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tv   Today  NBC  July 12, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. united we stand. president obama and former president george w. bush set to appear together today in dallas at a memorial for five officers killed in last week's attack as the gunman's parents speak out the gunman's parents speak out for the first time. >> i don't know what to say. to anybody to make anything better. i didn't see it coming. this morning, how they say their son's personality dramatically changed when he left the military. neck and neck. clinton set to pick up the long-awaited endorsement from bernie sanders today, and trump s
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prospects for his vp pick in the next 48 hours. in minnesota. one of several twisters cutting a path of destruction all across that state. and, it's a pokemon world and we're just living in it. why these little guys are suddenly popping up everywhere. and we do mean -- everywhere. the hottest new app that's driving america to distraction "today," tuesday, july 12th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. matt is back from his vacation. i heard you just were chasing pokemon all around the yard. >> i can say that i was just on vacation for a week with my kids and dare i say which , i don't they're into this yet. >> they are now.
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>> yes. everyone's chasing pokemon. i mean al is busy right now trying to get one -- >> here we go. okay. >> i hope you'll be ready for the weather, al. >> we'll check back in, al. >> okay. don't bother me. this one's lost on us old people. we'll get to more on that in a moment. but to our top story, president obama heading to dallas today to try to help that city heal after last week's attack on police. he'll be joined by vice president biden and former president george w. bush. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in dallas. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. president obama once again having to assume the role of consoler in chief. this will be the 11th time during his presidency that he's tried to comfort a city after a mass shooting. and this as we're learning more about the gunman from his parents. micah johnson's parents say that he seemed like a different person when he returned from afghanistan and they never expected this. after an emotional vigil monday night, today dallas is
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>> we must lead america in protecting and supporting our police . more protests over deadly shootings spilled into several cities. there's anxiety and fear on both sides. >> there's institutional racism that existed outside our society. and the truth is that's not good enough. we have to keep pushing. >> today dallas police are digging through micah johnson's past to determine why he was stockpiling bomb-making materials. >> he knew what he was doing. this was not some tphaufest. >> his parents say they watched their son transform from a fun-loving extra srurt to a hermit after his military service. >> i didn't see it coming, and i love my son with all my heart and hate what he
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>> just before 9:00 last thursday, johnson pulls up in his car and fires multiple rounds, shooting a rapid transit officer execution style. over the this killing, it has to stop. >> as
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with the secret service, several of the funerals for the fallen officers are scheduled for tomorrow and thursday. >> gabe, thank you very much. it's a big day in the presidential race as well. bernie sanders joining one-time rival hillary clinton on the campaign trail for the first time and this morning's speculation is heating up over clinton and trump's potential running mates. >> reporter: good morning, matt. a month after she wrapped up the nomination hillary clinton is finally getting bernie sanders's endorsement today here in new hampshire, a battleground state where he pounced on her in the general. elizabeth warren embraced clinton. >> i'm here today because i'm
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yes, her. >> sanders even waiting until after president obama joined clinton on the stump. sanders and clinton not a match made in heaven. >> wait a minute. wait. wait. i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight times -- >> excuse me. >> secretary -- >> now, they are doing better than ever, corporate profits are up where so many americans have stalled or fallen backwards. agreeing to a $15 minimum wage. free public college tuition, but pegged to family income. >> the more hillary clinton keeps the volume high on big and bold progressive ideas, the more enthusiastic
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be go into november. >> will sanders fire up young people for clinton after promising them a revolution. >> it's about creating a political revolution. >> with the party united clinton can choose a vp choice. >> candidates are coming together. >> and not interested, joe biden. unable because of his son's death to mount his own campaign. >> i have great respect for hillary, but i am not looking to be vice president again, and nobody has talked to me. >> sanders endorsement is a welcome prospect by clinton. as for
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vice preside vice presidential pick could come any day. halle, good morning. >> reporter: this is one of the biggest decisions a candidate can make and donald trump is promising that decision by the end of the week, the countdown to a running mate now on. down to the final four, speculation swirling about trump's vp pick. >> i know her and she would make a good president or a vice president. >> a different tone from trump now. >> crook'd hillary clinton. >> mike pence trying out for the role tonight when he appears with trump at a rally outside
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indianapolis. >> that position is very humbling. >> and the vp atpoupbsment could come in 48 hours, but even gingrich said he's not an automatic yes. >> we would stop and talk to exactly what he would have in mined. >> i think he's a great guy. that doesn't mean i will choose him, but he's one of the people i would look out. >> trump says he wants somebody more political. maybe chris christie, auditioning in virginia, after trump tries to strike a balance on recent police shooting acknowledging concerns from officers and protesters. >> not only am i the law and order candidate, i am also the candidate of compassion. believe it. >> he is
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violent protests this summer as the security prepares intensify in cleveland, the convention six days out with trump still struggling to bring together the gop. one formal rival now vowing to sit this election out? >> you are not going to get me to change that. nicolle wallace believes conservatism is dead. at least temporarily. and that concern with the gop presumptive nominee reflected to a degree here in cleveland where some delegates now starting to arrive are ready for a fight. the ver-trump movement's last stand. it is not likely they'll have any success in trying to oust trump but they are getting back-up this morning from the senator from nebraska, matt sass, now urging delegates to fight for the conservative we will see how that shakes out in cleveland. >> let us bring in nicole
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wallace, and mark cal purpb who is already in cleveland. mark h already in cleveland. good morning. nicole, let me start with you. and jeb bush says he thinks conservatism is dead. do you get a sense there's more at stake at donald trump's choice than hillary clinton? >> i think the decision is which way does he go? does she try to solve the one political problem, or try to brand him the score that won him the nomination, that he is the wildcard. >> i think nicole set that question up perfectly, so assuming a vp pick, what does trump mostly.
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[000:11:58;00] running mate which is someone who's perceived right away as someone who's qualified to be president. i think the bigge egest problem donald trump has is will he govern in a serious way if he is you have to find somebody, al gore, dick cheney, joe biden, and i think that's what trump should do and will do, pick somebody who people see as ready to be president. >> the names we are hearing more than any others, and go with what mark just talked about. who is ready? >> pence is a governor. and republicans love their governors. christie is probably the one that has been the closest thing to a partner he has had as a candidate, and he has baggage he brings with him from bridge gate, and gingrich and flynn
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bd i will give achance for a one-name answer, and is that somebody at the top of trump's list. >> i think pence, if trump goes with his gut he will pick christie, and if not i think it would be pence. >> that was several more than one word. >> hillary clinton's four days to endorse barack obama, and now can bernie sanders endorse her and make that sales pitch for her today, mark? >> i think if sanders is warm and fuzzy, he will pull it off. he is not a personality that shows embrace, and there's policy differences still between
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sanders and clinto disappointed but today will go a long way. >> nicole stuck to the rules. thank you. in other news, michigan courthouse will be closed today in the wake of a deadly shooting, an inmate being moved from a holding cell managed to wrestle away a gun from a deputy killing and injuring. >> this morning, the courthouse is the newest edition to america's mass shooting catalogue. the frantic scene got on video. >> we figured out there was an active shooter. wheufplt it was over, an inmate shot and killed two bailiffs.
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both were retired cops. >> our hearts are torn they were our friends and colleagues. i have known them for every 30 years. >> the shooter a. 45-year-old gordon was in custody and being escorted to a court appearance, and he tried to take hostages. the deputy, the father of five was wounded in the arm. a female civilian was also struck by gunfire. the gunman's ex-wife speaking out. >> i don't want the press to paint a picture of him of an angry and violent person. >> not everybody going into the courtroom is hand cuffed. for today, ron mott.
