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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00. strong wind blows part of the roof off this apartment building. heavy rain creating more problems tonight. doug is tracking the latest from storm team 4. >> big decisions looming tomorrow on metro on whether to
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2017 to make life easier for riders? >> and six hours, locked out of their own homes. what we're learning from police after a lengthy barricade came to an end. >> wind gusts strong enough to rip the roof off an apartment building in d.c. this is cedar street around 6:30 tonight. >> fire crews tell us the rubber membrane was blown off ton. some residents had to find another place to stay for the evening. meanwhile, heavy rain also having a big impact out. there let's go straight to doug hammer in storm center 4. what's the latest? >> that rain was coming down in buckets across the area earlier. a couple storms moved through. even a line that developed. take a look at storm team 4 radar. can you see that line as it made its way through northern virginia and maryland and right across the i-95 corridor. right there. there it s notice, it's well off to the east right now.
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some of the winds. we even had severe thunderstorm warnings in prince george's and an arundel county. now we're still tracking another line to the west. nothing nearly as heavy as what we've seen with that first line. here it is. that line back to the west. this is the actual front. once it moves through, it's going to change things completely for your day tomorrow. much more on that. you can put away the umbrella tomorrow morning. should be getting something else out of the project. i'll see you back here in tomorrow morning, metro will hold off cutting operating hours by eight hours a week. the proposal calls for metro to close by 11. 306789 p.m. monday through thursday, 1:00 a.m. on friday and saturday. and only open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on sunday. all of this while the board committee considers general manager's budget plan that includes raising fares. meanwhile, metro's promising to get back to good.
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it includes an intense focus on the rail cars themselves. making sure they're running smoothly. and getting rid of the oldest and least reliable cars in the fleet. metro's leaders say riders will start to notice an improvement. >> we're going to put a much greater emphasis on customer experience, particularly with regards to reducing the number of delays due to track issues, delays due to car issues, and then we're going to improve their environment at the stations. >> finding the money to make the system run smoothl metro board chair jack evans says the region still can't come to an agreement about dedicated funding for metro. it has been a touch of williamsburg in northwest d.c. since the 1950s. now the red brick fannie mae building on wisconsin avenue has been sold. news 4 is live in northwest with a look at what might become of it. jack? >> wendy, many of us have driven by this building at one time or
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wisconsin avenue north of the national cathedral is home to the national mortage association since 1979. the main building has been sold for a reportedly $89 million to a japanese home building company partnering with d.c. based roadside development. they're the company that incorporated a landmark brick market building in city market at 0 street in theha neighborhood. that property is commercial and residential. >> we have an opportunity to be an urban neighborhood. so it's very green. it's very lush. one thing that is very appealing about it is that it is the vista you see from it as you drive up and down wisconsin avenue. >> the company plans to reserve the architecture which is based off the colonial palace in williamsburg, virginia. that got a thumbs up from passers by. >> it reminds me everything that is beautiful about america.
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now. >> redevelop ment of the food store property was delayed for years by community concerned about trough and other issues. >> the first engage with the stake holders. those are the folks that know the property better than we do. they're the ones that live it and they take -- they can get benefits and also they're the ones that suffer for any of the not so good things that happen to the properties. >> fannie mae is moving downtown no moveout date has been set yet. live in northwest, jackie benson, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. the safeway grocery store is closed indefinitely right now for food violations. here's the sign on the door. the d.c. department of health ordered the closure today. we reached out to health inspectors for more details. we're waiting on a response. safeway says tonight our first and highest priority is the health and safety of our customers. and we're working closely with
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soon as possible. and new tonight, prince george's county police investigating shots fired after police chased a suspect to the d.c. line. police say the suspect stopped his car after the brief chase and then backed into the police cruiser. when officers approached him, they say he had a gun in his lap. one officer's gun fired while taking the driver into custody but no one was hit. >> after police locked down their neighborhood, t couldn't go home for more than six hours. now they're back inside and tell us they are happy this whole ordeal is over. this started as a home break in. >> very alarming that this is happening in this area. >> this woman was surprised by a roadblock in her street in upper
