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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in it is election day, november 8th. make sure to get out and vote. >> get out there and do it. pull the lever. >> that is "ain't my fault" by zara larson singing for us a little later. >> she was on sweden's got talent when she was 10 and now opening for beyonce. you know when you're one of those people and go, how did that happen, she will be singing
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>> and we have two cooks cooking with two different pecan treats. is that pe-can or pec-an? >> whatever she says. >> southerners say pe-can. >> new orleans say pec-an. >> let us know how you feel about it. we won't do a wine bot. if you're jeffrey, you're and ready to mingle. >> or you need answers. >> or you want out. >> to answer your daing relationship questions. >> the barber shop quartet. ?? ? ? good night sweetheart good night ?? >> what! >> wow! >> that's pretty amazing. >> actually, they need to pick a
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it again. if you signed up for a meal delivery service or bought one of those fitness trackers this year, we will look at the health trends of 2016 to see if they are and are withdrawal worth your money. happy election day upon. >> those two words don't go together. happy election day. >> i don't know many happy people. i've had a few relationships break up over -- not romantic ones but friendships. >> there are a lo opposite sides of the voing aisle here. there are mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandkids. you know what, thanksgiving is coming. you all have to sit together and gather around the table and hold hands and pray. >> that's what you've got to do. "the daily mail" turns to relationship experts for tips how to survive this election day if you and the ones you love just aren't voing for the same candidates. >> please write these down, very
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>> forget it. >> that is possible. between you and me but not real people. what else? >> be aware of your tone. tone is everything. don't be condescending that you know everything because you think you do. >> because you don't. >> consider their perspective and try to find common ground. with every opposite there is a tiny sliver of common ground. >> common ground is sacred ground. if you can't disagree. say, we won't let this affect our friendship or marriage or child. >> they say you should have a political-free zone in your home. you know how sometimes something is so huge this election, only one conversation, wherever you go waiting in line at the drugstore, someone is having a conversation, in the cab or car, someone is having a conversation, walking on the street and hear it. look at mary madeline and james carville. >> i don't know how they
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for all kinds of reasons. that one i've never understood. none of my business and god bless them. if at thes a not the odd couple. >> she's the republican political consultant. she's now a libertarian. >> he's a democratic political consultant. >> and will die that way. >> happy anniversary to those two. >> there's a woman who loves adele and fast-food. loves adele and dressed like her for halloween. >> then she decided she would sing her heart out about the other thing she loves, fast-food. >>. ? from the fluffy size i like burgers and fries ? ? and extra caramel and nuts ?
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eat the scraps tomorrow ?? >> that's funny! >> i like the fies as the microphone. >> that's what we needed, comfort food today. >> potatoes. >> fries would be fine. >> what else will you be eating tonight when you're watching? >> i inhale, do like oreos. >> i never go for the sweet stuff. >> what would you be >> guac and chips and lots of this. >> hey. >> "the voice" went from 20 to 12 last night. >> they cut eight singers, so a lot of people are gone. we don't have time go into all of them sadly. there was a singer named billy gilman. >> i remember him. >> the country kid at 12 years old sang that beautiful song, sang "one voice" the youngest
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gatlin brothers at carnegie hall. i saw him one night. >> his voice changed and his career and he's trying again. he sang roy orbi son's "crying." ? crying crying ?? >> wow, i think his voice settled in nicely. >> he made it to the next round. >> good for him. >> he's going to the next round and garth brooks is now joining
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getting involved. >> good. i'd love to see that. hoda, apparently you posted this yesterday. you've got some explaining to do. >> this is what happened. i was clickety clacking on amazon, i needed a fan, some hand soap. let me get three bottles of hand soap, click clack click clack, hey, you have a box downstairs, i ordered three boxes offhand soap. that's what that is. >> instead of three individual online, the way they sell things sometimes is confusing. >> on purpose you think? >> i don't know. i one time bought -- i thought i was getting clementines they sell at the store. >> you love your clementines. >> it came as big as this table and deep. and people have been tweeting me one thing they thought they were buying and bought huge jugs.
