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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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firstree murder. victims of he rampage took to th streets to celebrate the victory of a verdict. the virginia jury will enreco monday for the financing phase. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. two people taken to the hospital after a crash in the district. this is the scene early on southern avenue at pennsylvania avenue. two vehicles weed invo one flipped on the side. no word on the conditions of the victims. a young woman dead after being shot near a popular park in alexandria. a 20 d-year-oldamond moore was found in the street on holmes run parkway yest morning. police do not belive there's a threat to the community. this is the foth homicide of the year in alexandria. >> a lot of headlines on this saturday morning. good morning to you. i'm david culver. i m angie goff. glad you could start off your weekend with us. we want y to tellou how to plan, especially if you're headed outside.
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there are a lot of holiday events going on. andhere's been talk of snow this weekend. >> yeah. i think that was kind of putting a damper on everybody's parade. unfortunately, it's early to get that and get that sticking around for a whi christmas, especially if we didn't get any snow near the 25th. a lh of would have been melted. it's almost a blessing we're not going to get n we don't have to deal with it on a weekend, and all the school kids are saying man, i innt monday off and the teachers are s they want monday off. it's not looking like it at this point. current temperatures in the teens and 20s across the board as we go over the next couple hours you can see the temperaturesill stay in the upper 20s, around 30 degrees. cool today with temperatures in the 30s. here's our system that's getting organized right now. bringing a stt of me through the deep south. you can see pink, winter storm warning. winter storm wches in the blue. we'll let you know if we think
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we'll expand it into our region. i believe some portions of o region will see snow. that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> all right. special counsel robert mueller says president trump'sormer personal attorney michael cohen has been helpful to his investigation but federal prosecutors in new york said he should be stenced to prison for crimes he pleaded guilty to. the >> meanwhile, in the case of paul manafort, it could open a new window into the investiwition. pete iams has more. >> reporter: mueller says paul manafort, the former trump chain chairman violated his agreement by lying to investigators. but court documents filed getting specifics of what they say he lied about were heavily redacted? >> that means there are ongoingt inations, sensitive information the mueller team does not want to make public right now.oc >> theuments say he lied when he denied having contacts
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p this year with the trum administration, but they don't say what it was about. in new york there was a single sentence for michael cohen guilty pleas, fraud as well as campaign financ violations. for hush money payments to stormy daniels and another woman wholaimed they had sexual encounters with trump. cohen's lawyers argued against the sentence, but others suggest he should get at least thr years in prison. meantime former fbi director james comey was interviewed by house republicans in the closed session for about seven hours.ey say the fbi went easy on hillary clinton but extra tough nt trump. >> we could have done this in open setting, and two, when you read the transcript, you'll see we'retalking, again, about clinton clinton's e-mails. i'm not sure we need to do this at all. >> former trump mpaign adviser, george papadopoulos wa released aft12 days in a deral prison camp.
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he promised to provide dirt on clinton. cohen will be sentenced next week. manafort will have to wait until march. pete williams, nbc news, washington. on this topic the white house sayshe manafort and cohen information offers nothing new or damaging abouttrresident ump. but that is not how nbc news political director chuck toddt. sees >> the government is stating without equivocatn that the president as an individual ordered michael cohen to commit a crime and the payofff the two women. if he were not the president of the united states, he probably would be indicted as well. these memos indicate this is more than we thought. and i don't know how congressn es this. >> we'll ve more on the russia investigation tomorrow morning > ter news 4 today on chuck todd. c. parents are having trouble getting social security numbers for their newborns but we found there may not be a
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quick fix. the d.c. health partment says the social security administration stopped accepting data from vital records. they're working on fixing it. until then if you have a newborn, you can reapply for a number and card at a security office. a virginia elementary school student is charged with sexually assaulting two classmates. all of the students involved attend camelot elementary school. they say the 12-year-old boyto hed them inappropriately on the school bus. the boy was tak into custody yesterday and charged as a juvenile. he's now back he with his parents. news 4 working for you on this saturday morning with a traffic alert. the memorial bridge looks open. it is closed again this weekend. the closure started at 9:00 last night. the bridge will be shut off to cars, cyclists.
