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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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news4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> michael flynn wal without a sentence. the reason behind today's delay, and the fiery exchange in court. >> the judge tearing into flynn. scolding him. >> we are looking into existing fundin >> we'll examine what is at stake if the deal doesn't come through. >> i'm hoping it doesn't occur. >> and what we know about the teenager just arrested in the murder of a 15-year-old boy. >> i forgive whosid t to my baby. what is done in the dark come to ligh>> and the gun docked, planning to kill. >> that's the charge tonight. t collins has more on this story. what have you learned? >> reporter: they say the motive was someort of neighborhood dispute.
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a t15-year-old, s nearly a half dozen times. over some sort of neighbor dispute. >> we know too many young people are getting caught in a cle of violence, fuel by illegal firearms. r >>eporter: an arrest made but more police work to be done. cops out searching a building on harford street southeast. building where they believe the murder suspect lived. that suspect, 16-year-old malik holston, charged as an adult in question, the murder o 15-year-old gerald watson. gerald watson. chased down. gunned down by two masked men in the aiell near his home on knotts place soutast.
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cops tonight looking for evidence. looking for weapons. lookin for that other masked man. linked to this case of murder. >> i would caution folks that this case is no over. it is still under investigation. this was at least one other suspect involved in this homicide. and we will continue to locate and hold that pson accountable. malsic expected to be officially charged tomorrow. it wa the mole of truth for michael flynn. the prosecution and defense were on the same pagepa aboutng him from prison time. then it took a stunningrn >> that's for sure. the why was not inclined to go easy on flynn and that led to a
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drama delay. now a twist that no one expected b i' you didn't expect to hear the word treason in court today. >> reporter: it waso unexpected. the judge at one point looked at flynn and said, you solour country out. at another point he turned to a prosecutor and said, cld flynn have been charged with treason? the judge said he was not ggesting it. he was just asking. it took many people b surprise. >> michael flynn, it did not go as expected. he pled guilty for lying to the fbi. and both the defense and the prosecution a the judge should go lenient on him. >> what the judge said repeatedly, sir, you t liedthe fbi on the grounds of the white house, in the west wing.w do you k how egregious that
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conduct is? you could see the judge's anger. >> anded despite a recommend little to no prison time, the judge said he could not guarantee that he would not seno him prison. it was postponed for at least 90 days. flynn was fired from the trumpr adminition after less than a month on the job for lying to vice preside pence about contact with the then russian ambassador. the same subject of h lying to the fbi. this morning, president trump tweet saying gd luck in court and denying any collusion with russia. >> any actions he engaged in had nothing to do with the press. >> flynn is a central figure. he aed jim comey to end his investigation into flynn. the president later fired and many a special counsel was appointed about a week later. >> that was blayne alexander reporting. more now on the fiery judge in
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this case. judge emet sullivan. he was born and raised here in washington. he earned a degree from howard university and won't to graduate from howard school of he first became a judge in 1984 when president reagan appointed him to the d.c. superior court. new developments in shutdown showdown. >> the president demanding $5 billion for a borr wallnd they're now saying they'll find money some other way. >> democratsdtill rejec the follow-up offer, leaving the two sides still at a stalemate. >> so without a spending deal, the federal government will run out of money at midnight on friday. >> a new poll shows americans oppose a shutdown by double digit margin. who is to blame? 43% of americans would blame president trump and theic
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repus for a showdown. while 24% would hold congressional democrats responsible. 30% said they'll lame both sides equally and a sharp partisan divide.em 81% ofrats blame the gop. 58% of republicans say, no, it ishe other way around. we are learning this evening more about a murder-suicide that played out in front of a high wise. he used an sioux and the gun in the -- he used an suv and a gun in the attack. this happen on south manchester street. >> reporter:ust a minute ago, police cleared the stain of what th a are calling murder-suicide. the victim, a young mother, lived in th high rise. she was standing out in front of the building when the father of her child came at her in an suv.
