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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 3, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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sell break celebrations that shut down the line. and details on the heat, humidity and storms that may have you changing your plans. ♪ first a live look from our tower cam. as we start this monday morning high above us. we're working to bring you everything you need to know on this 3rd of july. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green. jack taylor is in, and storm team 4's chuck bell, it's steamily. >> all of our regularly scheduled ladies have the day off. hope they're enjoying it. those of us at working that's how the cookie crumbibilit
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rain chances are low for today. a slightly better chance tomorrow. four things to know. awesome day for being out at the pool. it will be plenty hot. drink those extra glasses of water today. stay properly hydrated, keep the spf on. one or two stray showers, but nearly perfect by this evening. 91 in frederick, maryland. plenty hot today. a little higher chance for storms tomorrow. i'll show you tuesday and the five-day forecast coming up. jack taylor says there are some trek tricky spots on 270. >> the about news, the run after 121, everything got put over to the shoulder. the sizable delay has lessened a tad. still a bit of volume trying to make it through clarksburg. chopper 4 flying over the top side of the beltway near colesville road. that's nice to see.
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if you're headed out from 95 to george avenue, no slowdown. otherwise in good shape in virginia.inner or outer loop, nothing in your way. prince george's county police have an urgent plea. they want to find out who shot and killed a father of four on the beltway over the weekend. >> police say they need to find witnesses. justin finch is live with a look at the clues they have and what the man's family is saying about this. hey, justin. >> reporter: good morning. the victim in this case thought he would be back home in just a matter of minutes after taking a friend home on saturday night. but he never made it back. now prince george's county police and that man's family are hoping someone out there with information comes forward. here's a look at the victim. he's 55-year-old adriano lombre, a father of
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car on sat night after taking a friend home to the d.c. area. here's a lock at his car. it's a white mercury grand marquee with that distinctive rear window detail reading skins fan for life. he was found dead in the driver's seat near the pennsylvania avenue exit close to 11:55 p.m. saturday night. his family and neighbors now grieving this morning. >> i want him to be remembered as a generous person. you know, just a family-oriented person. >> he and i were the best of friends and just a great guy. >> reporter: investigators believe someone fired at lombre's car from another car, was the reason road rage or something else? that's the question police are trying to answer. anyone who
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between 11:30 and midnight on saturday should come forward. they say no detail is too small. we're live in prince george's county, i'm justin finch, back to you. >> thank you. right now look at robert mcgill. this 78-year-old man is from capitol heights. he has not been seen since friday morning on shell street. police need help finding him. he has dementia and diabetes. the alzheimer's association locally says mcgill walks with a cane and is likely on foot. call maryland state police if you see him. here's a look at some other top stories. people who live near comet ping-pong northwest say someone is posting fliers saying the pizza gate theory is true. the theory falsely says politics are running a child sex ring out of the pizza shop. police arrested the man responsible for an attack there last december. less than two weeks ago he was sentenced to four years if
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restaurant. president trump is stepping up his attacks on the media he's getting criticized forever tweeting an edited video showing himself beating up a man with a cnn logo on his face. the man accused of sexually abusing a child in the district has been arrested. d.c. police arrested davon wood yesterday. they say he made sexual contact with a girl last monday on north carolina avenue southeast. he's been charged with second degree child sexual abuse. new video of the concert that ended in gunfire in little rock over the weekend. the rapper at the center of that is in police custody. ricky hampton was arrested early sunday morning on outstanding assault and gun charges. nearly 30 people were hurt there. all are expected to survive.
