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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us. we'retlad tou could join us, we have got everything covered for you, right now live on facebook, hundreds of you already joining us on there, as we get updates on these developing stories, we'll also update our on ane community well. also updating on the forecast, we have another great forecast on tap. lauren ricketts, thanks for giving us this great day. >> i'll take the creditor day and yesterday and pretty much all of this week, because weer have some nice conditions as we go through this next rkweek, temperatures out there now, 60s and 70s, and it sis a beautifulday morning out there, the sun came up just 6:00 20 minutes until a.m., and now we're going to have full sunshine out there today. 73 at reagan international airport, a bre that's going
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to be with us throughout the ooy. take a over the next 12 oon,s, blue skies by temperatures are going to top out a few degrees warmer tn we were yesterday. temperatures in the low 80s. sun goes down just a little bit after 8:30, so still light and pretty far intog,he eveno enjoy it and soak up that sunshine. changes on the way, the humidity will roll back in, we have got me rain chances, we'll talk about that in our 10-day forecast coming up. 9:01 right now, and now bac to the breaking news out of thailand where the first few members stuck inside that cave were rescued within the last hour. >> we'rese told tho boys are now undergoing medical evaluations. while that happens, crews are working to removehe other boys along wit their coach. this is a very delicate process here, could take several days. accordg to reports, twos d will guide the boys through the
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partially flooded cave. crews will be waiting at the mouth of the cave to take the boys to the hospital. 13 people have been stuck in that cave for 16 days. >> the investigation continues into an early morning head-on collision,si this was just o the rosslyn tuel. we're told the secret service was involved in this investigatio the statement that secret service just released, what do ey say, derek? >> reporter: indeed, it cleared up a lot of this about why they were involved in this incident. take a look, this is the scene here, you're looking at 66 eastbound, just outside the rosslyn tunnel. this all started in d.c. on i street, it was about4: this morning when a uniformed secret service officer saw a car going the wrong way down i street, he
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tried to stop that vehicle but it didn't stop and it exited on to 66 in the l westbounde going eastbound in the westbound lane. shortly after that there wasad on crash. what happened was that the suspect got out of that car and ran off. ere was another person in the car, that person stayed on the and taken injured into custody before being taken to a hospital. we're told that that person has nonlife-threatening injuries. however the driver of the vehicle is still at large. the incident took place as we said here, on i-66 eastbound and the involvement of the secret serve is simply because they initiated this stop. other law enforcementgencies were also involved in that. so they're looking for a driver now who started out on i street northwest and ended up here i the worst possible circumstances in a head-on collision. we're still waiting for then conditf the occupant of that vehicle, that will be coming shortly from the secret w
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service, but did get that information to clear up the incident what happthat happened, tunnel was closed for about two hours while they did this investigation. >> that certainly clears up some the confusion about that. meantime, wanted to tell you bout a somber weekend for the annapolis community. wendi winters was laid to rest. during the tribute, revelations about her heroic actions in her final moments. >> my mom picked up her trash can and her recycling bin and she charged at a coward who shot her in the cht. >> this the first time we're hearing these accounts and nearly half of the people in the news room were killed. the survivors may very well yo theiriv to wendi. >> it wasn't only her actions but her life and legacy that
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were celebrated at yesterday's memorial. nicole jenkins was there. >> don't forget to ask yourself, what would wei do. >> reporter: that is a question that many are asking as details emerge of wendi winters' hero him. >> thursday june 8, my mom picked up a trash can and recycling been and she charg at the shooter and he shot her in the chest. >> reporter: as a gunman shot his way inside. >> it she was yelling no. >> reporter: that's what it means to be wendi says her daug her who sayser mother also dispyed poise. new accounts of the survivors at the naaannapolis attack, those hid, those who ran in fear and shock. >> slowing him down and giving .he police time to arri
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>> reporter: according to the paper, wendiad recent ly underwent active hooter training, with the options to run, hide or fight. >> the actions of wendi could easily leave us to create an image of her a saint wendi. >> those now huggin crying, remembering who she was to them and what she did. >> thank you, wendi. >> nicole jacobs reporting there. ann erke arundel- happening right now, u.s. military leaders are investigating an attack in afghanistan that left a u.s.