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he got out and shot her before turning gun on himself. policeurrounding this white suv. the vehicle used as a weapon in a deadly attack. t an attackhat ended with gunfire and the death of a young mother. katherine. it happened in broad daylight in front of the wood lake towers owes.n't he was alerted this morning that something bad had happened. i saw a lady, oh, she's hurt, somebody do something, do something. >> reporter: the guy on the sidewalk, the alleged killer, christophe e stood outside ramming his car into r. >> it doesn't appear that he
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shot her before hitting her. >> they made the first 911 call. this audio reveals what the first police on the scenefound. there was nothing they could do. policeck fairly q will confirmed the initial suspicion. itas murder-suicide. there was no danger on eyes at the high rise. >> reporter: fortunately, the vict's child was not with her at the time. he was with otherve rela thank you. more breaking news. a threat at great mills high school. they canceled all school activities this afternoon. it was phone in the before 3:00 this afternoon. the school initiated a lockout and then called off all
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activities. earlier this year, one student was killed when a classmate open at that high school. the sheriff's office says it is investigating the threat. >> more breaking news. this involves the washington ki re. sheriff's deputies investigated the redskins player. he was arrested after a fight. >> a look at the fight and what led to all this.ep >>ter: good evening. i have new information. an update that i receive a moment from a witness now basically, this is an update about redskins montae nicholson. he and his friend sydney maggiore were here last night. it is the world of beer.
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they naidholson was calm, nice and not drunk, end quote. but sydney maggiore, the oman he was with, was, quote, causing trouble inside the bar. they said that he exited the building in a good mood with his friends andhe incident we're talking about happened the restaurant on exchange street about 2:00 this morning. the alleged victims said the duo started honking at them. then nickle onson and maggiore started arguing. deputies said he assaulted the man and maggiore hit the man and also hit the woman the bottle. piw, the alleged victims were taken to the hl with serious but nonlife thr tening injuries. the redskins released a statement about. this they said we are gathering more information and we will not comment until we have further detail back out here live. montey wilso i charged with
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assault and battery. he was held on bail on a bond of $205,000. and as for his friend, she is charged with assault and battery and malicious wounding. she did not receive bond. as for mr. nicholson's contract, he is a safet and his contract is worth more than $3 million. shomari stone, news4. >> all right. thank yo w e've got so many gadgetss these dhat are supposed to make our lives easier. still ahead, how a hacker used one of them to terfy parents of a baby. how the make se itoesn't happen to you. and local families staring down a governmenthutdown in the following days. >> reporter: a beautiful night across the area. right here in springfield for ay doug's hol lights. we've got a great night in a
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great neighborhood. we're talking holiday lights and a lot of rain moving in.
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a major rain maker could affect your holiday travel
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his live updates coming up. >> how about making it rain otherwise? the d.c. council giving final approval for sports being. would it make d.c. the first jurisdiction in our region to make betting legal. it needs to get passed by congressionalnd review there's hope that sports betting will be available in d.c. before baseball's opening day in apl. the revenue would help expand affordable childcareptions and fund violence prevention programs in d.c. now, back to the shutdown showdown. we have four days left to reach a deal and today possible sign of a compromise. t white house signaling it wants to avoid a shutdown and that's the good news, especially in our area. >>chris? >> reporter: well, leon and doreen, federal workers tell m they are worried about the
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possibility of the a governmentn shut i spoke to quite a few of them a today at thions here and in southwest washington. concerned ey are about being out of work at christmas. almost 400,000 federal employees face furloughs if the government shuts down. >> it affects my whole family. i'm the only one who works in my family so i'm the sole supporter. it will make it even harder than already. >> reporter: would it affect your holidays? >> yes, it wouldn't be so merry. >> reporter: small business that's rely on federal workers are worried. food truck owners are concerned about losing customers at the worst possible time. >> we're serious. if it is a lengthy shutdown. there gs our business. >> reporter: security, military, the mail will continue. social security checks will be delivered. but jim, the director of the
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center for business in the pi catal, at american university's school o business says don't underunderestimate the impact. >> people will be working, spending their money in the christmas holidays and more, but it will affect christmas tourism. people will think t museums are shut down and there's nothing to do. it's not a great me. it is avoidable and should be avoided. >> reporter: a budget agreement must be reached before the deadline this friday night. >> gug, how is itoing out there? >> reporter: it's going great. temperatures are on the cold side. are u too cold?