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>> there are big developments in the uk this week. the second female prime minister after margaret thatcher. may will replace david cameron. cameron initially said he would step down by october, but he moved up the timeline when may was left with a clear path to the office. . and then a committee expecting to grill lynch over the decision not to bring charges against hillary clinton. and the committee is likely to ask lynch about police interactions with the community following a violent week that brought that issue to the forefront. new tests show small suvs
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did poorly in headlight the insurance institute for highway safety says none of the 21 small suvs tested earned the highest ranking. hyundai tucson, and more than half of the suvs received the lowest ranking. high-tech headlights did not necessarily perform better. shifting gears. al, how is the weather looking? >> we have severe weather to talk about last night and more today. in fact, take a look at this video. you see a barn destroyed. this is in litchfield, minnesota, about an hour west of minneapolis, and these storms fired up, at least two of them yesterday. we will look at more severe weather firing up today in the plains. we have severe weather moving from green bay down to wichita, part of a system that will die
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down and then refire up later this peoria. and 27 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail, and isolated tornadoes. this front becomes stationary and a lot of warm and moist air coming in, and strong gusty winds and strong storms firing up through tomorrow, and in some areas we are talking upwards of four to five inches of rain and that could make for some flash flooding. we're going to be watching that over the next three days. we will get to your local
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forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. mostly cloudy now and temperatures near 70, and storm team radar showing clouds, and they are beginning to break up. later today lots of sunshine in and out, and temperatures up in the upper 80s and quite humid and a greater chance of storms area wide during the afternoon on wednesday, and maybe a morning shower tomorrow as well. and then a heat wave comes in after that lasting all the way into the weekend, first part of next week. >> that's your weather, guys. coming up, we will have the popular pokemon go app, and also raising safety concerns with parents. was michael skakel framed? we will talk to him, but fit on a tuesday morning this is
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dove oxygen moisture. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this tuesday, july 12th, 2016. good morning to you. i am eun yang. >> and three women and two men are in custody right now after get into a gun battle with police near an elementary school overnight, and d.c. police say they went to 6th and alabama streets after reports of gunshots and when they arrived officers say a group of people inside an suv opened fire on them. we are working to learn what charges those suspects will face. and then the first morning rush hour test right now and the new phase closes the blue and yellow line.
7:27 am
metro has tracks south of the airport. let's check on your commute right now with wtop's jack taylor. >> we had a problem in annandale. travel lanes are open and it did stack up travel out of springfield on the inner loop. trains are single tracking through east paulz church because of a disabled train inside east falls church. a check on the forecast is
7:28 am
next. mostly cloudy now and temperatures near 70, and storm team 4 radar showing dissipating sprinkles heading off to the east, and later today we will have some sunshine in and out
7:29 am
and temperatures climb into the upper 80s, and upper 80s a shower in the morning and afternoon storms on wednesday and heat wave moves in after that and lasting all the way into the weekend. >> now back to the "today" show
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after this short break. nice crowd nice crowd outside. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. the 12th day of july, 2016. big crowd expected friday because we have a music superstar out on the plaza in concert, and that's not the superstar. we have gwen stefani taking over our summer concert stage and if you are in the area that's going to be a good one, so come down and see us. and let's take a look at some of the headlines. a candlelight vigil was held in dallas last night to honor the officers killed in the sniper attack.
7:31 am
a public memorial will be held later today, and president obama and former president george bush is expected to speak at that memorial. and donald trump is ahead by donald trump but three points, and she is expected to pick up an endorsement from former rival, bernie sanders. and then gretchen carlson posted a video in social media in the wake of her lawsuit against fox news ceo roger ailes. news ceo roger ales. >> obviously the audio on that video not working, but we will tell you that carlson claims
7:32 am
ailes sexually harassed her and fired her when she refused his phenomenon of the pokey man. >> the game is hugely popular, and your safety could be at stake. experts say it's more than pumps and bruises from running into something or something, but also privacy and security red flags. pokemon has been out for six days, and it's a sensation. it's going to number one in the apple and android app stores. but what many don't realize when they are chasing pick achew are the security risks. while the app fosters real-life social interaction, it can also attract 17 unwanted strangers. >> >> it is basically the main stat cuss quo for everyone around us
7:33 am
right now, are you playing mo on, how much pokemon do you have? >> reporter: the rival game gets them moving leading this emto local landmarks to unlock new battles and join new teams. but police warn that criminals are using the app to lure people to unfamiliar places with hopes of catching a pokemon character like this one. >> i got it. i got it! >> reporter: players and parents should be aware of an in-game feature called the lure module which increases the likelihood of a pokemon appearance. any user can create a lure spot, and that can be used to draw in unsuspecting victims to a specific location. >> it brings people together but of course that safety issue is why i walk around with multiple friends because it is like hey, i don't know who you are, i don't know what you do. this may be an uncomfortable situation for me to be in. >> reporter: that's exactly why this couple plays with their two kids. >> you don't know who is watching your children. they have to be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: and one more rule
7:34 am
from mom and dad. >> i've learned my going in to the streets even if there is a pokemon in it. >> if you signed up with your google account, pokemon go has had access to your e-mail, your google photos and your google documents. but the company now telling nbc news it's changing that setting soon. also pokemon said this week also pokemon said this week, the company recommends people be aware and be safe at all times. and the app does work in cars when they are moving under 20 miles per hour, and there have been accidents, and authorities are saying do not pokemon and drive. >> that sounds like a great p l bumper sticker. >> day two, pokemon go, taking over online, and the "daily
7:35 am
news" calling this a we have seen more bathroom images than we needed to see. and somebody had the phufrb to pull it up in a delivery room. and this creature was spotted at a funeral. even the united states marines getting in on the action, get off the firing lanes, pikachu, that's a safety violation. signs are posted, we're paying you to work not chase fictional characters with your smartphone all day. there's peupblgy. >> i got him. so there you go.
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you go. >> got it right in the pokemon! whoa! >> >> what were you thinking! >> my golly. >> what do we have to do? >> this is against sweeping this country. >> drop the mike, carson. >> i need vacation. >> i know. >> i just got back. >> white flag and surrender. millennials, you win. i'm out. mr. roker a. check of the weather. >> we have to worry about wildfires out there, and this is the hayden pacifier, more than 10,000 acres southwest of colorado springs, and one subdivision and two camp grounds under evacuations, and let's show you what we have going on right now. we have a big wildfire threat stretching from the pacific northwest all the way into the
7:37 am
rockies, and wee warnings from casper, scots bluff and into the southwest as well, and the conditions are going to last. we are going to see windy conditions and we could see wind gusts from 35 up to 50 miles per hour all the way into the grand canyon which could lead to wildfires, and then the low humidity could mean the possibility of wildfires really starting to explode. more humid and temperatures around 70 degrees, and searching for radar showing the sprinkles south of the metro area now dissipating and later today we will be up in the upper 80s, and a greater chance in shenandoah area, and likely afternoon storms and maybe a morning shower tomorrow, and heat wave moves in after that and
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temperatures in the 90s each day and maybe a small and again on sunday and midweek the following week. >> get the forecast anytime you need it. e's going to let the pokemon go craze pass her by. not happening. you'll be all into it tomorrow. >> it's true. i'll wait until it is really coming up, amazon prime day, and the deals being rolled out by the retail giant. a new twist in a 41-year-old murder mystery. robert kennedy jr. opens up about why he says, his cousin, michael skakel did not and could not have killed martha moxley. -t boosters. the more you pour the more scent you'll savor. toss into your wash before your clothes for luxurious scent for up to 12 weeks. and introducing unstopables fabric conditioner by downy giving your laundry a bold, captivating scent
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14-year-old martha did not come home and her the next year, and resulting in the four-year saga, convicting michael skakel, and it brought one of most famous families, and he's a kennedy cousin. prosecutors are trying to have the conviction reinstated, but his cousin, robert kennedy jr. is out with a new book. in the book, kennedy, a former prosecutor lays out a case for why his cousin could not have killed martha moxley that night and kennedy said i should not take his word for it, i should look at the facts. >> what i believe is completely irrelevant. people should not trust what i believe.
7:44 am
i have relationship with michael. innocent. that belief should not be persuading anybody he is innocent, but it's the facts, and that's a pitfall. >> skakel was convicted based on evidence over the years his story changed and statements he made to classmates and acquaintances at reform school, and some witnesses say the confessions never happened. the facts show that michael skakel has an airtight alibi. >> he could not have done it because he was 11 miles away with five eyewitnesss and there was another eight witnesses at the house where the murder took place and nobody saw him the entire evening after they saw him leave.