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service member dead, two others were wounded. this happened in the southern part of the country yesterday, not many details have been released so far. but this is what we know. the incident is being called an insir attack and the two service members who survived remain in the hospital. the name of the persohoas killed has not been made public. this morning north koreas slamming u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo, who spent yesterday meeting with north korea's t leaders. the goal was to help come up with a plan e to north korea's nuclear program. north korean officials say that the u.s. w moving too quickly. a close call for a loc toddler, the child nearly drowned in a bathtub. this happened in an apartment complex in gaithers rg. the 15-month-old accidentally fell into the tub there. every parent's worst nightmare.
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meantime this morning fire investigators in rockville are still trying to figure out what sparked flames at a shed ogalena road. eryone got out safely but the damage was extensive. violen coming up, a bird here's eye view of a massive dem demonstration in chicago. and fires, areas in the west continue burning this morning, as firefighters race to put.ut the flam stay with us.
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welcome back at 9:10, police are stumped at how two people were expose to a nerve agent
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made during the cold war. now at this moment, the search continues for that container and the victims are in critical condition. let's take you to chicago now, protesters there are putting the pressure on local p leaders to s the gun violence in their community. >> and they shut down an exprsway to makeure that their voices were heard. protesters, take a look here, blocking the dan ryan expressway yesterday. police say in the first six months ofhis year, the city saw 262 homicide and six children were struck by gun fire. and on 9/11, a new jersey coup dies after their house explod explodes. the prosecutor's office says no foul flay is
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no word on what actually caused the explosion, it's still under investigation. in the west, a bruta heat wave is making conditions worse for firefighters who are fighting wildfires. in northern california one person has died and firefighters are makingrogress containing it all. officials do say dry conditions and triple digit terp -digit te are making things toughthere. online shopping, dream if you don't want to leave the couch, sit there on your phone, your ipad, whatever. >> one woman paid 400 bucks in shipping for a $25 purchase. we're breing down how it can happen and how you can avoid the happen and how you can avoid the sa
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okay so if y think you have paid too much, maybe some excessive shipping costs, an annapolis momikely hasou beat. it cost her more than $400 to ship25 a box of baby wipes. >> that doesn't add up. >> it doesn't. she had no idea that she was being charged that mut. in fhe thought she was getting free shipping. consumer reporter susan hogan is "working for you" with what's behind the excessi shipping fees and to make sure that that doesn't happen to you.
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>> reporter: baby sophia has everything she needs, a swanky nursy, cool toys, and now the most expensive box of baby wipes on the planet. so why all the fuss? >> it was crazy, i was like, there'so way. >> reporter: no way that barbara says she would knowingly agree to pay a whopping $452 shippin charge for a $25 box of baby pe >> the most frustrating was dealing with amazon. >> reporter: barbara didn't notice the shipping costs until later that day, and when she did, she immediately contacted amazon and the shipper, but wasn'tmm getting aniate answer. >> we were sitting there for three, four, five days and we had to call amazon three to four times and it was really frustrating because every time wealled amazon to kind of follow up on what the status
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was, my husband tad toell the amazon customer service rep the story over and over and over again. >> reporter: the third party seller, ecotrade's response didn't come until two weeks after the purchase. >> reporter: when the baby wipes showed up, the label showed they were sent. ground from arkansas, u.p.s. tells news4, the shippingts c should have been less than 25 bucks, wiped out and frustrated, these new parents called nbc 4 responds. >> i was like i'm definitely going to do something about it. i had seen you guys before and i said, i'm going to give them a call,et's see if they can helpt. me >> reporter: we contacted amazon and provided them all the documents provided by barbara, shortly after that, amazon told us it refunded the case, and took action on the seller saying the seller broke their policy
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which says they cannot set excessive order fulfillment or shipping costs, the seller neven red to our email, however we did notice this onheur website,nly shipping ovailable now is free. >> well make sure that this doesn't happen to you, sus says keep in mind any time you change the shippingns opt in your cart no matter what site you're on, double check the charges, and she says she did that. nbc 4 responds has helped people save or recover more than 1.4 million bucks. if you have a consumer problem, contact us on susan is going toet action on a case. susan hogan is onli the other , you're in trouble. >> well, atherwise, we're not in trouble. >> i know. i'm so excited.
