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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we're working to learn more about what happened there overnight. justins live withhe latest. >> aaron, workingo learn exactly what took place here overnight because it is clear that something substantial happened based on the very large police response we saw here overnight. and we also saw crime scene investigators arriving on the scene bringingith them equipment which we often see for serious injury as well as death investigations. i want to show you also what we saw here the scene as well. it closed here so far with what we could make out as well, heavy fabric caught in the escalator down below as well as blood
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spatter nearby. not showing you that b we also did see packaging in and around that area indicating some kind of response here was met in the area of thatelstai here and as we come back out live, just what the circumstances are a not yet clear. we do have calls in to amtrak. police working to learn more about what happened but w can tell you their service is not going to be impacted. that will still be closed for morenvestigation asell as clean up. but service on amtrak is going to flow a norma this morning. >> justin, thank you. >> 5:01. we turn to th forecast and t rest of the commute. >> we'll check in with wtop's jack taylo for more in just a
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moment. sun coming up 20 minutes after 7:00 but a beautiful morning once again. once again, clear skies leading into your tuesday morning. you can see that wind picking up just a little bit. we had breezy conditions throughout the night. we'll continue to see winds 5 at to 15 miles per hour throughout theday. and continue to head into the lower to mid 40s for the afternoon with plenty of sunshine. we also have christmas on the way so we'll talk about those forecasts coming up in a few minutes, but first let's talk to jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> good morning. eastbound prince william parkway we have continuedy activ
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around the crash on the right side of the roadway. traffic is a little bit heavy am yoe through the area. two lanes to the left are getting so. oute 9, traffic had been temporarily stopped wit tow truck on scene now. white's ferry closed today due to the high water on the potomac. ack into you. >> it's5:03. now a developing story from chicago where officials say two police officers were hit and killed by a train. this happened last night while the officers were chasing the shooting suspect. s official both officers leave behind young children. >>ouost two men. both fathers. young families. this holiday will never be the same. >> both officers had been on the
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force for just over two years. >> we are staying onop of story that you saw first on news 4. two prince george's c police officers were hurt following an accident al shooting at a holiday party over the weekend. they were off duty at the time and at an officer's home when a personal gun was fired. one officer was shot in the hand and another officer was hurt when the same bullet ricochetted and hit him. it is unclear whether the officers were drinking. >> i'm not going to assume that there wasn't but i don't have facts that so and so was seen asdrinking. it a holiday party. >> new this morning, prince p george's countice released additional information in a deadly weekend stabbing.
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police aobestedt jackson. he is accused of stabbing bryant segal to death on saturday morning. they were roommates at a group home. jackson was arrested at the scene. police are still trying to figure out amotive. >> family and friends of a d.c. teen shot and killed in southeast are remembering him as a goodlierson always w to help someone else. two people wearing masks chased him into a stairwell on knox southeas it happened on thursday. police have not made an arrest. watson's grandmother says the suspects can run,he but can't hide. >> whoever is responsible for this i forgive you. >> police urge anyone in the community with information about the case to come forward.
