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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now a pedestrian killed by a train and major problems on the tracks. why the pedestrian shouldn't have been there in the first place. the mayor of gilchrist, the big impact of a nuclear security summit and how you can avoid trouble. rain washed the polin away. rain this afternoon, and it will be getting windy. rain didn't stop parents and children from having a good
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at the white house easter egg roll. developing right now, major issues on the rails. a train struck someone on the tracks near newt carrollton station. derrick ward is live to tell us what happened and the big effect it's having on travel. derrick? >> reporter: first off, this will disrupt service on the penn line. that service has been disrupted. if you're familiar with the area just outside the beltway, route 450 splits off, part of it becomes atlanta severn road. you can see that is an amtrak train moving through that spot, but this was a scene of something definitely tragic earlier this afternoon. it was about 8:00 a.m. when someone was hit by a penn line train on these tracks. we don't have an identity of that person, but we do know that train has since dd.
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we have people here from amtrak, people here from prince georges county and the maryland transit agency as well. we have seen some trains come through here at very low, deliberate speeds. i don't know what that means for penn service or marc service for the evening rush. we're monitoring their service to let us know exactly what the deal will be. we have people here inquiring about a family member they haven't heard from for some time. they talked to these detectives here and moved on. we don't know if they were in any way involved in this, and hopefully we'll have developments as they come up later. we're live in at lalanta, back you. the president of american university is9,kp#!
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they are. right now we are learning more about this week's nuclear security summit. leaders from dozens of countries will be here to talk about stopping nuclear terrorism around the world. short story for you and me here. give yourself extra time to get around town later this week. the secret service stepping up security, restricting parking and closing roads. take a look at the map here. pretty much everything around the washington convention center will be closed at some point. that includes new york avenue, massachusetts avenue, and trains will be
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. maybe some minor flight delays in new england as the rain will be moving through there. right now storm team 4 radar showing we're drying out here. the winds are starting to pick up. in western maryland, they've had gusts to 40 miles an hour. that pollen count lower, so the allergies will be better. we'll be followed by a cooler pattern in the next couple days. shenandoah valley, mid 60s, metro area in the mid to upper 50s. if you have an emergency, dcms will not be the one taking you to the
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ams ambulance company will take the calls that are not an emergency and time sensitive. 35 of those amr ambulances will be used for calls, and the fire chief says these new ambulances wil provide more training maintenance on d.c. ambulances. the stafford county fire and rescue are also working to improve its response times. they have a new set of policies. this comes after two firefighters were suspended last month for taking a child to the hospital in a fire truck. policies include having all ems workers certified in virginia. one of the firefighters in that incident was not virginia certified. all ems first responders must be approved by the department's medical director as well. a teen that shot and killed a metro d.c. student last weekend. the gunman walked up, asked devonte a question and then
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what happened after the shooting was even more disturbing. >> there was no police officer in the station nowhere. my daughter said she was running looking for help and there was no one in sight. >> grief counselors will be on hand at largo high school today when students and staff return to school. the party is over, and not how students wanted it to be. in 60 seconds, the dangerous siation that brought paturt
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three people are recovering right now. one of them is in serious condition. this is all after a porch roof collapsed in frostburg, maryland. you can see it break off and fall in the video if you look closely. there were reportedly hundreds of college students at a party that police were breaking up at the time. a maryland truck stop turned into a crime scene on sunday afte
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one of them did not survive. it happened around 1:00 at the truck stop near washington boulevard and jessup. police aren't saying exactly what led up to the shooting. when they arrived, officers found one man dead and another critically wounded. the gunman nowhere in sight. a witness who did not want to be shown on camera tells us he heard some sort of scuffle and then three gunshots. >> a senseless murder on easter. nobody had any idea that you would wake up and this would happen. >> we're told the surviving victim is in stable condition now. police are still looking for the suspect. a new challenge to a controversial law over bathroom rights. in 60 seconds, the fight over new rules
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good morning. city cam zoomed in on the title basin. you can see the cherry blossoms hung in there with the moderate rain we had early this morning. they're still at peak bloom, still gorgeous there. you can see a few paddle boats on the tidal basin and there are still a few folks there watching that spectacle at the tidal basin. for all the activities remaining in the afternoon, the grass that was wet will be drying. temperatures should be in the mid to upper 60s. great day to get out and get some exercise. if you're an allergy sufferer, it should be okay to be out. the winds will be gusting to 48 miles an hour by late afternoon. developing today, d.c. police are looking for a man who they say shot two woman along bass place
