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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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yesterday all cloud cover all day with only a sliver or two of sunshine, but no rain yesterday. so the rainfall streak ended. but not by much. light rain out there early this morning. there is more rain coming late this morning to early afternoon hours. a few light drops gobetween now and 7:00 a.m. showers moving in and could have thunder up to about 1:00 this afternoon. rain ending after 4:00. it will be a nice night to sit outside and eat dinner or mow the lawn. the search is on for the driver in a deadly hit and run. this happened near capella road and shiplett boulevard. that's where we find megan mcgrath with more information. >> reporter: well, police are looking for a dark colored sedan. that's the only description of
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person who was behind the wheel when they hit this pedestrian here last night. now, it all happened around 9:00. police say that the victim was walking along -- >> we're having problems with megan's picture from her live location. we'll get back to her later. right now eight people are hurt from a major crash at crain highway southwest and timothy branch drive last night. traffic was backed up for miles. prince george's county fire and ems say one victim has life threatening injuries and another is in critical condition. the second baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray is back in court for a second day today. during the first day of edward nero's bench trial, dramatic video was shown reacting the arrest. prosecutors say the inju
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that van and he wauchts wearing a seat belt. prosecutors say is that a department violation. nero faces assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment charges. chris gordon will be back in court this morning. follow him at chris gordon news oig for the latest inside the edward nero trial. frustrated travelers at the phoenix sky harbor international airport after more than 3,000 checked bags not only missed the flights, but they sat in 90 plus free heat for a little while. all because of a flub with tsa screening systems. things are back online and the tsa as been doing a number of of tests overnight to try to figure out where the error was. late last night, bags were being driven to other airports and en route to their openwners. more and more people are booking
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can mean extra time and long waits in the airport. molette green is here with us this morning to talk about what officials are doing to make it easier for travelers. >> they have a tough job ahead of them. so many of us are ready for summer vacation, but long lines could hold you up at the airport. here is the problem. not enough tsa screeners to get you true those check points. so those long lines you already see could get even longer. an estimated 127 screeners leave the job every week, they're quitting. 35% of these agents don't stay past the first year on the job. that's 6,000 people we're talking about. and with 2 million people traveling every day, and that could jump up to 3 million by this summer, we're expecting quite a scene at the airport. so we're expecting later today to hear from the head of homeland security and the transportation securitied a mip straighter at reagan national airport about what their plan is to
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let's go back to megan mcgrath to the scene of that deadly hit and run. this is in burke. megan, what's going on? >> reporter: well, investigators are looking for the driver who was behind the wheel of a dark colored sedan that was involved in this deadly hit and run. it happened right around 9:00 last night. police say that the victim here, the pedestrian, a 33-year-old man, was walking along the curb line here on shiplett boulevard. for whatever reason, police say he then stumbled in to the roadway. one car was able to swerve and avoid hitting him. police say a second car however, a dark choolored sedan, was not able to do so. the pedestrian was struck and he died on the scene. witnesses tell police that the striking vehicle seemed to pause for
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from the scene. now, this happened near -- on shiplett boulevard near the intersection with capella avenue in burke. they are still looking for the driver as well as additional witnesses. if you have any information or if you've seen this dark colored sedan, you're asked to call police. back to you. >> a somber event tonight at the national mall. it is the 28th annual candlelight vigil honoring those killed in the line ever duty. 252 fallen officers will be remembered and their names added to the national law enforcement memorial on the national mall. at tonight's ceremony, their napes will be read aloud. and larry hogan will speak in pikesville at 11:00 a.m. and another ceremony will pay tribute to six officers who died in arlington, that is at the justice center plaza this morning at 8:00. we turn to the race for the white house. donald trump is taking the da