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nice and crisp so start off our sunday. >> yeah, beautiful. >> and the outlook looks pretty good too. >> and really not that bad. i mean we're going to have to watch thes, trop we have got two trorempls out there. beryl and also tropical storm chris. if you're headed to the outer banks, you're going to want to payti att to this forecast possibly? we this week because it's just meandering along the north carolina coastline. this high pressure system is suppressing chris to hang out right around the outer banks. i'll show youhat in a minute. otherwise, as we continue into your d,week we have sunny skies and higher humidity. the humidity drops on wednesday, the sunshine returns on wednesday. current temperatures out there
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with plenty of sunshine in the 6 60s and 70s, 73 in the distric right now. we're headed into the mid 80s today. yesterday we made it into 82, a few degrees warmer today. if you are headed to the afternoon game, the nats playing the marlins, and plenty of sunshine around the game at nats park. nothing happening on the radar right now, but here, take c look, this iis right here, you can see the spinning of that, and it's just kind of hanging off the coast right now. in fact the waters are pretty warm just off thetl mid-atic coastline right there. so it' actually going to intensify a little bit, but it's not going to make it on to the shore. it's going tontensify int hurricane later on tonight, it will be hurricane chris. a this didually downgrade a little bit, beryl is now a tropicalstorm. this will continue to weaken as
9:21 am
it headsgh thr the lesser antilles ghtot. maybe some winds at about 45 miles an hour, otherwise 1 to 4 inches of rain, but they don't need any rains because they're still dealing with thena rs of last hurricane season. high pressure keeps ow suppressed to the south for us. plenty of summer, that will off to ly move out and the atlantic, after it intensifies a little bit, but we are looking good here. in fact toiorrow is to where a little warmer, in the upper 80 a few showers tuesday night into wednesday, otherwise the humidity comes back in thursday and friday, next weekend looks good. good day, i'm carrie danys, one of the big news stories in the midterm is the huge number of womenho are running for
9:22 am
political office, smashing records as they do it. more than 450 women have filed to run for.s the house alone. the previous record, less than 300 in 2012. but one of the most important things toote about this trend is the women who are running are overwhelmingly democrats and a lot of them are winning. of 150 candidates who have won a primary so far, only about one in five have be a republican. some of these women will be competing in the most competitive races in the country. with three-quarters of suburba women saying they think the country would be better off with more wom in political office, more wom in political office, that means if democrats win
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for your early termination fee. go to to switch today. well, he is one of the most powerful republicans in congress and this week, allegations that jim jordan of ohio knew about sexual abuse at ohio state university and then did nothing, those grew louder. >> and jordan is everything and has the president on his side. but as katieeckexplains, several tepeople have now com forwardisputing his story. >> reporter: four former ohio rsstate wrest tell nbc news they were sexually molested by a
9:26 am
team doctor, molested by dr. richard strauss whoti rly touched athletes. >> everyone knew within theat etic department that dock was a serial groper at best. >> reporter: several accusers believe it was known by ohio republican congressman jim jordan at the time. jordan denies knowing anything about the allegations before accusers spoke out this spring. >> if there had been any of abuse, i would have reported it. >> reporter: jordan,be m of the conservative freedom caucus cently made headlines for grilling investigators in the russia probe. >> i want to know why you won't give us what we have asked for. >> reporter: also vying to become the next speaker of theh e. interesting, it's right after the big hearing with mr. t' rosenstein, is right when there's all this talk about a
9:27 am
speaker's race. >> reporter: alleged victims who say they still consider jordan a friend, say his denies are hurtful and believe jordan knew what was going on and chose to look the other way, strauss died in 1995, but investigation against him about possible crimes or a coverup. at27 taking a live look out there, what do you think about that? >>s i think i spectacular. >> it is spectacular. and lauren is going to come back and tel w ust the rest of the workweek looks like, stick around for that forecast
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happening this morning, secretary of state me pompeo says the meeting with northre s government went well. north korea says otherwise, slamming his bavior as quote, gangst like and says the u.s. is moving too quickly. no word on how a fire started in a shed and moved to a home. the damage is extensive. dozens of wildfires continue to burn out hwest, w dry winds and scorching temperatures are making it very hard for the firefighters to put out. dozens of homes were destroyed. and that breaking news this morning, coming out of thailand,
9:31 am
several of the 12 boys who were stuck inside a cave for days with their h soccer coache just been released. unconfirmed numbers recently show as many as six are out offenof there, we're hearing that they are beingy removed from the cave. the rescue efforts couldseake ral hours or even days, several hospitals are to examine the boys and give them any kind of care t thay may need. we're going to continue tosive you deta as this newscast goes on. >> the fac that they're doing it so much faster, that is a gond sign. >> the reason that so much of the rescues are takin nplace righ is because they have good weather conditions today. >> and we have some good weather backhe ? >> 9:30 when we bring in lauren ricketts, rig behind us i feel like the picture tells the story itself. >> absolutely.