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say. >> one woman said she had better's bees lip balm the rest of her life. >> what did you do with yours. >> i put int the closet. i was going to give to it matt for christmas. >> the moral of the story, read the fine print. >> here's the question. >> i don't want to do this one, hoda. >> have you ever been to a friend's house using the were gone, it's embarrassing. what do you do in that setting? >> what do you do, hoda? >> if there's no window or vent -- >> an illegal bathroom. you're supposed to at least have a vent. >> what are the options. i know everybody is acting like they don't care about this but everybody is listening. what should you do? >> i don't --
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removed. >> you're supposed to put hand lotion liberally on your hands. then, ready? >> yeah. >> wave it around! >> you know what, i can smell -- wow! >> i think it kind of works. >> they also said, dig through their cabinets for hairspray, breath spray, perfume. start squirting the joint up. there's more, if none of those are available, bubble and put it in the toilet. >> if you have to do all of that may i suggest you go immediately to a doctor and see if there's something wrong gastrointernally with you? that should not be happening. people have a problem, okay? i care about them and they need
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more on "today." coming up, booze day tuesday, spanky tuesday and election day! >> election day! >> can't we eliminate one of those? >> we will go nuts. this sweet treat being whipped up. >> coming up right after this. ? ?you don't own me? ?oh? ?don't tell me what to do? ?just let me be myself? ?that's all i ask of you? the new 2017 corolla with toyota safety sense standard. ?you don't own me? toyota. let's go places.
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no >> never in the history of the world. >> pecan. >> whatever. >> thanksgiving is a few weeks away. you've come to the right place. >> what we're going to do today. pecan two ways. pecan. >> "today's" food team wants to help you prepare.
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my cranberry and rosemary glaze pecans. very simple. heavily -- halve the pecans. and you can cook with rosemary, salt, pepper. and my pan here, i will turn it
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oh, the grecio. >> it will bubble? >> it will. and the moisture evaporates and allows everything to be sticky at the end. any nut, but i really love pecans and walnuts work well. you stir that around and get everything nice and coated. once that's nice and coated, it takes 5 or 10 minutes. it's smart to keep your pecans in the freezer or refrigerator because they have natural oils in them. i even keep my peanut in the refrigerator because it goes rancid fast. you want to take the cold off of them. i will turn that off. you're cooking hard.
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let it cool a few minutes. >> that's it? >> add a little salt. >> three ingredients, let's get it done, you know what i'm saying? >> these are delicious. >> i had them before. >> did you try them? >> yes. >> sunny, come back here. >> i got a 10. now, we're ready for the 20. >> you have to eat pecan, vitamin e, po t nut. this is the time of year they're harvested. we are making pecan pie. i have a dough i made. i would recommend you buying a crust now, pre-make them and freeze them, it's fine. salt, orange, butter, background sugar, bourbon. dark syrup, pecan, eggs, cream and vanilla. ready? we are warming up.
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>> we are not. sugar, cream. >> she drank the bourbon. >> luckily i have more over here. >> this is delicious. >> sugar, dark brown syrup. we brant to bring this only to 160 degrees. real slow. 160, not boiling? >> no. 212. >> you learn that in school. you see how nice it is. i like to add some extra stuff. and the booze. the reason being if you add it now it will cook out. you add the vanilla, orange zest, amazing, and the booze. >> you can add -- if you don't want booze, you can add apple cider, you know what i'm saying, you don't have to do this, i recommend you strain it over your pecans.
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pec-ans? just getting any lumps that may have dissolved. >> he told me to call him g-z. >> he told no call him that. everyone thought i was calling him like the young g-z the rapper. >> no one will confuse that. >> can we try it. >> put it on the shelf and bake it about minutes. >> did you put liqueur in the whipped cream, g-z? >> it looks fantastic. >> i know it's going to be good. >> delicious, got to be. >> that orange, you can taste everything. >> good. it's a good pie. don't forget, you can buy the pie shell. i recommend it if you don't have time. >> for more, go to
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quilted northern works their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. come into olive garden now for our never ending pasta bowl starting at $9.99! endless combinations of your favorite pastas, sauces and toppings. now including chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. hurry, this never ending value ends soon. at olive garden. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man.