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the same time. i just wanted to go home. >> police closed the road between dearce drive after responding to a break-in inside a home at it 2:40 this afternoon. >> when they got on the scene, they had information that suspect may still be inside. >> after a few hours, police went n the us is speck was gone. they searched on the ground. in the air and found a man who could be the burglary suspect. >> do you think this person of interest is the person who broke in the home? >> frustrated. >> after six hours, police opened up the road. shawnee mitchell is relieved. >> i like to see what the situation is resolved and out of here. >> police are questioning this person of interest. they have not released his name. he is not been named a suspect. they're trying to see if he's the one who broke in the home. we'll continue to bring you updates as they become available
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a prince george's county councilman tonight no longer has access to county vehicles. it comes after mel franklin crashed his county issued car again. this time police tell us he was too drunk to drive. franklin represents district 9 on the county council. he is charged with dui and reckless driving after he crash nootd back of a car last monday. records show in october and december of 2012 franklin had descents in two other county cars. a former martial arts instructor at a popular fairfax county studio sleeping in jail tonight charged with sexually assaulting a student. after months of investigating, police arrested brandon miller of ums after school tai kwan do. he's accused of touching a 13-year-old girl during summer camp and then continuing to text her. miller was fired and the owner of the pseudo and police are working to find if there are
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former police officer charged with murder is now in the hands of a jury. that jury could consider a lesser charge of manslaughter now. michael slater who is white was caught on camera shooting walter scott who is black last year in north charleston, south carolina. the manslaughter charge means prosecutors won't have to prove slater acted out of malice. scott was unarmed at the time of the shooting. a scuffle broke out between charlotte. at least three people were arrest affidavit prosecutors there decided not to file charges against an officer who shot and killed keith la monlt scott. that shooting sparked days of violent protest. police were trying to serve a warrant on a different man when they said they saw scott with a gun. scott's family says there is no proof the gun was in his hand when police approached him. fidel castro's ashes began a long journey today across the
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tens of thousands of cubans are paying tribute. news 4's david culver has more on what comes next. >> tonight cuban county island nation are in the midst of the nine day mourning period as declared by the state government here. and scenes like this right here continue throughout the day to day into friday. the remains of fidel castro continue to make their way cross country all the way to santiago. thousands are lining to get a glimpse of this. some are there to pay respects. but this group of ladies in white protest oppression and something many gathered here because they had no choice. she says the alternative is face backlash like having to travel out of the country restricted. but those who we spoke with on camera insist that they wanted to be here, not this woman telling me castro was her guiding force for all these years.
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early, we plan to make that 12 hour journey cross country to santiago and there we plan to bring you live reports from the other end of the island starting friday on news 4. that's the latest in havana, cuba, news 4. david will remain in cuba through sunday when the nine day mourning period comes to an end. well, we just got done watching the christmas special based on her childhood. but dolly's not done. >> we're coming into dolly parton for a one-on-one interview. hear what's on top for her in 2017. >> and the national christmas tree lighting. it will be the last for the obamas and it will have a big impact on traffic tomorrow evening. >> and hurricane season officially ending tonight. so how did doug's forecast act up? wait until you see how close his
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kanye west has been released from the hospital. he was admitted depravation. west was under observation after a week of bizarre incidents including showing up hours late for concerts, publicly railing against beyonce and jay z and political rants about donald trump and abruptly cancelling dates of his national tour. his reps say he needs to rest. >> if you enjoyed dolly parton's christmas of many colors, you're more to see more of her in the
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producer at the premier of her new movie to talk about new projects and even the new president. >> it's been a good year to be dolly parton. >> we're coming up on a whole new year and it's going to be certainly a year of change. >> a number one country album, sold out tour, and a christmas sequel to last year's most watched tv movie in three years, coat of many colors. about her childhood in the smokey mountains. >> i think people related to everybody loves the rags to riches story. >> but parton who turned 71 in january told news 4 she has no plans to slow down in 2017. including at least three more projects with nbc as part of a deal. >> one of them is probably going to be a christmas special next year that i'm doing on nbc. musical special. and so we had coat of many colors and i'll be acting in some of the shows.
