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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i can customize each line for soeach family member?e yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. pleasor help fro a community in mourning. >> one of their own shot and left for dead. >> don't have too many safe places to go to. sometimes we have to put our lives in danger just to be
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amongst people who are like us. slashing prices at the supermarke why it may no longer cost you your whole paycheck t buy at whole foods. >> bryce harper. >> liste to those boos that greeted bryce harper as he made his return to washington tonight, standing in nats park wearing another team's uniform. good evening. we begin with a community gathering despite the rain to remember the transgender woman murdered ove the weekend. >> ashanti carmen was brutall killed near the border of d.c. and prince george's county. her friends are calling for challenge is ioat compa in the wake of her death. jackie bensen has the story. >> reporter: they mourned for ashani carmen. they grieved at the daeng transgender people continue on face in the d.c. area
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finances. prince george's county police are offering a reward of up to
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$25,000for information leading to an arrest ando cection in the murtha of ashapti carn. in fairmont heights. >> transgender people face extremel high levels of assault and violenc one in four people have been assaulted and biased driven assaults are even higher for women and transgender peoplef color. we're following a disturbing story for you tonight. allegations of animalabuse and it was caught on camera. >> now to explain what the humane society that they found at a northern virginia pet store they found evidence of sick ran thes being -- rabbits being left to die an undercover
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investigation in fairfax. it shows dead rabbits stored in a freezer. pet land employees are heard on camera explaining when rabbits get sick or injured, they aren't taken to a vet. their left to die. the same investigation found rabbit from a breeder in centreville, maryland. the hane society acknowledges they were kept inthfi crowded conditions, similar to those in puppy mills. wenow they acted on the information up covered by the human and societiful they executed a search warrant. now keep in mindy the st is developing and we'll stay on top of it evidence to next coming days. news4. >> thank you. a family of four won't be sleeping at their home tonight while they were out this evening, a fire repped through their house. neighbors in north potomac saw the flames and called 911.
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montgomery county firefighters stay fire destroyed the second floor. much of the atteck was burned and some of the first floor as well. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. gh> new to political history made in chicago. the country's thirdlargest city, elected the city's first african-american woman as mayor. >> we can and willt the interests of our people. all of our people, ahead of the interests of a power have few. >> surrounded by hundreds of supporters, she addressed the crowd. shwon in a run-off. she will also be the city's first lesbian mayor when she takes office in may. >> from parents to hfirefrs, activists are trying to could not convenience decision makers that their causes are worthy of your taxdollars.
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it is devastatinto cuts children's arts programs. >> nobody likes to be booed but with that contract, it takes extension out. the former national star, bryce harper, suited off with a barrage of boos and a few cheers. the first ret to d.c. since he signed with the phillies. >>or $330 million, i'm sure he can afford some pretty good r must haves. he may have tried on come out and put his best footforward. but his little heart felt instagram mention didn't go over too well. fans forgot it pretty quickly when his face showed up on the jumbo screen.
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>> number 3, bryce harper. >> the fans were booing big time as he was introducing as a philly for the first time in nats park. and then nats softened it a little bit. they had a video forhi you saw there a second ago. the fans were speakin out traitor on their shirts behind him and they stood there the whole night. emotions have been running high in days leading up to this game. it was set up for a lot of drama. he not only faced his oldte but the three-time cy young award winner. we'll have more coming up in sports. we'll be talking about this for a while. >> yes, we will. a nice move by the nats. >> a class act.
