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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the story is active weather. we could see severe stuff today. melissa is tracking the latest. >> melissa: good morning, everyone, about 6:00 we are seeing rain moving into virginia. you see batches of rainfall moving throughout lynchburg area temperature is coming up toward banville and south boston. temperatures holding steady in the upper 30s. low 40s. 39 in lynchburg and blacksburg. 40 in roanoke. 43 in danville. along with the wet roads, we are seeing some fog out there. please issue be extra careful. give yourself time to get to the final destination. benefit you and your family head out, make sure you have that rain gear. the reason jacket and umbrella. it is a cool start. dress in layers. temperatures in the 50s and 60s later on this afternoon.
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50s by lunch and the 50s and 60s to the south side. you see a few thunderstorms later on this afternoon. time everything out for you. coming up in a bit. patty? back to you. >> patti: we're working to get information on the situation off promised land road and the animals left after their owner died. the woman who's body was discovered had been there for a time that is according to the should have's office. they will know more after the autopsy. there is no foul play. several of her animals were dead and the surviving ponent and he alpaca are ill from lack of food and water. someone buried the ponent and he alpaca on monday night. vet's office says the animal control ralph called and asked for guidance. county is handling. we reached out to the supervisor
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count seinvestigating the situation. >> whitney: a puppy shot 18 times with a b. b. gun is on the mend in south carolina. >> patti: the alleged teen shooters are facing up to five years in jail and fines for that crime. kristin has the story. >> reporter: there is no hiding the horrible circumstances that brought brody to steel the hundreds of other hads. 18 pellets are inside. >> i never have seen someone mashesly shoot at a dog. and not just any dog a dog that is six weeks old. >> reporter: worse in some people brings out the best in others. the phone. have not, stopped ringing. >> today, 75-a hundred easily. >> phone calls. a hundred phone calls. >> animal hospital is rung double duty for the six week old lab mix.
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how is he doing and they want to contribute to his care. >> reporter: e mails running neck and neck with the phone with people calling and caring about the dog that didn't stand much of a chance. >> he is a lucky dog. this is not something that most puppies would survivement >> brody is not ready to be adopted when he is so many have signed up for the chance to take him home. they had to shut down the list. >> it is great to know that you know everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery. cute g. >> whitney: a man scharjed with malicious wounding and another recovering after a head injury. investigators say the weapon, a baseball bat. 50 year old bing stone is charged with burglar with intent to commit assault. according to the sheriff's office issue stone forced his
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stone hit scotty rose in the head several times with a bat. >> patti: a pennsylvania man accused of 6sexually assaulting a mentally ill person plead no contest to aggravated sexual battery after staff at oak grove found a woman with her dime are ripped open in may. a social worker said he admitted to touching a woman in a sexual way. >> whitney: now a picture of the uber driver accused of half a dozen people in michigan over the weekend. this morning, we have video from surveillance cameras that show dalten in a gun store hours before the shooting. gun shop owner claims he bought a tactical jacket. jason dalton admitted he killed people of according to the detroit free press he was an
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father of a 10 and 15 year old. a michigan gun shop owner claims dalten bought that jacket hours before the shooting in cal mazoom one person, a 14 year old is fighting for his life. pam pat in the midst of the shooting what does this mean for driver background safety? to be an uber driver you need to submit information on the app. there is no face-to-face meeting. a driver went through the process last year and said she was on the road one day after applying. >> copy of your driver's license. copy of your registration. copy of insurance card. picture of the car. picture of the license plate. >> patti: driver second degree in saturday's shootings had a background check. uber h said there was no criminal record.
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trailer on video. >> whitney: minnesota state patrol release third degree dashcam of the accident. that happened last month. in the video i see the truck driver pull off after a police inspection and on to the train trackside live. rail acrossing lights crashed and the train horn blue driver went to the train's path. train dragged the truck down the trackside live. the driver suffered a minor cut to his high. >> patti: faa investigate after an single engine plane crashed on the streets of california. the pilot survived and was not hurt. the pilot was the only one on board. crash happened a block south of the airport yesterday. >> whitney: lynchburg city officials will update the
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scape project. construction begins in april. replacing old undergroundwater, sue and storm drain piping. crews will add new street scape features like sidewalks, crosswalks, landscaping and lithe. meeting is tuesday at 6:30 in the holiday inn. >> patti: still to come, the water crisis in flint, michigan is raising concerns about lead levels in water. how to make sure what you are drinking is safe. >> whitney: it is raining but that may not be the only thing have you to worry b. 40 in roanoke. 39 in lynchburg and 43 in dan victim.