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ose of you who want to walk, can't do it. it's not going to reopen until 5:00 monday morning. crews are installing a temporary support structure until -- under the mile arch of thbridge. this is part of years' long repair project. the life and lasting legacy of our beloved friend and league jim vance is inspiring a brand new group of budding journali ts and it'sough a new scholarship program at a high school that held a special place in nce's heart. yesterday archibishop carol hige school unva new media program. he personally funded scholarships so carol seniors could attend historically black colleges and universities. >> they get full four year scholarship opportunities to study made ya and journalism. >> we want to make sure all the students in the dm have this
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opportunity to learn in the tradition of jim vance to make sure his legacy continues. >> well, every year about 20 students known as vance scholars will receive full scholarships. >> still giving back. >> my uncle who went there reached out to me and said how cool is this. so incredible and wll deserved. we all know about the football rivalries in the district. man took his love for the other team all the way to the courthouse. we'll have details on the unique lawsuitust ahead. plus small town, big voice. plus small town, big voice. the story behind the
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alright, everyone. santa will be right back, but i just got to say, if you're going to ask him for tech this year, you got to ask for fios too. sorry, why is that? because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. don't you guys want all of the tech on your wish list to work as awesomely as you dreamed? i'm back! and he's back. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. switch to fios gigabit connection, plus tv and phone with a 2-year agreement and get a year of amazon prime on us. the redskins owner to
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teeming up to bring the team bato the district. the redskins are working with officials to insert aum sta provision into a major congressional spending bill. it could clear a roadblock to build newtadium at the rfk site. it could help avid a public debate over whether there may be better uses for the coveted site. snyder and government officials the house could sack the attempts. we reached out tohe - for and severalothers but did not get a comment on the story. it's one of the biggest valries in football.çóñr the green bayfá packers and the chicago bears.q
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first amendment rights were xdxá violated. toj him to wear packers gear t at team's next game inçó chicago. >> they have to respect the civil liberties of the citizens who basically are subsidizing their bi-- busine+3qáip r(t&háh% >> his lawyers are hoping for a judgment before the game on december 16th. they have some loyal fans. game. >> green and s golduld be worn anywhere.r >> that's right. >> we support at. >> that's right.fá okay. have you heard ayvt this? >> this is pretty interesting. >> we got a battle going on.fá a bottleó[xli ovbattle -- batt parking. >> it deals with taking away a single parkgñ place s moreñi wnkes have a placqv to park. this smallxd to has aa9juz opinion othe matter.
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vienna. it has charm. period lighting. >> it has character. it has traffic.s l traffic heading to the shops here. it also habo controversy taking away a single street parking space to put in a bike r rack. >> to take away alp parking spa is not fair to ourt( cbusinesse. >> reporter: it has beenxd tryi corral that's used fort( walker rather than bikes,i] but it cou g5ore taking one single parking space on church street. on church street, and as much aq weñi ovqjo bike and to traffic, people drive. >> reporter: this was the actual space where the bike. corral w that much xdspace, but man, for such a small area, it caused big controversy. >> there's a lot of people on bikes in this area. >> reporter: this is a council
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is justified. >> it'sw3 question of how do we serve the most number of peoples. >> reporter: he argues while o car takes up one space, using b es allows a dozen or so location. drivers don't seem to want the new bikeñi re and, of course, cyclists say they need more ñiresources. >> we need to be able to park >> reporter: for now relocating the bikegrking has beenut on hold until theñi town tries to figure out how many wheels they can ñraccommodate.çó news 4. >> if you're dok a littl[dkl/ç holiday shopping ñrqtoday, laur  with how manyfá layers you need to be puttingto ead out there. >> withf0ny awards season getti unén]e1:u-q look agent the big concontenders.