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meeting with gop leaders here in d.c. yesterday. as for the democrats, bernie sanders is holding two events if north dakota. hillary clinton doesn't have any public events scheduled. and in just a little bit, edward lawrence will preview both sides of the race including whether trump's meeting helped unify the republican party. later today, the former executive director of the d.c. republican party will be sentenced. 45-year-old robert turner pled guilty in february to a charge of first degree fraud in connection to the stealing of more than $7,000 from the organization. and as part of the plea deal, donor must pay back that money. might need the wipers on your way to work this morning, but by the time you drive home, you might have the sun roof open. a look at your commuter forecast. and a direct order and the change it means for transgender students and public school bathrooms. and breaking newses on the roads. a closure on
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honoring the man who started it all. in a few minutes, the event to remember the gold father of go-go chuck brown. >> but first get ready for another day of rain. the drops are already starting to move in. let's get right to amelia draper. no good news here. >> and either he's a little breezy on the weather deck. i brought the small umbrella out and don't need it right nows but you can see on radar there are scattered light showers moving through the area right now. this moves in mainly during the mid-morning hours. so the early morning commuters, mainly dry. some patchy fog, low 60s. scattered rain by 9:00 a.m. and then coming home if you're leaving work early on this friday the 13th, rain and s
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temperatures in the mid-70s. more rain tomorrow. chuck has that this ten minutes. now over to melissa. breaking news in frederick county. eastbound 70 shut down after east patrick street. a three car crash near a construction zone. p so that is slowing things quite a bit. george washington parkway southbound near turkey run, left lane blocked because of a pothole. northbound georgia avenue after university, work zone still hanging away.5 quaup ititntico you're on time there. >> reporter: remember how we told you that the whole metro maintenance plan would be really disruptive? now it's starting to hit home if a lot of people.
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basically demanding urgent repairs, metro might have to move some things around in that safe track plan and that means you might be seeing a 16 day total shutdown on parts of the blue, orange and silver lines. it would be between eastern market and benning road, between eastern market and minnesota avenue, and all of this would be completely disruptive to a lot of people. metro putting the final pieces of the puzzle together and expected to announce a finalized safe track plan next week. but this is expected to lead that safe track plan. back to you. today a man charged with the deadly stabbing of a metro rider heads back to court. 1-year-old jasper spires will be arraigned today in the murder of kevin zsutherland. spires tried to rob him last july. zut e sutherland was stabbed 30 times. this man a person of interest
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at the renaissance hotel last week. a man appeared to be videotaping someone from inside a bathroom stall. again the man in the video is a person of interest. if you recognize him, d.c. police would like to hear from you. a developing story this morning. public schools may risk losing federal funding if they don't allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their identity. that directive was issued by the obama administration yesterday. leaders at both the justice and education departments say public schools are now obligated to treat their transgender students in a way that matches their gender identity. 5:13 our time. about 63 degrees outside our studios. temperatures not so bad. >> but the rain is spoiling stuff. >> what was that? >> spoiling
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>> come on, look at how green the grass is and how pretty t flowers are. >> i'll give you that. >> eventual lly the sunshine wi return. in fact you will see it before the end of the day today. so there is good news for you. you will not be in the front part of the day. this morning clouds and fog and drizzle out there early, but a fast moving rain chance is coming our way for later this morning up to early this afternoon. and then a very quick return to sunshine before we get past about 4:00 or 5:00 and your friday night going out for dinner and a movie, date night, it will be dry for your date night plans. so here is the way today is looking then for today, the best chance of rain today is before 3:00 this afternoon. rain, a couple rumbles of thunder complaint be ruled out. for tomorrow, we start out dry. the best chance for rain tomorrow is from 11:00 to about 6:00. and again a couple
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but saturday night plans could be dry. a little bit of light rain outside early. s showers out across west virginia is coming our way. this model is updated every single hour. by 8:00 this morning, showers along i-81. as we get towards 10:00, 11:00 this morning, that steadier rain chance coming right into the metro. so we'll have a rumble or two of thu thunder between noon and 3:00. there is the line of highlighted yellows and oranges. that is the thundershower chance coming through metro. but by 4:00, that races off the southern tip of southern maryland and we should be back to sunshine by 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. especially out in the shenandoah valley. you could be sitting in sunshine as early as about lunchtime or