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what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] if you are in desperate need of relationship advice and don't know where to tur hunky man panel. first, dr. burkett who appeared on season 9, the author of "the gentleman's diet." >> he certainly is. >> and chuck knight, father of three. >> and currently appearing on the amazon "crisis at 16." >> remember when it was just --
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last but not least the host of gsn. and on "the bachelor." >> you know you don't want to give these up? >> you want some oreo cookies? don't go far. our first question, we actually have on tape -- right? >> let's hear what this is. >> hey, kathie lee and hoda. what's up, guys, it's bob and jessica. spend the rest of my life with this guy, do you have any marriage advises for a me? >> both of you should run. >> how can you give advice? they both made very bad decisions. >> are they in mexico four days from now? >> good for him. >> any advice for her. for her? god, pray! >> yeah. >> we're glad to see that.
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master from california, my question is why is it when my girlfriends and i get sick wi can still do laundry, take care of the kids but when a man gets sick they act like they're about to die and can't even get out of bed? >> because we are smart. okay? seriously, if you laid in bed and acted like you couldn't do anything, we would be forced to help you. you actually have to be a super woman and run around and do everything, okay, fine, do it yourself. our mothers took care of us when we were sick. we liked that. to us, that represents love. we just want to feel love. >> obviously, women handle pain better than women do. >> not doctors. >> come on, everybody is a wimp when they're sick. >> yes, they are. >> you might be able to help people have a higher tolerance. >> we are taking a break and we are coming right back after this commercial.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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it's booze day tuesday. spanky tuesday, too, and we are back with our manly men ready to tell all. >> back with us single father larp burchett, chuck nice and ben gleib. kiddos, rb to play? >> yes. >> do t. go my name is jachica from louisiana. describe the type of relationship you like to have for the rest of your life. >> seeing as i am already in it i better say that it's with my wife. and whatever she wants. like, that's pretty much how it goes. >> all right. same for you -- >> i like the whole idea of being a partner with whoever you're with. someone who, like, when you come up with ideas is like, how do we make that happen.
10:31 am
luck with that. >> you like a we thing? >> i like a we thing. >> and one that is not constant fighting every day like a lot of them end up being. >> your bar is low. >> very low. >> i think -- ben needs a hug. >> ben -- ben, if it's happening in every single relationship you have. >> yeah. >> you're the problem. >> ah -- >> strong point. >> comfort food. >> let's ask the good doctor. >> the good doctor says. >> what i think about a lot is you're going to talk to somebody ales. somebody to sit down have a cup of coffee a talking and -- >> feel safe. >> a great -- >> right. [ laughter ] >> that changes at about 20 years. believe me. >> here's a question from adrian in sioux falls, south dakota. 40 years, not getting younger. we hit it off, stops talking to me and never gives a reason why. >> i think you're wrong in his assessment he was into you. because -- yeah. people don't just disappear if
10:32 am
>> and grael advice. i was told once, if every time this happens it's probably you. [ laughter ] >> you know what? i'm going to dismiss the fact maybe -- dismiss the fact you're crazy. dismiss that. because, you know, that's -- >> that is not nice from -- >> no. i'm says, dismissing that. no the woman. like, say, put that out of the question that, you know, because you're perfectly sane rational person. assuming that. then the problem is, >> that's it. >> can't help it. >> and -- for real, though, if every time the guy gets freaked out after the first time, you're nice a good vibe, probably too needy like you want a relationship. he's like -- >> i'm 30, not getting any younger. >> using that? racing against the clock. >> what do you say, larry? >> listen to luther vandross and to that one "wait for love" you're going get -- >> that makes you crazy.
