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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 4, 2016 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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said don't you ever ? ? ever, ever ? ? run, run, run, run, running ? ? whoa, papa, run ? >> al: general manager john schneider. two of the last three super bowls, last year got to the playoffs. won a game against minnesota, before they got defeated in carolina. in a position to be the number
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you have forgotten how to play. one or two, you don't play a wild card game. you go into the next round. and then, you have a home game. then, to be the one seed, the conference championship game in your ballpark. assuming you get there. a yard into the end zone.
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>> al: well, for cam newton, the last two games he's been under 50%. and tonight, he's probably not going to get there, ei stays in the game, 41.9%. would be the first time he's been below 50 in three-straight games. and the night started with him not playing in the first play because of a disciplinary situation. derek anderson had one pass tonight. he's thrilled that he got to throw that one. >> cris: that's a good pass. >> it was deflected and intercepted.
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one pass, one pick. >> cris: wardrobe malfunction. >> al: right. and this is stewart picking up three. let's look right now at the playoff scenario. update it. we are going to give seattle the win for the moment. so, dallas on top. they clinch the playoff spot. they go in the postseason. seattle right there. detroit, a half-game back of seattle. and then, atlanta leads the ut your wild card teams. >> cris: how about detroit. ever since jim bob cooter took over as that play caller, this team and matthew stafford have found ways to win every week. sometimes in the most improbable ways. >> al: did it again today. and this is tolbert who gets the carry. mike tolbert was going to with the recipient of the first pass
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third and five. with a relatively good chance is going to take us to the two-minute warning. >> cris: cam doesn't look too anxious for a quick one here. >> al: nope. >> cris: i guess you're right. two-minute warning. 40-7, seahawks.
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>> al: and that's what you're going to see next sunday night. cowboys/giants, michele on the field, stars of the game. mike tirico, tony dungy, mike florio weigh in. we will preview that raiders/chiefs game, coming up thursday night on nbc. and the sunday night game. we'll pack up george hill, gang, and head to kansas city, where it's supposed to be toasty on the thursday. looking at the forecast. a high of 22. third and five. will be a first down, as person make the watch. >> cris: carrie underwood on
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>> al: we have a game on tuesday? >> cris: we should. >> al: do the nba? >> cris: i would like to do that. >> al: i love to do the nba. mike tolbert, taken down at the 42 by bobby wagner. you know, my good buddy, doc rivers, huge football fan. what am i going to do with my bears? doc, i don't know. they won today, though. >> cris: let them play the niners every week. >> al: that's right. >> cris: doc with that big hook of his. playing that big hook. starts that sucker out over the pacific. comes out the way out of bounds. >> al: and the only guy that can hit a drive three fairways over. second and ten. from the 42. and draw play here. straight up the middle goes tolbert.
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at that since 2011. that counts tonight. i think. 19-4. carolina will go to 18-5. patriots, of course, what else is new? green bay and denver. those teams, almost always in the playoffs. >> cris: what a job pete carroll has done here, though. just fantastic. like he gets younger every year, too. >> al: yep. and the game will end on a little tolbert run. >> cris: no such thing. >> al: yeah, right. that will wrap it up. a little -- to end this one in seattle. pete carroll, another victory.
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what a bizarre night this was, starting with the reigning league mvp benched for the opening play for his wardrobe issues. and a violation. it included a pro bowl safety getting injured and a tweet about contemplating such, which was odd. and strong performances from the seahawks, as they improve their record. russell wilson, the quarterback. sharp in leading seattle's offense. thomas rawls, 106 rushing yards and the defense allowed the one score. kam chancellor leading that group. and wilson and chandler. the game balls and a visit with michele. >> russell, 40 tonight and 500 yards total offense. how do you think this team and the offense is rounding into form with four games left? >> we rallied. had a great week of preparation. a funky week. you have to be able to play the
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go to the next game. and we've been able to do that for five years. play a great defense every day in practice. play as a team. great special teams. tyler lockett was lights out tonight, too. guys made unbelievable plays. it was a great team effort. and the heart of the team showed up today. >> you mentioned playing against a great defense. earl thomas, fractured his lower leg here tonight. what does his loss mean to you guys? >> i didn't know that yet. but obviously, just pray for him. he works so hard. yoow he's been dedicated to us. he does everything for the team. that's what everybody does. he will be able to overcome the situation. and you know, obviously, we have guys that step up. they've been doing that all year. >> he's contemplating retirement. what would you say to him? >> he's a great competitor. doesn't get more competitive. this guy right here, and earl, are the best safeties in the league. i think he's disappointed right