7:45 am
>> he has an alibi that has been sworn to by his friendsnd family and that made people nervous. >> that's a plausible argument that all of the skakels were somehow involved -- >> circling the wagons -- >> this conspiracy to protect one of their own, and skakels, they are pieious catholics, and never lapse into the perverse family loyalty to protect somebody that committed a murder, but if they were inclined to do that, the family is very chaotic, and they lack the organization al. s may have role in feeding a media frenzy which aided in skakel's conviction. >> in all of the articles he was described as kennedy cousin michael skakel. that became his new first name. >> you have said in fact you feel responsible in a small way
7:46 am
for his >> well, i don't feel responsible, personally responsible for it -- >> the kennedy family. >> right. i think that michael skakel would not be in jail if people had not been able to call him kennedy cousin. >> in "framed," kennedy goes so far as to lay the blame of martha moxley's murder at the feet of two men who have never been suspects at all. explain who they were. >> they were two city kids, one caucasian and one african-american, who were brought that night -- who went to greenwich that night. >> these two men were introduced to the rarefied air of greenwich's bell haven neighborhood by the cousin of kobe bryant and a former classmate of the skakels shown here being interviewed by michael's defense team. >> well, their words were that we're going to go caveman on her. and that meant that, according to bryant, that meant hitting her over the head, dragging l g
7:47 am
into the bushes and sexually did that night, october 30th, 1975 in the bell haven section of greenwich. >> there never has been any evidence introduced to tie the gentlemen to the murder. while one of the men that kennedy points the finger out did not respond to comment in the past both men denied any involvement in the murder. the lawyer for one man says his client is innocent. >> from everything i know and read and heard and investigate and from everything i know al has absolutely nothing to do with this case, period, full stop. >> despite this, kennedy doesn't fear any legal consequences for himself. >> so having just said what you said, do you expect them to sue you now that this book is out? >> if they are innocent, they should sue me. >> you would like to see that?
7:48 am
>> i would like to see that, and >> this book is going to open up a lot of full wounds. i went to high school in greenwich. >> we will have more on that, and you can see more of the interview with robert kennedy, jr., friday night on datelines here on nbc. the new list of the world's highest paid celebrities, and there's surprises on this list, but first, here are these messages. it beat every single detergent tested. boom. switch to persil proclean 2 in 1.
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find benefiber® healthy shape in the fiber aisle. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this tuesday, july 12th, 2016. good morning to you. i am eun yang. >> let's check on your commute with wtop's jack taylor. >> whatever was left on the inner loop north of 236 is clear, and typical delays otherwise, and outer loop from 95 to georgia avenue, and a crash just off of river road so be careful if you are headed out in that area, and you may plan to have lanes blocked. we will check the forecast
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
when we come back. stay with us. good morning. partly sunny now and it's more humid, and temperatures climb into the low 70s and will hit the mid and upper 70s by 10:00, and by noontime, the low 80s, low to mid-80s by the afternoon, and upper 80s by late in the afternoon with the humidity around and might get an isolated thunderstorm small chance, and greater chance tomorrow and then a heat wave moves in after the high of 90s. another update in 25 minutes, and now back to the
8:00 am
"today" show. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, prime time battle. the pim time savings war heats up as amazon promises big discounts. what every consumer needs to know to get the best deal. plus, the magnificent seven. they thrilled us 20 years ago, tumbling, twisting and vaulting their way into our hearts. >> i think that gold medal really changed the trajectory of all of our lives. >> natalie catches up with the golden girls of the 1996 atlanta olympics. woo!
8:01 am
>> and who you gonna call? there is a new team of ghost cast of the highly anticipated new film is here and taking over our plaza live. "today" tuesday, july 12, 2016. ♪ >> shout out from kentucky! we love "today"! >> good morning, florida! >> new york city -- woo! ♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." what a day on the plaza. the weather is beautiful. we've got matt and al here. we've got carson here.
8:02 am
but more importantly -- >> yes, savannah -- marshmallow man. >> yes, it is! look at him! >> and the ecto 1 right over there. >> double whammy. >> i got to drive that a little bit. it is all about ghost busters this morning, the brand-new movie coming out. we've had a chance to see it. to say that we kind of liked the first one is maybe an understatement. >> and it delivers. >> how many days go by before we "align" from the first one? >> oh, i think about a day. >> day? i would measure it in hours. yes. definitely. lots to get to this in half hour. a big crowd on the plaza. tamron is in for natalie this morning. >> president obama is traveling to dallas this morning on a somber mission to mourn five police officers killed in an ambush on thursday.
8:03 am
last night in dallas, more than candlelight vigil to honor those slain officers. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are ending their rivalry with a joint appearance in new hampshire. the show of unity comes at a crucial time for clinton whose lead over donald trump is down to three points. meantime trump is testing his chemistry today with another potential running mate, mike pence. he is expected to reveal his pick before monday, and another name on the list, chris christie teamed up with trump on monday, and also is said to be considering newt gingrich and
8:04 am
retired general michael flynn. collided head on, and 12 people dead and dozens are injured and first responders are checking the train cars for survivors and the accident took place as the trains passed through an olive grove on a single track line. there were several close calls during a high speed chase through the streets of los angeles overnight. >> this guy doesn't care enough, the guy on the bicycle that was a close call for the guy on the bicycle. >> it began after the suv driver hit a car and then hit the free at more than 100 miles per hour. the driver was treated at the scene and then as you see, arrested. into the great wide open. a russian adventurer took off from western australia in a hot air balloon monday in an attempt to beat the record time for a
8:05 am
solo flight around the record of 13 days >> the current record of 13 days has been held since 2002, and the russian and his team have been preparing for the challenge for close to a year. what is the one thing you take with you on an a hot air balloon ride. >> a port-a-potty. >> i never thought of that. i knew it was like classic rock. i couldn't place it. >> that's because i'm older? is that what you're saying? >> ma, coming up next, the major store slashing prices, where you will find the biggest savings. plus, do you share your password for things like netflix? why you could be committing a federal crime. and then the new list of the highest earning celebrities in the world, and you may be
8:06 am
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l'eggo my eggo. we're back now, 8:09, with some big deals headed your way today. >> it's amazon prime day, everybody. 24 hours of what are supposed to be super savings. you do not have to shop at amazon though to score some big bargains. nbc's olivia sterns is here to explain it all. >> this is a sales holiday that amazon simply invented last year. but it turns out it was such a
8:10 am
success, that this year country is now offering special deals to get in on action. as online shopping picks up, brick and mortar stores are pulling out all the stops to get you through their doors. white hot black friday sales adding to the summer sizzle. at amazon, prime members will see more than 100,000 deals worldwide and some of the deepest discounts of the year. >> this july 12th, the deals are everywhere. >> reporter: the online retailer under pressure to serve up some serious steals after last year's offers disappointed sparking the #primedayfail. but despite the gripes, sales were strong. >> they say they sold 34 million products last year on prime day. that was their biggest selling day other retailers are deaf tputly feeling the heat. >> from target and sears to banana republic and best buy, stores are slashing prices this week to compete. toys, tvs and appliances, some
8:11 am
more than and walmart offering it's version of prime. >> people aggressive on pricing, across the internet, not just amazon or walmart. >> stores across the country are trying new tricks to lure shoppers in, and sacs fifth avenue offering things. at local stores in california, gourmet cooking glasses. in texas, daycare, and in new jersey, yoga. grocery stores in the battle for your bucks as amazon launches a snack attack, offering cut backs on things like chips and ice cream.