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and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> melissa: hopefully you had the umbrella ready for the day. steady to moderate rain of continue through the morning hours from 12:00-5:00 p.m. we will see stronger storms. most rainfall half an inch to almost two inches on top of what we saw yesterday. pinpoint radar indicating that steady to heavy rain. let's zoom in. seeing steady to moderate rainfall moving through lynchburg, amhurst and loving ston. bedford a batch of heavy rainfall.
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martinsville getting a break. danville to chatham and south boston, pennsylvania and halt fact you are in the bull's eye today. the temperatures warming up. we could see some of the flooding concerns. we have an arial flood watch in affect until this evening. you see the viewing area is highlighted. also have a wind advisory for the afternoon. until this afternoon for our county's highlighted in tan. those will be the threats today. temperatures holding 30s and 40s. 39 in lynchburg. 40 in roanoke. 39 in blacksburg. 38 martinsville. 33 in danville. here is the culprit. strong area of low pressure is continuing to spin counter clock wise moving toward the great lakes. it will drag a cold front that will erode the wedge of high pressure for the first part of the week. we could see the focus for the stronger storms into the afternoon.
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we will begin to dry out in time for thursday and the weekend. we are watching for strong are storms here is the outlook from the storm prediction center. the red for parts of virginia and north carolina that is a moderate risk. orange is enhanced. areas to the south and the east. and most of the viewing area in a slight risk. main threats are flooding and gusty wind. we will deal with the heavy rain all the way through the afternoon upon could seat line through 3:00-5:00 it pushes out. lingering showers over night. the worse is over. we will see mostly cloudy skies for your thursday. again a half inch to over an inch is forecast. watch out for street flooding and stay weather aware throughout the day. temperatures warm up to the 50s and 60s. and we may be bumping the numbers up if that wedge erodes. temperatures will climb higher
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tonight temperatures upper 30s. low 40s. a 100% chance of rain. lingering showers early thursday. skies clear. tell be cooler friday and saturday. sunshine will return. even look at sunday. temperatures upper 50s. near 60. that is a check of your weather. get a look at the weather photo of the day. look at this. family fun. ellen sent this back when we had our snow event. as you and your family are out enjoying weather. send them to weather at we will send it back over to patty and whitney. >> thanks. >> a number of protests are growing across the country in support of apple. the fbi puts more pressure on the company to help them unlock the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> patti: we wanted to know where you stand on the issue. mona hit the streets to hear
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>> reporter: a public battle with the fbi and apple. the government asking the technology company to help them unlock the san bernardino shooter's i phone. apple will not bite. >> we are look at it as a fight against terrorism. >> rand off college technology officer says once at stake might be greater. ja it is is not a clear cut black and white issue. >> reporter: apple would create a skeg ton key that could be used to unlock any i-phone. if that gets out the terrorists could use it against us. a debate that has i-phone users charged up. >> trying to keep you safe. we are putting your business out there. what?
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another user is on the same wave length. >> opening pandora's box. the government will not just stop there. >> reporter: not everyone is putting privacy before security. >> when is come to national security and people's lives and the 80 to save lives that takes priority over everything. >> reporter: regardless of the outcome, the decision the set a precedence. >> reporter: how split the public is we posted abc 13 twitter page. at last check. 54% said apple should unlock the shooter's phone. 46% said, no wachl >> patti: new this morning. volvo makes a car you unlock through an app. >> a robot that does almost anything a human can. we have details in health check. >> darren. tech bytes going for a drive am
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>> volvo plans to replace car keys with an app next year. traditional keys would be available only upon request. >> more new device making headlines had the the mobile world congress in barcelona. unveiled a new phone with three d motion tracking temperature is meant for augmented reality technology. >> htc has a head set. bunked theed will game controllers and a hefty $800 price tag. >> the newest version of a walking rehabilitate. by boston dynamics. it walks on two legs. >> it is lighter and not as tall as earlier version. bend down. lift weights and place them on shelves.