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christmas of many colors. there say possibility that we could even do a series based on my life. >> the country superstar also told news 4 she hopes to get that music based on her life in the works for broadway and even had some words of wisdom to share for anyone still worried about this devisive election year. >> we have a new president coming in. and it's scary to have this much change all of a sudden. but i think we're going to be great. we've always been great. about what the new year will bring for everyone. >> i always say, we're still america. we're not going to allow anything bad to ever happen to us. there is enough to make sure that happens. >> we have breaking news just north of old town alexandria this evening. a large police presence on colonial avenue investigating a death. please not calling it a homicide. there were reports of shots fired. there were two murders in the
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today. today marks the end of the 2016 hurricane season. it is out of here. if you watched our storm team 4 summer weather special, you saw doug nail the hurricane forecast. there were 15 named storms this year. you remember hurricane hermine came very close to our region in late august, early september. see if any of that sounds familiar. >> i'm prei hurricanes and three major hurricanes in the atlantic and gulf basins. watch out for late august. each of the years i looked at saw storms come very close to our coastline. >> all right. >> i think you deserve your own hurricane. you get to pick the name. >> i say camerer. we did pretty well with the
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tomorrow, everybody. yeah, that's right. it does look like we're going to be seeing much cooler air makes its way in tomorrow, too. first off this afternoon, high temperature of 69 degrees. we've been talking about how much we needed the rain. we got rain across our area. some locations picking up well over an inch of rain over the last 24 to 48 hours. and right now 61 degrees the current number. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. so a very mild night. and it's going to stay this way for the next couple of hours. but can you already see some cooler air moving back in. petersberg, west virginia, 50. that some of the cooler air making its way. we saw one system move through. that's off to the east right now towards the del marv yachlt here's the next line coming through winchester right now. you can see where this is. we'll zoom in on winchester along i-81 and mart inzburg. there sen hansed rainfall here. so moderate rain. but it will move through quickly around middleway and mart
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harper's ferry over the next hour or so. that will all move through just like what moved through a little earlier. that was a pretty good line. very heavy rainfall. and here comes that next system moving n and take a look at the wider view. you see what is happening. there is the round we saw around 10:00. behind this, get a lot cooler. 51 degrees. gri at 7:00 a.m. breezy during the day. high temperatures only in the low to mid 50s for the most part. but temperatures may actually fall during the afternoon. it is going to be a chilly night. as far as the impact is concerned, not going to be much of an impact tomorrow. the biggest deal, find the jackets. much cooler. time to get the jackets out. temperature closer to average
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tomorrow night. of course, as we talk about chilly nights, a lot of stuff going on tomorrow night. one of those things, the tree lighting that is happening tomorrow night. of course, down towards the white house. going to be a nice night for. that it will be a little on the cool side. if you're out and about, temperatures tomorrow night, a lot of people will be out. there i'll be there live during the afternoon shows. 47 degrees, clear and brisk. bring the gloves. bring the hat. yeah, it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side. anyway, 49 on saturday. 47 on sunday. maybe an isolated shower late sunday night. but sunday afternoon will be dry. most of the weekend looking dry. one thing for sure, notice the amount of 40s begot there in the ten day forecast. starting to see that trend towards colder weather making its way in our way. so looking forward to that christmas tree lighting tomorrow. >> yeah, it's always fun. >> thank you, doug. coming up, not a happy
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first, here is jimmy fallon. >> if he list ti jones isy m he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
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i'm very proud of him.
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. wizards action. they should have won. >> yes, russell westbrook happened. he is the mvp. i don't know how he's not the mvp with this performance. the return back to oklahoma city, not as president anlt as scott brooks wanted.
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he went straight out dominate. another triple-double for westbrook. he had fourth straight gain with the triple-double. scott brooks did receive a warm welcome from fans in okc. he spent seven seasons there as head coach. russell westbrook started this game slow. he finishes strong with that dunk. he had himself a nice third quarter. fourth quarter, wizards up by four. bill gibson knocks it down. 31 points lead by seven. later in the fourth, okc back within three. westbrook. flush there. that gave him a triple-double. final seconds, okc down three. westbrook not down to three to tie the game.
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he is 6'3," he outjumps kelly ray jr. and otto porter. he finishes the game with 35 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists. thunder beat the wizards in overtime, 126-115. georgetown hosting tyler state at the verizon center. the hoyas came out of the jump. he knocks down the pointer. georgetown up big. they lead it by 20. more from prior. a career high seven three pointers in this game. that tide a program record. in the second half, showing off the bucket and one. he had 30 points. georgetown blows out gotham state 96-44. a few other scores for you tonight. george mason, they won 54-50 and
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63-61. over in the nfl this weekend's game in arizona might be the most important for the redskins. since week three, back then they were fighting to keep their season alive against the giants and they were 0-2. right now, they're trying to fight off five, maybe six other teams aiming for a wild card spot. >> there's a lot of teams that have at built to make the playoffs this year in the nfc. so right now we're in great position. but we have to finish it. and we finish strong last hopefully that carries over this year. we still have to go out and do it. >> people may forget how you start. they always remember how you finish. what a great opportunity for us. it's not going to be easy. it's going to be a challenge. but we positioned ourselves now to have a great opportunity to finish strong. time will tell what ends up happening. >> arizona, a 2 1/2 point home favorite in that game. reid didn't practice again
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five, four, three, two, one! rain for the lighting of the christmas tree at rockefeller center tonight which was broadcast here on nbc 4. it was tough seeing up there. >> yeah. >> tomorrow, it's our turn to flip the switch on our tree. >> it's the national christmas tree lighting ceremony. the final time the obamas will
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it's the star studded lineup for the show starting at 5:00 tomorrow evening. and we're going to show you the big moment on news 4 at 5:00. doug will be down there. >> and this is going to have a huge impact on the evening rush in the district as it does every year. the streets will start to close at it 230 in the afternoon.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- felicity jones. billy crudup.


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