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>> happening today, the district could have it's own red flag gun safety law on the books. the final ve on theeasure is expected today. >> darcy speer is live at the wilson building with more on this law and what it mea for n owners. darcy, good morning. >> good morning. we are her at the wilson building where the council will have a huge agenda for later today. the red flag law is just one of the laws that they're considering and this could impact people that own gs right here in the district. ow the law would give authorities the power to temporarily takeaway guns from eople that are suspected domestic abusers. people considered a risk to themselves or others. a similar law has passed nd is being implemented. is also addresses bump stocks. those are the attachments that allow guns to fire rapidly and lows for a lot more bullets than a gun could fire. those are used in the mass
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shooting in las vegas. it's important to know that it passed unanimously during the first reading earlier this month. it has a lot of sport here. that meeting gets underway at 10:00 this morning. back to you. >> y,darc thank you. the council planned to vote on a plan that would legalize gambling in d.c. the pla follows a supreme court ruling this year that legalized gambling in casino and internet. it would be regulated by the d.c. lottery. if approved it would funnel millions of estimated revenue intohe city some said that money should go to the arts and educion. the mayor is expected to approve the bill. >> happening today,resident trump's former national security adviser will be sentenced for to the michael flynn will face a u.s. district judge here in rding to partially redacted notes released yesterday, general flynn made false
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statemen about his communications to the russian ambassador to the u.s. at the before the wee president trump was inaugurated in 2017. the special counsel recommended flynn get little to no jail time for coopera with the russia investigation. >> we are inching cser to a partial government shutdown. friday is the deadline for a compromise to be reached and right now there seems to be no progress. democrats refuse to give into president trump's demandsor $5 billion border wall. the white house insists the president won't budge on the issue. if there is noag spending ement by the endth of e week, thousands of federal workersl n our area wil out of work and their ccks delayed just days before christmas. we'll have more on this story from capitol hill in our next half hour. >> the former chief ecutive at cbs will not receive a $120 million severance package from the network.
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his attorney says his client denies having anynonconsensual sex and is cooperating with investigators. starting january 1st, if your rush hr tak ten minutes longer than scheduled metro will refund the money. metro has refunded about a million dollars to riders since it startedhi the program ts year. your smart trip card has to bee regi to get the refund. >> we know more information about the march of dimes plan to relocate from new york to arlington county. as part of thehedeal, county will provide a $150,000 economic ant.lopment incentive
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it works to help mothers and babies. transportation tops the list of concerns among arlington maresidents whenn moves into northern virginia. >> residents want to know how much of a impact the estimated 25,000 additional jobs will have on aea area a struggling with traffic. people pack the cteteria l night to voice their concerns offials said amazon would be obligated to create one parking spot f every six employees. they hope this will encourage people to use publi transportation but some question whether that will push some to park on residential streets. >> you're trying m to parke cars in our neighborhoo and that's worrisome to me. t wee want to make sure t have the capacity to get all of those employees or as many as possible riding transit to minimize any impacts on the traffic and roads.
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>> residents are also concerned about whether there will be enough affordable housing for everyone. meanwhile, amazon is making it easier to get the last minute gifts under thetm chris tree in time. coming up, how tota take advan of free shipping. on as far as what you need to pay atteno today as you walk out the door, pay attention to where the sunglasses are. you'll need them today and extra layers possible. cooler today than yesterday. temperatures right around 40 degrees and we warm up significantly before the e of significantly before the e of thend
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>> there's growing concerns that ill raiseal reserve interest rates. president trump is against the increase. >> the government ofalaysia filed criminal charges against goldman sachs and two former executives. they're accusing the company of stealing billions of dollars om a state investment fund. the fund was supposed to accelerate they' countr economic development. officials say the two former ecutives bribed officials and gave false statements in order to raise cash for the funds. they then turned around and stole the money using it for personal gosachs denied any wrong doing. >> a major construction project is coming to union station. amtrak plans to install a new track and rebu pd atform on
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the lower level. amtrak will build a walk way to access the new platform. a federal grant will pay for the project and allow more people to travel through union station. it's set to open in 2022. >> good news for anyone that drives i-66 or wants to avoid driving it. a new commuter lot is located there. there's 230 parking spaces and the area supports car pooling and bus riding. buses make four trips each way each day. there's no charge for the bus des through february. >> as we inch closer to windowas, your shipping for packages is closing. today is the last day for gamazon's free shipp with no minimum purchase offer. this deal is available for everyone. not just prime members. if you place your order today, amazon says it will arrive byri mas. an icon dance that you have probably done when no one was looking o perhaps in public at
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the club, is now at the center of a lawom against very popular video games. >> not at the club. >> the fresh prince of bel-air star is suing the creators of fortnite and nba 2k for using his dance moves in their video games. >> he danced the carrolton in the fresh prince of bel-air. that was such a good show. in a separate lawsuit h says e makers of the video games used his danceut moves wit permission or credit. thect aor says he is in the middle of copyrighting the dance. after all of these years. spokesmen for the companies did not respond to media requests. >> how do you copyright it? the electric slide is out there. all of these tngs that are parts of pop culture. >> maybe because this ised identiith one person. >> the electric side, that's not
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one person. the cabbage patch, that' one person. >> we're going to break out all the oldchool dances. >> it's >> it is cold. >>ve we been talking about the rain for friday. it's just going to be plain sore not talking about any wrain. snow or anything like that. just plain rain so temperatures in the 60s. so again, listen its chilly out there this morning. it is clear. we'll continue to have sunshine today once the sun comes up which istl just a l over two hours from now. 7:22 is the official sunrise here in d.c. so we have clear skies. that would allow the temperatures to drop significantly. a lot of places in the 20s to 30s now.