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big concontenders.
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z2ydpz z16fz y2ydpy y16fy
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that's from "greenbook". it'sñrt//x nominated for five g
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globes, including best comedy or musical. >> it's based on the true story about an african americxd pianist whofá hires a whitee1rir to chauffeur him around. the book was a guide to keep th] two men safe on the road. 1938 america you could own a car, afá deso toe like thisçó o you anywhere,çó butu if yre black, you'd better not travel too far with ths. a green book. shown here at alpñr smithsonian museum ofxd african american rehistory and cul >> it wasq such a challenge. it was hard enough just to get frota to b, the realitylp is that race got in the away. >> thee1 museum director says traveling by car as many americans were doing in the latá 30s could be dangerous evençó deadly if you were lpblack. >> we have examples of people in
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to the wrong gas station. if you pulled into the motort( court to really rest for the q night, suddenly you were told you couldn't come here. >> reporter: the green book became something of a ble for avoiding the pain and discrimination.a5rn( >> the green book said i will identify cities around the within those jfcities,ly tellñr here are restaurantsko where y fore are restaurantsko where y and gas stations. >> tr experience why it was a valuable tool for black families, the museum isçó offerá a ride through anyone interested through theok jim crow south. you. but you needfb to be careful o the roads.w3t( >> reporter: the car has an interactive dashboard of sorts to help you see what it was like ñi gas because you weren't welcome. you had,+# be prepared when
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hotels and motels werefáot willing to rent rooms to you anr your family. >> we don't have any rooms for you. >> reporter: the green book was therain child of a manqe$z lived in new york city, victor green. he had seen how when he went to a place to have dinner, they told him theydn't serve colored people. >> reporter: he wanted to creati could avoid the embarrassment of being turned away. victor green got his information traveled often. >> he talked to traveling sales men. >> reporter: the lastq printing of the green book was in 1958.s thive changed axd lot since then, but -- >> but there's noy doubt in mind that it's disappointing violence, when you see the kinds of sexism thatñi ñ thoug put behind us, and so what i hopejf this museum always does is that challenges that we faced but lso that noq matter what the
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by now you probably heard the acadfyawards, they need a new host. kevin hart steppedñi down from e tw. he wrote he did not want to be a distraction on a night that sauld be celeñ by so many amazing, talented artists. soon after the announcement, he came under firee1 for some old home phobic tweets and joke that resurfaced onlp social med. fear was his son wouldñie1 gay. there'sñiñi no word on who coul. ♪ ♪w3e1r >> grammy nomination. >> they'ret( out. drake almost took the topk spo
6:21 am
with his seven nominations. >> kendrick lamar got eight nods for thew3 blackñi panther sound track. both areñi nominated for the alh oyear. the grammys are on febv@áv0th. >> yes. >> big list of winners there.q >> big viral videos circulating right now. l sherned about hisñi nomnations going into her arraignme arraignment. she's like how many did i get? >what's the arraignment for what? nikki >> hey.ñi e)q weher department, too. whether we're going to get snow or we weren't. >> i know. r' the 20s now. i mean, it's coldym out there. >> we're in the tee in a lot you're right. chilly out there. we're cold enough to support snow out there, but itñr doesn' look like it'sfá going to make into our area.
6:22 am
listen, travel concerns today only if you're headed southgh thr north carolina and into the deep south where they head through heavy rain. otherwise for us no issues.t( did we have snow for sunday? it's south of the district. i-66, route 60 could see passing snow showers. and any accumulations will be on the light side. an inch if we're lucky. we do have a wa( coming. just a short-lived i].warm possibly next weekend. we have to wait açójf wmek to g ratures back into the 50s. $mnejjp(joss the board. only warming to near 40 degrees today. but again, it's going to be chilly throughout the day. ?hut goingo have the high, no rain. that's good.çó jf s dry. just cold.xd any holiday parties, no weather later tonight.ñi theñr redskins game for tomorro is 30s to around 40 with plenty of clouds.i] you see nothing happening on the dar right now.
