have been on his marker and i'm gonna try to go and find it." now he's picking up the pieces of devastation for other generations whose lives are intertwined with his. "sighs-disheartening. i never expected this to be here. you expected in other places." and right alongside him is his grandson drew mann- drew mann- sophomore appomatox high, "what did you think when you saw all this? it was really devastating. my parents got married in this church and i grew up here-it hit me hard" drew and his football teammates at appomatox high are here to help. nats in any way they can. "josh ellis- appomatox high school, we sorta came out here to rebuild the community to just rebuild the community they helped us out in the football season and we wanna give back to me" and like all close teammates
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fun even through of all of this- "oh yeah drew split that" the buildings may be torn apart- but the community is proving its spirit isn't. nelson mann, "buildings can be built but lives can't be replaced." 3 suri satlive3 3 danner now let's send it to chief meteorologist george flickinger.mark george, the real issue today is the wind. 3 tonight will be windy and cold, but overall much quieter weather is moving into the heart of virginia. this afternoon we've experienced strong wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph. you'll want your coat this thursday evening as the strong wind persists. temperatures will drop to near 30 overnight. friday will be mostly sunny, breezy and cool
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3 danner3 is the place to get the very latest information tonight. we have also put together a gallery of pictures of this storm.mark as soon as we get updates, we are posting them online. be sure to check our site and also our abc 13 facebook page for all that information. 3 danner we are going to have updates all night long as we learn more information.mark keep it here for the
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look at appomattox 3 danner we are also getting new numbers on power outages. central virginia electric cooperative says 248 people are 3 without -- down from more than 35-hundred. 3
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cold, but overall much quieter weather is moving into the heart of virginia. this afternoon we've experienced strong wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph. you'll want your coat this thursday evening as the strong wind persists. temperatures will drop to near 30 overnight. friday will be mostly sunny, breezy and cool
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3 mark3 we have much more
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half hour.danner but next we have a few other stories of the day -- including the sentence of a woman found
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in 3 danner now let's get to a few other stories of the day. a woman has pleaded guilty to killing a man and concealing his body in concrete and will spend 10
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today to several charges. last january, montgomery county deputies were called to a house in elliston. they say.. widenor had been renting the property.. and it was being cleaned after she got evicted. a cleaning crew discovered the body of 70-year- old james austin.. entombed in concrete on an enclosed porch. widenor told police austin asked her to take his pain away. she told investigators she put a pillow across his face. 3 3 danner box life in prison. that's the sentence for a christiansburg woman who yesterday a judge told 24 year old amanda taylor she was "evil personified" and had shown "little or no remorse" for her actions. last april, investigators found charles taylor murdered in his home. they say amanda stabbed him with a bayonet at least 29 times. she then posted a confession on instagram. taylor also posted a photograph of herself holding the murder weapon with the deceased in the background.
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presidential candidates are speaking in our area soon. donald trump is attending a rally monday at radford. and we've just learned.. marco rubio will speak at an event in roanoke college on sunday. the event begins at 8:30 p.m. tickets are required. 3 danner we have much more tornado coverage next.i saw everything coming off the roof and i said i hope this isn't it mark we take you to waverly -- another town devastated by a tornado -- as one man described being right
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3 3 danner waverly -- also very hard hit by a tornado. three people were killed there -- including a two year old. one man -- desmond gardner -- was in his car when it all came through.desmond gardner/witness: not actually the tornado but from all the power lines falling there was like a big ball of fire and all of the debris kicking up coming directly towards me and my uncle and all i could do is pray and pray and pray and the wind actually picked the car up and dropped us down and all i could do is hold on tight and tell my uncle i love him and pray.(reporter: what is this like?)desmond gardner/witness: it is tragic man i never seen nothing like this before i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. 3 3 mark check out this photo from tricia bovey in dumfries. she tweeted out this picture of the tornado from her back deck. you can see just how big this storm is. dumfries is located right
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3 mark take a look at this scene in maryland. flooding has taken over the baltimore-washington parkway. this is in baltimore. you can see a couple of abandoned cars here in the water. severe storms moved through last night bringing a lot of rain. 3 danner we will have much more continuing coverage of the appomattox tornado ... in
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break with another 3 danner now let's go back to mona kosar abdi live in appomattox.mark mona --
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look, i know you're a cow and all.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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3 appomattox tonight -- where crews are working hard to help the area recover from the tornado that hit yesterday.. 3 mark this is drone footage of the devestation shot by central virginia aerial solutions. you can see just how bad the damage really is, and get an idea of the path it took. 3 noreen we've got several crews on the ground for you tonight -- live in appomattox. first -- mona kosar abdi and annie andersen.mark mona we're going to go to you first. a lot of families have to clean up after this storm. you talked to one who lost everything.
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