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those are your tech bytes. >> reporter: dangerous levels of lead in my water at home. there are things to empower yourself. start by calling your water supplier and asking for the latest consumer confidence report. if you get your water from a private well. look on the epa's website if they are 15 parts per billion demand action. if you want to test your wourt if that is not an option get a testing kit from a home improvement store. use first draw water the water to come out of the pipe after sitting over night. you will send samples to a lab and find a list on the epa's website.
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instructionos how to protect yourself from lead. i'm seth covar. >> patti: a look at the viewed news stories on local medical experts are warning about the dangers of energy drinks following lawsuits. many of you are logging on to read about the jury deliberations that begun in the case of kevin quick the police officer kidnapped and murdered in twept 14. salem place made an arrest
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3 improved to 15-and-13 with a win last night at boston college. buzz williiams will tell you any win in the acc is a great one, shane henry slams in the early seth allen miss. that's a good dunk but this one's better. garland owens flying down the lane for the one- handed jam for bc, that's a man's dunk right there! tech, though, led by 13 at the half 40-27 and pads the margin after the break. hokies win 71-56. 3 first-round odac tournament play at randolph, the wildcats hosted washington & lee, a team they beat by eight on saturday. the generals came out strong, andrew franz poured in a game-high 26. and when nicholas george knocked down a three late first half, washington & lee led by seven. senior zach desgain helped bring the wildcats back, he led randolph with 22.
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3 high school regionals, brookville led lord botetourt by 6 at the half and the bees pad the margin the second half. kiala marshall scores, then megan drey buried a three. brookville wins 56-39. 3 boys region 3a west at heritage, the pioneers faced the warriors of western albemarle. tight game the entire way, caleb snead drives in for two of his 16 for heritage. later, the pioneers force the turnover on the inbounds pass, elijah davis feeds cj rosser for two of his 16. but the warriors came back the final two minutes and steal the win. chris mcgahren drained a go-ahead 3. western albemarle wins 56-53, more scores at 3 in charlottesville, defending national champ virginia played its home opener against the vmi keydets. the cavaliers broke this one wide open in the third inning, bustin' loose for 11 runs. pavin smith unloaded a grand slam, part of a 6-rbi day for him. virginia roughed the ce 18-one. that is sports.
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yesterday for the east and gulf. low pressure began to track. had 30 unofficial reports of tornados. 82 wind reports. and the active, severe weather is shifting east. the latest at pen point you head out, stead tow moderate rain through listen burg. alta vista, danville, pennsylvania, halifax that's where we will see heavy rainfall and campbell, charlotte, those areas. to the south and the east of lynchburg. that's where we will see the stronger storms. storm prediction center has issued outlooks here. you see that red color that hacked area is a moderate risk. orange is enhanced that includes south boston and brooknil. most us falling in the slight risk severe weather. everybody wants to know. what does that mean? storm threat endecks for the heart of virginia today.
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gusty wind today and hanging with us behind the front. many of us will deal with the flooding until 7:00 p.m. tonight. rain continues. heavy rain, could seat strong are storms developing from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. we will see clearing skies later and quiet weather thursday through sundayful >> patti: coming up in the next half-hour, breaking over night a win nert nevada caucus. which candidate came out to top and who is battling for second. >> whitney: liberty team add
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a familiar name to >> patti: good morning. it is wednesday, february 24, 2016 i'm patty martin. >> whitney: i'm whitney. thanks for starting your day with us. you will start off rainy we are
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melissa is tracking the latest. >> melissa: good morning whitney and patty. yes, we are dealing with rain. want to jump to pinpoint radar. stead tow heavy rain consequentlies. we have our next batch moving through south boston headed to brooknil. everyone will encounter a soggy morning commute. check of weather now. temperatures holding upper 30s. low 40s. 39 in lynchburg. 43 in danville. 40 in roanoke. 41 in brooknil. 40 in blacksburg. rain in hot springs at 36 degree s sful also watching visibility. dealing with patchy fog. leave yourself extra time to get to your final destination and leave space between you and the car in front of you. your school day forecast today, lots of soggy weather continues. we'll see the temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s as children head to school. by lunch we are in the low 50s. temperatures 50s and 60s today.