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we do have the heavy rain arriving as we continue into your thursday night and friday. by the time we get into your t friday, does look like that could impact some travel around the region. especial from the dee south up through the mid-atlantic and then going up the eastern seaboard. but saturday, sunday, looking good right now. as tou wake ups morning, we'll have plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the low 40ths. g to worry about this morning. all of that rain has gone and dried up from the winds that we had yesterday. we're dry right now from theor team 4 radar.
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now tomorrow the temperatures go up even 50 degrees for tomorrow. still plenty of sunshine. then we get into your thursday. so thursday morning looking good but here comes some areas of low pressure that are going to move right into our area by thursday. commute with the rain in the ghrecast and that's going to continue all t the day on friday. of course temperatures are going to go up so just rain for t day o friday. look at that. 63 degrees on friday. but almost about0% chance of rain. then we thaw. so by saturday,inemperatures the upper 40s. we stay in the mid 40s on sunday. could have a few showers lingering. i'm talking about before daybreak on saturday.ri mas eve, christmas day, looking fantastic. we have traffic. hopefully that c is looking fantastic. good morning. >> it's noto, too bad. we've had better starts but this isn't too d. we'll start down at 197. both effected by this crash. volume is still light so it's not causing a delay. just watch the potential for limited terms under police direction.
5:21 am
now you're going to find headed in the eastbound direction out in nassas. you'll find heavy traffic out of the prince william parkway because of crash cleup, two left lanes are getting by. still have access to exit 44 if you're heading eastbound on georgetopike, western river bound road, one single vehicle down into a ditch. at this point, volume is light buts a tow truck arrives on scene you may be getting by one direction at atime. hopefully they'll be removed very quickly. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:21. coming up, paying to park. it's common in big cities. now a local county is considrging chaing you too. the details on whereki par could soon be more expensive. >> tvs, iphones, video dgames, whyou get for the techy on whyou get for the techy on
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if you have a ch in your life you'll know they're always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest gadgets. >> justiinch has a few last minute ideas to help you out. >> pressure is on to grab the latest and greatest gadget. a holiday hunt for many already happening online but we went pentagon store to the city best buy where c sheght us up on what is trending. >> take it or leave it at h e or take it on the . >> so many ways to work the new console taylor made for -- >> the teens. >> nintendo switch is the way.
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>> the price tag,$2 . games start around $30. now we're flipping it. say you have a grandma or yrandpa into facebook, wait until the see this. >> the facebook, portal definitely a great gift to give for the holidays. we start off with your regular modelt $199. >> it features a video cam and amazon alexa and more. you can size up with the portal plus 2 at $350. as for mom and dad, check out the apple watch. >> sometng simpleo use. you have it as a regular watch or you can also take advantage of the smart feature. if you missing a call, or you're missing a text, it all comes to you. it clso monitor your heart rate as >> newer series 4 start around $400. der series threes around 280. as for your significant other, maybe one of apple's newest phones, warning, though, they're not cheap but worth it.
