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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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of lightning and thunder there. notice this line that has developed. this will all be pushing off toward the east. i want to zoom in here and show you this area along 66. along route 50. if you're driving through middleburg and down toward the marshall area, that's where the heaviest rain is once again moving right toward leesburg and over toward ashburn, what you'll continue to see. the rain not done with us. we're going to see it continuing right on through the evening. we have more rain back to the west. this will all move through overnight tonight. by tomorrow, we're talking about a much different air mass. expect next. i'll see you back here in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, doug. a prince george's county vehicle totaled. the man behind the wheel, mel franklin, county council member. state police say he was driving drunk and left the scene of the crash. bureau chief tracee wilkins has the latest from upper marlboro. >> reporter: this is what was left of prince george's council member's mel franklin's county-issued suv after a crash that landed him with a dui
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struck looked like. a couple was inside of the car. >> their car was totaled. they both are going to be suffering for a while from the injuries that they have. >> reporter: it happened november 21st around midnight on pennsylvania avenue and dowerhouse road. according to police reports, franklin struck the vehicle from the back at a stop light. multiple sources say the council member fled the scene of the accident and was found minutes later in the woods by state troopers. he was given a breathalyzer where he had a .10. he was taken charged with dui, reckless driving and other charges related to the accident. >> we're going to make sure that we get justice for the collins family in a civil sense. we're going to wait until they finish their medical treatment and our case begins at that point. >> reporter: maryland public information request, news 4's prince george's county bureau uncovered in october of 2012, franklin was involved in an accident in another county-issued vehicle. he did not call police so it's not clear exactly how that vehicle was damaged.
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deployed. but in december of 2012, franklin was involved in a major accident in which the airbag was deployed and the vehicle seen here was ruled a total loss. according to the police reports associated with that accident, franklin momentarily looked down and lost control of his vehicle, striking another car. franklin has served on the council as representative for district 9 since december 2010. he was elected chair of the prince george's county council until last year. we could not reach him for comment but his attorney released this statement saying "on november 21st 2016 my client mel franklin was involved in a motor vehicle accident. as you are aware, this is a legal mart and these issues will be addressed in court." the prince george's county council released a statement. the chair of the council, derek davis, has released a statement thad reads in part "mel franklin
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county vehicle and to longer has use or access to any county vehicle." they are allowing the courts to deal with this matter at this point. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, there weren't just issues with crashing county cars before. we'll tell you what else we found when we investigated the former chair of the prince george's county council's history with vehicles he was issued by the county. reporting live in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. a pivotie president-elect. donald trump says he will distance himself from his business empire while president. he tweeted he will soon leave his business in total and said he'd explain more in a news conference with his children december 15th. it's not a rule that presidents split from their own enterprises to serve the country but most modern presidents have done so. if trump gives his children control, some say the family business could still influence his decisions. meanwhile, the man who could be
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promise to put american jobs first. >> our number one priority is going to be the economy, get back to 3% to 4% growth. we believe that's very sustainable. and focus on things for the american worker. >> now tomorrow, president-elect trump will be in indianapolis to announce a deal that keeps roughly a thousand jobs in indiana. he negotiated it last week with the air conditioner manufacturer, carrier. trump is also expected to expand business regulation and overhauling the corporate tax code. it started as an argument and it ended in gunshots in front of the food lion in manassas and police say they know who pulled the trigger. take a look at this picture. prince william county police are looking for roberta brandon. detectives say she got into a fight with cordry jackson and shot and killed him. brandon lives in woodbridge. if you've seen her, contact