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tonight, great weather for basketball. nationals are playing the marlins tonight. there will be no rain and no rain delay. and here is the next four days. 80% of those thundershowers today. another 80% chance coming up tomorrow. sunday and monday, way cooler and kind of breezy, as well. highs only in the low to mid-60s, but at least it looks like it will be dry. melissa mollett now here with the latest on first 4 traffic. looks like breaking news. breaking news update on this crash. i-70 eastbound, we were shut down at east patrick street. the left lane now is getting by the crash. this is a three car crash there near a work zone. so left lane now getting by. 66 and 95, don't have any big problems right now. you can see southbound there as you're headed into woodbridge, just a little slow. no report of anything in that area, but a tad slow. gw parkway southbound near turkey run, left lane blocked
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situation. and northbound georgia after university, left lane getting by that work zone. top of the beltway here, all of those routes in and out of town rolling along just fine. 270, a live look at 109 old hundred road, looking good, as well. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. happening today, the suspect in the chandra levy skcase is heading back to court for another status hearing. he's already set for a new trial in the fall. a judge granted that new trial last year after his attorneys said a key witness gave false testimony. levy was killed in 2001, the case got national attention because levy was a capitol hill intern and who was having an affair with then congress than gary c fwa gary condit. dr. richard stone is accused of sault, a man says he
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school hockey game. he will appear in court this morning. the senate has a new deal to add more than a billion dollars to fight zika. the plan is about $800 million less than president obama requested. the bill is expected to get majority support when it goes up for a vote next week. more than $500 million of unspent ebola funds are already in use. one plan to fight zika throughs using genetically engineered drugs. a firm as suggested releasing modified mosquitos that don't survive after mating with females in the wild. researchers believe that in time the method would sharply reduce the mosquito population that carries zika. you may soon be eating fresh beef patties at mcdonald's. they're testing fresh patties at 14 restaurants in dallas. it says it's he too early to say if they can replace frozen patties nationally. the test comes as t
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making giant fights slumping sales. the company has said it's looking to improve its core menu items. we'll see how it goes.depends o. a lot of
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just north of baghdad, gunman storm a cafe and when police arrive, suicide bomber detonate their vests. 13 dead, 15 wounded. and is this on the heels of a two day wave of bombings that has killed already nearly 100 people. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. coming up on 5:23. today marks the first annual go go music day. several bands arele
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music all in an effort to remember the godfather of go go, chuck brown four years after his death. ♪ >> show me love debuted right here on news 4. it's a tribute to brown and d.c., the city he the new lead singer says it's a perfect way to remember brown and keep go go music alive. ♪ born in the city, beginning wasn't pretty, teachers said we couldn't make it. those into lines, so much of a struggle for a lot of youth but it connected me to the song and made me want to sing it more. >> the chuck brown band and others are performing a forever chuck concert saturday nigh
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the howard theater. >> such a distinctive sound. and unique to us to watch it. >> for more information on how to get tickets or the music, there are links on the nbc washington app. just search go go. so how about this for a flashback friday. see that? pretty big day yesterday for a very familiar face on air. the pat collins started here 30 years ago yesterday. that's 1986 it if you're doing the math here. since then he's covered the redskins, gone to the olympics, covered all the big crime and weather stories. and today we're taking a moment to congratulate pat on 30 years. >> you talk about all the different stories he's done. regardless of whether he's covering redskins or horrific crimes, they're always memorable. you won't forget a pat collins story. >> first time i saw him, we were if richmond and we were all like -- the story
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in he's just the best. he makes our place a better place to work. so thank you, pat. how much sleep do you get a night? it's not enough. >> we always think we veep more than we actually do. sleep experts say adults should get between five on a bad night but really seven to nine hours of sleep. we tests ourselves to see our sleep quality. in here is a look at some of the results that we found. i'm first, this is the data we collected from-i'm wearing a garmin device. it traapparently five hours andn minutes is about average. restless, about ten minutes. i was awake five times during the night. and not only that but my deep sleep is only two hours. which is really not igood. >> it looks like i slept on average five hours 17 minutes. restless for about 15 minutes.