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russell. >> go, hawkes. >> let's talk with kam chancellor. teammates with earl thomas. you got a chance to talk to him in the locker room. he's pretty down. and considering retirement with that broken shin. what did he say to you? >> he told me what happened to the shin. told me what happened to the fibula. all we can do is pray for him, wish him well. he's off for the rest of the season. it's a big hit for us. a big loss for us because he's a big part of the defense. big part of our brotherhood. but emotions are running right now. we'll talk afterwards. >> you talked ant his loss. and the defense in general. and how you guys are set, now, for a strong finish. this is a team with a history of strong finishes. >> yeah. we talk about having each other's back and playing for one another. tonight, we dedicate to each other. it's all about the finish. never about the start. all about the finish. >> congrats on the win. mike, back to you. >> let's look at the nfc playoff picture, now that this night is
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they win the division, if they win against the giants. and they clinched the number one seed in the nfc, if they beat the giants and the bucs the following sunday night here on nbc. mentioned the panthers are about done. as for seattle, the seahawks will get a buy if they win out. the game in green bay next sunday, going to have a big impact on things. also, a couple of wins away from the division. going to bring in tony dungy. let's go back to what michele was asking the players on will be on seattle down the stretch? >> you heard russell wilson as he heard about it. kam chancellor knew a bit more. but kam said, this is a big hit for us. and i think we're going to see that next week when they go to green bay. green bay needs to win to stay in the race. green bay throws the ball exceptionally well. earl thomas makes those plays, from numbers to numbers. he's been a big part of that defense. seattle is going to miss him. and i think this is definitely
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>> you heard kam chancellor. he's the official medical guy, saying season-ender. afc, three tight division races. oakland, kansas city, denver, would all be in. tony, we have a big game coming up. first place on the line, thursday night at arrowhead. kansas city, visiting oakland. what do you see there? >> i've been impressed on the oakland raiders. derek carr and that group. such a big-play offense. i coached in kansas city for we used to love to have the west coast teams come into arrowhead stadium in december. it's cold. it's windy. it's noisy. you can practice for some of those things. but oakland can't get prepared for single digits. it will be interesting to see how they play in those elements. should be a great, great game. >> great. open your freezer, tony, and talk into a freezer for three days. that's what we'll be dealing with thursday. >> exactly. >> i'll see you there, buddy. now, mike florio.
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fisher confirmed, as the head coach, he's received an extension back in the off-season. so, why wasn't anything announced until now? >> hey, mike. nobody knows. this is a bizarre situation. the thinking is, that the rams are just waiting for the right moment to announce the extension. and the right moment never came because the team has struggled so much this year. very well could be because of haller famer eric dickerson fisher fired. just to turn the page on this constant chatter about fisher. keep this in mind. it's a two-year extension. i'm told that the rams have an out. the rams decline comment on the details of the contract. but it could be he has security for one more year. eric dickerson gets his wish eventually. >> thank you, mike. catch mike tomorrow morning.
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free at at, even if you're not a customer. welcome back to the volkswagen gulf alltrack postgame report. here now, al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> we double-dip again with a thursday and a sunday. tony was talking with mike about that oakla/k rivalry. two original afl teams. and the raiders are undefeated on the road. they have three of the last four on the road. the only two losses were at home, one to atlanta, and the other to kansas city. we have the rematch on thursday night. >> it's so strange to watch the oakland raiders. obviously, on sunday, we're working a little bit and flipping around and watching as many games as we can. and you always -- oakland, they're behind by ten points.
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then, they win by two touchdowns. like what happened? they have so much offense. and kansas city, we saw the great defense over there on what they can do on that side. justin houston, marcus peters. and eric berry today with tremendous plays. >> two, thrilling victories for the kansas city chiefs. and of course, it's the giants and the cowboys. and you know, we saw this game on the schedule and wondering, the nfc east didn't look very good. and the dallas cowboys, what more can you say? we saw them last thursday night. can they make it an even dozen? >> and the one team that got them this year. so, you know, they'll be up in the bit a little bit. had a little extra time for this one. heal up. but this is a team, a little like the oakland raiders were talking about. even when they're having a bad day, they somehow find a way to win the football game. and they're starting to get used to it. and it's almost like the young rookies.