6:23 am
widen out the view, here's the area of low essure. his is why we're not going to see snow. look at the cutoff line around memphis. that flattens everything out. that high is going to travel into pennsylvania as the lowxd t moves towa north carolina area. again, that highñit( suppressinl tthat precipitation tñ south. now, watch as it moves clsq to our area. we'll head intoçó this afternoo. just starting to get intoq nort htrolina. head into ton starting to get into portions of southern virginia as some snow changes over to snow. 9:30lp, we're not seeing anythi. and th as we goe1 through tomorrow during t(qwday, it gets p)e i'm going to keep a chanceñi fo because that sharp cutoff gets too close for qcomfor m day morning it's all out of here as it pushes offshore. again, we're going to show you
6:24 am
the forecastnd break it do?na each zone. in about 30 nutes. and then tomorrow in the upper 30s. and just ab%t a ñi chance of seeing flakes south. plenty of sunshine fo2( this week. our next chance of rain,t( beca] we'll be çówarm, will be friday more news on the oer side of th
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t holiday ñ in full smart shop on the shopping list. >> there's a warning about a health feature that may not be all it was cracked up to do. steve pattersonq reports. >> reporter: it's being markete3 as a potential lifesaver. >>h apple wa has become an intelligent guardian for your tó alth. >> apple's hot ticket holiday gadget, the latest smart watch features including this. cal heart ñiñ)çpt(sensor. designedlpswp to monitor a- but critics arexdou pointing te fine print. it's only for userse1 with no prior history andx's not accurate enough to detect heart attacks or stroke,qj$e%9= the wch could lead to false  insuçó conrs. >> if theyfá don't have the disease, but they think they
6:28 am
might, that's when you runxd inó problems>> problems. >> it can't replace time with a doctor. 6:27. snow or no? >> we have çó3wñódetails on a s >> we have çó3wñódetails on a s headed south that may impact
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at 6:30 oni] this saturdaym ing we welcome you in to news 4e1 xdtoday. ull gverñing alongside goff. >> that's right. we're tracking the storm that's making it way through the southeast. a little might feel bit of it?+ >> i think we'll see the cloud cover.  from this system that's going to bei] sprawling acrossoe deep south andçó headed right jt right now live view outside. we will have some sunshine out there today. weo have clear skies. that sun coming up in about 45 reagan national airport t(festi1 i haven'tc noticed the pillars f red an green. as far as your morning planner, we dip into the 20s at reagani] national. 29 degrees outside the beltway. temperatures in the teens. it's on the cold side with the clear skies. 'll warmxd into the low 30s by just about noon. de'll stay in thet( 30s as we h through the day. nothing happened on the radar
6:32 am
right now. of course, all of ourxdt( focusn to the deep south.jf high pressure to the north. low pressure crawlinghefá across deep south and just possiblyfá touching our area. we'll came this ra out for you and let you know how close it is y zone in 15 minutes.q >> thank you soçó xdmuch, laury. breaking overnight,tampedejf at an italian nightclub killed half a dozen people and injured chaos broke out after pepper spray was fired inside of the club. >> it's reported the incident happened as italy has beguni]çó celebrating the feast of theñi immaculate conception. the injured have been ken the hospital.ñi many have serious injuries. more updates as we get them. also the sad day for baseball fans. two former mlb players are dead after a tragic car crash in venezuela. players were driving withñi teammates when their car hitçó a rock in the road. thexd teammes survivedxdkofá w
6:33 am
them -- who were withi] them survived. the two had been playing for a local team in the winter league. at le ht two peoplet after this serioust(xde1 overni crash in sjfñrtheast d.c4m this was on the southern avenue at pennsylvaavia ue. two vehicles collided in fact one flipped on the side. no word on the condition of the victims. police say the scene should be clearing up soon. añi guil verdict for the man chhged with plowing throug a group of counterproteste and killing a woman during ae1e1xdj. he was charged with firstxd degr mr.qq victims took to the streetsfá t celebrate the i]verdict. the sentenci will begin on monday. he could spend the rest of his news 4 is working to pass along a traffice1 alert that cod affect your drive. traveling over the memorial bridge, you'll have to find another way.