5:26 am
to the tracker. experts say the amount of sleep you need actually depends on the person. >> adult humans require somewhere between five and nine hours of sleep a night. it's very individual. the average in the population is going to be accept seven to eig hours. but there are people who function fine on less and some need more. >> and they talk about these high functioning super sleerper who get three hours. today's not the me. >> the jury is really out on how accurate the trackers are. and if you have a sleep disorder, these are definitely not the way to go. you need to go to the doctor and track it that way. >> i was awake five times? >> you might also be surprised to know that sleep experts say -- >> seven to nine is what
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recommend. coming up on 5:27. george zimmerman's attempt to auction off the gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin hits a snag. what went wrong and wheth that gun eris
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. good morning. it's coming up on 5:30 now. want to get a look at 4 things to know about your forecast with chuck bell. >> our streak
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consecutive days. we didn't have rain yesterday, so the official streak came to an end. but today it will rain so that will make 16 out of 17. and it will rain tomorrow. if you're waiting for a dry day, you will probably have to wait until sunday and monday. and don't think just because it will cry out that it will warm up, because it will be blustery and chilly sunday afternoon. not much rain out will just yet, but there are rain showers across the mountains of rawest virginia coming our way. so there is your fog filled start to the morning. sun up at 5:57. you won't get to see the sunshine, but melissa mollett, you will get to see the sunset today because after about 2:00, 3:00, the rain will end, skies will clear. sunshine will be back. it will be a beautiful friday evening. >> my yard will be dry and i can cook out? we cut it the other day. we had like a one hour slot and we were weed whacking
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florida taking a look at this rob red line single tracking between friendship heights and van ness because of a track problem. that just started. 70 eastbound after east patrick, still the left lane getting by the crash there this morning. and still have this, gw parkway southbound near turkey run, the left lane blocked with that pothole this morning. big look at the beltway, no major problems. travel times in ten minutes. it has been a year now since a d.c. family was held captive eventually leading to their deaths. darren wept is accused of holding them captive and setting the mansion on fire. he pled not guilty to 20 felony charges earlier this year and is due back inu
5:32 am
the mayor of district heights maryland was found dead. we're waeti waeting for t inin inwe're wait results of an autopsy, but they don't suspect foul play. walls was found tdead in his hoe yesterday. he was the youngest ever elected may of district heights. a family is grieving for a man kill this hed in d.c. sheldon robinson was shot on ely place. he was 28 years old. business as usual at joint baes base andrews after a woman walk aed into the visitor's senator and claimed she had a bomb. police discovered that she condition have any explosives. the main gate is back open this morning. kaya henderson is the subject of an ethics complaint. a group of parents want a formal investigation. they accuse henderson of in
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teach teacher fay teacher gala. ethics rules prohibit city workers from asking for money are companies that work with the city. george mason university is closer to renaming its law school area ter antonin scalia. last night faculty voted suppo of the name change. the name will be considered for final approval next week. starting next week in prince george's county, you can learn to be a came socasino dealer. mgn still needs to hire thousands. a lot of people turned out for a dealer openhouse tuesday. it needs 700 dealers and more than 3,000 new employees overall before the grand opening later this year. 40% of those workers have to come from prince george's county per mgm's agreement with the county. >> we are going to meet our
5:34 am
looking for people from d.c., virginia and other parts of maryland. >> classes in the dealer training program start monday and tuition starts just under $400. you can help to stamp out hugger in our area this weekend. the national association of letter carriers will be holding a food drive on saturday. postal workers will collect food to didistribute to different fo banks. one in five children takface hur every day. we're told this is his 24th year being involved. >> carriers will be by to pick up the food all day on saturday. >> about 1500 postal branches in all 50 states and d.c. will take part in the food drive. you should leave nonperishable items including canned food at your mail
5:35 am
little blue bag like this one on your mail box. i have it already. so fill it up for the week end. well, it hey nmay not feel it now, but in a few weeks it's swimming pool time. today mary cheh is taking her pool readiness tour with officials from the tent of parks and recreation along with general service. cheh will ensure that outdoor pools and aquatic facilities are ready for the start of the pool season which begins memorial day. maybe it will be hot by then. this year outdoor pools will open two hours earlier. new developments in the abduction of a tennessee girl. what we're learning about her rescue just hours after she was found alive. and do you get paid today? imagine not being able to spend your own money. the local city this is happening to. floridd
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. and the rain is coming town in some areas. a little foggy, too. don't put the kids rain boots away just yet. a closer look at the school forecast.