8:12 am
and then a nutritionist and nurse on site. on amazon. >> we are focusing on giving the customer a unique, fun and cool experience in store. >> three, four five. >> you would go grocery shopping and fit in a workout. >> if you are planning on doing shopping today, number one tip, shop around and use the free price comparison tools, to guarantee you are getting the lowest price out there. next, plan ahead. please. amazon post as list of lightning deals before they go live so you look now, and you don't have to refresh, and finally if you are not sure it's a deal, not all
8:13 am
items will have their biggest markdowns today, and sbe >> for more tips on how to navigate the field. >> we're back with a check of the weather now. >> weather, weather, weather. we are watching strong storms from green bay to springfield where we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect and we will check that out. for today we see the risk of strong storms from wichita north of st. louis, and hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out tomorrow, and more people under the gun, 27 million people at risk for large hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes in kansas city to chicago. the rest of the country, plenty of sunshine and the heat is on through the gulf coast, and orlando, getting up into the mid-90s. 110 in phoenix today and showers
8:14 am
in the pacific northwest and the winds continue in the northern plains. we have sunshine now, and temperatures climbing into the 70s, all clear on storm team 4 radar, and later today we will see a climb in the upper 80s and humid and only a small chance of a isolated thundershower, and area wide tomorrow a pretty good chance of scattered mainly afternoon storms, and highs in the 80s, but then after that a heat wave commences lasting all the way into the weekend, and might get a few storms around on sunday, and then midweek the following week. >> if you are headed out the door, take us with you, it's today show radio. how about a little trending at 8:14. >> a show of hands and be honest. who here has shared their password with a subscription service like hulu or netflix. >> i used it, at the advice of
8:15 am
my attorney -- listened to me. actually, maybe it's a federal crime now. there was an opinion issued, and found that sharing passwords is a prosecutable federal crime and this includes consensual sharing. 56% say they do not share passwords and 46% do share. i can't remember my password. that's part of my problem there. >> 56 don't? interesting. holding up your hands is going to be played for trials. >> going to the big house. at least i can watch video. >> netflix in jail. "orange is the new black"! one of my favorites! let me share something that a lot of us know all too well. you take time and you prepare lunch in the morning. you pack it up, you go to work, you put it in that shared office refrigerator. then you go back to eat and guess what? it's gone.
8:16 am
it was swiped b bandit. needless to say, this headline caught our attention. "i used my nanny cam to catch my co-worker stealing my lunch." a lot of people admitted to sending e-mail blasts to recover their stolen food. some of the snack scavengers even spoke out saying if it is after 5:00 it's fair game. >> you've got a time limit? unless it's moving. then it gets thrown out. >> though those fridges get so packed. somebody's got to eat that stuff. >> but -- no! that should be the federal crime. not the netflix password sharing. that's terrible! >> savannah has frozen bananas in the freezer upstairs. right? >> yes. >> for how long? >> well, i marked them and it says -- do not remove. everybody is savannah's bananas. >> are those really yours?
8:17 am
>> i make a little healthy joy bauer smoothie. what if i told you guys you could skip the gym and you could actually think yourself thin? one doctor claims this is possible airing the results of his newer lourological study on series. he asked people to only imagine themselves doing exercises and using certain muscles. after a month of doing that, they actually dramatically - we're into it. >> i am on my pelican. >> okay. it's to think about clinching your mussels.
8:18 am
>> good to know. from the actor that just joined celebrities when it comes to income. carson has got that. >> we will start things off with bryan cranston, and he joined instagram after his visit to our studio today, and showed the perfect, my first instagram was better than being with j.lo and lin at the "today" show. that was something special yesterday, boy. great to have all those people here. what a performance. we will move on to matt damon, the actor is reflecting on his iconic role 14 years after he first started as jason bourne, and he said i will be replaced some day by a new, young jason bourne.
8:19 am
other people have played him in the franchise, sat one out. finally to the forbes list out, and the highest earning celebrities, your top three, here we go, coming in third place -- no, that's james patterson, the arthur, $95 million, and one direction, $110. any guess, guys? number one? drumroll, please. $170 million for taylor swift, largely influenced by the tremendous success of her world tour. start stories go to today's facebook page. interesting note -- number 21, jackie chan. >> international. >> $61 millio $61 million for jackie chen. good for you, jackie chen. >> olympians, where are they now?
8:20 am
in a moment we will catch up with team usa's but first with 24 days to go until this year's elections, today's fun facts. rio will be the first to feature olympians born in the year 2000. and the youngest track and field star to compete in 40 years. let's hear it for millennials. >> we love that. now to the reunion we mentioned. natalie. >> there are olympic moments forever etched into our memories, from the miracle on ice to michael phelps to the gymnastic's win, razor tight between the u.s. and russia and in the end the americans captured all around gold assuring their place in history. >> the year, 1996.
8:21 am
the sport, gymnastics. >> the team has done everything right. >> amy chow. >> this was gigantic gymnastics. >> dominique dawes. >> and shannon miller. dominique mow tea onyo. jaycee phelps. and carry strug. making history and becoming forever known as the magnificent seven. so what is it like for all of you being back together. >> it's surreal. you know, 20 years later it's good just to see that everybody is happy, and everybody is healthy, and everybody is married, and they are starting families or have families of their own.
8:22 am
>> shannon, going back to your career,he olympic gymnast of all-time, does it seem like that was so long ago? >> in some ways it feels like yesterday, you close your eyes and you can smell the sweat and the chalk of the arena, and it seems like a lifetime ago. >> you all made history together, the first u.s. gymnastics team to ever get a team gold medal. what does that accomplishment mean to you still today? >> i think that gold medal changed the trajectory of all of our lives. >> amanda, you were the captain of the squad and the leader, when it came to choosing the team captain, everybody put the names in the hat and you chose shannon, and everybody else chose you. >> i knew i was not the best athlete but i was honored that they felt like i could be a great leader to the team. >> dom knee, i look at the video back then and you were teeny, tiny. >> even at 14, i knew when we
8:23 am
walked into that gr only usa that we were part of something magnificent and truly a big part of history. >> when i speak about the team, i say out of all my three olympic teams, this was the one team that put their egos aside and this is the one team that should have the biggest egos ever, and we had 55 medals. >> where do you keep all those medals? >> when my kids aren't wearing them. >> do they wear them around a lot? >> from time to time. my son will take the gold and hand me the silver, so they learned that much. >> shannon, you have been through a lot health wise with ovarian cancer. how are you doing now? >> great. when we celebrate the anniversary of the '96 olympic team, and i celebrated five years of cancer free. i am blessed and fortunate.
8:24 am
>> puts everything into perspective. you had the last vault. >> the vault signal tpau tphacs more than people understand, because how i view myself is very different because of the vault. >> to think of how much your life has changed from that moment, from standing on the podium with the gold medal around your neck. >> it led us who we are today, and just being disciplined and i am very grateful that i was able to be part of it. >> amy, speaking legacies, you two moves girls still do today. what does that mean today? >> this is cool. my coach and i were not aiming to do that at any point, and it just kind of happened and it's really an honor. >> amy chow's gymnastics could
8:25 am
still hang. >> we year. >> you went in as olympic gymnasts in '96, and came out as olympic heroes. >> i am so proud to have this team to have been role models for the next generation, and to be able to leave a legacy where people think back to our team and they smile. >> once an olympian, always an olympian? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> from that moment the girls all reflect and say their lives, they have gone so much further because of that moment then ever expected, but i think we can all remember where we were when we saw them compete, and it really to this day, little girls go up to them and recognize them and they honor their accomplishments, guys. >> very cool. >> really great story. >> we know you have an exciting
8:26 am
day hosting access hollywood >> we will. coming up, al and carson ain't afraid of no ghost, not with the proton packs they are wearing. we have "ghostbusters." good morning, 8:26 on this tuesday, july 12th. and jack taylor has a check on the morning commute. jack? >> aaron, good morning. the beltway issue from the inner loop down central avenue, accident activity causing delays on both loops, and the outer loop you are open but you can see it, and you can see the activity remains on the left side. 66 eastbound as you try to move your way through manassas, a new accident, a vehicle hit the jersey wall, and virginia state authorities are still headed to the scene. we will have a check on the forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
stay with us. good morning. temperatures are climb into the 70s, and we will hit the mid and upper 80s midafternoon and you will notice it will be more humid and a small chance of a
8:29 am
storm, and tomorrow area wide a storms and might get a morning shower and then a heat wave after that into the 90s each day, and on thursday into the weekend. aaron? >> thank you. you can get the news and
8:30 am
weather anytime on the nbc washington app. if there's something if there is something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? al roker and "ghostbusters," that's right. al is living a dream right now. getting to drive with the real life ghost buster, melissa mccarthy.