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are storms later in the afternoon. team itting out on future cast, you notice theielose and oranges. indicating the pockets of heavy rain. could see a lean 2:00-4:00. we will dry out night. we will time it out and show you coming up. pat and he whitney? >> patti: this morning trump is waking up a winner and one step close to the nomination in the race for president. >> whitney: trump got a victory in the nevada caucus the same night democrats hit the stage for a town hall in south carolina. >> reporter: this morning donald trump on a winning streak after a decisive victory. this time nevada. we love nevada! we love nevada. >> reporter: love for trump the anger in washington and strong desire for outsider gave the front run are an easy victory
6:33 am
>> if you lynne we were not expected to win much and now we are winning and wing the country! >> it is a fight for second with favorite rubio and iowa caucus winner cruz. >> only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: ben and john were at the bottom. vowed march on to super tuesday. democrats are focused on tuesday but first south carolina. >> why is there a standard for me and not for everybody else. respect report hilary fired up during a town hall after a judge ruled the form are secretary of state top aid should testify over her use of private e mail. ahead of the primary the focus was on african-american who is make up half of the electorate. >> we must sustain and strengthen the black colleges and yesterdays. >> racism and economic issues
6:34 am
be addressed. >> the campaign event in south carolina sander system in missouri and oklahoma. republicans are taking part in a voter summit hosted by trump fox news nemesis meghan ke. trump declined the invite. >> patti: new, police in danville investigating after a man was shot and killed over night. officers called to halt fact street this morning where they found a man with gunshot founds. his body has been taken for identification. anyone with chlgz is asked to call danville crime stoppers. wit wet the police department is investigating social media threats made on facebook. they got a complaint that said death threats made to individuals online. in all they identified five potential victims.
6:35 am
the person of interest on monroe avenue. police arrested michael johnson and charged him with 5 counts of death threats. >> patti: the fate of the six charge indeed connection with the kidnapping and murder of the captain kevin quick is in the hands of the jury. yesterday's deliberations followed 12 and a half hours of closing arguments on monday. jurors have 34 charges. racket tearing charge is the big umbrella charge. if the jury finds the six defendants not guilty for that, two thirds of charges will go away. the firearm's charges stand on their own. stay with us for updates on this case. >> whitney: on top of a neighborhood on high alert. we have been following a string of break in in the dearington neighborhood. nine so far this year. @vice on protecting your property. always lock your doors. never leave a window open when
6:36 am
keep landscaping trimmed. keep a tv or radio on when you are gone so it seems like you are home. folks in the dearington area say these crimes opened their ice. >> i just make sure i know who i'm opening the door for. >> whitney: call pleas if you know anything about the crime spree. tipsters may be eligible for a reward >> a log cabin used as slave quarters in the 1800's is on the move. they move federal from greenfield plantation and plan to move a kitchen house that sat mixture to it tomorrow. despite opposition the buildings are moved to make way for a commercial building to the county. a community college using black history month to expose students to a variety of cultures. >> whitney: yesterday a caribbean band attracted a band
6:37 am
leaders say they want the events fun more students are willing to come and learn a thing or 2. there is nothing more enriching than exposing yourself to new cultures. >> i think that when people hear african-american or black people they think everyone is the same. but the african descendant system brood. includes jamaican. trinidadians. do min cans. >> whitney: hold several events to expose students throughout the school year. >> patti: lots of excited seniors now. out of the senior cloosz of 302 graduates 178 have been accepted a college and 83 to a two year college. students are going to colleges all over. the principal says over the past three years 43% of students who is apply the to uva were admitted. a record breaking 16 students
6:38 am
percentage is hire handle the acceptance rate of 30%. >> us teachers really push to take that next step. >> it is hard to get a job. >> to be able to contribute all you can to society. gi want to explore new things and meet new types of peopleful live in a different place. >> the principal says somewhere making decisions and waiting on acceptance letters. >> great news for the hill cats the council is giving blessing to the group buying and promising to keep the hill cats here. >> council voted 7-nothing last night on a lease deal with the baseball corporation and the new ordinance the elmoore sports group. hill cats minor league baseball team will stay put for 10 years with additional phi year renewace.