9:32 am
i don't even know why i'm here today. >> lauren, we need you, we need the five-day forecast, and the seven day fecast. we need your smile and your laugh. >> all right, guys, let's go ahead and get intoit. one thing i do want to look at the weather, what's going on in thailand right now, so nice to hear thatin the boys ge out i there before some flooding begins that part of the world. we're dry and we continue to be dry toward the end o this week. we do have some rain chances out there, not today, we have some sunshine out there today, blue skies, enjoy your sunday. beautiful morning so r. low 70s right now, we'll continue to take those temperatures into theow to mid 80s today, yesterday we made it to 82 degrees, and think today we can can do 85 so no rain to talk about here in our area, but you float down to thecarolinas,
9:33 am
right off the coast, oh, yeah that's tropical storm chris, could have a hurricane coming soon with that, i'll show you exactly where that may go. and we'll letou know about those rain chances coming up. meantime happening right now an urgent search is under way in virginia beach, police there are looking for aother of four who vanished from her apartment ilding. belamy gamboa ddisappea friday night. her family reported her missing on monday when she didn't show up for work. they found her car abandoned in a parking lot, four miles from her apartment. bella bellamy's family says she is always in constant contact with her kids and she wouldn't just take off. enter i wa >> i want her to know tt i love her and we're going to look for her until the very end until we find her. >> virginia state police have issued an as nr srkashonte aler.
9:34 am
that is a woman that was kidnapped in virginia and was later found in north rolina. the astonte alert is for adults who are known to have been abducted and in danger. a d.c. teenager who's been missing for nearly a week is now the subject of a search. here's a picture of janlen hardy, who's been missing since sunday onum ca road in columbia heights, police only got word thate was missing yesterday. give police a call if you have any information aut where jaylen is. a man was aested for driving an illegal atv. police say they saw the atv with no license plate or tags onoa valley on friday night. police arrested parker and took the veimcle. right now is 9:34, news
9:35 am
detabout the efforts to reunite migrant children who have beenhe separated from parents at the border. the trump administration remains under a court order to do me of those kids are still in diapers. yesterday we learned that a 1-year-old boy had tef goe an immigration judge. the government has to reunite all children under 5 years old by on half of the kids could be reunited by that deadline. andwy ers for paul manafort cite publicity and the county being too democratic as reasons for the trial to be moved to roanoke. both trials center around the special counsel's investigation into russia's influence on the
9:36 am
presidentialgn camp well, we have some good news this week for the u.s. economy. >> the jobs report came out showing the u.s.dd more than 210,000 new jobs, the unicployment rate did up and they say only because more people now feel comfortable goingut and looking for work. >> that's right, the job market is so strong, they say that manp ies are having to attract workers with perks. nbc's anne thompson shows us what they're offering.or >> rr: adam lou's auto repair shop is firing on all cylind cylinders. what's the differenceforking on an engine today compared to 10 years ago. >> there's a lot more technology involved in auto work this these days. >> reporter: that's why he's offering $120,000 a yearnd a signing bonus. perks may be the answer.
9:37 am
nearly 30% of americanar compans increasing their benefits. everything from wellness retreats to reviving pensions. >> its a goat time be an american worker today, workers really have the leverage to choose where, when and how they work. >> america's name brands getting creative. target's increasing parental leave pay for hourly workers, kroger offers temtion reimbut to grocery baggers. but benefits only go so far. >> we do expect that employers will have to pull the lerage of wages to attract worker okay, so still ahead, one neighborhood against speed bumps. >> controversial. plus caught on mera, an unwelcome -- oh, man. a bear. >> it's a bear.