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>> thanks. >> doug,e rain out there delayed the start of the idn't get underway on time. >> about 45 minutes te. and that rain coming courtesy of what is now a littleonster of a storm. here's the good news. the rain is the clouds are getting out of here. that means a rather cool night.o into the low 30s. even the 30s. wink right now, down to 32 grees. we'll ten to cool. here it is. it is realy wrapping itself up. this is a little closer to the coast. this will be a monster toward ocean city and the boston area. it will stay just offshore. notice what it's doing. the back ege of the clouds. taking clouds with it. clearing skies, a much co night into tomorrow morning. it will start off cool but with the abundance of clear skies comes the sunshine. we'll talk about what it does for the day. tomorrow and the rest ee another storm coming in late
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this week. >> all right. 'll see you then. the man accused of can i go west coast wrapper nipsy is in custody. he was spotted about 20 miles away from where he shot nipsy. >> answersor families and fans days after the grammy nominated artist was gunned down outside his l.a. clothing store. >> the hard workingman outside the police department, together with the strong relationships we have within the community. they've ieentified person believed to be responsible. police arrested eric holder tuesday after identifying him as a suspect earlier in the day saying the two member knew onet anr and, the two men knew one another. >> hustle, anng icon amo the hip
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hop scee, scored a grammy nomination, a victory his carr growing along with his commitment to his community. he worked to transform his south l.a. neighborhood by investing in local businesses and programming to keep kids out of the gang life. >> the suspect was arrested without incident about 20 miles from where hustlekas led. while holder has ties to gangs, authorities believe thete dis was personal. the community hustle worked to bring ntogether, united in rief. nbc news. a lot of people trying to come to terms wi his murder including his long time girlfriend. on osstagram, shed that she is completely lost. she goes on to say she's lost her best friend andher sanctuary.
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they have a 2-ar-old son together. locally, the music festival founder darrell perkins says hustle' he thindeath is hard to into words. last year's festival at rmp fk stadium me everyone stop and sten. >> it hurt, so, so bad. theommunity is hurt over this. we had him last year at the festival and his energy and his life was soh br i swear when he hit the staini, his life shone differently. the sun came out. that's for real. >> on thursday, there will be a candlelight vigil at 6:30 at meridian malcolm x park. >> doctors and nurses are trying to save a montgomery county police officer's life tonight. he collapsed while chasing a suspected thief. theofficer was inside the
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tstfield wheaton maul, investigatinghe shoplifting suspect when the suspect ran off. the officer chased him and then collapsed suffering a medical episode he called for back-up and they said officers got to the scene performing first-aid on him. likely saving his life. an ambulance took him to holy cross hospital aboutwo miles away. >> i want to thank the community for keeping our officers, especially this officer and his family and friends and shipmates and your thoughts and cially over the rest of the night. >> the officer was conscious and alert when he wataken to the hospital. it is still uncle what kind of emergency he experienced today. coming up, supermarket savings. prices at one store a coming down as the grocery wars heat up. how you can save starting tomorrow. two hollywood actresses getting ready to trade in the red carpet for the steps of federal court.
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accused of paying top dollar cheat their children's case into college. will they fight or will they fold? chilly temperatures into the
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can a grocery store shoppers come out on top?in some the chain is too
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expensive. kristen explains which items will cost less. >> reporter: at whole food stores across the country, expect cuts on meat and produce including lettuce and tropical . fr two months after raising prices, they say customers will save about 20% on hundreds of item starting tomorrow. snfr we always thought of whole foods as whole paycheck.'r what theye trying to do is rebrand themselves. >> reporter: whole foods touting its third price cut working with amazon. there are exclusive deals for amazon primrs custome who already save 10% on many item. it is the time of partnership other stores are trying to tap into. walmart teaming one google with voice ordering capabilities. expandin deliveries and low prices. >> right now the way theme con shops is on their sofa. any way a grosser can make it
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more convenient for that customer to shop, they'llo it. at s competition heats up the checkout line, the bigne wr may just be the consumer. nbc news, brooklyn, new york. tomorr virginia republican there's urge democrats to reconsider allowing two of lieutenant governor justin x' fair accusers to testify before lawmakers. meredithwatson and vanessa tyson accused him of sexual assault. fairfax denies those n allegat calling both counters consensual. both women want to testify but only if it is bipartisan. democrats say it should be left up to law enforcement. both accusers spokeout this week the cbs this morning anchor gayle king. >> if you haveto hold someone down, it's not consensual. there's no amount of money that can ever mpensate for what did he to me lwith evryday. >>whe said heat i t passedhe
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polygraph test who said he didn't rape watson when the two were students at duke university. they're headed to court tomorrow i know what others involved in the college scandal. hth actressesavene bai ol. neither has entered a plea yet. they couldd av time in prison if they work out a plea deal. a laund row mat work we are a broom stick and a chief after some cash. >> one woman in northeast d.c. wasn't about to let the robber get away without a fight. the guy walked into a laundromat. he tried on steal cashewsing a broom stick to reach for it under a window. that didn't work. he came back and stole the money
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but she hit him with a broom stick before he ran off. call police if you recognize this blurry looking guy in these photos. >> good for her. >> we don't recommend you try that. so is the rain over? is sprin coming back? so many questions. >> i was gushed the nationals game. -- i was concerned about the nationals >> we all were. >> we did have that rain a r little earl which did delay the game about 45 minutes. hen once itot started, it turned into what has been a chilly night out there night. you can see your breath when you step outside. that's the co air. damp air. you can see the breath a little earlier. northwest winds at 12 miles per hour. now they're northwest. tt's the difference, a drier wind. we are starting to dry and see so clearing skies.