6:39 am
of the deal. >> patti: a child who you are familiar with had one of his dreams come true. nathan norm aman liberty flames newest recruit. he has been battling cancer for seven years almost as long as he has been alive. the players game him a welcome with a jerz and he signed football. his mother said that took his mind off the chemo and hospitals. >> we have always tried to preserve the best quality of life for nathan and allow him to enjoy each day. we want nathan to enjoy life. and this a lutz him to enjoy it more. >> patti: nathan's dream was everyone thattings to teen impact an organization that matches stars who are battling illnesses with local college athletic teams. >> whitney: still to come, hollywood is not known for
6:40 am
for the oscars names of award winners have to be kept under lock and key. a look how it is done just ahead. >> patti: outside this morning, lots of rain it is chilly 40 in roanoke. 39 lynchburg. 43 in danville. we have more rain to come and
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today. >> melissa: it is a soggy commute for you. check out pinpoint radar. steady to heavy rain moving through the area. got that steady rain through lynchburg. a break for those of viewers in bedford county. spin to the south.
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now much charlotte and campbell, brooknil, you are seeing heavy, heavy down pours as indicated by oranges and reds there on doppler. please be extra careful on your morning commute. flood watch until 7:00 p.m. tonight for the entire viewing area. close to half an inch to two inches today. we will watch for the street flooding occurrence. temperatures holding steady 30s and 40s. 39 in lynchburg. 40 in blacksburg. 38 in martinsville. 43 in danville. wedge of high pressure influencing our weather. you see this monster of a storm count clock wise low pressure in parts of the southeast. we got snow on the backside. strong to sevee storms on the front side. associated with the cold front it across us today it will e rode that wedge. that will be the focus for
6:44 am
before we dry out and see cooler and dry are weather. gotta get through the unsettled weather for today. this is from the storm prediction center. most of the viewing area in the yellow color. to the south and east where we have a risk and 4 out of 5 indicated by the legend that is the moderate risk for severe weather. main low for the far south and eastern portions of virginia and parts of north carolina. timing everything out forow future cast, we'll see that heavy to steady rain pushing through the line moves through at 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon. just in time heading home from work. gusty winds, we'll monitor that swachlgz severe thunderstorm warnings issued later today. everybody will deal with the heavy rain. you see almost an inch in lynchburg.
6:45 am
an inch or half an inch in roanoke. stay weather aware throughout the day. temperatures warming them up awe couple degrees. we will see upper 50s and 60s to the south side as the wedge erodes we will bump the temperatures up. upper 40s as rain tapers off. we are looking dry, thursday, friday, saturday and sundayful pat and he whitney? back to you. >> whitney: thank you. we are days away from the oscars airing here on abc 13. >> the process of determining who wins an award is not easy. the vote counting is highly involved and surrounded by intense security. brandy shows us how. >> reporter: back secret keep nervous hollywood. they are set to carry the famous briefcase. the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: holding the names of the winners. >> has there been a mistake? >> no.
6:46 am
>> reporter: 82 years they counted the oscar ballots. 6, 261 sent to voting member this is year on paper and online. >> we control the time they go out indicated with security codes and they come back to us. we have those in a location. >> reporter: in the location, security is tight. well is a special alarm system biometric lock and no internet access a team counts the categories by hand. >> it is up to brian and i to consolidate. counting and recounting. we will stuff envelope, close it, seal temperature the 24 wing envelopes and duplicate set are load indeed two bree case locked in a vault until oscar sunday when they enter the code and take their case. each traveling a different route to the oscar red carpet escorted
6:47 am
>> no matter what happened one of us will get there. do you feel like zsh zsh 7? >> a little. last year a third bree case by neil patrick harris. and backstage they hand the envelope to the presenters seconds before the announcement. >> is had the hardest secret to keep. >> it is an important secret. the reality is there is a secret we keep forever, who got second. >> patti: today a woman accused of submitting fraud lan student aide application ss at liberty university will be at counter sentenced after pleading guilt tow multiple charges. she is the not only kchldz two other woman are as well. now the trial for panky was supposed to begin yesterday. she pleaded guilty instead.