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a developing story this morning out of tennessee. a young girl abducted by her uncle is alive and okay. two men
5:39 am
rogersville. they held the girl's uncle at gunpoint until police arrived. the girl was taken from her school over a week ago. some lawmakers want d.c. leaders punished if they don't seek budget approval from congress. in the district locals money is locked up until congress gives approval. has been that way because d.c. is treated like a federal agency. three quarters of the $13 billion budget comes from local funds. house republicans are thousand working on a bill that would subject officials to civil penalties and criminal prosecution for spending local money without approval. want to get you up to speed on the forecast for the kids today. >> amelia draper is out on the weather deck with more. >> it's a little breezy out here morning. it is try. and for the most part in the d.c. metro area. and at the bus stop dealing with maybe a few sprinkles and
5:40 am
the rain around reecess. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. dismissal, the rain coming to an end and a temperature of 72. so after school activities today should be just fine. here is a snapshot of future weather at 2:00. notice storms impacting the metro area. not a huge threat for severe weather, but we could be dealing with heavier rain again around 2:00. more rain in the forecast tomorrow. and chuck is timing that out coming up. but for now issues with metro. a couple problems on metro right now, red line single tracking between friendship heights and van ness because of a track problem at friendship heights. also inner loop at new hampshire avenue, crash in the right two lanes 70 east after east patrick, left lane getting by the crash. 6 a 66 and 59 in virginia
5:41 am
good. maryland, top of the beltway, no major issues. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. just hours after he puts a gun that killed trayvon martin on the auction block, the sale is stopped. what put things on hold for george zimmerman. several area high school students suspended not just to one or two days. why they won't be in class for the rest of the ye. anard
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. good morning. waking up to clouds and fog and dampness. temperatures in the low he 60s now. grab the umbrella. the stretch of rainy days may have ended, but the rain chances have not completely gone away. groo r groo. red line single tracking and inner loop of the beltway up top, we'll talk about that coming up.
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another example of why you may be better off not checking your luggage. is th this is an incident at the phoenix sky harbor international airport. 3,000 checked bags missed flights and sat in 90 degree heat because of a flub with tsa screening system. things are back online and the tsa has been conducting several tests overnight trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. but again, checking your -- or carrying on your luggage may be the way to go. 5:45. here is live look at reagan national airport. for many it will be the first stop on your summer vacation. what does that mean for many of area travelers long lines of course. molette green is here with what officials are doing to cut down on wait s.