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notice clearing skies and it's in the 30s. clearn skies culpeper. we will see cooler temperatures. now nothing on the radar picture. it is completely dry now. we had the rain earlier. mostly along east of 95. parts of central fairfax county. there is our storm. you can see the clearing in behind it. this storm is really quite amazing. it almo l lookse a hurricane eye right there. a very intense area of low pressure. it is bombing off the coast.w will see it move away from our area and just to the east of the boston area. this could be a monster of a ere.storm they'll see some rain. a little mix there. we even saw some sleet i our area and part of the carolinas. i saw up to two inchesr in of north and south carolina.
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aep 2nd. kind of amazing. the storm moving well to the it does mean a cold start. make sure you take jacket. 59 degrees. still rather breezy and windy, around 65 degrees.nd that's arhe 3:00, 4:00 hour. a better today. ice and mild. the wind will be afactor. now, we do play the phillies again tomorrow. at 1:05. hopefully a better game. sunshine, it will be breezy, take jacket early. by around game time, it is loing pretty good. wendy storm. pretty nice weather. the wind will be blowing to rightfield. again, i'll let them tellou what it is. 66 on thursday. 70% chance of shower on friday. 57 degrees there. 70 on saturday. nd again on sunday.
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so a pretty nice looking weekend. i think we do get to 70. both weenddays. that means you have to go into why you garden and start to work on the lawn. >> okay. better weather and a better game. >> let's hope so. >> it's coming up. did he make a statement in his return to d.c. >> sam rockwell is my guest toght. kathie lee gifford. kathie lee gifford. and a
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as i a there was any doubt bryce harp we're get booed getting sure a bet as behind a driver going 40 on the beltway. would he homer? strike out? beamed? let's play harper squares. so the free square is bryce getting booed.
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i like this clown action. he goes down on strike. swinging. soued like a playoff game early. bottom line, it turned to silence. nail by a 92--mile-per-hour pitch right on his finger. a scary moment for him. let's go back toers shoulder and harper. ound three goes to bryce. snaps it in right. w all the to the track. around second with a double. it is 1 for 3 with two strikeouts and a double. he unloads.u er decker. two-run shot. he's celebrating. 3 for 5. he's hitting .329.
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he's like -- oh! he beat them 3-2. no worries about rain. no score. jonathan at the plate. smashes it down the right field line. he wants that triple. oh, easily. yeah. triple for him. nextte batr. tray mancini rips it into left. he knocks him the reb krir. 2-0. 4-1 on the season. some other news in d.c. sports, the wizards firing ernie grunfeld, the director of operations sense 2003. they never advanced pst the second round this season.
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32-46 so far. h ead coach said he was sad to see theuy who hired him gf itely a tough day. we've both been in this league long enough. tough days happen. he's aod man and he gave me a great opportunity. we didn't meet some of our goals. and that happens. things like this happen. >> the president for the wizards, michael jordan, yeah,' ertainly been a while. so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch
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wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today.
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. . washington tennis tradition will continue to serve the needs thousands of children in d.c. they made the commitment. the endowment will more than doubl wae tennis star from prince george's don't on hand for the big event. that's what loyalty looks like. he came back today. the mayor there, too. one of the only tennisna tonts for charity. they do incredible stuff. >> who wrote that? >> i have no idea.
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>> it's exciting. >> a very good cause this season. not just to learn to play tennis but learning life skills. >> all around. that does it for us. "the tonight show" is next.
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