10:33 am
younger. a fact for all humans. >> let the doctor say something. >> 30, you know, she's got some time. >> a baby. >> take it easy. >> wants children? feeling the -- the clock. >> but -- >> don't put that on a guy. >> maybe just not the right guy. >> let's go across the streets. >> hi. i'm name's adriana from california. wye my question, surprise your spouse with a one-year anniversary trip is that a joint gift or separate gift. >> are you pay forge the trip? >> no, he is. you want to know if you have to give him a gift? >> what you really want to know. no. you got to give him a gift. no. yes. >> was that a real question? >> is he back there? it's like -- did you say, look, watch. watch, watch! watch what they say? yo, man, get yourself a gift! a sgift. >> there he is. >> that's him. look at him. >> like i told you! >> honey, we're going to hawaii. >> didn't get anything.
10:34 am
he's giving me tryst. do i have to get him, like, chocolates? >> passive/aggressive, right? >> sex is not a gift in this situation. >> true. you know that's what she's going to do. when you get to hawaii, going to be like, here's your gift. [ laughter ] >> we'd like to apologize, also to chuck nice's son. >> so precious. >> okay. yes. >> but we forgot he's here. >> you guys, thank you. >> thank you. >> if you have a question for our guys tell allpanel go to the button. probiotic drinks, seaweed, find out if the year's hottest health trends were worth the money. she is worth the weight. pop superstar sarpa larsson sings a hit song to get you moving, moving, moving, after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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depresses. these fries are killer. 2016 is winding down. as it does, looking at biggest health trends. >> to high intensity fitness programs, are the latest fads all they're cracked up to be? >> which are worth your investment and which are not. here to break it down, author of the "21 day belly fix" what is it? >> integrative health expert. >> you're too smart for us. >> all: >> how are you? >> happy to be here. >> worth it, a check. not, an x. >> 2016, all about figuring out thousand grapple the health beast. take all the noise and make it relevant to you. everything from food to gadgets. everything about personalizing your care. first trend, probiotic infused drinks, drink yourself to health. not wine right now. was it worth it or not worth it.
10:40 am
>> say no. you're both correct. let me tell you why. probiotic infuses drinks, add probiotics into orange juice, tea, coffee, milk. not worth it. the amount we need is far greater than you add into a drink. >> what if you took a probiotic pill? >> helpful, but so much debate over this now, because everybody needs a certain amount, a certain strain to help digestive health. not worth it. differen as we know -- >> we need our comfort food, fries all the way. >> whatever you're eating on wheels. >> talk about this next health trend. the next health trend is about healthy meal deliveries. must have seen it. get the box at your doorstep. great companies. open it up, prep your meal. worth it? >> is it worth it? >> worth it. >> good jobs. super impressed. i agree. i think it's worth it. >> you don't follow the rules, hoda. >> first of all, don't have to grocery shop.
10:41 am
pay paleo and solving america's phobia with the kitchen. gets you back in the kitchen. >> move it -- >> move it or lose it! >> next, health trend. gadgets. fitbits, sleep trackers calorie counters, worth it, not worth it. >> no. >> kathie lee gets this one. so sorry. >> it is. >> lose track of it. lost fries in five seconds. >> i've eaten six. >> they force you to think about your behavior. uses sleep tracker, only sleeping three hours. again -- >> makes you extra paranoid. >> restless and crazy. >> but you do find out. >> move the fries!
10:42 am
prevention. >> trackers, marathons, all of those boot camps. worth it, not worth it? >> oh, of course. >> what do you say? >> i was talking. not listening. >> both wrong. this is not worth it. extreme anything, not worth it. we're seeing in practice, more injuries, more muscle fatigue, more issues with kidney. changes in hormones. not worth it. stay in the middle road. moderation is key. >> leading by >> yes, you are. >> curious, who's going to get this one? seaweed is it the new kale in 2016? new super food? >> worth it, not worth it? >> yes. >> wrong. it is not the new super food for 2016. >> i like it better. >> ounce for ounce kale has three times protein, twice as much dietary fiber, 300% more vitamins -- >> i'm sorry. >> listen to taz! >> sorry, guys. >> so -- >> that was fun.