8:31 am
they are coming right at us. movie. >> this is the roller dream sequence. come on out. we've got melissa mccarthy here. we also have the other stars, kristin wig, leslie jones and kate mckinnen. they are here as well. we can't wait to catch up with them. >> to say that al roker has been waiting for that moment for a long time is an understatement. >> just a bit. just a bit. >> we are so excited. . >> we are hearing with the benefits, and jenna bush hager is here. >> first, before we take a call for a tour of the marshmallow man, al roker has a check of the weather. >> let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned.
8:32 am
we are looking today at spooky the mid-plains. a risk of strong storms and look for wet weather in the pacific northwest and strong storms also, hit or miss through the gulf coast and continuing tomorrow with a risk of strong storms from iowa all the way into northern indiana and parts of michigan. beautiful weather in pacific northwest, nice and toasty there, and we have showers and thunderstorms making their way into the mid-atlantic states. that's what is going on around the country and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, radar all clear now, no showers around and did have a few an hour ago passing to the south and later today in the upper 80s with humidity and might get an isolated shower or thundershower, and greater chance on wednesday to be followed by a heat wave all the way through the weekend and the first part of next week, maybe a
8:33 am
thunderstorm sunday. highs in the 80s. to the weather channel. start us off, mr. roker. >> we are more than just a little excited at the cast of the new "ghostbusters" and their director with us today. >> it has been 32 years since the original hit theaters. melissa mccarthy, and leslie jones, guys, good morning to all
8:34 am
of welcome. and i want to just tell you, you are among friends. al and i quote a line from the original movie once an hour. does that give you comfort or make you nervous? >> right in the middle. >> we have seen the movie and love it, and are you happy with what you see on the screen? >> oh, my gosh. >> are you kidding? >> yes, yes. >> i feel like it's a documentary of the summer that we all had and it's a camp experience and it's a photo album of all the fun we had. >> it's a bit daunting to take this on. paul, what was your goal? did you want to pay homage to the original. >> a little both. we loved the original movie so much and we wanted to have elements from that and make it our own story so the four incredible talents would shine. could shine.
8:35 am
i mainly wanted to make a movie people could have fun for two camaraderie, and there's a little bit of a put through with snl. you guys all come from this kind of improv background. did that help with the movie? >> yeah, definitely knowing each other before helped with the chemistry because from day one, it was like, oh, my gosh, poor paul. yeah, i think so. yeah. >> there's a level to get used to each other, and we all knew each other and we are so similar and yet different enough that it stays interesting. it made it easy. >> i listened to what dan aykroyd, one of the original "ghostbusters" said not long ago, and he said there were more laughs and scares in this one and how much of the advancement of technology allowed you to make the scares bigger. >> i made sure a lot of the
8:36 am
ghost were played by actors in full costume enhancements. >> go down the line and give me adjectives and saw pearl lawtives. and super latives about the character you play. >> sexy and real. >> my character i guess is like a fun whacko? >> yeah! >> she's way out there. >> so far out. >> thank you, al. >> i would say a little straight-laced and probably has bran cereal for breakfast. >> i never thought of it that way. >> i would say abby is pretty steadfast and she may eat a hot dog for breakfast, if we are playing that game, and not see anything wrong with it. >> without giving anything away, are you all up for a sequel? >> wow.
8:37 am
wow. he went there. one, you don't ask do you want a second? >> that's the time to ask, when everybody's feeling good. >> did you guys get together at some point in the process and >> did you say, by the way, kristin will get slimed more than anybody else. looks like you took the blunt of the slime. >> i was like, oh, cool, my character gets slimed the most, and then after the first time -- it was fun and we all loved it, but it's tough to get off. >> after the years on "snl," and after being on the set for this movie, let's play a game. answer simply by pointing fingers. which one of the cast members here is most likely to crack up the cast by making an embarrassing bottlely noise? which one is mostly to crack the
8:38 am
others up by gesture? which one is most likely -- paul you can take part in this, to mess up her lines? send tess messages complete with emojis? >> oh, me? i don't know. me? okay. >> which is most likely to be part of the sequel to this movie? >> definitely. >> can we mention, al does have a cameo in this movie?
8:39 am
>> yes, i got it's not pleasant. >> i warned you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. good luck. and "ghostbusters" opens in theaters and i max this friday. first, this is a "ghostbusters" tuesday on nbc. "ghostbusters" tuesday on nbc. at subway, you'll love the greek flavors of our mediterranean collection. your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today.
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8:41 am
subway. fresh is what we do. the latest rip from the headlines by best selling author by daniel silva. "the black widow." a beautiful jewish doctor to infiltrate isis.
8:42 am
when i say headlines, we really mean it. this starts with an attack by islamic militants in paris, which, of course, we now know happened in november. >> i wrote -- i started working on the book in july of last year. i wrote the beginning of the novel and in november it literally came true. >> your heart must have sunk. >> yeah, i was working on the book literally around the corner from the french embassy, and to watch the flowers piling at that memorial and see the french embassy so under guard in our
8:43 am
nation's capital, i >> it is another book -- of course it is a gabriel alone thriller. but you have a female heroin who kind of takes center stage. >> i sort of structured the book differently and i moved my long-time heroin to the side for a couple hundred pages and i sent a woman -- a >> i sent a woman, a westerner into the caliphate, i turned into her a militant and fed her into the belly of the beast. i did not go to the caliphate. >> you mention the international locale, and you do go to pretty cool places in the name of
8:44 am
research. settings and unfortunately from the united states, i chose to set the climax of the book. last time we were here, we were teasing you, because you have three officers. you have them outfitted the same, same furniture and desk.
8:45 am
just the the legal pad never crashes, and it never eats your coffee. when i finish a novel, i have a stack of legal pads about that high, and i could go through and piece it together, and most of the book would be there. >> you also say that you, have written the novel, you remember every one you have written? >> yes. >> he started working -- he was recruited. >> here are your choices. b, because he was recruited after the massacre to go after black september. >> ding, ding, ding. where did gabriel meet his wife, chiara? >> now you are just showing off. . >> you're basically doing an
8:46 am
ends dance right now. wh first mission, fallen angel, rembrandt's revenge or wrath of god. >> is this really a quiz? c, charlie. c! wrath of god. >> you know what you wrote. good. nice to have you here. >> thank you. it is wonderful. >> the book's called "black widow." daniel, always good to have you here. next, surprising benefits of -- get this -- bread.
8:47 am
but first this is today on nbc. good is in every blue diamond almond. ♪ from whole natural to wasabi & soy sauce. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. it's a wonderful feeling, a magical feeling, and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds.
8:48 am
proud sponsor of the us swim team ♪ we're back now and it's 8:48, and a rising star, bread. >> i love bread. >> some say a new way of baking it gives it more health benefits than any other food group. jenna bush hager, is this true?
8:49 am
>> call me carb crazy, and i like to hear health benefits. saying the flour makes bread and pastries not only taste better but better for you. shaping and baking goes into every slice of bread. >> all of the wheat we use, grown a couple hours from the bakery. >> the flour, the foundation for toast and loaf, and from whole wheat cinnamon raisin. >> the way we make bread, the same techniques as the first loaf of bread, taking a grain and grinding it into the a powder, and fermenting it with a yeast, and baking it into bread. >> part of a growing consumer consciousne consciousness, and a demand to simplify the foods we eat. >> i don't think there has been history where there has been better bread.
8:50 am
>> for me it comes down to taste and these taste better. >> but it all starts with the grain. don lewis has been farming and baking with wheat for three decades. >> when you are stone milling you are able to keep the nutritional value of the whole grain within the flour along with the flavor. >> the down lied -- downside is the shorter shelf life. >> experimenting with the whole grain from pastas to pastries, and his health has improved, losing weight and gaining energy. >> i certainly have seen a change in my energy, digestion. >> and not the only one
8:51 am
preaching the benefits. brings up muffins. >> i think with a we are going to see is people going old school and taking back grains the way they were 100 years ago and doing it on their own. >> all in the name of better bread. >> oh, yeah. bread like this from bread alone, a local bakery can be found at whole foods markets, but look for your neighborhood bakery, using whole grains in their breads. while the hroefs can be a little more expensive, you are getting more fibers and minerals and anti-oxidants, and also what food intolerances can't handle. my husband says if he could bury me in a bagget, ♪ these breads are better for you than other things? dig in.