5:46 am
frustrating lines at security, is this a very real safety issue. not enough tsa screeners to quickly and efficiently move flyers through check points. they're quitting. an estimated 117 leave the job every week. 35% don't stay past the first year on the job. that's 6,000 people we're talking about. and this summer the travel season is really going to crank up to record levels we expect. so here is what will happen. later today, we'll hear from the head of homeland security and the transportation security administrator about what steps they plan to take to protect travelers. it is now 5:46. thousands of people are expected to pay a final tribute in san diego today to a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in an isis attack. charles keating iv is the third service member to die in iraq since u.s. forces returned in
5:47 am
firefight. he was posthumously awarded a silver star, purple heart and combat action ribbon for his actions. happening today, air force general lori j. robinson will become the first woman to head a top tier u.s. war fighting center. she is set to take charge in the u.s. northern command and norad in colorado. she's one of just two female four star generals in the air force. some students are appealing a year long suspension at a local high school. culpeper county high school leaders are not saying much except that the 12 students suspension abouts stem from allegations of misconduct involving some of its student athletes. parents believe the school should be more open and communicate the severity here. a student we talked to says there are claims of locker room m misconduct. >> the tension in the school is extreme right now. i know one of the
5:48 am
how we all feel. >> students have handed out more than 300 wrist bands to supporters. some parents have hired lawyers. right now the students are not facing criminal charges. it is now 5:48. turning now to decision 2016, while donald trump is working to get gop leadership behind his campaign, republicans in virginia seem split on their presumptive nominee. former virginia attorney general ken cusp nelly convinced some would stay home in november but others say elected republicans immediate to support the nominee. >> any elected republican who does not come behind the republican nominee, the person that is the people have they do zen for the republican nominee, those people do not among in our party anymore. >> virginia including ohio and florida is considered a battleground state this fall. now, the big question today in the race for the white house,
5:49 am
his washington summit to get republican party leaders on board with his campaign for the presidency. house speaker paul ryan called the meeting with trump encouraging but still did not endorse him. edward lawrence has the laets now from capitol hill. edward, what does it mean about what will happen next? >> reporter: what's next is they will try to come together. now, no endorsement there paul ryan, but he's one step closer he says because he liked what he heard from donald trump. donald trump was all smiles as he went to unify and mend fences in the republican party. now, by all accounts from the senators and congressmen who talked with donald trump, the meetings went well yesterday. there were protests outside those meetings, but it did not stop the momentum of the presumptive nominee. on the democratic side, hillary clinton said she would not comment on trump or the republican meeting. however senator bernie sanders says republicans are still very divided. stressing in a general election they would feel the rn
5:50 am
lasting power in this democratic primary. he's made it so hillary clinton cannot make that pivot and focus on the republicans. reporting live in washington on capitol hill, edward lawrence. back to you. 5:50. and we are still dealing with a little bit of rain, a little mist i should say this morning for a lot of us. >> is that a technical term? >> mist? i believe it is. it's in my handbook of meteorology. >> i didn't get a handbook. you better share. >> aaron has to share, not the me. i share mine with melissa. it's tag teaming. outside this morning, we have clouds and fog. yes, a little mist and drizzle and even light rain out there for you now. fast raining you move chance. between now and 12 hours from now, it will sure rain. fast moving rain chance arc quick return to sunshine and it
5:51 am
evening plans. best chance for rain today will be between now and about 3:00 this afternoon. rain a couple rumbles of thunder, that's today. for tomorrow, the best chance comes in a little later in the day. from about 11:00 in the morning until about 6:00 in the evening tomorrow. so a dry fry night and dry saturday morning, but saturday afternoon, we will be dicey at best. we're in the low 60s across the area right now as you're heading out for a jog or walk, if you can delay it until the evening, you will be dry. otherwise outside this morning just very humid and soupy and with increasing chances for rain drops getting you wet. there is the bulk of the rain now back across parts of the southern shenandoah valley, this is swinging in our direction here, so that is where the rain chance comes in. future weather timing it out rain in the shenandoah between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. this morning. steadiest of the rain between about 11 in the morning and 2:00, 3:00. heaviest rain likely between about noon and 2:00. could have a coup
5:52 am