10:43 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. six months ago swedish singing sensation zara larsson took our stage busy touring with beyonce and hitting big awards shows. >> a mega pop star across europe and now making a mark here in the u.s. with hit songs like her new is single calmed -- >> all: "ain't my fault." >> here with "lush life" here
10:49 am
? i live my day as if it was the last live my day as if there was no past ? doing it all night, all urm ? ? doing it the way i want to ? yeah, i'm gonna dance my heart out till the dawn ? but i won't be done when morning comes doing it all night, all summer, going to spend it like no other ? it was a crush but i couldn't, couldn't get enough ? it was a rush but i now i might have went and said too much ? ? but that's all it was so i gave it up ? i live my day as if it was the last live my day as if there was no past ? ? doing it all night, all urm, doing it the way i want to ? ? i'm going to dance my heart out till the dawn ? but i won't be done when morning comes ? ? doing it all night, all urm ?
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it was a crush, but i couldn't, couldn't, going to stay in touch but that thing went bust so i gave it up ? oh, oh, no chicks, no bluffs i'm just better off without them cuffs ? yeah, i'm the one whether the sun sets or not ? oh, yeah, yeah ? no tricks no bluff i'm just better off without them cuffs ? went low, went hi waters run dry ? gotta get back in the groove i ain't ever worry ? went low, went high, what martyr is now getting right back in the mood ? i live my days as if it was the last live my days fas there was no past doing it all night, all summer ? ? doing it the way i want to, yeah, gonna dance my heart out till the dawn but i won't be done when morning
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now i've found another crush the lush life's given me a rush ? ? had one chance to make me blush ? ? second time is one too late ? now i've found another crush, the lush life's given me a rush had one chance and to make me blush ? second time is one too late ? ? oh, whoa, whoa, oh, whoa-whoa ? i live my day as was no past ? doing it all night, all urm, doing it the way i wanna ? yeah, i'm going to dance my heart out until the dawn ? but i won't be done when morning comes, doing it all night, all urm ? going to spend it like no other, now i've found another crush the lush life's given me a rush ? had one chance to make me
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? now i've found another crush the lush life's given me a rush ? ? had one chance to make me blush the second time is one too late ?? >> yeah! single, "ain't my fault" out now. sweeping the nation, we're giving it away to five lucky fans. >> one could be you. yeah. could be. >> maybe. look at donna adorable. comfort food for everybody on
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time to cross your fingers. about to choose five lucky names, because it's time to -- >> all: give it aconvey! >> this weaning prize is -- >> an irobot roomba, 860 vacuum cleaner wornlgts-of- cleaner. >> worths 5ds 00. keeping your floors clean. dawn adorable will start it,
10:56 am
>> winners, hoda. >> you go first. kath. >> okay. don't stall, hoda. >> i'm not. >> i mean it. >> i'm fine. >> brian harvey of kingsley, michigan. >> i'm getting one from -- trying to get somebody who never -- >> here comes our music. >> hold on. here it is. wait a minute. i've got -- ooh. i'm sorry. i've got -- ileana from florida. g. for her name is hughball. >> i'm not laughing, because my name's hoda. >> danny red from gallics, virginia. >> good, and annett from park rapids, minnesota. >> congratulations, to all the winners. >> what happens to these? >> shred them. enter again next week. go to our website and hit connect. playing spanky tuesday now.
10:57 am
wendy and her beautiful daughter kiley. birthday girl alexa. >> come on down. >> tomorrow, funny guy billy eichner will be here. fun and games. >> good. and elvis dhahran introduces us to -- crank the music. >> hearts and james. >> and plus all in the presentation. thanksgiving meal like pros. >> enjoy your spanky tuesday! so fun, everybody.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
i'm still thinking. still thinking, yeah. >> still undecided. that's right. she wte morning and still doesn't know how she's going to vote. those lines were long when polls opened first thing this morning. it's election day and we are keeping a close eye on voting and the key races across our area. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. by the end of this day two of the four people that we're going to show you here will be chosen to run our country. we have the campaigns for president covered this morning including a look at the how candidates are spending the final hours before results start


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