6:48 am
enroll in online classes and put fake information to collect student credit refundings when they never intended to take classes. smith pleaded guilt tow multiple charges. >> this yore we would see new and familiar faces on council in lynchburg. council man turner pairo is set to announce his cam bane pain. tell be made in the council chambers. it was supposed to be at ec glass. note the change in location. bill clinton lead a get out the vote rally for his wife in richmond days ahead of the march 1 super tuesday primary. the clinton campaign is 7:00 p.m. today. doors to the theatre open at six:00 p.m. bill will appear at a rally for his wife. more ahead on good morning
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>> it does not take long >> melissa: active weather yesterday and over night. check out storm reports over the past 24 hour. we had 30 unofficial reports now they are confirmed as tornadoes. 82 wind reports the same system will impact our area as we head to witness stand. check out pinpoint now, heavy batch of rain moving through appomattox. charlotte and campbell coincident. rain for viewers there. be careful on your commute. you need to stay weather aware all day. this is the storm threat most in
6:52 am
main threats are wind and the flooding we will see with the heavy rain. ground is so saturated from the rain and snow we have seen the past month. we will watch for flooding. flood watch in affect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. on future cast, clouds hang tough. a break in the next batch of heavy rain news through from 12 tiem 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. the heavy reasons. thunderstorms developing. few lingering showers possible over night. once the cold front clears we'll talk cooler weather with snow in the mountains. whitney? >> whitney: thank you. a storm is slamming the south and know to move up the east coast amtory tornadoes touched. three are dead with dozens of others injured.
6:53 am
indeed mississippi and alabama. >> a louisiana should have says two who died after a tornado ripped through an rv park yesterday. search and rescue dogs are going through rubble left in the wake of the storm to find anyone else missing. seven were critically injured. 300 live in that rv park. meteorologist say seven tornados hit louisiana and mississippi. >> patti: over night we learned that searchers found the wreckage for a plane that went missing in neal. confirm that all 23 are dead. plane was headed a town considered to be a gateway for a trekking rout in the himalayas the flight was supposed to be 19 minutes. 3 crewmembers and 18 passengers were on board including one from
6:54 am
police in danville are
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6:56 am
>> whitney: liberty >> patti: a look at top stories. police in danville investigate after a man was shot and killed. officers called to halt fact street after 12. . 15 this morning a man had gunshot wounds. his body has been taken for identification. anyone with information is asked to call danville cream stoppers. >> whitney: good news for ec grass high school oust 302 graduates 178 accepted a four year college. 83 were accepted a two year college.
6:57 am
colleges all overnight country, the principal reports that over the past three years. 43% of students who applied specifically to uva were admitted. a record breaking 16 students this year alone. and the three year percentage is higher than the actual acceptance rate of 30%. >> patti: familiar name has had a dream come true. nathan has been battling cancer for seven years. football players game him a welcome to the team with a jerz and he signed football. thanks to team impact matching child stars battling illnesses with local college athletic teams. >> whitney: we have been hearing the rain all morning. >> melissa: we are getting a break but more on the way. a check of the drive. 39. tell be a soggy commute.
6:58 am
movingly through appomattox and charlotte. heavy rain on the way. 100% chance and thunderstorms developing. stay with abc 13.
6:59 am
dry. have a good day. good morning, america.
7:00 am
trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day in court, the reporter and "dancing with the stars" favorite takes on a hotel and a stalker with a 7$75 million lawsuit over invasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalker to spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphant return, the superstar singer proving her heart will go on taking the coliseum stage in las


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