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>> the 10s starts at $999, yours max is $1,099 for the phone. great photos, led screens, so the brightness being able to see and also battery life. >> for a few hundred dollarsless and fewer features, the 10r is an option. and look out, amazon is bringing fire to the tv market. >> 43 inch and goes up to 55. >> pricestart around $350. amazon's toshiba-made fire tvs combine the streaming fire stick tv techs with remotes. >> you'll be able to talk tthe television. >> a lot to weigh before the holiday. justin finch news 4. >> that's pricey presents on that list. >> but some people have to have that technology and their families know t it andy plan for it. so that's your thing. >> right. save up now for next year.
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>> for next year, right? because iphones will be more expensive. >> we're working for you all week with ideas for the last minute fts. >> we' tackle the smaller presents that may have slipped your mind. the ones you put in the stocking. that's a good idea. >> i was just looking for presents. i was like, oh my goodness. today is the last day for amazon? i need a couple more things. it's coming down into the wire and of course we're heading into the christmas weekend cing up. a lot of rain heading our way as well. 41 degrees. clear headed into the low 40s throughout the morning, into the mid 40s by this af trnoon. we'lk about that rain and we'lk about that rain and talk about how it could the holidays make me look forward to chick-fil-a honestly. every year we have an ugly sweater party. i like the manatee. that one is cute. i love this. we cater it with chick-fil-a. the crowd pleaser. scott's always so helpful.s while the food'ming out as-a. quickly as we can, since she usually has a small child with her we want to make sure we help them to their car. it takes the stress out of the holidays. we're going to help no matter what.
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5:30 i your time and we are staying on top of breaking news from prince geor's county. this was the scene overnight at the new carroltonmetro rail and amtrak station. you can see the heavy police presence there. >> justin finch is live at the station with the latest on this. good morning. >> good morning, been trying to
5:31 am
piece together what happened here overnight. they're telling us a man was found in a stairwell here overnigh working to learn the condition of that man w andho found him but we do know it commanded a verye heavy polic presence here overnight. this is the gate a here at the new carrolton metro. we're not showing you the blood spatter that we saw there as well. it was closed down. we did see fabric caught in the escalator too suggesting some kind of incident or accident took place there overnight. we want to show you as well the olice presence seen upstairs too. as you will see several agencies responding here including prince george's county police as well as amtrak policeer on scene
5:32 am
they're bringing with them equipment suggesting an investigation of a seriouskind. we do know that a man was found in that stairwell. his condition is not yet released by amtrak police. we're working to learn more about that as the morning wears on but amtrak service is not effected. back in to you. >> justinorinch live us in new carrolton. thank you. >> it's 5:32 now. turn to the forecast. >> we're going to check in with wtop jackor taylor more in just a moment but first, storm team 4 meteorologist lauren rickets has more. >> good morning. we're looking at a chilly start this morningtus tempes are in the 30s and 40s right now. so if you get the kids ready for the bus stop, we have a little bit of a breeze out there today. don'tave to pack the umbrella but we're going to have plenty of sunshute there.
5:33 am
current temperatures outside the beltway, you can see a lot of areas in the mid to upper 30s. annapolis at 39 degrees.le burg at 37. here at reagan international airport,1 degrees. we have clear skies. that allowed the temperatures to drop overnight. clear skies will continue today. sunny skies. more clouds and raire on the way and a little warm up on the way as well. we'll talk about a that your ten-day forecast in a few minutes. let's first talk toloack t about the roads. good morning. >> thank you and good morning. justin has been reporting. at thi point metro will not be effected as the on going police activi continues a the station itself. so far not impacting service. 66 manassas is the story of the morning. our crash clean u remains out at 44 for prince william paway. you hav the right lane taken away. just one vehicle needs to be towed out.