8:52 am
i brought this -- i came bearing >> should eat this, it is the "yeast" of our worries. >> thank you. we're back in a moment.
8:53 am
8:54 am
this is "today" on nbc. all right, welcome back. look who we have on the couch. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have been talking about the pokemon app all morning, but your movie is premised on an app that dares people to do crazy things. how does it work? >> so let's run through the premise really quickly. it's an online game and pops up in a city for 24 hours and in our movie it's new york, and you pay to be a player or watcher and if you are a player the watcher takes information about you that is online, whether it be your twitter, facebook, instagram and use that information against you to give you dares you wouldn't want to do. if they find out you are afraid of heights, they will take you on the top of a skyscraper.
8:55 am
>> this pokemon go thing, we are ten minutes away from your coming to life. >> i was like, is this real? am i out of the loop? it feels very grounded because with social media everybody is doing crazier things to get more followers. >> yeah, and your character is like the least likely to engage in this. >> she gets roped into playing this game because she wants to prove to her friends she is brave and daring and the first few dares start out innocently and then gets to dangerous territory. >> isn't one of the dares to run through your underwear through a store or something like that? >> yeah. >> how did that go? >> that was not very fun. >> which one of you was better at that? >> neither of us. >> i was trying to hide behind him the whole time. >> it took two days to film. you see it in the movie for five minutes -- >> yeah.
8:56 am
>> it's that nightmare we all have. >> a lot more to catch up with emma and dave -- >> yeah, a thrill of a movie. >> "nerve" opens up nationwide . 8:56 is your time on this tuesday, july 12th, 2016. i am eun yang. let's check on your morning commute with wtop's jack taylor. >> we had trouble spots on 15
8:57 am
northbound just after opal road, and also good news that is inbound on the 11th street bridge is cleared and delays coming on 295, still backed up traffic to deal with. we will take a break and check your forecast when we come
8:58 am
8:59 am
back. stay with us. right now temperatures climbing into the mid-70s and got sunshine breaking out after morning clouds came on through later today in the upper 80s, humid day and small chance of an afternoon storm and greater chance of afternoon storms tomorrow but likely not severe. a heat wave moves in and we will be in the 90s thursday all the way into the weekend and might get a few more storms as we get into next week. thank you. get the latest news and weather
9:00 am
anytime on the nbc washington app. this this morning on today's take, heating up the big screen with two summer movies. if you want to talk "ghostbusters," who you going to call? how about the director, joe feed. and taking you behind the scenes of our test kitchen, and all that and more is coming up now. . all of that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on welcome to today, on a tuesday morning, and i am al along with tamron and jenna, and natalie on assignment and willie
9:01 am
is off. you are doing m honors. >> beautiful people by jimmy cliff. you. >> just in her music. i believe just in her music. >> underneath her coifed hair. >> i immediately started thinking that out. >> anyway, we used to listen to jimmy cliff. i saw him in concert. that man's got some power. don't you love jimmy? >> listen, every time you bring up your mom on the show, we love when you reveal something each and every day. >> i'm glad i can do that for her. >> she's going to text you. >> thanks, daughter. >> there's nothing wrong. >> no. >> your mom is probably wandering out there right now with pokemon go. >> is she playing pokemon? because everybody's playing pokemon. >> everybody! >> everybody like who's hip and cool.
9:02 am
we are not -- let's not just -- trend. >> in case you don't know, pokemo >> pokemon go mania sweeping the nation. download on it your phone, and the game has been out six days and already surpassed ten tkur, and snapchat. >> i'm in. >> the idea is you go and you play amongst local landmarks to unlock battles, join new teams. there are some safety concerns being raised. any user can create what they call a lure spot. okay? so that brings people, players, to an area, specific geographic area. police are warning krins a inine using the app to lure players to unfamiliar places. which is not good. in my day, they call that a trap.
9:03 am
>> yeah. >> i want to see him. >> he's not real. >> he's real on his phone. >> right. you just look at the screen. >> it's what all the cool kids are doing. >> i went away for five days, and went back, and pokemon has taken over. >> did you go to mars? >> it literally blew up. >> it's an age thing. my friend, her sons are 15 and 14, and this is a problem in the home. you are lucky, you got lucky. >> my son nick is away at camp, we have a camp that allows no phones or texting or anything, and he doesn't know -- i hope this is gone.
9:04 am
>> he would be wandering the are moving under 20 miles per hour. what could possibly go wrong with that? there have been reports of accidents, and police departments, including the nypd saying, and it seems odd they would have to say this, don't pokemon and drive. >> that's like playing super mario brothers, and driving a car, you know, it's a video game! >> one little boy was injured -- >> are you related to pokemon. >> i am. interviewed -- >> are you related to pokemon? >> i am. >> one little boy on earlier today said -- i'm not listening to you -- the thing that he learned his big lesson from playing was not to play and walk in the street. it's like -- oh! poor thing! >> people are walking into things. >> this pokemon is dangerous. >> get out of my lawn, kids!
9:05 am
>> especially found -- a corpse. >> yeah, that takes it to a whole different place. let's go to music. >> yeah. >> just wanted to throw that out there. >> thank you. >> if you are not afraid enough, al is going to scare you. my dad said to me, how can you remember every song on the radio, but can't remember your homework or math problems. >> because i don't care about them. >> yeah, it's so true. there's research to prove why you were able to remember the lyrics of your favorite song, and we can blame our brain's preferences, the more attractive something is to our attention, the more likely we are to remember it. we have psychological connection to music, particularly when it comes to songs from the past, and it makes the lyrics more likely to stick in the head, or the prom theme song. you will more likely remember
9:06 am
that, especially if you lied yeah, got to throw that in there. >> what is your song? >> aretha franklin "chain of fools." in my mind, when i sing it, i turn into aretha franklin. i have my handbag with me and mink coat, and i break -- >> "fiphiladelphia freedom" by elton john. he came home singing about philadelphia cream cheese. didn't know it was freedom. >> mine is going to my texas childhood, even though he is
9:07 am
from oklahoma, garth brooks -- ♪ and the lightning strikes -- >> doesn't garth brooks sings th that? >> yeah. >> you should let him. >> oh, not coming here again. c? ♪ thunder rolls >> no. but when you sing texas music do you feel like some texas energy comes out? >> i do. do you? >> i feel the same way. >> the other thing is you remember one hit wonders. like "ace of base" for example. ♪ i opened up my eyes ♪ i saw the sign >> they were songs they played on radio for months, but then you never heard them again. >> garth brooks just sold out yankee stadium. >> believe me, i wanted to be there. >> you should call him up. >> you know how i know garth brooks was there? my direc my director from the weather
9:08 am
channel, matt miller was here we go. i'm sorry? >> walk away. >> i did, yes. and here's the best part. here's the best part. you didn't even notice for 30 seconds that i was gone. so here's the deal. tomorrow we are going to be hitting the road and so where are we going? let's take a look at the map for clues as to where we are going. yes, where are you guys going? >> we're going outside. >> where are you going? >> i am staying here at the map. it's like a well-oiled machine. for example, we have king or how about monkey's eyebrow, kentucky, or king city, california, well, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow we are going to be live from skull island, the reign of kong, and the ride
9:09 am
brings king kong legend to life, and part of the ride, 3d, and plus it's an indoor/outdoor ride that can switch to all indoor if the weather is bad. good news, weather looks good in orlando in the next few days, and temperatures in the upper 90s. we're also watching strong storms firing through southern iowa on into central missouri, as this system passes in today, we look for storms continuing firing from kansas all the way into central illinois and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible, and tomorrow we have got a risk of strong storms stretching from wisconsin all the way into kansas, 27 million people at risk for damaging winds and a possibility of a tornado, and rainfall amounts could equal up to four or five inches. that's what is going on around that country and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> sunshine and temperatures climb into the 70s and all clear
9:10 am
on storm team 4 radar, no more showers around climbing in the upper 80s, and the out look here, a chance of storms tomorrow afternoon and a small chance today especially in the shenandoah valley, and then a few storms mainly in the afternoon on wednesday and then the heat wave moves in, highs in the 90s, and might get a few storms around on sunday afternoon and mid next week as well, and highs in the 80s on wednesday and thursday. >> that's your latest weather. we have a cool new contest to announce for all the music and fashion fans out there. and we are launching today's soundtrack of style, fashion play list. we want to see the number one hit in your wardrobe. post a photo on the "today's take facebook page" and tell us why it's your fashion favorite. you will have until this sunday to enter, and if we choose your photo you will win a grand prize
9:11 am
to new york city to see a concert of your choice. let's go back outside to tamron and jenna. >> al, you need to get out here soon because we are all about the "ghostbusters," and we have seen the comedy and we have the man himself, the director with us, and look what we have got? >> the famous car. >> and al has driven it, and we are going to go for a ride and we will be back for more after this. >> al has driven it. we'll go for a ride and be back with more after this. >> announcer: "soundtrack of style" is sponsored don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle
