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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 11, 2017 8:30am-9:00am EST

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possibly at some point this weekend? tom kierein is tracking all that. what you thinking, tom? >> yeah. it's been quite a roller coaster ride. now we're back on the upswing again with the temperatures. by this afternoon up around 60 degrees. got some sunshine just to the west of the metro area overlooking reston town center there and the dulles tollway. a lot of clouds around elsewhere. temperatures below freezing at a few locations farther north and west. metro area around low to mid-40s around the chesapeake bay. a rapid warming will be up to near 50 by 11:00 a.m. hitting the upper and mid-50s by the afternoon. near 60 degrees in the metro area by mid-afternoon. little bit milder tomorrow with some rain off and on. i've got timing for that as well as another roller coaster ride over the next ten days in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. new this morning a man is in jail and the maryland live casino is back to n
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a man was shot on division avenue in northeast d.c. this was just before 10:00 last night. the suspect jumped into a vehicle and drove away. anne arundel county police tells us they chased a vehicle that was involved in a carjacking. they chased that vehicle to the casino here. it was partially evacuated. people inside the casino described the tense moments. >> we were just kind of playing blackjack and we saw a bunch of people running. we kind of didn't know what was going on. everyone told us to get down. we hid behind the slot machines. >> d.c. police have not confirmed that those two scenes are connected. anne arundel county police arrested the man at the casino. foreign relations will be on the agenda for president trump today. he is spending the weekend in florida with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. this morning the two will play
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ahead of a delegation dinner tonight and government watch dog groups say it's a conflict of interest for prime minister abe to stay at the president's private residence. however, the white house says prime minister abe will be a guest of trump. former nsa contractor edward snowden pushing back against claims that russia may give him up. >> this a story that's developing. we're following. nbc news announced yesterday according to a senior official, russian government is offering snowden up as a gift to president trump. on twitter snowden responded saying that this is irrefutable evidence that he never cooperated with russian intelligence. he went on to say that no country trades away spies. snowden was granted refuge in russia after exposing secrets about america's sensitive surveillance programs. he is facing federal charges that carry at least 30 years in prison. staying with russia now, that
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of a growing controversy involving the national security adviser. it all has to do with a conversation that happened before the president took office. congressional democrats are calling for an investigation into whether michael flynn talked about u.s. sanctions during phone calls with russia's ambassador. if so, those conversations could have broken the law. trump administration officials says flynn has no recollection and, quote, can't be certain if he talked about sanctions. a new executive order on immigration could be coming. the president is responding to a federal court decision to refuses to reinstate his travel ban. however, the president told reporters on his way to florida that he is confident he'll win his court battle. sean spicer said every option is on the table. but senior officials tell nbc news they do not plan an emergency appeal to the supreme court. also the federal appeals court that issued the ruling plans to vote on whether to have a larger panel of
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decision. in separate court cases or in the separate court case, lawyers in the commonwealth are making arguments against the immigration order. in federal court on friday, they argue that it violated the constitution and discriminates against muslims. a george washington university professor is now weighing in. >> the best thing the trump administration can do at this point is to rewrite the order, make it narrower, make it not apply to people with green cards. >> virginia's attorney general mark herring says this order could impact up to 1,000 people in the state. the democrat says there is fear that if they leave the u.s., their visas could be revoked. president obama's former education chief is defending the new administration's education secretary betty devos. arne duncan tweeted she should be allowed into a public school even if folks don't agree with her. demonstrators temporarily
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academy in southwest washington yesterday morning. she eventually made it through a back entrance. devos has advocated for charter schools and faced criticism she lacked e peerns during her confirmation hearing. she says she reflects peaceful protests and is committed to educating children. we knew this time would eventually come and bao bao the 3-year-old female panda who was born at the national zoo will be headed to her forever home in china. >> but before she leaves in two weeks, the national zoo is making sure she knows just how adored she's been here. derrick ward is live at the zoo where there's plans for a private celebration today for bao bao? >> reporter: indeed it. will be bao bao and a few of her closest hundred friends. she actually doesn't leave until the 21st. but folks are lining up now to say special good-byes. these are friends of the national zoo. take a look at the panda cam
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a panda hiding behind a tree there. i'm not sure if that's bao bao or not. but she is the panda of the hour. she was born back in 2013. and of course she's approaching 4 years old which is about the time pandas born in the u.s. are sent to china to breed. and that will help keep the captive population diversified genetically. it's a sad time and happy time here. friends of the national zoo today are having a special good-bye ceremony. with me now is the executive director of the friends of the national zoo. what are these folks going to be doing today? >> we're expecting 2,500 friends of the zoo members. they're going to be here. it's a special access time for thoem say good-bye to bao bao just for members. they'll get treats and sign postcards that can go along with bao bao on her trip to china. should be a wonderful event. >> reporter: it's a big draw to this facility, but this is somehow these pandas just endar
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the pandas are special. >> you're right. the pandas have some magic about them and certainly our members love them but all of the people who come to visit the beautiful zoo love the pan das. i think it's something about that sweet fuzzy black and white magic. they're bears but they act like sweet little stuffed animals. they're magical. they are. we're blessed to have them. >> reporter: speak of the devil or the panda at least. they grow quickly, don't they? lynn, thank you so much for joining us here. again, they're not leaving until the 21st so there'll be some time for the public not part of this group to say good-bye as well. we're live at the national zoo. derrick ward, news4. >> what a special day ahead indeed. metro starting its next big safety project today. how the government is now using leverage to make a statement on how the agency handles safety. a deadly shooting and neighbors on edge this morning. we're going to tell you who police are now questioning about what was a disturbing discovery.