5:34 am
georgetown pike, western river bend road. oneehicle into the ditch. tow truck should be on also route 9, traffic had been alternating here one directi at aime causing a little delay and don't forget white's ferry because of the high water on the pomac closed again today. back to you. >> thank you. >> new updates in the crisis effecting the catholic church. >> 13 priests wh local ties to local schools are acced of sexually abusing children. 13 men on that list spent time at georgown prep in maryland. some of the allegations date back to the 1950s. they say they released the list in aor e to be transparent and to prevent further cases of abuse. the statemequ said e, we are deeply sorry for the harm we caused for the victims and their families. we apologize for participating in the harm that abuse has done to our church.
5:35 am
>> it's now 5:34. here's the other top stories we're working for you ts morning. two chicago police officers are dead after being struck by a train. this happened last night while the officers were chasing a hhooting suspect. officials say bot officers leave behind young children. >> several big votes today for the d.c. council. rst the council will hold a final vote on a red flag gun safety law and will allow family members and health professionals and police to seize guns from someone that poses an immediate danger. today's vote also closes a bum stock ban. the council also p vns toe on a plan that would legalize gambling on sports in d.c. >> today president trump's former national security adviser wi be sentenced for lying to the fbi. he admitted he made false statements about his communications with the russian ambassador to the u.s. at the time in theef weeks be president trump was inaugurated. special counsel robert muellerd recomm flynn get little to no jail time for cooperating with the russia investigation.
5:36 am
we'll have more on this coming up in just a few minutes. >> it's now 6:36. a budget increase of more than $55 million. that is what is on the table for mogomery county schools. tonight is your chance to find out more. the proposed 2020 fiscal year budget is a2.65 billion. that's more than 2% raise over the 2019 budget. the majority of the added expenses would be for salary adjustments and the cost for larger enrollment. where will that money come from? the school district is asking for $29 million more than isqu ed by law. you don't have to leave home to learn more tonight. the virtualonrsation will be held on the school district's website where you can weigh in with questions. >> fairfax county is considering following d.c.'s footsteps and charging you to park on the street. the county argues charging to park on the street discourages driving and could push people to
5:37 am
metro to free up traffic. it also means you can't leave yo car on thetreet for a long time. that will also free up tysons. >> cominup,he news 4 iteam uncovers ahearking . occupied full f time byd trucks. nvestigation sparked a .ajor change
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he took part in some of the joy himself after getng a big hug from the local gold medallist. the annual event is one of the high likesf her holiday
5:41 am
season. >> i have been doing this the last 20 years. it's always fun to see my neighbors and see santa and get everyone in the christmas spirit. >> santa is smart. he told her that he will try to bring her more gold medals and roodgrades, not that she needs help with eithe of those things. >> she seems to have that down. >> she reay does. katie isro homem break from stanford university. >> and you see her out lot of times in the community tryingo spread some cheer lauren is awesome too. >> thank you so much. temperatures out there right now 30s and 40s. warming up today b cler than yesterday. weave rain on the h onlythe story?
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>> today president trump's foer national security adviser will be sentenced for lying to
5:45 am
the fbi. according to newly released notes, michael flynn made false statements about communications thehe russian ambassador at u.s. at the time. this happened before president trump was inaugurated. >> tracy, how much time is flynn expected to face? >> maybe not a lot because the government says he's been cooperating in the russia investigation. so they' recommendin little if no jail time even though he lied about his meetings with the russian ambassador saying that they did not talk about sanctions that had been imposed on russia when he later admitted that they did talk about that. but because he's given what the government called substantial information in this russia probe, he may not see any jail time at all. >> and tracie, this budget issue is still out there. any signs ofomomise from the white house or capitol hill that might prevent a government shutdown on friday? >> no. and in thisse no news is not
5:46 am
good news with no signals of compromi coming from either side, the president, democrats, or republicans here they're looking for a sign from the white house on where to days mise, but with four to go, there doesn't seem to be any signs of any compromise between the $5 billion that the president wants for a borderwa and the 1.6 billion the democrats are willing to give for border security. not including a wall. >> tracy potts on the hill for us this morning. thanyou. >> it's now 5:46. happening today the d.c. council will vote on a gun safety law that will remove firearms from certain people'r th known as red flag laws. ui darcy spencer is live at the wilsoning in downtown d.c. with more on this law. good morning. >> well, good morning. these red flag laws are gaining in popularity across the c sntry evce the mass shooting at the school in parkland, floridaa marylaeady passed this legislation and it's being implemented and it looks liketh
5:47 am
d.c. council could also pass this later today. we want to show you a graphic so you can get a better understanding of what this means here in the this would reduce access to guns by people considered a risk to themselves or others. people would beble to petition a court for an extreme protection order. now the order allowsolice to immediately remove guns from that individual, including from cteir home. the sub of that warrant would not be able to purchase another weapo for ten days and possibly not have guns for up to a yew. the package would also ban bump stocks. those arehe rapid fire attachments to guns that the shooter used in las vegas. now this package of bills will be taken up later this morning heret the wilson building. it received unanimous support during the first t reading of bill. so it looks like it could be passed here later today. back to you. darcy.nk you, we'll have much more on the other bill the council is voting on coming up at 6:00 a.m.