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little rock's mayor says the violence was likely gang related. this morning investigators will head back to the site of a fatal home explosion in pennsylvania. a utility worker investigating a gas leak was killed when the house exploded and burst into flames. it happened yesterday in lancaster county, pennsylvania. three other people were hurt and four homes were damaged. train operators thought there was a fire when they saw smoke. firefighters responded but didn't find anything. they say people were using illegal fireworks in the area and that could have been what the operators saw. we are a day away from the fourth of july. today we will get a sneak peek at the big show. a live look for you here at the national mall, closed rehearsals start this morning for the capitol 4th concert. john
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year. security is already being put in place along the mall. at 6:30, megan mcgrath shows us what you can expect this year in addition to john stamos. >> yes. thank you. celebrating our freedom doesn't have to cost a fortune. we're breaking down the fun and free activities that the whole family can enjoy. and good morning. it has rained the last two fourth of julys in a row. will we make it three in a row and go for the hat trick? i'll let you know with the fourth of july forecast coming up. an arrest made in a deadly road rage shooting. we'll tell you the new details about the man accused of killing a college-bound young lady for the w
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. good morning. it's indeed a steamy start to the day today.
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hot, hot for anything you want to do outside. tomorrow we are watching for a little higher chance for isolated thunderstorms to come around. finally a touch cooler weather as we get to the middle parts of the week. i have the extended forecast, beach forecast, grill forecast, all of that still yet to come. see you in a few minutes with the details. good morning. if we're headed on maryland roadways, chopper 4 flying over 270 down near the spur. no issues from frederick down to the lane divide. you should find your travel lanes available. there was a crash near 121, everything was moved over to the shoulder and it is not causing a slowdown. otherwise beltway is looking good. running without delay. there had been issues earlier on metro on the orange line, now described as residual delays. an earlier train malfunction but things should get back to normal quickly.
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it is 6:12. an amber alert in texas came to a tragic end. investigators found the body of 13-year-old siobhan randall in dallas. they also found the body of an unidentified man. investigators say she was taken from her home by a man who called her family and threatened to hurt her if police were called. at least two people have been arrested. the doctor who was killed in friday's hospital shooting in the bronx wasn't even supposed to be working that day. tracy sin ye tam was covering a shift at hospital as a favor. the suspect in the shooting spree was a former doctor who was fired a week before the shooting. the man wanted in a road rage killing of a pennsylvania high school graduate has turned himself in. 28-year-old david desper has been charged with first degree
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manhunt. he was denied bail. he shot and killed bianca roberson because he was upset about the way she was merging on to a highway. his fami roberson's family is still trying to understand what happened. >> what's wrong with people's minds that we flip out like that? >> she wasn't the type of person that would cause someone to want to shoot her. >> roberson was set to attend jacksonville university in the fall. heartache this holiday for one prince george's county family. >> james hill was on his way home from work when investigators say a car slammed into his meninivan in accokeek d killed him. derrick ward talked to his family, still struggling with his death. >> reporter: 67-year-old james hill was a busy man. that's how he lived his life. his active life didn't keep him away from his family. it made them closer. cycling with his son. >> 60, 80 miles just biking. just being together. >> reporter: running with his daughter. >> i'm competitive. so my goal was to beat my dad.
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to say he made it to work and another to say he was on his way home. just checking in. >> he would get upset with me because i didn't do the same. he would always say how do i know you made it there safely. >> reporter: last thursday evening she didn't get the text from james saying he was on his way home. >> i told her we need to go find daddy. >> reporter: they met heavy traffic and soon found out why. it was the worst possible of reasons. >> we saw his car, and i knew he was gone. i knew he was gone. >> reporter: hill died after his car was hit on indian head highway, part of a three-car crash. witnesses say other cars were driving erratically just before the crash. it's still under investigation, but whatever the outcome the family already knows what they lost on that notorious stretch of roadway. the uncle, the father who made dishes that were family ledge legends, and the husband who never left home without telling
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>> and now we have to, like i say, live with memories when my preference would be to live with the person. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. >> many in laws are now in effect as we start this holiday week. maryland's minimum wage has gone from 8.75 to 9.25 an hour. a state tax break for retirement income is in effect for emergency responders. in virginia, driving below the speed limit in the fast lane could earn you a $100 ticket. and abc stores in virginia are allowed to sell more higher proof alcohol. to read more about these new laws search new laws in the nbc washington app. the nationals have at least five of the best players in baseball. that's how many players will be representing washington at the all-star game next week.