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george's county is now being investigated as a murder. the victim was found around 7:00 this morning in hyattsville near edmonston road. when police arrived they discovered him in the street. no word on a suspect or a motive. right now in the district police believe they're close to wrapping up a murder case in the shooting death of a teenage girl last week in southeast. yesterday a person of interest turned himself in to police and today our pat collins was at his >> reporter: well, jim, they've got him now, but the big question is, will he help the cops solve this case of murder? 30-year-old evans, the person of interest in the shooting death of brianna mcmillan. in custody today after he turned himself in last night. >> i do know that he came in, he spoke to one of our detectives
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picked him up and attempted to interview him last night. >> reporter: is he cooperating? >> you know, whether or not he's going to cooperate, time will tell. >> reporter: 16-year-old brianna mcmillan shot and killed by a stray bullet last friday. it happened near her home in the potomac gardens complex in southeast. police say they have security camera video showing evans holding a gun and firing a evans is a convicted felon. he's not allowed to have a firearm. right now, he's charged with illegal possession of a handgun, but police are hoping to get more information to help close this case of murder. >> we believe that he does have information that's going to help us bring closure to that case. it's a tragic case. you know, we talked about this
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you got an entire community that's heartbroken over this thing happening. >> reporter: evans is being held without bond pending further court action in this case. at 6:00, we're going to talk more about his felony conviction. it involves using a stolen car to try and run down some cops. i'll see you at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. big city mayors from around the world will be gathg international summit on climate change. and d.c. mayor muriel bowser will be among the speakers. she sat down with news 4's mark segraves to talk about why she's going and what she says the rest of the world can learn from d.c. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser has been pushing for alternative power sources since taking office. to install solar panels on d.c. government buildings. bowser says that's just one of the programs she'll point to when she speaks at the mexico city conference.
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energy, as well. we entered into an unprecedented agreement to energy d.c. government buildings that's not only good for the environment but good for our bottom line. >> reporter: bowser will be joined by her director of the environment, tommy wells, who says d.c. is a success story that other cities can learn from. >> we've reduced greenhouse gases produced by our city by almost 23% since 2006. >> reporter: bowser says d.c. most big cities around the world. >> the climate can have a significant impact on our daily lives if we have flooding, for example, we know that the health of our rivers is very significant to how our city continues to grow. having transportation solutions is the only way that we can add another 100,000 people in the next 20 years and have clean air. >> reporter: bowser knows her message about what local
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government will address climate change when president-elect trump takes office. >> we are a city that embraces science and needs to be prepared for any changes in climate and its effect on us. >> reporter: over the next 16 years, d.c. plans to invest a half a billion dollars in solar power. coming up at 6:00, bowser talks about working with the president who has called climate change a hoax. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. well, he now maryland state senator ulysses curry said he's rescinding his resignation. in that resignation letter he said he could no longer serve with the strength and energy his constituents deserve. he is 789 he is 79 years old. after one year on the job, metro's new gm shifts gears and unveils an ambitious plan that puts you first.
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increasing pressure. and new criticism from area leaders. >> this is lunacy. i mean, you cannot run a business this way. get to work, board members. and a live report from cuba. our david culver has more on what some say could happen to those not showing up to mourn fidel castro. using the party drug, ecstasy, as a remedy for ptsd? the serious concerns some doctors have about what could be and the death count rising from those wildfires in tennessee. the new problems being encountered by firefighters as they try to get control of those flames. and storm team 4 keeping track of storms rolling across our region. download our nbc washington app during the break to get severe
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drawn by a green military jeep, fidel castro's ashes are in the midst of a 500 mile journey across the country he ruled for nearly five decades. david culver is live in havana, where some people claim they got to pay their respects or else. david? >> reporter: you're going to hear from those who are making that claim tonight, saying that
