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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 24, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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roads. video is an important reminder of what youel can with as you move toward a flooded record. two people becamele trapped when aters chose near butler, maryland. >> and mazzer can rise so quickl >> you can come up of it bowitht morning. >> me lis sis keeping an eye on the forecast. what'sning out there, guys. >> it's but we don't just don't. there's a disconnect to people see water on the road andk, th i can make it.
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and the miscalculations starts lots of better. >> we're going to seal with water rescues and flooding. we're seeing some flash flood warnings in reside, off of the eastern shore. i believe we'll see more asue w cont throughout the day. look at the moisture just streaming up. ando moderate heavy rain, in the reds and yellows. look at this moisture train, all the way down into florida. what to expect some rain. we're fwoi going to deal with rain as we go
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through monday and tuesday. we'll let you know when we can see the some sunday. look at german town near midd midd middlebrook road. they made some good progresser yey. inner and outer loop of the beway, pretty good. the loop to rank view pike. somealrs are reporting 66 here. you're on time. that's going toab takt eight minutes. to the breaking news. multiple agencies are investigating a homicide. this is a busy stop of commuters near chevy chase. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: if you're familiar with this area, you know it's
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right in the center of a busy shopping area, as you mentioned. at this hour, this is what we're seeing here. police cruisers and unanswered tapes. the call came in around 1:30 th morning and it's not clear where it happnged. we're tro determine many metro riders can make the determination. here, another live look you can see police and investigators, stillon the scene what we're told sexual the stabbing death of a man that happened aroun 1:30 this mo ing. and unclear if metro riders will be affected by this. >> lot to keep piecing this
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together. we're looking at how dangerous a 60-year-old woman crashed through the floor to the second floor. the woman was pinned under the tree and died. frederickma land, have readying for possible flooding. back in may, much of baker bark waslooded. the damage the are in place in case of more flooding. >> we beemploys to check storm
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inlets when there's a history of flooding issue make sure etat the infrastructures we have, is up to function the best that it can. >> the river is a concern because it's expected to overflow its banks again. we're getting ready about a rye lent nisituation said that someone worsed his way and machine heard i will kill you. the two share a 3-year-d son. >> perez held the boy hostage for more an hour. they could hear the toddlerre ing and decided to move in. ffthe oicer shot perez.
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he's in critical condition. a> just look the flames. two wildfires are raging through seaside area s forcing families to get out while you can. 49 drives and 150 people, some of them children, are being hospitalized. the spanish gernment says it has dish past 66. nathan flynn died before he wept flu a battling early yesterday morning. he was part of the department for 13 year th cause of tre is lightning
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strike. the community is shocked after an earliderly man. no one has been chaed sofar. new details about the gunman responsible for the shooting in toronto. d 10-year- girl, and 18-year-old woman died, and 13 others were hurt when the gunmao fired paces and cafes onwe esday night. coming up, first ritz crackers, now, goldfish. what you need to know before you pack thech l for camp. more rain is on the way. chuckrt
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ou're watching news 4 today. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte got him banned from swimming. this is the picture we're talking about, showing him get an infusion ofifv. he received more of the closage. he was panned fr swimming for lying in the mdle of a class station. tsophie belted out herre
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rendition of "new york, new york." just before shele wowed the judges. simon cowell asked her what she would do if you want the surprise. her audience had it delighted. >> i don reallycare. i just want to sing for everyone and make them happy. >> does that mean, sophie, if you win, we don't need to give you the million dollar? >> yes. >> i hope you do well. >> her mom might have something tout say abo that. come on, people. "americas got talent," tonight at 8:00 here on newsi 4:00,
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back at 4:46, on another weather alert. itill be another wet day in flash floods. you want to where live, you may not gear item. >> we're looking at her and work first look numbers. there were a storm growing outside and inside those walls. the holding of the popurs. >> there are six people, the oi,
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the mib, the aaron, the security adviser a adviser six of them. and what's behind it? president trump says they have been falsely making false accusations. they're thinking that the people who t abuse president politicals say this is payback izr breeking out abouthe the two of them have no security clearance because they were fired. >>his thursday, is the warter
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kwoep led today. so far, nearly 1,200 dlirn hundreds of people still kid sg here's's dof five. stor daniels is facing another battle. her husz filed for divorce. he claims that adultery is the reason for the split theouple married in 2016. she received hush money for an alleged money from donald trump. >> there's officially the winner. mark elricis the david blare by 77 votes.
