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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, edward snowden reacting to reports he could be shipped back here to the u.s. would russia give him up as a gift to president trump? questions unanswered about a deadly shooting. who police are questioning tonight and
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rattled. convicted again. a daycare provider found guilty of killing a baby. prosecutors say her new trial was based on junk science. now they want to set the record straight. first tonight, the bombshell report about former nsa contractor edward snowden. >> "nightly news" broke the story at 7:00 tonight. snowden is reacting to claims that russia may be willing to give him up. >> chris lawrence is following it from the live desk. what's the latest, chris? >> reporter: yeah, president trump's national security adviser is caught in the middle of a growing controversy. we just re-tweeted edward snowden as he pushes back on reports that russia may turn him over to the u.s. as a gift to president trump. snowden cited the nbc news report and said, now finally irrefutable evidence that i never cooperated with russian intel.
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next." he followed it up with "captured spies are never in prison." an official says the russians are considering it, part of a larger plane to gain mr. trump -- plan to gain mr. trump's favor. snowden was part of the nsa when he exposed secrets regarding the domestic surveillance program. on the campaign trail, president trump called him a traitor and promised to deal with him harshly. justice department officials say they would welcome snowden's return. he's facing federal charges that carry a minimum of 30 years in prison. >> thank you. president trump's national security adviser is caught in the middle of a growing controversy tonight over russia, and a conversation with russian officials before the president took office. tonight, a white house official says president trump has
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confidence in michael flynn. initially flynn denied talking to a russian ambassador about president obama's sanctions against russia. and vice president mike pence defended flynn based on those early denials. now, flynn says he can't be 100% certain it didn't come up. no one has concluded that flynn broke the law. now to a shooting that left a man dead in the parking lot of a local town home community. police are trying to get to the bottom of it, taking several people in for questioning. tonight, no word on the motive or arrests. shomari stone has been talking to neighbors. he's in montgomery village with more on all this. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. there are have r still -- there are still unanswered questions, people demanding answers. even though the police say the public is not in danger, some people are still worried. tonight a montgomery county police cruiser is parked outside thisme
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a man was shot and killed in the front parking lot. >> we feel very insecure now. >> reporter: jorge sotomayor lives near the block where shots were fired at around 2:00 today. police drove to the scene and found a man dead in the street with a gunshot wound. >> in is a very nice neighborhood until today. this is the first time we hear something like that happened. >> reporter: some people have been detained from a nearby home. are they under arrest? >> right now it's just investigative. >> reporter: are they suspects or persons of interest? >> we're just talking with them to determine what they know. >> reporter: police put up yellow crime scene tape as they process the scene. detectives tell us that people who live in this neighborhood are not in danger. >> yeah. a little on edge, definitely strange. >> reporter: detectives have not identifiered the man who was
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killed. they must first notify his refb relatives. >> we don't know what to do. we hope it's an isolated situation. >> reporter: some people in the neighborhood called 911 at 2:02 p.m. about the shots. there was a man who checked himself in to a nearby hospital around 2:50 p.m. police say he had a gunshot wound. however, detectives are talking to him to try and determine if he is somehow connected to the shooting that occurred out here in montgomery village. news4. to our weather now, and a weekend forecast at that. you know, it's actually getting warmer as we get later into the night. >> doug, another great weekend for us? >> i think so, as far as temperatures go, most definitely. the last two days have been extremely cold. all day today. windchills in the 20s. right now, windchills in the 20s.
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windchill is concerned. 27 is fredrik from. the warm front bringing snow back from new england looked like it was going to bring us snow. it was still dry. what will reach the ground? warm air. much warmer weekend, showers on sunday. i'll walk you hour by hour through the weather sunday. unsettled weather next week. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. a former education chief under president obama is coming to the defense of embattled education secretary betsy devos. arne duncan sent this tweet saying devos should be allowed into a public school even by people who disagree with her. temperaturetrato she sleeventually had to come i through a back entrance. devos has been a strong advocate of charter schools. she says she respects peaceful protests since we'll be
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said he could issue a new, executive word immigration, and it could come asser eser -- co early as wednesday. his attorneys believe he'll beat challenges to the current executive order. sean spicer said today every option is on the table. senior administration officials tell nbc news they do not plan an emergency appeal to the u.s. supreme court. the full ninth force of appeals could rehear the case. a panel declined to lift the temporary restraining order in the travel ban. lawyers for the state of virginia are making their own legal arguments against the immigration order. in federal court they argued that the travel ban violates the constitution and dim senate muslims. the judge said the executive order has a lot of weaknesses.