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attend all the tributes that have been set up for fidel castro. there are also cubans, many i caught up with today who insist they wanted to pay their respects. havana's revolution square sits quiet today. compared to last night's crowded gathering, a final tribute in the capital city to fidel castro. it continued early this morning. a procession carrying his remains flocked by military vehicles making a cross-country re "it was a solemn act and very difficult for all cubans" she told me. she and hundreds of others given the morning off work to attend. another woman, ellen, that fidel with always be with them in spirit. a lot of folks who wanted to see the procession today had to be bused in from places on the outskirts of havana. the reality of transportation is not everybody has a car available to them. so they took over some of the city buses as you can see, many
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street and be able to take part and witness the procession pass by. "it wasn't necessarily a choice but an obligation," she told me today in her havana home. she's president of the laies in white, known for the opposition to the castro regime. "if you don't show up, you're marked" she tells me. i asked her what that means. she said "the kids can be taken out of school for a period, left to fail exams. others, she blocked from leaving the country." whether from force or truly here out of respect, one thing for certain. thousands will continue lining the roads to santiago de cuba. and as the remains of fidel castro continue to make their way across the island nation tonight, we also caught up with a group from northern virginia. my regular reporting beats. they happen to be down here as all of this news was breaking. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, i'm going to share with you their
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>> thank you, david. deadly storms tore through the southeast leaving a path of destruction behind. homes ripped off foundations. businesses obliterated. lives torn apart. at least five people killed. the weather channel's maria larosa is on the ground in tennessee with a look at the damage. >> reporter: here in tennessee, polk county, about a 50-minute drive from chattanooga, up until 2:00 a.m. this morning, the story here, the fires, then it became the severe weather and possible tornado that came thug this town's post office. behind me, massive trees toppled over. amazingly, you can see the size of the trees showing the power of the winds. unfortunately, two people did lose their lives in this storm. 50 homes damaged. 15 buildings destroyed in this town. right now, teams are still out surveying the damage. they say rescue efforts are off for now and they're going back through the street checking
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is a main hit to the small town and a part of tennessee that has been through a lot over the last few days. i'm maria larosa, news 4. >> yeah, one of the things that tennessee has been battling is the wildfires around gatlinburg. they're now blamed for at least seven deaths. authorities just recovered three more bodies a short time ago. investigators say it appears the fires were manmade. the severe weather that swept through that area dealt another blow to crews who were trying to get a eight new fires and also caused mudslides and rockslides. jerri and jeffrey morgan lost everything. they were stunned when they saw the charred remains of their dream home. the morgans say it stings because they had just moved in 12 weeks ago. once the flames reached their driveway, they evacuated, drove through the fire to escape. >> yes, we lost everything.
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family's safe. we're all together. i have a 9-year-old girl and my dad lives with us up. we all got out safe. >> the morgans did have insurance and say they will rebuild. news 4 your health tonight, the street drug ecstasy may be able to help those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. the fda says tonight it will allow researchers to move ahead with a clinical trial of the drug as long as it's used under the direction of a psychotherapist. it's a known party drug that givs users a feeling of empathy and wellbeing. small studies suggested it could help many who currently have few effective treatment options. some doctors are concerned saying ecstasy could be abused and that long-term use could damage the brain. a former nfl -- a developing story tonight, a former nfl running back mourning the loss of his 3-year-old daughter after
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blind cord. >> reno announced the death on social media today. news 4 consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with the developing details. susan? >> that's right. he played for the philadelphia eagles and is now an assistant coach at brigham young university talked about his daughter's death tuesday on his instagram account. little girl, 3-year-old elsie, became one of more than 200 children whose death involved window blind cords. according to the consumer product safety commission, from becoming entangled in a cord from a window blind. the window covering manufacturers association has voluntarily -- voluntary standards in place to make blinds safer, but the consumer product safety commission says it is not enough. >> we have this push between us and the retailers in particular to say enough is enough. and we're also encouraged that industry seems to really want to solve the problem this year, too. and i think with the new technologies that have come