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of any major league player. he will be joined by ryan zimmerman and daniel murphy. max scherzer and steve strasburg made the cut. there's a chance that a sixth nats player could make the team. third baseman anthony rendon is a final vote candidate. the nats have turned their twitter feed into a campaign for the 27-year-old. stop looking at me, aaron. you can tweet your vote using #voterendon by thursday afternoon. we can get there, folks. >> he said yeah, i'm the man. and this one. he sat down. he has the ball. two foul balls caught on two pitches? >> that's right. >> you can call that guy lucky, right? the oakland a's fan went home with not one but two foul balls in yesterday's game. the first one was a bouncer that he reached out and claimed. good move there. we weren't expecting -- he was not expecting to catch another one right aft
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especially with the first one still in his hand. >> that is luck. >> impressed with the skills. when you lean over the railing, you need to be careful. >> a little tricky. but it worked out for him. >> still just a ball. >> we had a pretty picture behind us earlier m then the clo clouds rolled in? >> sometimes it's a pretty picture out there, sometimes not as much. it has rained the last three july 4th in a row. in fact last year you will probably remember that if you were here. 74 degrees last year on the fourth of july. that was our coldest fourth of july in 75 years. you had to go back to 19
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last year we were into the 80s, but only an inch of rain. in 2012, the last time we didn't have rain on the fourth, it was 99 degrees. that was a couple days after the derecho event. so a lot of people didn't have electricity. it's all dry now the. i'm optimistic that today will be rain free. about 90% chance you won't get rained on today. 75 in washington. 6 in howard county. it will be a hot one. low to mid 90s. 93, 94 for highs in town. if you're beach bound, boy, there was quite the line of eastbound traffic on the bridge last night, maybe an isolated shower at the beaches. 30% chance tomorrow. no wash outcoming. with an onshore flow coming midweek, afternoon highs in the mid 7 0s. stayhe
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washington app. also check me out on instagram, my forecast 4 you. there is late weather froa litt up here. not much of a rain threat for today. couldn't rule out the strayest of isolated showers. for tomorrow, 2:00, bhibmaybe a bubbling up of showers, no one single line coming through. this will be hit and miss chances for rain form. 30% or so for the rain chance on the 4th. here's how i see it coming down on the 4th. 20% chance of rain at 7:00. i do think we should be dry by 9:00 p.m. fireworks start around 9:15. here's your five-day forecast. 90s today and tomorrow. better chance of rain on wednesday. that leads to slightly cooler air for wednesday and thursday. pride into the 90s. let's get over to jack
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>> we'll go to jack in a second. first this burger contest. z burger is firing up the ground for its annual burger eating contest today. the chain is hoping to crown a new winner and reward whoever can eat the most burgers in ten minutes. competitive eater molly schuller ate 28 last year. if you beat her today, you can get prizes, cash prizes in addition to bragging rights. first place winner takes home $1500 in cash. the contest starts at noon. >> good luck. >> yeah. >>bu burgers in water. >> it's the recovery i worry about. all right, jack taylor, what's going on on the roads. >> i'm still concentrating on z burger. i'm salivating. news chopper 4 over the legend bridge.
6:21 am
shape. one issue on metro, it was on the orange line. it was described as a train malfunction, it was near new carrolton. you can expect residual delays there. otherwise the beltway has been clear. down by the woodrow wilson bridge, it's all clean and green. if you have to get out there, go now. a budget battle shutting down popular beaches. why was the governor's family spotted on one of them? the new controversy for chris christie that you'll be hearing about. and still looking for fourth of july fun that won't break the bank? we have free and fun options that the whole family can enjoy.