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we're back at 8:40. some of the residents in shock after a man was found shot to death in their neighborhood. police were called to the scene after residents heard gunshots. police then found the man lying lifeless in the street. they've not yet released his name. police say they're interviewing witnesses. we know they've detained some people from a nearby home but they're not yet calling them suspects. residents are expressing their feelings to us. >> yeah. definitely strange. yeah. we're worried. >> we feel very unsecure now. we don't know what to do. i mean, i hope they -- this is an isolated situation. >> police trying to figure it out too. this is still an active
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call police. well, if safety is your concern on metro, it's also the reason why federal officials are withholding about $15 million that should go to the transit agency. the administration says it is holding the money until a new safety oversight commission is formed. the fta has been doing oversight since october 2015. so far d.c. has passed a measure to move forward with the commission. but approvals are needed in virginia and maryland. once that happens, metro will get that money. we had snow earlier. now we're talking mid-60s. we've got tom tracking wild weather this weekend. and when rain might impact your plans. and from dangerously high winds to major snowstorms, take a look at that. we're going to let you know how all that turned out. we are tracking the weather in the northeast, the new blast of whether that could have several more inches of snow o
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best day this weekend to get in a run, a bike ride, a brisk walk. any outdoor exercise would be today. as we'll have some rain maybe moving in tomorrow. tomorrow we'll stay dry and getting milder. around 60 degrees by mid-afternoon. just some clouds coming and going. then rain is looking more likely. i've got new hour-by-hour
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on that. that's coming up here in just a few minutes. tired volunteers now trying to refloat another group of whales that swam aground. officials say a new pod of 240 whales became stranded on a remote beach today. it happened just hours after those volunteers were able to refloat a different group of whales. some of the bhals have had to be euthanized because they were unhealthy. crews are working through the weekend to fix a massive raw sewage spill. the wssc posted these pictures on twitter of the crews working hard. they say 20 inch main broke on thursday at the piscataway waste treatment plant. the break caused waste water to flow into the piscataway creek until crews set up a pump to divert that sewage into a holding basin. the spill not affecting drinking water. a former virginia
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guardsman will spend 11 years behind bars for trying to help isis. mohammed jalou spoke to the fbi informants about a massacre. his attorneys say he's not a radical extremist. he said it was a mistake of his life and he went on to apologize to the u.s. military. he told his lawyer that he's sorry if this has made it more difficult for other refugees to enter the u.s. sanitize, rinse, and repeat. that is the main activity in schools both near and far. hundreds of kids have come down with the flu. and maybe your child is one of them. erica edwards explains schools are now taking some serious precautions. >> reporter: these kids in stig ler, oklahoma, spent their time on the court this week instead of the classroom. the middle and high schools there both closed because of the flu. >> it spreads like crazy.