6:34 am
it's closed this weekend the closure began at 9:00 last i ht. as pedestrians. it will not reopen until 5:00orn theng on monday. crews are installing aq tempora support structure under the middle arch as part of their ye 's long repairproject. board has fired a teacher following a transgenderfá controversy at the high school this year. the sperintendent claims t teacher was inentord nant by reducing to use astudent's preferred identity pronou >> students and community members lined the hallways of the ñii]school in in sort f some in support for peter, and oths in support for the student. >> the student isso atelya5 ìáhp f + thechool board, i]though, adopted onet( viewpoint andfá t
6:35 am
required the teacher at thet( ct of his job toe1t( repeat that ideology and that viewpoint. that's where that'st( compelled speech. first amendment rights that he >> this was during a virtualy realxercise in october when al wall as the transgender student walked in thatlp direction. he claims it was a slip of the tongue. >> i'mxd totally happy to use t name, the new name. i'm happy to avoidom female nouns so asçólpok not to offendo i'ok here tot(e1 provoke. >> that was t(discriminatory. pronouns.t( >> following the incident he was put on a/%jnistrative leave
6:36 am
after he was not following thej directive tous theok correct pronoun. the superintendent moved with the recommendation to fire >> that discrimination leads to% a hostroe learning enent. >> the policy speaks not one word about okxdpronouns. there's nothing about the policy as túeiu)u'essñi admitted from v school ion that speaks to that issue which x policy such a pblem. individuals. >> in a statement the superintendentfá stated the schl boardoes have7xvájt)qj thatr prohibit discrimination on thex basis of gender identity. >> this is a new issue inhis country, and these administrators had just twolp words added to their policies. gender identity and they decided on their own what it means to identity. éñy2+ñ right an honest quen for you. how much are youñi t spendinghi holiday ywcseason?
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>> we are working for you toyo help u stick to yourfát( budget. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love.
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all right. the countdown is on for the holidays. an be expensive. there are certain ways and things you can do to keep to a budget. >> that's right. you have to draw the line somewhere. things can get out of hand. justin finch is working for you this morning with tips on how t control your spending this holiday season. >> okay. you have less thane weeks to get your shopping done. lessime often means you'll spend more just to get that gift list checked off. before head out to the mall, remember what samantha, managing partner at wealth management says. >> proper planning will prevent poor performance. >> in thiscase poor performance means come january one you're saddled with a lot of holiday spending bills. so let's do some proper
6:40 am
planning. she says decide wh categories you'll spend money on. e, one could be holiday gifts or food or decorations. decide how much you wa to spend in each category. >> so what you might think about doing is getting some prepaid visa or master cards and identifying what you want to spend in each o those categories, whatever your categories may be, and then you use that card when you go shopping so you don't go over the budget you set for yourself> if you're not using prepaid credit cards, she says cash is key. >> i would not use a credit card when you go shopping, because studies show when you just swipe the card, you don't realize how much you're really spending. >> and before you shop, do your homework. use shopping apps to compare price and get the best deal and don't forget to keep your receipts. >> i keep all of my receipts once i start shopping. a lot of stores will do price matching. if you can show a store y paid x amount for this item last
6:41 am
week, a lot of them will adjust the price or give it to youth f sale price. >>justin finch, news 4. >> let's stick with the holiday theme. did you know too much holiday music can impact your mood? >> it's true. we are breaking down the science behind the tunes just ahead. hopefully it makes you happier. i could listen to it year around. around. >> let's go into the science.