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d.c. police tell us both women were conscious and breathing when they were taken to the hospital around 10:30 last night. the american civil liberties union and two gay rights groups have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the controversial lgbt law. the lawsuit is in reaction tie new state law that prevents people from using bathrooms if they don't match a person's biological sex. the law also bans local governments from creating anti-discrimination policies. the federal lawsuit says the new rule singles out lgbt people for disfavored treatment. the stars that came out to celebrate with kids steps from the white
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despite the rain and the wet lawn, the eggs are rolling at the white house today. >> some 35,000 kids were expected on the south lawn for the annual easter egg roll today. we have faces in this last go-around for the obama family. >> reporter: rain usually that doesn't stop will affect many events. but not this one. >> the rain doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: because after a while, why would the rain matter when you're just steps away from the white house? >> i'm happy here. >> seeing the president. >> reporter: and seeing the president isn't th
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thing happening at the annual easter egg roll. >> going to the easter hunt so i a golden egg and meeting lots of new famous people. >> reporter: one of those famous people -- >> nba legend superstar, all-around nice guy -- >> reporter: was certainly hard to miss. shaquille o'neill stopped by to shake a few hands and even called a few kids up to sit next to him as he read a crowd favorite. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam-i-am. >> reporter: of course, the rain did not sit well with everyone. but with so many things to do and see -- >> i've seen bo and sunny, the two dogs. >> reporter: bundled up to have a good time on the south side of the white house lawn wasn't too shabby at all. with the sun out and the winds beging
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pavement is drying out, but still, caution for the afternoon travel impact due to some strong winds. it may be gusting to 40 miles an hour, but no travel problems. later on we should have calm winds, so no travel problems tuesday and wednesday. cooler tomorrow, lots of sunshine, afternoon highs reaching the mid-60s. a bit cooler on wednesday. upper 50s to near 60 wednesday afternoon. a d.c. firefighter is seriously hurt after this fire in northeast washington. you can see the flames inside and smoke pouring out of an apartment building on east capitol street. two residents are also hurt, one of them seriously. investigators are trying to figure out what started this fire last night. in prince georges county, a woman is recovering from a shooting. this happened about 7:00 last night on
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from mandin road. police are offering a reward to anyone who can help them figure out who shot this woman. investigations are under way this morning into the death of an alexandria inmate. authorities say the 54-year-old inmate was taken to a villanova hospital after he had a medical emergency. he later died. he was initially being housed in a medical unit at the detention center. the sheriff's office are looking into what happened. the report on earthquakes can help the government make emergency management warnings and help engineers make building safety decisions. this midday, the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on a new afghani parliament building. militants claim a series of rocket blasts hurt many people,
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was hurt. the rocket came from a nearby hill early this morning as the country's top intelligence officials prepare to address the assembly in kabul. she was a trailblazing broadcaster, and today people around the world are mourning the loss of mother mary angelica. the 92-year-old died at her monastery in alabama. she was the founder of the largest catholic site network. she received a video last month from pope francis asking her to pray for him. angelica left an indelible mark on the state, the catholic church and the world. today president obama will be the keynote speaker at the award celebration for the syracuse university toner prize for excellence and political journalism. the award ceremony will be here in the district. the toner prize is part of the toner program and political reporting at syracuse. the program honors the life and work of theat
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the first female national political correspondent for the "new york times." for teams are headed for houston and four are going home. three top-seeded teams lost, including virginia. they were outscored by 20 points in the second half. seniors said they can't believe they're headed home. >> i'm happy because i've done so many great things with this team. i have brothers for life now. i'm sad because it's over and angry because we blew that lead. that's just the way it goes. >> in addition to syracuse, villanova, oklahoma, north carolina are playing in houston this coming saturday. the national championship game is one week from tonight. well, you may have seen or shared a photo on the internet. this one is a sad paw-paw. many of hisgr
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was his reaction. however, the photo went viral. take a look over the weekend. he was the center of attention at his giant cookout. hundreds of people were there. >> hard to believe this many people are excited about a cookout. i've always been one that thought the internet -- you can say anything you want, you don't have to act on your saying. but the internet has really stepped up today. >> the cookout happened in oklahoma. people from california and even one person from germany showed up for pawpaw. >> looks like happy pawpaw there when the cookout was over. skill was everything when it came to finding easter eggs, and some kids got a little off target. a reminder you can watch news4 anywhere
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s. here is what you're cli