thunder, as well. but then a quick clearing out after that. if you're going for the baseball game, no problem. great night for baseball. and for tomorrow, a dry start, rain likely from about lunchtime to dinnertime tomorrow before coming to an end on saturday evening. here is your whole seven day draft. 70s and thundershowers today and tomorrow p. blustery chilly, but at least the sunshine is back on sunday. sunday's high only in the low 60s. and more rain chances come back early next week. breaking news has come to an end in first 4 traffic. >> we're still single tracking on a red line, so a problem for a lot of folks between friendship height and van ness because of a track problem. inner loop at new hampshire avenue, have a crash there, but it is now on the shoulder, so nothing we have to worry about too much right now. 70 eastbound just after 144 there east patrick street? patrick, the left lane still the only
5:53 am
66 and 95 overall rolling along pretty nicely here this morning. and then prince george's county looking good as well. just a tad slow as you're approaching clinton there on branch avenue this morning. no real reason just a little bit of volume there headed inbound. we're following late developing news. we got wind of a death investigation happening in dale city. we learned it happened late last night. let me show you a map of where this is taking place. the investigation on the 15,000 block of brazil circle. this is prince william county. police handling this investigation really meager details at this moment. all we can tell you, that there is a dhet investigation going on at that location and we are making calls to try to get you more information on it. i'm erai erika gonzalez. the website used to auction
5:54 am
used to shoot and kill trayvon martin is back up this morning. a spokesman says the site crashed last night due to high volume. zimmer than has received a torrent of criticism for auctions that gun. he says this is his right. while mar ten's family is outraged. >> what i did decided to do is now cower. i'm a free american and i can do what i like with my possessions. >> talking about profiting from the loss of their child and it's hurtful. >> zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in martin's death. >> rising prices for how much you have to pay to park, parking meters in the district are going up to as much as $2.30 an hour. in fact many of them already use this new price. the change affects some 1700 parking meters mostly on georgia avenue in the petworth avenue and 14th street, two booming neighborhoods.
5:55 am
steers is opening a store solely to appliances in tort collins, colorado. it will include an interactive display. appliances are sears best selling product. they may open more locations. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. imagine working all day without being able to use the bathroom. those are the conditions a new report claims poultry workers are forced to endure. the report says some workers wear diapers to be able to stay on the line. others restrict how much they drink to avoid having to use the bathroom. now purdue and tysons are responding, saying we're concerned about these anonymous claims and are check to go make sure our position on restroom breaks is being followed. purdue says employees get two 30 minute breaks every eight hours. 5 million mealsn
5:56 am
48 hours. that is the goal for volunteers this weekend at the dulles expo center. more than 30,000 local volunteers are expected to pack enough meals to feed about 14,000 children for a year. the food event kicks off today through sunday. >> this is a hunger relief organization. we will be packaging foods that will be put into boxes and pallets that shipped to 70 countries around the world. >> volunteers will work 2 1/2 hour shifts throughout the weekend. more than 6,000 children died worldwide each day as a result of malnutrition. happening today, president obama is preparing to toast the five leaders of the nor dick nations in lavish state dinner. they will host finland, norway, sweden, denmark and ice land. the state
5:57 am
beef short rib and ahe tuna are on the menu. guests will sit alongrous tig wooden tables with columns of ice, fern and bees wax candles. you see a little beft tit of th setup here in these pictures. a big party. >> reporter: a deadly hit and run pedestrian accident in burke, virginia. police looking for the driver. i'm megan mcgrath, a live report coming up. i will give you my best efforts. >> going to great lengths to keep that promise. how long stretches of the blue, orange and red lines could be shut down. the search for a better night's sleep. we're tracking our own sleep habits and why it's so important. ♪ honoring the god father of go go. as music lovers celebrate the life of chuck brown.
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5:59 am
>> the accident in fairfax county that left a man dead. ready to take as to keep you safe on metro. what we're learning about a series of emergency repairs and the stretches of track that will be closed for days.
6:00 am
better sleep. what we're learning about our sleep habits and what you can do to improve yours. first chuck bell here with your broadcast. >> happy friday, everybody. we have two fast moving rain chances, one coming around lunchtime today, and another one coming around lunchtime tomorrow. could even have a rumble or two of thunder, but we're not looking for much in the way of severe weather. all hopes for pure sunshine rest on sunday, monday. overall weather impact on your day today, low to moderate. stormiest weather likely between about 9:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. there is the rain now lying in wait back across parts of west virginia. coming in our direction. so a lot of low clouds and fog outside this morning. you can barely see our next door neighbor here on nebraska avenue. sun just came up two minutes ago. a few showers this morning, rain and thundersto


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