5:48 am
>> also today, d.c. council is expected to pass new legislation because of a news 4 iteam earlier this year, scott mcfarland revealed a scheme to take permanent hold of valuable curb sideeal estate. it's now spread and some d.c. leaders want to put a stop to it. >> here in southwest d.c. with all the federalffice complexes and federal workers, food trucks do big busine w. butt you see behind me is not what it appears. this is not one of d.c.'s designated food trucks. look what happened jt before lunch. a news 4 iteam investigation revealed the truck operators have an elaborate plan to nab these precious parking spots every day. here on e-street they park at public meter stations and they swap in old cars to hold the spaces overnight. all night and they bring the food trucks n back thet day to swap back in for lunchtime. it's a parking scheme that's been going onere for at least two years. city parking officials tell the
5:49 am
iteam it's technically legal and cheap. it's a $30 fine each day. easily recoop with the sale of a few lunches. today d.c. council members expected to pass a new law to raise the price of the tickets or to allowarking officials to tow the cars or the trucks for racking upo many tickets. >> when we know the game they're playing, it's time for us to get in the game and make sure that we're getting them ticketed, booted or off the street. >> they're forced to do thisus be they say there aren't enough food truck zones in the district. ewming up tonight on 4 at 5:00, hear if there's any protests as d.c. council this new law to change the parking rules. also find out where this scheme has s in recent weeks. >> 5:49 now. you may notice the trashiest bar in d.c., but it'sd suppo to look like that apparently. >> this is the new pop up bar. it's getting attention.
5:50 am
they're going all out to highlight then issues ie ocean and how trash impacts under water creatures. >> so asis theict gets rid of plastic straws, this bar will embrace them but ovey for decora purposes. you'll see sea urchins made out of straws and jelly fish out of coffeefi lters. january 1st, plastic straws will be outlawed in d.c. >> you can try straw. and then at the end we do want to take a straw poll to see what people like the best and we've n from there. >> it opened last night. if you'd like to check it out, head over to 9th street in shaw. you have until december 30t to stop by. >> people go to great lengths to raw attention to important issues. if you can have fun while you're doing it, so be it. >>meanwhile, i want to draw attention to the cold in the air this morning. >> temperature in the 30s and 40s. we'll warm up into the mid 40s.