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this. >> the news 4 reached out to the window covering manufacturers association. a spokesperson tells us it plans to submit its revised standards by the end of this year to include all window coverings sold online and at retail stores to be cordless by 2018. this would represent, they say, about 80% of the products on the market. by the way, "nbc nightly news" will have more on the toddler's tragic death and what's being done to prevent further injuries >> susan, thank you. he pleaded guilty to a plot to attack the capitol. >> now lawyers for that man want a judge to limit his sentence. their argument for why their client deserves just ten years for a planned attack during the state of the union. he's been called a legend at the montgomery county police department. after 61 years of service, this 84-year-old lieutenant is getting the sendoff of his life. right inside the police
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just in, if you're expecting someone coming into reagan national, they could be late. the weather and low clouds are causing some delays at reagan at this hour. arriving flights are delayed by an average of about 26, 30 minutes. and doug, is that going to clear
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tonight. it's going to take a while for it to clear up. right now we're looking at the rain making its way our way. if those planes were taking off western trajectory, they're running right into those low clouds and that very heavy rainfall. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside right now. current temperature at the airport, which right now is clear, by the way, 64 degrees. we do have the clouds, but clear from the rain. temperatures dropping a little bit through about 9:00, 10:00, tonight. the rain moves in and it moves in fairly quickly. colder to the west. so nearly a 20 degree temperature difference ahead of that system. that system now making its way through the area. you see what's happening here. this is the line of storms. we saw these make their way through parts of montgomery county earlier bringing heavy rain. now we're tracking this area in through loudoun can county. we'll zoom in on this area right here. leesburg, you're been hit a couple times. heavy rain around leesburg along route 7, right on down toward ashburn. cross over the river to
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going on around the ashburn area. see this right along the gloucester parkway here, seeing that. loudoun county parkway. also seeing some of that very heavy rain along route 7. now, farther to the south, this is also a little bit of a boundary here that's moving on through. this is moving toward warrenton and eventually over toward manassas and western portions of fairfax county. that's the area that's going to get hit next. what about d.c.? well, i have to go farther south. look at this line right here. some strong storms coming through roanoke. these are actually the ones the area. so d.c., areas to the east, may stay dry through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight and can also see the extended portion. severe weather ongoing. tornado warnings now into portions of parts of south carolina, the whole system moves through and we see some things changing as we move into the day tomorrow. first let's talk about the weather and show you what's happening here. 7:00 tonight, notice, most everything still west of d.c. but then it moves in across our region. you see it around 9:00 with some
5:26 pm
again, some heavier rainfall making its way in. a little bit in the way of some thunder and lightning with that. even around midnight tonight a few showers but then the whole system moves through. the rain clears out. the clouds clear out. and the temperatures start to fall tomorrow. a much different day. pretty nice shot of the capital wheel right now. notice now, 51 degrees. dry tomorrow morning. only in the 50s. temperatures fall during the day. at least into the afternoon. rather breezy with temperature of 52 degrees out there. so definitelmu tomorrow and that cool air, well, it wants to stick around. something else going on tomorrow, on your thursday, 54 degrees here. we got the tree lighting that's going on. thanksgiving, that was last week. wanted to show that a minute ago. friday, 54 degrees. 49 saturday. 47 on sunday. slight chance of rain late in the day. again, most of the weekend looks dry. even sunday during the day, i'll talk about the christmas tree lighting tomorrow. no problems there. just a little bit on the cool side. amelia draper and i continue to work on this. amelia right now is tracking the
5:27 pm
from nba hall of famer to congressional lobbyist, the cause that brought shaquille o'neal to capitol hill today. metro's leader has a new plan. he calls it back to good. will it make your ride any better? i'm adam tuss. i'll explain it all coming up. he was hired to teach children to defend themselves but police tell us what he was actually doing was criminal.