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administration can do, they need to rewrite the order, make it nay ohher, make it not apply to people with green cards. >> thousands of people could be negatively impacted by the travel ban because if they leave, their visas could bey withvoked. prosecutors wanted a 20-year sentence for a former virginia national guards man for instead trying to help isis instead. he spent 11 years behind bars, that's what he'll spend and receive mental health treatment. he spoke to fbi informants about a ft. hood-i'll ask ma. he said it was the mistake of his life, and he went on to apologize to the u.s. military. he said he didn't intend to cause harm to anyone. he was a refugee from sierra leone and told his lawyers he's ry
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enter the u.s. federal officials are with holding about $15 million in funding for metro because of safety concerns. the federaltraunds will be held new safety oversight program is established. legislation to create a new safety commission passed in d.c., but it's still awaiting final approval in virginia and maryland. once the new oversight group is in place, metro will get the money. there's not much left of a house in accokeek after this fire ripped through it this afternoon. crews tried to beat back the flames. they i have they had a tough time -- they say they had a tough time knocking this fire out. the walls crumbled from the heat. flames hopped to a van and carport on the property. no one was hurt. we're working to learn how the fire started. a man fr
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tonight, his family is asking for help in finding him. 23-year-old matthew garrison berry was last seen leaving his home last friday. he was driving a silver 2009 honda accord with maryland plates 7cr5708. he's about 6'1", 190 pounds. last seen with a gray hat that had a maryland crab logo on it. if you have anything, yurou're urged to call police. a maryland daycare provider is going back to prison. a jury for the second time found her murder of him and reignited a national debate over shaken baby syndrome. he was smiling, happy. chubby cheeks, light blue eyes. he had no health problems. >>
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9-month-old trevor olrich's second day in daycare. trevor's death was the result of gail dobson who provided childcare in her home for decades. >> the same experts that should have been called in the first trial were not allowed to testify in this last trial because they did not meet the legal standard. >> reporter: due to a conflict of interest, her retrial was moved to kent county. prosecution was given to john mccarthy and his staff. >> this giant science made the family have to experience the trial twice and go through the expense of trying this twice. it also undermines public confidence. >> reporter: thursday, dobson, now 59, was convicted again of second-degree murder. hi
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years. trevor's -- transferred to 20 years. trevor's parents -- >> she was trevor's monster that day. when i think of the force she had to use to inflict the injuries to his head and brain and -- to my son, she was a monster, absolutely. >> reporter: the ulriches have a seconds child who's 3. they say not a day goes by where they don't think about trevor and how he'd be a big brother. next at 11:00, news4 was first to tell you about a close call with a drone. tonight, how the faa is working to prevent the tragedy in the air. >> better them than after. after getting slammed with snow, new england bracing for round two. and a look
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we're learning more about a close call at dulles airport. a flight from paris narrowly missed a drone while landing yesterday afternoon. >> looked like we crossed a drone at about 800 feet. >> you said it was off the right side or left side? >> the left side just above my head. on the captain's side. could not see the difference of height, but i believe -- less than 100 feet. >> fortunately no one was hurt. there have been at least four serious incidents like this in the past two weeks at airports across the country. we spoke to a former navy pilot who warns that a small drone can cause big damage, especially during takeoff or
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point, and to think that you can maneuver the airplane to avoid it, not likely. >> the faa says there are 722,000 drones registered in the u.s. thousands more may be unregistered. radar does not pick up most drones. the faa is testing potential drone detection systems. but implementing one could take years. a lot of emotional good-byes going on at the national zoo these days as we get ready to bid farewell to bao bao. we're not the only ones who have to prepare for this good-bye. nbc's kristen dahlgren shows how the zoo is preparing bao bao for her departure. >> look! >> reporter: at washington's national zoo, she is the hottest celebrity. >> she is very cute and little. and she loves to eat bamboo. >> reporter: bao bao is the ultimate reality star. born in
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her big milestone captured live on the panda cam. her first steps. her first snow. >> she's kinds of our little miracle girl. >> reporter: her trainers say now she acts like a teenager. >> we use the word sassy. she has a lot to say. >> yeah. i know. >> reporter: zookeeper lori thompson has been with bao bao from the beginning. >> okay, go ahead. >> reporter: she leads her through activities like painting. all voluntary, designed to help stimulate use of bao bao's pseudo-thumbs, something she also uses for holding bamboo. training geared to this moment when the 3-year-old will hop a plane headed to china. part of a longstanding agreement. all cubs born in the u.s. move to their native land to take part in a breeding program. >> the goal is to get more pandas in the wild. as our pandas won't actually go into the wild, but perhaps their offspring ll
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bao by hand signals. so there's no worry about a language barrier. >> there, good girl. >> reporter: on february 21st, a trainer and plenty of bamboo will be right by her side. until then, crowds will gather to bid farewell. >> bye-bye, panda. >> reporter: to the girl who captured our hearts and grew up before our eyes. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >> that was cute. i never thought about it that way. and they -- the pandas don't need to learn two languages. >> right. >> because of the hand signals. hadn't thought about that. >> very cool. the first time we've heard about that. i think it's because we're done with winter. other parts of the country not so much. a second snowstorm expected to hammer parts of new england this weekend. >> this is the same area that was pounded with a foot of snow yesterday. the national weather service says by monday, totals up to nine inches. nine more inches expected in connecticut, massachusetts, and rhode island. parts of maine could get up to i