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the music caught me off guard on that one. >> different. >> news 4 today is working for you to find fun and free things to do this summer. with the fourth of july is tomorrow. you may be used to enjoying allen pond in buoy, but make other plans this year. the city announced there will be no city-sponsored fourth of july sell breaks. we have other options. go out to the university of maryland college park, head over to lot 1 off of adelphi road, there will be rock 'n roll tunes at 7:00 p.m., and fireworks at 9:00 p.m. >> we have a complete list of fireworks displays and an
6:25 am
interactive map on the nbc washington app. in new jersey a budget battle continues. the state is dealing with a government shutdown after lawmakers couldn't agree to a spending plan this past saturday. governor chris christie ordered the closing of courts, parks and beaches, but he's catching some heat for enjoying the sun with his family at a state beach closed to the public because of the shutdown. christie said he was staying at a summer beach house there provided by the state. a deadly decision and a roadside tribute honoring the life of a local motorcyclist and the safety warning during the summer driving season. still not sure what to do on july 4th? there are a lot of events happening. i'll have the details coming up. best of all, a lot of those events are free. she'll help you navigate what's free for the fourth. otherwise the forecast is free. we're in the 60s and 70
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it looks like it will be a hot july
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right now on news 4 today, murder on the beltway. a father of four and the ultimate redskins fan shot and killed. conspiracy theory scare. internet rumors about the so-called pizzagate are false, but now a new discovery is raising fears. and it is practice day on capitol hill. final preparations being made to celebrate intense day in our nation's capitol. . just about 6:30. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. thousands of people getting ready to converge on the na
6:30 am
day. it will be hot and humid, as it should be. we're keeping our eye on your holiday week forecast. >> stock market team 4 meteorologist chuck bell live on the storm team 4 weather deck to explain how icky it feels. >> it's a little thick out here. plenty of humidity in the atmosphere. that may lead to an isolated shower or two. rain chances are fairly low. 75 degrees in washington under a mostly cloudy sky. perfect day for getting out to the pool. around 30 for the spf. mid to upper 80s by late morning. low 90s for most of the afternoon. a little backyard barbecuing. invite your favorite weatherman. i've been known to eat a hamburger or two. 4:00 p.m., 94. 6:00, 90 degrees. 8:00, 86 degrees. best time to do that grilling about 7:30 to 8:30. i tend to go
6:31 am
you're inviting me get that 4:00 grill time started up. time to see how traffic is doing on a monday. >> 3:30, 4:00, i'm riding with you, we'll get there early. 29 at dale drive in silver spring, authorities are on the scene. one vehicle was struck and pushed itself on to its side. this will affect gail drive and 29. we did have earlier issues on the rails. we shouldn't find troubles now. beltway is looking good we had trouble on the orange line, it was described as a train malfunction, it was out near new carrolton. nothing huge to worry about. just fyi. back into you. >> thank you. here's a look at the top stories. someone shot and killed a father of four on the beltway in prince george's county. that killer is still on the loose. adriano lombre was shot on the outer loom of 495 near the pennsylvania avenue exit on saturday. police say he was a
6:32 am
man. his family is speaking out on what he was doing moments before his death, that's coming up live. >> right now take a good look at robert mcgill. this 78-year-old man is from capitol heights. he has not been seen since friday morning on shell street. police need help finding him. he has dementia and diabetes. he is likely on foot and is seen walking with a cane. look at this video. an investigation underway to find out what caused this amtrak train to derail. this happened yesterday afternoon in washington state. the train was carrying more than 250 people when it jumped the tracks. 4 of 15 cars came off the tracks. the cracks are back open this morning. a lot of people looking forward to the music and the fireworks filling the air tomorrow and john stamos. let's throw that in. >> that's the big highlight, right? >> we'll get a taste of that excitement in a few hours. preparations are underway for
6:33 am