9:38 am
>> he on man's local property, why officials think cuddly, they're calling it a nuance bear, and they sayhe's been around before, and you
9:39 am
9:40 am
all right, so imagine seeing this in your backyard. take a good look. that's b ack bear strolling on to the property. >> i don't even know what i would do, honestly. >> well, this homeowner, this is out in centerville, they thought it was a dog. >> wasn't a dog. >> a big dog. >> yeah, but he got closer, he realized what it was, it was a bear and officials think this bear could be a repeat offender. so w sent jackie benson out to find out more about what they're calling the nuisance avenue. >> reporter: barry of
9:41 am
centerville went to take out some trash on monday night and found a bear backing out of his trash bin. >> he in there, his shoulder ht deep into that trash can. it was trash nig so i gathered the things up, opened up the door and my tsh can was knocked over and i thought it was a dog in there, and i stepped closer, and a bear pulled out of the trash can and kind of just steps back and looks at me. >> reporter: the close encounter wasy captured his home security >>system. i looked at the video again, i should have probably backed away oner. >> reporter: turner has lived at the home on odgate man for for six years. it backs up to rocky run >> i have never seen a bear. i have seen a lot of different animals, but the bear is now checked off of my list of animals i thought i might see in fairfax. >> reporter: this comes one week
9:42 am
after this bear was stopp stepping out of a parking garage. turner says when he talked to animal control, they indicted to him t it's very possible all of these reports may involve people seeing the same young bear. in centerville, jackie benson, news4. >> his name is barry. >> i think i would runll r fast if you see a bear around. speed bumps are designed to make you slow down and potentially save >>lives. ome people think they can be a little bit annoying, and that's why one local neighborhood is working to get rid of them on their street. we'll tell you why coming up after the break.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
okay, there's no qution, speed bumps slow down traffic, but they can also be an pying. >> somple think so. >> we did a twitter poll too,'s half andalf. >> this week they launched an effort to get the speed bumps taken out. but that is a steep hill to climb. >> reporter: speed bumps, depending on your perspeive, you either love them or hate them. here on frye road back in 2015,
9:46 am
dents who wanted to slow traffic onre this wide wanted to put them in. and some say it has helped. >> there's a lot of kids that live around here, sure, they're annoying, but safety first, right? >> but scott restores old cars, he didn't dar drive over them. >> taking an old carmpver a speed or any car over a speed bump, it's not good for the car number one. >> reporter: and then there' the cost. >> we had a street that was falling apart and they're worried about speed bumps. >> reporter: he says a better way to control traffic would bt put in a four-way stop where there's currently a two-way stop. >> b now they see the chance for a do over. the roads around them getting repaved. >> now that they're repaving the street, they're going to have to
9:47 am
take tm ou it's a perfect opportunity to not spend the money to put them back in again.r: >> reporut getting rid of speed bumps, that's a process toot toot too. he needs to get signatures from 50 of the 219 homes most impacted by july 1. enter they put a shorter deadline on us. much shorter than the previous task force that went through. >> reporter: if he does it, they don't guarantee a change, just that it might be considered. okay, so our -- we did a twitter poll. >> an unofficial poll. >> an unoffici ll. but over 400 of you voted. 52% said that they're annoying. >> and 48% said they like them. we'll call it plus or minus. >> maybe half a speed bump put
9:48 am
in. >> thatt would j make everybody angry. >> how about we get off our phones and pay attention. >> that would help people slow down. >> look at this painting behind us. gorgeous >> either that or the camera's really clean. the lens. >> i just think the air quality is really good too, right? >> that's the other thing. we're just all positivhere. yeah, it's beautiful outside. i mean you can see it. it'sus gorg today's going to be exact lie like yesterday, however a few degrees warmer than yesterday. yesterday we made it up to y82, toe're going to make it up to 85. a chilly morning out there but a nice and comfortable start. it's going to dry tomorrow, and very small chances o rain late tuesday night into early ksdnesday. in fact most f are going to be sleeping when we have some not look es,hey do that big, isolated chances at best.