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to win this many games in the national football league. and it just keeps rolling for the cowboys. >> it's amazing. going to kansas city. kansas city, here we go. see you on thursday night. from k.c., m.o. and sunday night, it's the giants and cowboys on "sunday night football." that will wrap it up from here. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. our full gang. see you thursday night from kansas city. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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>> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. right now, rain and reports of sleet. what does this mean for your morning commute? storm team4 meteorologist amelia draper has the answer. the redskins playoff hopes take a huge after a disappointment in the desert. but first new details about the man who fired a rifle inside a d.c. restaurant today. good evening and thanks for staying with us after the game. i'm erika gonzalez. news4 was there when d.c. police put the suspect in handcuffs. we've learned he's a 28-year-old man from north carolina. now, initially police had said this had nothing to do with a fake online conspiracy. however, after questioning the
11:59 pm
he came to d.c. to self-investigate those false reports. this all happened at comet ping pong, a pizza restaurant near the intersection of connecticut and nebraska avenues. news4's darcy spencer is there with the latest on the police investigation and the reaction from the restaurant's owner. darcy. >> reporter: we were able to talk to the owner of the restaurant tonight. he says the social media attacks [ siren ] this video shows the arrest of a north carolina man accused of walking into comet ping pong in northwest d.c. armed with an assault-style rifle. police say he wanted to self-investigate pizza gate. that's his online conspiracy theory about the restaurant. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting
12:00 am
theories do come with consequences. >> reporter: police say it appears edgar welch acted alone. they say he parked his car in front of the restaurant, walked in with two guns, and fired at least one shot into the floor. police say he had another weapon in his car, which was towed hours later. customers and workers ran out. no one was hurt. the owner of the comet says the conspiracy theories are not true. >> it's very important. for now, i'll simply say that we should all condemn the efforts malicious and utterly false allegations about our restaurant. >> reporter: the incident set off a heavy police response. dozens of officers with weapons drawn could be seen in the streets. many taking cover. a helicopter circled above. s.w.a.t. team moved in. we spoke to a bartender who was on duty with the gunman came in. >> his demeanor was bizarre in that, you know, if you come into
12:01 am
host or grab a seat at the bar. he didn't make any eye contact, didn't talk with anybody. >> reporter: the restaurant had been fighting false allegations posted on social media for some time. many in the community are supporting the business. >> you just think, oh, you know, people are very brave behind their keyboard. you know, people are writing all these hateful messages, but you don't actually think that someone's going to do something about it. >> reporter: now, the owner says that he's going to give his but they will reopen on tuesday to continue serving pizza and serving the community. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer live in northwest for us. thank you. now we want to get to our forecast because we are tracking rain tonight, and we are hearing from folks on twitter that some are even seeing sleet. so, amelia, what does this mean for our drive tomorrow for the commute, messy roads, impact, no impact? >> well, the good thing, erika, is the weather that's happening
12:02 am
impact on the monday morning commute. i want to thank everybody who is reaching out on twitter, letting me know what you were seeing in your neighborhood. those reports of sleet mainly coming from areas north and west of the beltway. right now, all i'm tracking on storm team4 radar is rain. you can see showers moving through the area, and we'll continue to have showers overnight tonight. now, the good news, maryland does report pavement temperatures. so all of the roads in maryland except in far western maryland, garrett and allegheny counties, well above freezing. look at the current temperatures. everybody in the upper 30s to low 40s. so we're not going to get near freezing tonight. i want to quickly show you future weather. still raining around 1:00 a.m. but 5:00 ma'am, rain is east of 95. by 6:00 a.m., most of us completely dry. looking good for that morning commute, but more rain moves back in on tuesday. i'll have the timing on that coming up in my full forecast. a serious crash in the
12:03 am
the hospital. two of them with serious injuries. that crash involved multiple vehicles, and it happened before 6:00 on sunday on southern avenue and chesapeake streets, right on the d.c./maryland line. firefighters from prince george's county helped out the crews from d.c. at this hour, no word on what caused that crash. and a woman in alexandria has died after being hit by a car last thursday. people are -- or i should say police are hoping that witnesses will help exactly what happened. the crash was on mount vernon avenue and west gleeb road. police say rose marie cruz was crossing the street when a 77-year-old woman hit her. that driver did stay on the scene. well, it was not the ending that redskins fans wanted to see, and the loss to the cardinals isn't the only thing that hurt tonight. jason pugh is here to tell us about what this means for their playoff hopes.
12:04 am
more interesting. tough loss for the guys today out in arizona. with that defeat, the skins find themselves right now on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. kirk cousins and the redskins haven't lost back-to-back games since the start of the season. we're going to skip ahead. a little over two minutes to play. it's a one-point game. carson palmer, he is going to go deep. looking for it all. j.j. nelson comes down with this 42-yard touchdown reception
12:05 am
>> with four games left on the schedule, the skins are behind tampa bay for that final wild car spot. coming up later, we're go out to arizona. carol maloney will have more on the loss. from the live desk, i'm jason pugh. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes. so imagine you're sitting on a plane. there is a mechanical problem, and then you hear this. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. you will hear remain seated or evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> uh, okay. frightening moments for the passengers on board this sky west united flight sunday afternoon. the landing gear failed, and the pilot declared an in-flight emergency landing. fortunately the plane landed safely despite the nose gear collapsing. passengers had to use those emergency slides to get off the plane. the flight from houston was


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