5:51 am
that's as good as it's going to get today but grab the sunglasses. you'll need them today. you'll need them tomorrow and you'll need the umbrella on thursday and then all of the rain gear as we get friday because we have a soaker coming our way on friday. could have an inchra of . could have some more flooding around on friday and if you're traveling onfriday, could create some big issues. not only here buthroughout the mid-atlantic. so as far as what we're looking at on the cital camera, clear skies. it's beautiful out there this morning. early this morning bore the sun comes up. sun comes up about 7:20 a.m. you can see the current temperatures out there right now, 30s to low 40s. 30s outside the beltway. ase continue over the next 12 hours we're looking at the temperatures into the mid 40s with clearing skies. so it's going to be nice. a little bit of a breeze out there. northwest winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. otherwise, no rain to deal wi looking good. looking dry. going to be, again, a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid
5:52 am
40s. now it was also a little bit more on the windy side. today not quite as windy b still little on the breezy side but more sunshine out there today. now heading into w tomorrow,ll keep the sunshine around and we'll keep temperatures around 50 which is jt aew degree above normal for this time of the year and we'll keep thees dr around but not for long. thursday morning still dry as well. so if you'reel trg, you're looking good on thursday morning. rain down to florida and back out to st. louis. even by 8:00 a.m. on friday we're stillking at delays. look at this, all throughout the eastern seaboard and up through new england, pretty heavy rain in that area. so again,e we do h rain. maybe a few lingering showers before daybreak onay satu saturday and sunday not too bad and christmas eve and christmas
5:53 am
day also loo beautiful with plenty of sunshine. all right. hopefully it's a beautifulrive in. good morning jack taylor. >> hey, lauren, good morning. the past couple of hours we have been dealing with crash in manassas. william parkway gone. all travel lanes are open and delay headed toward centerville. we had a crash on route 9. h traffi been alternating. that crash has now cleared so all ofur travel lanes are available. news chopper 4 has been heading on the beltway. owter loop. right ind the topside and moving over toward new hampshire avenue and. georgia aven volume is light for now. we'll keep an eye on it because that will change.
5:54 am
tonight is the night the ha season'sion of the voice will be crowned. >> we're talking about kennedy holmes. this is her performance from last night. ♪ you can watch all the excitement starting at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >> he's going to be one of the coaches next season. >> you'll be tuning in every week. >> thousands of kids will be
5:55 am
waking up with presents under their tr. >> nbc 4 is one of dozens of tompanies taking part. take a look a the gifts our co-workers collected here this holiday season. so what happens next? >> for that te turn molette green live at the salvation army warehouse in prince george's county. look at all the bikes behind you. i know. i remember this was one of the best gifts under the christmas tree and thathis what is all about. when the parents come and pick this up. the angel tree kids get to enjoy sthis. this i a big day for parents in thet distric and prince george's county. w not only do have so many toys back up over there, we can swing over there really quickly. look at all of thoseagd up gifts. that's what this day is all about in the 6:00 hour of news 4 today. we're going to break it all down for you and show you how your generosity will make a kidth sme christmas. so stay with us in the 6:00 hour
5:56 am
of news 4 today. are you guy ready? we're ready. back in to you. >> all right,thanks. >> good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquaters. there's not much time left to order and ship your gifts for delivery by christmas eve. monday was the deadline for fedex ground and home delivery while today is the deadline for affordabl the deadline for free shipping on amazon is also today. the u.s. postal service will let you ship items with priority or first class mail until thursday. the postal service expects to process and deliver nearly 3 p billioces of first class mail this week. >> kate, thank you. >> next at 6:00, new information on that breaking news this in mo an overnight incident inside an amtrak station in maryend. we'll tou there live for new details. >> plus we all know amazon is heading to our area for the first time. we're hearing how crystal city
5:57 am
plans to handle the extra traffic. we're back with much more straight ahead.
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first a look at the rest of yourte and forecast. jack taylor i in for melissa this morning. >> first, lauren has more. what's your name? >> rickets. >> more on our forecast this morning. >> we're talking about clear ies thisrning. we're talking about very chilly conditions this morning as well. temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s at this moment. so again, here ind. , we dropped a degree. i expect us tdbe aro 38 degrees as we head through the 7:00 a.m. hour. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s just in the greater washington area. as we continue over t course of the afternoon, plenty of sunshines and temperatures in the mid 40s. out the door today, wednesday you'll also need the sunglasses d then by thursday, grab that umbrella because we have rain on the wayngnd that's g to be with us for thursday night into friday. we'll time it out for you becaus a lot ofeople are traveling then but we also have b


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