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i even have a g in sandals right here. he's fine. we're at th ramirez house right now. this is megan, claire, you have three daughters. i wanted to make sure i got thah you said you asked me to come out last year. >> i did. and you weren't able to make it but i felt like there was a story here for to you cove because there's a whole bunch oe people her that we love and we want yze to recogni on the news. >> all rit. great. >> and we're very happy. what does it mean to you? >> this is for wkelly. t everybody to remember her and i want to bring some happiness to the op's christmas time.i
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really enjoy it. the best part is when the kids come up and say thank you for doing it. sf >> and we're going to talk about how you put to it music. yohave to figure it out. we'll talk about it but we have to talk about someweather, too. we've got some rain coming. this is tuned to whmusic. you have it on, you can tune to it 98.1. now, take a look. weatherwise across our area, temperaturewise, we're sitting in the low 40s. that's notbad. wimds out of the west. we've got a little windchill. it's not too bad. 33,culpeper, 32 toward winchester. chilly but terrible. the radar picture, nothing to
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show. we're starting to watch thee system m its way in toward texas. that whole stlel combine another system making its way our way. and this time, these storms will phase but to our west. friday will be a nice day with a lot of warm ai we're really concerned about thursday night west could see winds upwards o 40 miles per hour. we'll be watching that. travel issues along the east coast. that will be a bigfactor, too. let's show you. 50 degrees for tomorrow. 50 on thursday. rain likely late on thursday. a very warm rain on friday. more showerctivity on friday. i'm predicting a white
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christma i'm not. i'm trying though. >> just playing with our emotions. >> getng our hopes up! >> all right. star on and off the scene. we've learned that penny marshall has died. >> plus, a bar fight leads to a >> plus, a bar fight leads to a new invtigationes
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the parents of a 4-month-old baby hacked into their security camera and said he would kidnap their child. the baby was upstairs sleeping at home. the parts were downstairs when they started hearing a strange voice on the camera in the baby's room. mother and father red upstairs to find baby topper alone and safe. they quickly disconnected their wi-fi. in a stament to nbc news, nest says some customers reuse passwords, which hackers may haveur collectedg security breaches at other
6:25 pm
actress and director penny marshall was truly in a league of her own. >> a goo way to put it. she died at home monday from complications of diabetes. >> why marshall was so blessed. >> reporter: penny marshall was born in the bronx and into show business. her brother and sister were producers. penaltiy's earliest success was in front of the camera including a few commercials -- >> selling shampoo of any kind. >> reporter: small roles and tv comedy like the bob newhart show. she became a star in 1976 as laverne on "laverne & shirley." the show with cindy williams show cased working women in the
6:26 pm
1950s. >> i think it was a blue collar show. we were working class girls. we needed to make the rental. >> reporter: when the show ended in 1983, marshall switched to the big screen behind the camera. >> there is no crying in baseball! >> reporter: she directed baseball movie, a league of their own. and "big," both starring tom hanks and both big hits. she also directed the critically acclaim film, "the tawakening." se old stereo types still exist that women don't to create a movie for a mass audience. they don't know how to do a movie for men. >> reporter: her ex-husband tweeted associationad about penny. while her friend danny devito said, i was so fortunate to spend time with her. so many laughs.