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first at 5:30, new criticism over metro's proposal to cut hours. virginia's governor slammed metro board members and their handling of the agency today calling their business practices lunacy. and told them to get to work. >> don't come to me with a half-baked plan and expect me to folks in northern virginia and then three months later you're going to come back for more money? no, no, no. >> as political comments fly, metro's general manager paul wiedefeld marks one year on the job today and rolled out an ambitious plan for his second year where he says riders will notice improvements. transportation reporter adam tuss has been with the gm today. he's live from metro center. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. politics aside the general manager says you are definitely
5:31 pm
2017. he is calling this new plan back to good. in a room chalk full of elected leaders, metro employees and media, gm paul wiedefeld charting a new course that quite simply caters to the rider. >> what they want, the trains to run on time and buses to run on time. that's what they want. the big message here is i want our customers to know that i get it, that you get it, that we get it at metro. >> reporter: all throughout this speech today, the gm seemingly smiling feeling confident that metro will turn it around. so what are the specifics? >> we're going to put a much greater emphasis on customer experience. particularly with regards to reducing the number of delays due to track issues. the delays due to car issues. and then we're going to improve their environment. particularly in the stations. >> reporter: and here's a little bit more on the transit agency's goals. get metro back to good. that's their plan. they'll do that by focusing on
5:32 pm
they're running smoothly and not breaking down. now all longer eight-car trains on the system will become those new 7,000 series trains. and there will be a new quality control department that will oversee this effort and report directly to the gm. if all this works, the gm says the transit agency will cut down on unscheduled track delays by 50%. and cut down on rail car delays by 25%. he promises riders will notice. funding to make these fixes and improve the system. coming up next hour at 6:00, guys, i'll tell you about a new proposal about finding a dedicated source of funding for metro. back to you. >> all right. thanks, adam. and we've learned that paul wiedefeld will testify on capitol hill this week. the house oversight committee looking for an update on metro's safe track program. maryland's elijah cummings, virginia's gerry connolly, and
5:33 pm
sit on that committee. this will be the gm's first time in front of lawmakers since suggesting that metro caught its late night service. wiedefeld's testimony set for friday morning. attorneys for a man who plotted an attack on the u.s. capitol are pushing for a shorter prison term when sentenced next week. they say 22-year-old christopher cornel matured since his arrest last year and rejects propaganda that influenced him. his 2015 state of the union address in the capitol. prosecutors want a 30 year jail sentence but defense attorneys say 10 to 20 years would be more appropriate. cornell was arrested outside a cincinnati gun shop where he had just bought two semiautomatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. now to proposed security changes at the white house. federal officials will review plans tomorrow for a newer, taller fence.
5:34 pm
white house grounds. news 4's scott macfarlane broke this story about these changes months ago. he's in our newsroom with an update for you. >> wendy, good evening. the national capital planning commission is perhaps smaller, lesser known agent is i in washington but must approve any changes to the white house grounds and it will meet tomorrow to review the details of this new perimeter fence. news 4 was first to report the plans. according to the planning commission, a ten foot, seven inch fence built on an 1 base. it will have spikes on top to make it more challenging to climb. last year we told you the feds considered but scrapped other changes including barbed wire and electriied rail, even a mote surrounding the perimeter of the white house. the national park service and u.s. secret service are developing this new fence, but despite many months of deliberations and proposals, still no firm date on when approval will begin and shovels hit the dirt, wendy and jim. >> thank you, scott. extended express lanes could
5:35 pm
the northbound express lanes for eight miles from turkey run near edsel road to eve street near the pentagon. you have two chances this week to weigh in. a public meeting starting at 6:30 at bryn-mawr elementary school in alexandria and another meeting tomorrow night. well, it's the burger -- we've had a little trouble reading the last two stories -- >> they brought them in. they brought in, like, 400 big macs and mcdonald's french fries. >> you know it, the burger america loves so much even has its own song to all these patties, special sauce -- >> cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. >> sing it. >> we bet you don't know the man behind this -- okay, 540 calorie bundle of deliciousness. >> stop me. >> he wanted to sell a bigger burger at his mcdonald's franchise in pennsylvania. so nearly 50 years ago, he came up with the big mac.