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taking a picture with the easter bunny is a tradition for lots of families. not so much for one celebrity toddler. this is kelly clark son's daughter river. she posted that picture on twitter this week saying river loves the easter bunny just about as much as she loves santa claus. ha ha, #happycamper. he took off on an egg hunt in western pennsylvania, ended up in some nearby woods. the good news is he is okay, made it back to the kids, and the easter egg hunt went on as planned. it didn't really get good reviews, but it's box office gold. we're talking about batman versus superman. it was the top opening weekend, the best launch ever and the sixth biggest opening weekend of
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trending right now. back to you. a wild police chase as a carjacker speedshrough neighborhoods while the owner watches it play out on live
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the winds are starting to pick up. there's a live view from the storm team 4 national harbor camera. a little bit of a chop on the potomac river, the view from prince georges county. with sunshine, winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour this afternoon. afternoon highs into the mid-60s, then diminishing winds overnight tonight. down to the mid-40s by dawn on tuesday. tomorrow lots of sunshine. afternoon highs right around 60 degrees. a little bit of a breeze tomorrow. then a lighter wind and chilly on wednesday morning. the upper 30s much of the region, afternoon highs upper 50s, partly cloudy. any chance of any rain looks to be thursday afternoon and
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evening. pretty good chance of that rain coming through, maybe a little thunder and lightning, temperatures up to 70 degrees before the rain arrives. some showers may be lingering on monday. here's a look at the weekend. cooler. next saturday and sunday looking dry with highs right around 60 degrees. i'm mon yang. alexandria sheriffs have found the identity of the inmate who died in custody. he was 54 years old from puerto rico. he was in custody when he died following a medical emergency. because this is an in-custody depth, the alexandria police department will conduct a death investigation and the sheriff's office will conduct an internal review. i'm an yang at the live desk. a pretty wild police in california with a woman behind the wheel. the driver
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new truck, lurched toward its owner and took off. it's not clear why she was running. the truck owner said she was worried the whole time someone would get seriously hurt. >> i was just screaming at her to stop. i had tears in my eyes and i was watching, praying she was not going to hurt somebody. >> reporter: the chase finally ended when the carjacker spun out, tried to get in the driver's side of the police cruiser when officers were able to tackle her to the ground. one idea for taking your coffee on the go. student and inventor carl son brews up one cup of joe. just pop in one of those single serving travel pods and in just moments, your coffee is brewed while on the run. they're only taking pro-orders right now. i'm going to
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make something with a little frothy milk on top. some new developments in the fight to fill a supreme court suit it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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i'm unyang at the live desk. supreme court eric
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meeting with ben cardin and joe donnel donnelly. look at the washington app with what comes out of these meetings. justices will hear arguments over a person's right to a speedy trial and whether it also applies to the sentencing phase of a trial. the question comes after it took 14 months for a man to learn his sentence. prince georges county detective jakai coleson will be laid to rest in his hometon. thousands of officers attended his funeral on sunday. he was killed after someone started to shoot outside a
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reagan national at 60 degrees. north and west of washington, the low 60s. shenandoah valley and our nearby sub ushurbs in virginia. southern virginia by the bay where the clouds are still clearing out. as we get into the afternoon hours, it's going to be tough biking. if you get your bike out, now would be a good time to do it until 2:00 or so. we'll be hovering in the low 60s to mid-60s, then the winds pick up between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. some wind will be at 40 miles an hour, but some temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s through the afternoon. meanwhile, cuba's former president fidel castro wrote in a letter to cuba state media that the island nation doesn't need a gifts from the united states. this comes following president barack obama's historic trip to the
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he didn't meet with fidel castro on the trip. he only met with his brother and current president raul castro. a man convicted of murder is on the run in ohio. he was missed during a count at a local prison. a local college is closed saturday of this search. the man is serving a 15-year to life sentence for robbery, murder and escape. a taliban group is claiming responsibility for a bombing in pakistan. 70 people died, mostly women and children. it targeted christians celebrating the easter holiday at a park. the bombs went off near the children's rides. nearly 300 people were hurt. the government has declared three days of mourning while they follow looking into this terror attack. and now to the latest on the investigation in the brussels terror attacks. 30 people
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40 people who were in the hospital also died. one was released. police said they didn't have enough to justify holding that man. the metro lines that had been closed since the attacks reopened over the weekend with the exception of one station where the bombs went off. the airport will beç closed unl thursday. the state department says four americans were killed in the attacks on brussels in sunday. president obama called the family of justin and stephanie schultz. over the weekend, officials confirmed the couple died in the bombing at the airport last tuesday. they had been listed as missing for ys. two dutch siblings who lived in new york also were at the airport and died. it will be at least next year before you will see calorie counts on menus across the country.