9:49 am
will r we do have two tropical be watching and one is really close to the east coast. t thatpical storm chris, we'll talk about that, and otherwise, we'll talk about the plans today. if you're going to seexer it will be perfect humidity to get that done. perhaps get that car washed. outdoor dining, sun doesn't go down about quarter until9:00, that's when it really gets dark. but sports, you've g softball tournaments, soccer tournaments peth the kiddos. our ttures are responding to that moving into the 60s and lo 70s, mid 80s for a high today with sunny skies. if you're heading out to the vineyards, maybe, beautiful and pleasant conditions all the way into the afternoon. nothing on the storm team 4 radar right now, that's a product of hh pressure and high pressure actually suppressing tropical storm chris
9:50 am
hanging right offhe outer banks of north carolina andli south ca coastline right there. you can see some of that rain, pushing into the out banks, causing swells and also some rip currents out that way. maybe some breezy conditions out towards the bank as well. so the track on this, it will intensify, just a little bit. ane, butegory 1 hurr not until wednesday, so it's going to sit right around the north carolina outer bks area, and then by wednesday, it turns into a category 1 and the reason why, is because this water is soarm, so it's able to intensify and it's going to track up the coast. know you could have some large swells to deal with and also some rip currents all along the eastern seaboard. we also have beryl. people were writing me, they're
9:51 am
sayi it's like sheryl, so bel. that is going to continue to deintensify, in fact you've got some pretty strong winds in the upper levels of the feaatmosphe and so that it's going tit tear apart. looks like it could drop a couple of inches in puerto rico, but it could be a tropicalsi depr if not lower than that when it hits pueo rico. plenty of sunshine around at leastay tueorning before clouds push in tuesday afternoon. humidity creeps back in on thursday and fray, but really thursday and fray, but really not looking like a bad
9:52 am
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plus your choice of a free samsung chromebook 3 or a $200 credit toward other samsung tech, all for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement. stuck in a contract? no problem. we'll help you out with up to a $500 credit for your early termination fee. go to to switch today. it's funny really, nobody ever does iti didn't do itppens. and of course it's the really tough stains that nobody ever does
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ready? really? i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it huh, he didn't do it introducing new tide ultra oxi; it's got to be tide all ri ot, so of the things that we all love about the national zoo is just kind of walk right in, it's so open, whether you're there to see the animals, or just want a place to jog, you can do that. >> buthat open landscape could we changing. yesterday w told by zoo officials that they want to beef up security after a number of security scares. >> what's being considered a what i means for visitors and locals. >> gone are the days when you out of am freely in and
9:55 am
government venues in d.c. but zooisitors will soon see more gates like es the pedestrian entrance points will be reduced to three. new limits onic var traffic would also go into place during peak thperiods, mor 25,000 people visit the zoo, they would be subject to increased scrutiny, bag checks and metal detectors. >> with kids and everything, it will be a little hashrder to ge in and ou but the days you never know, which is sad. >> i'm not opposed to security checks, as long as they move forward in the line. >> reporter: there have been temporary screening tests at the zoo before, and they seemed to work fine on busy days. this would bring the zoo in line
9:56 am
with other venues at the facility. >> we visited the african-american museum a coue ofays ago, and it was very, very exciting. >> reporter: did you have to go through security? >> we did have to go through security, and theronwasn't a veg line. >> reporter: the idea has to be approved by the national capital designing commission. at the national zoo, derek ward, news 4. at 9:56, another clear shot outside over washington. 73 degrees as we approach the 10:00 hour, when thed humidity rain returns when news4 today comes back, stay with us. ♪
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and that breaking news coming out of thai the 12 boys, at least two, were stuck inside a caveor days with their soccer coach have been rescued. the remaining are in the process of being removed now, it could take severalours or even days depending on conditions. we what hearing from the secret service, they responded to a head-on collision on i-66
10:00 am
this morning near the rosslyn tunnel. the road had to be shut down for some time, it reopened just before 7:00. we'll have a report on why the volved.service was that's just minutes away. good morning to you on this sunday morning. >> we have a very busy morning here as you can tell at news4, but don't worry, we have got all of the big stories covered for you. >> we alsoalant to about the weather today, because it is spectacular outside, let's get straight to lauren ricketts. >> lauren, what do we give you, a gold star? a pat on the back? >> ererything. >>s what i say, take it when you can get it, how about that? >> thank you. i'll take it all this week, because i'lle here tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday. amelia and i will take some good credit for the beautiful weather that we're having out there, plenty of sunshine out there right w, it is a gore just sunday in


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