5:36 pm
surrounded by his family at his home in pittsburgh. his son says up until the last couple years he ate one of his creations at least once a week. it can't be that bad for you. he learned to be 98 years old. >> wow. we should all be so lucky. >> i know. they are so good. even ours are a little cold, they're still good. oh, my goodness. >> they only brought us 20, so, you know, we're starving. hey, all the world's a stage. especially for redskins quarterback kirk cousins. >> you have >> jersey boys in college, wicked, singing and dancing, man. those guys are athletic. they're talented. >> we'll tell you what in the world prompted a broadway discussion in the middle of a playoff push. hint, "hamilton" is involved. ahead, why fairfax county police arrested a former
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jingle bells, the songs of christmas in the air. >> going all in for christmas cheer is a tradition for one local news station. news 4's amy cho has our story. >> reporter: if you ever flipped through the stations while out and about, you've probably heard these christmas songs. what exactly does it take to bring that holiday cheer into your car? we decided to pay a visit to washington's christmas station
5:40 pm
97.1 wash fm. happy holidays, merry christmas. it's great to celebrate the holidays. >> reporter: if you're searching for holiday experience, look no further than sabrina conte. >> one of my favorites, taylor swift "santa baby." >> reporter: one of the voices at wash fm bringing the spirit of santa to d.c. >> you are the station that everyone comes to to feel warm and fuzzy. that's a big responsibility, but it's the best kind of responsibility you can have. >> reporter: every year since 2001, wash fm has been the only radio station in the clock. all that cheer takes careful calculation. >> lots of research and many years of uploading those holiday songs into the system and then every year kind of keeping on track of what's new. what's happening? what can i do for you? >> reporter: another big part of the job, taking requests from fellow christmas connoisseurs. >> one song i'd like you to play for me. >> sure, i'll try to swing that in there for you. that's fun to be able to do that.
5:41 pm
look and sound a lot like christmas. in rockville -- >> thanks so much for listening and have a merry christmas. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: aimee cho, news 4. >> thanks so much. bye-bye. >> when do you start playing christmas music on your ipod? the day after thanksgiving, early december, the week of christmas, never? here are the results so far. most of you say the day after thanksgiving. you can keep voting on our nbc washington facebook page. this weather won't you of christmas. >> that may be changing soon. storm team 4 tracking another round of rain. some big temperature drops on the way. i'm shomari stone here in upper marlboro, prince george's county police believe a man is barricaded inside a home. i'll show you wha sttronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers
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we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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i'm shomari stone here in upper marlboro, prince george's county police believe a man is barricaded inside a single family home. you look right over there, you can see, i'm here at diarce road. see the police have the area
5:45 pm
2:40 p.m. result to a man who was breaking and entering. that's what they're hearing about. you see all these people here, well, they can't go to their homes as a result of all of this. come right over here real quickly, this woman, what's going through your mind right now, you can't get home. >> i can't get home. i'm very tired, very alarmed. i don't know of anything this serious happening in this area. it's very quiet. shocking t joining us. people are advised to stay inside their homes. there have been no reports of any evacuations related to this home. of course, right now police are still processing this situation. live in upper marlboro, shomari stone, news 4. a local martial arts instructor is in jail tonight charged with assaulting a young girl during summer camp. fairfax county police began their investigation into brandon miller in august. after the girl's parents called
5:46 pm
got a warrant for his arrest. news 4's chris gordon is live in falls church tonight with details. chris? >> reporter: yeah, classes are being held as we speak here at ums tae kwon do. we're not going to go closer with our camera because none of the students or instructors inside are involved and we don't want to identify them. however, one former instructor has been charged with sex offenses which comes as a surprise to many of the people we spoke with today school well. some people tell me ums after school tae kwon do has been here a long time and is beloved by the falls church community but in august, police got a call from the parents of a 13-year-old female student saying that she was sexually assaulted by an instructor. 27-year-old brandon miller. police say miller maintained contact with the young girl, texting her until the school learned of the accusations
5:47 pm