6:27 pm
she had a heart of gold. tough as nails. remembered for her work and her heart. nbc news. >> so talented. >> special. more law changing because of the new i-4 investigation. coming up. >> reporter: coming up, a bar fight spill out into the streets. the thing is, it involves prince george's police and they were armed. >> and you've heard about the >> and you've heard about the michl flynn sentencing delaeay
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just days after a gun went off at a holiday party with members of the prince george's police department, there was another investigation underway. >> this involving prince george's officers at an alleged bar fight in annapolis. tracee wilkins with what she learned about it. >> we have information there was a fight. >> reporter: police are trying to figure outhat happened outside this annapolis bar last month. it may have involved three offdeuce prince george's police officers. ere was a misunderstandi after one of the officers lost or had his credit card stolen inside the bar. the officers were asked to leave
6:31 pm
soon after. >> they were there. they left. time passed. then later they came back trying find the credit card. and then whatever happen, happted. that's w we're trying to determine.he >> were some witnesses trying to figure out what happened next. the three g officers wehered outside the bar when someone saw a gun and stopped annapolis police for help. >> the officer drew down on the person.rm di him. after that, he was able to identify the person carrying a fire article as a prince george's police officer. >> reporter: it turns out, two ficers involved were from the same unit as others were suspended after an accidental shooting. the gun unintentionally dischargedve o the weekend. police aren't commenting on this until police theron are with
6:32 pm
their investigation. >> we don't expect any criminala chargesst the three offduty officers. but it isti an ongoing investigation. we're still gathering information. we would be interested in talking to anyone with n. informat >> reporter: the question is, was there drinking? th police will ha to investigate after the criminal investigation is done in annapolis. tracee wilkins, news4. a man has just been sentenced to 357 years in jail. jude lovechik was tied to the krils last year when his wife told police that he had confessed to her. the rapes occurred at a time when police were hook for a man known as the centerville rapist.
6:33 pm
he has not been t tied any other attacks. back to the breaking news about a man who was once trusted with the nation's most sensitive secrets. michael flynn pleaded guilty about lying to the fbi. >> he cooperated with the russia investigation and prurts didn't seek any prison time for flynn. so it came as a big surprise when the judge threatened to lock him up. >> ken dilanian now, that judge really dressed him down. walk us through with what happened in that courtroom stoday. >> it a stunner. both sides agreed that he did not deserve jail time because he had cooperated with mueller. but the judge had a different idea first he had two messages he wanted to send the public in my view. first, he was very upset that michael flynn's lawyers had filed a pre sentencing dee
6:34 pm
brief. that even though he's pleading guilty, maybe the fbi trapped him, didn't offer him a lawyer. so the judge put him under oath and made sure he was pleading guilty. en he started to really hammer flynn over the conduct that he was not chargedwith. secret lobbying. he paid more than half a million to turkey. and he was not charged with that crime. the judge said, you sold out your country and i can't cannot tellou i won'te sente to you prison. so the attorneys said, we can ntinue on cooperate. there is a separate case in virginia that he can cooperate on and then we'll come back in 90 days. >> so what more could he possibly >>? t is a side line case with his forme business partners in virginia charged in the illegal wabbying team. i think i a fig leaf.
6:35 pm
his lawyers did not want to face judge today. there was a wad day. >>o it will be at least 90 days from now. >> that's right. it could go longer than that. we don't know what mike flynn has given rob mueller. >>th eveg we can learn later. just ahea the three schools in our part of maryland that have been recognized as me of the best in the country. and how the entire country is stepping up to make the christmas wish of a local virginia woman come true. >> just shows you, there is a lot of good in people.