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so we brew iced tea the way you brew it at home. leaf-brewed iced tea. pure and simple. pure leaf. for the love of leaves. tmom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffer ing okay, it is a big day for us all around it's a big day for all of us around here, especially al. al, who can literally quote every
9:15 am
line from "ghostbusters." >> now there are m paul directed the new "ghostbusters" with the four hilarious actors. let's take a look. >> was that their version, good to see you again. >> thank you so much. >> you have to be relieved. this movie is getting great reviews. how happy are you with what you see on the screen. >> thrilled. >> this is what we set out to do, a fun movie, and two hours to escape in the theater and make you laugh a lot and scare you a little bit. theater and scare you a little bit. >> the original "ghostbusters" is one of those classics where
9:16 am
everyone remembers. i was on my parents' is. >> my friends and i were in film school. preinternet you didn't know anything about a movie. we were completely blown away. the first time i heard stay puff marshmallow man, the audience went nuts. >> i was with my 10-year-old niece for the first "ghostbusters." we watched your version two times. fast forward in her 40s, she'll sit somewhere and say i remember being in a hotel watching the movie. but she loved it. glued to the film. you talk about we seem to know everything. when a reboot happens, how difficult is it to make it fresh? >> i looked at the original when i was going to do this, and why did the movie work? because of that cast. i said i've got to find a dream team of the funniest people i know. >> melissa mccarthy, i think this is the fourth time -- >> it is our fourth movie together.
9:17 am
>> are you like the scorsese and de niro? >> it's really funny. so nice when you have a shorthand with somebody you've worked my directions to her are not even words, and i am like, uh -- and she is, like, okay, and then i walk away. >> our favorite, of course, was this guy. how talented was he on the set? >> you know, you just got to step away -- you just let them do their thing. >> yes. >> is that what he is called? >> yes. he wanted to get slimed, and you did, and he regretted it. >> when he came back from the set, al, what happened?
9:18 am
can't say a word. you have been coyab >> melissa summed it up best, when you are in labor and having the baby, and it's not out yet, you don't say i think i will have another baby. >> definitely don't. car. >> they match the hood of the car. >> i like how your socks match your pants. very chic. >> we try. >> "ghostbusters" is out this friday. go see . coming up next, we are serving up a behind-the-scenes tour of our own today's show kitchen. we will show you something you can use in your kitchen right after these messages. our today show test kitchen.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
sold! here at the "today" show it takes a lot of planning and teamwork to get the finished details you see live on tv. one of our chief stylists, alley simpson. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, and thank you for joining us in the prepare. >> this is off of the studio 1a. this segment came out and it started with something you did, and so i have a couple of tips that all come from our food team, tina, courtney and monica and all of us. we love to use scoops. it helps to keep things efficient, organized and clean,
9:23 am
and we just scoop and then we also make things in double set to go on the ready for any sort of last-minute request. >> you put these in the frozen and after you are frozen, you put them in ziplock bags so anytime you need to do fresh chocolate chip cookies, boom. >> yeah, i love to bake them from frozen. and one more tip in there, when we make things in bulk, store it in the freezer, generally flat so that we can fit a lot of them in there. >> that's brilliant. it's nice when it's flat because then it will thaw. >> yeah, oh, no, my ice. >> did i lock this? >> it locked but that's okay. >> there's another hack. make sure you have the key to the freezer. it's not that big of a deal. keeping things cold. second, keeping things cold. we have a baggie with ice in it. this is great for when we have segments outside we have to keep
9:24 am
it cold. we don't want things getting there, cover it up with some pretty lettuce. you can use kale, cabbage, anything like that. and then simply take your salad, coleslaw, anything like that. >> perfect. >> it is kind of hidden under there, stays cold. >> what's your avocado? >> we have citrus. i think a lot of people know the lime is a great trick, lemon or lime is a great trick for avocado to help it from getting brown. same thing for fruit but sometimes the lemon is a little too tart so we like to use some sprite or lemon lime soda, 7-up. anything that you have. you just toss it in there and then it keeps from browning. so this is another hack that we use here all the time. we take wet paper towels, cover things up. it is a great way to plate ahead of time. >> quickly, cutting cheese? >> yes. can you either freeze the soft
9:25 am
s out of it without it actually -- that thawed a little bit. or you can -- if you if you don't have time to freeze, can you take dental floss -- >> just like that. of course you go all out for date night... even if you're just staying in. walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now get 5,000 bonus points when you spend 25 dollars or more on participating beauty and personal care products.
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9:28 am
when we come back. stay with us. good morning around the region, temperatures climbing well into the 70s and sunshine breaking out. here's how we are looking for the next ten days, afternoon highs today climbing in the upper 80s and a small chance of
9:29 am
afternoon storm, mainly shenandoah valley and in wide a little greater chance of mainly afternoon storms and then a heat wave after that. >> thank you, tom. get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app. we will see you again in 25
9:30 am
minutes. taking a look at the headlines, some important news from the auto industry. new tests show small suvs did poorly in headlight tests. the insurance institute for highway safety says none of the 21 small suvs tested earned its highest ranking. the ford escape, honda crv, hyundai tucson performed the best but more than half of the suvs we have an important recall, continental mills is recalling the pancake mix that was made
9:31 am
with flour recalled bye mills because it may be contaminated by e. coli. a painless alternative, it's a liquid cavity stopper. it's marketed under the name advantage. it was approved for adults but many have been using it off label by small children. and then the brownish decay on a tooth turns black. here's an offer that will make you get moving towards your local chick-fil-a restaurant. it's celebrating cow appreciate day. customers can receive a free entree by showing up wearing anything cow like from opening to 7:00 a.m., guest in cow
9:32 am
attire can select lunch and dinner, and kids if you dress like a cow, you can get a free kid's meal. nothing cuter than a baby taking a bath, even if that baby is a few hundred pounds. he walked away feeling fresh and clean. let's go to al roker and see if he is dressed in a chick-fil-a cow -- >> not so much. let's look at your weather and see what is going on. a strong risk of storms from kansas into illinois, and wet weather in the extreme northwest, and down through the gulf it will be steamy. the risk area expands from nebraska all the way to wisconsin, and parts of michigan, and we are also looking for strong storms working their way, hit or miss down through the gulf coast, and
9:33 am
beautiful day in los angeles tomorrow. high about 85, and 76, sunshine in seattle. that's what is going on around the country and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> you see the summer haze from our tower camera and later today temperatures climbing into the 80s by the afternoon and a small chance of an isolated storm in the metro area and greater chance in shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia, then in the 90s thursday, friday, and into the weekend, and then even on monday, and might get a storm on sunday, and midweek next week. that's the way it looks. >> that is your latest weather. gang? >> al, thanks. the most versatile and captivating performers. performers in hollywood. for providing the voice for sin
9:34 am
sloth. >> now he is back on the big smart cop who along with his partner played by bryan cranston attempt to take down an entire drug cartel. but first he has to help his partner keep his undercover identity and a new relationship straight. >> okay, here we go. let's play in newlywed game. kathy, what do you know about your handsome fiance, bob. favorite drink. >> he's a whiskey kind of guy. >> she's a manhattan girl. >> that was too easy. >> foot she hates. >> yogurt. >> no, i love yogurt. >> i thought you hated yogurt. >> no, i hate sour cream. >> perfect. you already sound like a married couple. this is based on a true story. it just -- i felt like when i watched this character he was tailor made for you. >> i kind of made him tailor made for me. >> did you really? >> yeah. i met real guy. i went to tampa and spent a lot
9:35 am
of time with him. we had bob cranston's playing, he was on the set consulting us. i was always going to him, am i doing this right, would i take this guy down this way. >> bryan cranston, two words -- what was it like dueling with him day in and day out? it just raise your game. >> it actually raises your game. playing with a guy like that on camera. we have a scene where he comes to my house to tell me off. i started yelling back at him. he yelled even more, so i topped him. it was great. we were exhausted after scene but it was so vital and real. >> back to the realness, is it true you guys had an actual audio recording, a cassette of an exchange between your character in real life and bryan's character? part of the research? >> yeah. because bob saved everything. he saved all the information so
9:36 am
he had conversations, he had we had a lot of deep cover. >> yeah, yeah. >> was it dark or no? >> very dark. there was sometimes we did a couple scenes that i think crossed the line between acting and reality, and it was kind of hard to shake off. we started -- there was a scene where the informant i am using turns me in to the mob bar that i am a cop and i have to convince him he is a liar and they don't kill me, they kill him, and we started fighting on scene and punching -- >> you broke out into an actual brawl? >> it's like, you are so new york. >> no, it was wrong. we are friends. >> and afterwards, you were like, yeah, peace, peace, i'm sorry, man. >> at one moment did you break into sid, the slough.