megan mcgrath is live with what we can look forward to. >> you can look behind me here, you can see the stage already in place for the big concert. have some flags up here. some work crews tweaking a few things. everything is ready to go always a terrific show. look at some video from last year's performance. you can see always just a wonderful produck shtion. john stamos will be the host. we are expecting a big crowd for the concert it gets underway at 8:00. a lot of different events happening around the district on july 4th, all day long. we have the capitol 4th concert. there's the folk life festival, the parade will take place along
6:34 am
the big event for many, the fireworks display. that will get underway just after 9:00 tomorrow night. for many, d.c. is the place to be. >> it's great. it's a magical city. it comes to life on the fourth of july. what are your plans? >> taking the fie ining in the going a cookout or two, enjoying it. >> we expect big crowds tomorrow. your best bet is to leave the car at home. take metro, take an uber, ride your bike, walk. we will see road closures in the area along constitution parade route and the mall area. there's not a whole lot of parking either, so best bet, leave the car at home. >> megan mentioned the smithsonian
6:35 am
that kicks off at just 8:00 a.m. this morning. you can find a stull askfull sc events in the nbc washington app, search folk life. family and friends are members the life of a prince george's county father, and his death comes with ab important reminder about safety on the roads. we're told gerald stockton was going at least 130 miles per hour when he lost control on brandywine road and crashed. a conspiracy theory getting new attention in a local neighborhood. people who live near comet ping-pong in northeast d.c. say someone is posting flyers saying the pizza theory is true.
6:36 am
the theory says politicians are running a child sex ring out of that shop. one resident says the slips of paper threatens the neighborhood safety. >> with the pizza parlor a few blocks away, we had an incident where someone self-investigated with an assault rifle. >> police arrested the man responsible for the attack last december. less than two weeks ago he was sentenced to four years in prison for firing inside the restaurant. >> president trump is making calls and insists lawmakers are getting close to passing a bill that replaces and repeals obamacare. there's also a repeal only option if republicans can't reach an agreement. mitch mcconnell largely dismissed the suggestion of a repeal only measure. just three gop defections would doom any legislation. this morning former president barack obama welcomed to south korea by the president there, moon jae-in. they talked
6:37 am
visit with president trump, and how to approach and solve the north korea nuclear issue. obama arrived in seoul late last night. in just 220 days, the winter olympics in pyeongchang will begin. eun yang headed back there in february to bring us live coverage of the games in south korea. they visited for the one-year countdown celebration and will bring us those stories leading up to the opening sermceremonie news 4. would the splinters and degree. that's all that's left of a home. still ahead, the cause of this deadly explosion and the warning that saved a man's life. >> and smoke at the red line. a false alarm at the metro and the reason everyone should be on alert. and all is quiet outside right now. be ready for the heat of summme
6:38 am
tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 90s down on the national mall. stay extra hydrated what about rain chances for the holiday?
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good morning. a quiet day outside so far. the monument standing tall in downtown washington. it will be a great pool day but plenty hot. could be an isolated shower today. but anything late afternoon into the evening, no problem at all. it will be hot, low 90s today. again tomorrow. little better chance for showers around tomorrow. i'll show you future weather and the ten-day forecast
6:42 am
drive, we had two vehicles involved in a crash. one vehicle was on its side. fire rescue pulled up, so it's affecting 29 and dale drive. chopper 4 is on scene. one vehicle on its side. this may be there for a little bit. on the rails, orange line, expect residual delays to vienna because of a residual train problem. if your headed out, nothing in your way. a new game is flying off the shelves in manassas. it's a twist on monopoly called historic manassas-opoly. the "washington post" reports that it came out a few weeks ago in an effort to raise money for historic manassas. that group promotes the city with events like this week's july 4th celebrations. >> a li
6:43 am
media. washington stel taill talking a president trump's latest tweets. and ford said it is ready to put self-driving cars on the road sooner than you think. the timetable on when you could see the car with an empty driver's seat on the beltway. who shot and killed a prince george's county father in his car over the weekend. we're live with a look at his car and other ♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps and keep on running all day long. america runs on dunkin'.