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there, doug? >> i would love to be up there, man. i'll tell you, they had a blizzard the other day, bona fide blizzard. they could get another tomorrow into monday. then another one on wednesday and thursday. >> wow. >> sometimes it's how the pattern sets up. they've had almost no snow, just like us this winter, then boom, boom, boom. we don't have it -- we don't have that. what we have -- we have the warmer air moving in. it's been a s-- a seesaw. it's starting again. as jim mentioned, getting warmer already. down to 37 at the airport. now up to 38, and other areas starting to climb, as well. look at the reason why -- notice the south wind at ten miles per hour. the cloud cover still there. we still have a windchill below freezing across the area. temperaturewise, we are rebounding. 34 was the temperature last hour in manassas. up to 35. 36 in gaithersburg. 37 in fredericksburg. charlottesville coming in at 35
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trying to make its way to the ground, this snow. it's part of the warm front that's making its way our way. we saw it pass through earlier. nothing actually fell even though it was snowing alost. snowing toward new england tonight. this is not the storm that will bring the snow. they're expecting one to three inches tonight on top of the nine that they'll get next couple of days. toward the west, we are watching this making its way through. the warm front. behind it, we were very warm. 56 in lexington. 70 in st. louis. 65 in louisville. this air racing our way. it's going to be a lot warmer during the day tomorrow. those were the high temperatures today. 62 the high temperature tomorrow. clouds, some sun. much warmer, 50s to the north and west. 60s down to the south. again, we will see more clouds than sun tomorrow. still nice afternoon. here it is for -- talking about the clouds. around 1:00, some sun. more clouds during the afternoon and evening hours. watch what happens by sundays morning. we see rain to the north. d.c. south, we are dry. and this is really what i want ou
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even around 1:00. sunshine starting to break out. if we get enough sun, we could hit 70 on sunday, especially fredericksburg, warrenton, around waldorf. dcm, high of 68. everybody gets a chance for rain as a cold front moves through. that sets the stage -- snow toward the west again. not coming over the mountains. it will stay west of the mountains. it shows that the colder air and the wind will start to pick up. monday, a cold and windy day after a high of 68. warm conditions on sunday with that -- that chance of showers. take the umbrella with you if you're going to be out. as a matter of fact, wanted to show you something. 46 on monday, tuesday, pretty good for valentine's day. and then wednesday and thursday, still tracking the system that, yes, could still try to give us some snow coming up on thursday. i'm not holding my breath. one, i'm not good at it, two -- >> you're hopeful? >> i'm hopeful. >> thank you. coming up, the wizards watch their historic home win streak come to an end. we saw it
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tonight, they look to get bac on track k ho
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they tell me the pacers and the wizards could meet in the playoffs. >> that's right. tonight the two teams squared off at the verizon center. dramatic. chris with the highlights. >> reporter: a lot of good games at the verizon center recently. the pacers and wizards are two of the best teams in the east since the start of 2017. between them they have 28 wins and just ten losses. they have also split the series a seen, both beating each other one time. the wizard
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they've gone into overtime want tonight proved to be another tough close game. wizard' ben roland, like we said sips the start of 2017. morrison making it happen. not the best dunk, but hey, there's a first time for everything. a shooter's bounce on a dunk? not the last time we'll hear from morris tonight. trey burke does his best job, impersonation here. game tied at 59 at the half. we move to the fourth quarter. the game becomes rated pg-13 as in paul george, we're number 13. scored a game-high 31 points. pacers within one in the fourth quarter. less than a minute to play -- to morris, a season high-26 for morris. this the game clincher. the seven straight double-double 33rd of the season. 26 points, 14 assists. wizards win 112-107.
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in the district, throughout the summer, former wnba mvw dellle adon. the 6'5", 27-year-old was traded earlier from the chicago sky. tonight that's her at the wizards game catching some of the action. that is what you call synergy. the wizards recognize her talent. it sounds like you can expect to see some of them attending mystics games next summer. >> she wasn't as tall as i thought she was. i thought she was a skyscraper over me, but she's not that bad. i'm cool. i'm back confident again. she's great. she's a real humble person. she's a tremendous player. i'm excited, you know, for the season coming around honestly. >> reporter: it's been 30 years since leftie driesell coached. he will be honored. leftie won 348 games as head coach in college park. 786 games overnight e overall. those are lofty benchmarks
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respect. >> since i've taken this job, we've become a lot closer. he's been good to me. good to my family. i'm happy for him. long overdue. we're doing the right thing tomorrow by honoring him. i think he should be in the hall of fame. he won 786 games. hopefully by us doing that, we'll help that down the road and he'll get to have that great honor at some point in his career. should be a great day. hope the building's full and everybody really makes leftie feel great. >> reporter: in action tomorrow at 4:00 against ohio state. caps also back on the ice at 7:30 against anaheim. jim, doreen, doug, an exciting night in sports. should continue throughout the
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alec baldwin will break his own record when he hosts "saturday night live" for the 17th time this weekend. baldwin's popped up so many times, frequently playing donald trump this season, appearing in ten out of 13 episodes. hard to believe he's not a regular cast member. i'm guessing
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