9:37 am
>> yeah, i should have been like, it's okay, we're it's just acting, you know what i am saying. >> i am the spiritual side of sid. >> do we have a picture of it? look how cute. >> he's loveable. >> you don't call that cute. >> so cute. >> i have to ask you, "blood line," my favorite show. so dark. >> it's incredible. chandler, and what a great cast. we are having fun and everybody is so creative and they give us a lot of freedom, the brothers and it's the most creative experience i have had in a long, long time.
9:38 am
>> and everything you have done on broadway. >> we are telling you other things we have done. >> did you do anything for your down time? you work constantly, every time you are here, a list of things. >> yeah, we have a little shack in the hamptons where we chill out. th pays well, doesn't it? >> it sure does! >> opens tomorrow.
9:39 am
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and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ welcome back. my tamron t it's about putting the fun in functional to help you get
9:43 am
organized for the summer. because i need help. "real simple's" home editor stephanie cisco has picked up the challenge. good morning, stephanie. i sent a note to my producers, i was like i am at that point i know we do spring cleaning, but summer organizing is out of control if my house. >> there is so much stuff to goes along with all the fun of summer. at "real simple" we came up with strategies for organizing it all and keeping yourself sane. first thing is the beach bag. what we love is to think about things as a secondary use. a diaper bag that turns into a tote bag for the beach, it's perfect because it's divided on the inside, and i don't know if you can see, but it's a divider for your sun screen and book and beach towels and everything you might need. >> never seen the inside of a diaper bag. got to get me one of these things. >> and it's love and simple. if you already have a beach bag, buy an insert with the same concept. has all the divisions.
9:44 am
>> i am sold on the diaper bag compartments here. that is smart. this allows you to use your phone. it zips close. it may not play. >> you can scroll down. >> yeah, up and down. it hooks up to your phones earphone jack. >> can you pick calls? >> yeah, do anything you need and it keeps your phone protected. >> i had my phone in the beach bag and a bottle of wine that i opened and it spilled all over my phone and it was a disaster. the other problem i have, we have a picture of my closet here at work. full disclosure, my home closet is not this disorganized. don't look at it like that. i have an organization problem, but i fixed it at home, except for my swimsuits. >> we have the solution.
9:45 am
so this is from target. almost like a mini drawer for your closet. >> they are useless. >> i usually like to put something on top to flatten it out, but this shelf hooks on to the wire rods, and you can use it as a separate drawer for your bathing suits so they don't get lost. >> can you one for your swimsuits, and if you have kids, they have a separate compartment. >> this allows you to put the wet pool noodles or anything wet in here, and it's mess, and at the end of the season, deplate all those guys and stuff them in there. >> i am going to by my neighbor this.
9:46 am
my neighbor's put their stuff away, and there you go, i am going to buy my neighbor this. maybe they will let me use their pool. >> the diaper bag won me over. up next a. real pit spit fire. exist. from one of the wild and wacky festivals across the country. i'm told we'll go a little ♪ create your own tour of italy is back starting at $12.99, only at olive garden. choose 3 of 9 of our favorite italian dishes, with delicious choices like cheesy chicken parmigiana, sausage stuffed rigatoni, and creamy fettuccine alfredo. you can have everything you want, all on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks, starting at $12.99. because the best tour of italy is the one you create. olive garden. now it's even easier to enjoy olive garden anywhere.
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9:50 am
and struggling with oic. this morning, this morning we are kicking off summer fun with a look at the weird, wild, and whacky across this great country. >> today's guest definitely fits the bill and his name is rick "pellet gun" krauss. good morning. >> good morning. i like you wear a helmet in case one of us misfires. >> cherry pits can be dangerous. >> yes. >> how can one get involved in this? >> it started back in 1974 and it was a family tradition and has been a family fun thing every since.
9:51 am
we have a huge orchard there, and people come out have a spitting contest. >> it's a family business for you. >> got married 20 years ago, july 6th. >> what happened? you were there, and fell in love with her? >> well, my wife is from arizona, from the navajo reservation, and i proposed to her and we decided to get married at the pit. >> everybody put on their hel t helme helmets. helmet. >> i love that rick hass this ponytail beard thing here. >> all right, here we go. >> here we go. >> woo! >> where is it?
9:52 am
>> so what's the secret? rick, what is the secret to getting that type of distance? >> lung capacity. and a talented tongue. >> talented tongue and lung capacity. >> tamron. >> yes, ma'am. really, as a southern lady. thank you, jenna. okay. you said wind in your lungs and what? >> take a deep breath through your nose. not through your mouth so you don't swallow it. >> we know the heimlich. >> tamron! tamron! tamron! >> i found it. >> that was just shameful. go ahead, texan. go ahead, jenna. >> jenna! jenna!
9:53 am
>> come on, let it holy mackerel! we'll be back in a moment. >> do not rewind that tape. this is "today" on nbc. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis... vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were... no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can... lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor about...
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all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing behaviors. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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ask your doctor about trumenba. i want to thank my darling, jenna, for joining me. what a lady. when i was a waitress, i did learn how to tie a bow with the stem.
9:56 am
in my mouth. the dried,ied, the twisted, the tied, the faded, the sunned, the flat-out overdone. the teased, the tangled, the curled, the colored, the braids, the inventions, the unforgettable let's-not-mentions. new suave professionals coconut oil infusion, with pure coconut oil,
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that visibly repairs two years of damage, suave professionals, works as well as salon brands. ♪ live beautifully suave! >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 9:57 is your time now on this tuesday, july 12th, 2016. good morning to you, i am eun yang. and this part of the project closes the blue and yellow lines from reagan national airport north to pentagon city until next week. metro says if you need to catch a shuttle your best bet is between braddock road and pentagon city. those shuttles run every five
9:58 am
minutes, ahe minutes. we are climbing in the mid and upper 70s now. all clear on storm team 4 radar, no showers or storms around yet. there's a small chance of perhaps a afternoon storm later today and a greater chance area wide as we get into wednesday, and highs in the 80s both today and tomorrow, and then the heat wave, thursday, all the way into next tuesday, highs low to mid-90s each day, and smaller chance of a storm thursday and friday, and again, sunday, and maybe midweek next week. coming up on "news4 midday,"
9:59 am
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we will have actors at the -- from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it is spanky tuesday, also known as boozeday tuesday. while hoda enjoys another day off, the lovely actress and so many other things, lorei loughln is here to help me out today. >> i am so glad you are here. >> everybody is atwitter that you are here.


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