what i found, he texted teenager and then i fired him. that's it. >> reporter: fairfax county police investigated and got warrants against randon miller. on sunday, miller turned himself in. he is being held at the fairfax county adult detention center with no bond. >> there's concern that there may, in fact, be additional victims and if there are so, we'd like to hear from the parents. >> reporter: a clerk next year at the pet depot said he had n anything inappropriate. >> got a lot of the kids coming by our store right after class and nothing stood out to me. >> reporter: harold tells me his friend's son who has special needs has benefited greatly from attending ums' school. >> he had problems expressing himself and when he started with the tae kwon do after school, within three months he did a complete turnaround. and it continued as long as he
5:48 pm
get investigators answers. that's the latest live in falls church. back to you. you may remember this cell phone video of a wife yelling at her husband as a police officer in north carolina shoots her husband to death. the officer says keith scott was rolling a joint and holding a gun when police arrived at a parking lot to serve a warrant for someone else. officer brentley vinson said he the gun. today, 15 career prosecutors studied that in the unanimously decided officer vinson will not face charges. attorneys for scott's family said today this case is far from closed. they're collecting files from the incident that occurred in september. they plan to pursue charges in the future. >> be considerate of this family and allow us to conduct what we would call a thorough
5:49 pm
tonight. after scott's death in december and the release of the cell phone video. protests broke out across charlotte. well, what a weather week we are having. warm, cold is on the way and we can't get are rid of the clouds. that's a good thing. we need the rain, still. >> we do need the rain, but after the rain comes to an end tonight, we're dry for the rest of the workweek on into the weekend. the sunshine returns. tomorrow i can't believe it, the first day of december but right now, continuing to track some pockets of heavy rain on storm team 4 radar. notice the bright colors here on your screen. yellows. the oranges. even some reds down in parts of fairfax county. montgomery and frederick counties starting to see some heavier rain right now. as this continues to slowly move toward the beltway. it's going to be a slow go tonight. traveling along 66 and 270 as well. this rain strong enough to reduce visibilities around the gaithersburg area, up around
5:50 pm
well. now, this all part of a larger system bringing some severe weather to parts of the south. this ahead of a cold front, what the name suggests, cold air moving in overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. right now it's balmy. 64 degrees. for the most part we're going to stay in the 60s through about mid-night. after that, we'll be in the 50s. overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. but all in all, the weather having a pretty low impact on your thursday. outdoor exercise, again, we're in the 50s. so maybe some long sleeves. want to go out for a bike ride or run. recess for the kids definitely going to be outdoors. want the warm jacket. commute tomorrow to and from work, biggest concern going to be the sun glare. if you're headed down to the national tree lighting where doug will be likely tomorrow during the evening hours, a good night to do so. make sure you have the warm jacket there. look at our temperatures on your planner throughout the day. 7:00 a.m., 50s. noon 50s. 3:00 we're in the 50s. a breeze tomorrow as well. as we look to friday, kind of chilly. a high around 50.
5:51 pm
the first weekend in december. on saturday, highs in the upper 40s. mid to upper 40s on sunday. maybe some rain later in the day. then i want to point something else out to you. notice the chance of rain here next thursday. pretty mild. 62. then after that, look at the highs, guys. if the forecast holds, we're talking about highs only in the low 40s. next friday and next saturday. so something to keep in mind. but, of course, we're keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar. doug's going to have the latest and when all this rain finally moves out of the area starting at 6:00. >> thanks, amelia. speculation about kirk cousins' future has dominated the redskins lately. carol maloney joins us live the park. could he soon be one of the highest paid players in the nfl? >> reporter: through 11 games kirk cousin has the most parting
5:52 pm
the offseason. his teammates tell me, though, he remains unfazed and unchanged through it all. nobody sings in the rain today. the guys were practicing in the bubble out here at redskins park. this is only the fourth time since 1999 the redskins entered december with a winning record. skins now 6 -4-1. they face the cardinals this weekend. they need to win at least three of the last five games to secure a playoff spot. now cousins is statistically one of the league's best signal callers and arguably the most entertaining on and off the field. >> he's a lovable kind of dark and he's also like this fired up leader. you know, what have you -- what are your biggest impressions? >> i think my biggest impression of kurt, sometimes he'll stand at his locker and he'll start singing. he sings songs and he knows the -- there's this big play in new york called the hamilton. he knows that song.