6:42 am
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>>re looking at some sunshine out there today. those high, thin, wispy clouds are going to be plaguing the area ahead of more clouds later this afternoon through tonight. that's the system pushing to the south of us. trab your winter gear tomorrow. we're not making out of the 30s for a daytime high tomorrow. and some portions of our area may see sno tuesday.onday and we return to sunshine. we'll talk about the snow chances for our region.ju how far north is that snow line going to get into our trea? we've g answer coming up in about five minutes. >> lauryn, thanks. 6:44. the "today show" is next on nbc 4. >> let's go to new york now. good morning. >> good morning to you.p comion a saturday morning on "today," the latest on the major winter storm affecting nearly 20 million pele. the system already bringing flash flooding to texas.
6:45 am
now expected to drop up to a foot of snow in parts of the south. dill season tracking it all. >> also time to step it up. how you feel after climbingre fights of stairs could be an ind cay -- indicator of whether you have heart disease. and why someeople have pulled "baby it's cold outside" from the ai >> get your 10,000 steps in and you're good. >> we'll lk about it. see you in a bit. animal lovers, thisne is for you. a new study shows cats can learn a skill, learning to interpret human behavior.s entists placed two bowls in front of cats. one containing food. the other i empty. the cat watched as the owner looked at th bolwl containing
6:46 am
the food. 70% of the time the cat wked o the bowl the human was looking at. >> the cats learned spontaneously that humans look we, it can be important. >> , now that cat appears to be able to learn to interpret human behavior. scientists wonder if other animals can do the same. i've never met a cat that could. t they are patient with the cat. y don't care what i'm looking at. they're usually looking the other day. >> let's go back to the idea of the holiday season. t gettingunderway. it's getting started. he reality is sometimes it starts sooner and sooner. you start to hear the music early on and you get sick of it in. >> not m never enough for me. but frank mcgeorge explains why it gets a stron response in so many of you.
6:47 am
>> reporter: are those jingling bells lifting your spirits or getting on your nerves? love it or hate tuc÷it, christ is the sound track of the season. the music can associate to happi s and the holidays are supposed to be a happy time. >> reporter: a strpsychiatst sas if our childhood memories are happy, it uld have happy feelings. if they're not happy, holiday music can have the opposite effect. >> aly lot of fa dinners are fights that ended up with people yelling at eac other a scaring the kids. >> reporter: or it's a reminder of unmetexpectations. >> everyone is having a good time and forgiving everyone else in reality you're thrown in with your families and tenons come out. >> reporter: control is key. it's no surprise the people w choose to listen to christmas music tend to enjoy it, more than retail workers who don't have a psay, and for some it's
6:48 am
too early. >> for some of us, we've heard jing bells and silent night six times a day for six weeks. >> reporter: frank mcgeorge reporting there. >> uh-huh. >> yogood? >> yeah. i'm good. >> lauryn is trying to get herself together. literally. t >> it's on end of the show and i'm like now just getting everything together. >> i'm glad you could finally get dressed? >> yeah. hi. >> you're dressed to impress. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. we've got a lot to talk about. you've been busy. >> it's been busy out there and pretty ml this week. and last weekend we saw this possible snow coming our way. >> wetalked about it. >> and now it's south of us. that's where it's going to stay right now y. and listen weay get a little bit around here. it's not going to be much. if we see tanything, go ahead. we're going to break it down t.unty by county and let you know what to exp >> you can see current
6:49 am
temperatures in the teens and 20s. it is chilly out there right now. it's going to continue to be cold throughout the day with r temperatures only to n degrees. here we go. sunny skies. it's quiet and cold out there through the day. here's a look at the winter alerts for today. pink ise winter storm warning. eaue is the winter storm watch. purple, winterer advisory. this system has created flooding through texas. you can see nothing in rer widen out this view, the area of low pressure just forming off the eastern side of texas right now in the gulf of mexico bringing lots of moisture through louisiana in terms of rain. high pressure to the north over illinois is going to continue to slide toward pennsylvania as we head through the overnight andh gh the day tomorrow. look at this sharp cutoff line right there. right around memphis, and even going down to portions of northa olina. that's because the high pressure is supplying cold and dry air and it's suppressing all that