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a news4 i-team investigation leads to a new law in the district. now crackingown on a scheme blocking some of the most coveted parking spots. >> and scott macfarlane is the man who uncovered it. >> it is a food truck scheme. it started in southwest d.c. and then it quickly read. the i-team figured it out and go attention of government officials. >> watch your screen. this is not one of the official food truck zones. two years ago, they started taking over public meter spaces. and then outside u.s. immigration h dquarters saying here weren't enough food truck
6:39 pm
zones for all the trucks. to held to spaces, the operators movedl perso cars at the end of each day into the spaces. the next morning they return the food trucks and swapped out the cars. sometimes swallowing the cost of a $30 d a ticket in the process. d.c. law changed the la to you put an end to the squatting. >> nbc 4 news was very helpful. i'm grateful. it helped shine a light where we needed it. >> another d.c. councilmember called it a schem and a fraudulent enterprise. the bill passed unanimously. it will take effect next year. >> the price will no longer be $30. it will go higher and higher. >> it seems like it will be pretty easy to track. you're given the same vehicle
6:40 pm
ticket every day. heknow the cars and the trucks. >> good job. >>f you see something that you think scott and the i-team should be atinvestg, share your tips on our app. a big honor for three local schools in maryland. they've been selected as blue ribbon schools which means they're some of the highestpe orming schools in the state. this year it includes mt. harmony elementary school, urbana high school. they will receive school supplies andome new technology.'l theyl be invited to become a national blue ribbon school. have you considered deling ur facebook account? walt mossburg cover silicon valley for decades. he posted that he's deleting his facebook and facebook messenger
6:41 pm
accounts. he said his values no longer match those of the social media company. they point out that he has a history of slamming the privacy policies. >> i think a lot of people are concerned. >> when the experts say that's enough. next, a story you'll see only onnews4. the special surprise for a virginia woman who has cerebral palsy. how people around thepa c have come together. and doug is hive, celebrating the festiveness f f the
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police say a man chased down a mother a a child, ran over her with his car and then shot and kille her. christopher books then shot and killed himself there at the scene. the victimeen identified as 30-year-old katherine montel. this deadly confrontation played out on south manchester street. a 15-year-old is charged as an adult in connection to the murder of another teenager. d.c.'r police say th searching for a second person in shooting death of gerald watsone po believe it may have stemmed from neighborhood dispute. and the white house is$5 billion to fund a border wall and said it will find the money some other way of without a deal, theil government shut
6:45 pm
down at midnight friday. the redskins safety montae nicholson is charged tonight. he and a woman attacked another man and another woman this morning. it happened in ashburn. it started when the pulled up in a vehicle and started honking at them. this one is reallyspecial. it was a simple facebook post started this.ut it was all a getting a surprise for a local young woman. >> she has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and her parents wanted to make it extra special. >> how strangers came through to deliver the news. >> this is a story about a girl and her newspaper. she loves the sights and sounds and feel of the morning paper in her she gets it from her dad. >> he would sit here in the morning whi she had her milk
6:46 pm
and he would hold the paper. >> she suffers from epilepsy the tough days, the newspaper is like medicine. >> the paper is ae pick up. >> she's not too keen on the front page or the comics section. it is the ads. will be first or i taken apart. >> teresa miller knows what's at the t ofer wish list. she wanted to do something really spial. >> aid friend saying it would be cool if you could get papers om other areas. >> that led to a facebook post. >> from friends or relatives in other states. i didn't think it would go nearly as far as it did. >> this is the box of paper so far. >> the newspapers came in from all over. >> california, anchorage, pennsylvania, pennsylvania. it says merry christmas from long island, new york. i don't know who they are and they sen her so many minutes.
6:47 pm
>>he it is all t ads she could ever want. where to put them? where newspapers normally go. >> she might get overwhelmed. to have that many newspapers at her disposal, but she'll love it. >> it will make christmas unforgettable. >> it just shows you the good in people. >> and that is good news. >> that's wonderful. >> and sometng most of u would throw away that could bring so much joy to someone like that. >>right. good to see. love that stuff. a lot of holiday spirit when he we find doug kammerer tonight. he is hive in springfield surrounded by christmas >> you have some work to do. >> anybody traveling thursday and friday? we have one traveling thursday,
6:48 pm
friday. you're going to have a hard time. even been herehree hours and we've hadeifferent peo from different communities. that's awesome. we're hive here. we've got some new people on the show with us. you said this took you a little while to get. >> it took me a couple years. with trial and error. i finally did get to it work. and you had some inspiration. >> yes. my buddy cliff. from springfield. and i went to see hisw to get the lights to music. >> reporter: and you're a fireman. you're retired. you said you have how many lights? >> about 60,000 lights. >> that's been a long work in progress for you, too.