5:53 pm
dude, you know that song? i was at that play this weekend. >> i don't know all the words but i'm a big broadway fan. and love musical theater. my mom kind of raised me on that. ? pretty woman walking down the street ? ? pretty woman ? >> singing and dancing, man, those guys are athletic. they're talented. i sit there and go wow, this is pretty cool. i feel like the fan in the stand when i go to a musical. and it's a cool experience for me. >> reporter: cousins willon of course, we have to mention that was some high school performance footage we brought broke out, we do that every chance we can get. guys, kirk cousins tells me there's enough tough guys on this team so he can just be himself. singing his own tune. >> just another day at the office. carol, thanks so much. >> reporter: uh-huh. after 6 o-plus years on the force a montgomery county police officer is walking his last
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
shaq attack part two. up on capitol hill today, nba hall of famer shaquille o'neal was in town calling on congress to help combat impaired driving. it's the second year in a row shaq has visited capitol hill as part of his campaign with
5:57 pm
for durall, florida, police, wants more federal funding for local police departments to better train officers on how to spot drugged drivers. >> because a lot of states are, you know, passing certain laws, you know, the marijuana laws. you know, even though it is legal, it's still, you know, can, you know, impair you somewhat. officers need to be properly trained for >> shaq said he's hopeful the incoming trump administration will do more to heal relations between police and local communities. he says he has not spoken to the president-elect. well he's been keeping montgomery county safe since dwight eisenhower was president. today at the age of 84, and 61 years on the job, a montgomery county police lieutenant decided to put down his badge and retire. news 4's kristin wright has his
5:58 pm
was 6. now the lieutenant is 84 and he's been a cop decades longer than most in the room. >> most of them come and gone since i've been here. >> reporter: after 61 years of service with montgomery county police, lieutenant jay cox is finally retiring. quite humbly. a man of few words. >> well, like i say, same as any other day. >> reporter: jay cox was sworn in in 1955. dwight eisenhower was the elvis was just starting out. and montgomery county was a different place. >> the whole county had 200,000 people. now there's a million. >> i'm honored to present to you your retired badge for 61 years of service. congratulations. >> well, my favorite job was the fugitive squad. which i did for a number of years. >> reporter: his wife, peggy.
5:59 pm
volunteer to finish the detail that they assigned him to. >> reporter: the lieutenant is not ready to give it all up. his former chief isn't surprised one bit. >> when i retired, i had 42 years on and he accused me of bailing out early. >> reporter: all these people, all these years. for this lieutenant, it's all very simple. >> have to work somewhere. do something every day. >> reporter: and that's just what lieutenant jay cox did for in montgomery county, kristin wright, news 4. news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> right now, some people in upper marlboro are being told to stay in their homes. police are on the scene of a barricade situation off west thalea road. officer responding to a burglary call there about three hours ago. they believe the suspect involved may be in the area of west thalea road and castle drive.
6:00 pm
this is a picture right now from the scene. shomari stone is there trying to learn more. we'll get an update from him as soon as something develops. but now to the weather. more rain on the radar. it is coming at the worst possible time. impacting travel on the roads and travel in the air. some flights arriving at reagan national are delayed by almost 30 minutes because of these conditions. >> doug has been tracking it all. let us know when the rain moves out and what's coming in next. doug? >> yeah, and right now, have very heavy rain across portions of the area. it's mostly from i-95 to the west. if you're along the beltway, off to the east, you haven't seen that much rain this afternoon. take a look at the radar. i'll show you what i'm talking about. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain in through montgomery county, in through fairfax county. then right now back down to the south as well. but you notice the yellows here, the oranges, really heavy rain in through parts of montgomery county. see it streaming on through. over the last few hours it's all remained just to the west of


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