6:50 am
precipitation to the south. again, there's a sharp cutoff li exactly where th precipitation is. and where it isn't. as far as the chaes of snow, we still think there's going to be a chance south. south of i-66 in virginia, s of route 50 in maryland. this starts at 6:30 this morning. nothing to worry about today. clouds.hin heavy rain to the south. if you're flying in and out of atlanta, it may be dicey. snow starts to movert into pon of western north carolina into the overnight. they could get a foot of snow. torrow morning dry. the line creeps into southern virginia. look at this sharp caugutoff li. high pressure over pennsylvania. this is a little too close f comfort for me. i believe that maybe we could get a few light snow showers into culpeper and portions of southern maryland including st. mary's county. we'll have to watch the southern
6:51 am
zones. south of i-66 and route 50, rain and snow likely tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening for some of those areaou inern virginia, and just about a 30% chance in our southern tierzo es in our area. for our mountains, we're looking tomorrow cloudy wi snow showers south, especially through central and southern shenandoah valley. western zones, frederick, leesburg, culpeper in orange, you're the only people getting it tomorrow. if we see snow showers it's on the light side. prince george's county and prince william county, small chance of a passing snow shower, south of d.c. south prince william tycoun, southern charles county, southern prince george's county. rethis is the zone i'mly worried about coming through southern maryland, about a 30% chance of a rain/snow mix with
6:52 am
low to moderate impact. if we're lucky, the areas could make pick up an inch. plenty of next cof rain, rain, look ay the temperatures, frid and
6:53 am
6:54 am
holiday parties, of course, they're popular this tme of year. but why not throw in some sharks as well. this is in budapest.
6:55 am
divers dressed up as a santa. they brough a tree down which they decorated with seashells. that's a lot of work. >> it's cool. >> it is. >> your holiday travel through reagan national getting sweeter. the annual ginger bread house on display. >> i love this. it's interesting to see what they come up with. the edible display took hours to 25 pound of fondant, each year they pay tribute to an iconic landmark in and around d.c. the ginger bread replica will be on display through january 1st. it's l in the details. it's right when you walk into willard. it's worth the trip. while you're there, go have tea. >> or a snack of ginger bread.
6:56 am
that looks good. >> 6:55 right now. ere are four thinto know. a guilty verdict for the man char charged. james fields was found guilty of ten criminal charges including first gree murder. d.c. police say two people are hurt after a horrific crash. this is from overnight. it happened on southernenue at pennsylvania avenue. still no word on the condition of the victim. we'll post the latest on the nbc washington app. >> crews are working as part of the year's long repair project. ourt papers filed yesterday by robert mueller's teareshow the psident's irmer cam manager testified twice before a grand jury and lied to federal investigators. a different court memo showsos prutors recommend president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen serve at least three years in prison. he pleaded guilty for violating
6:57 am
campaign finance laws. on the chilly side. temperatures in the tns and 20s. we'll head to the upper 20s to ne 40 today. dry today if you're headed south, especially toward atlanta. watch out for plane delays, especially with a lot of rain. torrow snow showers south of i-66 and route 50. low impact. plenty of clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday. all sunny skies. >> historic. historic. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
6:58 am
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>>stgood morning, winter bla 26 million people in the path of a storm barreling across the country today, stretching from new mexico to north carolina. heavy rain, flooding, and the possibility of 2 feet of snow in the mountains. the storm potentially snarling air traffic nationwide. dylan is traing it all. individual number one. in a new legal filing, prosecutors say president trump directed his longtime personal patorney michael cohen to y hush money to two women, a violation of campaign finance laws. the president say ng he's totaear. but is he? white house shake-up. president trump hinting at a big oming today within his joint chiefs of staff. this after naming his next at


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