6:49 pm
i can tell, you're going to get something. let's show you what's happening weatheise. we have the big storm coming but not tonight. we're looking at some nice conditions as far as temperatures go. right now, still sitting in the upper 30s to low 40s around the area and that's the way we'll be through the evening. eventually falling into the 30s. the temperature will get down around freezing in the city. below freezing in the suburbs. we won't have as much in the way of wind tomorrow a we had today. it is still dryoug we have another system making its way. and this one, just like theas one. pick up all this moisture from the gulf of mexico. move it rnto ourion and it will give us another wallop.
6:50 pm
if you're traveling to the northeast, wash out. back to the west. this whole system movest. let's show you the forecast. we'll show you the school forecast. recess looking good. 50 by the time we're picking up the kids. 50 degrees, above average. 50 degrees tomorrow and on thursday withhe rain moving in. most likely after the noon hour. and then we g tofriday. really, thursday night and friday will be the heaviest rain. both days looking dry. if you're traveling on christmas
6:51 pm
problem. christmas day looks good. i' fging to have to see what happens. you can't hide anymore. she was a fairfax teacher for a long t and you can see she always brought toy to the classroom. we'll see you next year. this i our last doug's holiday lights. we only did two this >> saved the best for last! it's not the holidays until...
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do you remember when we talked about the roller coaster? we're following a road win in jacksonville. one player taking over headlines. the safety montae nicholson rested for fight two miles away from the practice facili. he went with a woman in ashburn. the two honked a another man and woman. and aer an argument, police say nicholson assaulted the other man. the woman he was with assaulted the other woman. nichson is charged with assaultnd battery. he was releasedn bond. with his second year, the team that, we are are of the arrest of montey nicholson.
6:56 pm
hnight there is no word if will play saturday against tennessee. and you can watch the redskins continue their push for the playoffs. saturday, right here on nbc 4. we'll have your pre game coverage hive starting at 3:00. i will be there in nashville. following the game, we've got you covered with our postgame report. that's all rightere on nbc 4. the washington capitals have one of the longe streaks in hockey. a large part of that thanks to the captain alex ovechkin. the player of the week cofing back to back hat tricks. he is leading the nhl i goals. so i sat down with him talking about how he can keepyi png lev. >> alex ovechkin! >> it is nice to be out there se
6:57 pm
doing all tho things. >> are you playing your best hockey at 32 years old? >> it is all about the cup. >> we're the stanley cup champions! >> a regular year. you try to be in shape and have your mine in the right direction. >> you played the penguins. now that you've beaten tm in th playoffs, does that change how you view games against the penguins? >> no. i think will always be lots of tough games. it's fun to bethere. >> he is balancing thought with
6:58 pm
being a new dad. his son 4 is months old today. surprisingly, he said his favorite thing to do is to go swimming sergei. so maybe heut has ae off the ice. so a newizards team playing tonight. it will feature a familiar face. welcome back trevor ariza who says he, too, is happy to be back with d.c. >> coming back re. it's like going home. i'm familiar with the people in the organization, the players. it feels >> bri back some veteran leadership. will he make a >> he couldn't hurt. they shouldn't have let him go place. first he can shoot the three and he plays d. >> yeah. e of those older brother
6:59 pm
types. >> they need sometr chem >> yep. so strike up the band, welcome so strike up the band, welcome back, m s: jame this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousands in the dc area with kidney disease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healthye.nd enjoying a full l i'm james brown and meet my friends, alana and reginald - soon to be parents of two. to learn more about kidney donation, visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at gw or ll 1-833-kidney3.
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tonight, a stuning courtroom surprise. former trump national security adviser michael flynn expecting no prison me instead gets slammed by the judge, who told him you sold your country out. the judge even asking prosecutor it is flynn rsommitted treason. lawycrambling in a dramatic turn of events. also tonight, president trump agrees to shut down his charity amid legations he used the money to benefit himself. it was the device used in the deadliest shooting in modern american history, wump stocks, officially banned. how long owners have to turn them in or destroy them. tributes pouring in for a hollywood trailblazer. ♪ from making us laugh on "lavern and


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