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. it requires any establishment that sells prepared foods and has at least 20 locations to post a calorie content of their dishes on menus or the sleigh boards. to decision 2016 now, most of the candidates are in wisconsin today ahead of the primary there a week from tomorrow. nbc's tracie potts has the update from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich answer voter questions at a town hall in milwaukee tomorrow. they're vying for 42 delegates in wisconsin next week. it's winner take all. and like cruz, kasich is now backing off his pledge to support donald trump if trump wins the nomination. >> we're going to look at that time every single day, and we've got a look happening. >> trump and cruz are still trading personal attacks. he planted this tabloi
11:35 am
accusing cruz of extramarital affairs. >> this story is garbage. it's tabloid smear and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> to say i did this is disgrace ful. bernie sanders appears to be on the trail after winning washington state, arkansas last weekend. he's pushing to win the majority of wisconsin's 96 democratic delegates and wants to debate clinton in her home state, new york. new this morning, details of a speech hillary clinton will give today. she's focusing on president obama's supreme court nominee, saying that needs to happen, get an up or down vote this year. she thinks that critical court decisions could be at risk, and she says she's also greatly concerned with what happened if donald trump fills that vacancy. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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says he wants a closer look at the petition that allows people to openly carry guns at the republican convention in cleveland this summer. the group that says it's behind this effort doesn't top to be anywhere on line. the summit. that puts attendees at risk. joke or not, it had 39,000 signatures. witnesses say the adults were pushing kids as they tried to find the eggs. this happened at the annual pez easter egg hunt in orange, connecticut on saturday. staff said they put out 10,000 eggs over three fields. different age groups were supposed to egg hunt at different times, but some parents did not listen to that. several parents trampled
11:37 am
and sbun. >> athe parents came in and too eggs and i broke my bucket. >> they said there was so much of a crowd they couldn't control it. in 60 narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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some new developments following the arrest of "el chapo" guzman. he is linked to chapo's cartel. it has long been viewed as the capis
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gang. there are 280 cases of travel-linked zika virus here in the u.s. they want to find what is not known yet about the virus and what can be done to speed up the creation of a vaccine. the mosquito-borne virus is a worldwide public health emergency. starbuck's is adding more adult drinks to its menu . but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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with the sun back and the wind beginning to pick up, pavement drying out, still a little bit of ponding from the rain that came through this morning, but now it's quickly moving up through new england. should be exiting there in the next couple hours. storm team radar showing we're drying out here. the winds are starting to pick up a little bit and there are just a few clouds floating over the capitol. pollen count, that is lower thnk
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washed a lot of the pollen out so it's in the low zone for tree pollen. a lot of pine oak and tree pollen was out over the weekend, but you should be feeling a lot better with the lower pollen count. it's probably going to start jumping up again over the next few days as we'll have dry weather returning. a column of ash could be seen more than a mile into the sky when this volcano erupted in mexico. this happened about 9:30 sunday morning, roughly 40 miles southeast of mexico city. a security perimeter was put in place to keep people safe here. this volcano last erupted in 2000. soon you could grab a drink with your coffee in starbuck's. the drinks will be part of starbuck's new evening menu. the stores will offer a wine selection and craft beers as well as food designed to be
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right now starbuck's has pending licenses to sell wine or beer at several elections in
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how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right get ready for delays and tie-ups if you live or work in the district. local and federal law enforcement officials just announced security plans for this week's nuclear security summit,
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in brussels bringing more concerns to the forefront. tom sherwood is here to tell us about it. tom? >> barbara, anywhere around they convention center saturday at noon, stay away if you don't have to go anywhere. we last saw you in the snow with those big snowstorms. summarize, what should people know about the nuclear sumt mitt summit conference. >> we'll have some motorcades and those will be road closures, so you'll see that happen. really, around thursday or friday if you're coming to the convention center around new york avenue, it's going to be tough. we're asking pe
11:46 am
routes, and this way they can find where they need to go and we can have a good summit. >> even people who work or live around the center will have to find alternative ways to get to their home or office. >> the police have been good about having public meetings and letting you know the best route. >> there are no threats out right now, are there? >> we have no threats against the district of columbia. >> here's the deal. if you're going to be around the convention center, be alert. back to you. >> thank you, tom. well, heads up in your office first tour traffic today, if you're heading out. if you take the flagler peak in the next few weeks. > . endot says the closure will start after the morning rush and should end
11:47 am