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tragedy and murder on 495. a father of four never made it home. his final moments and why police believe he was an innocent victim. president trump's takedown, the wwe style assault on cnn on social media. the reaction and next faceoff that could go viral. and we are working for you with your holiday forecast. we can't rule out the chance for a thunderstorm for the 4 th of july. right now breaking news. chopper 4 on the scene in silver spring, take a look here. a truck is on its side here on colesville road at dale drive. a very busy area. it's impacting traffic around there. it will likely be closed for a while there. updates on delays in your first 4 fi
6:47 am
>> we're moving along. prince george's county police have an urgent plea this morning. they're asking for witnesses who may have heard or seen gunfire on the beltway late saturday night to call them. >> 55-year-old adriano lombre, a father of four, was found shot to death in his car. justin finch is live this morning near the beltway with more on that. he also has reaction from lombre's family. >> reporter: what led someone to shoot lombre and who are they? those are questions being asked by investigators, and the family of adriano lombre as they prepare to lay him to rest. looking now where a prince george's county police officer found lombre over the weekend. the beltway outer loop by the pennsylvania avenue exit. close to 11:55 p.m. saturday. lombre was alone, dead, shot several times behind the whe
6:48 am
marquee. he thought he would be back home in a matter of minutes after taking a friend home to the d.c. area. the 55-year-old father of four is now being remembered as a family oriented man, which makes his sudden loss all the more difficult. his daughter is asking for her father's killer to surrender. >> just come forward, do the right thing, and suffer the consequences. >> reporter: the motive in this case is unknown. police believe lombre was shot from another vehicle, and they are asking for anyone who saw his car between 11:30 and midnight to come forward. they're saying in this case that no detail is too small. we're live in prince george's county, justin finch, news 4.
6:49 am
>> thank you. this morning fairfax county police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. police tell us the victim was trying to cross richmond highway at belvoir drive around 3:00 in the morning sunday. medics rushed him to the hospital but he died a few hours later. a man accused of sexually abusing a child in the district has been arrested. d.c. police arrested davon wood yesterday. they say he made sexual contact with a girl last monday on north carolina avenue southeast. he's been charged with second degree child sexual abuse. things are back to normal on the red line this morning after things were shut down between silver spring and forest glen last night. train operators thought there was a track problem after seeing smoke. firefighters responded to a smoking cable on the tracks but didn't find anything. they say smoke from illegal fireworks could have been what operators saw. many of you getting
6:50 am
celebrate the july 4th holiday. some of you will be lighting your own fireworks. >> while it is a tradition that a lot of families enjoy, you need to be careful. that is a dell station showing the dangers of fireworks. every year thousands of people are injured in those types of accidents. it's an accident that caught one person by surprise. >> i didn't know that it was going to go off that fast. i knew i was doing something dangerous, i didn't know it was going to do that fast. i thought i would have two, three seconds to throw it. >> tom costello will have more from the fairfax fire academy in just few minutes coming up on "the today show." there's one topic likely to dominate the conversation and your social media feeds today. >> it's president trump's latest twitter controversy. the president set off a firestorm yesterday when he tweeted an edited video showing himself taking down a man with the
6:51 am
the edited clip is from a 2007 wwe event showing mr. trump body slamming the wrestling organization's owner, vince mcmahon. >> i look at it, i shake my head. >> people are now begging the president not to do this. he ought to stop doing it. >> i think no one would perceive that as a threat. >> reporter: cnn responded in a statement saying it's a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. the president will visit germany later this week for the g20 summit and that is where he will have his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. developing now in pennsylvania, investigators will return to the site of a fatal home explosion. a utility worker investigating a gas leak was killed when the house exploded and burst into flames. fire fighters ran
6:52 am