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situation near st. louis, missouri, and in lubbock, texas. >> we had some classes with over 75% of the kids out. >> reporter: 43 states here in brown now have widespread flu activity according to the cdc. 20 children have died included 6-year-old eva harris in ohio who had a rare flu-related complication. a popular teacher in oklahoma also succumbed to the school. devastating her students. >> everyone was crying and they needed kleenexs and they were hugging mr. smith the teacher that told us. >> reporter: workers across the country will spend the weekend sanitizing schools. and it's not just the flu virus that's hitting classes hard. >> i just got a phone call from the clinic that his stomach is not feeling well. >> reporter: an elementary school in arlington, virginia, closed early for the weekend when dozens of kids became sick with norovirus. erica edwards, nbc news. well, it feels a bit like spring here i
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already. >> here is one thing. take a drive up to the northeast and it is a winter wonderland. just as folks are starting to dig out from a massive mid-week storm, more snow could be on the way. the national weather service forecasting several inches today in new england. by monday there could be an extra 9 to 18 inches throughout that region. and take a look at this right here. this is from wild winds in wyoming. strong enough to turn over that tractor-trailer right onto a patrol car. incredible video right there. you can see the car gets crushed by the massive truck. the video was captured by a highway patrol dash cam. luckily all of the troopers were out of their cars helping others when this happened. the people inside the truck also walked away without any injuries. that is stunning video. >> scary stuff. around here we talked about spring. it's really messing a lot of people up. i'd like to say that spring is a hot mess but it's also a cold mess. we've seen both
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>> and a few spring flowers are trying to come up. the snow drops and some sprouts come up. even early blossoming trees are threatening to blossom a bit. we've had our 70s earlier this week. then it got cold on thursday and fritds. then we're back to a warming trend on this saturday morning. good morning. right now looking across the city getting the sunshine breaking out. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. we'll have the sunshine in and out throughout the rest of the day. right now it's low to mid-40s around the bay. it's getting around freezing. climbing out of the 30s to near 40 degrees. by 10:00 we'll be in the mud 40s with sunshine in and south. and then upper 50s. then by 6:00 p.m. back down to the upper 50s. a mild and dry afternoon. so a great day to get out. then that peekaboo moon will be out tonight. we'll see that just past full moon, that's going to be rising after sunset. all dry on stor
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now. but tomorrow morning this is as of 6:00 a.m. these speckles of green or areas of maybe sprinkles of light rain. this is going to be with us off and on throughout the morning. then as we get into the afternoon, may stop a little bit early afternoon. then a few more may be popping up around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. then after that we'll dry out on sunday night, winds shifting to the northwest. bringing in some colder air and temperatures by dawn monday will be into the mid-30s after we reach mid-60s tomorrow afternoon. then with the blustery wind monday morning will bring in the colder air. upper 40s monday afternoon. then on valentine's day on tuesday, a sweet day, afternoon highs in the upper 40s. then near 50 wednesday afternoon after a cold start. and still chilly towards the end of the week. but look at next weekend. highs near 70 degrees.
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>> thank you, tom. a close call and a dangerous trend. we're going to tell you about the incoming flight that narrowly missed a drone and the growing challenge pilots are now facing. it's 8:51.
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i have your first 4 traffic and a look at safetrack surge number 12 kicking off this weekend. so this surge will run february 11th through
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during that time no blue line trains will be in service. here's a look at what's going to happen. every 20 minutes on the yellow line we're talking about trains running between huntington and mount vernon square. also yellow line rush plus between franconia, springfield, and national airport. that will be every 20 minutes as well. reminder here. arlington cemetery, that station will be closed but served by buses from pentagon station during safetrack surge 12. now, on the orange line we expect normal service here during this time. same thing on the silver line. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning for news4 today. >> thanks. a close call at dulles international airport after an incoming flight from paris narrowly misses a flight on landing. >> this happened late thursday afternoon. we're now learning more about how this could have happened. >> reporter: the airfrance boeing 777 inbound from paris arriving at dulles airport around 4:30 thursday
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listen in as the pilot spots something. >> on the left side just above my head around the captain's side. could not see the difference of height, but i believe about less than a hundred feet. >> reporter: a drone flying deep inside the restricted air space. the tower warning other pilots. >> be advised. we had a report of a drone spotting. just west of waxin. the final approach. >> a drone that high is pretty unusual. >> reporter: j.c.silby would know. he's been flying his drone for two years. he's got an faa license to report images for his real estate company. >> i started taking the video for my listings as well. it's been a huge benefit to my business. >> reporter: silvey only flies outside the restricted air space and even then takes extra precautions. giving smaller airports a courtesy heads up. >> but still it's smart to talk
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i always call him telling him when and where i'm going to fly. >> reporter: but he also understand this fear from the cockpit. >> shakes you up. if you see a drone a hundred feet above you and you're at 700 feet -- >> reporter: a former navy pilot, he's been flying commercial for the past 20 years. he warns something that small can cause damage or worse. especially during takeoff or landing. >> first thousand feet and last thousand feet are more where they have to deal with. that's a bad time to lose an engine. >> some frightening numbers from the faa on this subject as well. they say more than 722,000 drones are registered here in the u.s. but thousands more may be unregistered. the faa says it has seen these close calls jump about 50% from 2015 to 2016. >> scary. well, it is quickly starting to warm up and we're going to stay dry. take a look at this. you're looking at a live view of
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zoo. i could stay on this all morning long, but we know we've got the weather to get to. so tom kierein standing by closely watching showers that are moving our way. >> they're active this morning. wow. cars speeding past school buses. the risk for students and the new punishment one lawmaker hopes will force drivers to w.llow the la
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the headlines. we'll start in the district where police say a man was shot on division avenue in northeast just before 10:00 last night. they will not confirm if the shooting is related to a car chase that ended at maryland live casino. anne arundel county police tell us they chased a vehicle that was somehow involved in a carjacking in d.c. now, the casino was partially evacuated until the man was arrested inside. president donald trump will tee off with shinzo abe in an effort to build a relationship. the two world leaders are spending the weekend together at mar-a-lago resort. a live picture of the panda cam. we believe bao bao one of the two rolling around here and the national zoo hosting a private farewell party for her. the celebration will include celebratory ice cake as part of a breeding agreement between the zoo and china, the panda will actually leave on february 21st.


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