day. we're looking at the tidal basin. the tour buses have been coming through. and folks are enjoying the wonder and magic of our cherry blossoms. if you're heading out later today, you'll need a windbreaker and you'll need sunglasses as well. you can put away the coat and rain boots. we won't have any more rain. if you're planning some exercise, it's a good day to get out with the lower pollen count. mid-60s mid-afternoon but the winds will be picking up, gusting to near 40 miles an hour by late afternoon. >> thank you, tom. a hair salon in maryland is making a special effort to cater to children, particularly those with autism. we are shown what makes the
11:48 am
issue so important to the woman in charge. >> tracy kimmel is the owner of funky do for you hair salon. she decided to open up her own shop to spend time with her son. her son, who was just eight years old, was diagnosed with autism when he was eight months. >> autism can be quite challenging. there are lots of variabilities with autism. they have central processing disorders, they have ocd sometimes. >> now as a way to give back to the community, kimmel decided to make her salon something that specializes with infants and children with autism. kimmel says she's willing to do whatever it takes for a client. >> it's a matter of just reaching out to them, getting to know their likes and dislikes. sometimes with a child with autism, they might have to come visit five or six times just to say hello before you actually cut
11:49 am
>> the entire staff are licensed cosmetologists who can do anything from a facial to a haircut. >> i just try to look at them as an average person, that they don't really have anything wrong with them. i think if you just look at people for who they are and accept them, those differences don't really matter. it's the end of an era for a jazz club icon in the district as the last notes were played inside the bohemian taverns on u street. we caught up with a historical venue. they have played host to legendary jazz artists for about 90 years now. musicians tell us they're honored to grace the same stage. >> to shirley
11:50 am
>> about 10 years ago, they bought the historic club. this is the year they decided to call it quits. imagine you're driving when the sunroof on your car just shatters. that actually happened to one family in virginia. angela deere took this cell phone video after the sunroof in her car came crashing down. her husband at the wheel, she and her three-year-old daughter were in the backseat. >> it was a poof, almost like an explosion, and for a second we were just silent and the glass just came down onto my husband, who was driving. >> now, news4 has learned that deere's shattering sunroof case is not an isolated incident. in fact, we have discovered many around the country. she
11:51 am
sunroofs with a certain type of glass can break. spring is in the air and so are bees. in about 60 seconds, it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. ♪ ♪
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to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. we're back with what's trending this morning. another change to instagram, the folks behind the popular picture-sharing app. they finally decided to give it a web version upgrade. you can get a heads-up on people who have followed or tagged you, as well as those who have liked or commented on the post. a mobile notification update came out early this morning. bee stings out, and nobody knows that better than this cub in mesa, arizona. it was the top of the third inning
11:53 am
by a swarm of bees. apparently they can actually fly. he said he was stung about 10 times. bees were not done yet. soon that swarm overtook the entire outfield, even forcing fans tojm3 swat at them and co themselves with t-shirts and blankets. that is scary. cubs' pitchers had to play with a delay until the coast was actually clear. speaking of sports, we all know your hear
11:54 am
you can catch a d.c. native on nbc's "the voice s." owen danoff made it to the finals last week and he'll be fighting for his chance in the spotlight once again. >> i never really thought of myself as a singer much before "the voice." so coming into the show, i want
11:55 am
way and learning about singing and expanding my range. >> danoff grew up in d.c. and went to gonzaga high school. he now lives in new york and has been making an impression on "the voice." his father was a musician. he won a grammy back in 1996. you can catch "the voice" tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc. the second eagle egg hatched in d.c. county southeast. the eagle's head popped up just before feeding time. it's always feeding time, right? if you look closely, you can see the open shell and the eaglet lying on its side. the other eagle emerged from its shell over the weekend. this is the fourth eagle born in our area this month. two hatched at the national arboretum earlihi
11:56 am
the national zoo today for some fun. until 2:00 p.m., the zoo is hosting its annual easter egg festivities. there will be a visitor from the easter panda. yes, easter panda. zoo officials will also talk about what it's like to care for certain animals. check out the latest storm team 4 forecast with the nbc washington app. the four-day forecast, afternoon higñt(v in the mid-60s. gusty winds and a lot of sunshine. tomorrow afternoon, a little bit of a breeze. cooler on wednesday. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs upper 50s and partly cloudy. a chance of rain looks to be thursday afternoon and evening. 70 on friday. cooler next weekend. saturday and sunday's highs right around 60. that is it for news4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4. >> you can get news and weather
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washington app. we hope you'll have a great day
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>> today on the meredith vieira show, we're talking what's hot now. you won't believe how far some beyonce fan are going to score tickets to her upcoming tour. and a shocking new trend where people pay to be kidnapped? plus actress judy greer, she's dishing on her celebrity girl crush, j. lo and what happened after they first met while shooting the wedding planner. then agirl whose biggest dream was to dance. >> when i dance i feel like i can do anything. >> wait until you see what happens when her dreams finally came true. it all starts right now on meredith. [applause] [music] [ music and applause continue ]


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