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now, el ric will thank everyone gotter enough signatures to get on the ballot. monian goldson is a prove o superintendent whele. she is chief of operations officer and close to her in superintendent. before that, she was arincipal at ways high school. but she says she is ready to turn ainges around. ildson plans to look at cuts the entire saf. . gth fwthdelaware has found
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has sytoms. >> a federal judge is aski you to decide if the leader c etage an event. back in december, city denied a permito use the eve event, to have the runs out soloud. one pn was killeder a driver plowed a car into a crowd of protesters. the drawing for the next me megamillionsoday and the bat
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has the numbers. if you don't see any of us here tomorrow, there's an early heads-up. i would show up. >> i just paid somebody to get in the office pot. >> i hadn't gotten in on that. i thought, if they win, i'm in luck. >> next commercial break. we're not winning the weather lottery. >> not at all. not anytime this week. we have far dry days. we have the unfortunate rain and ng that we're going to continue to watch, as well. dry days? love the way that chuck put it.
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it seems like a sau, yes, it does. looking at the radar right now, you can see more moderate rain. the eastern shore gettingn on thatfrom fredericksburg, all mixing bowlhe this moisture train all the way back to florida. some of the rain continues to push into here. that's why we have the flash flood watch. this is in effec until tomorro morning, wednesday morning, but i believe they're going to extend that wednesday might. we could see upwards of five before this is said and done. by today, another inch and tomorrow morning, three inches. it's warm and muggy. temperatures are in the 70s. we stay in the 70s throught this morning.
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82 degrees, more flooding. could be heavy at times, as we go flu the morough the morni xlu commute. we'reoing to see some heavy rain into the afternoon. here's a look at your ten-day forecast. flas flood watch for everybody. now, just isolated chances when we get into friday, possibly saturday. weave more rain unfortunately next week. stataking a look at the roa. a father in germantown has his area for his daughter. it was a massive sinkhole. belt way is looking on top of the green. that radar is showing the area.
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pothole on the right side. you're on time, just going to take you about eight minutes. >> thank you. app aching the5:00 hour. another recall to pass along to you this morning. this will mean, you'll have to repack today's lunches. pepperidge farm is warning of possible salmonella packages. c thpany says, the whey powder used in those goldfish. you uld show yoursut just in case, and this means the ritz cracke products if you like chicken kels
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should go todinner it will start in washgton. chick-fil-a is starting them out for a whili before r ooh i out to a new location. we know a grabbin tree can be dicety. the frutell held. pointing to the lipokajialco beverager will. in the benjamin bar and young, doesn't have liquor in it. it comes from a side shot over.
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at's a very exclusive wines caused there. >> for that, i need a side shot and a case of lime for that price. today marks two years for the opening ceremony for the 2020 unveiled mascots throughout the city. this will be tokyo's first time hosting the olympics in 56 years. a tree balls to a local right or notal. 14 victims of the las vegagss
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news 4 today begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news in d.c., a deadly stabbing overnight at the fred diericks heights metro station. >> that went down in a place known for its shopping. we want to get live from nicole jacobs, live at the scene. >> someew information for you this morning. i just smoke with an officer who
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said metro riders wl not be wind eing down. 1:13 is where the call time through or if it happened at the police station. it's unclir rm whear what the m might have been. we asked information to police. one thing police did tell me the slegs that has been on rider, they have to sfwro this. >> thank you,


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