to rescue the people inside. the homeowner was rescued 20 minutes before the blast. one neighbor said he heard the blast and ran for his life. >> i'm thankful to be alive. surprised i made it out. >> two other people were hurt. four other homes were damaged. those families will have to find someplace else to live. >> five, four, three, two, one -- spacex hoping tonight is the night they will launch a new communications satellite into orb orbit. the mission was called off yesterday after a computer discovered a problem. tonight's falcon 9 rocket launch is set for just after 7:30. >> good luck. >> yeah. any weather problems likely you think, chuck? >> not down in the cape, typical thunderstorms in florida but usually by 7:30, things are coming to an end. optimistic about their ability to launc
6:53 am
>> how about around here. >> optimism reigns supreme today and tomorrow. a chance of a shower both days, more of a chance tomorrow than today, but nothing like last year. last year it was rained out and chilly. last year, 74 degrees with over a third of an inch of rain. that was our coolest july 4th in 75 years. it has rained here on the last three fourth of julys in a row. two years ago we had nearly an inch of rain. five years ago 99 degrees back in 2012. it's been oupup and down. haven't had a classic fourth of july with no rain and tolerable temperatures in quite some time. 65 in lateensville. 65 in potomac. 66 in centreville. 72 in upper marlboro. 74 in
6:54 am
parts of prince williams county, 74 in montclair. 70s now. we should be easily 90 by the afternoon, low 90s for high temperatures in most of your hometowns today. some spots may fail to get to 90, gaithersburg, martinsburg and winchester just short of 90 degrees today. heading out to the beach today and tomorrow, nice beach weather. stray shower or two tomorrow. midweek, perfect at the beaches. have your nbc washington app ready to go. next time you see dark clouds bubbling or hear thunder, open it up and track those rain chances. future weather trying to bubble up one or two lonesome showers about 5:00, 6:00, other than that, looking dry. for tomorrow, a 30% chance for a shower. we should be dry by the time the fireworks go off. ten-day forecast, on the warm side here. couple of days below 90 wednesday and thursday. frid
6:55 am
let's go over to jack taylor and wtop. >> we've been dealing with the problem on 29 in silver spring down near dale drive a couple vehicles involved in the crash. one pickup truck on the side. fire and rescue showed up. they have to get this thing back on its wheels and towed out of there. the top of the truck was taken off to remove the occupant of the vehicle. also you will find we have heavier than normal traffic in virginia on i-95 coming northbound. some activity before the triangle. it moved over to the left shoulder. the lights will always grab attention. back to you. >> jack, thank you. good morning, i'm susan li at cnbc headquarters. ford seen makie ing great progr on putting self-driving cars on the road by 2021. ford giving
6:56 am
weekend and they're relying on a startup for the technology behind it. it was cofounded by former google and uber employees. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm susan li. >> thank you. here are four things to know. prince george's county police need help to find witnesses of a deadly shooting on the beltway. 55-year-old adriano lombre was killed late saturday night. police think the shots came from another car. follow justin finch on twitter for updates. >> the man wanted the road rage killing of a pennsylvania high school grad has turned himself in. david desper has been charged with the murder. find out what else police learned from the nbc washington app. closed rer hear ed rehearsa capitol fourth event. find out more in the nbc washington app. five washington nationals players have been named
6:57 am
bryce harper will be a start ner miami next week. he won the most votes of any major league player. he'll be joined by ryan zimmerman and daniel murphy, max scherzer and stephen strasburg also made the cut. >> congrats to those guys. that's the news for today. "the today show" is coming up next. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes for your local news, weather and traffic. make it a graeat monday.
6:58 am
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good morning. twitter smackdown, president trump in find for another tweet going out to the media sharing this video, slamming cnn. the white house defending his actions. >> i do think that he's beaten newspaper a way on cable platforms that he has a right to respond to. >> but doesn't go against these comments from last week. >> the president in no way want our factions or ever promoted or encouraged violence, if anything it's the contrary. >> we're live in washington. fiery landing rare smooth flight denver on a plane operated by


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